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1. I will come to You, O Ye Bountiful Immortals! as a praiser and a priest, and an invoker and sacrificer, as a memorising reciter and a chanter, for Your sacrifice and homage, which are to be offered to You, the Bountiful Immortals, and for our dedication and sanctification; (yea, for ours) who are the holy prophets (destined to benefit the saints).

2. And to You, O Ye Bountiful Immortals 2a! would I dedicate the flesh of my very body 3, and all the blessings of a prospered life 4.

3. In this Zaothra with this Baresman, I desire to

p. 254

approach the holy Yazads with my praise 1, and all the holy lords of the ritual order at their times, Hâvani at his time, and Sâvanghi and Vîsya at their times. 4. I confess myself a Mazdayasnian, and of Zarathustra's order 2.

5. The Zaotar speaks: As an Ahû (revered and) chosen, the Zaotar (?) speaks forth to me (?).

The Ratu speaks: As an Ahû (revered and) to be chosen, the Zaotar speaks forth to me.

The Zaotar: So let the Ratu from his Righteousness, holy and learned, speak forth!


253:2a Elsewhere with verbal difference.

253:3 See Y. XXXIII, 14.

253:4 Verses 1, 2 are Gâthic.

254:1 See Y. II, 18.

254:2 See Y. III, 24, 25.

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