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1. The ninety-first subject is this, that is, in what mode is it necessary to wash everything that becomes polluted by dead matter?

2. Gold one is to wash over once with ceremonial ablution 3 to make it dry once with dust, and to wash it over once with water. 3. Silver (nuqrah) one is to do twice; copper, tin, lead, and brass articles three times; steel four times; stone articles six times; turquoise, ruby (yâqût), amber, carbuncle, cornelian (’haqîq), and, like these, whatever is from a mine (ma’hdan) are all to be washed six times in the manner which I have stated. 4. Afterwards they are clean in that manner, when every single time one washes them over with ceremonial ablution, makes

p. 355

them dry with dust, and washes it off 1; and just like this on the occasion of the other times—up to three times, or four, or six—as far as whatever is ordered.

5. For pearls two modes 2 are ordered, but the conclusion is this, that they should wash them six times, just like stone articles. 6. The whole of wooden and earthen ware it is requisite to throw away. 7. All clothing of the body it is requisite to wash six times in the manner that I have stated, and, after that, to put them in a place where the sun and moon must shine on them for six months 3; after that they are fit for a menstruous woman.


354:3 That is, with consecrated bull's urine (see Sls. II, 212-117).

355:1 Lp, B29 add 'with water.'

355:2 Pahl. Vend. VII, 188 gives three opinions.

355:3 See Pahl. Vend. VII, 36.

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