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1. The eighty-ninth subject is this, that 3 Hôrmazd keeps watch when any one, through imposition (‘hîlat) and unawares, eats dead matter, or gives it to one of the good religion, or throws dead matter upon one of the good religion. 2. While his will and command are, that it is necessary that such a person should undergo the Bareshnûm ceremony 4, and accomplish repentance 5 before the spiritual chiefs and high-priests. 3. So that, after that, one may indicate to him the sin in these actions, and he may perform the retribution which the high-priest mentions, in order that, owing to this, his sin may depart.


353:3 B29, J15 insert 'the religion of.'

353:4 See Chap. XXXVI, 1 n.

353:5 See Chap. XLV, 7 n.

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