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p. 353


1. The eighty-eighth subject is this, that, as to any piece of wood on which they carry a corpse, or on which they wash it, and that which may be defiled with blood and impurity, that on which menstruous defilement, or a bare limb, is deposited by a menstruous woman, and that on which they impale a human being, it is necessary to avoid the whole of these pieces of wood, and not to work with 1 them again, because one's dress becomes impure; and it is not proper to burn them. 2. It is necessary to put them in a place where any one, who pulls them up and stirs them, will not 2 bring them into the use of mankind.


353:1 La has 'to eat on,' Lp 'to buy with,' B29 'to touch on.'

353:2 B29 has 'any one will not take them up and not stir them about, so that he does not.'

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