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1. The sixty-first subject is this, that it is requisite to abstain strictly from speaking falsehood; so that, every time that mankind indulge in the speaking of falsehood with fondness 2, it is not proper to do so; and 3 falsehood is the chief 4 of all sins.

2. Zaratust enquired of Hôrmazd thus: 'Who is a liar like?' 3. Hôrmazd, the good and propitious, said: 'A liar is a co-operator with Aharman.'

4. In revelation it says that there is no hereafter (â‘hirat) for the speakers of falsehood, and in the midst of mankind they are contemptible (‘haqîr). 5. If such a man be powerful (mu‘htasim), and there be no avoiding (‘haDHar) him in the vicinity

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of mankind, they do not have any respect for him, and he is clearly (farʓ̣âm) an evil liar. 6. Although he possesses much wealth, it will all depart from his hands, and, finally (’hâqibat), begging of mankind occurs to him, and his progeny also becomes scanty 1.


322:2 Lp omits these fourteen words.

322:3 B20 omits these twenty words.

322:4 This seems to have been the meaning intended, judging from § 2-6; otherwise it might be translated 'end' or 'result,' especially as the writer has characterised other sins as 'the chief' (see Chaps. IX, 2, XXV, 8).

323:1 Lp omits these six words.

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