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1. The sixtieth subject is this, that we are keeping the good and pure religion of the Mazda-worshippers with us 2, so that escape from hell may be possible for our souls 3. 2. And we are completely united in hope, and through investigation (ta‘hqîq) we fully understand that, when we are steadfast in the good religion, we arrive in heaven. 3. And we know that arrival in heaven occurs through virtuous actions, and through them we are saved; so that we think of good 4, speak of good, and do good.

4. And no doing of good is better than that which offers itself when a difficult duty comes before one of the good religion as his soul wishes to depart. 5. Since it comes to thee, do thou give help to that which has escaped his hand, so that he may come out of that hindrance; and do thou not forsake him

p. 322

so that he relinquishes the religion. 6. For after that, while he is in the religion, and while his children, after him, are in the religion 1, every duty and good work that he does—and his children—is just like those which are done by thine own hand.

7. And it is just like that with regard to poll-tax, it is also indispensable to give it in semblance of help, so that they may give that person his release (‘halâʓ), and he may stay in his own place, and the advantage of a good work (THavâb) may come to that other person.


321:2 Lp has 'through hope.'

321:3 B29, J15 have 'that in the good and pure religion of the Mazda-worshippers it is declared that we are maintaining a hope that the soul may obtain escape from hell.'

321:4 La puts the thinking of good last of the three.

322:1 B29 omits these ten words.

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