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1. The fifty-fourth subject is this, that if any one has a serving wife 2, and if the acquisition of a male child results 3 from her, it is suitable for adoption by that person 4, and the bridge 5 is not severed for that person. 2. But if it be a female child it is necessary that the man should not be negligent (ghâfil) in appointing an adopted son for his own sake. 3. He should himself appoint a son of some relation, who is a friend of the soul, so that the bridge may not be severed for his soul.


316:1 The dedication to the angel Bahirâm, which begins with these words (see Sîr. I. 20).

316:2 A childless widow who has married again, and half of whose children, by her second husband, belong to her first one, to whom she also belongs in the other world (see Bd. XXXII, 6 n).

316:3 B29 has 'if a male child be born.'

316:4 The child being considered to belong to its mother's first husband, can be only an adopted son of her second husband.

316:5 The Kinvad bridge, which is the passage to heaven.

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