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1. The fifty-third subject is this, that, when, in former 3 times, any one wished to go on a journey (safar) that might have been at least 4 twelve leagues (parasang), they would have consecrated a sacred cake, so that no affliction might happen in that journey, and affairs might be according to their wish, and employments (sughl) 5 cheerful. 2. And it is still incumbent on every one that, when they wish to go on a journey, they are to consecrate this sacred cake.

3. And, while the person is on the journey, he should order the consecration of this sacred cake, in his house, every Bahirâm day 6, so that that person may arrive in safety (salâmat) at his house. 4.

p. 316

[paragraph continues] The dedicatory formula is this—Amahê hutâstahê 1and is known to the priest himself.


315:3 La, Lp omit 'former.'

315:4 B29 has 'less than.'

315:5 Lp, B29 insert 'might become.'

315:6 The twentieth day of the Parsi month.

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