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p. 301


1. The thirty-ninth subject is this, that it is necessary to properly maintain the sacred fire 1 which they have established in a town or village. 2. And at night it is necessary to make it blaze up once, and by day twice.

3. For it is declared in revelation, that, if there had been no sacred fire, no one would have been able to go from town to town; because it is owing to the glory of the sacred fire that no one on the roads is able to commit an excess upon any one else.

4. It is necessary that they should present the whole of the firewood; and, as to the person who makes it blaze, they should give him bread and a salary (nafaqah). 5. For, every time that that fire is satisfied, and they maintain it properly, every fire that may exist in the earth of seven regions becomes satisfied with that person.


301:1 Literally 'the fire of Bahirâm.' Compare Chap. XCII.

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