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1. The thirty-eighth subject is this, that, so far as effort and endeavour prevail 1, it is requisite to abstain from the same cup as those of a different religion, and it is not desirable to drink the water of any goblet of theirs. 2. And if the goblet be of copper or of tin 2, it is requisite 3 to wash it with 4 water, so that it may be proper to drink the water 5. 3. If the goblet be of earthenware or wooden, it is altogether improper 6.

4. Because, when 7 any one drinks with a stranger, it makes his heart inclined (maîl) towards him, for it would be a sin; and, on account of the sin committed, he becomes bold, and his soul has an inclination for wickedness.


300:1 Lp has 'are necessary,' and B29 has merely 'with the endeavour necessary.'

300:2 B29 has 'of metal.'

300:3 Lp inserts 'to expose it to fire, to polish it with ashes, and afterwards;' J15 inserts 'to polish it with fire, and, afterwards.'

300:4 B29, J15 insert 'ceremonial ablution and.'

300:5 Lp, J15 add 'if the cup or goblet be of copper or of brass, one makes the water that is drunk likewise pure in this manner; if it be earthen or wooden, one puts it far away from the house, or they present it to one of a different religion; just like that one performs the ceremonial ablution of what is altogether polluted.' (J15 has 'what is polluted like a metal one.')

300:6 J15 adds 'to drink.'

300:7 Lp, B29, J15 have 'every time that.'

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