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p. 296


1. The thirty-fifth subject is this, that, when they wish to wash the face 1, they should recite ore Ashem-vohû 2, and set the mouth firmly closed, so that the water, not staying away from it 3, shall not go into the mouth. 2. And, as one washes over the face, they should recite the Kem-nâ-mazdâ 4, so that the fiend Nasrus5 may become smitten.


296:1 Compare Chaps. L, LXXIV.

296:2 See Chap. VII, 7 n.

296:3 B29 omits these five words.

296:4 A stanza of the Ustavaiti Gâtha (Vas. XLV, 7) beginning with those three words (see SBE, vol. xviii, p. 443).

296:5 Or nisrûst, 'contamination' (see. Sls. X, 32); probably the same as the demon Nas or Nasu (see Bd. XXVIII, 29). Also mentioned in Chap. XXXVI, 7.

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