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1. The thirty-fourth subject is this, that it is greatly necessary to refrain from much slaughter of animals and the cattle species 1. 2. Because it says in revelation 2 that, for every one who slaughters many animals and cattle 3, every fibre of the hair of a goat becomes, in that other world, like a sharp sword, and adheres in the soul of that person.

3. And there are several things the slaughter of which is very bad, and the sin very abundant, as the lamb, the kid, the ploughing ox, the war horse, the swallow bird that catches the locust, and the cock; and of the whole of these the sin is most as regards the cock. 4. If it becomes a necessity 4, it is proper to kill a cock that does not crow 5, and it is necessary to consecrate their heads. 5. Any head of an animal, not consecrated, it is not desirable to eat, so that it becomes so far 6 a righteous gift. 6. If one be not able to consecrate the head, it is requisite to consecrate one kidney as a substitute (badal) for it.


295:1 Lp, B29, J15 omit 'species.'

295:2 In the Stûdgar Nask (see Sls. X, 8, 9).

295:3 Lp has 'slaughters much.'

295:4 Lp, B29 have 'if it becomes inevitable.'

295:5 Lp has 'that has not crowed.'

295:6 Lp, B29 have 'when it is not along with.'

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