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1. The thirtieth subject is this, that it is not proper to pour away water at night, especially from the northern side (gânib) which would be the worst 1. 2. Therefore, if it become a necessity in the end (ba-‘hatam) 2, it is requisite to recite one Yathâ-ahû-vairyô 3, and, when they make a light ready (‘hâʓ̣ir) 4, to pour away the water gently.

3. In like manner it is not proper to swallow water at night, because it is a sin. 4. But, if a necessity arises, it is necessary to make a light ready, and one first eats some morsels of food (ta’hâm) so that the sin may be less.


292:1 Lp has 'side it would be,' to which B29 adds 'bold.' The reason of the impropriety is that the demons are supposed to come from the north, and anything thrown out northwards might be of use to them (see Sls. X, 7, XII, 18, 19).

292:2 B29 has 'necessity to pour.'

292:3 See Mkh. XXVII, 70 n.

292:4 Lp, B29 omit these seven words. Both the recitation and light are supposed to frighten away any demons.

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