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1. The twenty-ninth subject is this, that, when they provide any munificence (sa‘hâvat) or liberality, it is necessary that they provide it for the worthy; and one is to consider thus: 'Is this person, to whom I am giving this thing, worthy or not?'

2. Therefore it is necessary to make an effort, so that they may not give to the unworthy. 3. For in revelation, as regards 2 that person who provides any munificence for the unworthy, they call it a vain work and a gift without advantage; and day by day it is 3

p. 292

the punishment and torment of that person. 4. And, whatever they give to the unworthy, they have made that thing extinct.


291:2 Lp, B29 have 'for in the good religion it is declared.'

291:3 Lp, B29 have 'it increases.'

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