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1. The second subject is this, that it is necessary to make an effort (gahd), so that they may not

p. 259

commit any sin. 2. If even a trifling sin occurs it is not desirable to assume that this small quantity does not possess harm hereafter.

3. For it is said in revelation, that if such be the quantity of sin that the sin is one filament of the hair 1 of the eyelashes more in weight than the good works are, that person arrives in hell. 4. And if such a quantity of good works be in excess, he arrives righteous in the radiant locality of heaven.

5. Therefore, even if a sin be trifling it is not desirable to commit it; and it is requisite to refrain, so that they may not commit it, and may become without doubt as to the religion.


259:1 Compare Mkh. II, 121.

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