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1. The first subject is this, that it is necessary that they become steadfast in the religion, and do not introduce any hesitation (sakk) and doubt into the heart. 2. And that they make a statement (‘haqîqat) with confidence (i’htiqâd), that the good religion, the true and perfect, which the Lord sent into the world (‘halq), is that which Zaratust has brought; which is this I hold 4.

3. Every time 5 that mankind are like this, and do

p. 258

not introduce any hesitation and doubt into the heart, of every duty and good work that others have done, from the days of Zaratust until these days, and of whatever one does after this until the resurrection, there is a share 1 for that person. 4. When the soul, on the fourth night 2, arrives at the head of the Kinvad bridge, the angel Mihir and the angel Rashn 3 make up its account (‘hisâb) and reckoning. 5. And, if the good works it has done be deficient in quantity, of every duty and good work that those of the good religion have done in the earth of seven regions they appoint it a like portion (naʓîb), till the good works become more in weight 4; and the soul arrives righteous in the radiant locality of heaven.

6. For it is declared in revelation, that of the duty 5 and good work which they perform in doubt—that is (ya’hnî), they entertain a suspicion like this, that 'I do not know that this faith, which I possess, is better in comparison with other faiths'—no merit whatever comes to their souls. 7. Therefore, the first (avval) thing is to become steadfast in the religion; and this is the chief of all good works.


257:4 Lp, B29 omit these five words.

257:5 Lp, B29 have 'for every time.'

258:1 Lp, B29 have 'an equal share.'

258:2 The older books say at dawn on the fourth day (see Mkh. II, 115).

258:3 See Mkh. II, 118, 119.

258:4 Lp adds, in the margin, 'by one filament of the hair of the eyelashes;' but this phrase seems to have been taken from Chap. II, 3.

258:5 Lp, B29 have 'of every duty.'

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