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1. The sage asked the spirit of wisdom (2) thus: 'What are the vices of priests? 3. What are the vices of warriors? 4. What are the vices of husbandmen? 5. And what are the vices of artizans 4?'

6. The spirit of wisdom answered (7) thus: 'The vices of priests are heresy, covetousness, negligence,

p. 106

trafficking (sûdakîh) 1, attention to trifles, and unbelief in the religion.

8. 'The vices of warriors are oppression, violence, promise-breaking, unmercifulness (an-avôkhshâgâ-vandîh), ostentation (dakhshîh) 2, haughtiness, and arrogance.

9. 'The vices of husbandmen are ignorance, enviousness, ill-will, and maliciousness.

10. 'And the vices of artizans are unbelief, want of thanksgiving, improper muttering of prayers, moroseness, and abusiveness.'


105:4 Literally 'the well-endeavouring,' the lowest of the four classes of the community here mentioned (see also Chaps. XXXI, X).XII).

106:1 Or, perhaps, 'usuriousness.' The Sanskrit version has 'laziness,' as if Nêr. had read âsûdakîh.

106:2 Nêr. has read gahî, and translated 'incontinence.'

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