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p. 105


1. The sage asked the spirit of wisdom (2) thus: Wherefore is it when one turns the ignorance and foolishness of an ignorant king back to knowledge and cleverness, on account of the sovereignty which is his; (3) and, as to a poor man, who is wise 1, one turns the knowledge and sagacity, which are his, back to foolishness and uselessness, on account of the poverty?'

4. The spirit of wisdom answered (5) thus: 'On account of the deceit and violence of the fiend 2 of greediness (6) men utter more words as to the manliness of every one whose wealth and power are more, and recount his deeds and actions more fully; (7) but, in the eyes of the angels and archangels, a poor man who is innocent and wise is better and more precious than a king or opulent man 3 who is ignorant.'


105:1 L19 adds 'and innocent.'

105:2 L19 has 'demon.'

105:3 L19 has 'than an opulent king.'

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