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1. The sage asked the spirit of wisdom (2) thus: 'Is liberality good, or truth 1, (3) or gratitude 2, or wisdom, (4) or complete mindfulness 3, or contentment?'

5. The spirit of wisdom answered (6) thus: 'As to the soul it is liberality, as to all the world it is truth, (7) unto the sacred beings it is gratitude, as to a man's self 4 it is wisdom, (8) as to all business it is complete mindfulness, and as to the comfort of the body and the vanquishing of Aharman and the demons contentment is good.'


26:1 K43 has 'or thy truth.'

26:2 L19 has 'or is gratitude good.'

26:3 L19 has 'or is complete mindfulness good.'

26:4 Literally, 'the body of a man.'

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