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1. As to the eighty-fourth question and reply, that which you ask is thus: As to a gift for the ceremonial which they do not reduce, and while they give it in excess, in what manner is then its great advantage, and how and in how many modes is it possible to occur?

2. The reply is this, that the advancement of the ceremonial of the sacred beings is by so much as the gift is more fully given; and the great advantage of the good work is more, and its reasons many, therefrom. 3. The desire of this wealth, which has come for the sake of the good work, is an experience

p. 247

of the comfortable living of the angels, by whom the solemnizers are aggrandized, and is proper apart from its great judiciousness; to diminish it is improper.

4. When the gift for the ceremonial is abundantly given, the performers of the ceremonial, who, with much trouble annoying them, have solemnized the Avesta and chanted the hymns (Gâthas), and obtain the stipend of their solemnizing from the remuneration of the solemnization, are living comfortably, thriving, and blessed. 5. And also the undertakers of all the religious rites who, by means of the hope of rightful religion, render one certain as to the way to the distant awful place 1, and tempt the longers for righteousness into the religion 2, undertake all the religious rites and ceremonial of the sacred beings for the sake of the stipend of proper diligence.

6. And reasoning thought is cognizant as regards the advantageousness due to the undertakers and solemnizers of all the religious rites, and a great stipend is more obtained and observed for them than for any other profession. 7. The sons, too, of priests and disciples strive for the words prayed 3, and are more eager for their. prayers; and many, likewise, shall engage for all the religious rites, and become more diffusive of the religion (dînô bâlisnîktar); and, in like, manner, the proper, more attainable, and more propitious path of the good for saving the soul becomes wider 4.


247:1 The place of account (see Chap. XX, 3). Or, it may be, 'render one certain, in the course of time, regarding the awful place (hell).'

247:2 M14 adds' and acquire good works.'

247:3 That is, they are more diligent in learning the prayers by heart.

247:4 Referring to the Kinvad bridge (see Chap. XXI, 5).

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