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1. As to the eighty-third question and reply, that which you ask is thus: Is it desirable to give

p. 246

in excess the gift for the ceremonial which it is not desirable to diminish?

2. The reply is this, that it is proper not to diminish a gift where it is the gift 1 for a ceremonial, and the reasons for it are many. 3. One is this, that a gift is the money which in another good work suffices for the accomplishment of the good work, and the good work of a righteous gift 2 is a great good work, and not to diminish it is sure worthiness among the explainers. 4. When the sacred feast 3 and the gift for the ceremonial are supplied in excess, even that which is an excess of gift is an excess of liberality to the performers of the ceremonial, and has realized (frârâstŏ) an excess of good works that is commendable.


246:1 M14 omits the repetition of the words aîgh dahisnŏ-î.

246:2 See Chap. XLIV, 19.

246:3 See Chap. XLVII, 1.

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