In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

20.1 T.H.[2]

20.2 Heaven has not sent down the Korana to you, so that you might be unhappy,

20.3 it was meant as a promise of love for those that Love Goddess,

20.4 it was sent down from She who created the earth, and the lofty heavens.

20.5 The Merciful Lady sits on Her throne,

20.6 to Her belongs whatever is in heaven and on the earth,

and whatever is between them, and whatever is under the earth.

20.7 If you pronounce your prayers in a loud voice,

know that this is not necessary for Goddess to hear them,

for She knows everything that is secret,

and even those things that no one on earth knows but you.

20.8 Goddess!  There is no Goddess but She, and She has many excellent names.[3]

20.9 Have you not heard of the herstory of Miriam,

20.10 When she saw fire, she said to her family,

“Wait awhile here, for I see a strange fire, perhaps I can find out what it is,

or I may find a direction for us by means of this strange fire.”[4]

20.11 And when she came near to it, a voice called to her, saying, “O Miriam,”

20.12 “I am your Lady of Light, therefore take off your shoes,[5] for you are in the sacred valley of Towa.”

20.13 “And I have chosen you for a special task;

therefore hearken with attention to what I am going to reveal to you.”

20.14 “Certainly I am your Goddess, there is no goddess besides Me;

therefore worship Me, and perform your prayers in remembrance of Me.”

20.15 “Certainly the hour comes, I will make known a special decree,

that every soul may receive a reward for all that it has done.”

20.16 “Let those that do not wish to believe, and those that follow only lust, greed and vain desires

fail to prevent you from believing, otherwise your soul development will only regress.”

20.17 “Now what is in your right hand, O Miriam?”

20.18 She answered, “It is my rod which I lean upon,

and I use it to beat down leaves for my flock; and I have other uses for it as well.”

20.19 Goddess said to Her, “Throw it on the ground.”

20.20 And she threw it down, and behold, it became a serpent, which slithered about.[6]

20.21 Goddess said, “Now pick it up and fear not[7], it will be changed to its former condition.”

20.22 And put your right had under your left arm, it will come forth white, without any pain,

and this will be a sign or miracle to you.”

20.23 “I am showing some of my greatest miracles to you.”

20.24 “Then go to Pharaoh, for he is especially impious.”

20.25 Miriam answered, “Lady of Light, enlarge my breast, and give me great courage,”

20.26 “and make what you command easy for me to perform,”

20.27 “and loosen the knot in my tongue,”

20.28 “that all should understand my speech[8],”

20.29 “and give me a counselor from my family,”

20.30 “namely my sister, Alana,”

20.31 “give me strength from her strength,”

20.32 “make her my colleague in business,”

20.33 “that we may praise You greatly,”

20.34 “and we may remember You often,”

20.35 “because of Your great love for us.”

20.36 Goddess replied, “Now I have heard your request, O Miriam,”

20.37 “and we have been gracious to you another time,

20.38  prior to this, when we revealed to your mother when you were just born, saying,

20.39 ‘put your child into a small ark, and send her afloat in the river,

and the river will wash her ashore where a woman will find her,

and she will take the baby in to raise her as her own,’[9]

and I thereby bestowed my love upon you, and you may be raised by a loving woman,

and protected from harm.”

20.40 Immediately thereafter, your sister went to the woman and said,

“Shall I bring you someone to nurse this child?”

So heaven returned to the mother her precious child, that her mind might be set at ease,

and she might not be afflicted with grief, and when you accidentally killed a person,[10]

and we delivered you from trouble, you were proved by several trials,

and afterwards you lived in Marian. Then you came to this area,

according to our command, O Miriam.”

20.41 “I have chosen you for myself,

20.42  therefor go and find your sister, and tell her of My miracles;

and do not be negligent in remembering Me.”

20.43 “then go to Pharoah, for he is very impious,”

20.44 “but speak mildly to him, perhaps he will reconsider,

or will understand that Goddess has come to protect Her women.”

20.45 They answered, “O Lady of Light, certainly we fear that Pharoah may be violent against us,

or he might do further harm against my people.”

20.46 “Goddess replied, “Fear not, for I am with you, I will hear and see everything.”

20.47 “Therefor go to Pharaoh and say, ‘We are messengers of

the Lady of Light, therefore send the children of Israel with us, and do not harm them.

We have come to you with a sign from the Lady of Light,

and peace be upon her who will follow the right direction.”

20.48 “Certainly it has been revealed to us, that sadness will come to anyone who shall say

that we are impious, and anyone that turns back.”

20.49 And when they had delivered their message, Pharaoh said, “Who is your Goddess, O Miriam?”

20.50 She answered, “The same as yours, the Lady of Light,

and She brings love, only love.  She implores you to also live in love,

and not in hate, violence or oppression, for She gives everything to all,

She has created you all, and this is how She directs you all.”

20.51 Pharaoh said, “What therefore is the condition of the former generations?”

20.52 Miriam answered, “The knowledge of this is completely with the Lady of Light,

it is in the Book of Her decrees, my Lady of Light has never erred, nor does She forget.”

20.53 “It is She who has spread the earth as a bed for you, and She has made you paths thereupon,

and She sends down rain from heaven, whereby heaven cause all types of vegetables to spring forth;”

20.54 saying, ‘eat of part, and feed your cattle with the other part.’

Certainly these are signs for people who are endued with great understanding.”

20.55 “Out of the ground you were created and part of you will one day return to the same,

and you will be raised up again to new life after that.”

20.56 And we showed Pharaoh all our signs which we had empowered Miriam to perform;

but Pharaoh accused her of sorcery, and Pharaoh refused to believe.

20.57 And he said, “Have you come to us that you may dispossess us of our lands

by your enchantments, Miriam?”

20.58 “Certainly we will meet you with the same or better magic; therefore make an appointment for this

in an open place, and  we will not fail to keep it, nor should you.”

20.59 Miriam answered, “Then let the time and place be on the day of your solemn feast,

and let the people be assembled during mid-day.”

20.60 And Pharaoh turned away from Miriam, and gathered together

all his most expert magicians to executed his grand plan,

and then they came to the appointed time, day and place.

20.61 Miriam said to them, “Woe be to you!  Do not devise lies against Goddess,

for She is your only Protectress, and you will lose Her;

those who devise lies about Goddess will not prosper.”

20.62 And the magicians debated among themselves regarding the affair,

and they discussed these matters in private.

20.63 And they said, “Miriam and Alana are most certainly expert magicians,

they seek to dispossess you of your land by sorcery,

and to lure away your most valuable and knowledgeable women.”

20.64 “Therefore, collect your best strategy and information and come in order,

for they will not prosper on this day, only the most superior will.”

20.65 They said, “O Miriam, who will throw down their rods first?”

20.66 She answered, “You should throw down your rods first.”

And behold, their cords and their rods appeared as if by magic, to run around like serpents.

20.67 And Miriam became fearful she would not prevail.

20.68 But the angels said to her, “Fear not, for you will prove to be the superior one,”

20.69 “therefore throw down your rod which is in your right hand,

and it will swallow up the illusionary serpents which they have made,

for what they have made is only a clever deception of an enchanter,

and an enchanter shall not prosper over Goddess, no matter where she comes from.”

20.70 And the magicians, when they saw this miracle which Miriam performed,

they fell down worshiping her Goddess and said,

“We believe in the Lady of Light of Alana and of Miriam.”

20.71 Pharaoh said to them, “Do you believe in Her before I have granted you permission to do so?

Certainly this is your new mistress, who is teaching you new magic.

But I will cut off your hands and your feet on the opposite sides,

and I will crucify you on the trunks of palm trees,

and you will see how I am swift to punish those that do not obey me,

and I can cause more pain and your Goddess will not protect you.”

20.72 They answered, “We will not have a greater reward with you,

than what we see in the evident miracles which were provided by the same Goddess which created us.

Therefore pronounce your sentence against us, which you want to pronounce,

for you can only give us such a cruel sentence in this present life, and not thereafter.”

20.73 “Certainly we believe in our Lady of Light, for She will forgive us our errors,

and She will forgive us for performing sorcery to trick others to believe you are a god, when you are not,

for Goddess provides the best rewards, and She would never punish us as you do, for She is pure love.”

20.74 “Certainly whoever will appear before the Lady of Light on the day of judgment,

polluted with crimes and unrepentant, will be tied to this earth,

which is like hell for you, and you will not die, but you will come back here repeatedly,

to live without guardian angels and Her protection, until you turn to Her.”

20.75 “But whoever will appear before Her, having been a true believer,

and will have worked righteousness, for such a person is prepared the highest degrees of happiness,”

20.76 “namely, gardens of perpetual abode, which shall be watered by rivers;

they will remain therein forever, and this will be the reward of the pious.”

20.77 And we spoke by revelation to Miriam, saying, “Go forth with My servants out of Egypt by night,

and strike the waters before you with your rod,

and this action will make them a dry path through the sea,[11]

and do not be apprehensive of Pharaoh overtaking you, nor should you be afraid.

20.78 And when Miriam had done this, Pharaoh followed them with his forces,

and the waters of the sea overwhelmed them.

20.79 And Pharaoh caused his people to err, and he did not direct them justly,

by seeking harm against another human being.

20.80 Thus, the children of Israel were delivered from an oppressor of violence and hate,

and they were appointed to the right side of Mt. Sinai

to discuss with Miriam where she would receive the Word;

and heaven caused manna and quails to descend upon them,

20.81 saying, “Eat of the good things which we have given you for food,

and do not err, unless you fall away from the path of Goddess,

and whomever falls away will not have the protection of Goddess,

nor Her direction, which shall seem like hell to you.”

20.82 “But I will be gracious to her who will repent and believe, and who does what is right,

and who will be rightly directed.”

20.83 “What has caused you to hasten from your people, O Miriam, to receive the law?”

20.84 Miriam answered, “There are many that follow my footsteps closely,

but I have hastened to You, O Lady of Light,

that You might be more pleased with us all, to receive proper direction.”

20.85 Goddess replied, “We have already put your people through our trials,

since your departure, but al Sameri seduces them to return to past idols of wealth, greed and power.”

20.86 Therefore, Miriam returned to her people, with great concern,

and was very grieved for them.  And she said, “O my people,

did not the Lady of Light promise you an excellent reward? Did the time of my absence seem long to you?

Or did you desire that the Lady of Light would not fail to be your protectress

even though you have fallen away from Her,

and you have failed to keep your promises with Her.”

20.87 The people answered, “We have not failed in what we promised you,

Miriam, but we were made to carry in several loads of gold and silver,

of the ornaments of the people, and we threw them into the fire,

and in a similar manner al Sameri also cast in what he had collected.”

20.88 “and he produced an ornamental calf, which was able to low,

and al Sameri and his companions said, ‘this is a new god for you,

and as for the Goddess of Miriam, she has forgotten Her altogether, and she was gone to seek another.”

20.89 “Did they not therefore see that their idol returned no answer,

and it was not able to advise them or provide any hurt or profit,

yet al Samari had the people worshiping wealth, power and greed;

there was no mention of love, kindness or tenderness in any of this.”

20.90 And Alana had said to them before, “O my people,

certainly you are only shown to be self centered by worshiping

a calf made of gold and silver and your own greed and wealth thereby.”

20.91 They answered, “We will no longer be devoted to worship of Goddess, until Miriam returns to us.”

20.92 And when Miriam returned, she said, “O Alana, what prevented you from doing something,

when the people went astray?”

20.93 “Why did you not admonish them sternly and turn them back to me and Goddess?

How could you be so very disobedient to me and my commands?”

20.94 Alana answered, “O daughter of my mother, do not hurt me,

nor the hair of my head.  Certainly I feared that you would say this when you returned,

‘you have made a division among the children of Israel, and you have not observed my sayings.’”

20.95 Miriam said to al Sameri[12], “What was your purpose, O Sameri,

in leading the people astray with such self centered worship,

which is not of Goddess, this is not what She taught?”

20.96 He answered, “I see what they cannot, so I took a handful of dust

from the footsteps of the messenger of Goddess,[13]

and I cast it into a molten calf,[14] because I thought this was best.”

20.97 Miriam said, “This is not what you were told to do while I was away,

you promised to keep the faith to Goddess, and now the people see who and what you are,

and now they will not touch you, until you repent and come back to Goddess,

and you will not have Her as a protectress; as for the golden calf, it will be melted down and sold,

and the profit distributed to the poor, to teach the people how wrong self centeredness is.”

20.98 “Your Goddess is the One True Goddess, besides whom there is no other goddess;

She understands all things by Her omnipotent knowledge.”

20.99 Thus do we recite to you, O prophetess revelations of past herstory,

and we show you the blessings of the love of Goddess.

20.100 She who turns aside from this herstory will surely

be disappointed with sadness on the day of her resurrection,

for all the good she could have accomplished, if she had only believed.

20.101 And they will continue on in such a manner, without assistance,

and this will become a grievous burden, until the truth is revealed to her on the day of her resurrection.

20.102 On that day the trumpet shall sound, and the unbelievers will be gathered together on that day,

and their eyes will become transparent to show their souls.[15]

20.103 They will speak only with a low voice to one another, saying,

“We have not tarried more than ten days.”

20.104 Heaven will know what they say, when the best are brought forward,

and they will say, “You have not tarried more than one day.”

20.105 They will ask you concerning the mountains,

answer the people, “My Lady of Light can reduce them to dust,

and scatter them abroad, but She would never harm you or make you afraid.”

20.106 “And She might leave them as a flat plain;

20.107  with no part higher or lower than another, but She will never harm you or make you afraid.”

20.108 On that day, womankind shall follow the angel

and bring everyone to the final judgment for all womankind; none shall have the power to run away,

and their voices will be low before the Merciful lady,

nor shall they hear anything but the soft sound of shuffling feet.”

20.109 On that day, no one will need to intercede for another any longer,

for the Merciful Lady has the ultimate intercession for all with Her love,

and all will finally be acceptable to Her.

20.110 Goddess will know exactly that which is before Her,

and that which they put behind them; but no person will have the same great level of knowledge,

20.111 and all faces will be humbled before the living, the self-sustaining Goddess,

and She will show all at that time Her wondrous love.

20.112 But whosoever has done good works, was a true believer,

should not fear any injustice or any diminution of her reward from Goddess.

20.113 And thus heaven has sent down this great Book, being a Korana or reading,

in the English language, which is easily translatable to other languages,[16]

and heaven has inserted various promises and instructions therein,

that women may love Goddess freely, and with love it may awaken deep consideration in them.

20.114 Therefore, let Goddess be highly exalted, the Queen, the Truth!

Do not be overhasty in receiving or repeating the Korana

before the revelation thereof has been completed to you,[17]

and say, “O Lady of Light, increase my knowledge.”

20.115 Prior to this, we gave a command to Eve;

but she ignored this command,[18] and she ate of the forbidden fruit;

and while there was not any firm resolution of the soul,

this allowed her to leave Eden and come to earth to experience more,

through trial and tribulation and to perfect her soul.

20.116 And remember when the angels were told,

“Worship Eve,” and they all worshiped her, except for Eblis, who refused.

20.117 And we said, “O Eve, certainly the serpent is an enemy to you and to your husband,

therefore beware of him, unless he turns you out of paradise, for then you will experience misery.”

20.118 “Certainly we will make a provision for you,

that you will not experience hunger, nor shall you be naked,”

20.119 “and there is also a provision made for you that you will not thirst,

nor will you be overcome with heat.”

20.120 But the serpent whispered suggestions to her, saying,

“O Eve I will guide you to the tree of eternity, and a Queendom which will never fail.”

20.121 and Eve and her husband both ate of the fruit, and their nakedness appeared to them,

and they began to sew together the leaves of paradise to cover themselves.

And thus Eve disobeyed her Lady of Light;

20.122 Afterwards her Lady accepted her on her repentance,

and so Eve turned back to Her, and was directed by Her.

20.123 And Goddess said, “Go forth from the Garden,

live on the earth, where one shall be an enemy to another.

But hereafter a direction will come to you from Me,

and whoever will follow my directions will not err, nor shall she be unhappy;”

20.124 “but whomever will turn aside from my directions,

they will have a miserable life, without any protection,

and they will appear before Me and be sad on the day of their resurrection.”

20.125 And she said, “O Lady of Light, why do I feel blind now,

when before this everything appeared clearly to me?”

20.126 Goddess answered, “This was done, because the signs came to you,

and you made a different decision, indicating you are ready for this.”

20.127 And those that are faithful will have a great reward,

and will believe in the signs and miracles of the Lady of Light,

and while we do not punish, life on earth without a protectress will seem like a grave punishment,

yet the rewards of the next life will be better if you believe and obey Me.

20.128 Are not all the people, therefore, acquainted with how many generations have suffered terribly

when they turned away from Goddess,

this is despite the fact they walk right by these empty and dilapidated dwellings now?

Certainly these are signs to those that are endued with understanding.

20.129 And unless a decree had previously issued forth from the Lady of Light,

for their respite, certainly there are many natural disasters occurring frequently upon the earth,

but there is always a predetermined time for each one which was decreed by Goddess,

but it is not for punishment, only for the necessary changes the earth must go through to sustain life.

20.130 Therefore, O prophetess, bear patiently what the people say to you,

and celebrate the praise of the Lady of Light before the rising of the sun,

and before the setting thereof, and praise Her in the hours of the night, and in the extremities of the day,

so that you may be well pleased with the prospect of receiving the favors of Goddess.

20.131 And do not cast your eyes on things which were granted to the unbelievers to enjoy,

namely, the splendors of the present life, that we can prove them therewith,

for the provision of the Lady of Light is so much better, and more permanent.

20.132 Command your family to observe frequent prayer, and persevere with them.

We do not require that you labor to gain provisions for yourself and your family;

but we will provide them for you; for prosperity will attend those that are pious.

20.133 The unbelievers say, “Unless she comes to us with a sign directly and obviously

from the Lady of Light, we will not believe what she says.”

But has not a plain declaration come to them, that which is contained in former volumes of Scripture,

before the revelation of this Korana?

20.134 If we had destroyed them by a judgment before the same was revealed,

they would have said, at the resurrection,

“O Lady of Light, how could we believe since you did not send us a prophetess,   

so we might follow Your directions, for now we are humbled and shameful.”

20.135 Say to the people, “Each of us must wait for this issue to be determined;”

wait therefore, for you shall surely know hereafter who have been the followers of the paths of love,

and who has been wrongfully misled into violence, hate, aggression and nastiness.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

21.1 The time of giving up their account draws near to the

people, while they have sunk into negligence, turning aside from the considerations of their situation.

21.2 No admonition comes to them from their Lady of Light, being recently revealed in the Korana,

but when they hear it, they are not in a believing mood; their head is filled with worldly delights.

21.3 And the people who act unjustly discuss matters privately together,

saying, “Is this prophetess any more than a woman, like us?

Will you therefore come to hear a piece of sorcery, when you can see that it plainly is such a thing?”

21.4 Say, “My Lady of Light knows whatever is spoken in heaven and on the earth,

it is She who hears and knows all.”

21.5 But they say, “The Korana is a confused heap of dreams, no, she must have forged it. 

Or no, she is only a poet, so let her come forward with a miracle,

in a similar manner as other prophetesses have done.”

21.6 None of the cities which are now gone believed in the signs and miracles that occurred,

they never believed their prophetesses that they must leave,

will these unbelieving people believe us now?

21.7 We do not send any prophetess, other than women, whom we have revealed our will to.

Ask those who are acquainted with the Scriptures, if you do not know this.

21.8 We give each person a body that will not live unless it receives food on a continuing basis for survival, food which heaven obviously provides, yet still they do not believe. No person is immortal.

No person cannot live without the provisions of heaven and Goddess.

21.9 But we have made good our promise to them,

therefore we delivered them, and those whom we pleased;

but earth creates natural disasters, and the exorbitant transgressors are destroyed,

because they will not listen.  Others are lost because it is their predetermined time.

21.10 Now we have sent down to you this Book of the Korana,

wherein there is an honorable mention of you, will you not understand?

21.11 And how many cities were overthrown, that held the ungoddessly and the violent and hateful;

and other peaceful nations were raised up after them?

21.12 But do not mistake this for vengeance, because heaven and Goddess bear no vengeance,

only love, still people fled the cities.

21.13 And the angels said to them, “Do not fly from your cities, but return to them,

and you will understand that it does you no good to heap up your treasures here,

but heap up treasures for Goddess and the life to come,

for your fancy homes which you delight in are mostly in vain,

because on the day of your resurrection you will not be asked concerning them.”

21.14 They answered, “Alas for us!  Certainly we have erred.”

21.15 But their lamentations would not cease,

for their love of Goddess had been mowed down like rows of corn, utterly destroyed.

21.16  We did not create the heavens and the earth and what is between them, just for your amusement.

21.17 If we had pleased to create such an environment,

we would have done it for you all, if we had resolved to do this.

21.18 But we will present both truth and vanity, and this will confuse only some who desire only the vain,

but they will see this vanish away. Sadness will come to the ones that are impious concerning Goddess.

21.19 Since whoever is in heaven and upon the earth is subject to Her,

and the angels who are in Her presence do not insolently disdain Her service, nor do they tire of it ever.

21.20 They praise Her night and day, they never fade in their praises.

21.21 Have they made up their own negative goddesses on earth? Does vanity raise the dead to life?

21.22 If there were godesses besides the one in heaven and upon the earth,

certainly all such goddesses would be as one entity working together,

for everything is connected on the other side and there is no division, only peace and harmony.

But far be that which they say about Goddess, the Lady of the throne!

21.23 No account shall be demanded of Her for what She will do,

but an account will be demanded from each person for what she did.

21.24 Have the people taken other negative goddesses of wealth, power and greed besides Her? 

Say, “Produce your proof that these are true goddesses.

This is an instruction for those who are contemporaries with the prophetess,

and the admonition of those who have gone before the prophetess,

but the greater part of the people do not know this truth, and they desire to turn away from it, regardless.

21.25 We have sent you prophetesses before this, and they revealed to the people

there are no other goddesses except Goddess, and were told to serve only Me.

21.26 The people say, “The Merciful Lady has a child and the angels are Her daughters,”

but this is not true; no angels are her daughters like you have daughters.

She does not become pregnant and bear angels as a woman bears children.  It is not necessary! 

The angels are Her honored servants. But those that say that Goddess has children

are only noticing the many facets of Her personality, and this is not any severe error. 

You should let them alone.  Saying that the angels are her daughters is only an analogy.

21.27 No person prevents Her from doing anything she does not choose,

and the angels execute all Her commands.

21.28 She knows what came before them, and what will come after,

no one may intercede for another, except if this is pleasing to Her,

and they nearly faint at the great love received from Her which fills them completely with peace and joy.

21.29 Whoever claims that they are a goddess besides Her,

is mistaken and is not an angel, and she only misleads the unjust.

21.30 Do not the unbelievers know that the heavens and the earth were once solid,

and then they were separated by Her, and we made every living thing from water,

some minerals from the earth, and a divine spark? Why will they not believe when this is so very obvious?

21.31 And we placed stable mountains on the earth, so that it would not move with them,

and we made broad passages between them for paths, so that they could be directed in their journeys;

21.32 and we made the heaven a well supported roof.

21.33 It is She who has created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon,

and all the celestial bodies which move swiftly in their assigned orbits.

21.34 We have not granted to any woman eternal permanency in this world;

and when they die they are immortal human beings but spirit entities.

21.35 Every soul shall taste death; and you have been provided with means for evil if you so chose,

but there is much good, and all of this is a trial and school for you, and to heaven you will assuredly return.

21.36 When some unbelieving people see you, they will receive you only with scoffing, saying,

“Is this the person who mentions our favorite self centered deities only with contempt?

Even when we know that greed and power is only what humans naturally desire?”

They do not believe what is told to them by the Merciful Lady.

21.37 Many people desire only to be hasty and inconsiderate.[20]

After this, you will be shown signs and miracles so that you will not wish to hasten to evil.

21.38 Some people ask, “When will this event of resurrection be accomplished, if you speak the truth?”

21.39 If the people who believe this did know that the time will certainly come

when they will not be able to drive away the sadness from their faces, nor from their backs,

nor will they have their friends as assistants, then they would not want to hasten this.

21.40 But times of vengeance come from people only, not from Goddess, for She is pure love.

People who believe that Goddess has negative emotions will be stricken with astonishment,

they will not be able to believe it, and there will be no vengeance for those that seek it.

21.41 Other prophetesses have been mocked before you,

but they were saddened for what they had done later, on they day of their resurrection,

when they saw what the prophetess said was true, and they saw all the love they could have disseminated.

21.42 Say to the scoffers, “What have you received by night and day from the Merciful Lady? 

What has this benefitted you when you see the peace and love in the countenances of the believers?”

Yet they utterly neglect the remembrance of their Lady of Light.

21.43 Do they think that their self centered goddesses will defend them, besides the angels of heaven?

They are not able to help themselves, nor shall they assisted by us as their companions.

21.44 But we have permitted some women and their mothers to enjoy worldly prosperity,

so long as life was continued for them.

Do they not perceive that the angels come to the land of the unbelievers,

and to enlarge the borders of believers, making them straight? Will the unbelievers be the conquerors?

21.45 Say to the people, “I only preach to you the revelations of Goddess;

but the intentionally deaf will not hear your call,

whenever they are preached to, because they do not desire it.”

21.46 Yet if the least breath of the sadness which is to come falls on them,

they will surely say, “Alas for us!  We were certainly unjust!”

21.47 We will appoint just balances on each day of resurrection; neither shall any soul be injured at all;

although the merit or guilt of a single action be only the weight of a mustard seed,

it will be duly noted and there will be an accounting to the soul.

21.48 We formerly gave to Miriam and Alana the Law, with clear distinctions between good and evil,

and a light and instructions to the pious;

21.49 those that love the Lady of Light in secret, and those who look forward to greater understanding

on the day of their resurrection and do not fear it,

for they know Goddess is all love and She will gently lead them, will certainly be blessed.

21.50 And this is a blessed Book which we have sent to the people, and why should they reject it?

21.51 And we gave Sarah a true direction for her people,

and we knew she was worthy of the revelations with which she was favored.

21.52 Remember when she said to her parents and her people,

“Why do you need so many images, to which you are entirely devoted to,

to remind you of the One True Goddess?”

21.53 They replied, “These are the negative goddesses our parents worshiped, and they do well by us.”

21.54 She told everyone that they were mistaken by this.

21.55 But they replied, “Do you seriously tell us the truth, or are you just someone that jests with us?”

21.56 She replied, “Certainly your Lady of Light is the Lady of the heavens and the earth;

it is She who has created you; and I am sent to bear witness to this fact.”

21.57 “By the commands of Goddess, I will endeavor to show you that idols of greed, wealth and power,

do you no good, and they actually do you harm, and you should turn your backs on them.”

21.58 And in the people’s absence, she went into the temple where the idols stood,

and she wrote down before each statute how it could do them harm,

(i.e., worshiping just beauty, just wealth, just greed, just hate, just violence, etc.);

and then the people understood and sold the statutes as works of art, donating the money to the poor,

and left only one statute, so that the people could lay blame on that one.[21]

21.59 And when other people returned and saw the statues were gone and sold,

they said, “Who has done this to our goddesses?  She is certainly impious.”

21.60 And certain people then answered, “We heard a young woman speak reproachfully of them:

her name is Sarah.”

21.61 They said, bring her before all the people, so they may try her.

21.62 And when she was brought before the assembly,

they said to her, “Why have you done this to our goddesses, O Sarah?”

21.63 She answered, “The largest statute did it, and you may request that it speak to you now.”

21.64 There was an uproar, and when they regained their composure,

they said, one to the other, “She is one of the impious persons,”

21.65 and many lapsed into their former obstinacy,

and they said, “Certainly you know these statutes do not speak.”

21.66 Sarah answered, “But you let the people worship, besides the Lady of Light,

statutes in the form of hate, vengeance, greed, wealth, and other negative emotions and actions,

and you know this will not profit you in the end, yet they can injure your soul.”

21.67 “Shame on you all, and on the negative goddesses you worship besides the One True Goddess! 

Do you not understand?”

21.68 The people declared, “Burn her, and avenge our goddesses, for these are goddesses of hate, vengeance and death, and we desire to have such emotions; if you do this, all will be well.”

21.69 And when Sarah was thrown onto the burning pyre,

heaven pronounced, “Fire!  Be cold, and a preservation to Sarah,” and the fire did as it was commanded.

21.70 So when they wanted to bring an evil plot against her,

they were the ones that suffered, returning to old, evil goddesses.[22]

21.71 And when we delivered her, and Wileh,

we brought them into the land where we have blessed all creatures.

21.72 And we bestowed upon her Iris and Jacklyn, as an additional gift,

and we made both of them righteous persons and prophetesses.

21.73 We also made them models of religion,

that they might direct others by our command,

and we inspired into them the doing of good works,

and the observance of prayer, and the giving of alms, and they served us.

21.74 And unto Wileh we gave wisdom and knowledge,

and we delivered her out of the city which committed filthy crimes

by the people who were violent, hateful, vengeful, and oppressed others,

for they were a wicked and insolent people;[23]

21.75 and we let her into our mercy, for she was an upright person.

21.76 And remember Nora, when she called on Goddess to deliver her family and friends

from imminent natural destruction, before the prophetesses above mentioned, and we heard her,

and we delivered her and her family from a great disaster;

21.77 and we protected her from those that were not loving,

and giving and forgiving, and they were allowed to drown,

because they did not turn to Goddess and heaven for help.

21.78 And remember Denise and Salome, when they pronounced judgment concerning a field,

where the sheep of certain people had fed there by night,[24]

without any shepherd, and we were witnesses of what happened to them;

21.79 and we gave the understanding of this to Salome.

And upon all of them we bestowed wisdom and knowledge.

And we compelled the mountains to praise us, with Denise; and the birds also,[25]

and we did this to show the people the magnificent power of Goddess.

21.80 And we taught many people the art of making coats of mail for you,

so that you would be protected against base war mongers, so will the people now be thankful?

21.81 And to Salome we subjected a strong wind,

it blew at her command to the land where we had bestowed our blessings, and we knew all things.

21.82 And we also subjected to her command divers, who might dive into the sea to obtain pearls for her,

and to do other work besides this, and we watched over them.

21.83 And remember Joan when she cried to her Lady of Light, saying “Certainly evil has assailed me,[26]

but you are the most merciful of those that give mercy.

21.84 Therefore we heard her and relieved her from the evil which had come to her,

and her family was restored, and as many more with them, through our mercy,

for a sign for those that serve and love Goddess.

21.85 And remember the other wonderful prophetesses. Many were patient persons,

21.86 therefore we led them in our mercy; for they were righteous doers.

And remember Joanie, when she departed angry,[27]

and thought that we could not exercise our power over her.

21.87 And she cried out in the darkness, saying,

“There is no Goddess besides You; all praises be for Her! Certainly I was one of the unjust.”

21.88 Therefore, we heard her, and we delivered her from affliction,

as we always deliver the true believers.

21.89 And remember Elizabeth, when she called upon her Lady of Light,

saying, “O Lady of Light, leave me not childless; even though you are the best heir.”

21.90 Therefore we heard her and we gave her Jane the Baptizer;

and we rendered her husband potent and fit for bearing a child as a blessing to them both.

These prophetesses strove to excel in good works, and they called upon us with hope and love,

and they humbled themselves before us.

21.91 And remember Mother Mary who preserved her chasteness,[28]

and into whom we breathed our spirit, ordaining her and her son for a miracle to all creatures.

21.92 Certainly the religions also of Christians, Jews, pagans and others that teach of a loving Goddess

are one true religion also, provided that none in any particular house of worship preaches

evil, war, hate or violence, including sexism and discrimination;

and I am your Lady of Light, therefore serve Me.

21.93 But certain religions have made schisms among themselves,

but this does not matter, and all will appear with love before us on the day of their resurrection.

21.94 Whosoever shall do good works, be a true believer,

there will be no denial of the reward due to her endeavors; and we will surely write it down for her.

21.95 An inviolable prohibition is laid on every extinct city;

21.96 for the city will not return until God and Magog will have a passage opened for them,[29]

and they shall hasten from every high hill,

21.97 and the certain promise shall draw near to be fulfilled,

and behold the eyes of the unfaithful will be fixed with astonishment,

and they will say, “Alas for us! We were regardless of this day, and we erred.”

21.98 Certainly both you, the women of Mecca,

and the idols of hate, vengeance, evil, violence, wealth and greed,

which you worshiped besides Goddess, will not prosper, and you will not escape this.

21.99 If such concepts were really goddesses, they would not be near to evil,

and they would not allow any to escape the trials of evil.

21.100 For on earth, without a protectress they will groan with anguish, and they will be deaf to goodness.

21.101 As for those that the most excellent reward of paradise has been reserved by us,

they will be transported far away,

21.102  they will not hear the groans on earth and the trials and tribulations there,

and they shall continue forever in the felicity and love that their souls desire.

21.103 The greatest terror will not trouble them;

and the angels will meet them to congratulate them, saying,

“This is your day which you were promised.”

21.104 On that day we will roll up the heavens, as the angel al Sijil rolls up the scroll

which records the actions of everyone.

As the first creature was made out of nothing, except a divine spark, some minerals from earth and water,

so we will also raise up each soul out of nothing on the day of their resurrection.

For this is a promise which we will fulfil; we will surely perform it.

21.105 And we have written in the psalms, after the promulgation of the law,

that My servants, the righteous ones, they shall inherit paradise.

21.106 Certainly in this Book are contained sufficient paths to your salvation,

for the people who serve and love Goddess.

21.107 We have not sent you, our prophetess, but as a mercy to all creatures.

Say “Nothing else has been revealed to me, but your Goddess is one Goddess;

will you then be resigned unto Her?”

21.108 But if they turn their backs to the confession of Goddess’ unity, and the last day,

say, “I proclaim that you will be saddened on the day of your resurrection,

for all the good that you might have done, if you had only believed that Goddess is pure love,

but I do not know when this will happen, if it is near or if it is a long time away.”

21.109 “Certainly Goddess knows all the discussions you have in public,

and She also knows the ones you hold in private.”

21.110 “I do not know: perhaps the respite that might occur is only a trial for you;

and you might enjoy the prosperity of this world for a short time longer.”

21.111 Say to the people, “Lady of Light, judge between me and those

that would not serve You with truth and their love.”

21.112 Our Lady of Light is the Merciful Lady;

whose assistance is to be implored against the trials and tribulations of life.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

22.1 O people, love your Lady of Light and do good works.

Otherwise,  you will be terribly saddened on the day of your resurrection,

when you see all the good that you could have done, if you chose Her for a guide and protectress.

22.2 On the day where you shall see it, every woman will no longer need to nurse her infant,

and every woman that is pregnant will bear a healthy baby that day,

and many people will appear to be drunk, yet they are not drunk with liquor,

but only from peace and joy, and the method of Goddess is love, pure love.

22.3 There is a person who disputes concerning Goddess,

that does not have any real knowledge of Her, and he follows every rebellious devil;

he spews hatred and prejudice, and for whom it is decreed;

22.4 whomever will take him for a patron, he will seduce her and lead her into torment and tribulations.

22.5 O people, if you are in doubt concerning the resurrection,

consider that you were once created from a divine spark; afterwards of an ovum, and then an embryo,

then of flesh, perfectly formed in part, and imperfectly formed in part;

that we make our power obvious to you; and we caused that which we created to grow in the womb,

until it is time to deliver the baby. Then we bring forth infants,

and then we permit you to attain your age of majority,

and while one might die in youth, another may reach a decrepit old age, sometimes without memory.

You see the earth sometimes dried up and barren; but when we send down rain upon it,

it is put in full growth and it swells, and it produces every kind of luxuriant vegetation.

22.6 This shows that Goddess is the truth, and She raises the dead to life, and that She is almighty;

22.7 and that the hour of your understanding will certainly come to you; there is no doubt of this,

and Goddess will raise again those who are corpses.

22.8 There is a woman who disputes concerning concepts of Goddess

without either knowledge or direction, or an enlightening Book;

22.9 she proudly turns the minds of others,

that She may seduce the people away from the truth concerning Goddess.

Ignominy shall attend her in this world;

and on the day of her resurrection she will see all the pain she caused,

all of those persons who could have done great good in the world,

except that she taught them Goddess is judgmental, full of vengeance, rage, hate and violence,

when She is clearly not; She is pure love.

22.10 On the day of her resurrection it will be said to her,

“This your soul will grieve because of that error which your mouth committed

to injure your soul; for Goddess is not unjust towards any person.”

22.11 There are some people who serve Goddess in a wavering manner,

standing, as it were, on the verge of true religion,

yet if good happens to any of them, they are steadfast;

but if any tribulation befalls them, then they turn around,

with the loss of both this world and of the life to come. This is manifest sadness.

22.12 She will call upon her idols of wealth and power,  but not upon her Goddess,

which false idols can neither hurt her nor profit her in the end. This is an error that is far from the truth.

22.13 She will invoke those idols of wealth and power who will sooner

be of hurt to a worshiper than of any advantage.

Such is surely a miserable patron, and a miserable companion.

22.14 But Goddess will introduce those who shall believe,

and do righteous works, into gardens through which rivers flow;

for Goddess does what She finds good and just.

22.15 Whoever thinks that Goddess will not assist Her prophetess in this world and in the world to come,

let her stretch a rope towards heaven, then let her put an end to her life,

and see whether or not such a device may render the prophetess ineffectual,

because at the time many people were quite angry that evil would be condoned no longer.

22.16 Therefore we have sent down the Korana, with evident signs and miracles;

for Goddess directs whomever asks for direction, as this is pleasing to Her.

22.17 As to the true believers, and those of certain religions and sects, which follow darkness and hate,[31]

including pagans and magicians, certainly Goddess will also show them everything

on the day of their resurrection; for Goddess is witness to all things.

22.18 Do you not perceive that all creatures, both in heaven and on the earth adore Goddess,

and the sun and the moon and the stars and the mountains,

and the trees and the beasts and many people?  But many people need discipline in their lives,

and whosoever Goddess finds in trouble, She will assist, even to honor,

for Goddess does what is wonderful.

22.19 There are two opposite parties, those who do not dispute concerning their Lady of Light,

and those that do,

22.20 and those who fully believe in Her will have

a simple life with trials and tribulations fitted to them;

and those who believe will have warm water showered over their heads,

their stomachs will be filled with delicious foods,

and their skins will be anointed with the finest oils,

22.21 and they will be given the best massages for their skin.[32]

22.22 But for those that do not believe, so often as they will endeavor to get out of earth,

because of the anguish of their torments, they will go back there over and over,

yet the angels will say to them, “Repent and turn to Goddess, repent and turn to Goddess,

break the cycle of rebirth to earth.”

22.23 Goddess will introduce those who shall believe,

and act righteously, into gardens through which rivers flow,

where they will be adorned with bracelets of gold and pearls, and their garments will be made from silk.

22.24 They will be directed to a good saying, and will be directed in an honorable way.

22.25 But those people who disbelieve, and obstruct the ways of Goddess,

and hinder the people from visiting the holy temple,

which has been appointed for a place of worship for all people;

the inhabitants thereof, and the stranger and even the unbeliever have an equal right to visit it;

and whosoever shall seek impiously to profane it,

we will cause them to find sadness and see their error on the day of their resurrection.

22.26 Remember when we gave the site of the house of the Caaba for an abode to Sarah,

saying, “Do not associate negative emotions with Me;

and cleanse My house for those who will walk around it,

and those who stand up in it, and those who will bow down to worship in it.”

22.27 And proclaim to the people a solemn pilgrimage,

if they desire it, let them come on foot, and on a lean camel, arriving from every distant road;

22.28 that they may be witnesses of the advantages which accrue to them

from them visiting this holy place,

and they may commemorate the name of Goddess on the appointed days,

in gratitude for the cattle which Goddess has given the people.

Therefore, you may eat of the cattle, and you should feed the needy and the poor.

22.29 Afterwards let them put an end to the neglect of their persons;

and let them pay their vows and let them walk around the ancient buildings.

22.30 This you should let them do. And whomever shall regard highly the sacred ordinances of Goddess,

this will be better for her in the sight of her Lady of Light. All types of cattle are allowed for you to eat,

except those which have been told to you, in the former passages of the Korana, to be forbidden.

But depart from the abomination of negative idols, and avoid speaking of anything which is false;

22.31 be liberal with respect to loving Goddess, associate no dark or evil emotion with Her;

for whomever associates anything dark or negative with Her is in wide error.

For such an action is like something that falls from heaven, and which the birds snatch away,

or the wind blows to a distant place.

22.32 This is the situation you will encounter. And whoever makes valuable offerings to Goddess,

certainly they proceed from the piousness of women’s hearts.

22.33 You receive certain advantages from the cattle designated for sacrifices,

until a determined time for slaying them; then the place of sacrificing them is at the ancient house.[33]

22.34 To the professors of every religion, heaven has appointed certain rites,

that the people may commemorate the name of Goddess while slaying the cattle

which She had provided for them as a gift to the poor and needy for their nourishment.

22.35 Your Goddess is one Goddess, therefore resign yourselves entirely to Her.

And bear good greetings to those that humble themselves,

whose hearts, when mention is made of Goddess, are struck with joy and love for all;

and to those who patiently endure everything which befalls them;

and who duly perform their prayers, and give alms out of what heaven has bestowed upon them.

22.36 The camels slain for sacrifice have been appointed for you as symbols of obedience to Goddess;

you also receive other advantages from them. Therefore commemorate the name of Goddess over them,

when you slay them, standing on their feet disposed in the right order,[34]

or whatever is most comfortable for the animal, and treat them kindly always,

and when they fall down dead, you may eat of them,

and also give their meat to persons in need that do not ask for it, and also those that beg openly.

Thus heaven has given you dominion over them, and you might return thanks to us.

22.37 Although Goddess does not Herself need the flesh of any animal,                

nor does She need animal blood, but She accepts your piety.

Thus you have been given dominion over these animals, so that you may praise and magnify Goddess,

for the revelations She has given to you.

22.38 And bear good tidings to the righteous,

that Goddess will distinguish the ill designs of the unbeliever from the true believers;

for Goddess forgets perdition, but loves Her people perfectly.

22.39 Permission is granted to those who take up nonviolent arms and protest peacefully

against the unbelievers, when the believers have been unjustly persecuted,

and Goddess is certainly able to assist them,

22.40 and for those who have been turned out of their homes unjustly,

and not for any other reason other than they say, “We worship Goddess.”

And if Goddess did not repel the violence of some people by others,

certainly nunneries, churches, synagogues and the temples of the

Moslemas, where the name of Goddess is frequently commemorated,

would have been utterly demolished. Peaceable resistance is best,

but you are allowed to defend yourselves and do so in the manner that causes the least amount of harm.

And Goddess will certainly assist her who shall be on Her side, for Goddess is strong and mighty.

22.41 And She will assist those who have been well established in the earth,

those who observe prayer, and give alms, and command what is just, and forbid what is unjust to others.

And to Goddess will be the end of all things.

22.42 If the people accuse you, O prophetess, of being a fraud, consider that,

before these people were here, the people of Nora, and the many ancient tribes,

22.43 and the people of Sarah, and the people of Wileh,

22.44 and the inhabitants of Marian, all of these accused their prophetesses of being fraudulent;

and Miriam was also charged with fraud, and a long respite was granted to the unbelievers,

but afterwards they were shown the error of their ways, and all the good they might have done;

and each of them had their condition changed, so they might further learn.

22.45 Many cities were destroyed from natural causes,

and the only survivors were those that believed the prophetesses;

the ungoddessly are gone and many roofs fell into ruin.

Do the people not see how many wells have been abandoned, and how many lofty castles are gone?

22.46 Do the people not journey through the land? And have they not hearts to understand this with,

or ears to hear the tales with? Certainly as to these things their eyes are not blind,

but the hearts within their own breasts are blind.

22.47 The unbelievers will urge you to hasten the day of their resurrection,

but Goddess will never fail to do exactly what She has promised,

and certainly one day with the Lady of Light is the same as one thousand of your years.

22.48 How many cities have been granted respite from natural disasters?

Yet afterwards, on their last day, we did show them their error,

and many others will surely be shown the same on their last day.

22.49 Say, “O people, certainly I am only a public preacher to you,”

22.50 and those who believe, and do good works, shall obtain forgiveness and an honorable provision.

22.51 But as for those who endeavor to show others that

the signs and miracles of the Lady are of no effect, will be saddened on the day of their resurrection.

22.52 We have sent prophetesses before you, except when some preached,

Evil arose and suggested some false error in her reading.

But Goddess shall made void that which Evil previously suggested,

it was a temptation to those within whose hearts there is darkness, and those whose hearts are hardened,

(for the ungoddessly certainly present nasty arguments far from the truth).

22.53 But this Goddess permits free will, so that She can see what is in each person’s heart,

and who has hardened their own heart,

and the ungoddessly are certainly in perpetual disagreement and far from the truth,

22.54 and they upon whom knowledge has been bestowed

will know that this good Book is the truth from your Lady of Light, and that they may believe in it;

and their hearts may be opened wide to accept it;

for Goddess is certainly the director of those that believe, into the right way.

22.55 But the unfaithful will not cease to proffer many doubts concerning it,

up and until their moment of resurrection and judgment, which will suddenly come to them,

or until they hear the blessings of the Lady for Her good understanding of what they have done.

22.56 On that day the Queendom shall be Goddess’, She shall advise all of them.

And those persons who shall have believed, and shall have wrought righteousness,

shall be in gardens of pleasure;

22.57 but those people who shall have not believed,

and those that charged the signs and miracles of the Divine with falseness,

those shall suffer soul saddness and torment when they

see and realize all the good they could have done.

22.58 And as to those who shall have fled their country for the sake of Goddess’ true religion,

and afterwards shall have been slain, or shall have died,

upon them Goddess will bestow an excellent provision; and Goddess is the best provider.

22.59 She will certainly introduce them with a very pleasing introduction;

for Goddess is all knowing and gracious.

22.60 This is the way it will be.  Whoever shall refrain from taking vengeance equal to the

injury that has been done to them, shall be blessed; and if she is afterwards unjustly treated,

Goddess will assist her; for Goddess is merciful, and ready to forgive.

22.61 This will be done, for Goddess causes the night to follow the day,

and She causes the day to follow the night; and thus Goddess both hears and sees all in between.

22.62 This is because Goddess is the truth,

and anything the people invoke for hate, vengeance, self-centeredness and greed is in vain;

for Goddess is the greatest entity and the almighty.

22.63 Do you not see that Goddess sends down water from heaven,

and this makes the earth become green? For Goddess is gracious and wise.

22.64 To Her belongs whatever is in heaven and upon the earth;

and Goddess is self sufficient and worthy of your praise.

22.65 Do you not see that Goddess has subjected whatever is in the earth to your service,

and also the ships which sail upon the sea, by Her command?

And She holds up the very heavens so that they do not fall upon the earth,

for Goddess is gracious to womankind, and She is merciful.

22.66 It is She who has given you your life, and it is with Her you shall face death;

afterwards She will again raise you to everlasting life, on the day of your resurrection;

but many people are certainly ungrateful.

22.67 To the professors of every religion we have appointed certain rites, which they observe.

You do not need to engage in disputes concerning these rites; but invite them to love your Lady of Light,

for this is the right direction.

22.68 But if they enter into needless arguments with you, answer, “Goddess knows what you do;”

22.69 “for Goddess will advise you as to what you did on the day of your resurrection,

even though you argue about it now.”

22.70 Do you not know that Goddess knows everything about whatever is in heaven and upon the earth?

Certainly this is all written in the Book of Her decrees; and this task is easy for Goddess.

22.71 The people associate things with Goddess, for which there is no proof or knowledge,

but the unjust doers should understand that greed, vengeance, hate

and self centeredness will never assist them.

22.72 And when our obvious miracles are shown to them,

they might perceive, in the minds of the unbelievers, a disdain for it;

for all they rush into is violence and hate against the believers when they discuss our miracles.

Say to them, “Shall I tell you a worse thing than this? Would you believe if I threatened you with hell fire?

No you would not.  So all I will tell you about is the great love

Goddess has for you if you would only believe.”

22.73 O women, a parable is told to you; therefore listen to it.

Certainly the idols of greed, power, wealth and self centeredness,

which you worship, besides Goddess, can never create even a single fly,

even if all were assembled before you for that very purpose;

and if the fly snatched anything from the people near to it,

they could not recover even a bit of it from a tiny fly.

22.74 No one here on earth can judge Goddess based upon only what they have learned here on earth, according to their own judgment.

22.75 Goddess chooses messengers from among the angels,

and from among women here on earth; for Goddess is She who hears and sees everything.

22.76 She knows everything which is before any person, and anything which is behind them,

and to Goddess shall all things return.

22.77 O true believers bow down, humble yourselves, and worship your Lady of Light;

and work righteousness so that you might be happy;

22.78 and fight a nonviolent fight in defense of Goddess’ true religion, as it behooves you to fight for this.

She has chosen you, and has not imposed upon you any difficulty

in a religion which She has given you ample ability to perform,

it is the religion of your foremother Sarah; She has named you Moselmas before and in this Book;

that our prophetesses may be a witness for you upon the day of your judgment,

and you might be witnesses for the good among womankind.

Therefore be frequent at prayer; and give alms; and adhere firmly to the love of Goddess.

She is your Mistress, and She is the best Mistress; and She is the best Protectress.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

23.1 Now the true believers may be eternally happy;

23.2 for those that humble themselves in their prayer;

23.3 and those that eschew vain discussions;

23.4 and those that are active in charitable deeds;

23.5 and those that keep themselves from intimate relations from any person

23.6 except their spouse,  and likewise for any person they employ or possess;     

23.7 and they marry one spouse at a time only; these persons will be truly blessed;

23.8 and those who faithfully carry out any trust they are obligated to perform;

and justly perform all contractual obligations;

23.9 and those that faithfully pray;

23.10 these shall be the heirs

23.11 that shall enter into paradise; wherein they shall live forever, should they desire.

23.12 Before this, we created woman of minerals and water of the earth;

and a divine spark was issued from Goddess,

23.13 and then she became an ovum in the womb;

23.14 afterwards the ovum was supported by blood, and it became flesh; and flesh became bones;

and those bones were clothed with more flesh; and you became an infant, then a child, then an adult.

Therefore, blessed be Goddess, the most excellent Creatress!

23.15 After this you shall die;

23.16 and afterwards you will be restored to life, on the day of your resurrection.

23.17 And heaven has created over you seven heavens; and heaven does not neglect what it has created.

23.18 And we send down rain from heaven, by measure; and we cause it to remain on the earth;

although you might be deprived of it from time to time, your faith should sustain you.

23.19 And we created gardens of palm trees for you, and vineyards, to spring forth for you,

so you shall have many fruits to eat of.

23.20 And we raised a tree for you from Mt. Sinai; which produces oil, and a sauce for those who eat it.

23.21 You also have a lesson in the cattle; we give you milk to drink, from their udders,

and you receive many advantages from them; and you also may eat them;

23.22 and ride upon them, and upon ships you are carried.

23.23 We sent Nora to her people, and she said, “O my people, serve your Goddess;

you should not have any other Goddess besides Her;

you should not be concerned about worshiping anything else.

23.24 And the leaders of the people who did not believe her said,

“She is nothing more than a woman, as you are;

she wants to raise herself to a position of authority over you.

If Goddess had desired to send you a messenger, She would have sent the angels;

we never heard of this before from our foremothers.”

23.25 “Certainly she is no other than a woman disturbed with mental illness;

therefore, wait to see if what she predicts will come true.”

23.26 Nora said, “O Lady of Light, please protect me;

for the people accuse me of being a false prophetess.”

23.27 And we revealed our orders to her, saying,

“Make an ark as our sign; and according to our standards. And when our decree came to be accomplished,

carry onto the ark every species of animals in one pair; and also your family,

and those that are unbelievers, and as to those who will not listen to your prophecies,

they will drown by accord of the natural disaster which is to come.[35]

23.28 And when you and your family are on the ark, say

“All praise be to Goddess who has delivered us from a great natural disaster.”

23.29 And say, “O Lady of Light, allow me to leave this ark with a blessed descent;

for you are the best entity to carry me from this ark home to safety.”

23.30 Certainly herein are signs of the omnipotence of heaven;

and we showed womankind our ways thereby.

23.31 Afterwards another generation came after them, and we sent down a prophetess from among them,

and she said, “Worship Goddess: you do not have any other Goddess besides Her;

do you not understand Her great Love for All?”

23.32 And to the leaders of the people who would not believe,

and who denied the afterlife and resurrection, even though heaven had sent them affluence,

23.33 they said, “This is nothing other than a woman as you are; she eats what you eat,

and she drinks what you drink,”

23.34 “and if you obey a woman like yourself, you will certainly suffer.”

23.35 “Does she promise you, that after you die, you will become dust and bones,

but then you will after that be brought back to life from your graves?”

23.36 “You should turn away from such nonsense!”

23.37 “There is no other life than the present one; so that when we die, we die, and we live once,

and we will not be raised again.”

23.38 “This is no other than an ordinary woman, who devises lies concerning Goddess,

and we will not believe her!”

23.39 Their prophetess said to them, “O Lady of Light, defend me,

for they have accused me of being a false prophetess.”

23.40 Goddess answered, “After but a little while,

they will be shown the error of their ways and all the good they might have done.”

23.41 Therefore, they shall know soul sadness, and it will justly come to them,

and their evil deeds were swept away, as flotsam is, when it is carried down the river.

It is therefore extreme sadness the ungoddessly will suffer!

23.42 And another generation was raised up after a period of time.

23.43 No nation shall see any disaster before its appointed time;

nor will anyone be given relief from it after the disaster, except those that believe.

23.44 Afterwards we sent one prophetess after another.

So often as a prophetess came to any nation, many charged her with imposture;

and they were shown what good they could have done;

and they were also made subjects of traditional stories. And the unbelievers will fall away!

23.45 After this, we sent Miriam, and her sister Alana, with obvious signs and miracles and great power,

23.46 she was sent to Pharaoh

23.47 and his princes with this; but they proudly refused to believe in Her;

23.48 and they accused Miriam of lying; and they would not listen to her warnings,

and with this, they entered by choice into their own destruction.

23.49 And we gave the Book of the law to Miriam, so that the children of Israel were directed therewith.

23.50 And we appointed Yeshua and Mother Mary as a miracle,

and we prepared a dwelling for them in an elevated part of the earth, as a place of quiet and security,

and it was watered with running springs.

23.51 “O prophetesses, eat of those things which are good for you,[36]

and work righteousness; because heaven knows well what you do.”

23.52 This your religion is one religion, and I am your Lady of Light, therefore love Me greatly.

23.53 But women have created numerous sects in religion on this earth;

every person rejoices in the religious sect which they follow.

23.54 Therefore, leave them in confusion, until a predetermined time.

23.55 Do they not think that while many have wealth and children

which have been abundantly bestowed upon them,

23.56 this was only for their own good and it was not a test? But they do not understand.

23.57 Certainly those that stand in awe and love their Goddess,

23.58 and those who believe in the miracles of their Lady of Light,

23.59 and those who do not associate companions of evil and negativity with Goddess,

23.60 and those that give alms, with their hearts pouring out love do well

because everyone must return to the Lady of Light;

23.61 these people hasten to do good works, and will be the first to receive good.

23.62 Heaven does not impose any difficulty on a soul, except according to her ability;

with us is a Book that is truthful; and none shall be injured that follows this good Korana.

23.63 But some people possess hearts that drowned in negligence as to these issues,

and they have works very different from those that we have just now mentioned,

and they will continue to do these mistaken works,

23.64 until they are shown the error of their affluence of their fortune, by means of sadness,

they will cry aloud when they see the good they might have done,

23.65 but it shall be answered to them,

“There is no need to cry for your angels are all about you and they will guide you,

but your hearts need to listen to them.”

23.66 “The signs and miracles were read to you, but you did not listen.

Proudly you elated yourselves, because you  possessed the holy temple,”

23.67 and they freely discussed many subjects together by night, but they talked foolishness.

23.68 Do they not attentively consider what they have been told?

Whether a revelation came to them which never came to their foremothers?

23.69 Or do they not know their prophetess very well and therefore they reject her?

23.70 Or do they say, “She is insane!” No, but she comes to them with the truth,

but the greater part of them detest the truth.

23.71 If the dark entities had followed their desires, certainly the heavens and the earth,

and whatever is therein, would have been corrupted. But heaven has brought them light and love,

yet many turned away from light and love.

23.72 Do you ask of them any payment for your preaching?

For the sustenance of the Lady of Light is better; for She is the most bounteous provider.

23.73 You certainly invite all to the right way of love and light,

23.74 and those who do not believe in the life to come, have certainly deviated from that way.

23.75 If heaven had compassion upon them, and had taken them from calamities which had befallen them,

they would have continued to wander in error.

23.76 For heaven has sent them love and adverse experiences,

yet still they have not humbled themselves before the Lady of Light, nor did they worship Her;

23.77 But then we opened up for them a door, with rich life experiences,

many were difficult, and they experienced despair.

23.78 For it is Goddess who has created in you the senses of hearing and of sight,

so you may perceive teachings from heaven; and your hearts may learn,

and you may seriously consider them, but few give thanks!

23.79 It is Goddess who has produced you upon the earth,

and before Her you shall be all assembled together.

23.80 It is She who gives life, and who is with you at death,

and before Her you will all be assembled together.

23.81 But the unbelievers say as did their predecessors,

23.82 “When we are dead, we become dust and bones, there is no way we will return to life!”

23.83 “We have already been promised this, and so were our foremothers,

but this is only fables of the ancients because we have never seen it.”

23.84 Say to them, “Who do you believe holds the earth, and whatever is within it?”

23.85 They will answer, “It belongs to Goddess.” Say, “Will you not therefore consider this?”

23.86 Ask them, “Who is the Lady of the seven heavens and the Lady of the magnificent throne?”

23.87 They will answer, “They all belong to Goddess.”

Ask them, “Will you therefore not love Her greatly for all this?”

23.88 Ask them, “In whose hand is the Queendom of all things?

Who protects everyone, but is protected by no one? Do you know?”

23.89 They will answer, “This is all Goddess.’” Ask them, “Then how are you in denial as to all of this?”

23.90 For heaven has brought them the truth; and yet they deny the truth.

23.91 Goddess does not possess negative human emotions

of hate, jealousy, vengeance; nor does She live with this;

otherwise, heaven would not be a place of joy, peace, harmony and beauty, which it clearly is.

23.92 Far be it from Goddess, what most people associate with Her!

She knows what is concealed, and what is made public;

therefore far be it from Her to have people accuse Her of negative thoughts, emotions and deeds.

23.93 Say to the people, “O Lady of Light, please show them the love

which you have promised them and myself.”

23.94 “O Lady of Light, do not place me with the ungoddessly people;

23.95 for we are surely able to make them all see your wonder, beauty and infinite love.

23.96 That the people might turn from evil back to love,

which is far better, for we all well know the evil they utter against You.”

23.97 “O Lady of Light, I fly to your refuge, against the suggestions of Evil;

23.98 and I have your assistance, O Lady of Light, to drive them away, so they are not near me.”

23.99 The false declarations of the unbelievers will not cease, until death overtakes them,

and then they will plead to enter into life,

23.100 and they will promise to do what is right; they will promise to profess true faith,

which is what they have neglected, but this will not happen with them.

These are the words which the unbelievers will speak when they experience death,

but they will encounter a partition on the day of their resurrection,

and to earth immediately they will return, which is not paradise, and which will be like hell for them.

23.101 Then on one final fateful day, the trumpet will sound,

and there will be no relation between what they desire on that day, and what they will be provided with,

nor will they be able to receive assistance from any other entity.

23.102 On the day of their resurrection, those who have balances laden with goodness will be happy,

23.103 but those who have little goodness, but mostly evil will return to earth,

which shall be like hell for them; they will not enter paradise then.

23.104 The heat of the sun will beat upon them,

and the fire of troubles and difficulties shall continue to burn for them,

and they will writhe with illness, when it happens, which it will,

23.105 and it will be said to them, “You were informed of the signs and miracles of the Lady of Light;

yet you declared Her love and light to be false to you.”

23.106 They will answer, “O Lady of Light, unhappiness overtook us,

and we were people who were led astray by others.”

23.107 “O Lady of Light, take us from these difficulties;

we have learned, and we know our former wickedness made us one of the unjust.”

23.108 “You shall return to earth, the land of troubles, for it is not time for Me to deliver you just yet.”

23.109 Certainly there are some servants who said,

“O Lady of Light, we believe, therefore forgive us, and be merciful to us;

for you are the best of all entities who show mercy.”

23.110 But many people treated them in a scoffing, deriding manner,

so that they suffered and they were laughed at with scorn.

23.111But when they are resurrected,

heaven acknowledges the nastiness they experienced with great patience;

and there they will enjoy great happiness.

23.112 Goddess will ask them, “What number of lifetimes do you think that you lived upon earth?”

23.113 They will answer, “We have lived there only one, for that is all we recall.”

But they will ask those angels who keep accounts of this,

23.114  and they will inform them they have lived many, and without entering into paradise ever.[37]

23.115 They will be asked, “Do you think you were created and lived on earth in sport,

and you would not be asked to perfect, grow and learn towards love and the light?”

23.116 Therefore, let Goddess be exalted, as the Queen, the Truth!

There is no Goddess besides Her, the Lady of Light of the honorable throne.

Whoever will associate any negative emotion with Her, will have no demonstrative proof of that;

and they will be correctly informed of this later.

23.117 Say, “O Lady of Light, pardon us and show us your mercy,

for you are the best entity to provide mercy upon us.”








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

24.1 This chapter has been sent down from heaven; and it has been ratified,

and heaven has revealed evident signs and miracles,

to show you all the great love which Goddess has for you all.

24.2 The prostitute and the prostitute’s customer should not be scourged with a hundred stripes,

or any beatings whatsoever, for Goddess does not allow cruel and torturous punishments.

Goddess expects you to show strength, compassion and humanity,

where ever you are, and to speak out for the oppressed;

if you believe in Goddess and the last day, and let the true believers exert only fair and just punishments,

not involving bodily injury or mental abuse.

24.3 A prostitute’s customer that repents shall be forgiven, and shall be allowed to marry a believer.

And a prostitute that repents may also be allowed to marry a true believer.

But those that actively and openly practice prostitution and solicit prostitutes,

should only marry among themselves, to prevent sadness to those that are chaste

unless she repents and asks forgiveness and turns to Her.

24.4 But as to those that accuse women of prostitution,

or they accuse men of soliciting prostitutes, they must show credible evidence of such accusations,

or they may be sued for damages to reputation.

24.5 However, those false accusers who repent and amend,

to those persons Goddess will be gracious and merciful.

24.6 Men who accuse their wives of adultery, and have no credible evidence thereof, besides themselves,

must swear four times that he has spoken the truth,

24.7 and the fifth time, Goddess alone will be the judge, if he is a liar.

24.8 And it shall avert the punishment from the wife, if she swears four times by Goddess that he is a liar;

24.9 and on the fifth time she swears that she has spoken the truth,

upon the fifth time, Goddess alone will be the judge, if she is a liar.

24.10 If it were not for the indulgence of Goddess towards you, and Her mercy upon you,

and the fact that Goddess is easy to be reconciled, and She is wise,

She would immediately show your crimes to the world.

24.11 As to the party among you who published the falsehood concerning my husband,[38]

do not think that your falsehood is without blame, for what you have done is wrong.

24.12  Did not the faithful people, in the past, judge in their own minds for the best and say,

“This is certainly a falsehood.”

24.13 Has anyone produced any credible witnesses thereof?

Since they have not produced witnesses, they are liars in the sight of Goddess.

24.14 Had it not been for the indulgence of Goddess towards you,

and Her mercy, in this world and in that which is to come,

certainly you would experience great sadness for the evil which you have spread:

24.15 when you declare lies with your tongues, and speak that which is not true,

things which you have no knowledge or evidence of; and you esteem it to be of the light,

and to be of minor importance to Goddess, which it clearly is not.

24.16 When you heard these rumors, did you say, “This is none of our business,

and it is evil that we should gossip about such a thing?” Goddess forbid!  This is grievous error.

24.17 For Goddess has warned you that you should not engage

in such evil thoughts and malicious rumors, if you are true believers.

24.18 And Goddess has declared to you Her signs and miracles, for Goddess is knowing and wise.

24.19 Certainly anyone who loves scandal shall see sadness, and this is not an activity of a true believer,

for true believers do not rejoice in the sufferings of others,

for they will be saddened on the day of their resurrection. Goddess knows all of this, but you do not.

24.20 If it had not been for the indulgence of Goddess towards you and Her mercy,

and that Goddess is gracious and merciful,

you would have experienced great vengeance and suffering, but She does not do this.

24.21 O true believers, do not follow the steps of Evil; for whosoever shall follow the steps of Evil;

they will be directed to commit filthy crimes, and that which is unlawful.

If it were not for the indulgences of Goddess and Her infinite mercy towards all of you,

there would be no person cleansed of guilt, but Goddess cleanses all those who ask Her;

for Goddess sees and hears all you do and ask.

24.22 Let not those among you who possess abundance of wealth

and have ability, swear that they will not give to their kindred,

and to the poor, and those who have fled their country for the sake of the one true religion of Goddess;

but let them forgive, and act with benevolence towards them.

Do you not desire that Goddess should pardon you? And Goddess is gracious and merciful.

24.23 Moreover, those who falsely accuse the chaste, and those who behave in a negligent manner,

those are not true believers, and they will suffer in this world for lack of their Protectress,

and in the afterlife; and they will be greatly saddened on the day of their resurrection,

when they see all the good they might have done.

24.24 One day their own tongues shall bear witness against them,

and their hands and their feet, concerning what they have done.

24.25  On that day Goddess will explain the truth to them,

and they shall know that Goddess knows all truths.

24.26 While it is written that dark souls will marry light ones,

and the light souls shall marry the dark entities, yet some will marry their own kind,

you will not know when you marry what you have chosen.

It is right for you to speak up and clear others of slander,

and you shall obtain a favorable reward for doing so.

24.27 O true believers, do not enter the house of another person,

unless you ask first, and have greeted the family properly, this is better for you.

24.28 And if you find no person in the house,

you shall not enter the house, and you should leave the property promptly.

If someone tells you to stay away from a house, that has authority there, then you shall stay away.

24.29 It is not an error to enter uninhabited, abandoned and unused homes, when in need,

where there are no signs posted not to do this, and you may find convenience there.

Goddess knows what you have discovered, and that which you conceal.

24.30 And speak to the believers, that they may restrain their eyes

and mouths from sexually harassing others, this is better for them;

for Goddess is well acquainted with all that they do.

24.31 And speak to the believing men, that they restrain their eyes and their mouths,

to preserve their appreciation for women, and they do not comment upon their ornaments negatively,

or require them to be veiled or hidden, or that they must cover their ornaments,

and they should do this especially if they are their husbands, their fathers, or their husbands’ fathers,

or their sons, or their husband’s sons, or their brothers, or their brother’s sons,

or their sister’s sons, or those men especially given to being self appointed and unwarranted

directors of women, which is completely in error. 

And women may make noise with the ornaments of their feet, where noise is generally permitted,

and they may be free to delight in these ornaments, and no man should tell her otherwise.

And you shall all be turned to Goddess, O true believers so that you may be happy.

24.32 Those that are single among you should be free to marry

whom they chose and who they are in love with,

and male and female servants shall be free to marry non-servants;

if they are poor, Goddess will enrich you with Her abundance; for Goddess is bounteous and wise.

24.33 And let those who cannot find a match, keep away from prostitution,

until Goddess shall enrich them of Her abundance. And for each of your slaves,

allow them a written instrument that they may redeem themselves upon paying

a reasonable sum certain in no greater than five years, if you are to be good to them,

and give them some of your riches which Goddess has given to you and treat them fairly.

And compel not your servants to prostitute themselves,

and encourage them to live chastely or to marry, that you may seek the advantage of this present life;

but whosoever is compelled to enter into prostitution, by means of necessity,

but afterwards repents, certainly Goddess will be gracious and merciful to them,

and the believers will forgive them too and welcome them.

24.34 And now heaven has revealed to you evident signs and miracles,

and a herstory of which is much like many of the herstories which were revealed to you before this,

and it is a declaration of the infinite love Goddess has for all people.

24.35 Goddess is the light of heaven and earth; She is like a niche in a wall where a lamp is placed,

and the lamp has been enclosed in a case of glass; the glass appears as if it were a shining star.

It is lighted with the oil of a blessed tree, and the olive tree was neither of the east, nor of the west;

it wants but a little oil, so that the oil would give light, although no fire touches it.

This is light added to light. Goddess directs all who desire Her and Her love.

Goddess sends wonderful parables to women; for Goddess loves all things.

24.36 In the homes where Goddess is permitted to be raised up,

and that Her name is commemorated therein,

women celebrate Her praise in the same, morning and evening,

24.37 where neither merchandising nor selling diverts anyone from remembering Her,

and they observe frequent prayer, and they observe the giving of alms;

they look forward to the day when they shall be shown all the good that they have done;

24.38  and Goddess will then add to them of Her abundance a most excellent award;

for Goddess bestows abundance upon whom She pleases with mercy.

24.39 But as to the unbelievers, their works are like the vapor upon a plain,

where the thirsty traveler believes something to be water,

until when she comes upon it, she finds it to be nothing at all; but she finds Goddess with her,

and Goddess will give her an account and explanation;

and Goddess is swift in providing an account with love.

24.40 Or, as the darkness in a deep sea, which is covered by waves riding upon waves,

above which are clouds, there are additions of darkness,

one upon the other, when one stretches out her hand, there is no way to see it.

And to whomever has cast herself into a world without light,

Goddess will not grant her light, until she asks for it.

24.41 Do you not understand that all creatures both in heaven and earth praise Goddess without end;

and the birds also, extending their wings? Every one knows Her prayers and Her praises,

and Goddess knows everything you do.

24.42 To Goddess belongs the Queendom of heaven and earth;

and to Goddess you all shall return at your last day.

24.43 Do you not see that Goddess gently drives forward the clouds,

and then She gathers them together, and then layers them up in heaps?

You also see the rain, which falls from the midst of the clouds,

and Goddess sends down the rain from heaven, as if it were mountains, within which there is hail;

And lightening is stricken where it pleases, and it misses where it pleases;

the brightness of the lightening dazzles the eyes of the living.

24.44 Goddess shifts the night to the day; herein there is an instruction to those who have lost faith.

24.45 And Goddess has created every animal from a base of water, minerals and a divine spark;

some move on their bellies, and others walk on two feet, and yet another kind walks on four feet;

Goddess creates what She determines is best; for Goddess is almighty.

24.46 Now heaven has sent down evident signs and miracles;

Goddess directs each person that asks for the direction of Goddess.

24.47 The hypocrites say, “We believe in Goddess, and in Her prophetess, and we obey them,”

yet a part of them turns away, after this, but they are not really true believers.

24.48 And when they are summoned before Goddess

and Her prophetess, that She may explain to them what they have done, a part of them will be saddened;

24.49 but if right had been on their side, they would have come and submitted themselves to Her.

24.50 Is there an infirmity in their hearts? Do they doubt Goddess?

Or do they fear Goddess, fear the prophetess and act out of fear and not love?

But they themselves choose to be unjust and to turn to evil.

24.51 The sayings of the true believers, when they are summoned before Goddess and Her prophetess,

that She may explain this fact to them, is not other than they will say,

“We have heard and we will obey, so that we might prosper.”

24.52 Whoever will obey Goddess and Her prophetess,

and will love Goddess greatly, and will be devout towards Her, these souls will enjoy great happiness.

24.53 They will swear by Goddess, with a most solemn oath,

so that if you command them, then they will go out from their homes, and away from their possessions.

Say, “Swear not to falsehoods and evil; obedience is required of true believers,

and Goddess is well acquainted with what you do.”

24.54 Say, “Obey Goddess and Her prophetess; but if you turn back,

it is expected that you will do your duty, and those of you that perform your duty,

and those that obey Her, you shall be rightly directed; but the duty of a prophetess is only to preach.”

24.55 Goddess promises to such of you that believes and does good works,

that She will cause them to succeed the unbelievers in the earth,

as She caused those who were before you to succeed the unbelievers of that time,

and She will establish for you a religion that pleases both you and Her,

and She will exchange your fear with security. They shall worship Her,

and they will not associate Goddess with any false idols of wealth, power and greed,

nor with any negative human emotions.

But whoever will disbelieve after this will follow evil and will live in soul misery.

24.56 Observe prayer and give alms and obey your prophetess,

so that you may obtain the mercy of Goddess.

24.57 Do not think that the desires of the unbelievers will frustrate the plans of Goddess upon earth;

and their abode hereafter shall be like hell fire,

and another journey upon this earth without a protectress will be miserable.

24.58 O true believers, require your servants ask permission

to come into your private rooms before you have arisen in the morning,

and if you nap during the day, then during that time, and after you retire to bed at night.

These are your private times, but it is no crime if they come to see you during these times,

if a need for frequent attendance arises, due to sickness or health.

Thus Goddess declares Her signs to you; for Goddess is knowing and wise.

24.59 And when your children attain the age of puberty,

you should ask leave to come into their presence when they are in their private areas,

and they should do likewise for you. Thus Goddess declares Her signs to you,

and Goddess is knowing and wise.

24.60 As for women of whatever age, childbearing or not,

advanced age or not, it is not any mistake or crime at all for them to lay aside outer garments,

or show their ornaments in public, and you should never prevent them from doing this.

For Goddess both hears and knows all.

24.61 It is no crime to eat with the blind, nor is it a crime to eat with the lame,

or with the sick, nor must you only eat in your own houses,

or in the houses of your mother,

or in the houses of your fathers,

or in the houses of your sisters,

or in the houses of your brothers,

or in the houses of your aunts on the mother’s side,

or in the houses of your uncles on the mother’s side,

or in the houses of your aunts on the father’s side,

or in the houses of your uncles on the father’s side,

or in those houses the keys that you have in your possession, or in the house of your friend.[39]

It shall not be any crime in you whether you eat together,

or separately, but it is best to eat as a family, whenever possible.

And when you enter anyone else’s house, greet them in a friendly matter,

on the part of Goddess, with a blessed and a welcome salutation.

Thus Goddess declares Her signs to you, that you might understand.

24.62 Certainly they only are true believers, who believe in Goddess and Her prophetess,

and when they are assembled with her on any affair,

do not depart until you have obtained Her permission.

24.63 Do not let the calling of any prophetess be found lacking in esteem among you,

as if you were calling one to the other.

Goddess knows which of you privately withdraw themselves from the world, taking shelter behind others. But let those people who obey her commands take heed,

unless they find sadness upon the day of their resurrection,

or that they shall return to earth, which is a grievous situation.

24.64 Do you not know whatever is in heaven and upon this earth belongs to Goddess?

She well knows what you are about; and upon the day of your resurrection,

you shall see Her, and She will explain to you what you have done which was good,

and what you did which were mistakes, for She knows all things.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.


25.1 Blessed are those that have revealed the Forkana to Her servants,

that She might be a preacher to all creatures;

25.2 to whom belongs the Queendom of heaven and earth,

who performs no negative actions of war, violence, rage or jealousy,

nor does She possess any negative human emotions,

She has created all things, and has made plans according to Her loving will, for the benefit of all souls.

25.3 Yet many people have taken other idols besides Her,

idols of greed, wealth, power and self centeredness, they have created nothing,

such idols cannot avert evil, nor can they procure good to any person,

and they do not have the power of death, or of life, or of the raising of the dead.

25.4 And the unbelievers say, “This Korana is no other than a forgery which the prophetess

has contrived; and other people have falsely assisted in this creation;

but it is nothing but an unjust thing and a falsehood.”

25.5 They also say, “These are silly fables of the ancients,

which she has caused to be written down, and they are dictated to her morning and evening.”

25.6 Say to these people, “She has revealed it,

Gabrielle who knows the secrets of heaven and of earth; certainly Goddess is gracious and merciful.

25.7 And they will say to you, “What kind of prophetess is this?

She eats food, and walks in the streets, just as we do; unless an angel is set down to her,

and this angel becomes an assistant preacher to her,

25.8 or unless a treasure is cast down to her, or she is given a great garden,

of the fruit one may eat forever, we will not believe.”

The ungoddlessly also say, “You follow nothing other than an insane woman.”

25.9 Behold what they compare you with.

But they are deceived, nor can they find anything just to reproach you.

25.10 Blessed is She, who, if She pleases, will make you a better provision than people who speak like this,

namely, the good believers are the ones who will receive gardens through which rivers flow;

and they will receive palaces and mansions there for an eternal dwelling place.

25.11 But those people who have rejected the belief of the day of resurrection as a falsehood;

heaven has prepared for them a return to the earth, which shall be like burning fire;

25.12 and then it will seem to them a place that is roaring and raging furiously.

25.13 And when they shall be thrown back there, all bound up with despair, back to this difficult place,

they will wish dearly for paradise;

25.14 but it will be answered them, “Do not call this day for the return of just a few,

but you will have the return of many.”

25.15 They will ask, “Is this better, or is a garden of eternal beauty better,

which has been promised to the pious?”

25.16 It shall be given to the pious only, as a reward, and a retreat;

and there they shall have whatever they please, and they shall continue there forever.

This is a promise which will be delivered by the hands of the loving Lady of Light.

25.17 On the day of each person’s resurrection,

they will be called, and on this day they may worship whatever they desire;

and they shall say to their servants of wealth, greed, jealousy and self centeredness, “Did you seduce me? Or did I wander from Goddess of my own accord?”

25.18 And they will be answered, “This was your own choice.”

They will reply, “It was not fitting for us, that we should take any refuge besides Goddess,

but Goddess permitted us and our ancestors to enjoy abundance;

so that we were tempted to wealth, greed and self centeredness;

and so we forgot our warnings, and we became lost.”

25.19 And Goddess will reply to such worshipers,

“Now you have seen the falsehood in what you have done,

and your false negative goddesses will not avert any difficulties for you,

nor will they provide you with any assistance.  And those of you that are guilty of injustice,

they will be greatly saddened when they see what they have wrought.”

25.20 We have not sent any messenger to you, except they ate food and walked through the streets;

and we have given you many trials that you might turn to Goddess.

Can you persevere with patience? The Lady of Light requests your perseverance.

25.21 Those persons who hope not to meet up with sadness at their resurrection will say,

“Unless the angels are sent down to us, or we see the Lady of Light Herself, we will not believe.” 

But they behave arrogantly in doing so; and they have committed error in doing so.

25.22 On the day when they shall see the angels,

there will be sadness for the wicked when they see all the good they might have done;

and they shall say, “But this was far removed from us when we travailed the difficulties of earth.”

25.23 And heaven will show them the work that they shall have wrought,

and heaven will make what evil they have done as dust scattered abroad.

25.24 On that day, those that are destined to paradise will be most happy in their new lovely abode,

and they will have a wondrous place of leisure at noon.

25.25 On that day the heaven shall be cloven in sunder by the clouds,

and the angels shall be sent down, descending openly to all,

yet none will be afraid, for Goddess will be there and will give everyone peace of mind.

25.26 On that day, the Queendom shall then pass to the Merciful;

and on that day the unbelievers shall see all the pain they caused,

as well as the pain they could have avoided creating for others.

25.27 On that day the unjust person shall bite his hand, out of anguish and despair, and shall say,

“How I regret that I did not follow the truth of the prophetess!

25.28 Woe is me!  Oh I regret greatly that I had taken Evil for a friend!”

25.29 “I have been seduced from the instruction of Goddess, even after it was given to me;

for Evil is the betrayer of all women.”

25.30 And the prophetess shall say, “O my Lady of Light,

certainly my people honestly believed that this Korana was only a vain composition.”

25.31 In a similar manner, all prophetesses have met many enemies from among the wicked ones;

but the Lady of Light is a good director and a defender.

25.32 The unbelievers say, “Unless the Korana is sent down entirely in one piece,

we will not believe in it.” But we have revealed it in the best manner, so your hearts might grow with it,

and we have dictated it gradually, in distinct parcels.

25.33 They shall not come to you with any strange questions;

but heaven will provide you with truth as an answer, and you will have an excellent interpretation.

25.34 Those persons who have erred and are not believers,

on the day of their resurrection, will be gently placed into a chute designed by the angels for this purpose,

and they will return to earth, for they have so much to learn still,

and earth will be like hell for them, and without a protectress, until they turn to Her.

25.35 Heaven has before this delivered to Miriam the Book of the law;

and her sister, Alana, for an assistant.

25.36 And heaven said to them, “Go to the people who claim that our signs and miracles are false.”

25.37 And because they did not listen,

they were destroyed when natural disasters on earth occurred.

Also remember the people of Nora, when they accused our prophetesses of being false,

they also were drown because they did not listen to their prophetess,

who could have informed them as to how they could have avoided the great flood.

And as for the unbelievers, they will suffer great soul torment

on the day of their resurrection when they see all the good they might have done;

for Goddess will inform them accordingly.

25.38 Remember also Ada and Thelma, and those who lived at Rasha,

and many other generations who could have avoided or mitigated natural disasters,

if only they had listened to their prophetesses.

25.39 For each of them, heaven propounded examples for their learning and understanding,

and each of them left earth after a severe disaster which each could have easily avoided.

25.40 Certain peoples have passed frequently by a certain city which was rained on by a devastating rain. Does anyone not see where this city used to be?

Yet not one of them appears to be concerned regarding the day of their resurrection.

25.41 When they see a good prophetess, they only receive her with scoffing, saying,

“Is this she whom Goddess has sent as an apostle?”

25.42 Certainly it would have been a tragedy if we were drawn away from

worshiping our goddesses of wealth, power, greed and self centeredness. But they will see hereafter,

when they view the problems which lay in store for them, who has strayed further from the right path.

25.43 What are they thinking? A person who takes lust for a goddess; can lust be a guardian?

25.44 Do they imagine that the greater part of the people hear or understand?

They are none other than like the brute cattle; yet, they stray fields afar from the true path.

25.45 Do you not consider the works of the Lady of Light?

How She may stretch forth a shadow before sunrise?

If She had pleased, She would have made shadows immovable forever.

25.46 Then heaven causes the sun to rise, and how the earth is steeped in long shadows is beautiful;

and then afterwards heaven contracts these shadows by an easy and gradual contraction.

25.47 It is Goddess who has given you the night time, to cover you, as if night were a garment;

and sleep will give you rest; and She has ordained the day for waking.

25.48 It is She who sends out the winds, driving abroad the pregnant clouds,

as the forerunners of Her mercy; and we send down pure water from heaven,

25.49 that we may thereby revive a dead country, and we give water to drink,

which we have created, both to cattle and to the people, in vast quantities,

25.50 and we distribute the same among them at various times, that they may consider;

but the greater part of the people refuse to consider this, only out of ingratitude.

25.51 If heaven had pleased, there would have been a prophetess sent to every city;

25.52 therefore, do not believe the unbelievers, but in your minds oppose them strenuously,

and openly be polite but firm in your resolution not to be mean or nasty with them.

25.53 It is Goddess who has created the two types of bodies of water; the fresh type which is sweet,

and the salty which is bitter and undrinkable;

and She has placed between them a land formation;

and boundaries that generally cannot be passed.

25.54 It is She who has created woman of water and a divine spark;

and She has made woman to bear the double relationship of friends and family;

for the Lady of Light is almighty.

25.55 Many people worship other entities besides Goddess,

those that which can neither profit them nor hurt them;

and the unbeliever is an assistant of Evil against the Lady of Light.

25.56 Heaven has sent to you a prophetess which is none other than a bearer of good tidings,

and a blessing of love.

25.57 Say to the people, “I do not ask of you any reward for my revelations,

besides the conversion of those women who wish to be guided to the way of the Lady of Light.

25.58 And you should trust in Goddess who lives, but never dies;

and celebrate Her praise; (for She is well acquainted with the faults of Her servants);

25.59  for She has created the heavens and the earth, and whatever is in between them in six days,

and She ascended to Her throne;[41] She is the Merciful One,

and ask the knowing prophetesses concerning Her.

25.60 When it has been said to the unbelievers, “Adore the Merciful One;” they reply,

“And who is the Merciful One? Should we just rotely adore whomever you command us to worship?”

And this commandment simply causes some people to fly even faster from the one true faith.

25.61 Blessed be to the One that has placed the twelve astrological signs in the heavens; and has given us the sun, as a lamp, which shines brightly by day, and the moon which glows softly by night!

25.62 It is She who has ordained the night and the day to succeed one another

for the observation of those persons who desire to show gratitude to Goddess.

25.63 The servants of the Merciful One are those that walk meekly upon the earth,

and when the ignorant speak to them, they always answer, “Peace,” with patience and kindness;

25.64 and they pass the night time adoring the Lady of Light,

and they stand or sit or meditate to pray love upon Her and the earth, and for what She has done;

25.65 and they say, “O Lady of Light, avert us or mitigate our torments upon

this earth which is like hell to us; for while we are here, the torment is perpetual in nature.”

25.66 Certainly where they may be is often a miserable abode, and a wretched place;

25.67 and when they bestow alms, the believer is neither profuse nor stingy,

but they observe a just medium between these two extremes;

25.68 and they never invoke other entities to worship together with the One True Goddess,

such as greed, jealousy, hate or violence; nor do they slay any person on earth,

but act violently only out of a just and immediate defense of themselves or another person;

and they are not guilty of lust outside a committed relationship.

But she who shall do this in the name of Goddess shall not meet any adverse reward of added troubles;

25.69 but those that do evil, will continue to be reborn on earth, and upon the day of their resurrection,

and they shall continue to live only on the earth, without a Protectress or guardian angels,

faced with much adversity and hard work;

25.70 except her who shall repent and believe, and she shall work for righteousness,

and for her Goddess will change her former evils into good;

for Goddess is ready to forgive, and She is merciful.

25.71 And whomever repents and does what is right,

certainly she turns to Goddess with a blessed conversion.

25.72 And those people that do not bear false witness;

and when they pass by idle, annoying conversation, they pass by with decency and do not linger.

25.73 And when the light entities see the signs and miracles of Goddess;

they do not turn away as if they were deaf and blind, but they look closer and are attentive.

25.74 And a light entity says, “O Lady of Light, grant me a husband and children such that I might desire;

and make me an example of someone that loves You greatly.”

25.75 Such persons shall be rewarded with the highest apartments and mansions in paradise,

because they have persevered with patience,

and they shall be met there with a joyous greeting and warm salutation;

25.76 they shall remain there forever; it shall be an excellent abode, and a delightful place.

25.77 Say to the people; “My Lady of Light will not solicit you until you solicit Her;

and if you charge Her prophetesses with being false,

this is a severe error that will lead you away from the right path.”








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

26.1 T.S.M.[42]

26.2 Disclosed herein are the signs and miracles of an easily understood Book.

26.3 Prophetess, do not worry yourself sick to death that any unbeliever will not become a believer.

26.4 If heaven pleased, we could have sent down an easy and convincing sign or miracle from heaven,

and they would all readily submit.

26.5 But there comes no message from the Merciful One, which occurs from time to time,

but the unbelievers ignore completely, as they do not want to see or understand it.

26.6 And the unbelievers charge all the signs and miracles they encounter with falseness;

and messages come to them, and they laugh and scorn them,

because their hearts are hardened and they do not want to believe.

26.7 Do they not behold the earth how many types of vegetables which heaven causes to spring up,

of every noble and desirous species?

26.8 Certainly that is a sign and miracle for people of understanding,

yet the majority of the people do not want to believe.

26.9 Certainly your Lady of Light is the Mighty One, the Merciful Goddess.

26.10 Remember when your Lady of Light called to Miriam, saying,

“Go to the unjust people, the people of Pharaoh; will they not come to love Me?”

26.11 Miriam answered, “O Lady of Light, will they not dread me?”

26.12 “And I fear that Pharaoh might accuse me of being a false prophetess,”

26.13 “and that my heart and courage might fail me, and my tongue will fail me,

therefore send my sister Alana to be my assistant in this matter.”

26.14 “Also, as you know, they are aware of a crime I committed some time ago

that they might arrest me for,  and I fear they might put me to death.”

26.15 Goddess answered, “They shall certainly not put you to death;

therefore,  go with our message of signs and miracles; for we will be with you.”

26.16 “Go to Pharaoh and say, ‘Certainly I am an apostle and prophetess sent by the Lady of All Creatures;’

26.17 ‘Send me away with the Children of Israel.’” 

and we will hear all that happens between you and them.”

26.18 And when they had delivered their message,

Pharaoh answered, “Did we not bring Miriam and Alana up among us, when they were only children;

and have they not been with us for many years of their lives?”

26.19 “Yet Miriam has done a dreadful deed, and therefore she is truly an ungrateful person.”

26.20 Miriam replied, “I did this indeed, yet I knew that it was wrong, and I deeply regret it;”

26.21 “therefore, I fled from you, because I feared you; but my Lady of Light has given me wisdom,

and She has appointed me as one of Her prophetesses and apostles.”

26.22 “And this is the great favor you have granted me?

That you have enslaved the Children of Israel?”

26.23  Pharaoh said, “And who reigns supreme over all creatures?”

26.24 Miriam answered, “The Lady of heaven and earth,

and whatever is in between reigns supreme over us all; you would understand if you were a wise person.”

26.25 Pharaoh said to those who were present, “Did you not hear me?”

26.26 Miriam continued, “Your Lady and the Lady of your foremothers.”

26.27 Pharaoh replied to all those that were present, “Your apostle and prophetess,

who has been sent to you all, is most certainly insane.”

26.28 Miriam said, “The Lady of the east, and of the west and of whatever is between,

them reigns supreme, if you have women of understanding among you, they already know this.”

26.29 Pharaoh said to her, “Certainly if you take any god besides me, I will imprison you.”

26.30 Miriam answered,”What? Although I came to you

with a most convincing miracle, you still deny me?”

26.31 Pharaoh replied, “Produce it therefore, if you speak the truth.”

26.32 And she threw down her rod, and behold, it became a serpent.

26.33 Then Miriam drew forth her hand out from her blouse;

and behold, it appeared glowing white to the spectators.

26.34 Pharaoh said to the princes who surrounded him, “Certainly this woman is a skillful magician;

26.35 she seeks to dispossess us of our land through sorcery; what do you suggest that we do about this?”

26.36 They answered, “Delay her and her sister by placating them with kind words,

and then seek women in the cities to assemble together,

26.37 in order to bring to you every skilled magician.”

26.38 So then the magicians assembled together at an appointed time, on a solemn day.

26.39 And it was said to the people, “Are you properly assembled together, to view the event?”

26.40 “Perhaps we may follow the magicians, if they do attain victory.”

26.41 And when the magicians gathered together,

they asked Pharaoh, “Will we receive a reward if we are the victors?”

26.42 Pharaoh answered, “Yes, I will reward you;

and you will become one of those persons who may approach near to me.”          

26.43 Miriam said to them, “Throw down whatever it is you will be casting down.”

26.44 Wherefore, they threw down ropes and rods and said,

“By the might of Pharaoh, certainly we will be the conquerors.”

26.45 And Miriam threw down her rod, and behold,

it swallowed up those things which they had caused falsely to appear changing into serpents.

26.46 Whereupon, the magicians prostrated themselves, worshiping the Goddess of Miriam and said,

26.47 “We believe in the Lady of all creatures;”

26.48 “the Lady of Miriam and Alana.”

26.49 Pharaoh said to them, “Have you believed in Her, before I have given you permission?

Certainly she is your leader who has taught you magic, but after this,

26.50 you will surely know my power. I will torture you and beat you for what you have done.”

26.51 They answered, “There will be no true harm done to us;

for we shall only return to our Lady, should you even kill us.”

26.52 “We hope that our Lady will forgive us our errors,

since we are the first who have believed among the Egyptians.”

26.53 And we spoke by revelation to Miriam, saying, “March forth with the people of Israel by night,

for you will all be pursued.”

26.54 And Pharaoh sent officers through the cities to assemble together troops,

26.55 saying, “Certainly the Israelites are a small company,

26.56 and they are enraged against us,

26.57 but we are a large force well equipped.”

26.58 So we caused them to leave their gardens and fountains,

26.59 and their treasures and fair homes;

26.60 and we did this, so that the Children of Israel would inherit the same.[43]

26.61 and they pursued them at dawn;

26.62 And when the two armies came into sight of one another, the companions of Miriam said,

“We will most certainly be overcome by them.”

26.63  Miriam answered, “Certainly not; for my Lady of Light is with me,

and She will assuredly direct me.”

26.64 And we commanded Miriam by revelation saying, “Strike the sea with your rod.”

And when she had hit it as instructed, it became divided into twelve parts,

between which there were many paths, and every part was like a vast mountain.

26.65 And we drew together all the others;

26.66 and we delivered Miriam and all those that were with her.

26.67 Then the sea closed up again and the others were drowned because they were not with Miriam.

26.68 Certainly this was a sign for the people to believe, but the greater part of them still did not believe.

26.69 Certainly your Lady of Light is mighty and merciful.

26.70 And tell the people regarding the story of Sarah, when she said to her father, and to her people,

26.71 “What are you worshiping?”

26.72 They answered, “We worship idols of power, wealth, greed and self centeredness,

and out of these come hate, aggression, violence and war, which we also worship,

and we constantly serve them all the day long.”

26.73 Sarah said, “Do they hear you, when you call to them? Or do they either assist you or hurt you?”

26.74 They replied, “No, but our mothers always worshiped them.”

26.75 Sarah said, “The things which you worship–greed, self centeredness, wealth, war, violence–all these things–do you understand they are evil and wicked?”

26.76 “And you and your mothers were then worshiping evil.  And they are all”

26.77 “my enemy and your enemy; except for the Lady of all Creatures, a Goddess of peace and love;”

26.78 “for She has created me, and She directs me;”

26.79 “and She gives me food to eat, and water to drink,”

26.80 “and when I am sick, She heals me;”

26.81 “and She will be with me when I die, and afterwards She will restore me to life;”

26.82 “and She will, I hope, forgive all my errors on the day of my resurrection.”

26.83 “O that my Lady of Light may bestow wisdom upon me and make me one of the righteous,”

26.84 “and She may grant that I will be spoken of with honor among my posterity,”

26.85 “and She may make me an heir of the garden of delight;”

26.86 “and perhaps She may forgive my father, for my father was one of those that went astray.”

26.87 “and I pray that She will not cause me any dismay, on the day of my resurrection;”

26.88 “And on that day in which neither riches nor children shall assist me,”

26.89 “and only those that come to Goddess with a sincere heart will be joyous;”

26.90 “and this is when paradise will be brought near to the view of the pious;”

26.91 “and hell as life on earth shall appear clearly to those that have erred;”

26.92 “and it shall be said to the unbelievers,”

where are your deities of wealth, power, greed, war, hate, violence, that you served, besides Goddess?”

26.93 “Will they now deliver you from punishment of life again on earth,

or will they only deliver themselves?”

26.94 “And when they are cast down back to earth,

both they, and those who have been seduced to their worship;

26.95 and all the host of Eblis they will truly be without a protectress.”

26.96 “The seduced shall dispute with their false goddesses,”

26.97 saying, ‘O Goddess, we were in obvious error,’”

26.98 “when we held you equivalent to the Lady of all Creatures;”

26.99 “and no one seduced us but the wicked.”

26.100 “We now have no friends to help us,”

26.101 “nor any friend who cares for us.”     

26.102 “If only we were allowed to return to earth, knowing what we know now,

then we would most certainly become a true believer.”

26.103 Certainly there were many signs shown to them; but the greater part of people do not believe.

26.104 The Lady is the Mighty One, the Merciful One.

26.105 The people of Nora accused Goddess’ messengers of lies;

26.106 when their sister Nora said to them, “Will you not love Goddess?”

26.107 “Certainly I am a faithful prophetess and a messenger to you;”

26.108 “Therefore, love Goddess, and listen to me.”

26.109 “I ask no reward from you for my preaching to you;

I expect my reward from nothing other than the Lady of all Creatures;”

26.110 “Therefore, love Goddess and listen to me.”

26.111 They answered, “Why should we believe what you have to say,

when only the most abject persons seem to listen to you.”

26.112 Nora said, “I have no knowledge of what you are saying,”

26.113 “it is entirely up to the Lady as to whom She leads to a blessed accounting, if you understand.”

26.114 “Therefore, I will not drive away any of the true believers.”

26.115 “I am no more than a public preacher and teacher.”

26.116 They replied, “Assuredly, unless you stop this insanity, Nora, you will surely be stoned.”

26.117 She said, “O Lady of Light, certainly my people believe that I am only a liar;”

26.118 “therefore please instruct everyone properly;

and deliver myself and the true believers who are with me.”

26.119 Therefore, all the prophetesses were warned of a disastrous flood to come,

and they told all that would listen and directed them to follow Nora,

but most would not listen, and an ark was filled with people and animals, in pairs;

26.120 but the rest were drowned because they were stubborn and would not listen to Nora’s warnings.

26.121 Certainly this was a sign, but the majority of the people still did not believe.

26.122 The Lady of Light is the Almighty One, the Merciful One.

26.123 The tribe of Ada charged the messengers of Goddess with lies;

26.124 when their sister Hue said to them, “Will you not love Goddess?”

26.125 “Certainly I am a faithful messenger for you;”

26.126 “therefore love Goddess and listen to me.”

26.127 “I do not demand any reward from you for my preaching to you;

I expect my reward from no one other than the Lady of all Creatures.”

26.128 “Did you build a landmark on every high place, to amuse yourself?”

26.129 “And do you erect magnificent works, hoping that you will possess them forever?”

26.130 “And when you exert power, do you exert it with cruelty and vigor?”

26.131 “Love Goddess, by foregoing such evil works, and listen to me.”

26.132 “And love Her who has given you wonderful things to know;”

26.133 “for She has given you cattle and children,”

26.134 “and gardens and springs of water.”

26.135 “Certainly, I fear that you will never leave earth, and this is like punishment to you.”

26.136 They answered, “It is equal to us whether you instruct us, or if you do not instruct us;”

26.137 “we believe that what you are preaching are only idle theories from the ancient ones,”

26.138 “nor will we ever be punished for what we have done,

nor do we need to forego what is expedient for us.”

26.139 And they accused her of lying; and they were given a chance to listen,

but they did not, and they were all killed in a natural disaster, and only the believers were saved.

26.140 Your Lady of Light is the Almighty One, the Merciful One.

26.141 The tribe of Thelma also charged the messengers of Goddess with lying.

26.142 When their sister Sally said to them, “Will you not love Goddess?”

26.143 “Certainly, I am a faithful messenger sent to you,”

26.144 “therefore love Goddess and listen to me.

I demand no reward from you, for my preaching to you.”

26.145 “Do you believe that you will always possess the things you see here?”

26.146 “that you will have gardens and fountains,”

26.147 “and corn and palm trees, whose branches are laden with flowers?”

26.148 “and do you believe that you will always have homes cut from the mountainsides,

even when you behave quite insolently?”

26.149 “You should love Goddess and listen to me;”

26.150 “but do not be guided by the transgressors;”

26.151 “for they act corruptly on the earth;”

26.152 “and they will not reform.”

26.153 They answered, “Certainly you are insane; you are nothing greater than a woman, just as we are;”

26.154 “produce some signs or miracles, if you speak the truth.”

26.155 Sally said, “Then this female camel here will be a sign to you,

on one day she will drink your water, and on the next you will have the water;

but you must do her no harm, or disaster might befall those of you that will not believe me.”[44]

26.156 But some of the people assembled together and decided to kill the camel,

and they were made to repent of their impiety,

26.157 for the disaster that had been forthcoming overtook all the unbelievers

because they would not listen to their prophetess Sally, who preached only a loving Goddess,

and she forewarned them of this disaster so they might avoid or mitigate it.

26.158 Certainly this was a sign to the people; still the majority of the people did not believe.    

26.159 The Lady of Light is the Almighty One, the Merciful One.

26.160 The people of Wileh likewise accused Goddess’ messengers of lying.

26.161 When their sister Wileh said to them, “Will you not love Goddess?”

26.162 “Certainly I am a faithful messenger sent to you;”

26.163 “therefore, Love Goddess, and listen to me.”

26.164 “I ask no reward from you for my preaching,

I expect my reward from none other than the Lady of all creatures.”

26.165 “Do you beat and torture your neighbors who are men that love men;

26.166 “or the women that love women, all of which are people created by Goddess,

and whom you should care for?  Do you not know that all committed love is blessed,

and that hate, rage, violence and oppression are all despised by the Lady of Light?”

26.167 They answered, “Unless you stop preaching this, O Wileh,

we will certainly exile you from this city.”

26.168 She answered, “Certainly I am one of those that abhor what you are doing.

26.169 O Lady of Light, deliver myself and my family, from the evil ways that these people act.”

26.170 Therefore, we delivered her and her family, so that when a natural disaster came, 

the prophetess warned all the people, but the wicked ones refused to listen and so they were drowned.

26.171 Except an old man also died in the disaster, who was her husband.

He was wicked, and perished among the ones who remained behind.

For even he would not listen to his wife, who was a prophetess and a high priestess.

He exhorted others not to listen to Wileh, and he advised them in violence and oppression of others.

26.172 And heavy showers rained down; and this terrible tragedy killed many,

26.173 falling upon those that refused to listen to the warnings of their prophetess.

26.174 Certainly, this was a sign from heaven; but the great majority of people did not believe.

26.175 Your Lady of Light is the Almighty One, the Merciful One.

26.176 The inhabitants of the wood[45] also accused the prophetess of Goddess of lying.

26.177 When Sally said to her, “Will you not love Goddess?”

26.178 “Certainly I am a faithful messenger sent to you;”

26.179 “therefore love Goddess and listen to me.”

26.180 “I ask no reward from you for my preaching;

I expect my reward to emanate from no other than the Lady of all Creatures.”

26.181 “Give just measure to your customers, and do not defraud them;”

26.182 “and always weigh with an equal balance;”

26.183 “and do not cheat women one iota of their property;

nor commit violence in the earth, acting corruptly.”

26.184 “And love Her who has created you, and also your ancestors.”

26.185 They answered, “Certainly you are an insane person;”

26.186 “you are no more than an ordinary woman, as we are;

and we have determined furthermore that you are nothing but a liar.”

26.187 “If you want us to believe you, then cause a part of heaven to fall upon us now,

if you really speak the truth.”

26.188 Sally said, “My Lady of Light knows best of all that you do.”

26.189 And the people said that she was a liar. And she told them of an ominous cloud that was to come;

that first dry heat would scorch the land, then the cloud would form and drown away everything.

But the people would not listen to her, so they were scorched first, then drowned,

and lost all that they owned, all their crops and livestock.

26.190 Certainly this was a sign to the people, but still the vast majority of them would not believe.

26.191 This Korana is a revelation from the Lady of all Creatures,

26.192 which the faithful spirit, Gabrielle, has sent to your heart,

26.193 so that you, O prophetess, might be a preacher to your people,

26.194 in the easy to understand English tongue which is easily translatable to many other languages;

26.195 and it bears witness to the Scripture of earlier times.

26.196 Had we revealed this Korana to a foreigner,

26.197 or had the prophetess recited it to a foreigner, they would not have believed;

26.198 and they would say, “May we be given respite?”

26.199 Why would they want any difficulties to be hastened?

26.200 Thus obstinate infidelity is its own reward; the people harden their own hearts,

so that when disaster strikes, they will not be saved, for they have not listened to their own prophetesses,

which we have sent them heretofore.

26.201 They never seem to believe, even after they have been given a sign, a warning or a miracle.

26.202 These disasters often come suddenly upon them,

and by then their prophetesses have already made the announcement,

and the faithful have prepared for it, but the unfaithful have not.

26.203 Why would they desire that any disaster should be hastened?[46]

26.204 What are they thinking?  If they are allowed more time to see the light and repent,

and do as many good works as they can,

then perhaps they might repent and find a good measure on the day of their resurrection.

26.205 And afterwards, when some of them have seen disasters,

26.206 will they have learned anything?

26.207 And if they have learned anything, will it profit them?

26.208 No city has experience a natural disaster, that a preacher was not sent to it first

26.209 to warn of impending disaster.

26.210 No form of Evil has descended with the Korana, as the infidels are wont to complain.

26.211 It was sent to them too, as good news, but you should note,

that they could never produce such a Book,

for they are not in the habit of spreading good news and love about Goddess.

26.212 For they are very far removed from hearing the conversations of angels in heaven.

26.213 Do not invoke with the One True Goddess, any negative idol of wealth, power, greed, or jealousy,

unless you become one of those who will be saddened on the day of your resurrection.

26.214 And speak freely with your family, regarding what you believe,

to spread the good news of the love of Goddess.

26.215 And behave with meekness towards the believers who follow you;

26.216 and if they are disobedient in your sight,

you need only tell them, “I am not responsible for what you do.”

26.217 And trust in the most mighty, the Merciful Goddess;

26.218 the one who sees you arise in the morning;

26.219 and She is the one who sees the behavior of those that worship;

26.220 for She both hears and knows all.

26.221 Should I declare to you upon whom Evil will descend?

26.222 It descends with glee upon every lying and wicked person;

26.223 and they may learn what is heard;

26.224 but most of them are liars.

26.225 And those who err follow in the steps of many poets; they claim to do good, but they spread corruption.[47]

26.226 Do the people not see that they are bereft of their senses, as they travel from valley to valley;

26.227 and that they speak of things that they have never seen?

26.228 This is true for them all, except those who believe, and do good works,

and remember Goddess frequently; and who defend themselves and others, after unjust treatment,

in a nonviolent manner, and with force only to the extent necessary to avert danger from themselves.

But those who act unjustly shall surely be saddened

when they see all the good that they might have rendered, on the day of their resurrection.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

T.S.[48]  Ta Sin 

27.1 These are the signs of the Korana, and of this easily understood Book,

27.2 it is to be used as a direction and a source of good tidings to the true believers;

27.3 those who regularly perform their prayer, and who give alms,

and firmly believe in heaven and the angels.

27.4 As to those that refuse to believe in the life to come, and have accordingly not prepared for it,

they may be greatly saddened on the day of their resurrection;

27.5 for they will be astonished at their disappointment, when they are raised again;

they are those people who create evil in this life; and in the life to come, they will surely be disappointed.

27.6 You, O prophetess, have received the Korana,

from the presence of a wise, knowing and loving Goddess.

27.7 Remember when Miriam said to her family, “Look!  I see fire;

I will bring you back the meaning of this, or I will bring you back a lighted torch from it,

that you might be warmed.”

27.8 But when she approached the fire, a voice cried to her saying, “Blessed is She who is part of the fire,

and blessed is she who is near the fire, and all praises be to Goddess, the Lady of all Creatures!”

27.9 “O Miriam, I am you Goddess, the Almighty, the Wise One;”

27.10 “Throw down your rod.” And when she did this, the rod was moving and it looked like it was a serpent, and she was scared, and ran away, and would not come back near it.

Goddess saw this and said, “O Miriam, do not fear Me;

for My messages are not intended to bring you any fear, you should love Me and not fear me,”

27.11 “this is true of even the soul that has erred,

and even the soul that repents and substitutes good works for evil ones,

for I am gracious, merciful and most of all, loving.”

27.12 “Moreover, put your hand into your blouse;

it will come out glowing white, but it shall not hurt or harm you,

this shall be one of nine signs that will be sent to Pharaoh and his people,

for Pharaoh has been exceedingly wicked, and he has led his people into error.”

27.13 And when these signs from heaven had come to the Pharaoh and his people,

they said, “This is nothing but black magic.”

27.14 And when they denied them, even though these people knew the signs were from Goddess,

out of evil and pride, they became even more corrupted.

27.15 Before this, we have sent you knowledge of Denise and Salome;

and they said, “All praise be to Goddess,

who has made us more blessed than even many of her faithful servants!”

27.16 And Salome was the heir of Denise and she said,

“O women, we have been taught the speech of birds,

and we have had many wonderful things granted to us;

this is magnificent excellence from our Lady.”

27.17 And so their women were gathered together, and they consisted of

the women, the genii or haughty ones and the birds, and they were led by her in distinct groups;

27.18 until they came to the Valley of Ants. And an ant, seeing the groups approaching, said,

“O ants, go back into your burrows, unless Salome and her people tread you under their feet,

not knowing what they are doing.”

27.19 And Salome smiled, laughing at the words of the ant,

and said, “O Lady, make me happy and excited for all the favors you have bestowed upon me,

and my parents; and that I might do what is right and pleasing in your sight;

and introduce me, through your mercy into paradise, together with your righteous servants.”

27.20 And she saw the birds, and she asked, “What is the reason that I do not see the lapwing?

Why is she absent?”

27.21 “Certainly I will scold her for not being here with swiftness and justice to serve me,

unless she has a valid excuse.”

27.22 And she tarried not long before the lapwing presented herself to Salome,

and the lapwing said, “I have seen a country which you have not;

and I come to you from Saba[49] with some news”

27.23 “I found there a Queen, who has everything necessary to be a strong ruler,

and she has a magnificent throne.”

27.24 “I found that she and her people worship negative idols of wealth and greed,

and not the precepts of Goddess; they believe that their deities comes from the sun

and are only male, and so there is little love there for others.”

27.25 “and Evil has prepared works that will corrupt them further,

and has turned them aside from the way of truth, and they will not be directed toward the right path,

until they turn to Goddess, who brings light to all in heaven and upon earth,

and She knows what they conceal.”

27.26 Goddess!  There is no Goddess but She; She is the Lady of the magnificent throne.

27.27 Salome said, “I will see whether you have spoken the truth,

or whether you have told me nothing but lies.”

27.28 “Please take this letter I have written and deliver it to the Queen of Saba,

and wait there to know what the Queen’s answer will be.”

27.29 And when the Queen of Saba had received her letter, she said,

“O wise women, certainly an honorable letter has been delivered to me;”

27.30 “It is from Salome, and this is the meaning of the letter,

‘In the name of the most Merciful Goddess,

27.31 do not fight me, but come to me and listen to what our people have to say.’”

27.32 She said, “O wise women, advise me in this business,

I will not take any action, until your review this and approve what should be done.”

27.33 The wise women replied, “We are endued with strength,

and we are endued with great prowess in warfare, but the command seems to pertain to you;

advise us as to what your decision is.”

27.34 She said, “Certainly rulers, when they enter a city by force, waste many resources,

and they abase the most powerful of the inhabitants, and they may do this with us.”

27.35 “So I will send gifts to them,[50] and ask for peace,

and we will wait for whatever information will be sent back to us.”

27.36  And when the Queen’s ambassador came to Salome,

she said, “Will you send me back with riches?”

Salome replied, “Certainly what Goddess has given me is better than what Goddess has given you,

but you have much glory in many riches.”

27.37 “Return to the people of Saba. 

I know what they desire, they desire that we will come to them with troops,

which they will not be able to withstand, and we will drive them out from their city, humbled;

and they will become contemptible, and in doing so, we will become corrupted.”

27.38 And Salome said, “O wise women, which of you will send her a throne from me,

a beautiful throne, to show that we are earnest in making peace.”

27.39 A genie appeared and said, “I will bring them news of your peace,

to illustrate that you are not corrupted, nor corruptible,

and desire to live in peace and teach the benefits of your religion, for I may be trusted.”

27.40 And another woman, with knowledge of the Scriptures said,

“I will bring it to the Queen, in the twinkling of an eye.”

And when Salome saw the throne placed before her, she said,

“This is a favor of the Lady, but it is nothing but trial,

to see if I will be grateful, or whether I will be ungrateful;

and she who is grateful is grateful to her own advantage, but if any person is ungrateful,

my Lady of Light is self sufficient and magnificent.”

27.41 And Salome said to her servants, “Alter the throne so that she will not discern it,

to show whether she is one of those that are rightly directed.”

27.42 And when she came to see Salome, it was said to her, “Is your throne like this?”

She answered, “As if it were the same.” And we have had knowledge given to us before like this,

and we are resigned to Goddess.

27.43 But the false idols she worshiped of greed and wealth, had turned her aside from the truth;

for she came from an unbelieving people, that had no love for one another.”

27.44 It was said to her, “Enter the palace.”

And when she entered therein, she thought there was a great body of water there,

and she lifted up her robe, to pass through it.”[51]

27.45 And Salome told her, “Do not worry, the floor of this palace is covered with smooth glass.” 

Then said the Queen, “O Lady of Light, certainly I have dealt unjustly with my own soul;

and I resign myself, together with Salome,

to the One True Goddess, the Lady of all Creatures.”

27.46 And before this we sent to the tribe of Thelma their sister Sally,

who said to them, “Serve Goddess.”  And behold, they were divided into two parties,

and they disputed among themselves.

27.47 Sally said, “O my people, why do you hasten evil rather than good?

Unless you ask for forgiveness of Goddess,

so that you will obtain Her mercy, you are lost and wandering.”

27.48 They answered, “We foretell evil from you, and from those that are with you.”

Sally replied, “The evil which you foretell is only from Evil;

but you are a people who are proved by the variation between prosperity and adversity.”

27.49 And there were nine women in the city, who had acted corruptly in the earth,

and they did not behave with integrity.

27.50 And they said to one another, “Swear to Goddess, that we will attack Sally and her family by night;

and afterwards we will tell her how we had the right to avenge spilled blood,

we were not present at the destruction of her family; and we certainly speak the truth.”

27.51 And they devised a plot against Sally, but heaven devised a counter plot,

but they did not know this at the time. And see what was the result of their plot,

for they could not avoid a rock avalanche, they were cut off from their prophetess.

But they were warned first, but refused to believe a prophetess that had a loving Goddess.

27.52 And today their homes remain empty, because they were destroyed.

Certainly this is a sign for people who understand.

27.53 And we delivered those who believed, and loved Goddess.

27.54 And remember Wileh, when she said to her people,

“Do you commit wickedness and persecute and oppress people in your town,

and do you see how terrible this is?”

27.55 “Do you beat and torture those men that love men,

and women that love women, those that are different from you?

You are most assuredly ignorant in doing this wickedness.”

27.56 But the answer of her people was none other than,

“Throw out the family of Wileh and her miserable husband Lot[52] from our city,

for they are people that would prevent us from doing what we want;

torturing and abusing those we do not like and do not understand.  We are not patient nor tolerant.”

27.57 Wherefore, when a natural disaster came, we told Wileh,

and all her family was saved, except for her husband, who was an old man,

and he would not believe his wife, who was a prophetess and a high priestess,

and so he remained behind and was destroyed.

27.58 And a shower of brimstone rained down on this land,

and those that did not listen to their prophetess Wileh were all destroyed.

27.59 Say, “Praise be to Goddess, and peace be upon Her servants,

whom She has carefully chosen!”  Is Goddess more worthy,

or the false negative idols of wealth, greed, jealousy and self centeredness that

they have associated with Her?

27.60 Is She not to be preferred, the one who has created the heavens and the earth,

and who sends down rain for you from heaven, whereby the delicious groves spring up?

Is it not in your power to cause the trees to grow up?

Is there any negative emotion that you should partner with the One True Goddess?

Certainly the people of Wileh deviated far from the truth.

27.61 Is it not more worthy to adore Goddess who has made the earth,

and has caused rivers to flow through it, and has placed upon it immovable mountains,

and has set large tracts of land between two great seas? Is there any entity equal with Goddess?

Yet the vast majority of the people do not know this.

27.62 Is She not more worthy who hears the afflicted, when they call upon Her,

and She sweeps away evil which distresses a person,

and She has made you the successors of your ancestors in the earth?

Is there any other entity who can be equaled with the One True Goddess?

It is amazing how few people consider these things.

27.63 Is She not more worthy who directs you to walk in the dark paths of land and sail the sea in safety;

and who sends the winds which drive the clouds about, to portend Her great mercy to womankind?

Is there any other entity who may be equaled with the One True Goddess?

Far be it from Goddess from having negative actions and emotions associated with Her.

27.64 Is She not the Most Worthy, that She is able to produce a creature,

and even after it has been dead, and then restore it to life?

And She gives you food from heaven, bestowed upon the earth.

Is there anything you can associate with Goddess that can do all this?

Say to the people, “Produce your proof, if you speak the truth.”

27.65 Say to the people, “No one in heaven or upon the earth knows all that is obscure, besides Goddess,

nor do many understand that upon death they will be raised to an afterlife.”

27.66 However, their knowledge attains some notice of the life to come,

yet most have a great amount of uncertainty concerning the same;

yes, they are blind to many truths concerning the afterlife.

27.67 And the unbelievers say, “When we and our ancestors have been reduced to dust,

shall we be taken out of our graves?”

27.68 “Certainly we have been threatened with this, both us and our mothers before us.

This is none other than a fable of the ancients.”

27.69 Say to the people, “Pass through the earth, and see what has happened

to the wicked people that have not listened to their prophetess before a disaster. 

Furthermore, if Goddess created you once, She most certainly may raise you to life again.”

27.70 And do not be grieved for those people that do not listen;

nor should you be concerned with any of the dark schemes that they are contriving against you.

27.71 And some people say, “When will your prediction of final resurrection

and destruction of the heavens and earth be accomplished, if you speak the truth?”

27.72 Answer them, “You should consider that your day of resurrection,

which you seem to desire to be hastened, may follow soon after today;”

27.73 “Certainly your Lady of Light is endued with indulgence towards womankind;

but the vast majority of people are not thankful.”

27.74 “Certainly the Lady of Light knows what the hearts of women conceal,

and what they declare openly and publicly.”

27.75 And there is nothing hidden in heaven or upon the earth,

but it is written in an easily understood Book.

27.76 Certainly this Korana declares to the Children of Israel and to all others,

most of those points which they currently disagree upon;

27.77 and it is certainly a direction, and a mercy unto the true believer.

27.78 Your Lady of Light will decide all controversies between religions by a definitive decree;

and She is the Almighty One, the Wise One; but remember,

it is still more important to be kind to one another than to criticize the beliefs of another religion;

there are many paths to Goddess.

27.79 Therefore, put your trust in Goddess; for you will find in Her the obvious truth.

27.80 Certainly you will never make the dead to hear;

nor shall you make the deaf to hear your call to the one true faith,

when they walk away from you and turn their backs;

27.81 nor will you direct the blind to extricate themselves from their error.

You will not be able to make any person hear you,

except the person who desires to believe in our signs; and they will be wholly resigned to the truth.

27.82 When the day of the final resurrection is near, an animal[53] will appear upon the earth,

which will speak to the people, yet many people do not believe in our signs and miracles.

27.83 On the day of the final resurrection, we will assemble together,

out of every nation, a company of unbelieving souls, until they shall arrive at a final place.

And Goddess will say to them, “Did you charge my signs as lies,

even though you did not understand them?

What were you thinking? You were given the opportunity to change evil to good,

and do great and wonderful things on this earth, yet you did not.

There was much good to learn there. These persons will be prevented from mixing with the believers.”

27.84 Yet She will then cleanse the unbelievers with Her pure bright light,

and they will no longer act unjustly; and they will have no final excuse,

yet they will be assuredly deeply saddened, when they have reviewed all their lifetimes,

and they see all the good and kind things they might have done.

27.85 And She will cleanse them with pure light, which will not burn,

even though they have acted unjustly, and even though they have no excuse.

27.86 Do they not see that we have ordained the night as a time of rest,

and we have given the day bright light?

Certainly we have shown many signs and miracles to people of understanding that believe.

27.87 On a certain day the trumpet will sound,

and the people on the earth will come together in love, peace and harmony,

before their Goddess with great gratitude.

Even the unbelievers will come before Her in humble supplication,

they will be so very much amazed at what they will see.

27.88 And you will see the mountains, and will think that they are firm structures,

but they shall pass away, even as the clouds pass away.

This will be the work of Goddess, who rightly determines all things;

and She is well acquainted with all that you do.

27.89 Whomever will have brought righteousness into the world,

shall receive a reward well beyond what they did; and they shall reign happy and secure on that day;

27.90 but whomever was an unbeliever,

will be greatly saddened when they see all the good that they might have done.

Will any soul receive a reward, other than what it is owed?

27.91 Certainly I am commanded to worship the Lady of this territory of the world,

whom She has sanctified, and to Her belongs everything.  And I am commanded to be a Moslema;

27.92 and to recite the Korana;  she who is directed with this Book will be directed to her own advantage;

to those that go astray say, “Certainly I am a preacher only.”

27.93 And say, “Praise be to Goddess!  She will show you Her signs and miracles,

and you will know them; and your Lady is not inattentive of what Her people do.”










In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

28.1 T.S.M.[54]

28.2 These are the signs of this easily understood Book.

28.3 We will advise you, O prophetess, of some of the parts of herstory

of Miriam and Pharaoh with truth, for the sake of the people who will believe.

28.4 Now Pharaoh exalted himself in the land of Egypt;

and he caused his subjects to be divided into parties;

he weakened one party of them, by slaying the female children, and preserving the males alive,

so their numbers would be greatly reduced, and their culture suppressed,

and the males would have no wives, other than a few Egyptian women that would have them,

for he was an oppressor.

28.5 And heaven was of the mind set to be gracious to those who were weakened in the land,

and to make them models of religion; and to make them heirs of the wealth of Pharaoh and his people,[55]

28.6 and to establish a place for them upon the earth;

and to show Pharaoh and Haman,[56] and by their forces,

the destruction of their kingdom and their nation, which they sought to avoid.

28.7 And we directed the mother of Miriam,

by revelation, saying, “Nurse her, and when you fear for her life,

then place her into the river in a small vessel,

and fear not, neither be saddened, for we will keep her safe for you,

and we will appoint her as one of our prophetesses and apostles.”

28.8 And when she had put the child in the small vessel,

and had set it out into the river, the family of Pharaoh took her up,

and at this time, it was predetermined that she would become an enemy to those that raised her,

and a sorrow unto them. Assuredly Pharaoh and Haman were evil doers.

28.9 And the wife of Pharaoh said, “This child is delightful to my eye, and to you, please do not kill her; perhaps we might use her one day, or we may adopt her for our daughter.”

And they did not know the consequences of what they had done.

28.10 And the heart of the mother of Miriam was still oppressed with fear;

and she had almost failed to put Miriam in the small ark, had we not armed her heart with courage,

so that she might be one of those who believed in the promises of Goddess.

28.11 And she said to her other daughter, Alana, “Follow her.”

And she watched her at a distance; but no one knew this.

28.12 And we arranged it so that the baby would not take the breasts of her wet nurses,

so before long Alana went to Pharaoh’s wife. The sister asked the wife of Pharaoh,

“Should I find you a wet nurse for her, perhaps she will nurse from a woman from my family,

and she will take good care of her?”

And Pharaoh’s wife allowed it, and so Miriam nursed from her own mother.

28.13 And accordingly, Miriam was restored to her own mother, so that her mind was set at ease,

and so she would not be sick with grief;

and so she might know that the promises of Goddess were good and true;

but the great majority of the people do not know this.

28.14 And when Miriam had become an adult and

attained her full age of strength and was a perfect woman,

we bestowed on her wisdom and knowledge; and this is how we reward the righteous.

28.15 And she went to the city at a time when people were out in the street,

and she found therein two women fighting; one was an acquaintance of hers,

and the other was not and appeared to be an enemy.

And the woman who was an acquaintance of Miriam’s begged her assistance against the unknown person,

and Miriam struck the stranger with a heavy object, and the stranger died;

but then Miriam was immediately sorry for what she had done, and she said,

“Certainly this is an evil work, what have I done?”

28.16 After which she said, “O Lady of light, most certainly I have injured my own soul;

I implore your forgiveness.” So Goddess forgave her; for She is ready to forgive and She is merciful.

28.17 She said, “O Lady of Light, by the favors that you have given me,

I will never again be an assistant to the wicked.”

28.18 And the next morning she was afraid in the city,

and she looked all around her, as one that is apprehensive of danger;

and behold, she saw the same acquaintance again,

but now she was crying out for help a second time in a fight against another stranger.

But this time Miriam said to her, “You are assuredly a quarrelsome person,

and you should seek peace with those around you.”

28.19 And when she sought to seize the woman who was an enemy to them both,

she said, “O Miriam, do you intend to kill me, as you killed another woman yesterday?

It seems all you desire to be is a tyrant, and you do not want to be a peacemaker.”

28.20 And a certain woman came from the farthest part of the city,

running swiftly and said, “O Miriam, the magistrates are deliberating right now

as to whether you should be put to death; you must leave immediately,

I will let you know what they decide.”

28.21 Wherefore, she fled the city in great fear, looking all about her, unless she was pursued.

And she said, “O Lady of Light, deliver me from the unjust people.”

28.22 And when she was traveling towards the town of Marian,

she said, perhaps my Lady of Light will now direct me in the right way.

28.23 And when she arrived at the waters of Marian,

she found near a well a company of men that were watering their flocks.

And she also found, besides them, two women, who waited at a distance to water their own sheep.

And Miriam said to them, “What is the matter with you?”

They answered, “We are not allowed to water our flock until the men have gone away,

for they will not let us.  Our mother is an old frail woman that can no longer assist us with this.”

28.24 So Miriam asked the men to move, reminded them they should take their turn and share the water,

and they did, and Miriam watered the sheep for them,

and afterwards she rested in the shade, saying “O Lady of Light,

I stand in need of some good assistance at this moment, please send it down to me.”

28.25 And one of the young ladies came back to her, walking swiftly,

and she said, “My mother called to me that she may compensate you

for the trouble which you have taken in watering our sheep for us.”

And when she came to Sally, and had told her of the story of her adventures,

she said to Miriam, “Fear not; you have escaped from some very unjust people.”[57]

28.26 One of the young ladies said, “My mother will hire you for wages;

because the best servant that one can have is a fit and trustworthy person.”

28.27  And Sally said to Miriam, “Certainly I will give you one of my handsome two sons in marriage,

on condition that you will serve me for eight years, and if you fulfil ten years,

it would be from the kindness of your heart; for I do not desire to impose any hardship on you;

and you will find me, Goddess willing, a woman of my word.”

28.28 Miriam answered, “Let this be the agreement between me and you;

either of the two terms I might work for you, it will not be wrongful for me to quit your service;

and Goddess will be witness of that which we have said.”

28.29 And when Miriam had fulfilled the term, and was journeying with her family towards Egypt,

she saw fire on the side of Mount Sinai. And she said to her family, “Wait here awhile;

for I see fire and perhaps I may bring you tidings of good direction from it,

or at least a torch from the fire, that you will be warmed.”

28.30 And when she came to the fire, a female voice cried to her from the right side of the valley,

in the sacred bottom, from a tree, saying,

“O Miriam certainly I am your Goddess, the Lady of all Creatures;”

28.31 “Now throw down your staff.” And when she threw it down, she saw that it moved,

and it appeared to be a serpent.  She ran from it, and would not come back near to it, she was so afraid.

And Goddess said to her, “O Miriam, you may come near it without any fear; for you are safe with Me.”

28.32 “Put your hand in your blouse, and it will come out glowing white, without any hurt;

and then draw it back, even though you are afraid to do so.

These are two evident signs from your Lady of Light for Pharaoh and his princes,

for they are a wicked people.”

28.33 Miriam said, “O Lady of light, I have in the past slain an Egyptian,

and I fear they will arrest me and put me to death;”

28.34 “but my sister Alana is more eloquent than I am in these matters;

therefore send her with me as my assistant; so that I may attain credit;

for I am afraid that they might accuse me of being a liar.

28.35 Goddess replied, “I will strengthen your courage by your sister,

and we will give each of you extraordinary power, so that they will not attack you, as part of our signs.

The two of you, and whomsoever follows you, shall be the victors.”

28.36 And when Miriam came to them with evident signs and miracles

they said, “This is none other than a despicable work of sorcery;

we have never heard of anything like it spoken of by our foremothers.”

28.37 And Miriam said, “My Lady of Light bests knows who comes with instructions from Her;

and who shall have success in this life,

as well as in the next; but the unjust shall not prosper.”

28.38 And Pharaoh said, “O my princes, I did not know that there were any other divine entities

besides myself.  Wherefore, Haman, make me bricks and build a tall tower,

so that I may ascend to the Goddess of Miriam; for I believe that she is a liar.”

28.39 And both he and his troops behaved themselves insolently and unjustly on the earth;

and they imagined that they would never suffer harm.

28.40 So we tested him by having Miriam say he should not follow her away,

but Pharaoh and his forces did, and they were accordingly drowned.

28.41 And they were deceitful guides of their people,

they invited their followers to also be saddened on the day of their resurrection;

and the lives that they reviewed on this day surely grieved them greatly.

28.42 Without a protectress like Goddess, their lives appear to be cursed to them;

and on the day of their resurrection they will be saddened for all of the good that they might have done.

28.43 And we gave the Book of the law to Miriam, after many generations had passed,

to enlighten the minds of the people, and for a direction, and mercy to them;

that perhaps they might consider.

28.44 You, O prophetess, were not on the west side of Mt. Sinai when we delivered Miriam

her commission; nor were you one of those who were present when she received it;

28.45 but we raised up several generations after Miriam; and they lived long lives.

Nor did you dwell among the inhabitants of Marian, informing them of our signs and miracles;

but we have sent you good instructions in many matters.

28.46 Nor were you present on the side of the mountain when we called to Miriam;

but you are sent as a mercy from the Lady of Light;

that you might preach to a people where no preacher had come before,

that perhaps they might listen and consider.

28.47 And unless a calamity had come to them, and they could not avoid it by their own hand,

they should have said, “O Lady of Light, since you have not sent a prophetess to us,

that we might listen to her and become true believers and avoid disasters,

are we exempt from the day of our resurrection?”

28.48 Yet when the truth has come to light from us,

they say, “Unless she receives the same power to work miracles as Miriam received, we will not believe.”

Do they not understand why Miriam received these powers?

They say “Two cunning liars have mutually assisted one another;”

and they say, “We most certainly reject them both.”

28.49 Say to the people, “Produce therefore a Book from Goddess,

which is more right than these two, that I might understand, if you speak the truth.”

28.50 But if they return to you without an answer, know that they only follow their own desires,

without proper direction from Goddess.

28.51 And now we have caused our Word to come to them, that they may be instructed properly.

28.52 The people to whom have been given the Scriptures,

which have been heretofore revealed, believed in them.

28.53 And when it was read to them, they said, “We believe in this;

it is certainly the truth from our Lady of Light, certainly we were Moslemas before this.”

28.54 These people shall receive their reward many times over,

because they have persevered, and they repelled evil with good works,

and they distributed alms out of which we have bestowed upon them;

28.55 and when they hear idle chatter, they avoid the same,

saying, “We have our own works and you have what you will do. Peace be with you.” 

And they do not desire the acquaintance of the ignorant.

28.56 Certainly you cannot direct whomever you wish; yet Goddess will gently guide those that seek Her.

28.57 Some people say, “If we follow the same direction as you,

then we might be forcibly expelled from our land.

Did we not establish a secure land for them,[58] to which fruits of every sort are brought,

as a provision from our bounty. But the great majority of womankind do not understand this.

28.58 There have been plenty of cities destroyed by natural disasters,

whose inhabitants lived in ease and plenty, but thought they received no warning,

for to receive a warning they had to turn to a prophetess who preached that Goddess was all love.

And they did not want to hear this; they did not want to give up their hate, rage, jealousy and greed.

And after the disaster, their homes were not inhabited, unless for a little while,

and others were the inheritors of their wealth.

28.59 But your Lady of Light did not allow those cities to be destroyed,

until She had first sent to their capitals a prophetess, to instruct them of our signs;

nor did any natural disaster come,

unless the inhabitants who had acted wrongfully were first warned by a prophetess we had sent them.

28.60 The things which are given to you are the provisions of the present life,

and all of its vain grandeur; but that which comes from Goddess is far better,

and more durable; will you not understand this?

28.61 Will it be then to whom we have promised an excellent promise of future happiness,

and when it has been attained,

will this be the same as the person whom has been granted every advantage in the present life,

and who, on the day of her resurrection, shall be one of those subject to immediate rebirth

so that they will once again wander lost and confused upon the earth?

28.62 On the day of their resurrection, Goddess will call to them, and She will ask,

“Where are your idols of wealth, greed and self centeredness, that which you relied upon?”

28.63   And they upon whom the sentence of immediate rebirth has been passed shall answer,

“These, O Lady of Light are those whom we seduced;

we seduced them as we also had been seduced by them, but now we forsake them, and we turn to You.

They did not worship us, but only what was expedient.”

28.64 And it shall be said to those that worshiped such false entities,

“Call now upon the false negative idols of wealth, greed and self centeredness,”

and they will call upon them, but they will not answer them;

and then they shall be greatly saddened at all the good that they might have provided to others,

if they had only believed.

28.65 On that day, Goddess shall call to them and say,

“What answer did you send to our messengers, when they came to you?”

28.66 But they shall not be able to give any account on this day;

nor will they be able to ask one another for information.

28.67 But those who shall repent and believe, and those that do what is right,

they can expect to be happy.

28.68 For your Lady of Light creates what She pleases,

and She chooses freely; but they have no free choice to get what they desire. Praise be to Goddess;

28.69 and the Lady knows both the secret malice

which their hearts contain, and the open hatred that spews forth from them.

28.70 She is Goddess; there is no Goddess but She;

to Her is all praise due; both in this life and in that which is yet to come;

to Her only does judgment belong; and before Her you shall be assembled on the day of your resurrection.

28.71 Say to the people, “What were you thinking? If Goddess should cover you with perpetual night,

until the day of your resurrection; what goddess, besides Goddess, will bring you light?

Will your goddesses of wealth, greed, self centeredness and power bring you light?

Will you not listen, therefore?”

28.72 Say to the people, “What were you thinking? If Goddess should give you continual day,

until the day of resurrection; what goddess besides Goddess, would bring you night,

that you could rest for a period between the day? Will you not consider these issues?”

28.73 From Her mercy, She has made for you the night and the day, that you may rest during the one,

and you may seek to obtain provisions for yourselves during the other,

this is from Her abundance, and by your industry; so therefore you should give Her thanks.

28.74 On a certain day Goddess will call to them,

and She shall say to them, “Where are the idols of wealth, power and greed,

those that you imagined to share the divine power with me?”

28.75 And we will produce a witness out of every nation,

and we will say, “Bring here your proof of what you have asserted.”

And they will know that the right way is Goddess’ alone;

and the false deities of wealth, power, greed and self centeredness,

which they only devised and imagined are not truly there.

28.76 Karen was one of the people of Marian, but she behaved insolently towards her people,

for we had given her so much treasure, that it would have loaded down many strong people.

When her people said to her, “Do not arrogantly rejoice in your wealth;

for Goddess does not care for those who arrogantly rejoice in their wealth,

especially when it incites others to envy, jealousy and greed;”

28.77 “But seek to attain, by means of the wealth which Goddess has given you,

a dwelling place in the future mansions of paradise.[59] And do not forget your portion in this world;

but be generous to others, as Goddess has been bounteous to you;

and do not seek to act corruptly in the earth; for Goddess does not love the corrupt.”

28.78  She answered, “I have received these riches, only because of the knowledge which is with me.”

Did she not know that Goddess had already sent disasters before her? 

And this was for several generations, who were mightier than she in strength,

and they had amassed more abundance of riches? And the wicked shall not be asked to recite their crimes.

28.79 And Karen went out to the people, with her ostentatious displays of wealth.

And they who loved this present life said, “O we wish that we had such great wealth,

as that which had been given to Karen. Certainly she is the lucky mistress of a great fortune.”

28.80 But those upon whom knowledge has been bestowed answered,

“Alas for you! The reward of Goddess in the next life

will be far better to her who will have believed and has done good works;

but no one will attain the same, except those who persevere with loyalty.”

28.81 And there was an earthquake, and the ground cleaved in sunder,

and some people who did not listen to their prophetess were swallowed up therein;

and Karen was one of those; and her palace was destroyed;

and she had no forces to defend her besides Goddess;

nor was she rescued from seeing sadness on the day of her resurrection.

28.82 And in the next morning, those who had coveted her wealth the day before said,

“Aha! Goddess may give abundant wealth on such servants as She pleases,

and She is sparing to others. Unless Goddess has been gracious to us,

the earth would have swallowed us up also. Aha! The unbelievers never prosper in the end.”

28.83 As to the future mansions in paradise,

we will give them to those who do not seek ostentatious wealth on the earth and taunt others with it;

and not to those that do wrong; for only happy works attend the pious.

28.84 Whomsoever does good shall receive a reward which shall exceed the merit, several times over;

but as to those that do evil, they shall see only sadness on the day of their resurrection.

28.85 Certainly she who has been given the Korana for a rule of faith;

and who practices what is taught therein,

will certainly bring it back home to those that are near and dear to you.  Say to them,

“My Lady best knows who comes with a true direction, and who is in obvious error.”

28.86 You did not expect that the Book of the Korana will be given to you,

but you have now received it through the mercy of your Lady of Light.

Do not assist the unbelievers in being unfaithful;

28.87 Nor should you turn them away from the signs of the Lady of Light.

28.88 And do not idolize wealth, greed, power and self centeredness;

nor should you associate any negative emotion with Goddess, such as hate, jealousy, envy or vengeance;

for She is pure love, compassion, understanding, mercy and hope.

Everything on earth will eventually perish, except Her; to Her only belongs all judgment;

and on the day of your resurrection, you will see Her.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

29.1 A.L.M.  Alf La Mim[60]

29.2 Do women imagine that it will be sufficient for them to say,

“We believe” only, do they not think that they will be tested in their faith?

29.3 We have before this proved many who came before them;

for Goddess will know people who are sincere; and She will know who the liars are.

29.4 Do these people who work evil think that they will escape seeing what they have done

on the day of their resurrection?

29.5 Whomever hopes to meet Goddess, certainly Goddess’ appointed time will come;

for She knows and hears all.

29.6 Whomever strives to promote the one true loving and kind religion

also strives for the advantage of her own soul; for Goddess does not need any of Her creatures;

29.7 and as to those who believe and work righteousness, their errors will be forgiven;

and they will be given a reward in heaven according to the utmost merit of their good works.

29.8 We have commanded woman to show kindness towards her parents;

but if they endeavor you to turn away from righteousness,

and to avoid doing good works, then you need not obey them in this regard,

only be kind and solicitous to them, to the extent you are able to with patience and forbearance.

29.9 Those who shall believe and will work righteousness,

we will certainly introduce you into paradise, along with the righteous.

29.10 There are some who say, “We believe in Goddess;”

but when they are afflicted in person or property, they believe that the persecution of other people

is the same as if Goddess were punishing them. Yet if success comes their way, they say,

“Most certainly, we are with You.” Does Goddess not know what is in the heart of Her creatures?

29.11 Certainly Goddess well knows the true believers, and She knows the hypocrites.

29.12 The unbelievers say to those that do believe, “Follow our way, and we will bear your sins.”

But there is no way for them to bear the sins of anyone else; for they are liars.

29.13  But they will certainly bear their own burdens, and other burdens besides what they gathered;[61]

and they will be very saddened to see all of this on the day of their resurrection,

concerning all they have falsely imagined.

29.14 Before this, we sent you Nora to her people, and she was with them one thousand years,

less fifty years; and then the flood took them away, because they would not listen to their prophetess.

29.15 But we delivered her and her family that believed; and those that were in the ark;

and this was a sign to all people.

29.16 We also sent Sarah, a high priestess; when she said to her people,

“Serve Goddess, and do not serve false idols of wealth, greed, power and self centeredness,

this will be better for you, if you can understand.”

29.17 But they worshiped such false idols besides Goddess, and they openly declared lies concerning Her.

Certainly those negative entities you worship, besides Goddess, are not able to make any provision for you;

therefore seek your provision from Goddess; and serve only Her, and give thanks and praise to Her.

27.18 If you charge me with lying, certainly various nations before you

have also charged their prophetesses with lying;

but public preaching and teaching is the only required work of a prophetess.

29.19 Do the people not see how Goddess produces creatures, and after they have died,

they are automatically replenished? Certainly this is all simple with Goddess.

29.20 Say to the people, “Look at the earth, and see how She originally produced creatures;

after which, when these creatures are gone, there are more to come, for Goddess is the Almighty One.”

29.21 She will give trials to whom She desires, and She will provide mercy upon those that request it,

for She is the Merciful One.

29.22 Before Her you will be brought together on the day of your resurrection;

and you will find Her full of love, both on earth and in heaven;

you truly have no other patroness or defender besides Her.

29.23 As for those people who did not believe in the signs of Goddess,

or that they will meet Her on the day of their resurrection,

they will be greatly saddened on the day of their resurrection,

for all the good news that they might have spread to others,

others that live in toil and trouble and difficulties, for the world is plentiful with these.

29.24 And the answer of the people of Nora was none other than,

“Slay her or burn her.”  But Goddess saved her from the fire.

Certainly, these are signs for people who desire to believe.

29.25 And Sarah, the high priestess, said to her people,

“You have idolized wealth, greed, power and self centeredness,

to cement affection towards materialistic things; but on the day of your resurrection;

the one of you will not know the other, and the other will not be able to contact you,

and your rebirth on the earth without guardian angels shall be like hell fire,

and there will be no avoiding this.”

29.26 And Wileh believed in the religion of Sarah and Nora;

And Sarah said, “Certainly I fly from my people, to the place where the Lady of Light has sent me;

for She is the Almighty One, the Wise one.”

29.27 And we gave her Iris and Jacklyn; and we placed among her descendants the gifts of prophecy

and the Scriptures, and we gave her a reward in this world,

and in the next world she shall be one of the righteous.

29.28 We also sent Wileh, and she said to her people,

“Do you commit evil in the world by oppressing and torturing people,

which you were commanded not to do?”

29.29 “Do you beat and torture and maim those men that love men,

and women that love women, when all they have done is created love, is love not from Goddess?”

And the answer of the people was, “Then bring down the vengeance of Goddess,

if what we have done is wrongful, and if you speak the truth.”

29.30 Wileh prayed to her Lady of Light, “O Lady, defend me against the corrupt people.

And when our messages came to Sarah with good tidings,

29.31  they said, “Most of the inhabitants of this city will suffer disaster,

for they are unbelievers and they will not listen when you warn them of the upcoming disaster.”

29.32 Sarah answered, “Certainly Wileh lives there and many of her family are faithful true believers,

the light entities.” They replied, “We very well know who lives there,

we will surely deliver her and her family, except her husband, for his corrupt ways and his unbelief,

he will not believe even his own wife when she warns him and preaches to him

that hate and violence against others is exceedingly wicked.”

29.33 And when our messengers came to Wileh, she was troubled for the unbelievers,

and she was greatly grieved. But they said, “Fear not, nor be grieved,

for we will deliver you and your family, except your husband,

for he has been a great source of trouble for you, and he will remain behind for he is influenced by evil.”

29.34 “The necessary changes in the earth have been put in place,

and the inhabitants of the city will surely be destroyed, for they are engaged in primarily wicked deeds,

and they do not listen to their prophetess;”

29.35 “This is despite the fact that we have given obvious signs, knowledge of fire, earthquakes and floods,

and yet the people do not pay attention, they do not understand.”

29.36 And to the inhabitants of Marian, we sent them a prophetess, their sister Shobi,

and she said to them, “O my people, serve Goddess, and expect your day of resurrection,

and do not commit error or engage in corruption.”

29.37 But they accused her of lying; and they would not listen to her predictions of disaster,

and a storm came from heaven, and it assailed them,

29.38 And we looked on when there were also natural disasters that came to the tribe of Ada and Thelma,

and this is well known to you what happened, when you see their empty dwellings.

And Evil prepared their works for them, and they were turned away from the truth,

although they were a people endowed with great knowledge.

29.39 And we looked on when natural disasters came to Karen, Pharaoh and Haman. 

Miriam came to them with obvious signs from heaven, and they behave insolently;

but they would not listen, and so they were destroyed when they followed Miriam;

the sea would split for her, but not for them.

29.40 Every person that is a dark entity will not listen to the prophetesses we send them,

and they are at risk of destruction at any time. And some of them encountered a violent wind;

some of them encountered violent storms; and some of them encountered earthquakes,

which swallowed them up; and some were drowned.

But Goddess did not treat them unjustly; these were all natural disasters brought about by

necessary changes in a living earth; but the unbelievers deal unjustly with their own souls,

when they do not listen to the prophetesses sent to them.

29.41 The likeness of those who take other patrons of hate, jealousy, evil and envy besides Goddess,

is as the likeness of the spider, which makes a dwelling out of webbing,

but its dwelling is quite weak when large creatures walk nearby, if only people could understand this.

29.42 Moreover, Goddess knows what things are relied upon by people;

and She is the Almighty One, the Wise One.

29.43 These parables we send to women; but none will understand them,

except the wise ones who seek Goddess.

29.44 Goddess has created the heavens and earth in truth; certainly this is a sign to the true believers.

29.45 Recite that which has been revealed to you as the Book of the Korana; and persevere at prayer;

for prayer preserves a woman from crime; and from that which is blameworthy;

and the remembering of Goddess is certainly a most important duty. Goddess knows all of which you do.

29.46 Do not dispute issues with those who have received the Scriptures,

except in a mild and respectful manner;

and do not commit violence, except in self defense and only against those that are threatening

yourself or your property with imminent injury; self defense is always allowed, aggression is not;

and say, “We believe in the divine revelation which has been sent down to us,

and in giving alms from that which has been sent down to us;

our Goddess and your Goddess is one, and unto Her we are resigned.”

29.47 Thus we have sent down the Book of the Korana to you;

and those people who have been given former Scriptures believe in this;

and of course the good people also believe in this Book; and none should reject our signs,

29.48 And you were not able to preach Scripture such as this Korana until it came to you;

nor were you able to transcribe it with your right hand;[62]

so that the liars justly doubted of the divine origin of it.

29.49 But the same result is evident signs in the hearts of those

who have received understanding; for none reject our signs except the unjust.

29.50 They say, “Unless a sign is sent down to her from her Lady of Light,

we will not believe.” Answer them, “Signs are in the power of Goddess alone;

and I am no more than a public preacher and teacher.”

29.51 Is it not sufficient for those people to whom we have sent down the Korana

to be read to them? Certainly this is a great mercy, and a message of love to the people who believe.

29.52 Say, “Goddess is a sufficient witness between you and I

She knows whatever is in heaven and on earth;

and those who believe in vain idols of wealth, power, greed and corruption, and deny Goddess,

they will have great sadness on the day of their resurrection.”

29.53 They will urge you to hasten their judgment day, as a proof of your position,

but this is not your place; if there had not been a determined time for their delay of resurrection,

it would have come before this; but it will surely overtake them suddenly, and they will not predict it.

29.54 They will urge you to bring down vengeance swiftly upon them;

but this is not the way of Goddess; you shall not associate any such negative human emotions with Her.  

29.55 On a certain day they will experience their day of resurrection,

and it will suddenly come upon them, both from above them, and from under their feet,

and Goddess shall say, “See the love that I provide for you today and always.”


29.56 O my servants who have faithfully believed, certainly My earth is spacious, therefore serve only Me.

29.57 Every soul shall taste death; afterwards you will all return to heaven;

29.58 and as for those who shall have believed and done righteousness,

they will be housed in the higher apartments and mansions of paradise;

rivers will flow beneath them, and they will continue therein forever.

29.59 Whosoever perseveres with patience and puts their trust in the Lady of Light will have all of this.

29.60 How many creatures are there upon the earth, which are provided with food and water,

all by the bounty of the Lady. It is certainly Goddess who provides for them, and for you all;

and She both hears and knows everything.

29.61 Certainly, if you ask some of the people, “Who created the heavens and earth,

and who makes the sun and the moon fly about in their orbits,”

they will answer, “Goddess, of course.” How therefore do they lie, in acknowledging their worship

of wealth, power, greed and self centeredness?

29.62 Goddess makes an abundant provision for each of Her servants, as She chooses;

and She is sparing to her, if She pleases; for Goddess knows all things.

29.63  Certainly, if you ask a person, “Who sends the rain down from heaven,

and who can resurrect the earth after a drought, after it has appeared dead?” They will say, “Goddess.” 

Say to them, “Goddess be praised!” But the vast majority of the people do not understand.

29.64 This present life is none other than a school,

and an instruction to you that you might grow and perfect,

but the future mansion of paradise is more blessed indeed;

if all the people knew this, they would not prefer the former to the latter.

29.65 When they sail on a ship, they call upon Goddess, sincerely exhorting others to Her true religion;

but when She brings them safe to land, behold they return to worshiping wealth, greed and power,

their other beloved false and negative idols.

29.66 They show themselves ungrateful for all that heaven has bestowed upon them,

and they desire only to enjoy the delights of this life,

but later they will have complete understanding of the situation.

29.67 Do they not see that we have made the territory of Mecca an inviolable and secure asylum

where women are spoiled in comparison to the countries around them?

Do they therefore believe in things which are in vain,

but they do not acknowledge the goodness of Goddess?

29.68 But who is more unjust than a person that devises lies regarding Goddess,

or who denies the truth, when it has come to her?

Do they not realize that the day of their resurrection will be very sad for the unbelievers?

29.69 Whomever does their utmost to promote the one true religion,                   

we will direct them to our way, which is the right way, for Goddess is eternally with the righteous.         







In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

30.1  A.L.M.[63] Alf La Mim.

30.2 The Greeks have been overcome by the Persians preaching their gospels;

30.3 in the nearest part of the land, but after that defeat, they shall overcome others in their turn,

30.4 within three to nine years. To Goddess belongs the disposition of this matter,

both for what is past, and for what is to come;

and on that day shall the believers rejoice in the success granted by Goddess.

30.5 for She grants success to whom She pleases, and She is the Almighty One, the Merciful One.

30.6 This is the promise of Goddess; Goddess will not act contrary to Her promise;

but the greater part of women are not acquainted with the veracity of Goddess.

30.7 They know the outward appearance of the present life,

but they are careless regarding the life which is to come.

30.8 Do they not consider themselves that Goddess has not created the heavens and the earth,

and whatever is between them, otherwise than in truth and love,

and will make them exist for a predetermined period?

Yet the vast majority of the people reject the notion

that they will meet their Lady of Light upon the day of their resurrection.

30.9 Do they not travel the earth and see what has been

the natural destruction of those that have gone before them?

They excelled in strength and they easily broke earth to their own advantage;

and they lived in far greater affluence and prosperity than you now exhibit the same;

and their prophetess came to them with obvious miracles;

and Goddess was not inclined to treat them unjustly,

but they injured their own souls by their stubbornness,

and their infidelity, and their refusal to listen to their prophetess

who would have warned them of any impending disaster.

Rest assured that the prophetess and her people were saved from disaster by their faith in Goddess.

30.10 For the end of those who had done evil was a very sad resurrection day;

because they believed that the signs of Goddess were false, and they laughed their prophetesses to scorn.

30.11 Goddess produces all creatures, and will afterwards restore them to life, then you shall return to Her.

30.12 And on that day when the hour shall come, the unbelievers will be struck dumb with sadness,

when they see all the good they might have done, they will not know what to say,

yet their hearts will grieve mightily.

30.13 And they shall have no intercession from among the false idols they worshiped

which exhibited negative emotions of hate, jealousy, fear and violence,

which they had wrongfully associated with Her.

30.14 On the day and the hour when the final resurrection will come to them,

the true believers and the unbelievers will be separated;

30.15 and those who shall have believed, and had brought righteousness into the world,

shall take their pleasure in a delightful meadow;

30.16 but as for those who have disbelieved, and rejected our divine signs,

and the resurrection and the next life, they will be delivered up to Goddess to be purified.

30.17 Wherefore, glorify Goddess, when the evening comes to you, and when you arise in the morning,

30.18 and to Her is given all praise from heaven and upon the earth,

and at sunset, and if you rest at noon, give Her praise.

30.19 She brings forth the living out of the dead, and She brings forth the dead out of the living,[64]

and She quickens the earth after it has been dead; and in a like manner you will be brought back to life,

from out of your corpse.

30.20 One of Her signs is: that She has created you out of a divine spark, minerals from earth and water,

and then behold, you grow to women and men, and spread out over the entire face of the earth.

30.21 And another of Her signs is: that She has created from you,

out of the love which is already within you, a strong marriage bond between spouses,

so that you may live with them, and She has put love and compassion between you.

Certainly, these are signs to people who carefully consider matters.

30.22 And of Her signs are also the creation of the heavens and the earth,

and the variety of your languages, and your complexions, and music and art and drama, your creativity;

certainly, these are also important signs to people who carefully consider such matters.

30.23 And of Her signs are also your sleeping by night, so that during the day

you might seek to provide for yourselves out of Her abundance, and you might learn and grow;

certainly these are signs to a people who carefully listen.

30.24 Of Her signs, others are that She shows you lightening,

to strike terror and She will comfort you, to give hope of rain,

and that She sends down water from heaven which gives new life to the soil,

after it appears to have been dead; certainly these are also signs to people that try to understand matters.

30.25 And of Her signs, this is yet another one, namely,

that the heaven and the earth are firmly separated by Her command;

hereafter when She will call you out of the earth, upon the final day of your resurrection,

behold, you will be happy to come forward to Her out of your love for Her.

30.26 To Her everything is subject which is in the heavens and upon the earth;      

everything and creature is obedient to Her.

30.27 It is She who originally produced creatures, and after they die,

She will once again raise them to new life; and this is assuredly an easy task for Her.

30.28 She shows you parables, comparisons and analogies, taken from your daily lives.

Do you have, among your slaves, which your right hands possess,

any partner in the substance we have bestowed upon you,

so that you become equal sharers with them,

or do you have trouble with them as you troubles with other people?[65]

Thus, we may explain our signs, to people who easily understand them.

30.29 But those that act unjustly, by attributing negative emotions of hate, greed, jealousy,

nastiness to Goddess, and who follow their own beliefs, and have no true knowledge;

and who shall direct her whom Goddess knows to have erred?

They will have no entity to help them, if Goddess is not their protectress.

30.30 Therefore, be liberal in your understandings, but set your heart on the one true religion,

the institution of Goddess, which She has created as a pattern for womankind;

there is complete perfection in what Goddess creates for you.

This is the right religion; but the vast majority of the people do not know this.

30.31 And turn towards Her, and love Her with your entire heart, and be frequent at prayer,

and do not idolize false idols of wealth, greed, self centeredness and violence.

30.32 As to those that have made a schism in their religion,

and are divided into various sects, every sect rejoices in its own opinions,

yet there are many paths to Goddess, and you must respect them all.

30.33 When adversity befalls women, they immediately call upon their Lady of Light,

turning to Her; afterwards when She has granted them the mercy asked for,

behold, a portion of them associate false negative idols with Goddess, and return to their old habits.

30.34 They show themselves ungrateful for the favors which heaven has bestowed upon them.

30.35 Have we sent down any authority to them, which speaks of a false associate of Goddess

with base human emotions such as jealousy, hate, greed or envy?

30.36 When we cause women to taste mercy, they immediately rejoice therein,

but if evil or hardship happens to them, and often it is a result of a situation they themselves have created,

behold they despair and ask why does Goddess do this to them?

30.37 Do they not see that Goddess bestows provisions abundantly

upon many people as She sees fit for their purpose; while others Goddess is sparing with?

And many of the poor find their own happiness regardless. Certainly these are signs to people who believe.

30.38 Give reasonable amounts to your needy relatives; and also to the poor, and to the stranger:

this is better for those who seek to see the smiling face of Goddess, and they will prosper.

30.39 Whatever you shall take as excessive usury[66] to be an increase of your substance,

shall not be increased by the blessings of Goddess; but whatever you give in alms, in the name of Goddess,

this amount will vastly multiply your reward with Her.

30.40 It is Goddess who has created you, and She has provided for you;

hereafter you will die at your appointed time, and She will be with you,

and after that She will raise you again to life.

Do any of your false idols of wealth, greed, power or jealousy help you do any of these things?

All praises be to Her; and be far removed from associating your worship with such things.

30.41 Disasters have appeared by land and by sea, and many people were not saved that might have been,

for many do not listen to their prophetesses, except those that were saved,

and they tasted the sweet fruits of their steadfast faith, and the unbelievers could note this,

so that perhaps they might turn from their evil ways.

30.42 Say to the people, “Travel the earth,

and see what has been the end of many who have lived before you;

many of them believed in and worshiped false idols of wealth, greed, power and jealousy.”

30.43 Set your heart towards the right religion, before the day comes,

when you will hasten to the call of Goddess,

for there will be none to prevent the unbelievers from seeing what harm they have caused in the earth.

30.44 Whomever will have been an unbeliever,

they will see how their unbelief caused themselves and others harm,

and whomever shall have done righteousness, shall lounge on couches of repose in paradise;

30.45 so that She may reward those who have believed,

and worked righteousness, out of Her abundant provisions;

for She does not care for the unbelievers who have not asked for Her care and Her bounty.

30.46 One of Her signs is that She sends the winds, bearing the welcome tidings of rain,

so that She may show you Her mercy; and so that ships may sail at Her command,

so that you may seek to enrich yourselves out of Her abundance by your industry and commerce;

and so that you might also give Her thanks.

30.47 We have sent prophetesses before you, to their respective peoples,

and they came to them with obvious proofs; and when natural disasters came, which they will,

most unbelievers died, yet many believers were saved,

for it was incumbent upon us to assist the true believers.

Certainly the only true believers who perished in these disasters,

did so because they had agreed it was to be their time to leave earth.

30.48 It is Goddess who sends down the winds, and She raises up the clouds,

and also spreads the clouds across the heavens as She pleases, and afterwards, She disperses them away;

and you may see the rain issuing from the midst of the clouds,

and when She pours down rain on such of Her servants as She pleases,

behold they are filled with joy and they are thankful.

30.49 Although before the rains were sent down to them, before they received such relief,

they had been in deep despair.

30.50 Consider therefore the traces of the mercy of Goddess;

how She brings new life to an earth that was barren,

certainly She will bring all the dead to life on the day of their resurrection as well;

for She is the Almighty One.

30.51 Yet if a blasting hot wind should come, and the corn turns yellow and dies,

they would surely become ungrateful, many would blame this on Goddess,

despite all of Her previous favors sent to them.

30.52 You can not make the dead to hear your call, nor can you make the deaf to hear your call,

for they will leave and turn their backs to you;

30.53 neither can you direct the blind out of their error; you shall make none to hear,

except those believers who are attentive to our signs; for they are resigned to the Lady of Light.

30.54 It is Goddess who has created you as a young weak child, but then She gave you strength;

and after you attained strength, again you will be reduced to weakness and grey hairs;

She creates what is best for you, and She is the Wise One, the Powerful One.

30.55 On the day when the last and final resurrection shall come,

the wicked will swear that they have only lived once and it was a good life,

in a like manner they uttered lies in their lifetime.

30.56 But upon those who received knowledge, and those that received faith, will say,

“You have lived many lifetimes, one after the other and after you last died,

you have now come to the day of your final resurrection, but you did not know this.”

30.57 On that day, their excuses will not avail them,

for they will be saddened when they see clearly what they have done on the earth;

nor will they be allowed to make further excuses for the wickedness which they have done.

30.58 And now we have given you this Korana, with easily understood parables of every kind;

yet if you bring them a verse, the unbelievers will surely say,

“You are no other than publishers of vain lies.”

30.59 Thus has Goddess allowed the hearts of many to harden

among those that do not pray to Her or call upon Her when needed.

30.60 But do, O prophetess, persevere in this matter, for Goddess is true;

and do not let those induce you to waver, who have no certain knowledge of anything.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

31.1  A.L.M.[67]

31.2 These are the signs of this wise Book,

31.3 it is to be taken as a kind direction, and a mercy to the righteous;

31.4 those that observe frequent prayer, and give alms, and have firm belief in the life which is to come.

31.5 These believers are directed by their Lady of Light, and they shall prosper.

31.6 There is a person who purchases ludicrous and poorly told stories,

that she might seduce women from the ways of Goddess,

without knowledge, and she laughs at the believers to scorn;

she will suffer terribly on the day of her resurrection,

when she sees all of the good that she might have done.[68]

31.7 And when our signs are recited to her, she disdainfully turns her back,

as though she does not hear them, as though there was an actual deafness in her ears;

wherefore, she will be deeply saddened on the day of her resurrection,

when she sees all the good she might have done.

31.8 But the people who shall believe and do good works,

they shall enjoy gardens of pleasure in the afterlife;

31.9 they shall continue in paradise forever; this is a certain promise of Goddess;

and She is the Mighty One, the Wise One.

31.10 For She has created the heavens without visible pillars to hold them up,

and She has thrown about the earth many mountains, standing firm, so they do not move with you,

and She has replenished the earth with all kinds of creatures; and we send down rain from heaven,

and cause every kind of delicious vegetable to spring forth thereupon.

31.11 This is the creation of Goddess; yet show me now what some people have created,

those that have the idols of wealth, greed, power and envy to worship, besides Her?

Certainly the ungoddessly are in obvious error.

31.12 We have before this bestowed wisdom on Lockelani[69] and directed her,

saying, “Be thankful to Goddess; for whomever is thankful does so to the advantage of her own soul;

and if any person shall be unthankful, certainly Goddess is self sufficient, and worthy to be praised.”

31.13 And remember when Lokelani said to one of her daughters,

“O my child, do not partner Goddess with negative human emotions,

such as hate, jealousy, or greed, for this type of polytheism is a great impiety.”

31.14 We have directed woman concerning her parents, that the mother carried her in her uterus,

with weakness and faintness, and then she nursed her baby for two or more years,

saying, “Be grateful to Me, and to your parents.”

To Me shall all persons come to see any errors in what they have done.

31.15 But sometimes, some parents will endeavor to prevail upon you

to associate negative human emotions such as hate, violence, nastiness, and the like with Goddess,

and these are things which they have no knowledge of, and so you should not obey them in this regard;

but bear them kind and polite company in this world, what should be reasonable;

but do not follow the direction of anyone that creates impious lies concerning Goddess.

31.16 O my daughters, certainly every matter, whether good or bad,

whether it is as small as the grain of a mustard seed, and hidden within a rock,

or in the heavens, or in the earth, Goddess will see and bring the same to light;

for Goddess is clear sighted and the All Knowing One.

31.17 O my daughters, be frequent at prayer, and command whatever is just, and forbid what is evil;

and be patient during the adverse trials which may befall you;

for this is a duty absolutely required of all women.

31.18 Do not make disdainful faces at others, nor should you walk upon the earth with insolence;

for Goddess does not value arrogance or vanity in a person.

31.19 And be moderate in your pace at all things; do not shout when it is not necessary in polite company;

for there is no worse noise than the loud braying of a donkey.

31.20 Do you not see that Goddess has subjected many things

upon the earth and what is in heaven to your service,

and She has abundantly poured upon you Her favors, both outwardly and inwardly.[70]

31.21 And when it is said to the people, “Follow what Goddess has revealed to you,”

they answer, “No, we will follow that which we found our foremothers practicing.”

What?  Though evil crept into these teachings,

with the concepts of hate, jealousy, greed, violence, self centeredness, corruption and nastiness. 

Do you not see that Goddess is pure love?

31.22 Whomsoever resigns herself to Goddess, and is a worker of peace and righteousness,

will take hold of a strong firm handle; and to Goddess belongs the issuance of all good things.

31.23 But whomever shall be an unbeliever, do not let her unbelief sadden you;

to heaven everyone will return, and they will be shown what they have done,

for Goddess knows the innermost parts of the hearts of women.

31.24 We will suffer them to enjoy all the riches and benefits of this world,

but for a little while; afterwards we bring them back to us and show them the great grief,

sadness, toil and troubles they have caused themselves and others,

while they were on this earth and did not care about the resurrection.

31.25 If you ask them who created the heavens and the earth, they will most certainly answer “Goddess.”

Say to them, “Goddess be praised!” But the vast majority of the people do not understand.

31.26 To Goddess belongs whatever is in heaven and upon the earth;

for Goddess is the self sufficient one, the praise worthy one.

31.27 If whatever trees in the earth became pens, and all that is in the seas should be ink,

the words of Goddess would not be exhausted.

31.28 Your creation and your resurrection are but as the creation and resurrection of one soul.[71]

Certainly Goddess both knows and sees everything.

31.29 Do you not see that Goddess has caused the night to follow the day;

and She causes the day to succeed the night, and She compels the sun and the moon to serve you as well?[72]

31.30 With Goddess is the only true reality and what you have on earth here is not reality;

when you invoke negative emotions and negative actions, these are not part of truth and love;

for Goddess is the Most High, and the Most Powerful One.

31.31 Do you not see that the ships sail the sea,

only by the favor of Goddess, that She may show you one of Her signs?

Certainly these are signs and miracles for every patient, grateful person.

31.32 When waves cover the boats, like overshadowing clouds,

the people upon the ships quickly call upon Goddess,

and they find Her to be omnipotent and magnificent, as She is;

31.33  exhibiting the correct feeling for the pure religion and faith you should all have for Her;

but when She brings all the people back safely to land,

there is but a few of them that do not readily fall from the strength of the faith formerly exhibited

in a time of distress, and then they add false, negative attributes to Goddess.

31.34 O women, love your Lady of Light greatly, as do the people on a wave tossed ship,

and act piously, as though the day of resurrection is drawing near,

for a mother will not be able to make amends for her daughter on that day;

and the promise of Goddess is assuredly true. Do not let this present life, therefore, deceive you;

nor let the deceivers upon this earth lead you to deception concerning Goddess.

31.35 Certainly the knowledge of the hour of judgment is with Goddess;

and She causes the rain to descend at Her own appointed time,

and in Her own way; and She is also the one that knows what is in the uterus of every woman.

No soul knows what will happen tomorrow with certainty;

nor does any soul know where it is destined to die and pass over;

but Goddess is all knowing and fully acquainted with all these things.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

32.1 A.L.M.[73]

32.2 The revelation of this Book, in which there is no doubt, is from the Lady of All Creatures.

32.3 Will the people say, the prophetess has forged it without basis?”

No, the truth has now come from the Lady of Light, that you may preach to all peoples,

a light that has not come before into the world;

and hopefully, all the light believing people will be rightly directed.

32.4 It is the Lady of Light who has created the heavens and the earth,

and whatever is between them, in six days; and then She ascended to Her throne.

You have no patroness or intercessor besides Her. Will you not therefore consider?

32.5 She governs all things from heaven even down to the earth; hereafter everyone shall return to Her,

and finally on the day whose length shall seem a thousand earth years,

but will pass in the twinkling of an eye, with much love, peace and joy.

32.6 This is because She knows the future and the present; for She is the Almighty, the Merciful One.

32.7 It is She who has made everything and created it in a most excellent manner and style;

and She first created people from a divine spark, split the spark into two entities, male and female,

32.8 She fashioned some materials from earth and much water,

and then formed her into a proper shape, and breathed life into her,

32.9 and She has given you the sense of hearing and seeing,

and hearts to understand and for compassion and love.

How small thanks do most people return to Her!

32.10 And the people say, “When we lie in a grave, hidden in the earth,

how shall we be raised to new life?”

Yes, they deny the resurrection and the meeting of their Lady of Light,

even though it will be a joyous time for many.

32.11 Say to the people, “The angel of death, who is over those about to die,

shall gently lift your spirit from you; you will be given back your spiritual body,

and then you shall come to see your Lady of Light, in another dimension.

32.12 If you could see that a bit later, when the wicked will bow down before the Lady,

and they will ask “O Lady, we have seen our lives,

and the great suffering we endured and caused others because we did not believe,

and suffer us to return to the world, and we will work what is right;

since we are now certain of the truth of what was preached to us, and we have new amazing sight.”

32.13 If heaven had pleased we would have given every soul directly our instructions,

from day to day and everyplace all the people were; but the Word given by Goddess, must be fulfilled,

so they will return to earth, both humans and the genii or the haughty ones,

32.14  and this will be like hell for them, because they will have no guardian angels,

and earth is a difficult and dangerous place.

Still they must forget before they leave and improve their own souls without any remembrance of the past.

32.15 Most certainly they only believe in our signs, when they are in immediate danger,

then they fall down adoring and worshiping, and they celebrate the praise of their Lady of Light,

and they are not elated with pride;

32.16 and when a person is suffering, their side will raise from their beds,[74] praying to their Lady of Light with love and with hope; and they will distribute alms out of what we have bestowed upon them.

32.17 No soul knows the complete satisfaction, which is secretly prepared for them,

as a reward for that which they have done, at or after the time they have done it.

32.18 Shall a person, therefore, who is a true believer,

be held in the same esteem as one who was an impious transgressor?

Of course not, they will not be held equal,

but neither do you know all the plans that Goddess has made for each soul,

so you must not judge; this is the sole prerogative of Goddess.

32.19 As to those who believe and do that which is right,

they shall have gardens of perpetual happiness, as an ample compensation for all of their good works.

32.20 But as for those who have impiously erred, their next abode after their resurrection,

shall be rebirth to earth, which shall be like hell fire to them,

for they will not have guardian angels or a protectress there,

unless they perchance call upon them for assistance and guidance.

So often as they might try to escape this, they will be enticed by the beauty and riches upon the earth,

and they will gladly return.

32.21 And we will cause them to taste the difficulties of earth,

because until they believe, they will taste the same difficulties of yet another life on earth,

without guardian angels or Goddess, unless they repent and call upon Her.

32.22 Who is more unjust than one who is warned by the signs of the Lady of Light,

and then she turns away? For these people, they shall return to earth, without any help or guidance.

32.23 We have before this delivered a Book of Scripture to Miriam,

and you should not be in doubt as to the revelation of this Book;

and we ordained the same to be a direction to the Children of Israel.

32.24 And we appointed teachers from among them, who were able to direct the people at our command,

when they had persevered with patience, and they had firmly believed in our signs.

32.25 Certainly, the Lady of Light will advise them of what they have done,

on the day of their resurrection, even though before this they had disagreed among themselves.

32.26 Why do they not consider how many generations which were destroyed before them

who had been warned by a prophetess, but they still refused to believe her?

Certainly here are signs and miracles; will the people will not listen carefully?

32.27 Do the people not see that we drive rain to a land bare of grass and dried up,

so that it soon produces corn, of which the cattle eat, and themselves also?

Will they not hold all of this in high regard?

32.28 The unbelievers say to the true believers,

“On the day of decision, the faith of those that have disbelieved will not assist them;

nor shall they be relieved any longer.”

32.29 Therefore, avoid discussion with them politely,

yet advise them sincerely and cordially when asked regarding Goddess.

Most of them only expect to gain some advantage over you.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

33.1 O prophetess, love Goddess with all your heart and soul,

and do not obey the unbelievers and the hypocrites,

for certainly Goddess is the All Knowing One and She is All Wise.

33.2 But follow only that which has been revealed to you from the Lady of Light;

for Goddess is well acquainted with all that you do.

33.3 And put your trust in Goddess, for Goddess is an excellent protectress.

33.4 Goddess knows that a woman does not have two hearts within her;

nor has She made your husbands your true fathers,[75]  despite the fact that you have divorced some men,

regarding them afterwards as “your fathers.” Nor has She made your adopted sons your true sons.

This is your saying in your mouths, but Goddess speaks the truth and She directs the right way.

33.5 Call those which you claim have been adopted, only the sons of their natural fathers,

this is more just in the sight of Goddess. And if you did not know their fathers,

let them be as your brothers in religion, and your companions,

and there will be no crime in you, that you have erred in this matter,

but there is serious error when your hearts purposely intend it, for Goddess is gracious and merciful.

33.6 The prophetess is nearer to the true believer than their own kin, and her husband is your father.

Those who are related by blood and are true believers are nearer of kin to one another,

than are kin who are not true believers, according to the Book of Goddess.

But you should do what is fitting and reasonable to your relations in general.  

All others are on earth are your neighbors, and you are to be polite and kind to them,

and this is written in the Book of Goddess.

33.7 Remember when we accepted the promises from the prophetesses,

and from you, O prophetess, and from Nora, and Sarah and Miriam,

and Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene, all of which were high priestesses and prophetesses. 

The promise was also accepted of Yeshua, son of Mother Mary. 

We received this firm promise from each of them

33.8 that Goddess may examine the speakers of truth concerning their veracity,

and She has prepared difficult plans for the unbelievers, but She will not harm or torment them.

33.9 O true believers, remember the favor of Goddess towards you,

when the armies of the unfaithful came against you, and we sent a wind against them,

and a host of angels, which you did not see, and Goddess saw all the things which you did.

33.10 When they came against you from above you,

and from below you, and when your mind became troubled,

and your hearts flew to your throats out of fear, and you imagined that Goddess was not with you,

33.11 there the faithful were tried, and made to tremble, with a severe trembling.

33.12 And when the hypocrites and those whose hearts had hardened threatened you,

you needed only to remember that Goddess and Her prophetess does not make any fictitious promises.

33.13 And when a certain party said, “O inhabitants of Yamka[76], there is no place of security for you here,

therefore return home,” for it is often difficult to fight a nonviolent battle,

when others wish to assail you, yet you have promised others to defend them and their homes,

when they were assailed upon. And a part of them asked leave of the prophetess to depart,

saying “Certainly our homes are defenseless and exposed to the enemy,”

even though they were not defenseless; and their intention was nothing other than to flee

this defensive battle, helping an oppressed people.

33.14 If their city had been entered upon then by the enemy from parts nearby,

and they had been asked to desert the true believers, and to fight against them;

they had certainly consented thereto; but they had not stayed, but a little while.

33.15 They had before made a promise to Goddess, that they would not turn their backs,

that they would stand firm, and that the performance of their promise with Goddess

will be examined in the hereafter.

33.16 Say to the people, “Flight will not profit you, if you fly from death or slaughter,

and if you understood, you would know that your enjoyment of this world is but for a short time.”

33.17 Say to the people, “Who will intercede for you, on the day of your resurrection,

if she leads you into evil, for the avoidance of evil is best and the mercy of Goddess is infinite.”

The evil ones will find no one to be their patroness or protectress, besides Goddess.

33.18 Goddess already knows those among you who prevent others from following the prophetess,

and they say to their sisters, come listen to us, for we know many ways to be violent towards others,

for the sake of their religion.

33.19 This is because they are desirous of your attentions, yet when they are fearful,

they will seek you out for assistance, their eyes rolling about like those suffering the pains of death;

yet when their fear has subsided, they invoke use of their sharp tongues with you;

and if there are any spoils from those that have fled,

the cowards always desire the most valuable portion of any spoils.

They would never even dream of returning spoils to their rightful owners,

or if that could not be determined, then to a charity serving the people of that area,

as commanded by your Goddess. These people say they believe, but they are not sincere,

therefore Goddess will set plans and arrange more trials and tribulations on earth for them,

for all this is easy with Goddess.

33.20 The brave ones imagined that their cowardly friends would not depart,

leaving them to fight alone in defense of an oppressed people,

and if their friends returned, they would rather live in the desert with the Arabs who dwell in tents,

and to only inquire of news concerning you; and although they defended their homes with you this time,

they still fought defensively, but a very little.

33.21 You have in the prophetess of Goddess an excellent example,

to illustrate for you that she who puts her hope in Goddess, and the day of her resurrection,

and remembers Goddess frequently, will do well in this lifetime.

33.22 Whenever the true believers saw their friends, they said,

“This is what Goddess and Her prophetess have foretold us;

and Goddess and Her prophetess have spoken the truth;

and it only increased their faith and determination.

33.23 Of the true believers, some women properly performed what they had promised Goddess;

while some of them have finished their loyal covenant,[77] and some gained some advantage;[78]

and they did not change their promise by deviating therefrom in the least.

33.24 But Goddess will exceedingly reward the just performers of their promises for their loyalty,

and the hypocrites will be greatly saddened on the day of their resurrection,

when they see all the good that they might have done;

but Goddess is always ready to forgive, and She is the Merciful One.

33.25 Goddess has driven back the unfaithful in their wrath, they obtained no advantage,

and Goddess was a sufficient protectress to the faithful,

in their defensive battle of a greatly oppressed people; for Goddess is strong and mighty.

33.26 And She has caused the people who have received the Scriptures,

as have assisted the allies, to come down out of their fortresses, and make peace with their enemies,

and forge fair and equitable treaties, and fill their hearts with love and hope of peace;

for they saw the grief of dying in battle, and the sadness of the prisoner and their hearts were sympathetic.

33.27 When some fled the area out of terror,

Goddess allowed you to inherit the land of the homes of the oppressors,

and you received your wealth, and even additional lands which you never stepped foot upon,

for Goddess is the Almighty One.

33.28 O prophetess, say to your husband, “If you seek the present life, and the pomp thereof,

in lieu of the life to come, I will provide you with wealth, but if you do not,

then I will also dismiss you with an honorable dismissal.

33.29 But if you seek Goddess and Her prophetess, and the life to come,

certainly Goddess has prepared for you, for your works of righteousness, a great reward.”

33.30 O the husband of the prophetess, whomever of you have committed any wickedness,

unless you repent, your sadness on the day of your resurrection will be greatly increased,

for this is easy with Goddess.

33.31 But whomever of you will be obedient to Goddess and the prophetess,

and who does what is right, your reward shall be greatly increased,

and we have prepared for you an honorable provision in paradise.

33.32 O husband of the prophetess, you are not as other men;

if you love Goddess, be not complaisant in speech,[79] less other women might desire you,

out of their own lack of control for their lustful desires for you;

and rebuke them with firm convenient speech.

33.33 And it is best to stay at home, rather than to wander the streets,

in an ostentatious display of material wealth for the purpose of attracting other women,

and observe frequent prayer, and give alms, and obey Goddess and Her prophetess,

for Goddess only desires to remove from you the evil of vanity,

since you are in the household of your prophetess,

you need to purify your behavior by a perfect purification.

33.34 And remember of what is read in your homes,

the best readings are always the Words of Goddess, and the wisdom related in the Korana;

for Goddess has clear sight, and is well acquainted with all of your actions.

33.35 Certainly the Moslemas of either gender, and the true believers of either gender,

and the devout women, and the devout men,

and women of truth, and the men of truth,

and the patient women, and the patient men,

and the humble women, and the humble men,

and the alms givers of either sex,

and the women who fast, and the men who fast,

and the chaste women, and the chaste men,

and those of either sex who remember Goddess frequently;

for them Goddess has prepared forgiveness and a great reward.

33.36 It is not fit for a true believer of either sex,

when Goddess and Her prophetess have decided a matter,

that a person should have the liberty of changing this on their own;

and whomever is disobedient to Goddess and Her prophetess, surely errs with obvious error.

33.37 And remember when you say to a person to whom Goddess has been gracious,

and upon whom you have also given favors, “Keep your husband to yourself, and love Goddess,”

and you did conceal in your mind that which Goddess had determined to uncover,

and you did fear another woman,

still it would have been more appropriate to act out of your love for Goddess.

But when Zebina[80] had determined a matter concerning her husband,

and had resolved to divorce him from her, we would join her husband in marriage to you,

but only if you desired it, unless a crime should be charged upon the true believers,

in marrying the husbands of their followers, and when they have determined the matter concerning them,

they knew that the command of Goddess must be performed.[81]

33.38 No crime is to be charged on the prophetess, as to what Goddess has allowed her,

and what is conformable to the ordinance of Goddess with respect to those that came before her,

for the command of Goddess is a determined decree;

33.39 for it was the prophetess who brought the messages of Goddess and loved Her,

and who loves no other goddess besides Her; for Goddess is a sufficient accountant of deeds.

33.40 The prophetess is not the mother of any child among you; but she is the prophetess of Goddess,

and she bears the seal of the prophetesses; and Goddess knows all things.

33.41 O true believers, remember Goddess with frequent remembrance;

33.42 and celebrate Her praise morning and evening.

33.43 It is She who is gracious to you, and Her angels intercede for you,

so that She may lead you forth from darkness into light; and She is merciful towards the true believers.

33.44 Their greeting, on the day when they shall meet Her again,

will be “Peace!” and She has prepared for them an honorable compensation.

33.45 O prophetess, certainly we have sent you to be a witness,

and a bearer of good tidings and to announce the love of Goddess.

33.46 And you should be one who invites the people to accept Goddess.

33.47 Bear good tidings therefore to the true believers,

that they will receive great abundance from Goddess.

33.48 But do not obey the unbelievers or the hypocrites, and pay no attention to their evil treatment;

but trust in Goddess; and Goddess is a sufficient protectress.

33.49 O true believers, when you marry men who are true believers,

and afterwards divorce them, before you have touched them,

there is no minimum time to wait to finalize the divorce,

other than that which is proscribed by law, and dismiss them with an honorable dismissal.

33.50 O prophetess, we have allowed you husbands,

and you have bestowed upon them gifts which are theirs.

And you also have servants which Goddess has brought to you,

and you have nephews on your father’s side, and on your mother’s side,

and these have fled with you from other lands, and there are believing men you met in other lands,

if they give themselves to the prophetess, in case you desire in the future to take any as a husband.

This is a peculiar advantage granted to you, above the rest of the true believers.

We know what we have ordained them concerning marrying a spouse, and their servants or employees,

unless this be deemed a crime to make use of the privilege we are granting you,

for Goddess is gracious and merciful.

33.51 You may postpone the taking to bed of your husband at any time,

as you please, in being called to your duty, and your husband should be receptive in coming to your bed,

whenever you please; and he should not feel rejected when you do not.

This will be easier for you, that you both may be contented,

and he should not be grieved, but he should be well pleased with what Goddess has given him;

Goddess knows whatever is in your hearts and minds; and Goddess is knowing and gracious.

33.52 It shall not be lawful for you to take any other man as your husband,

hereafter, unless your husband has divorced you on just grounds or has died, or you have divorced him,

nor should you exchange anything for him, although the beauty of someone might please you,

and this includes your servants or employees; and Goddess sees all things.

33.53 O true believers, do not enter the home of the prophetess, unless it is permitted you to eat with her,

and you should wait for her during a convenient time, but when you are invited, then enter.

And when you have eaten, you should leave, and not stay to enter into vain discussion,

unless you have been so invited, for this inconveniences the prophetess.

She is ashamed to request that you leave; but Goddess is not ashamed of the truth.

And when you ask of the prophetess’ family what you desire,

ask them respectfully, and at a distance, invading not their personal space.

This will be more pure for your hearts and their hearts.

Nor is it fitting for you to give any uneasiness to the prophetess of Goddess,

or to marry any of her husbands after her; for this would be a sad thing in the sight of Goddess.

33.54 Whether you divulge a thing or conceal it, certainly Goddess knows all things.

33.55 It shall not be a crime for any woman to speak to any man,

or to their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or their brothers’ sons,

or their sisters’ sons or their women, or their servants,

if they speak to them unveiled; for you should love Goddess; for Goddess is witness of all things.

33.56 Certainly Goddess and Her angels bless the prophetess.

O true believers, do you also bless her, and greet her with a cordial greeting?

33.57 As for those persons who offend Goddess and Her prophetess

with negative emotions, hate, jealousy, violence or greed,

they will have great sadness on the day of their resurrection,

when they see all the good that they failed to accomplish.

33.58 And those who injure the true believers of either sex, without their deserving it,

shall also see great sadness on the day of their resurrection,

when they see all the good that they failed to accomplish.

33.59 O prophetess, speak to the wives and the daughters you know,

and to the wives and daughters of the true believers,

that they no longer have to place outer garments over them when they walk outside,

this is more proper and convenient for them, and all men should be respectful of them,

so they do not feel the need to utilize outer garments, for when they do, this shows disgrace to their men,

that they feel they must cover up themselves to be safe,

and do not let any man accuse them of having an ill reputation when they are not covered up,

but rebuke those men that would threaten a woman for no such good reason,

other than she is not covered, for it is the actions of such men that are immodest and unseemly,

and they should be properly rebuked for their improper actions against women.

33.60  Certainly, if the hypocrites and those who have hardened their own hearts,

and those who raise disturbances in the places of worship do not desist,

they will surely be chastised for such actions, and they should not be allowed to live nearby.

33.61 For the wicked people that do such things,

and create harm to the persons and property of the places of worship,

should be arrested and imprisoned for the crimes they commit against the believers

and the places in which they worship. For they are full of error, and when they are found,

they should be arrested, tried and imprisoned, if they are found guilty;

but they should not be subject to cruel or unusual punishment, including beatings or torture.

33.62 This is the sentence of Goddess concerning these people;

and you will not find any change in the sentence of Goddess.

33.63 Women will ask you concerning the approach of the last hour,

answer them, “Certainly the knowledge of this is with Goddess only;

and She will not inform me; perhaps the hour is near at hand,

but you should never fear it, for Goddess is gracious.”

33.64 Certainly Goddess grieves for the unfaithful,

and they will have great sadness on the day of their resurrection

when they see all the good that they might have accomplished.

33.65 And after they have been resurrected, they will return to earth again,

which shall be like hell fire, to walk upon the earth without a protectress or any guardian angels.

33.66 On the day whereupon they shall see the sadness they caused in their lifetime,

they will say, “O how we wished that we had obeyed Goddess, and her apostle.”

33.67 And they shall say, “O Lady of Light, certainly we obeyed our leaders on earth

and people having much knowledge there, but we were seduced into error.”

33.68 “O Lady of Light, give the seducers double our punishment;

and curse them with a heavy curse!”  And the Lady will respond,

“I am all love and compassion, I do not punish, I only discipline. 

I do not curse, I only love and guide you. 

You need not be concerned with them, only with yourselves.”


33.69 O true believers, do not be as those that injured Miriam;[82]

but Goddess cleared her from the scandal which the people created concerning her,

for she was held in high esteem in the eyes of Goddess.

33.70 O true believers, love your Goddess with all your heart, and speak only kindly words,

33.71 that Goddess may correct your works for you, and She may forgive you your errors;

and whomever shall obey Goddess and Her prophetess, will enjoy great happiness.

33.72 We proposed the faith to the heavens, and to the earth, and to the mountains;

and many entities have refused to undertake it;[83] and they were afraid of the faith;

but quite a few people of the earth received it;

certainly the ones that did not were foolish and unjust to their own souls.

33.73 And Goddess will show the error of their ways,

to the hypocritical man, and to the hypocritical woman,

and the people that worship false idols of wealth, greed, power and self centeredness;

and Goddess is always turned to the true believers,

both women and men, for Goddess is gracious and merciful.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

34.1 All Praise be to Goddess, to whom belongs whatever is in the heavens and on earth;

and to Her give praises in the world which is to come; for She is the Wise One and the Intelligent One.

34.2 She knows whatever enters into the earth, and whatever comes out from it,[84]

and whatsoever descends from heaven,[85] and whatsoever ascends to heaven;[86]

and She is merciful and ready to forgive.

34.3 The unbelievers say, “The hour of judgment will never come to us.”

Answer, “Yes, by my Lady of Light, it will come to you; it is She that knows all hidden secrets;

even if they are as small as the weight of an ant, She knows all either in heaven or on the earth,

and nothing is absent from Her knowledge, nor is anything less than this or greater,

but the same is written down in the easily understood Book of Her works;”

34.4 “This is so She may readily compensate those that have believed, and wrought righteousness,

they shall receive pardon and a bounteous provision.”

34.5 “But those who endeavor to render our signs and miracles null and of no effect

shall be greatly saddened on the day of their resurrection,

when they see all the good that they might have done.”

34.6 Those to whom the knowledge has been given,

will see the Book which has been revealed to you from the Lady of Light is in fact Truth,

and will direct you to the glorious and laudable way.

34.7 The unbelievers will say to one another, “Shall we show you a woman who will prophesy to you,

that when you have been dispersed with total dispersion, you will be raised to a new creature?”

34.8 “This prophetess has forged lies concerning Goddess, or rather she is insane.”

But those people who do not believe in the life to come,

will be very saddened on the day of their resurrection in seeing all the people which

they had led astray in wide error.

34.9 Did they not consider what happened before them,

and what is after them, and did they not see all the love that is in the heavens and on the earth?

But they are told by Evil that the angels debate all the time about whatever they please,

and that heaven will cause the earth to open up and swallow them alive. 

Or, often Evil says the angels will cause pieces from heaven to fall upon the people and kill them,

but clearly that is not what heaven does, for the angels are pure love.

Certainly here is a sign to every servant who turns to Goddess.

34.10 We have also bestowed on Denise excellence from us;

and we said, “O mountains, sing alternate praises with her,” and we obliged the birds to join in the same. And we softened iron for her,

34.11 saying, “Make coats of mail, as a defense to those who would harm you,

and also use small plates within it to strengthen it;

and work righteousness by making peace with your enemies, whenever possible. 

O family of Denise, I, your Lady of Light, see all the good that you do.”

34.12 And we made the wind subject to Salome;

it blew in the morning for a month, and then in the evening for a month.

And we made a fountain of molten brass to flow for Her.

And some of the genii or haughty ones were obliged to work in her presence,

by the command of the Lady of Light, and whomever of them turned aside from our command,

they will be greatly saddened on the day of their resurrection, when they see all the grief they caused,

and all the goodness they might have done.

34.13 They made for her whatever she pleased of palaces, and statutes,[87] and large dish-like fish ponds,[88]

and huge caldrons[89] standing firm on trivets, and we said,

“Work righteousness, O family of Denise, with thanksgiving; for few servants are truly thankful.”

34.14 And when we had decreed that it was Salome’s time to pass,

nothing discovered her death to them, except the creeping things of the earth,

and these gnawed her staff. And when her body fell down, the genii plainly knew

that if they had known her secrets, they would not have endeavored in evil,

and would not have to encounter sadness on the day of their resurrection.[90]

34.15 The descendants of Saba had seen a sign in their house;

namely two gardens on the right hand, and two on the left,

and it was said to them, “Eat of the provisions from your Lady of Light, and give thanks to Her;

for you have a good country, and a gracious Lady of Light.”

34.16 But then they turned aside from what they were commanded;

and no longer did we provide special care to their gardens,

and so they withered, and the fruit became bitter and dry,

and only tamarisks[91] would grow there and little fruits from the lote tree.[92]

therefore their gardens were flooded with waters from Arama.[93]

34.17 This happened because they were ungrateful, and does this not happen often to the ungrateful?

34.18  And we placed between them and the cities which are blessed, cities situated near to one another;

and we made the journey easy between them, saying,

“Travel between the cities, by day and night, in security.”

34.19 But the ungrateful ones said, “O Lady of Light, put more of a distance in our journey;”[94]

and they were unjust to themselves, and we made them the subject of legends,

and these ungrateful ones were dispersed with total dispersion.

Certainly, here are signs to every patient, grateful person.

34.20 And Evil found his opinion of them to be true,[95]

and many followed him, except a smaller party of the true believers.

34.21 And Evil had no true power over them, unless to tempt them,

so that we might know who believed in the life to come, or who doubted this precept. 

The Lady of Light observes all things.

34.22 Say to the unbelievers, “Call upon those that you imagine to be deities when you worship wealth, greed, power and self centeredness,

they are not masters of the weight of an ant in heaven or on earth;

nor have they any share in the creation of government of the same,

nor is any of them an assistant to the Lady of Light.”

34.23 No intercession will be of service in the presence of Goddess,

except the intercession of entities who have been granted permission to intercede for all others;

and everyone will wait in suspense of what the Lady of Light will say,

yet no terror will come over them or their hearts; and they will say to one another,

“What does the Lady of Light say?” They will answer, “That which is just, and fair and kind and all Love,

just as She is.”

34.24 Say to the people, “Who provides for you on heaven and on earth?”

Answer them, “Goddess; and either we or you follow the one true religion, or we are in obvious error.”

34.25 Say to the people, “You will not be examined as to what we have done;

nor will we examine what you have done.”

34.26 Say to the people, “Our Lady of Light will assemble us together, on the day of our last resurrection; then She will show us the final Truth; and She is the Best Judge, the All Knowing One.”

34.27 Say to the people, “Show me those negative emotions whom you have joined as partners with Her; you should know that the Lady of Light does not have the negative human emotions

 of hate, greed, or jealousy. No, rather She is the Almighty, the Wise Goddess.”

34.28 We have not sent you otherwise to your people to be a bearer of good tidings,

an announcer of love, yet the vast majority of the people do not understand.

34.29 And they will say, “When will the day of resurrection be fulfilled, if you speak the truth?”

34.30 Answer them, “You will not know the day, nor the hour, nor will you hasten this time.”

34.31 The unbelievers will say, “We will by no means believe in this Korana,

nor in that which has been revealed before it.”

But if you could see what the unjust doers will see when they are before the Lady of Light!

They will initiate conversation with one another wherein one that was esteemed weak

will say to the arrogant ones, “Had it not been for you, certainly we would have been true believers.”

34.32 Those who had behaved wrongfully and arrogantly shall say to those who were esteemed weak, “Did we turn you aside from the true direction, after it had come to you? 

On the contrary, you acted wickedly out of your own free will, so do not blame us for your situation.”

34.33 And those who were esteemed weak shall say to those who behaved with arrogance,

“No, but the crafty plot which you devised by night and by day led us to ruin;

when you commanded that we should not believe in Goddess,

and that we should worship wealth, greed, power and self centeredness as equals to Her. 

And they shall conceal their repentance, after which they shall grieve as they begin to see

all the wrongful actions and the hurt that they caused others.

34.34 We have sent no prophetess to any city, but the inhabitants therein who lived in affluence said,

“Certainly we do not believe that you are sent by Goddess.”

34.35 And those of Mecca also say, “We abound in riches and children,

more than you, and we will never be punished for any evil things that we do.”

34.36 Answer the people, “Certainly my Lady will bestow provisions in abundance

to whom She pleases, and will be sparing to those as it is best for them.”

But the vast majority of people do not know this.

34.37 Neither your riches nor your children are the things which will cause you to draw near to us;

only those that believe, and work righteousness, they will receive a greatly increased reward

for that which they shall have done; and they shall dwell in security, in the upper apartments of paradise.

34.38 But those who endeavor to render the signs of Goddess void shall be steeped in sadness

on the day of their resurrection, when they see all the goodness they might have done,

if only they had believed.

34.39 Say to the people, “Certainly my Lady of Light will grant provisions in abundance

to whom She pleases out of her servants, but She will be sparing, unto those it is best for;

and whatever thing you shall give in alms, She will return it many times over,

and She is the best provider of food.

34.40 On a certain day, She shall gather all the souls together;

then She will say to the angels, “Did they worship you?”

34.41 And the angels would say, “Some were grateful and thankful to us,

but the majority of them worshiped their own idols of wealth, greed, power and self centeredness;

most believed in this evil rather than the love of Goddess.”

34.42 On this day none of you shall be able to profit or to hurt another. 

And we will say to those that have acted unjustly,

“You will be purified by the Light, and it will not harm you.”

34.43 When our evident signs and miracles are read to them, they will say to you,

“O prophetess, you are no other than a woman who seeks to turn us

away from the idolization of wealth, greed and power, which we love,

and which our foremothers loved.  And they say of the Korana,

“This is none other than a blasphemous lie.”  And the unbelievers say of the truth,

when it comes to them, “This is none other than manifest dark magic.”

34.44 Yet we have given them no Books of Scripture wherein they might discover the lies of the forgers, nor have we sent to them any prophetess before you that taught anything else.

34.45 Those people, who before were like them in manner, accused their prophetesses of lying;

but these people have not even arrived to but one tenth

of the riches and strength that we have granted the people before them,

and yet they still accuse My prophetess of lying, and how great My sadness was!

34.46 Say to the people, “Certainly I advise you that you will do one thing;

namely, that on the day of your resurrection, you will stand before Goddess,

two by two and singly, then consider this matter seriously and you will find that there is no insanity

in your prophetess, for she is none other than a preacher and an announcer of the love of Goddess,

so that you might turn toward Her.

34.47 Say to the people, “I ask not of you any reward for my preaching,

it is your own blessing, either to spread or not to spread, my reward is expected from Goddess alone,

and She is witness over all things.”

34.48 Say to the people, “Certainly my Lady sends down the truth to Her prophetesses;

She is the Knower of all Secrets.”

34.49 Say to the people, “Truth has come and falsehood has vanished, and will not return any morel”

34.50 Say to the people, “If I err, then certainly I err only as against my own soul;

but if I am rightly directed, it will be by that which my Lady of Light has revealed to me;

for She is ready to hear, and near to those that call upon Her.”

34.51 If you could see, when the unbelievers are grieving for what they have done,

and they will not have happiness at that time, and they will be taken to a nearby place,

34.52 and they shall say, “We believe in Her!”  But how shall they receive the faith from a distant place?

34.53 But they denied Goddess before this, and they reviled the mysteries of faith from their distant place.

34.54 And they will then reenter the earth,  and a veil is placed between

earth and paradise; as it has been done in their prior lifetimes;

because they have been in doubt, which is scandalous.











In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

35.1 Praise be unto Goddess, the Creatress of heaven and of earth;

who makes the angels Her messengers, furnished with two, and then three, and then four pairs of wings.[96]

35.2 The mercy which Goddess shall freely grant to humans, there is none that can hold this back,

and there is none that can grant, besides Goddess; for She is the Almighty One and the Wise One.

35.3 O women, remember the favor of Goddess towards you;

is there any creatress besides Goddess, who provides food for you from heaven and from earth? 

There is no Goddess but She; how therefore are you turned aside from acknowledging Her unity?

35.4 If they accuse you of lying, prophetesses long before you have also been accused of lying;

and to Goddess shall all things return.

35.5 O women, certainly the promise of Goddess is true; therefore do not let the present life deceive you,

nor let the deceivers deceive you concerning Goddess;

35.6 for Evil is an enemy to you; therefore hold Evil as an enemy;

this entity only invites his friends to be the inhabitants of earth, over and over again.

35.7 For those who do not believe, they will be greatly saddened on the day of their resurrection;

but for those who believe and do that which is right, there is prepared for them a mercy and great reward.

35.8 Shall the person for whom an evil work has been prepared

and whom imagines it to be good, is to be the same as one who is rightly disposed, and discerns the truth?

Certainly Goddess will not help those that do not seek Her; but will direct those that call upon Her.

Do not let your heart make repeated sighs for those that do not want to believe,

for Goddess well knows all that they do.                                          

35.9 It is Goddess who sends the winds, and She raises up the clouds;

and we drive the same to a barren country, and will enliven the soil after it has been barren,

as this happens to the land, so shall your resurrection be to your soul.

35.10 Whoever desires excellence, to Goddess does all excellence belong;

to Her ascends all good speech and the righteous work will exalt.

But as for those people who devise wicked plots,

they will suffer great sadness on the day of their resurrection;

and the device of those people will be rendered void.

35.11 For Goddess created, first out of a divine spark, then out of minerals from the earth and water,

and then an ovum, and then She makes you a wife with a husband. 

No woman conceives, or bears a child, without Her knowledge. 

Nor is there generally any days added to the age of a person whose time has come,

but which has already been written in the Akashic records. Certainly this is easy with Goddess.

35.12 The two seas are not to be held in comparison; one is fresh and sweet a pleasure to drink;

but the other is salty and unpleasant, yet out of each you are given delicious fish from each,

and you take ornaments[97] therefrom for you to wear. You also see ships traversing the waves,

that you might seek to enrich yourselves by commerce, from the abundance of Goddess;

perhaps you should be truly thankful.

35.13 She causes the night to follow the day, and the day to follow the night;

and She obliges the sun and the moon to perform their services;

each of them orbits in an appointed course. This is Goddess, your Lady of Light; to Her is the Queendom.

But the idols you worship of wealth, greed and power, they do not even have power over a date stone.

35.14 If you invoke them, they will not hear you praying,

and even if they did hear, they would not answer you. 

On the day of your resurrection, they will not claim you or give you protection,

and they will not give you Truth, as Goddess will on that day.

35.15 O women!  While you have need of Goddess, She does not need you;

for Goddess is self sufficient, and to be praised.

35.16 Evil tells you, “If She wanted, She will take you away and put a new people in your stead,”

but this is not true, for She loves you greatly. It is more correct to say, “If She pleased,

and you have done well, She could move you to a more prosperous land,

and another less fortunate nation would then take your place.”

35.17 And this cannot be done by Evil.  Evil has no true power over you or over anything.

35.18 A burdened soul will not bear the burden of another soul;

and if a heavy burdened soul tries to call upon another to bear part of its burden,

no part will be born by the person who shall be called upon, even if she is very closely related.

You shall advise those that love their Lady of Light in secret,

and are frequent at prayer, and those who cleanse themselves of the guilt of disobedience,

does so to the advantage of her own soul;

for all shall be assembled together before Goddess on the day of their final resurrection.

35.19 On that day, the blind and the seeing will not be held equal;

35.20 nor are darkness and light held equal.

35.21 Nor will the living and the dead be held equal[98]

for Goddess shall hear only those persons who have previously called upon Her;

but those that have not called, will not be heard.

35.22 You are no more than a preacher and a teacher.

35.23 Certainly we have sent you truth, and to be a bearer of good tidings,

and you should be an announcer of the Love of Goddess.

35.24 There has been no nation, but a preacher has in past times

been sent to them to converse among them;

35.25 if they charge you with lying,

many people who lived before this also charged their prophetesses with lying.

Their prophetesses came to them with evident miracles and with divine writings,

and with enlightening Books;

35.26 afterwards, many were shown the errors of their ways that were unbelievers,

and how great was their sadness on the day of their resurrection!

35.27 Do you not see that Goddess sends down rain from heaven,

and that we thereby produce fruits of various colors and types?

In the mountains also there are some tracts colored white and red,

of various colors, and some are a deep black.

35.28 And of humans and beasts and cattle, there are colors that are similarly of many variations. 

Only those that love Goddess will be endued with complete understanding;

certainly Goddess is almighty and ready to forgive.

35.29 Certainly those who read the Book of Goddess and are frequent at prayer,

and give alms out of what we have granted them, both in secret and openly,

hope for a type of good merchandise which will never perish;

35.30 and rest assured that Goddess pays every soul what they have earned,

and they often receive as their reward many times over what they have earned;

for She is the Frequent Bestower, and the Most Appreciative One.

35.31 That which we have revealed to you from the Book of the Korana is the truth,

confirming the Scriptures which were revealed before,

and adding in additional and more correct information that you will now understand;

for Goddess knows and provides regards to Her servants.

35.32 And we have given the Book of the Korana in heritage to such of our servants

as we have carefully chosen; yet there are those that continually injure their own souls;

and there are others who keep the moderate way;[99]

and there are others who greatly exceed others in good works,

by the permission and supplication to Goddess. This is the great excellence.

35.33 Those believers shall be introduced into gardens of perpetual abode;

they will be adorned therein with bracelets of gold, pearls, and their clothing shall be made from silk;

35.34 and they shall say, “Praise be to Goddess, who has taken away sorrow from us!”

Certainly our Lady of Light is ready to forgive those who have erred, and to reward the obedient;

35.35 those who have caused us to take our rest in a dwelling of eternal stability;

though Her great bounty, where no labor shall touch us, nor any weariness affect us.

35.36 But as for the unbelievers is prepared yet another incarnation on earth,

without a protectress and guardian angels, which will be like hell;

they will be born again; and they will not avoid this discipline; nor will it be made easier for them.

Thus shall every unbeliever be rewarded.

35.37 And they shall cry out aloud once again upon the earth,

“Lady of Light, please take us to heaven,

and we will act righteously therein, and not do what we formerly did.”

But it will be answered to them, “Were you not provided with lives of sufficient length,

that whomever that might be warned, would be warned; and did not a prophetess come to you?

Therefore, experience the pain and suffering of earth, until you turn to Her.”

And the unjust shall have no protectress, until they call out to Her.

35.38 Certainly Goddess knows all the secrets of both heaven and earth,

for She knows the innermost parts of the hearts of humans.

35.39 It is She who has made you to come into the earth.

Whomever shall disbelieve, upon her is her own disbelief;

and their unbelief shall gain the unbelievers even more sadness

on the day of their resurrection with Goddess. Yet She will not harm or threaten them in any way.

35.40 Say to the people, “What do you think now of worshiping

greed, power and wealth, which you sought out, but did not call upon Goddess?

Show me what part of earth they have created or sustained.

Or did they share in the creation of the heavens?

Were the unbelievers given the Book of revelations,

so they may rely on any proof therefore to authorize what they do?”

No, but the ungoddessly make to one another only deceitful promises.

35.41 Certainly Goddess sustains the heavens and the earth, less they fail;

and if they should fail, none could support them, except Her; She is gracious and merciful.

35.42 Some people swore by Goddess, with almost solemn oath, that if a prophetess had come to them,

they would have been better directed than any nation; but now a prophetess has come to them,

but it has only increased their aversion from the truth;

35.43 their arrogance in the earth, and their contrivance of evil;

but the contrivance of evil shall only encompass the authors of it.

Do they expect anything other than that which happened to the unbelievers before them,

that they should suffer grief?

For you shall not find any change over time in the ordinance of Goddess;

nor shall you find any variations in interpreting the ordinance of Goddess.

35.44 Have they not traveled the earth and seen what has happened to the many peoples before them? 

Although they were more might in strength than the prior peoples were, they perished.

Goddess will not be frustrated by anything either in heaven,

or upon the earth; for She is the Wise and the Powerful One.

35.45 If Goddess should punish women and men according to what they deserve,

She would not leave anything on the earth, except beasts; but She respites them to a determined time;

and when the time has come, certainly Goddess will properly instruct Her servants.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

36.1[100] Y.S.

36.2  I swear by the instructive Korana,

36.3 That you are one of the messengers of Goddess,

36.4 sent to show the right way.

36.5 This is a revelation of the most Mighty, the Merciful Goddess;

36.6 that you may bring the love of Goddess to a people whose mothers were not told of this great love;

and they lived neglected lives without it.

36.7 Our decrees have been pronounced to the vast majority of the people; yet most do not believe.

36.8 Their errors and stubbornness are like yokes on their necks,[101]

and these come up to their chins; and they must strain to hold up their heads;

36.9 and we have set a veil before them, and a veil around them, when they are on earth,

so they do not see paradise.

36.10 It will be no matter to them whether you preach to them,

or do not preach to them at all, for they do not desire to believe.

36.11 But you shall preach effectively to only those who follow the commands of the Korana,

and know the love of the Merciful One in secret.

Therefore bear good tidings to women, out of your mercy,

and for that you will receive an honorable reward in the afterlife.

36.12 Certainly we will restore the dead to life,

and their works will be recorded, and their footsteps left behind we will know;

and everything which was done will be recorded in an easily reviewed recording devic.

36.13 Propound to them as an example the inhabitants of the city of Antonia,[102]

when the prophetesses of Yeshua came to them,

36.14 two prophetesses were sent to them, but the people charged them with lying.

Then we strengthened the two with a third.

And they said, “Certainly we were sent to you from Goddess.”

36.15 The inhabitants answered, “You are just like any other woman,

no different from any of us; nor has the Merciful One revealed anything to you; you only speak lies.”

36.16 The prophetesses replied, “Our Lady of Light knows that we really were sent to you;”

36.17 “and our duty is only to preach and teach.”

36.18 The people of Antonia replied, “Certainly we are afraid of evil emanating from you;

if you do not desist from preaching, we will stone you, and this will be a painful and deadly punishment.”

36.19 The prophetesses answered, “Your evil emanations come only from yourselves;

although you have been told you are absolutely forbidden to use violence against one another,

why do you persist in error? Certainly you are a people that transgress exceedingly.”

36.20 And a certain person came swiftly from the outskirts of the city,

and said, “O my people, follow the prophetesses of Goddess;

36.21 follow the women that do not command any reward from you,

for these prophetesses are rightly directed.”

36.22 “What reason do I have that I should not worship Her who created me?

For to Her all things will return.”

36.23 “Should I have for goddesses wealth, greed, power and self centeredness?

If the Merciful One allows afflictions to assail me,

their assistance will not alleviate my condition, nor will they deliver me;

36.24 then I will be in manifest error.”

36.25 “Certainly I believe in your Lady of Light, therefore listen to me.”

36.26 But they stoned her; and the prophetess died,

and it was said to her by the angels and Goddess after death, “Enter into paradise.”

36.27 “O that the people could know how merciful that Goddess has been to me! 

For She has highly honored me!”

36.28 And after the prophetess had died, it was to be that a dreadful disaster was to come;

but there was no prophetess to warn the inhabitants;

36.29 and with one blast of hot, torrential air from Evil; all the people utterly perished.

36.30 O, the misery of women! No prophetess has come to them, but they laughed her to scorn.

36.31 Do they not see how dangerous a place the earth is,

and how many civilizations have been destroyed before them?

36.32 No person will return thereto; but all of them in general will have a day of resurrection.

36.33 One sign of the resurrection is where you see barren land,

then heaven sends down rain and livens the earth once again,

and various sorts of grain are produced, of which the people may eat.

36.34 And we make on the earth gardens of palm trees and vines;

and we cause springs of fresh water to gush forth in the gardens of palm trees and vines;

36.35 that the people may eat of the fruits produced thereby, and of the labor of their hands.

Will they not therefore give thanks to Her?

36.36 Praise be to Her who has created all the different kinds of produce,

both of vegetables,[103] which the earth brings forth, and of their own species, by reproducing,

and all sorts of miracles which they do not understand the source of.

36.37 The night also is a sign to them; we withdraw the day from the same,

and behold they are covered with darkness for rest;

36.38 and the sun hastens to a place of rest. This is the disposition of the mighty one, the Wise Goddess.

36.39 And for the moon we have appointed certain mansions,[104]

until it changes and returns to be like the branch of a palm tree.

36.40 It is not expedient that the sun should overtake the moon in orbit;

nor does the night outstrip the day; but each of the luminaries moves in a peculiar orbit.

36.41 It is a sign also to them, that we carried their offspring in an ark safely through the flood;

36.42 and that we have made for them other conveniences like it, whereon they ride.

36.43 but only evil tells them, “If the angels pleased, they would drown you all,

and no one would help you, nor would you be delivered,

36.44 except Evil would help, but only for a season.”

This is incorrect, for the angels and Goddess do not seek the destruction of anyone.

36.45 When it is said to the people, “Fear that which is before you,

and that which is behind you,” this is incorrect.  With Goddess you need not fear anything. 

You will always obtain mercy from your Lady of Light whenever you request it.

36.46 And you do not bring them but one sign, out of the many signs of the Lady of Light,

but they turn aside from the same.

36.47 And when it is said to them, “Give alms out of that which Goddess has granted you;

the unbelievers say to those that believe, by mocking them,

“Shall we feed those whom Goddess could very well feed, if Goddess wanted to? 

Certainly this is none other than obvious error.

36.48 And they say, “When will this promise of the resurrection be fulfilled, if you speak the truth?”

36.49 They only wait for one sounding of the trumpet,

which shall overtake them while they are engaging in fruitless debates;

36.50 and they shall not have time to make any final disposition of their effects,

nor shall they return to their family.

36.51 And the trumpet will be sounded again, and behold,

the dead shall appear to the living, as if they came out of their graves, but they did not;

they came out from behind the veil, and all will hasten to their Lady of Light!

36.52 The unbelievers will say, “Alas for us! We see the suffering we have caused others.” 

This is what the Merciful One promised us, and Her prophetesses spoke the truth.

36.53 It shall be but one sound of the trumpet

and all souls shall be assembled together before the Lady of Light.

36.54 On this day, no soul shall be unjustly treated in the least;

nor shall any be rewarded that wrought evil on the earth,

but each will be shown what they have done.

36.55 On this day the inhabitants of paradise will be filled with joy;

36.56 they and their husbands will rest in shady groves, leaning on magnificent couches.

36.57 There they shall have fruit, and they shall obtain whatever they shall desire.

36.58 Peace will be the word spoken to the righteous, by a Merciful Lady.

36.59 But She shall say to the wicked, “Do not fear, but you will be separated from the believers,

and then we will purify you, and it will be painless.”

36.60 “For you were all commanded, O daughters of Eve, that you should not worship Evil;

because this was hateful to you.”

36.61 "And did I not say to you, ‘Worship Me;’ this is the right way?”

36.62 “But now Evil seduced a great multitude of you; did you not understand?”

36.63 “For now you see that life on earth was like Hell; that was the true place that you were promised,

and it was only a place to learn and to grow in paths of love.”

36.64 “You were cast many times back to that place,

and it felt like burning flesh, for that is the demise of the unbeliever.”

36.65 “On this day, you need not defend yourself, nor do you need to use your hands to speak to us,

nor will your feet betray you.”

36.66 “Only Evil tells you, ‘If Goddess pleased, She would put out your eyes,

and you will run in the wild manner that you were used to on earth’,”

but you believed Evil, then this is another obvious error because you were clearly told

Goddess is all love and She does not punish, She only disciplines.

36.67 And Evil will also say to you, “If we pleased,

we could transform the unbelievers into hideous shapes in any place they were found;

and they will not be able to depart; nor will we let them repent.”

But this is certainly not the case, for Goddess does not make souls into

hideous shapes to terrorize them, nor does She ever keep any soul from repenting,

for repentance is what She hopes for and loves dearly.

Again you believe Evil over what Goddess has commanded. What good does that do you?

36.68 To all the righteous souls that desire it, they are granted a long life;

even though their bodies may be cast down at an elderly age. Do not the people understand?

36.69 We have not taught the prophetess the art of poetry;

nor is it easy for her to be a poet.  A true poet has great talents and abilities to entertain the people;

rather the prophetess is a bearer of love from Goddess,

and one who recites the easily understood Korana;

36.70 that She may bring love and good tidings to the living;

and the judgment at the time of resurrection will be justly executed on the unbelievers.

36.71 Do the people not consider that we have created for them,

among what our hands have wrought, cattle of various kinds, of which they possess;

36.72 and we have also put cattle in submission to them.

36.73 Some cattle are for riding; and some are to eat; and they will receive other advantages from cattle;

and they drink the milk of cows. Will they not therefore be thankful to Goddess?

36.74 They have worshiped idols of greed, power and wealth,

in the hopes that they may be assisted by them,

36.75 but these idols are of no assistance upon death, yet the unbelievers defend their worship of them.

36.76 Do not let their talk grieve any prophetess, we know what they privately conceal,

that which they publicly disclose.

36.77 Does not woman know that we have created her from a one celled ovum?

Yet behold, many people openly dispute against the resurrection;

36.78 and the unbelievers propound to us comparisons, and they forget their false idols.

She says, “Who can restore bones to life, when they have rotted?”

36.79 Answer them, “She shall restore them to life, for She created them the first time;

for She is skilled in every kind of creation.”

36.80 Who can give you fire out of the green tree?[105]

You well know that you can kindle your fire from green wood.

36.81 Did She not create the heavens and the earth? Then cannot She create new creatures

whenever She desires? Yes, this is a certainty; for She is the Wise Creatress.

36.82 Her command, when She wills a thing, is only that She says to it, “Be!” and it immediately is.

36.83 Wherefore, praise be to Her, in whose hand is the Queendom of all things,

and to whom you shall return on the day of your resurrection.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

37.1 By the angels who rank themselves in order;[106]

37.2 and by those who drive forward and dispel evil;[107]

37.3 and by those who read the Korana to seek the love of Goddess;

37.4 certainly your Goddess is one entity;

37.5 She is the Lady of heaven and of earth, and of whatever is between them, and the Lady of the east.

37.6 We have adorned the lower heaven with ornamentation of stars;

37.7 and we have placed therein a guard against every rebellious devil;

37.8 that they may not listen to the discussions of angels;

37.9 for they are darted at from every side, to repel them,

37.10 except someone that catches a word by stealth, but then is pursued by a shining flame.

37.11 Ask your enemies therefore, whether they are stronger by nature,

or are the angels, whom we have created? We have surely created them of magnificent divine sparks.

37.12 You wonder at the power of Goddess and their obstinacy;

but they mock at the arguments urged to convince them of faith;

37.13 when they are warned, they do not listen;

37.14 and when they see any sign or miracle, they scoff at it;

37.15 and they say, “This is none other than manifest dark magic;”

37.16 “after we are dead, and we are dust and bones, will we really be raised to life,”

37.17 “and our ancestors also?”

37.18 Answer them “Yes: and you shall then be shown the error of your former beliefs.”

37.19 There shall be but one blast of the trumpet, and they shall see themselves raised,”

37.20 and they shall say, “Alas for us!  This is the day of judgment, which did come;”

37.21 it is the day of distinction between the righteous and the unbeliever, which you rejected as lies.

37.22 Gather together those who have acted unjustly,

and their friends, and the idols of wealth, greed and power, which they worshiped,

37.23 besides Goddess, and direct them back to the earth, which shall seem like Hell;

37.24 and set them before the tribunal of Goddess; for they will be called to account,

37.25 then what will be the matter that you will not defend one another?

37.26 But on this day, they shall submit themselves to Goddess;

37.27 and they shall draw near to one another, and shall dispute among themselves.

37.28 And the seduced shall say to those who seduced them,

“Certainly you came to us with promises of prosperity,”

37.29 and the seducers shall answer them, “No, it is just that you were not true believers,”

37.30 “for we had no true power over you; but you were people who desired to err;”

37.31 “therefore, the Lady of Light had instructed us; and we shall surely be returned to earth,

which shall feel like severe vengeance, but Goddess does not avenge, She only disciplines.”

37.32 “We seduced you; but we also greatly erred ourselves.”

37.33 They shall both therefore be made to partake of the same banishment to earth on that same day.

37.34 This is how Goddess deals with the wicked; they are either returned to earth,

or at the final resurrection, they will be purified without harm or fear, by Her pure light.

37.35 Before, when it was said to them, “There is no goddess besides the One True Goddess,”

they swelled with arrogance

37.36 and they said, “Shall we abandon our idols of wealth, greed and power for an insane poet?”

37.37 No, the prophetess comes with the truth, and she bears witness to all former prophetesses,

and there were many that came before, and there are still many to come,

for Goddess does not abandon Her people ever.

37.38 You shall live again on the earth, which shall seem like a painful torment of Hell;

37.39 and you shall not be rewarded for you have no good works.

37.40 But as for the sincere servants of Goddess,

37.41 they shall have an abundant provision in paradise,

37.42 namely, delicious fruits; and they shall be honored,

37.43 they shall be placed in gardens of pleasure,

37.44 leaning on couches, facing one another;

37.45 a cup shall be carried around to them, filled from a gushing fountain;

37.46 for the delight of those who drink;

37.47 it shall not cloud the understanding, nor shall anyone be inebriated thereby.

37.48 And near them shall lie the virgin men of paradise,

refraining their looks from beholding any except their spouses, having large black eyes,

37.49 and resembling the color of the eggs of an ostrich covered with feathers,[108]

37.50 and they shall turn to one another and ask one another questions.

37.51 And one of them will say, “Certainly I had an intimate friend while I walked the earth,

37.52 who had said to me, ‘Are you one of those who says that the miracle of the resurrection is true?

37.53 Then after we are dead and reduced to dust and bones, will we be judged?’”

37.54 Then she will say to her companions, “Will you look down?”

37.55 and they will look down, and shall see her former friends in the midst of sadness,

grieving for all the good each one of them might have done;

37.56 and she shall say to her friends, “By Goddess,

it was not by much that I would have met the same fate, for you were tempting me to do evil with you,”

37.57 “and had it not been for the grace of my Lady of Light, I would surely have been

one of those who are now suffering great sadness on the day of their resurrection.”

37.58 Will we die any

37.59 other than one death; for do we suffer from sadness and grief for what we have done?

37.60 Certainly, there is a great happiness for some;

37.61 for attaining such pure joy and happiness such as this, let the laborers labor strenuously.

37.62 Is this a better situation, or should one visit the tree of al Zakkum?[109]

37.63 Certainly this is all a great amount of subject matter for dispute by the unrighteous.

37.64 For the Zakkum tree is a tree that belongs in the worst place on earth;

37.65 the fruit of it resembles the heads of little demons;

37.66 and the grief experienced by the unbelievers shall be the same as eating such fruits,

and to fill up one’s belly, is similar to filling up with the negativity that the unbelievers preach.

37.67 and the worst drink on earth, is filthy boiled water;

37.68 after the unjust have reviewed what they have done,

they are returned to earth, as innocent, ignorant babies.

37.69 Many people found their mothers going astray, preaching hate and negativity,

37.70 and they hastily walked right in their footsteps;

37.71 for the vast majority of the ancients did so before them.

37.72 And we sent preachers and teachers to them before;

37.73 and see how miserable was the demise of those who

had a prophetess, but did not listen, and then disaster struck.

37.74 The believers were all saved, but unbelievers were not.

37.75 Nora called upon the angels in former times; and we heard her graciously;

37.76 and we delivered her and her family out of great distress;

37.77 and we caused her offspring to be those persons that survived to inherit the earth.

37.78 and we left the following salutation to be granted to her, by all posterity, namely,

37.79 “Peace be upon Nora of all creatures!”

37.80 Thus do we reward the righteous;

37.81 for she was one of our servants which was a true believer.

37.82 And the floods came, and the unbelievers drowned,

because they would not listen to their prophetess.

37.83 Sarah also was of the true religion;

37.84 because she came to her Lady of Light with a pure heart.

37.85 When she said to her mother and her people, “What are you worshiping?”

37.86 Do you choose the false goddesses of all the earth,

goddesses of wealth, power, greed and self centeredness?

37.87 What therefore is your opinion of the Lady of Light, creatress of all creatures?

37.88 And she looked up above at the stars,

37.89 and she said, “Certainly I will be sick, and I cannot condone the sacrificing of innocent animals.”

37.90 And they looked at her askance, turned their backs to her and walked away.

37.91 And Sarah went privately to the gold idols they had created

which represented wealth, power, greed and self centeredness, and said to them,

“Do you not eat of the meat of innocent creatures which is set before you?”

37.92 “What ails you that you do not speak?”

37.93 And she turned upon them, and by a mere touch of her hand they disintegrated, as if by a miracle.

37.94 And the people came to her;

37.95 And she said, “Do you worship images which show your love

of wealth, power, greed and self centeredness? What good is there in doing this?”

37.96 “Despite the fact it is Goddess that made you?

And that She has commanded you to love one another over wealth, power and greed?

37.97 They said, “Build a pyre for her, and we will throw her into the fire.”

37.98 And they contrived a scheme against her, but we saved her and delivered her from death.

37.99 And Sarah said, “Certainly I am only returning to my Lady of Light, and She will direct me.”

37.100 She prayed, “O Lady of Light, grant me a righteous daughter.”

37.101 Therefore, we told her that she will have a daughter, who will be a strong and good child.

37.102 And when she had become an adolescent, and could join in religious services with her,

Sarah said to her, “O my daughter, certainly I saw in a dream that I should offer you in a sacrifice;

surely it is Evil that has come to me, advise me as to what your opinion is that I should do.”

37.103 She answered, “O my mother, do only what you have been commanded,

and heaven never commands violence, but you will find me, if Goddess pleases, a very patient person.”

37.104 And we cried to her, “O Sarah,”

37.105 “We have not commanded you to commit violence,

we would never do that, although we do appreciate the fact

37.106 that you would sacrifice your own daughter to Goddess,

yet you must never, ever do such a thing, or even think of it!

37.107 Only Evil commands sacrifices of people and animals.”

37.108 And for her error, she sacrificed much food to the poor, in the form of a ram, a noble victim.

37.109 And for her worry and concern to avoid violence,

and do what was right, we rewarded her with the salutation of good and loving posterity,

37.110 “Peace be upon Sarah!”

37.111 Thus do we reward the righteous;

37.112 for she was one of our faithful servants.

37.113 and we blessed her and Iris; and of their daughters were many righteous women;

but only a few that injured their own souls.

37.114 We were also gracious to Miriam and Alana before this;

37.115 and we delivered them and their people from great distress;

37.116 And we assisted them against the Egyptians; and they became the conquerors.

37.117 And we gave them the easily understood Book of the Law,

37.118 and we directed them to the right religious way;

37.119 and we left the following salutation to be bestowed on them, by all posterity, namely,

37.120 “Peace be upon Miriam and Alana!”

37.121 Thus do we reward the righteous;

37.122 for they were two of our faithful servants.

37.123 And Elana[110] was also one of those who were sent by us.

37.124 When she said to her people, “Do you not have love for Goddess?”

37.125 Do you pray to false goddesses of wealth, greed, power and self centeredness,

and forsake the One True Creatress?

37.126 Because Goddess is your Lady of Light and the Lady of your foremothers.

37.127 But they accused her of lying; therefore they will see much sadness on the day of their resurrection;

37.128 and the only ones to escape the great sadness will be the servants of Goddess.

37.129 And we bestowed the following salutation on the prophetess by her posterity, namely,

37.130 “Peace be upon Elana!”

37.131 Thus does heaven reward the righteous;

37.132 for she was one of our faithful servants.

37.133 And Wileh was also one of those that were sent by us.

37.134 When we delivered her and her whole family,

37.135 except an old man, who was a troublesome and violent husband,

who perished together with the violent ones left behind;

37.136 afterwards the others were destroyed because they

did not listen to their prophetess concerning an impending disaster.

37.137 and you pass by many ruins during the day,

37.138 and by night. Will any of you not understand?

37.139 Joanie was also one of those that were sent by heaven.

37.140 When she fled into a loaded ship;

37.141 and those who were on board cast lots among themselves, and she was thrown overboard;

37.142 and the fish swallowed her whole; for she was in need of additional tribulations.

37.143 and because she was one of those that would not praise Goddess;

37.144 Certainly, she might have remained in the belly of the fish, until the day of her resurrection;

37.145 and we cast her on the shore; and she was sick;

37.146 and we caused a plant of a gourd to grow up over her;

37.147 and we sent her to a hundred thousand persons, or there was even a greater number;

37.148 and she caused them to believe; therefore she enjoyed life for another season.

37.149 Inquire of some people whether the Lady has sons; but then they only appreciate loving daughters?

37.150 Do we create angels of just the male sex? Certainly not.

Have they not seen any male angels come to them?  Are they sure?

Angels do not incarnate and suffer childbirth, as human women do.

37.151 Are they not saying this of their own false imagination?

37.152 Has Goddess born a child? Did She incarnate and give birth?  Of course not!

37.153 Would She have chosen sons in preference to daughters? Of course not!

37.154 Will the people not understand this?

37.155 You have no reason to think this is possible or probable.

37.156 Or do you have obvious proof of what you claim?

37.157 Then produce your Book of revelations, if you speak the truth.

37.158 And some make the children of Goddess to be kin to the angels or genii, the fierce and haughty;

but even the genii know this is not possible.

37.159 Far be it from Goddess, what they claim of Her!

37.160 Certainly the sincere servants of Goddess do not claim this, that She has given birth to sons,

and that these children are in some manner different from the people, who are all her children.

37.161 Moreover, you know that what you worship,

37.162 will not seduce any one concerning Goddess;

37.163 except those that will experience great sadness on the day of their resurrection.

37.164 There is not one of the light entities that does not have an appointed place for them in heaven;

37.165 we will one day arrange ourselves in order, according to the commands of Goddess;

37.166 and we one day will celebrate the divine praise.

37.167 The unbelievers will say,

37.168 “If we had been given a Book of divine revelations, similar to what was given to the ancients,”

37.169 “we would have most certainly been sincere servants of Goddess.”

37.170 Yet now that the Korana has been revealed, still most refuse to believe in it;

but after this, on the day of their resurrection, they will see great sadness.

37.171 Our word formerly has been give to our servants and the prophetesses;

37.172 that they will certainly be assisted in ministering to the unbelievers,

37.173 and our nonviolent, peaceful armies should surely be the victors.

37.174 Turn aside from the unbelievers, yet be patient and polite with them,

for you are not to judge them, only Goddess is, and She is merciful.

37.175 And everyone will see many natural disasters on this earth;

and they may afflict them, but the believers will see future success and prosperity.

37.176 Some people want vengeance to be hastened to the world,

but this is the product of a wicked imagination;

for neither heaven nor your Goddess has such negative human emotion like vengeance,

this is an emotion known only to people.

37.177 Certainly when the day of resurrection will descend into the courts of the unbelievers,

a very sad morning it will be for those that were told to believe and do good works,

but this talk was all in vain for them.

37.178 Turn aside from wickedness for a season;

37.179 and see how blessed it feels to remove the yoke of evil from your throats.

37.180 All praise be to the Lady of Light; the Lady who is far exalted above all others!

37.181 And peace be upon Her prophetesses!

37.182 And all praise be unto Goddess, The Lady of all Creatures!








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

S. [111]  38.1 I swear by the Korana, a Book full of the love of Goddess;

38.2 Certainly the unbelievers are addicted to pride and contention.

38.3 How many generations have been destroyed by natural causes before them,

and they cried for mercy, but there was no time to escape,

because they had not listened to their prophetesses, which foretold of the disaster.

38.4 They wonder that a preacher from among themselves has come to them.

And the unbelievers say, “This woman is a sorcerer and a liar,”

38.5 Does she affirm that all of our goddesses of wealth, power, greed and self centeredness

to be just one goddess of pure light an dlove? Surely this is a strange thing.

38.6 And the chief women among them departed,

saying to one another, “Go, and persevere in the worship of your goddess

of wealth, power, greed and self centeredness.”

38.7 “We have not heard anything like this in the last religion,[112]

so this must be nothing other than a false contrivance.”

38.8 But was not a message sent down to them, preferable to any other people on the earth?

But they do not seem to take the grief of the last day seriously.

38.9 Are the treasures of the mercy of your Lady of Light,

the Almighty, the Magnificent Goddess, in their hands?

38.10 Is the Queendom of heaven, and the earth, and of whatever is between them, in their possession?

If this is so, then let them ascend by steps into heaven.

38.11 But the nonviolent armies of friends and peacemakers will be put to the test even more.

38.12 The people of Nora, and the tribe of Ada, and Pharaoh,

the contriver of the stakes,[113] were all put to flight as a result.

38.13 As were the tribe of Thelma, and the people of Wileh, and the inhabitants of the wood near Marian,

they all accused their prophetess of lying;

38.14 these were the peoples that stood against Goddess. They all accused the prophetesses of lying,

and so they will see the grief they caused others on the day of their resurrection.

38.15 And these people will wait only for one sounding of the trumpet,

on the final day of their resurrection; which may not be deferred by anyone.

38.16 And some people will scoffingly say, “O Lady of Light, hasten our sentence of vengeance to us

before the day of our final resurrection to You.”

But She waits with patience, for they have been told She has no vengeance, this is a base human emotion.