40.10 But the unfaithful, on the day of their resurrection, will hear a voice crying to them,

“Certainly you were all told that Goddess loves you,

will care for you and will protect you, if only you would have sought Her out, in prayer and supplication;

you were called to the faith, yet you would still not believe.”

40.11 They will say, “O Lady of Light, we have suffered death once,

and now You threaten us with being born again on earth,

and that You will twice or more give us life; and we confess our sins,

is there no way that we will not again face life on earth, which is like hell fire to us?”

40.12 And it shall be answered to them, “This has happened to you because

when our prophetess came to you, you should have believed and become one of the righteous,

doing good works, yet you desired to believe in hell, and judgment and negativity,

all of these things you wanted to associate with Goddess, when you knew that She is pure love,

so now you must descend once again to try to find the love of Goddess for you.”

40.13 For it is She that shows you Her signs and miracles, and She sends down food to you from heaven; but none will have protection, except those that turn to Goddess.

40.14 Therefore, call upon Goddess, exhibiting pure religion to Her,

although the unbelievers are adverse to this and will hinder you.

40.15 For She is of the highest degrees, She is the possessor of the throne;

She sends down the Holy Spirit on such of Her servants as request it;

that She may advise womankind properly on the day of their resurrection,

40.16 this is the day when everyone will come forth and assemble together in paradise,

and those on earth will walk out of their bodies into paradise for the assembly;

and nothing at that time will be hidden from Goddess.

To whom will the Queendom belong to on that day?

Only to the One True Goddess, the Almighty Goddess.

40.17 On that day every soul will be rewarded according to its merits;

there will be no injustice done on that day.

Certainly Goddess is swift in sending Her accounting and Her love to all.

40.18 Therefore advise them, O Prophetess, of the day which might suddenly come near to them;

when women’s hearts will leap from them back to Goddess.

The ungoddessly will have no friend or intercessor who may be heard.

40.19 Goddess will know the deceitful eye, and all that their hearts conceal;

40.20 and Goddess will instruct everyone properly with Her truth,

but the false goddesses of wealth, power, greed and self centeredness, which they invoked besides Her,

She need not judge at all; for Goddess is She who hears and sees all.

40.21 Have not the people gone through the earth,

and seen what has been the end of those who came before them?

They were more mighty than the current populations in strength,

and yet they left more considerable footsteps of their power in the earth;

yet they did not escape natural disasters, they did not have them mitigated,

for they refused to listen to their prophetesses or turn to Goddess,

and so there was none to protect them from natural and necessary changes in the earth.

40.22 This they suffered because their prophetesses had come to them with evident signs and miracles,

and yet they disbelieved; therefore they did not have Goddess to assist them;

for She is strong yet swift to love and forgive.

40.23 We also sent Miriam and Alana with our signs and miracles and manifest power,

40.24 to Pharaoh, and Haman and Karen, and they said,

“Your Prophetess is nothing but a black sorcerer and a liar.”

40.25 And when she came to them with the truth from us,

they said, “Slay the daughters of those who have believed with Her,

and save the sons alive;[1] but the strategy of the unfaithful, was none other than vain folly.

40.26 And Pharaoh said, “Let me alone, that I might kill Miriam, and let her call upon her Lady of Light;

certainly I fear that she might change our religion, or she might dispossess us of our nation.

40.27 And Miriam said to her people, “Certainly I have recourse to my Lady of Light,

and to your people, to defend me against every arrogant person,

who does not believe in the day of her resurrection or in a Loving Goddess.”

40.28 And as a woman, who was a true believer of the family of Pharaoh,

and who concealed her faith, she said, “Will you put a woman to death, merely because she said

“Goddess is my Lady of Light;” seeing that she has come to you with evident signs from your Lady of Light?  If she is a liar, upon her will be great soul suffering on the day of her resurrection;

but if she speaks the truth, some of those judgments will come to you;

certainly Goddess never directs anyone who is a transgressor or a liar.”

40.29 O my people, the Queendom is yours on this day, and you are conspicuous on the earth;

but whom shall defend anyone from those that say that Goddess is one who must be feared?

Pharaoh said, “I only propose to you what I think to be most expedient,

and I guide you only to the right path.”

40.30 And the True Believer said, “O my people, certainly I fear for you

on a day like that of the unbelievers who tormented the prophetesses of long ago,

40.31 this is a condition like that of the people of Nora,

and the tribes of Ada and Thelma, and of those who have lived after them;

for Goddess wills that injustice should not be done to Her servants.

40.32 O my people, certainly I fear for you on the day of your resurrection;

40.33 this is the day when you shall be turned back from paradise,

and you will be sent back to earth, which is like hell for you, without guardian angels or a protectress,

then you shall have no intercessors as you have imagined.

And she who has not called upon Goddess, will have no one to direct her there.

40.34 Josie had come to you, before Miriam, with evident signs and miracles,

but you never failed to cast aspersions on the true religion she preached to you; until when she died,

you said, “Goddess will certainly send another prophetess after her if this is a true religion.” 

Thus Goddess allows many of you to err and transgress,

especially the skeptic, because you will not seek Her.

40.35 Those persons who raise disputes concerning the signs and miracles of Goddess,

without any apparent authority which has come to them,

have moved far askance from the path to Goddess, and with those who believe.

Thus Goddess allows you to seal up your hearts so you cannot love and understand,

because this is what you apparently desire.

40.36 And Pharaoh said, “O Haman build me a great tower, that I may reach the land,”

40.37 “the lands of Goddess, and I may view the Goddess of Miriam,

for certainly I think Miriam and Alana are liars.”

And so the destiny of Pharaoh was prepared because he turned from the right path,

and the strategy of Pharaoh only ended in his complete loss of his lifetime.

40.38 And she who had believed said, “O my people, follow me; I will guide you to the right way.”

40.39 “O my people, certainly this present life is but a temporary enjoyment;

but the life to come is a mansion of firm continuation.”

40.40 “Whomever works Evil shall have such deeds forgotten,

but whomever works good, whether they are female or male,

and is a true believer, they will enter into paradise; they will be provided in this place superabundantly.”

40.41 “and O my people, as for me, I invite you to salvation;

but you have invited me to an existence without Goddess, which is like the hottest fire of hell.”

40.42 “You desire that I deny Goddess, and that I must associate with Her negative entities,

such as hate, jealousy, rage and greed with Her,

even though neither you nor I was ever told to do such a thing,

and we have no knowledge of doing this;

but I invite you to the Most Mighty One, the Forgiver of Sins and the All Loving One.

40.43 There is no doubt that the false negative entities which you desire that I associate with Her,

should not be associated with Her, either in this world, or in the next, for we all must return to Goddess;

and it will be like hell fire to you to tell Her that while on earth you said

She was hateful, jealous, full of rage and greed, when in fact you were told She was Pure Love.

40.44 And then you shall remember what I am telling you now.

40.45 Therefore Goddess delivered many from the evils which they devised;

and a great disaster came to the people of Pharaoh,

and because they would not listen to their prophetesses, it was not averted nor mitigated.

40.46 Many shall be exposed to yet another lifetime without a protectress or angels,

and this will be like burning hell fire in the morning and in the evening, until they turn to Her.

And the day of the hour of their resurrection will come,

it will be said to them, “Come in, O people of Pharaoh,

and return to the world you desired, full of riches, greed and power,”

which will be like a severe torment to them, though they do not know this yet,

because they will only return to earth, to seek riches, but there will also be trials and tribulations galore.

40.47 And think of the time when the infidels will dispute together,

and notice they are not admitted into paradise, but must be reborn to earth,

and the weak will say to the others who behaved with arrogance,

“Certainly we were your followers; will you therefore assist us in any part of this?”

40.48 Those who behaved with arrogance will answer,

“Certainly we are all doomed to suffer again on earth,

for Goddess has passed Her merciful judgment upon us.”

40.49 And those who will return to earth, will say to the angels,

”Please call upon the Lady of Light, that She will give us relief,

for just one day, before we return to a place that is like hell.”

40.50 They shall answer, “Did not your prophetesses come to you, with evident proof?” 

They will answer, “Yes, we were told, but we were stubborn and would not listen.”

The angelic keepers will reply, “If you can call on Goddess here,

then you can call on Goddess while you are on the earth,

and She will assuredly assist you, you are not lost; this is your choice; you have free will always;

but the call of the unbelievers to Goddess after the day of your resurrection,

will be in vain, and you all must return to earth.”

40.51 We will certainly assist our prophetesses, and those who believe in this present life,

and on the day where the witnesses will stand forward;

40.52 this will be a day when the excuses of the wicked will not help them;

but they will see what the reward is for what they have done.

40.53 Prior to this, we gave Miriam a direction, and we left as an inheritance to the children of Israel,

the Book of the Law;

40.54 this was to be a direction and a message of love to women of understanding.

40.55 Therefore you should, O prophetess, bear the insults of the unbelievers with great patience;

for the promises of Goddess are true; and ask pardon for your own sins and errors,

and celebrate the praises of your Lady of Light, in the evening and in the morning.

40.56 As to those who impugn the signs of Goddess,

without any convincing proof which has been revealed to them,

there is nothing but false pride in their breasts; but they will not attain their desire in this manner;

therefore you should fly to Goddess for refuge, for She is the One who hears and sees all.

40.57 Certainly the creation of heaven and earth is far more substantial than any creation of womankind; but the vast majority of woman do not understand this.

40.58 The blind and the seeing are not held equal among women,

nor are they who believe and do righteousness held equal in paradise;

how few people consider carefully these issues in their own minds!

40.59 The last hour will surely come to all; there is no doubt thereof;

but the great majority of women do not believe this.

40.60 Your Lady of Light said, “Call upon Me, and I will hear you;”

but those people who proudly disdain Her service, will continue on as they walk this earth,

without a protectress or the angels, and this will be like hell fire to them.

40.61 It is Goddess who has appointed the night for you to take your rest therein;

and She has given you the day to give you light.

Certainly Goddess is endued with great benevolence towards womankind;

but the vast majority of people do not give thanks.

40.62 This is Goddess, your Lady of Light, the Creatress of all things;

there is no Goddess besides Her; how therefore are you turned aside from Her worship?

40.63 Thus, they are turned aside, those who oppose the signs and miracles of Goddess.

40.64 It is Goddess who has given you the earth for a floor, and the heaven for a ceiling;

and She has formed you, and made your forms beautiful, and She feeds you with good and delicious foods.

This is Goddess, your Lady of Light. Therefore, blessed be Goddess, the Lady of all creatures!

40.65 She is the living Goddess; there is no Goddess but She.

Therefore call upon Her, and show Her you exhibit the pure religion.

All praises be to Goddess, the Lady of all creatures!

40.66 Say to the people, “I simply cannot worship or associate negative things which you invoke,

such as hate, jealousy, greed, violence and anger with the divine,

especially after evident proofs have come to me from my Lady;

and I am commanded to resign myself to the Lady of all Creatures.”

40.67 It is She who first created you from a divine spark, and then of ova, and then as an embryo;

and afterwards She brought you forth into the world as babies out of your mothers’ uteruses;

then She permitted you to attain adulthood, and then to grow to wise old women,

even though some died before that age,

and She permits you to return home at a predetermined time in your lives, so that you might understand.

40.68 It is She who gives life, and She causes people to die at their appointed times,

and when She decrees a thing, She only says, “Be!” And it is.

40.69 Do you not observe those persons who dispute against the signs and miracles of Goddess,

how they are turned aside from the true faith?

40.70 Those persons who charge the Book of the Korana and the other Scriptures,

and revealed doctrines as being false, will, upon the day of their resurrection,

be informed of the truth, and they will be surely saddened

when they learn of all the good that they might have done on earth;

40.71 and the weight of their folly shall feel like heavy collars around their neck,

the grief will drag them down so very much,

40.72 and their journey back to earth will make it seem as if they were dragged back there,

if it were not for their hopes of riches, wealth and power, which keeps them desirous of earth.

40.73 And will be asked of them,

“How is your worship of wealth, greed and power going to help you now?”

40.74 They will reply, “It was obviously fruitless to pay all our attention to such entities,

when they are no help to us at all at this time, in fact they are like nothing.” 

Thus Goddess allows the unbelievers to wander in error when they do not call upon Her.

40.75 This has happened to them because they rejoice insolently,

and worship what is false, and they have immoderate joy,

when they should be spreading love, generosity and kindness, as directed by Goddess.

40.76 Therefore they will reappear on earth, which will be like hell to them,

without angels or a protectress, and wretched their lives may be.

40.77 Therefore persevere with patience, O Prophetess; for the promises of Goddess are true.

Whether you are able to see how each person in error refuses to believe in Her

is sent back again to earth; or whether you die before seeing this process,

all souls will nonetheless be assembled before us on the last day of resurrection.

40.78 We have sent you all a great number prophetesses before you,

the herstories of whom we have related to you, and there are many herstories;

but no prophetess has any power to produce a sign or miracle,

except by permission of Goddess, for She knows best.

When the truth of Goddess has come to you all, She will render judgment with truth;

and then those that have attempted to make void the signs and miracles of Goddess,

will be saddened for how they have misled others.

40.79 It is Goddess that has given you cattle, that you might ride on some, and you might eat the others;

40.80 you have also received other advantages from them[2],

and on them you may arrive at business that you have considered in your mind,

and on them you are carried by land, and you are carried by the ships at sea.

40.81 And She shows you all Her signs and miracles;

and so how can you deny these wonderful signs and miracles of Goddess?

40.82 Do the people not pass through the earth and do they not see what natural disasters

have occurred to persons coming before them?

Do they not see that many were more numerous than them, and more mighty in strength,

and yet left more considerable monuments of their power on the earth,

still all they had, and all they had done, did not profit them one iota when a natural disaster struck?

And yet some survived.  Do they not think that Goddess saves those that believe in Her?

40.83 And when the prophetess came to them with evident proofs of their mission,

they rejoiced in the knowledge that they attained,

but then some of the people decided to have scorn for this knowledge, and were lost.

40.84 And when many people saw that we brought peace and patience,

they said, “We believe in Goddess alone,

and reject the negative ideas and emotions that you have associated with Her,”

40.85 but then for some of the people, their faith failed them,

when they began to tell others that Goddess was mean, vengeful,

and would assault them if they did not believe in Her and Her hell;

or that they would go to hell if they did not follow a particular religion.

Each of these persons will be deeply saddened on the day of their resurrection,

for they have told lies concerning Goddess, and have made others fearful of Her,

when in fact She is pure Love.

This is the ordinance of Goddess which was formerly observed with respect to Her servants,

and the unbelievers who do not repent, will wander looking for the goodness their hearts earnestly desire.










In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

41.1 H.M[3]

41.2 This is a revelation from the most Merciful One;

41.3 it is a Book, the verses in which are distinctly and easily understood,

an English Korana, as most people understand English; and it is for people that desire higher understanding;

41.4 it bears good tidings, and it announces great love from Goddess;

but the vast majority of the people will turn aside from it, and they will not hearken to it.

41.5 And many people will say of it,

“Our hearts are veiled from the doctrine to which You have invited us,

and there is a deafness in our ears, and there is a curtain between us and you;

therefore we will act as we desire only; for you certainly act according to your own sentiments.”

41.6 Say to the people, “Certainly I am only a woman as you are.

But it has been revealed to me, that your goddess is one Goddess;

therefore direct your thoughts and hearts straight to Her; and ask forgiveness from Her for what is past,

for She is merciful and full of Love.” But there will be great sadness to the unbelievers;

41.7 because they do not give alms, and they do not believe in the life to come, and they do as they see fit!

41.8 But as to those who believe and work righteousness on the earth,

they will have an everlasting reward.

41.9  Say to the people, “Do you fail to believe in Her, who created the earth in two days;

and do you associate negative emotions and actions with Her? She is the merciful Lady of all Creatures.”

41.10 “And She has placed upon the earth mountains which have firm footings;

they rise above the plains; and She has blessed the earth;

and She has provided food for all creatures inhabiting the earth,

and this was done in four days, and you should advise this to all who ask regarding it.”

41.11 Then She set Her mind to the creation of heaven, and it was smoke,

and She said to it and to the earth, “Come to Me obediently,” and they replied,

“We will come, immediately obedient to Your every command!”

41.12 And She formed the sky into seven heavens in two days,

and each was informed accordingly of its purpose. And the lower heaven was adorned with stars,

and placed therein was a guard of angels. This was the creation of the Almighty, the Wise Goddess.

41.13 If some of the people will not consider these instructions,

then they will have sadness on the day of their resurrection, as did Ada and Thelma.

41.14 When the prophetesses came to them before this, saying,

“Worship Goddess alone;” many answered, “If our Lady of Light had been pleased to send us messengers,

She would certainly have sent angels,[4]

and therefore we will not believe the message which you are conveying.”

41.15 As to the tribe of Ada, they behaved insolently in the earth,

without any reason and they said, “Who is more mighty than us in strength?”

Did they not know that Goddess, who had created them,

was amazingly more mighty than they were in strength? And they knowingly rejected our signs.

And they refused to listen to their prophetess who warned of an upcoming disaster

which they could have mitigated or avoided, with her help.

41.16 And before they knew it, a piercing wind was upon them,

and they all said it was ill luck, but it was not,

and it was not a punishment of shame, as some thought it was,

but it was only a hardship already predestined,

and they should be aware that they will know this on the day of their resurrection,

and they will be saddened, because they never sought Her protection.

41.17 As to Thelma, we directed them; but they preferred blindness over true direction;

and they too refused to listen to their prophetess, therefore a terrible noise assaulted them all;

and some said it was an ignominious punishment which they all deserved,

but it clearly was not, for it was something predetermined which they could have avoided or mitigated,

if only they had listened to their prophetess.

41.18 But there were some from each tribe that survived,

and they were the ones that worshiped Goddess and hearkened to their prophetess, faithfully and in love.

41.19 And you should announce the day when the believers will be assembled together

and they will march in distinct bands into paradise;

41.20 and the unbelievers will see what they have done on the earth,

and their ears, their eyes and their skins, will all be witnesses of what they had done,

41.21 and they will ask their skins, “Why do you bear witness against us?”

41.22 And their skins will reply,

“Goddess has caused us to distinctly show you what you accomplished on earth,

for She may animate all things; She created you the first time; and to Her you returned.”

41.23 “You did not hide yourself, while you erred,

so that your ears and your eyes and your skins could not bear witness against you;

but you thought that Goddess was ignorant of many things that you did.”

41.24 “This was only your opinion, which you imagined of your Lady of Light;

and so you ruined your last lifetime with sin and error; and you were certainly lost.”

41.25 And the unbelievers will be promptly returned to earth;

and they will know only what a baby knows when they are reborn;

and whether or not they beg for relief, for respite for awhile in paradise, they will not necessarily obtain it,

except by permission of the Lady of Light.

41.26 And they will not have any guardian angels to protect them,

for those that do not believe, did not ask for them during their prior lifetime,

so they will not have them in the world to come;

and their sentence was just and merciful and kind,

and it has been formerly pronounced on the nations of genii,

or the strong and haughty, and women who were before them,

for they all died also and had their day of resurrection before this.

41.27 The unbelievers will say, “Do not hearken to this Korana,

but use vain arguments during the reading of it;

so that you might overcome the voice of the reader by your scoffs and laughter.”

41.28 Wherefore, they are most assuredly unbelievers, those that do not respect religious readings;

and they will have great sadness on the day of their resurrection,

and the earth was and will be prepared for them as an everlasting abode,

until they turn to Goddess, for they have rejected our signs and miracles.

41.29 And the unbelievers shall argue, before they descend again,

“O Lady of Light, show us the two that seduced us, of the genii and women,

because we desire to trample them with our feet, so that they will become most base and despicable.”

And Goddess will reply, “It is exactly that demeanor

of vengeance, violence and anger that I do not condone, that you will be returning to earth for.

You must learn forgiveness and love to ascend to Me.”

41.30 As for those that say, “Our Lady of Light is Goddess, and we desire only to behave righteously,”

the angels will descend to them and shall say, “Fear not, nor should you be grieved;

but rejoice in the hopes of paradise which you have been promised.”

41.31 “We are your friends and servants in this life, and in the life to come;

therein you shall have all that your souls shall desire,

and therein you shall obtain whatever you ask for;”

41.32 “as a gift from your gracious and most Merciful Goddess.”

41.33 Whomever speaks better than one who invites another to Goddess,

and She works righteousness, and says, “I am a Moslema,” she shall assuredly be blessed.

41.34 Kindness and grace will never be held equal with evil.

Turn away evil with goodness, kindness and love, those things which are far better;

and behold, the women with whom there was once enmity, may become your warmest friends;

41.35 but none shall attain this perfection, except those people who are patient;

nor shall any person attain this perfection,

except the woman who has attained a great control of her temper,

and has let go of rage, vengeance and malice towards others.

41.36 And if a malicious suggestion was offered to you from Evil;

you have perfect recourse with Goddess, for it is She who hears and knows all.

41.37 Among the signs and miracles of Her power are the night and the day, and the sun and the moon.

Do not worship the sun or the moon as if they were alive;

but worship Goddess, Who has created them, if you serve Her.

41.38 But if any person proudly disdains the services of Goddess;

you should remind them that certainly the angels, who are with your Lady of Light,

they praise Her night and day, and they do not weary of it.

41.39 And among Her signs and miracles, another is that you will see barren land,

but when we send down water upon it, it stirs and becomes alive once again.

And She who quickens the earth, may easily quicken the dead; for She is the Almighty One.

41.40 Certainly, those who impiously malign our signs and miracles are not hidden away from us.

Therefore, who is better esteemed, one who does wickedness

and will be returned right back to earth without a protectress,

or one who is secure and happy on the day of her resurrection?

Do the work that you desire, but recall She sees everything that you do.

41.41 Certainly those persons who do not believe in the good words of the Korana,

after it has come to them, will one day discover the truth,

and they will see all the sadness they created because they did not believe this readily understood concept.

It is certainly a Book of infinite value;

41.42 vanity shall not approach it, either from before it, or from behind it;

it is a revelation from a Wise Goddess, whose praise is to be rightfully celebrated.

41.43 Nothing else is said by the unbelievers other than the same derogatory statements which were made

to all the former prophetesses who came before you;

certainly your Lady of Light is inclined to forgive and grant love;

but She also recognizes where gentle but effective discipline is warranted.

41.44 If we had revealed the Korana in a foreign language other than English;

many people would have said, “Unless the signs of this Book are distinctly explained,

we will not believe in it: is then the Book written in an obscure foreign tongue, not universally taught?

And do not quite a few highly educated persons in the world understand English?

You may answer, “It is, and it is given to those who believe, the world over,

and it is a sure guide and a remedy for doubt and uncertainty:

but for those who will not believe in it, it only exemplifies the thickness of the hearing in their ears,

and it is a darkness which covers them;

these people are as one who hears only very faintly from a distant place.”

41.45 Heaven has formerly given the Book of the Law to Miriam;

and a dispute arose with her people concerning the same;

and if previous decrees had not proceeded from the Lady of Light,

to respite the opposers of that revelation, certainly the matter was decided between them,

for many were destroyed then who did not listen to the counsel of the prophetess,

for those people were in very great doubt of their Scriptures they received from the prophetess.

41.46 She that does right, does it to the advantage of her own soul;

and she that does evil, does it only against the same;

for your Lady of Light is not unjust towards Her servants.

41.47 To Her is reserved the knowledge of the hour of your resurrection;

and no fruit bursts forth from its skins without assistance;

and no female conceives in her womb, nor is she delivered of her baby,

but without Her knowledge and assistance. On a certain day, She shall call to many souls saying,

“Have you noticed that your idols of wealth, greed and power are not here, in My heaven? 

And they will provide you with no assistance against sadness

when you see all the errors you committed while you were on earth?”

They will answer, “We now see that they were not, and are not currently any assistance to us,

and we see that all we have done was faithfully recorded in heaven,

and we are indeed saddened at this situation.”

41.48 But the false and negative deities they used to worship will not help them,

and they will leave them hanging,

and they will have no escape from sadness on the day of their resurrection.

41.49 Womankind is never wearied with asking for good from above,

but if evil comes to her, she becomes truly unhappy and despairs much.

41.50 And if heaven causes us to taste mercy and relief from her troubles,

even after she has been afflicted,

she surely says, “This is owed to me on account of my being so wonderful;

I do not think that Goddess will ever see all the errors and ill deeds I have engaged in,

and if I am brought before the Lady of Light, I can always beg for mercy, and be admitted to paradise.”

But the only thing that will happen, is that they will be shown how their unbelief caused them to err,

and how they will reap exactly what they have sowed,

and they will be reborn quickly to earth without a protectress, until they turn to Her,

which is indeed a most severe disciple, for earth is truly a dangerous and difficult place.

41.51 When we confer favors on women, they turn aside, and depart from us without hardly a thanks;

but when evil comes to them, they beg and are frequent at prayer.

41.52 Say to the people, “What do you think?  If the Korana is from Goddess,

and you do not believe in it; but who will lie with such a great lie, such that it is easily discovered?”

41.53 Hereafter we will show them additional signs and miracles in the various regions of the earth,

and in themselves, until it has become obvious to them that this Book is Truth.

It is not sufficient for them that the Lady of Light is witness of all things?

41.54 Are they not in doubt as to their eventual meeting of their Lady

on the day of their resurrection?  Does not She encompass all things?














In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

42.1 H.M.[5]

42.2 A.S.K.[6]

42.3 Thus does the mighty, the wise Goddess reveal Her will to you;

and in the same manner She revealed it to the prophetesses who came before you.

42.4 To Her belongs whatever is in heaven and on the earth,

and She is The Highest One, the Greatest Goddess.

42.5 It would take very little,

but the unbelievers would like to tell you that Goddess will tear the heavens in sunder from above,

to show you Her terror; for they will tell you fallaciously that Goddess terrorizes Her beloved children.

But in reality, the angels celebrate the praise of the Lady of Light,

and ask pardon for those who do good things on earth.

42.6 But as to those that take evil goddesses for their patronesses,

besides the One True Pure Goddess; Goddess observes their actions, and you are not to be their keeper.

42.7 Therefore, we have revealed to you this English Korana, that you may bring good tidings to the cities,

and to the people that dwell therein; and may they learn more regarding the day of resurrection,

of which there is no doubt; and one part of the people will enter into in paradise;

and another portion will return to earth repeatedly, until the day of final resurrection,

and this will be like hell, returning to earth without a protectress.

42.8 If Goddess had pleased, everyone would be of one religion;

but She has given the people many different paths to Her, and She provides mercy to all that ask for it;

and since the unjust do not ask for Her help; they will have no patroness or helper.

42.9 Do they take other patronesses, besides Her? Whereas Goddess is the only one True Patroness,

She quickens the dead and She is almighty.

42.10 Whatever matter your argue about, the decision of this matter belongs wholly to Goddess.

This is my Goddess, my Lady of Light; in Her I do trust, and to Her I will return;

42.11 She is the Creatress of heaven and earth, She has given you husbands of your own kind,

and cattle both female and male; by which reproduction occurs; there is nothing like Her,

and it is She is the One who hears and sees everything.

42.12 Hers are the keys of heaven and earth,

She bestows provisions abundantly on those that call upon Her,

but She is sparing with those that do not, and those who are agreeable to poverty; for She knows all things.

42.13 She has ordained to you the religion which She instructed Nora in,

and which we have revealed to you, O Prophetess, and which we commanded Sarah and Miriam,

Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary, and Yeshua, saying,

“Observe this religion and do not be overly divided amongst one another.”          

The worship of one Goddess, to which you invite Her within your heart,

may be a source of sadness to the unbelievers, but it is necessary for soul growth and perfection;

Goddess will always be there for those that call upon Her,

and She will direct the believers who repent to the right path.

42.14 Those who lived in times past were not overly divided among themselves,

and they believed mightily in Goddess, until that knowledge of Goddess’ unity had come to them;

through their own perverseness they began to associate negative emotions and actions with Her;

and unless a previous decree had passed from their Lady of Light,

to bear with them until a predetermined time, certainly the matter had been decided between them,

to the detriment of the gainsayers. Those persons who have inherited the Scriptures for them,

have many of them that are in substantial doubt concerning them.

42.15 Therefore, invite everyone to receive the true faith,

and be polite to them, as you have been commanded;

and do not follow the vain desires of the unbelievers,

but say, “I believe in all the true Scriptures which Goddess has sent to us;

and I am commanded to establish justice among you; Goddess is our Lady of Light and your Lady;

to us will our works be inspired and imputed, and to you will your works be imputed;

for better or for worse; let there be no argument between you and us;

for Goddess will assemble us altogether on the day our resurrection, and to Her we will all return.

42.16 As to those people who engage in arguments concerning Goddess,

after obedience has been paid to Her by receiving the true religion;

their arguments shall be in vain in the sight of the Lady of Light,

and they will experience sadness on the day of their resurrection.

42.17 It is Goddess who has sent down the Scriptures with truth; and the balance of true judgment;

and She will inform you all whether the last hour is near or far away.

42.18 Those persons who do not believe in this precept,

desire that it should be hastened, but only by way of mockery;

but they who believe and look forward to the same out of love for their Goddess,

and know it to be the truth, are the true believers.

Are not those who argue concerning the final date of resurrection in wide error?

42.19 For Goddess is bounteous to all of Her servants; She provides for all that call upon Her;

and She is the Strong One, the Almighty.

42.20 Whomsoever prefers only the bounty of the life to come,

to her we will give a tremendous increase in tillage of the life to come,

but to her that chooses the tillage of this world, we will often give her the fruits only of this world,

but the life to come may be exceedingly difficult, as she must have suspected.

42.21 Have the unbelievers amassed many deities which give them a religion

which does not speak kindly to Goddess, which teaches and associates Her

with negative emotions and actions such as hate, greed, power, jealousy, rage, violence and fear?

For the unjust will certainly suffer tremendously on the day of their final resurrection.

42.22 On that day you will see the unjust and the unbeliever in great sadness,

when they view the evil and errors which they committed on this earth

because they did not believe, and did not love their fellow woman and sister;

but those that did believe and do good works, they shall dwell in the delightful meadows of paradise;

they shall obtain whatever they shall desire, from their Lady of Light. This is the great acquisition.

42.23 This is what Goddess promised to Her servants who believe and do good works.

Say to the people, “I ask not of you anything for my preaching or teaching or any payment or reward,

except the love and kindness to me and my relations,

and whomsoever shall have deserved well by one good action,

to her we will add the merit of several additional actions thereto;

for Goddess is inclined to forgive and is highly likely to reward.

42.24 Do they say that the Prophetess was blasphemous and forged only lies concerning Goddess?

But this is not the case, and those that will not believe,

have effectively sealed up their own hearts by choice,

and also by their own choice they engage in worthless vanities of religion,

and they also eschew the truth that comes to them,

for She knows the innermost parts of the hearts of all womankind.

42.25 It is She who accepts repentance from Her servants,

and She forgive sins, and She knows all that you do.

42.26  She will incline her own ear and mind toward those that believe and work toward righteousness, and She will add to this far in excess what they shall ask for, or deserve out of Her bounty;

but the unbelievers will suffer severe sadness on the day of their resurrection,

especially when they see all the good that they might have accomplished,

if only they had decided to believe.

42.27 If Goddess would bestow abundance upon all Her servants,

they would certainly behave insolently in the earth; but She sends down by measure to everyone,

that which She pleases; for She well knows and sees the condition of each of Her servants.

42.28 It is She who sends down the rain, after women have despaired of ever seeing it again,

and She spreads abroad all Her mercies; and She is the patroness who it is right and good to praise.

42.29 Among Her signs and miracles is the creation of heaven and earth,

and of the living creatures which She continually replenishes,

and She is able to gather them together before all Her angels, whenever She pleases.

42.30 Whatever misfortune befalls you is a trial you had previously agreed to,

and is sent by Goddess and Her angels,

and it is something which your hands have asked for and deserved before you descended to earth;

and yet She forgives a great many things.

42.31 You shall not be able to frustrate any divine purpose on the earth;

nor shall you have any protectress or helper, aside from Goddess and heaven.

42.32 Among Her signs and miracles also are the ships traversing the seas, like high mountains;

42.33 If She pleased, She could cause the winds to cease, but She does not do this,

this is put in motion by Mother Earth; and Mother Earth does not do anything to harm anyone;

rather she sets in forth random and natural disasters, all of which are known by Goddess,

but all are necessary to renew the earth, and these cannot be averted or mitigated.

42.34 Or some believe that Goddess destroys by shipwreck, because of what their crews have merited;

but this is not the case either, for She only pardons a person and does not destroy one.

42.35 And those persons who dispute against the signs and miracles of heaven

should know that neither heaven nor Goddess dispenses vengeance;

that this is a lie falsified by those that would have Goddess portrayed as a entity with negative emotions engaging in negative behaviors, which is far afield from the truth of the matter, for She is all love.

42.36 Whatever things are given to you; they are only fleeting and are intended for the present life;

but the reward which comes later from Goddess is far better, and more durable, for those that believe,

and put their trust in their Lady of Light;

42.37  and those who avoid heinous and filthy crimes, and those that are enraged should forgive;

42.38 and those who hearken to the Lady of Light and who are frequent at prayer,

and whose affairs are directed by consultation among the righteous,

and those that give alms out of what heaven has bestowed upon them,

42.39 and those who, when an injury is done to them, defend themselves only to the extent necessary,

but always bear it mind it is most important to consider forgiveness instead;

42.40 and the retaliation of an evil should never be more than the evil which was propounded,

and violence should never be utilized against another person, except in necessary self defense; still again,

it is always more important to forgive; retaliation and vengeance are negative emotions,

and are to be avoided; for those that seek justice from Goddess,

will receive her reward many times over from Goddess;

for She does not appreciate those that engage in violence.

42.41 And whomsoever shall avenge herself, after she has been injured; there shall be no blame,

as long as it has been done in a nonviolent manner that does not injure person or property.

42.42 as to these persons, they should seek avengement in a court of law;

it is only lawful to punish those that wrong women, and who act insolently in the earth,

and those that are unjust; these souls will suffer tremendous grief on the day of their resurrection.

42.43 And those who bear injustices patiently, and those that forgive; certainly this is a gracious endeavor.

42.44 Whomsoever desires to err intentionally, will have no protectress,

unless and until she seeks Goddess, and asks for repentance and mercy and forgiveness.

And you will see the ungodessly, who shall say, when they behold what they have done,

on the day of their resurrection, “Is there no way to return back to the world,”

and they will be told that there is, but it will be without a protectress or guardian angels,

until they turn to Her during their lifetime, and etch this on their soul memory,

for the soul has memory and can select righteousness, even though it is born as an innocent baby.

42.45 And you shall see them exposed to the trials and tribulations of earth, which shall be like hell fire,

dejected, because the ignominy they must undergo;

and they shall look at a new life stealthily and sideways, and the true believers shall say,

“Certainly the losers are those who have lost their own souls and their families on the day of resurrection;

will not the ungoddessly continue in eternal torment upon the earth?”

42.46 They will not have any protectress to defend themselves against Evil until they turn to Her;

and may will look to Evil for guidance, for the path to righteousness will be clouded and hard to find.

42.47 Therefore hearken to Goddess before the day comes, which Goddess will allow you to experience;

you shall have no place of refuge on that day from the evil you have done;

nor will you be able to deny or obscure your mistakes.

42.48 But if those to whom your preach and yet they decide to teach turn aside from your teachings,

you should not worry, because certainly we have not sent you to be a guardian over their souls;

your duty is to preach and teach only. When a woman is allowed to spontaneously taste mercy from us,

she rejoices; but if Evil comes to her, even though she has created the situation;

certainly the same woman will become ungrateful,

and many unbelievers will blame Goddess, even though She is entirely blameless.

42.49 To Goddess pertains the Queendom of heaven and earth; She creates what is best;

She gives spouses to whom She pleases;

42.50 and She gives children to whom She pleases; or She allows a couple to be childless;

for She is the Wise One and the Powerful One.

42.51 It is not fitting for women to expect Her to speak to them otherwise than by private revelation,

their dreams, or by sending a messenger to reveal truths, and this is done only by Her permission,

and as She pleases; for She is the Exalted One and the Wise One.

42.52 Thus we have revealed to you a revelation, by our command.

You did not understand this before, what the Book of the Korana was,

nor did you know what faith truly was;

but we have ordained the same as a light to the people and the world;

and we will direct such of our servants as we desire; and those that have requested direction from Her;

and you shall surely direct the people to the right way;

42.53 this is the way of Goddess, to whom all belongs whatever is in heaven and upon the earth.

Will not all things return to Goddess?














In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.


43.1 H.M.[7]

43.2 By this easily understood Book;

43.3 certainly we have ordained the same in English so that you might easily understand it;

43.4 and it is certainly written in the original Book, kept in heaven with the angels,

being sublime and full of wisdom.

43.5 Shall we therefore turn away from you this blessing, and deprive you all of its wonders,

because many of you are a people who transgress?

43.6 And how many prophetesses have we sent to those who came before you?

43.7 And no prophetess has come to them, but they did not laugh her to scorn:

43.8 therefore you will see how many nations were destroyed, who were mightier than you in strength;

because they would not listen to their prophetess, when she foretold of a natural disaster;

and the example of the ancient ones has already been set before them.

43.9 If you ask most people who created the heavens and the earth,

they will certainly answer, “The Mighty One, the Wise Goddess created them all:

43.10 the One who has spread out the earth as a bed for you, and has made you many paths therein,

so that you might be directed:

43.11 and She who has sent down to you rain from heaven by measure;

so that we are able to quicken barren soil;

and likewise you shall all be raised again to life after death on this earth:

43.12 and who has created all the various species of creatures, and has given you ships and cattle,

whereupon you are carried;

43.13 so that you may sit firmly with them or on them,”

and you may remember the favors from your Lady of Light, when you sit on cattle or within ships,

and so you should say, “All praise be to Her, who has subjected these things to our service!

For we could not have mastered them by our own power;

43.14 and to our Lady of Light we shall surely return.”

43.15 Yet they have attributed to Her mere mortals as Her offspring;

and they further attribute negative emotions and actions to Her;

despite the fact they were advised She is all Love; certainly most people are openly ungrateful.

43.16 Has Goddess incarnated and born sons as a woman bears a child,

yet did She not choose daughters for you to be truly blessed?

43.17 But when one of them has a child of that male sex, which they attribute to the Merciful One,

then her face becomes dark, and she is oppressed with sorrow.

43.18 Do they therefore attribute to Goddess male issue,

which are not brought up looking and acting lovely,

with ornaments and fine dresses, and who are never contentious without just cause?

Moreover, they well know that Goddess does not bear children as a woman does.

43.19 And do they make the angels which are the servants of the Merciful, exclusively males?

Were they present at their creation?

Who has told them the angels must procreate or incarnate and produce offspring?

No one.  But their words have been written down so on the day of their resurrection,

Goddess will explain all this carefully to them again.

Her angels are neither male nor female nor were they made for procreation,

as humans are.  An angel can choose either sex equally,[8]

and they will appear in a form best suited so that they do not alarm any human.

Do they not understand that angels may change appearance readily?

43.20 And some people say, “If the Merciful One had pleased,

we would not have associated negative emotions or actions with Her.”

But they have no knowledge of this; they only utter a vain lie.

43.21 Have we given them a Book of revelations before this;

and do they keep the same in their possession?

43.22 But they say, “Certainly we found our mothers practicing a good religion we liked,

and we were guided in their footsteps, even though they worshiped wealth, greed and power.”

43.23 Thus, we have sent no preacher or teacher before you,

into any city, but the inhabitants therein had lived in affluence,

and they said “Certainly we found our mothers practicing this religion; and so we did the same.”

43.24 And the preacher would answer, “What, although I brought a more loving and kind religion

than that which you found your mothers practicing?”

And they replied, “Certainly we do not believe anything which you have preached to us.”

43.25 But we do not take vengeance on them; this is a lie which was part of their old religion,

and the unbelievers say that the destruction of civilizations is due to the vengeance of Goddess,

but you have been told it is not; they want to take vengeance on others,

so they say that Goddess condones vengeance;

and they say prophetesses that teach peace and non violence are imposters, yet they truly are not.

43.26 Remember when Sarah said to her mother and to her people,

“Certainly I am not going to worship the goddesses you do,

with evil emotions and actions and intentions,”

43.27 “for I only worship Her who created me and She is all Love;

and She will direct me properly into new paths of love.

43.28 And the Prophetess ordained this to be a constant doctrine among her posterity;

that they should be turned aside from deities with evil emotions and evil actions and evil intentions,

and they should turn only to the worship of the One True Loving Goddess.

43.29 Certainly I have permitted many peoples and their ancestors to live in prosperity,

until the truth has come to them, and a manifest prophetess;

43.30 but now the truth has come to them, and they say, “This is certainly a piece of evil sorcery;

and we will not believe in it.”

43.31 And they say, “Had this Korana been sent down to a great woman,

leading the two great cities,[9] then we would believe in it.”

43.32 Do they distribute the mercy and love of your Lady of Light

according to the earthly popularity of the person chosen to declare it?

We distribute the necessary provisions among them, in this present life,

and we raise some of them several degrees above the others,

that one of them might make the other to serve her;

and the mercy of your Lady of Light is more valuable than riches which they gather together.

43.33 If it were not that womankind would have become a sect of unbelievers,

certainly we would have given to those who do not believe in the Merciful One,

roofs of silver to cover their homes, and stairs of silver, to ascend thereto,

43.34 and doors of silver to enter their homes, and couches of silver, for them to recline and rest upon;

43.35 and ornaments of gold; for all this is the provision of the present life;

but the next life with your Lady of Light shall be for those who love Her only.

43.36 Whomsoever shall withdraw from the love, peace and joy of the Merciful One,

it will feel as though a devil were chained to her;

and she will feel as though this devil were her constant companion.

43.37 and we know that demons will turn people aside from the way of truth;

yet the people imagine themselves to be rightly directed,

43.38 until, when she will appear before us upon the last day, she can say to her imagined devil:

“I wish to Goddess that between me and you there was same distance

as there is between the east portion and the west portion of the world! 

O how wretched a companion you are that I imagined you and put you on my back!”

43.39 But wishes will not avail a person on this day,

since you have put demons on your back and have been unjust to others;

for you shall be partakers of another lifetime without protection.

43.40 Can you, O Prophetess make the deaf to hear, or can you make the blind to see,

and can you change anyone who desires to remain in obvious error?

43.41 Whether we take you away from the unbelievers or not,

they will create their own vengeance on their souls, and they will continue on earth without protection.

43.42 Or whether we cause you to see how they suffer thereafter on earth with protection,

they will not truly prevail at anything, until they turn to Her.

43.43 Therefore, hold fast to the doctrine which has been revealed to you;

for you are following the right and true direction; the direction of love and compassion and understanding.

43.44 And this is a memorial to you and your people,

and hereafter you will be examined concerning your observance of this task.

43.45 And ask our prophetesses whom we have sent before you,

whether we have appointed negative goddesses for them to worship,

deities which engage in violence and act in vengeful or hateful manners,

and those who do not act kindly and out of love, as the Merciful One does.

43.46 We formerly sent Miriam with our signs and miracles to Pharaoh and to his princes,

and Pharaoh said, “Certainly I am the true prophet of the gods,”

despite the fact he was evil and cruel and engaged in torture and oppression.

43.47 And when the prophetess Miriam came to them with our signs, behold, they laughed her to scorn;

43.48 although we showed them no sign, but it was greater than all the others;

and many were still destroyed, because they would not listen to their prophetess,

Miriam, who warned them all of an impending natural disaster, so that some or all might be converted.

43.49 And they said to Miriam, “O magician, pray to your Lady for us,

according to the covenant which She had made with you;

for then we will certainly be directed in a correct manner.”

43.50 But when we took the plague away from them when they pleaded with us,

behold they broke their promise and continued their wrongful ways.

43.51 And Pharaoh made proclamations among his people, saying,

“O my people, is not the kingdom of Egypt mine, and these rivers,

which flow beneath me?  Do you not see?”

43.52 “Am I not better than this Miriam, who is a contemptible woman,

and can scarcely express herself intelligently?”

43.53 “Have bracelets of gold been put upon her?[10] Do the angels attend to her in orderly procession?”

43.54 And Pharaoh persuaded his people to joke about the matter;

and they obeyed him, for they were wicked and enjoyed the torture and oppression of others.

43.55 and after they had been given a considerable period of time to believe in Goddess;

Miriam told them to let her people go, otherwise disaster would come to them,

and they must not follow her, but they refused to listen,

so while her people passed safely at the appointed time she was advised for this task,

the others were too late and they drowned, but only due to the fact they refused to believe in Her,

43.56 and this was a precedent and an example to others.

43.57 And when the son of Mother Mary was proposed for an example, the people cried out for joy,

43.58 and they said, “Are our negative goddesses better or him?”

They proposed this instance for none other than a reason to create an argument,

yes, they are quick to argue.

43.59 Yeshua was a servant of Goddess who was favored with healing,

prophecy, and who was to be an example to the children of Israel.

43.60 If heaven so desired, they could have sent the people angels,

to succeed everyone on the earth, but this is not the plan of Goddess for you.

43.61 And the appearance of Yeshua to many will be a sign of the approach

of the last and final resurrection,[11] and you need not have any doubt concerning this,

for many people will see the saints and prophetesses as this day comes near.

And follow Me; for this is the right way.

43.62 And do not let Evil cause you to turn aside from this religion; for that is your open enemy.

43.63 And when Yeshua came with evident signs and miracles, he said,

“Now I have come to you with wisdom, and I want to explain to you

some of those issues which are the subject of your arguments, therefore love Goddess and obey me.”

43.64 Certainly Goddess is your Lady of Light, therefore worship Her, this is the right way.

43.65 And the various sects among them fell into differences; but the message of most of them was true.

Woe to those persons who act unjustly, for they will suffer sadness on the day of their resurrection.

43.66 Do the unbelievers wait for any other time than the time of resurrection?

And it may come upon them suddenly, when they do not foresee it.          

43.67 The intimate friends, on that day, may no longer be friends to one another;

only the pious will still assuredly be friends.

43.68 O my servants, there will be no fear which comes to you on that day, nor will you suffer any grief;

43.69 this is for those who have believed in our signs, and have been Moslemas;

43.70 enter into paradise, you and your husbands, with great joy.

43.71 Dishes of gold will be carried around to all the believers, and they will have cups without handles;

and therein they will enjoy whatever their souls shall desire, and whatever their eyes will delight in;

and you shall remain therein forever.

43.72 This is paradise, which you have inherited as a reward for that which you have done on earth.

43.73 Therein you shall have fruits in abundance, of which you shall eat.

43.74 But the wicked shall remain on earth until they either turn to Goddess,

or on the day of their final resurrection they will be purified with the pure white light of Goddess;

43.75 earth shall not be made easier for them; and they will despair therein.

43.76 We do not deal unjustly with these souls, but they deal unjustly with their own souls.

43.77 And they shall call aloud, saying “O Malika,[12] intercede on our behalf so that

our Lady of Light will destroy our souls rather than require us to repeatedly return to earth,

without rest or protection.”

43.78 She will answer them, “No, you must remain on earth until your souls turn to Her.”

43.79 Have the unbelievers found a method to circumvent what the prophetess has said? 

Or, what Goddess has decreed?

43.80 Certainly there is no method to circumvent what Goddess has decreed.

Do they understand that we hear their every secret? And we hear all their private discussions?

Yes, and our messengers who attend them, record the same.

43.81 Say to the people, “If the Merciful One had a child endued with negative emotions and actions,

certainly no one would worship such a child, for She is pure light and love,

and so She cannot and will not have such a child.”

43.82 Far be it for the Lady of heaven and earth, the Lady of the Throne,

to even think of what nasty things they say of Her!

43.83 Therefore let them wade in their vanity, and let them amuse themselves in vain pursuits

until they arrive at the day of their resurrection, which they have been promised.

43.84 She who is Goddess in heaven, is Goddess on this earth also;

and She is the Wise One, the All Knowing.

43.85 And blessed is She who rules the Queendom of heaven and earth, and whatever is between them;

with Whom is the knowledge of the last hour; and before Whom you shall be assembled altogether.

43.86 Those persons whom they invoke besides Her do have any special privilege to intercede for others; except those who bear witness to the truth, and those that know the same.

43.87 If you ask these people who has created them, they always answer, “Goddess.”

How is it therefore they are inclined to turn to the worship of deities

that have negative emotions and actions?

43.88 Goddess also hears the saying of the prophetess,

“O Lady of Light, certainly these are people who do not believe,”

and She will answer, “Then turn away from them and say ‘Peace’;

hereafter I will decide the matter for them.”








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

44.1 H.M.[13]

44.2 By the easily understood Book,

44.3 which we have sent down on a blessed night[14], the night which we had decided upon,

44.4 wherein is distinctly sent down the decree of every determined thing,

44.5 as a command from us.

44.6 As a mercy from the Lady of Light; for it is She that hears and knows all;

44.7 She is the Lady of heaven and earth, and of whatever is in between them;

if you are women of certain knowledge and understanding.

44.8 There is no Goddess but She; She gives life, and She is there with you at the time of your death;

She is your Lady of Light, and the Lady of your foremothers.

44.9 Yet some people fall into a pattern of doubt.

44.10 But observe them, before the day of final resurrection, the heavens will produce a visible smoke,[15]

44.11 which will cover womankind, and this will be a tormenting plague for some;

but Goddess does not torment and this will be a natural change signifying a shift in the earth’s character.

44.12 The people will say, “O Lady of Light, what is this thing,

for we are afraid.”  But only the prophetesses will know what it is,

and they will inform the true believers as to how to mitigate the torment,

but the unbelievers will not listen and will not believe how to mitigate this problem.

44.13 There is no reason why their condition would not be mitigated,

except for their own unbelief, when a prophetess has come to them and explained it clearly.

44.14 But they will retire from her, saying, “This woman is instructed falsely by others, or she is insane!”

44.15 “We will take the plague from you a little;

but we believe you will return to your former unbelief and you will still not listen to your prophetess.”

44.16 On the day whereupon we will fiercely assault them with the power of love,

and we will eradicate vengeance from among them.

44.17 We will hold a trial of the people of Pharaoh before them,

and an honorable messenger will come to them saying, “Send me the servants of Goddess;”

44.18 “Certainly I am a faithful messenger to you;”

44.19 “and do not bolster yourselves up against Goddess; for I come to you with manifest power.”

44.20 “And I fly for protection to my Lady of Light, and to Your Lady, and you should not harm me.

44.21 If you do not believe me, at least leave me alone.”

44.22 And when they accused her of lying, She called upon Her Lady of Light, saying,

“These are a wicked people.”

44.23 And Goddess said to her, “March forth with my servants by night; for you will be pursued;”

44.24 “and you will see before you a great wind,

and this will divide the sea, and warn the Egyptians not to follow you,

for the division of the sea is only for a short time,

and by the time they arrive, it will close up upon them, and they will all be drowned.”

44.25 How many gardens and fountains,

44.26 and fields of corn and fair dwellings,

44.27 and advantages which people enjoyed, did they leave behind them!

44.28 Thus the Egyptians were all dispossessed of much wealth and land,

but only due to their own failings to listen to their prophetess.

44.29 They were all gone, and so there was no one to weep for them.

44.30 And we delivered the children of Israel from a shameful affliction;

44.31 from Pharaoh; for he was arrogant and cruel;

44.32 and we chose them, knowingly, above all people;

44.33 and we showed them several signs and miracles, and this was an evident trial.

44.34 Certainly, many people say,

44.35 “Assuredly our final end will be no other than our first natural death;

nor shall we ever be raised again;

44.36 or bring now our foremothers back to life, if you speak the truth.”

44.37 Are they better or are the people of Tova,[16] and those who came before them?

We sent them a prophetess, but they were destroyed because they would not listen to her

when she warned of earthquakes and strong winds, and other natural disasters.

44.38 We have not created the heavens and the earth,

and whatever is in between them, just for sport;

earth is a school for those that wish to learn and perfect and grow.

44.39 Although entertainment is important for your happiness,

and certainly Goddess wants you to be joyous, this earth was created in truth,

but the vast majority of women do not know this.

44.40 Certainly the day of final resurrection shall be the appointed term of them all;

44.41 a day where the mistress and the servant will be of no advantage to one another;

44.42 except for those whom Goddess will have mercy; for She is the Mighty One and the Merciful One.

44.43 Certainly, the fruit of the tree of Zakkum[17]

44.44 will be the food of the impious;

44.45 the same as the dregs of oil, and it shall boil in the bellies of the unbelievers,

and this food shall be a comparison to the food on earth versus that in paradise.

44.46 Further, the boiling and torment of the hottest water drunken by women,

is a similitude to the feeling of the food swallowed on earth versus that which is served in paradise.

44.47 And it shall be said to those that torment others,

“Your evils are inexcusable, and the soul grief you will encounter on the day of your resurrection,

shall be as though you were dragged into the depths of hell;

when you see the grief and sadness you caused,

and at the same time see the happiness which you could have wrought,

if you had followed the correct path of love and light.”

44.48 This shall be the similitude as if one poured boiling water over your head,

44.49 saying, “Suffer this, for what you have done to mighty and honorable persons.”

44.50 Certainly this is the grief which you thought would never come to you.

44.51 But the pious shall be lodged in a place of security,

44.52 among gardens and fountains;

44.53 they will be clothed in the finest silks and satins; and they will sit facing one another.

44.54 Thus it will be; and they will be wed to handsome young virginal men, with large black eyes;

they will be meek and not demanding of anything, but waiting to serve their woman.

44.55 In that place they may call for all kinds of fruits, in full security.

44.56 They will not taste death therein, after their last death;

and Goddess shall deliver them from the pains of grief;

44.57 through the gracious bounty of their Lady of Light, they will have tremendous happiness.

44.58 Moreover, we have rendered the Korana easy for you,

by revealing it in English, which is now taught and studied throughout the world;

to the end that everyone will have the message of the great love of Goddess;

44.59 Therefore you should wait for the day of your resurrection

without fear or anxiety, as many of the unbelievers wait for misfortune to come to you.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

45.1 H.M.[18]

45.2 The revelation of this Book is from the Almighty One, the wise Goddess.

45.3 Certainly both in heaven and upon the earth are signs of the divine power given to the true believers;

45.4 and in the creation of yourselves, and of the creatures which are scattered about the face of the earth, are signs to people of sound judgment and good understanding;

45.5 and also in the changes of night to day, and the rain which Goddess sends down from heaven,

whereby She quickens the earth after it has been barren;

in the changes of the winds are also our signs to people of good understanding.

45.6 These are the signs and miracles of Goddess; we recite them to those that desire the truth.

In what revelation therefore will they believe, after they have rejected Goddess and Her signs and miracles?

45.7 Woe to every lying and impious person;

45.8 who hears of the signs and miracles of Goddess, which are recited to her,

but afterwards proudly persists in unbelief, as though she never heard them at all:

for this she will experience great sadness on the day of her resurrection;

45.9 and to the person who, when she comes to the knowledge of any of our signs and miracles,

receives the same with doubts and scorn. For these people will experience great soul sadness

on the day of their resurrection, when they see all the good they might have done;

45.10 for they will be reborn back to the earth,

which shall seem like hell without a protectress or guardian angels;

and whatever evil they gained will be of no assistance to them at all,

nor shall the negative emotions and actions which they associate with Goddess;

and they will suffer great sadness on the day of their resurrection.

45.11 For this is a true direction;

and for those who do not believe the signs and miracles of their Lady of Light,

is prepared the sadness which will seem like a terrible torment,

when they feel the pain and suffering they have caused others through their wrongful actions.

45.12 It is Goddess who has subjected the sea to you, that the ships may sail upon it at your command;

and that you may seek advantages to yourselves by commerce, out of Her bounty;

and that you may give your thanks to Her;

45.13 and that She obliges whatever is in heaven and on the earth to serve you;

the whole of all emanating from Her. Certainly herein are signs to people who consider well.

45.14 Speak to the true believers, that they will forgive those who do not hope

for the days in the afterlife with Goddess;

that She will reward each person according to what they have done.

45.15 Whomsoever does that which is right does it to the advantage of Her own soul;

and whomsoever does evil does it only against the same; hereafter you will return to your Lady of Light.

45.16 We have given to the children of Israel the Book of the Law, and wisdom and prophecy;

and we fed them with delicious foods, and preferred them above many nations,

because they chose Goddess;

45.17 and we gave them plain ordinances concerning the business of religion;

that they should not fall into variance, except after that knowledge had come to them,

but they disputed among themselves,

still their Lady of Light will decide all substantial controversies between them

on the day of their resurrection, concerning whatever they argue about now.

45.18 Afterwards, we appointed you, O prophetess, to promulgate laws concerning matters of religion:

therefore follow the same, and do not follow the desires of those persons who are ignorant.

45.19 Certainly they will not assist you against Goddess at all;

the unjust are the patrons of one another; but Goddess is the patroness of the pious.

45.20 This Korana delivers evident precepts to all womankind;

and it is a true direction and a mercy, to people that may instruct others properly.

45.21 Do the workers of inequity imagine that we will deal with them,

the same as those who believe and do good works; so that their life and death shall be counted equal?

This would be an ill judgment to make!

45.22 Goddess has created the heavens and the earth in truth;

that She will compensate every soul according to that which it has done; and none shall be treated unjustly.

45.23 What are they thinking? She who takes her own desires for her Goddess,

and she thinks that it is Goddess that makes her fall into error,

and that she has not sealed up her own heart and ears, or that she has not placed a veil over her own eyes,

has certainly deceived only herself.  These are her own choices to make,

but then she wonders why she believes that Goddess has forsaken her, when Goddess clearly has not.

Do not the people understand this?

45.24 Then the unbelievers say, “There is no life, but the present life:

we live and then we die, and nothing else will destroy us but one death.”

But they have no knowledge in this matter; they only follow their own vain desires.

45.25 And when our evident signs and miracles are recited to them, their arguments which they offer to us,

are the exact same thing over and over again when they say,

“Bring to life our foremothers who have been dead; if you speak the truth.”

45.26 Say to the people, “Goddess has given you life; and afterwards will be with you when you die;

hereafter She will assemble you together on the day of your resurrection; there is no doubt of this matter;

but the vast majority of women do not understand this.

45.27 To Goddess belongs the Queendom of heaven and earth; and the day when the hour will be fixed,

on that day those persons who charge the Korana with vanity

will be informed of the errors of their beliefs.

45.28 And you shall see every nation kneeling; every nation will be called to its Book of account;

and it will be said to them, “On this day you will be rewarded to that which your people have done.”

45.29 Our Book will show you all that you have done; we have recorded everything you have done.

45.30 As for those persons who shall have believed and done good works,

their Lady of Light will lead them into Her mercy; this will assure them manifest happiness.

45.31 But as to the unbelievers, it will be said to them,

“Did you not receive the signs and miracles of the Lady of Light?

But you rejected them, because you were proud!”

45.32 And when it was said to them, “Now the promise of Goddess is true;

and as to the hour of judgment there is no doubt,”

The unbelievers replied, “We did not know exactly about the hour of judgment;

we thought that was an uncertain opinion only; and we were never well assured of the matter.”

45.33 But on that day when all the evils they had done are shown to them,

and they will feel the exact pain and grief they caused others through

hate, greed, jealousy, rage or violence; and all the goodness they mocked before this will encompass them;

45.34 and it shall be said to them, “This day we will forget your problems,

as you forgot about the problems of others; and your abode will be earth again,

and it will be like hell fire, without guardian angels and a protectress, until you turn to Her.”

45.35 This discipline will be assured to you, because you turned the signs of Goddess into ridicule

and you did whatever evil your hearts desired; and the pomp of the world deceived you,

and you were so intelligent and arrogant that you deceived yourselves;

On this day therefore, they will not be asked any longer of the evil of that lifetime,

it will be forgotten; nor will they be asked to do well before Goddess,

but they will return to earth as innocent babies.

45.36 Therefore, praise the Lady of all creatures; and to Her belongs all glory in heaven

and upon the earth, for She is the Mighty one the Wise Goddess!








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

46.1 H.M.[19]

46.2 The revelation of this Book is the from the  Almighty One, the Wise Goddess.

46.3 We have not created the heavens and the earth, and whatever is between them,

otherwise than in truth, and for a predetermined period:

but the unbelievers turn away from the great gift of love which was given them.

46.4 Say to the people, “What are you thinking?

Show me what part of earth did any negative goddess create for you?

Negativity does not create anything, and even if it did, the result would be disastrous.

Bring me a Book of Scripture revealed before this,

or some footstep of ancient knowledge which brings such a detailed accounting

of the great love that Goddess has for you all.”

46.5 Whoever could be in a wider error than she who invokes,

besides Goddess, deities that engage in negative actions and emotions?

Such a goddess will not help you on the day of your resurrection;

and hateful, negative deities will not assist you during this life, nor during the afterlife.

46.6 And when women are gathered together for their judgment,

how could you ever tell the difference between a mean, hateful goddess and your enemies?

They would talk and act the same. They would both deny you and act in their own self interest.

46.7 When our evident signs and miracles of love are shown to you,

the unbelievers of the truth will say, when it comes to them, “This is an obvious work of dark sorcery.”

46.8 Will they say that your prophetess has forged it? Answer, “If I have forged it,

certainly you will not obtain for me any favors from Goddess;

She certainly knows the injurious language you use when you repeat it,

She will be a sufficient witness between you and I; and She is gracious and merciful.”

46.9 Say to the people, “I am not alone among the prophetesses,

nor do I know what will be done with me or with you after this:

I follow no other teachings besides what has been revealed to me from Goddess;

nor am I any more than a preacher and a teacher.”

46.10 Say to the people, “What is your opinion? If this Book is from Goddess and you do not believe it;

and a witness of the children of Israel should bear witness to its constancy with the law,

and they believe therein, yet you proudly reject the same, then are you not an unjust person?

Certainly Goddess will not direct the unjust people.”

46.11 But the unbelievers will say of the believers,

“If the doctrine of the Korana had not been to their liking, they would not have embraced it.

And they are not truly guided by anything, for we believe this is nothing but an antiquated lie.”

46.12 Whereas the Book of Miriam was revealed before the Korana, to be a guide and a mercy;

and this is a Book confirming the same, delivered in the English tongue;

to denounce anyone who says Goddess threatens or harms any of Her beloved children,

and She desires only to bear good tidings, and to be especially loving to the righteous.

46.13 As to those who say, “Our Lady is our One True Goddess,” and those that behave righteously;

they will have no fear, nor shall they be grieved.

46.14 These shall be the inhabitants of paradise, they shall remain therein forever.

46.15 We have commanded woman to show kindness to her parents;

because her mother carried her in her uterus; and she was delivered in great pain;

and the time for pregnancy and the time for nursing is substantial; approximately thirty months for both;[20]

and then she will attain her age of strength at forty years, and she will say,

“O Lady of Light, inspire me so that I might be grateful for the favors of my parents,

and that I may act with righteousness, so that you might be well pleased with me;

and be gracious to me through the children you may give me;

for I am in your service, and I am a Moslema.”

46.16 These are the people from whom we will accept their works of righteousness

on a most favorable basis; and whose evil works we will not consider much at all;

and they shall be among the inhabitants of paradise;

this is a true promise, and what we have promised them in this world.

46.17 However, as to the woman that says to her parents,

“Curse you!  Do you want me to believe that I will be taken from the grave,

and then restored to life, when many generations have passed away before me,

and none of them have ever come back?”

And while her parents pray for her and beg the assistance of Goddess,

they will say to her, “We are so very upset!  You should believe,

for the promises of Goddess are indeed true.”

But she will answer, “These are nothing but silly fables of the ancients.”

46.18 These are those persons who are like those nations that have come before them,

of genii, the haughty ones, and of women, that they are lost,

and will experience great sadness on the day of their resurrection.

46.19 For everyone is prepared a certain degree of happiness or misery;

according to what they have done in the world;

and Goddess will provide for them just compensation for their good works;

and no soul will be treated unjustly.

46.20 On a certain day, each soul will be resurrected,

and they will review their lives, and for many, the soul sadness is so great it will seem

as if the flames of hell have encompassed her;

although there is no physical pain, and they will not be afraid;

and it will be said to them, “You received your good things in your lifetime,

while you lived in the world; and you enjoyed yourself greatly;

therefore you will be adversely rewarded in having to see and feel the pain and suffering

you have caused others because you behaved insolently on the earth,

without justice, and for that you have erred.”

46.21 Remember Hue, a sister from the nation of Ada, when she preached to her people,

and there were many good preachers before her, and after her, saying,

“Worship only one Goddess; certainly I fear that many of you will experience great sadness

on the day of your resurrection.”

46.22 The people answered her,

 “Do you desire that we turn away from the worship of deities that we love? 

Those that incite us to hate, violence, jealousy and negativity?  For we love wealth and power.

If this is the case, then bring your so called day of resurrection upon us now,

if you are indeed telling the truth!” And they taunted her.

46.23 She said, “Certainly the knowledge of the time of your day of resurrection is with Goddess only;

and I am only to advise you on what I am sent to preach and teach;

but I see you are a disbelieving people.”

46.24 And when they looked up one day and saw a huge cloud,

and when they ran toward the valley, they were elated and said,

“This is a wonderful cloud that will bring us the rain we need and deserved!”

But Hue answered, “No, it will not bring you rain–in fact it is a dangerous cloud

and a whirlwind is soon coming and you must leave,

for it will destroy everything at its appointed time.

This is a most severe natural disaster. But listen to me, and you might avoid this.”

But they were a stubborn people, and would not believe their prophetess.

46.25 And in the morning, nothing was to be seen besides empty buildings.

46.26 We had established these people in a flourishing manner,

such as we have provided for the people of Mecca; and we gave them ears and eyes and hearts;

yet neither their ears, nor their eyes, nor their hearts were of any benefit to them at all;

they rejected the signs and miracles of Goddess and Her Prophetess;

and so they died, because the earth is a dangerous place,

and you are all in need of Her protection while you are here.

46.27 If you look around, you will see many cities which were destroyed due to natural disasters;

and we have shown this as a sign to many peoples, so they might repent and turn to Her.

46.28 Did their worship of evil deities having negative emotions and actions protect them? 

No, for these evil deities and worship of them was of no assistance to any person;

and it was false, vain opinions that led these people to worship wealth,

greed and power, and they further engaged in the accompanying blasphemy of such actions.

46.29 Remember when certain of the genii turned to you,

so that they may hear the Korana; and when they were present at the reading of the same,

they said, “Let us listen and have enthusiasm for this new work;”

and when it ended, they returned to their people and preached to them what they had heard.”

46.30 They said, “O people, certainly we have heard a new Book of Truth read to us,

which had been revealed since the time of Miriam,

it confirms the Scriptures which were revealed before it;

and it directs us all to the truth and the right way of love.”

46.31 “People, obey the Prophetess sent by Goddess and believe in Her,

that She might forgive you your errors,

and so that you might avoid sadness on the day of your resurrection.”

46.32 “And whosoever disobeys a prophetess of Goddess,

will not avoid the plans and discipline of Goddess; nor will you have any protectress besides Her.

You will be in obvious error.” Do the people not know that Goddess,

who has created the heavens and the earth, and was never tired with such immense creation,

might quite easily raise the dead to life again? Most certainly, for She is Almighty.

46.33 On a certain day, the unbelievers will experience great soul sadness on the day of their resurrection, and it will be said to them, “Were you not told the truth?”  They will answer, “Yes, we were.”

And She will reply, “Then you know that you will have to face all the negative actions and emotions

that you harbored during your lifetime, and this will indeed be grievous for you.”

46.34 Therefore patiently persevere, as all the prior prophetesses have done before you;

and do not be anxious regarding the unbelievers.

On the day of their resurrection, they will experience great soul sadness,

and it will occur after their death in only the twinkling of a second;

it will seem to them as if not even a single hour in a single day had passed that they walked upon the earth; but no one will be destroyed, only they will be very sad for all the pain they caused while on earth.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

47.1 Goddess will not make effective any of the works of the unbelievers who intend to do harm to others,

and who turn away women from the ways of love and Goddess;

47.2 but as to those persons who believe, and work righteousness,

and believe in the revelations which have been sent down to the Prophetess

(for this is the truth from the Lady of Light), She will cleanse their evil deeds from them,

and She will set their heart alright.

47.3 This She will do because those who believe do not follow vanity,

and because those who believe follow the truth from the Lady of Light.

Thus Goddess propounds to women fine examples of truth and Her love.

47.4 When you come to the unbelievers, you will know them,

because they engage in acts of violence and attack other people, without worrying whom they might hurt;

they have no conscious when it comes to violence, they attack freely,

they may slaughter others, they may tie them up in bonds, sometimes they may allow them to freely leave,

but often they will ask for a ransom, and they foment war instead of peace.

This is what the unbelievers do. And then they will tell you that their goddess desires vengeance on others,

and She commands that they fight battles to prove the strength of one over the other.

They further will lie and say that violence and fighting is required

to defend the “true” religion of goddess, when in fact you have been told

that She demands peace over war, love over strife, and that you should forgive and forget.

47.5 But Goddess always guides the believers, and She sets their hearts alright;

47.6 and She will lead the peaceful believers into paradise, which She has promised them.

47.7 O true believers, if you assist Goddess, by making peace in religion,

then She will assist you against your enemies; and She will protect you from them;

47.8 but as for the aggressive and violent unbelievers, they will surely kill one another off,

through their violent tendencies, and all that will be left will be the peacemakers;

so stand aside and let the violent ones perish;

and their violent works will perish with them also, by the plan of Goddess.

Blessed are the peacemakers.

47.9 This will happen to them, because they have rejected with abhorrence

all that Goddess has revealed; their egos demand that they engage in violence,

to protect the ego only; the heart does not understand violence;

and their violent works will become of no avail.

47.10 Do they not travel through the earth and see what has happened to

other violent people who came before them?

These people were violent and engaged primarily in violence,

and Goddess did not stop what their black hearts desired earnestly to do:

that is, kill one another.  A similar catastrophe awaits the unbelievers who lust after violence.

47.11 This will come to pass, for Goddess is the patroness of the peaceful true believers;

because the warmongering unbelievers have no protectress.

47.12 Certainly Goddess will introduce those who are peaceful and those who believe,

and do good works, into gardens beneath which rivers flow;

but the unbelievers indulge themselves in violent pleasures,

and they will return to earth repeatedly, and commit violence against one another,

until they lust for violence no longer and see it for the worthless cause that it is,

and this process shall be like hell fire to them.

47.13 How many cities were more mighty in strength than the city which has expelled many a prophetess; yet the evil inhabitants destroyed themselves due to their own violent tendencies,

and there was no one to help them, for Goddess turns Her back on the violent souls.

47.14 Shall the person who has followed the plain declarations of love and peace

from the Lady of Light be treated the same as one whose works

have been dressed up by evil and those who follow their own violent lusts?

47.15 The description of paradise, which is promised to the pious is:

there are rivers of incorruptible water, and rivers of sweet milk, the taste of which never changes,

and there are rivers of wine, pleasant to those who drink;

and there are rivers of sweet honey;

and therein the believers shall have plenty of all kinds of fruits;

and they will receive pardon from the Lady of Light.

Shall the woman for whom these things are prepared be the same

as one who must dwell again upon the earth,

which shall be like hell fire; and those persons will drink the sour, dirtywater of the earth,

which shall be like boiling putrid water told of in the allegory of hell?

47.16 The unbelievers say some people listen to you, until they have left your presence,

they tell others about you in a derisive manner. These people have hardened their own hearts,

and they follow only their own desires;

47.17 but as for those people that are directed by Goddess,

She will grant them a more correct direction when asked; and She will instruct them on how to avoid evil.

47.18 Do the unbelievers wait for anything other than the last hour,

that it might come upon them suddenly? Some signs of this have already come,[21]

and when it will actually come to them, how will they then understand this entire Korana at once?

47.19 Know therefore, that there is no goddess but Goddess; and ask pardon for your errors,

and for the true believers, both women and men.

Goddess knows that you are busily employed in the world,

and She also knows your place in paradise after your life in this world.

47.20 The true believers say, “We have already been told not to make war against other nations!”

And they complain this is too difficult for them, to refrain from war.

But when a chapter without any ambiguity is revealed, and no war is mentioned,

you will be able to see who has hardened her own heart, that she still lusts for war,

so look past them and do not argue, and move on to helping others.

47.21 But obedience would be much better for them, and to speak what they desire.

And when any command is firmly established, if they give credit to Goddess, this would be better for them.

47.22 Were you ready, therefore, if you had the authority,

to commit atrocities on earth, and to violate the ties of kinship?

47.23 Unfaithfulness is not loved by Goddess, but some are deaf, and some are blind,

because they have chosen this demeanor.

47.24 Do the people not attentively meditate on the Korana? Are there locks upon their hearts?

47.25 Certainly those persons who turn their backs,

after the true direction has been revealed to them, Evil will seek them out,

and Goddess can only forbear for a short time, for She does not interfere with free will.

47.26 This shall be the situation for all of them,

because they say privately to those who detest what comes from Goddess,

“We only will obey you to some extent regarding what Goddess has commanded.”

But Goddess knows all their secrets.

47.27 How, therefore will it be that when the angels shall be with them when they die,

and they will gently take their souls from their bodies, away from their faces and backs,

what will they say to the angels?

47.28 It would seem that they will be sad because they will remember the evil they did,

thinking they would not live after death, and they would not see Goddess and the angels.

They may be scared because evil has convinced them that Goddess is full of wrath and vengeance,

and strenuously averse and vehement in enforcing Her commands;

and She will render any good works in vain.

47.29 This is because they listened to the Evil ones preach about Goddess,

and wrath and negativity and hell fire.  They were told by Evil that Goddess will

hang their malice out for everyone to see, which is entirely untrue.

47.30 They are told by Evil that they will be shown with shame to Goddess,

and She will know them by their marks, and their perverse pronunciation of words.

While Goddess knows all your actions, She does not do such things,

for She is pure love and She disciplines and guides in ways that you would not necessarily understand.

47.31 She will put you through trials, and She will know who are the true believers;

those that persevere in love and pure emotions, rather than fear and hate,

Evil cannot hurt Goddess at all, but Evil works will certainly perish

like dust blown away by the slight breeze.

47.32 Certainly those who do not believe, and those who turn other women from the ways of Goddess,

and make opposition against the prophetess sent by Her,

after the divine direction has been made obvious to them, will not hurt Goddess at all;

but She will cause all Evil works to perish, for the only thing that is real which and survives eternally is love.

47.33 O true believers, obey your Goddess; and obey your prophetesses;

and render not what you have done to be of no effect because it was evil or negative.

47.34 Certainly those who do not believe,

and those that turn other women from the ways of Goddess, and then die as unbelievers,

they will experience great soul sadness on the day of their resurrection,

for Goddess only forgives those who repent and seek Her.

47.35 Forget not, therefore, to always seek peace with your enemies,

whether you are in the superior position or not; for Goddess is always with you,

and She will not defraud you of the merit of your works.

47.36 Certainly this present life is only like a school where you are to learn and grow

in love, kindness, compassion and caring for others;

but if you believe and know that Goddess loves you, She will abundantly provide you with rewards,

even though She does not require that you give your entire substance to Her.

47.37 If She should require that you gave your entire self and wealth to Her,

and earnestly press you, you would become stingy, and it would raise your hatred against Her Prophetess.

47.38 Behold, you are those that are invited to expend only a portion of your substance

for the support of Goddess’ true religion; and yet there are some among you that are stingy.

But whomever shall be stingy, is only stingy towards her own soul;

for Goddess needs nothing from you, but you are extremely needy of Her;

and if you turn away, you will find soul sadness on the day of your resurrection,

when you see the people that you could have helped

with the money you were supposed to donate to charity

and to spread religion and love around the world.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

48.1 Certainly you have been granted certain victory over Evil;

48.2 and Goddess will forgive you your past errors,

and those which are current, and those which may come,

and She will bestow Her favors and blessings upon you, and She will direct you in the right way;

48.3 and Goddess may assist you in life with a glorious assistance;

48.4 It is She who sends down secure tranquility into the hearts of the true believers,

that they may increase in faith, beyond their former faith;

for the hosts of heaven and earth belong entirely to Goddess; and Goddess is knowing and wise;

48.5 for She will lead the true believers of both sexes into gardens beneath which rivers flow,

and they will live therein forever; and She will forgive their evil deeds;

and they will have great happiness there with Goddess.

48.6 and She may guide the hypocritical women and the hypocritical men,

and those that associate negativity with Goddess;

and those who conceive ill opinions concerning Goddess.

For it is only the dark entities that claim Goddess grants ill fortune to the unbelievers,

that She is angry with them; and She will curse them; and She will send them to a fiery, tortuous hell;

and they will have a horrid journey there; but Goddess has commanded no one to say any such thing;

for She is all Love and no woman or man should ever fear Her.

She is gentle, She is kind and most of all, She is forgiving.

48.7 To Goddess belongs the hosts of heaven and earth; and Goddess is mighty and wise.

48.8 Certainly we have sent you, O Prophetess,

to be a witness and to be a bearer of good tidings,

and to denounce those that associate negativity with Goddess. 

48.9 This is so that you might believe in Goddess, and Her prophetesses;

and you might assist Her, and revere Her, and praise Her, morning and evening.

48.10 Certainly those persons who swear loyalty to you, swear loyalty to Goddess;

the hand of Goddess is over their hands. Whomever shall violate her oath,

violates the Oath of Goddess, which will hurt only her own soul;

but whomever will perform that which she has contracted with Goddess;

She will certainly give her a great reward.

48.11 The Arabs of the desert who were left behind will say to you,

“Our substance and our families kept us from true religion,

so we could not go out with you to worship and to evangelize;

therefore, ask pardon for us.” They speak with their tongues, which is not in their hearts.

Answer them, “Whom shall be able to obtain for you anything from Goddess?

Will She be with you every day, or will She not be there because you do not worship Her?”

Yes, certainly, Goddess is well acquainted with all that you do.

48.12 Truly you imagine that the prophetess and the true believers would never return to their families,

and this you conjectured in your own hearts; but then you have an evil imagination;

and you are assuredly quite corrupt.

48.13 Whomsoever does not believe in Goddess and Her prophetess,

certainly they will suffer great soul sadness on the day of their resurrection.

And Evil will come to them and tell you Goddess has prepared burning fire for you,

and without protection from Goddess, you might believe and then come to fear Her,

which is not what She ever told you to do.

48.14 To Goddess belongs the Queendom of heaven and earth,

She forgives all that ask and repent; and She disciplines those that are in need of it;

yet Goddess is highly inclined to forgive and grant you mercy.

48.15 Those who were left behind while others went out to help,

when the new believers came, they wanted to take all the credit,

they sought to change the herstory of the Word of Goddess.

Say to them, “You shall not be able to take credit for new souls you did not evangelize,

Goddess has said this heretofore.”   They will reply,

“No, you envy us and keep us from claiming glory with you; you owe us a share of this glory.”

But they are women of small understanding.

48.16 Say to the Arabs of the desert who were left behind,

“You shall be called forth against a people that are warlike and difficult to convert; you shall go to them,

and evangelize them, so they will profess the Islamica religion throughout the world.

If you obey, Goddess will give you a glorious reward, but if you turn back,

as you have turned back heretofore, you will experience great soul sadness on the day of your resurrection

when you see all the happiness these souls would have experienced,

had they only known that Goddess is all loving, merciful and compassionate.

48.17 It will not be a mistake for the blind, nor shall it be wrongful for the lame,

if they fail to go out and evangelize in the name of Goddess;

She will instead lead them into gardens beneath which rivers flow;

but whomever will turn back, they will be sorely grieved on the day of their resurrection,

when they see all the goodness and happiness they might have accomplished in their lifetime,

if they had only believed in Her.

48.18 Now Goddess was well pleased with the true believers,

when they swore loyalty to Her beneath a tree, and She knew that what was in their hearts was goodness,

therefore She sent to them tranquility of mind, and She rewarded them a speedy victory

in bringing the true religion to many towns, and they converted many souls;

for Goddess is mighty and wise.

48.19 Goddess promised you many souls, which you could easily convert;

48.20 but She gave you these victories by way of earnest;

and She restrained the minds of many women from ignoring you,

that these large scale conversions may be an amazing sign and miracle to the true believers;

and She may guide you to the right way.

48.21 And She also promised you additional souls to convert,

which you have not been able to do right now; but Goddess, nonetheless has them waiting for you;

and Goddess is almighty.

48.22 If some unbelieving towns had fought their conversion to Islamica,

certainly they would have turned their backs; and they would not have found a Patroness or a Protectress;

48.23 according to the decrees of Goddess,

which have been put into practice heretofore against the opposers of the Prophetess,

but you shall never find any changes in the ordinance of Goddess to love Her,

and to love one another, this is eternal.

48.24 It was She who inclined the hearts of these souls towards you, so they listened to your words,

in the valley of Mecca; after that She gave you victory in religion over them,

and Goddess saw everything that you did.

48.25 These are the people who formerly did not believe,

and they had hindered you from visiting certain holy temples,

and they hindered you from collecting money offerings,

and they hindered you from collecting clothes and food donations,

that came to you by means of the sacrifices of the people.

It might have been that you did not find any people to convert,

both women and men, and you did not know this before,

and they all had been associated with Evil before your coming,

and they had also committed many crimes and offenses,

even though you had no knowledge of this, yet She still inclined their hearts and minds towards you;

but this was done, so that Goddess might bestow even more of Her mercy and love upon additional souls.

If they had been distinguished before this, Goddess would not have sent you to preach and teach,

with your most effective and loving preaching and teaching methods.

48.26 When the unbelievers had put into their own hearts the preciseness of ignorance,

still Goddess sent down Her tranquility upon them and Her Prophetess and on the true believers,

and firmly fixed in you all the words of piety; and they were most worthy of the same,

and the most deserving of this grace; for Goddess knows all things.

48.27 Now Goddess has sent in truth to Her Prophetess a vision,

wherein she said, “You shall surely enter the holy temple of Mecca,

because Goddess is pleased to do this, in full security,

and the pious shall have their heads shaved or close cropped,

if they desire, as a special sign to others, and you shall not fear anything;

for Goddess knows all which you do not know;

and She has appointed you, a speedy victory in Mecca and in converting many souls in the towns.

48.28 It is She who has sent to you Her Prophetess with the true direction,

and the religion of truth and love; that She may exalt this religion above all others;

and Goddess is a sufficient witness in these matters.

48.29 Your Prophetess is an apostle of Goddess; and those who are with her will be fierce in loving others;

and they will also be filled with compassion.

You may see them bowing down, or prostrate, or standing quietly,

or sitting or lying quietly, seeking their just due from Goddess and Her good will.

Their signs are upon their faces, and some may bear marks of frequent prostration.

This is their description in the Pentateuch, and their description in the gospels,

they are seeds that grow vigorously, giving great delight to the farmer.

Such are the Moslemas described to be;

so that the unbelievers will often swell unjustly with indignation at them.

Goddess has promised to all that believe and do good works, pardon and a great reward in the hereafter.







In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

49.1 O true believers, do not anticipate any matter which is only in the sight of Goddess

and Her Prophetesses, and love Goddess and love one another;

for Goddess both hears and knows everything.

49.2  and do not raise your voices above that of the Prophetess,

neither should you speak loudly to her during discussions, as you speak loudly to one another,

unless your works become in vain, and you fail to understand this.

49.3 Certainly those who lower their voices in the presence of the prophetess of Goddess

are those that have hearts that Goddess has made conducive to piety;

they will obtain pardon when they ask for it, and a great reward.

49.4 As to those who scream out to you while you are in private,

the vast majority of them do not understand the respect due you.

49.5 If they wait with patience, until you come to them, it will be better for them;

but Goddess is inclined to forgive and She is merciful.

49.6 O true believers, if a wicked man comes to you with a tale, inquire strictly as to the truth of it;

otherwise you might hurt people through ignorance, and later repent of your actions.

49.7 And know that the prophetess is among you; if she obeyed you in many things,

you would be guilty of error, in leading her into mistake.

But Goddess has made the faith amiable to you, and She has prepared the same in your hearts,

so that infidelity, iniquity and disobedience are hateful to you.

These are the manners of those that walk in the right way.

49.8 This occurs through mercy from Goddess and Her grace; and Goddess is all knowing and wise.

49.9 If two parties of believers argue with one another,

you should try to settle the matter between them;

if one insults the other, you should correct that party,

and request that they look to the judgment of Goddess;

and if they do agree and make peace between one another with justice,

you should inform them that they have acted in a blessed manner;

for Goddess values those who act justly and make peace.

49.10 Certainly the true believers belong to a single sisterhood; therefore reconcile your sisters;

and love Goddess, that you might obtain Her mercy.

49.11 O true believers, do not let women laugh at others with hateful scorn;

because it is only from a distorted perception that they might think they are better than others;

nor let men laugh at other men with hateful scorn, because it is only from a distorted perception

that they might think they are better than others. Nor should the people defame one another;

nor should they call one another by hateful nicknames. A hateful name is but one form of wickedness,

and should not be an action of one who has joined the true faith;

and if they repent not, they will feel the hurt they have caused the other person,

on the day of their resurrection.

49.12 O true believers, carefully avoid entertaining unfounded suspicions of one another;

for unfounded suspicions are but another form of soul error.

Inquire not too curiously into the failings of other persons;

nor speak ill of another person when she is not in your presence.

Would any of you desire to eat the flesh of her dead sister?

Certainly this would be abhorrent! And love Goddess;

for Goddess is easy to be reconciled and She is merciful.

49.13 O people, certainly we have created you in both the forms of female and male;

and we have distributed you on the earth into nations, tribes and families,

that you might know one another. Certainly the most honorable of you, in the sight of Goddess

is the one that is the most pious; and Goddess is wise and knowing.

49.14 The Arabs of the desert say, “We believe.”

Answer them, “You are not yet believers, you only say ‘We have embraced Islama’,

for your hearts have not changed and you are hateful to one another,

and you hurt one another intentionally. If you obey Goddess and her Prophetess,

She will not defraud you of any part of the merit of your works;

for Goddess is inclined to forgive and She is merciful.”

49.15 Certainly the true believers are those people who believe in Goddess and Her Prophetess,               

and afterwards do not entertain doubts concerning this;

and they employ part of their resources and their abilities

in the defense of the true religion of Goddess; these are people that speak sincerely.

49.16 Say to the people, “Will you inform Goddess as to what you think Her religion should be?”

But Goddess knows whatever is in heaven or upon the earth; for Goddess is omniscient.

49.17 Some people scold you regarding their obligations as a Muslima,

that it is difficult to be peaceful, kind and loving to everyone,

you should answer them “Do not scold or lecture me about your issues in adopting the true religion,

for Goddess has directed you to this faith; and you will be blessed, if you can speak lovingly.”

49.18 Certainly Goddess knows the secrets of heaven and earth,

and Goddess knows all that you do.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.


50.1 K.[22] In the name of the glorious Korana:

50.2 certainly the people wonder that a preacher and teacher from amongst themselves has come to them;

and the unbelievers say, “This is a very strange thing:”

50.3 “after we have died, and our bodies have become dust,

how will we return to life?”  For many, this is not a believable concept.

50.4 Now we know that the earth consumes people back into it;

and in heaven there is kept a recording of the actions of every person on earth,

50.5 but they charge the Prophetess with lying, after it has come to them;

and they are plunged into confusion.

50.6 Do they not look up at the heaven above them,

and consider how the angels have raised it up and adorned it; and that there are no flaws therein?

50.7 We have also spread forth the earth, and thrown thereupon mountains firmly established,

and we have caused every delicious species of vegetables to spring up thereupon;

50.8 for a subject of meditation and a consideration for every woman who thinks of us.

50.9 And we have sent down rain as a blessing from heaven,

whereby we cause gardens to spring forth, and the grain of the harvest to grow,

50.10 and tall palm trees with branches laden with dates in large clusters which

50.11 are a provision for womankind; and we are able to quicken a barren country or land;

so it will be the same when the dead are raised to life, even though their bodies are in their graves.

50.12 The peoples of Nora and those that dwelt at Rasha and Thelma,

50.13 and Ada and Pharaoh, accused their prophetesses of lying; and also the sisters of Wileh,

50.14 and the inhabitants of the woods near Marian, and the people of Tova;[23]

all of these peoples accused our prophetesses of lying;

therefore when natural disasters came to them, the vast majority were destroyed,

because they were stubborn and would not listen to their prophetesses.

50.15 Is the power of Goddess exhausted by the first creation?

Yes, they are perplexed, because of a new creation which has been revealed to them,

namely, the raising of the dead to life again.

50.16 We created woman, and we know that her soul whispers comforting words to her;

and Goddess and the angels are closer to her than her jugular vein;

and it whispers the words “peace, love, patience and faith” to her, over and over,

if only she will listen closely.

50.17 When the two angels were appointed to take account

of the behavior of each person upon the earth;

one will sit on the right hand, and the other on the left;

50.18 she says not a word, but there is with her someone to watch and record what she did.[24]

50.19 And the agony of death shall come in truth: this O woman is what you desire to avoid.

50.20 And the trumpet shall sound on the day of the final resurrection;

this is the blessing which you all have been promised, for there you will find the love of Goddess.

50.21 And every soul will come thereto; and there will be both a sergeant and a witness.

50.22 And the former shall say to the unbeliever, “You were negligent prior to today;

and the veil between earth and heaven is now gone; and your sight will become piercing today.

50.23 And her companions shall say to her, “This is what is ready to be shown to her.”

50.24 And Goddess shall say,

“Do not be afraid, for only Evil has told you that I would cast you into hell;

and it is the perverse people that would say such a thing about me.”

50.25 And everyone who prevented good actions, and every unrepentant person who erred,

and every one who created doubt in the true faith,

50.26 and those persons who equated Me with negative actions and emotions;

they are the ones that will review their lives with sadness and grief, so they might learn the truth,

but I do not cast anyone into hell or torment them.”

50.27 Her companion shall say, “O Lady of Light I did not seduce her, yet she was far from the right path.”

50.28 Goddess will reply, “You need not argue before Me;

you are aware there are no torments, yet you will now know what we have prepared for your discipline.”

50.29 “This sentence is not changed from what you were told; nor do I treat any soul unjustly.”

50.30 On that day, the angels of heaven will ask the angels of earth,

“Is earth full, is there room for one more?”

50.31 And paradise shall be brought near to the pious;

50.32 and it shall be said to them, “This is what you have been promised;

and to everyone who turns herself to Goddess and kept Her commandments;

50.33 and those who loved the Merciful One in secret and came to Her with a converted heart;

50.34 will assuredly enter into paradise in peace; this is the day of eternity for you.”

50.35 Therein they shall have whatever they shall desire,

and there will be a superabundant additional blessing of bliss with us.

50.36 How many generations have experienced massive natural disasters before these Arabs,

when the people that lived there were more intelligent,

more rich and accomplished than the present Arabian people?

Pass through the regions of the earth and see if there is any refuge, besides Goddess and Her prophetesses,

from the ravages of natural disasters.

50.37 Certainly herein is an instruction for someone that has a heart and mind to understand, or listen,

and is present with an attentive consciousness.

50.38 We created the heavens and the earth,

and whatever is between them, in six days, and no weariness came to us.[25]

50.39 Therefore patiently suffer what the people say,

and celebrate the praise of your Lady of Light before sunrise, and before sunset,

50.40 and praise Her in some part of the night;

and perform additional parts of worship to Her.

50.41 And hearken to the day whereupon the crier shall call women together

for their day of resurrection from a near place and a far place,[26]

50.42 this is the day when all shall hear the voice of the trumpet in truth,

this will be the day that all graves will be emptied, and all souls will come together,

50.43 we give life and we are with you when you die,

and to us shall be the return of all creatures;

50.44 this will be the day whereupon the earth will cleave in half over everyone,

yet no one will be afraid.  This will be a meeting that is simple for us to assemble together.

50.45 We well know that the unbelievers say, and you should not compel anyone forcibly to the faith.

Therefore preach via the Korana the love that Goddess has for you all, and who desires it will come to it.











In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

51.1 By the winds dispersing and scattering dust;

51.2 and by the clouds which bear loads of rain;

51.3 and by the ships running swiftly in the sea;

51.4 and by the angels who distribute necessaries for the support of all creatures;

51.5 certainly the love of Goddess which you were promised is true;

51.6 and the day of your resurrection will surely come.

51.7 By the heaven furnished with paths,[27]

51.8 you all widely differ in what you believe.

51.9 But the person who is turned aside from the true faith,

is one that has closed up or hardened her own heart.

51.10 And the liars will have no protectress;

51.11 and they wade in the deep waters of ignorance, for they neglect their own salvation.

51.12 They ask, “When will the day of our resurrection come.”

51.13 and Evil replies to them, and they believe it,

“On that day you shall be burned in hell if you do not believe.”

51.14 And Evil shall assert, “Taste a horrid punishment, and Goddess wanted to hasten it for you.”

51.15 But the pious know that Goddess is all love, and they shall dwell among gardens and fountains,

51.16 receiving whatever their Lady of Light will give them; because they did good deeds before this day.

51.17 They slept but a small part of the night;[28]

51.18 and early in the morning they asked pardon of Goddess;

51.19 and a due portion of their wealth was given to both she who asked,

and upon she that was forbidden by shame to ask.

51.20 There are signs of the divine power and goodness in the earth,

and this is understood by women of sound thinking;

51.21 and also in your own selves; will you not therefore understand?

51.22 Your sustenance is in heaven; and also what you are promised.

51.23 Therefore, by the Lady of heaven and earth, I swear that this is certainly the truth,

as true as I am able to explain it to you.

51.24 Has not the story of Sarah’s honored guests been told to you?

51.25 When they went to go see her, they said “Peace,” and she answered “Peace;”

saying to herself, “These are strange and unknown people.”

51.26 And she went privately to her family, and brought before them a fatted calf.

51.27 And she set it out before them to eat, and when she saw they did not touch it, she said,

“Do you not eat?”

51.28 And she began to become fearful of them. But they said, “There is nothing for you to fear,”

and they declared to her the promise of a wise daughter.

51.29 And when her husband drew near with amazement, Sarah cast down her face sadly and said,

“But I am an old woman and my husband is no longer able to reproduce.”

51.30 The angels said, “This is what the Lady of Light has decreed;

certainly She is the Wise One and the Knowing One.”

51.31 And Sarah said to them, “What is your errand, O messengers of Goddess?”

51.32 They answered, “Certainly we are sent to a wicked people,’

51.33 a natural disaster is coming, with hail of hard stones,[29]

51.34 and they are marked from the Lady of Light,

and you must warn the believers and tell them what to do,

and those that will not believe you will mostly perish due to their lack of faith and stubbornness.

51.35 And we sought for the true believers who lived and stayed in the city;

51.36 but we did not find more than one family that worshiped Goddess.

51.37 And many died that day, and a sign was left for those that do not believe in the prophetesses

sent to them from Goddess.

51.38 In Miriam there was also a sign; when we sent her to Pharaoh with manifest power.

51.39 But Pharaoh turned Miriam away, with his princes saying,

“This woman is a dark sorcerer or insane.”

51.40 And then what happened was Miriam left with her people that night,

after having previously warned Pharaoh not to follow,

unless a natural disaster would befall him and his followers; and they were all drown in the sea;

and Pharaoh’s actions were worthy of reprehension.

51.41 And as for the tribe of Ada, there was also a sign; when hot searing winds came to the tribe,

many had not left or sought the necessary protection that their prophetess had warned them of;

51.42 yet the wind did not really touch the land, yet it rendered everything rotten and reduced it to dust.

51.43 With Thelma, likewise was to be a sign; when it was said to these people,

“Enjoy yourself for a time.”

51.44 But the people did not give thanks, and they behaved insolently;

wherefore we told their prophetess to warn them all of a disaster and save the believers, and she did;

then a terrible noise from heaven assaulted them, while many looked on in horror;

51.45 and many were not even able to stand on their feet;

and they could not save themselves from destruction.

51.46 And the people of Nora were also given a sign; for many people behaved wickedly,

and they also would not listen to their prophetess regarding an upcoming natural disaster.

51.47 We have built the heaven with might and strength; and we have given it a massive expanse;

51.48 and we have stretched forth the earth underneath; and see how evenly we have spread the same!

51.49 And of everything we have created two kinds, that perhaps you might consider this.

51.50 Fly therefore to Goddess for refuge; certainly I am a public teacher and preacher only, sent by Her.

51.51 And do not set up anything negative with your true loving Goddess;

certainly I am a public teacher and preacher to you.

51.52 In a similar manner there has come no prophetess to any ancestor, but they have said,

“This woman is a magician or insane.”

51.53 Has this generation merely inherited the poor behavior of the former?

Yes, there are many people who enormously err in this world.

51.54 Wherefore, stay clear of people who speak in such a manner;

and you will not be blamed for what they do.

51.55 Yet continue to instruct and teach; for instruction profits the true believers greatly.

51.56 The women and the genii or haughty ones have not been created

for any other purpose than they should all serve Me.

51.57 I do not require any sustenance from them; nor do I require them to feed me.

51.58 Certainly Goddess is the one who provides for all creatures; She is possessed of almighty power.

51.59 To those who shall injure the prophetess,

they will encounter great sadness on the day of their resurrection;

and this day will not and cannot be hastened.

51.60 Woe, therefore to the unbelievers, because of this day, when they will suffer and learn.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

52.1 By the mountain of Sinai,[30]

52.2 and by the Book which was written

52.3 upon an expanded scroll,[31]

52.4 and by the visited holy house,[32]

52.5 and by the elevated roof of heaven,

52.6 and by the swelling ocean;

52.7 certainly the love of Goddess will assuredly descend;

52.8 there will be no one to withhold it.

52.9 On that day the heaven shall be shaken, and it shall reel,

52.10 and that day the mountains shall move and pass away.

52.11 And on that day, woe be to those who accused the prophetesses of Goddess to be liars.

52.12 Those who amused themselves in wading in vain arguments.

52.13 On that day they all will be taken to a place where they will see

the sadness and suffering they had caused, and it will seem like the fire of hell;

52.14 and it will be said to them, “This is a sadness which you formerly denied as fiction.”

52.15 “Is this a magic illusion?  Or did you not understand!?”

52.16 Enter to the viewing room, and see the pain and suffering that you caused others;

you will not understand what reward you have garnered by your actions.

52.17 But the pious shall dwell in gardens and pleasures;

52.18 delighting themselves in what their Lady of Light has given them;

and their Lady of Light will deliver them from the pains of soul suffering.

52.19 And it will be said to them, “Eat and drink with easy digestion,

because of the goodness which you have done;”

52.20 and they will be leaning on couches disposed in order;

and they will be mated with faithful loving chaste husbands having large black eyes, only for them,

and who are docile and not demanding in any manner.

52.21 And for those people who believe and whose offspring followed them in the faith,

we will join their children with them in paradise;

and we will not diminish them one bit of the merit of their good works.

Every woman is given in pledge for that which she has done.

52.22 And we will give them fruits in abundance, and flesh of the kinds that they shall desire.

52.23 They shall present to one another a cup of wine, and there will be no vain discussions,

nor will there be any temptation to wickedness.

52.24 And young men appointed to attend to the believers shall go around them,

beautiful as pearls hidden in their shells.

52.25 And they shall approach one another an ask questions.

52.26 And they shall say, “Certainly we were with our family,

and we worried about them, what would happen when we died.”

52.27 but Goddess has been gracious to us, and She has delivered us all into paradise;

52.28  for we have all called upon Her before; and She is the Beneficent One, the Merciful One.

52.29 Therefore you should, O Prophetess, preach the love of Goddess to your people,

so they will not act wickedly. You are not, by the grace of your Lady of Light,

a psychic, nor are you insane.

52.30 Do the people say, “She is a mere poet? We will wait and see if she can perform some miracle.”

52.31 Say to the people, “Your hearts desire my ruin,

therefore I will wait with you and you will see the sadness you have created.”

52.32 Do they use mature understandings in this matter,

or do they just desire to act wickedly?

52.33 Do they say you have forged the Korana?

Certainly they do not believe in anything.

52.34 Let them produce a discussion which is as good as this one, if they speak the truth.

52.35 Were they created by nothing, or are they the creators of themselves?

52.36 Did they create the heavens and the earth?

Certainly they are not firmly persuaded that it was Goddess that has created them.

52.37 Is the wealth of the world in their hands, or is it in the hands of Goddess?

Are they the supreme dispensers of all things?

52.38 Do they have a ladder whereby they may ascend to heaven, and hear the discussions of angels?

Let one, therefore who has heard them, produce any proof of what they say.

52.39 Did Goddess have sons, yet you desire daughters?

52.40 Do you ask any reward for your preaching and teaching? But they are still full of debts.

52.41 Are the secrets of the future with them,

and do they transcribe the same from the table of Goddess’ decrees?

52.42 Do they seek to contrive a plot against you?

But the unbelievers are those people whose actions will become void.

52.43 Do they have any better goddess besides the One True Goddess?

Far be it that Goddess should be associated with the evil emotions and actions that they associate with Her!

52.44 If they should see a fragment of the heaven falling down, they would say, “It is only a thick cloud.”

52.45 Therefore, leave them alone, until they arrive at their day of judgment

and they will not be happy at what they see,

for they created great sadness and unhappiness for many others.

52.46 This will be a day in which their subtle contrivances will not assist them at all,

nor shall they be protected from what they have done.

52.47 And those who have acted unjustly

will surely suffer grief and unhappiness when they see what they have done;

but the vast majority of them do not understand this.

52.48 And you should wait patiently for the declarations of Goddess concerning them;

for you are the blessed one in our eye, and we watch over you;

and celebrate the praises of your Lady of Light, when you arise;

52.49 and praise Her in the night time, and when the stars begin to disappear.









In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

53.1 By the star when it sets,

53.2 your Prophetess has not erred; nor is she led astray;

53.3 neither does she write from her own will.

53.4 It is nothing other than a revelation which was sent down to her.

53.5 One mighty in power, endued with understanding, taught it to her;

53.6 and She appeared

53.7 in the highest part of the horizon.

53.8 Afterwards She approached the Prophetess, and came near to her;

53.9 until She was at the distance of two bow’s length from her, or even nearer yet;

53.10 and She revealed to Her servant all that was to be revealed.

53.11 The heart of your prophetess did not falsely represent what she saw.

53.12 Will you therefore dispute with her concerning that which she saw?

53.13 She also saw Her another time,

53.14 by the lote tree beyond which there is no passing;

53.15 near it is the garden of eternal abode.

53.16 When the lote tree was covered with all that covered it;

53.17 her eyesight was not turned aside, nor did it wander,

53.18 and she really beheld some of the great signs and miracles of her Lady of Light.

53.19 What do you think of Allat, and Al Uzza,

53.20 and Manat, that other third goddess?  They are all together in one Goddess,

there is no separate three.  But it is more important to for you all to be kind and loving to one another,

than to argue to a state of hate or violence your ideas of religion; Goddess will teach you all properly,

at the day of resurrection for each of you.

53.21 Of course as you desire and love your female children, as Goddess also desires to be female.

53.22 This therefore is a wonderful thing.

53.23 The names themselves mean nothing, which you and your mothers have deemed to be

separate goddesses, but it is now revealed they are all truly one entity.

Goddess has not revealed this other than so that you would understand how to worship them. 

Anything else is a vain opinion, and just what the souls of a human desire;

yet the true direction has now come to you from your Lady of Light.

53.24 Should a woman have whatever she wishes for?

53.25 The life to come and the present one are all those belonging to Goddess;

53.26 and how many angels there are in the heavens, their intercession will not avail you,

for intercession is only granted by the permission of Goddess.

53.27 Certainly those who believe in the life to come give to the angels a female Protectress,

and this is correct.

53.28 Those that have other beliefs as to Goddess have no real knowledge;

they follow nothing other than a bare opinion;

and a bare opinion does not attain anything close to the truth.

53.29 Wherefore you should withdraw from any woman who turns away from our teaching

and seeks only the present life.

53.30 This is their highest understanding of knowledge.

Certainly your Lady of Light very well knows the person who errs from the correct path,

and She well knows the woman who is properly directed.

53.31 To Goddess belongs whatever is in heaven and upon the earth; and She rewards those that do good,

according to what they have done with an excellent reward;

and She certainly does not reward evil, but sets up a plan of discipline

for those that act in a wrongful manner.

53.32 As to those persons who avoid crime and heinous sins, and are only guilty of minor errors,

certainly your Lady of Light will be abundant in mercy towards them.

She well knew you when She produced you out of Her divine spark,

and when you were embryos in your mother’s uterus; wherefore do not vainly justify your thoughts,

She best knows the woman who loves Her and seeks Her.

53.33 What do you think of a person who turns aside from following truth?

53.34 And they give little, suffering from fear and greed?

53.35 Is the knowledge of the future with her, so that she can see this is alright?

53.36 Has this person not been informed of what is contained in the Books of Miriam,

53.37 and of Sarah, who faithfully performed their covenants?

53.38 You should understand that a burdened soul does not acquire the burdens of any other souls;

53.39 and that nothing shall be imputed to a woman for righteousness, except her own endeavors;

53.40 and that her labor will be made obvious after this;

53.41 and she shall be rewarded for goodness with a most abundant reward;

53.42 and that to the Lady of Light will be the end of all things;

53.43 and that She causes you to laugh, and She causes you to weep;

53.44 and She is with you at death, and She gives you life;

53.45 and it is She who has created the two sexes, the female and the male;

53.46 out of ova when it is joined with sperm,

53.47 and that to Her pertains yet another production, the raising of the dead to the life hereafter;

53.48 and that She enriches and allows you to acquire possessions;

53.49 and that She is the Lady of the dog star,[33]

53.50 and She was there when the tribe of Ada refused to believe the prophetess we sent to them,

and most died as a result;

53.51 and this also happened to the tribe of Thelma, and many did not live because they refused to listen.

53.52 and also the people of Nora, before them; for almost all of them were unjust and wicked;

53.53 and many cities were turned upside down from an earthquake,

but the people were warned first by a prophetess;

53.54 and everything difficult that covered them, came to cover them in ruins.

53.55 Which, therefore of the benefits of the Lady of Light, O woman, will you call into question?

53.56 Our prophetess is a preacher and teacher just like the preachers and teachers which preceded her.

53.57 The day of your resurrection is always drawing closer;

53.58 there is no one that will reveal the exact time of this to you, besides Goddess.

53.59 Do you then wonder at this new revelation,

53.60 and do you laugh all the time and never weep,

53.61 spending your all your time in idle amusements?

53.62 But rather you should worship Goddess and serve Her a portion of your time each day.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

54.1 The hour of your resurrection approaches closer each day;

and the moon has already been split in sunder,[34]

54.2 but if the unbelievers see a sign, they turn away, saying “This is powerful magic.”

54.3 And they accuse you, O Prophetess of lying, and they continue to follow their own desires;

but everything will be immutably fixed.

54.4 And now a message has come to them, which is that they should abandon their obstinate infidelity;

54.5 and turn to consummate wisdom, but preaching may never profit them at all,

54.6 so you might do well to let them be.

The day will come when you shall summon them to their final resurrection,

which they will be ungrateful for;

54.7 and they will come forward from the earth or their graves with a downcast look;

as numerous as locusts scattered far abroad;

54.8 hastening with urgency to the summoner. The unbelievers will say, “This is a day of distress.”

54.9 The people of Nora, which accused their prophetess of lying, and those who rejected you,

all accuse our good servants of lying saying, “She is insane;” and all were rejected with reproach.

54.10 She called therefore to her Lady of Light, saying,

“Certainly I am overpowered in this situation; therefore assist me.”

54.11 And we advised her all will be made easier,

that a natural disaster would be coming; and only the good ones would listen to her,

the others would be washed away, and we opened up the flood gates of heaven,

with water pouring down;

54.12 and we caused the earth to break forth into many springs,

so the water of heaven and earth all met, according to the decree which had already been established.

54.13 And we lifted up her and her family on an ark made of planks and nails;

54.14 which moved forward under our watchful eyes;

this was compensation to a prophetess who had been ungratefully rejected.

54.15 And we left the vessel for a period as a sign; but were many actually warned by it?

54.16 And how severe was this disaster,

and how many times did the prophetess warn them of the disaster to come?

54.17 Now we have provided the Korana as a message of love, but is anyone paying attention to it?

54.18 The tribe of Ada charged their prophetess with lying;

but how severe was the disaster they failed to avoid?

And how much did the prophetess tell them about it and what to do beforehand, but they did not listen?

54.19 Certainly we sent them a roaring hot wind, on a day of continued bad luck;

53.20 it carried people away, as if they had been roots of palm trees, forcibly torn up.

54.21 And how severe was the disaster, but the words of the prophetess

were just as severe in warning and telling the people what to do, yet they would not listen.

54.22 Now we have made the Korana easy to understand;

but is there anyone that seeks understanding from Goddess?

54.23 The people of Thelma charged their Prophetess with lying,

54.24 and they said, “Should we follow a mere woman who has come to us?

Certainly we would be guilty of clear error, and preposterous insanity.”

54.25 “Is the office of preacher and teacher bestowed upon one that

is certainly not preferable to the rest of us?[35] No, she is a liar and she is insolent!”

54.26 But Goddess said to Sally, “Tomorrow the people will know

that you were not lying when you forewarned them regarding the upcoming disaster;”

54.27 “for we are sending you a female camel as a trial;

and simply observe them, and bear their insults and scorn with patience,”

54.28 “and explain to them that they are to divide the drinking water

between them and the camel, and each portion will be taken on alternating days.”

54.29 And the unbelievers called their dark companion, and he took a sword and he killed the camel.

54.30 But they were warned, and the disaster was clear to those

that treated the camel well and listened to their prophetess.

54.31For we sent them the cry of the angel Gabrielle, prior to the hot winds coming;

and the people that did not believe and would not listen to their prophetess,

they became like dry sticks which are used to build enclosures for cattle.

54.32 And now we have made the Korana easy to understand, but does anyone pay attention to it?

54.33 The people of Wileh said that she was a false preacher;

54.34 and she warned the people of an upcoming disaster, and told them what to do,

but then a wind came with a shower of stones from a volcano, which destroyed them all,

except the family of Wileh, whom left at our instructions early in the morning,

54.35 through favor from us, we reward and assist those that are thankful and pray.

54.36 And Wileh had warned them that disasters on earth were severe and massive;

but they ignored this warning.

54.37 And they demanded to also abuse and torture the guests of Wileh with violence,

but many people at that time contracted a severe eye disease,

and the unbelievers would not come to the prophetess for a cure, and so they were blinded.[36]

54.38 And early in the morning, a severe disaster surprised them,

although the prophetess tried to speak to them all about it many days before this.

54.39 The Evil ones told them this was vengeance from Goddess;

but the prophetess told them earth was a dangerous place,

and Goddess is the ultimate and only protectress from the dangers of earth.

54.40 Now we have make the Korana easy to understand;

but does anyone pay attention to it?

54.41The warnings of Miriam also came to the people of Pharaoh,

54.42 but they charged everyone of our signs as being false magic;

therefore they never believed that they must not follow Miriam out of Egypt,

and so they drowned when they crossed the sea at the wrong time,

the time they were told not to do so.

54.43 Are you unbelievers, O people, better than these people?

Do you have immunity from the dangers of earth out of your own powers and abilities? 

Do you not need to turn to the Scriptures for advice?

54.44 Do they say, “We are a people that can prevail against all others, and against mother nature?”

54.45 Many people will go to fight other people, they will be the aggressor

and will ignore the principals of peace and love taught by Goddess.

54.46 But at the hour of their resurrection they will see their error;

and when they had taken up arms for war, this hour will be much more sad,

and more grievous than all their afflictions encountered in their life.

54.47 Certainly the wicked and the warmonger wander in error,

far from Goddess, and they will return to earth,

which will be like the raging and tormenting of burning flames.

54.48 But the evil ones will preach that they will be dragged into hell on their faces,

and they will taunt them and scorn them with, “You will taste the burning touch of hell.”

But Goddess does not do that; She merely makes special plans for the evil ones.

54.49 All things have been created by a predetermined plan;

54.50 and our command is no more than a single word, like the twinkling of an eye.

54.51We have formerly watched as large nations were destroyed,

when few were saved, and few called for the protection of Goddess,

but have any one of you been inspired to turn to Goddess by means of these examples?

54.52 Everything which they do is recorded by the guardian angels;

54.53 and every action both small and great, is recorded in a permanent manner.

54.54 Moreover, the pious shall dwell among gardens and rivers,

54.55 in the assembly of truth, and in the presence of their Most Potent Queen.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

55.1 The Merciful One

55.2 has taught Her servant this Korana.

55.3 She created woman and man;

55.4 She taught women speech and provided them with understanding.

55.5 The sun and the moon travel in orbits according to certain rules;

55.6 and the vegetables which creep on the ground, and the trees submit to Her position.

55.7 She also raised the heavens; and She has appointed a balance for justice to be done,

55.8 so that you should not err in respect to injustice;

55.9 therefore observe fair weights and measures; and do not diminish any balance.

55.10 And the earth has been prepared for all living creatures;

55.11 on it are various fruits and palm trees bearing sheaths of flowers;

55.12 and there is grain with chaff and leaves.

55.13 Which, therefore of Goddess’ benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.14 She has made womankind from a divine spark, minerals from earth and water, like an earthen vessel;

55.15 but the genii or haughty ones were created from fire and smoke.

55.16 Which, therefore, of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.17 She has unleashed two seas for you; and they meet each other;

55.18 Which therefore, of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.19 She has given you two great bodies of flowing water which meet together,

55.20 and between these two is dry land which they do not cross over.

55.21 Which therefore, of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.22 From them are taken forth pearls and coral.

55.23 Which therefore, of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.24 Hers also are the ships, carrying their sails on high in the sea like mountains.

55.25 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.26 Every creature which lives on the earth is subject to death and decay,

55.27 but the glorious being of your Lady shall remain forever.

55.28 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.29 To Her all creatures which are in heaven and upon the earth send their petitions;

each day She has completed some new work.

55.30 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.31 We will surely be with you on the day of your resurrection,

O women and genii, your last day on earth.

55.32 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.33 O collective body of women and genii, if you are able to leave the confines of heaven and earth, then go ahead and leave, but you cannot do so except by permission of Goddess.

55.34 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.35 A flame of fire without smoke, and a smoke without flame, will be sent down to you,

and you will have no defense, except by prayer to your Protectress.

55.36 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.37 And when the heavens shall be torn in sunder,

and the universe will become filled with roses, and will melt away like ointment;

55.38 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.39 On that day of final resurrection,

neither womankind nor the haughty genii will be asked concerning

how she thinks she was in error, or if she did well.

55.40 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.41The wicked will be known by their marks;

and counted among those will be the ones that said you should be taken by your hair,

and your feet and then thrown into hell, even though a loving Goddess does not do such things.

55.42 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.43 And the wicked ones tell tall stories of hell, but this is not true for She is pure Love.

55.44 The stories they tell are that the wicked walk back and forth

and must drink scalding water, but this is not true for She is pure Love.

55.45 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.46 But for her that loves the day of the resurrection,

and looks forward to joining her Heavenly Mother, and Her angels, of which She is Queen,

there are prepared two gardens;

55.47 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.48 They are both planted with shady trees.

55.49 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.50 In each garden there will be two gushing fountains.

55.51 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.52 And in each of them there will be every fruit of two kinds,[37] 

55.53 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.54 The souls therein shall recline on couches, the linings will be made of silk,

interwoven with gold, and the fruit of the two gardens will be near at hand to eat.

55.55 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.56 Therein the souls shall receive handsome young men, men that are demure and not demanding,

which refrain their eyes from looking at any others besides their spouses,

and no woman shall have touched them before, nor an genii or haughty women;

55.57 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.58 They will have complexions like rubies and pearls.

55.59 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.60 Shall the reward of good works be anything other than good?

55.61 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.62 And besides these there will be two additional gardens;

55.63 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.64 They will contain dark green vegetation;[38]

55.65 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.66 In each of them there will be two fountains gushing forth water in abundance.

55.67 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.68 In each of them will be fruits and palm trees and pomegranates.

55.69 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.70 In each garden there will be cordial and handsome young men;

55.71 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.72 Having black eyes, and kept in pavilions from public view.              

55.73 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.74 Whom no woman shall have touched before their designated spouse, nor any genii.

55.75 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.76 Therein they will delight themselves, lying on green cushions[39] and beautiful carpets.

55.77 Which therefore of your Lady’s benefits will you ungratefully deny?

55.78 Blessed is the name of your Lady of Light, possessed of all glory and honor!








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

56.1 When the inevitable day of your resurrection shall finally come;

56.2 no soul shall charge this prediction as being a lie;

56.3 on this day some will grieve, and some will be exalted.

56.4 When the earth will be shaken with a violent shock, yet no one will be afraid;

56.5 and the mountains shall fall away, yet no one will be afraid;

56.6 and their dirt will scatter to the winds abroad, yet no one will be afraid;

56.7 and you shall be separated into two distinct classes;

56.8 the companions of the right hand, and how happy they will be!

56.9 And the companions of the left hand and they will encounter grief and soul suffering!

56.10 And those prophetesses that preceded the delivery of Scripture,

they will precede both into paradise.

56.11 These are souls that shall approach close to Goddess;

56.12 they will dwell in gardens of delight;

56.13 There will be many of the former religions there;

56.14 and some of the later ones too.

56.15 They will recline on couches adorned with gold and precious stones,

56.16 reclining opposite to one another.

56.17 Youths who will be forever beautiful and handsome will attend them forever, with goblets and beakers and cups of flowing wine;

56.18 their heads will not ache by drinking wine,

56.19 nor shall their reason be disturbed;

56.20 and with fruits of the sorts that they will choose;

56.21 and the flesh of birds that they will choose.

56.22 And there will be accompanying them fair young men having large black eyes;

56.23 resembling pearls hidden in their shells;

56.24 as a reward for the goodness they have done.

56.25 They will not hear any idle chatter or gossip, nor will they hear of any sin or error;

56.26 but they will hear only the greeting, “Peace!  Peace!”

56.27 And the companions of the right hand will be very happy;

56.28  and they will live with lote trees without any thorns,

56.29 and they will have trees of mauz[40] which frequently bear loads of fruits from top to bottom;

56.30 and which trees provide abundant shade;

56.31 near flowing rivers;

56.32 and amidst fruits in abundance,

56.33 which will not fail, nor will they ever be stopped from gathering the fruits;

56.34 and they will recline on lofty thrones.

56.35 Certainly we have created the young men of paradise by a special creation;

56.36 and we have made them untouched by women;

56.37 beloved by their wives, and of equal age with them;

56.38 for the delight of the companions of the right hand.

56.39 There shall be many of the former religions,

56.40 and many of the later.

56.41 And the companions of the left hand, they will suffer grief when they see what they have done;

56.42 and they will return to earth, where there are burning winds in some nations,

and filthy water to drink in others,

56.43 and in some places the smoke created to keep warm is thick and black,

56.44 and the temperature inside is never temperate; it is either too hot or too cold.

56.45 For they enjoyed many pleasures of life before this, while on earth;

56.46 and they obstinately persisted in wickedness;

56.47 and they said, “After we shall have died and become dust and bones,

how could we ever be raised again to life?”

56.48 “Will our ancestors also be raised with us?”

56.49 Say to the people, “Certainly the earliest and the last peoples,”

56.50 “will be gathered together on the final day of resurrection,

at a predetermined time on a predetermined day.”

56.51 Then everyone who has erred and everyone who has denied the resurrection as a lie,

56.52 will surely eat of the fruit of the tree of Zakkum[41] or another bitter fruit,

56.53 and you will fill your bellies with bitter foods, for there are much of these on earth,

56.54 and you will drink filthy water, for there is much on earth,

56.55 yet you will be so thirsty, that you will drink as a thirsty camel drinks.

56.56 This will be their sad situation, until they die again,

or until they turn to Goddess and Her angels for protection.

56.57 We have created you; will you therefore not believe

that Goddess can raise you again from the dead? What are you thinking?

56.58 The ova which is in each of your bodies,

56.59 do you think you created it, or we did?

56.60 You will most certainly die at a predetermined time,

and this cannot be extended or enlarged, except by permission of Goddess and those She permits to do so.

56.61 We are able to change your experience, and send angels to you,

in times of need, and all you need to do is pray.

56.62 You know the original production by creation.

56.63 How is it then, that you do not understand that after you are dead,

we can renew you again and raise you to life? What are you thinking?

56.64 The grain which you produce, do you cause it to grow up, or does heaven?

56.65 At anytime, the land you sow could become dry and fruitless, and you would not cease to wonder,

56.66 saying “Certainly we have contracted debts for seeds and labor,

56.67 but why then we are not permitted to reap the benefits of our crops?”

56.68 What are you thinking?  The water which you drink,

do you send down from the clouds, or do we do this from heaven?

56.69 The water you drink could one day become salty; will you not give thanks therefore?

56.70 What are you thinking? The fire which you strike,

56.71 do you produce the tree which provides the fire?

56.72 Or are we the producers of the tree?

56.73 We have created these things as a sign, and as a blessing for those that travel through deserts.

56.74 Therefore, praise the name of you Lady of Light, the great Goddess.

56.75 Moreover I swear by the setting of the stars,

56.76 and this is certainly a great oath, if only you knew,

56.77 that this is the most excellent Korana, the original is written

56.78 in the preserved Books above;

56.79 no one shall touch the same, except those who are clean.

56.80 It is a revelation from the Lady of all creatures.

56.81 Will you therefore, despise this new revelation?

56.82 And do you give thanks to Goddess for your food which you received from Her,

or do you deny that you should be obligated to Her for it?

56.83 When the soul of a dying person raises into her throat,

56.84 and many are at the same time looking upon her;

56.85 and we are closer to her than you, but you seem not to know her true condition,

56.86 would you not, if you were able to be rewarded for your actions after this,

56.87 cause the soul to return to the body, if you speak the truth?

56.88 And whether she is of those who will be able to be nearest Goddess,

56.89 her reward shall be rest, and mercy and a garden of delights;

56.90 or whether she is of the companion of the right hand,

56.91 she will be saluted with the greeting, “Peace be upon you!” By the companions of the right hand,

56.92 or if she is of those that have rejected the true faith, and good religion, and have gone astray,

56.93 her entertainment shall consist of a return to earth, she is likely to drink filthy water there,

and without a Protectress or guardian angels the terror there will seem like

56.94 the burning of hell fire.  Yet Goddess is all love and does not harm or hurt a soul.

56.95 Certainly this is manifest truth.

56.96 Therefore, praise the name of the Lady of Light, the great Goddess!








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

57.1 Whatever is in heaven and upon the earth sings praises to Goddess;

and She is Mighty and Wise.

57.2 Hers is the Queendom of heaven and earth;

She gives life and She is with you at death; and She is almighty.

57.3 She is the first and the last; the manifest and the hidden, and She knows all things.

57.4 It is She who created the heavens and the earth in six days,

and then ascended Her throne.  She knows everything which comes to the earth,

and everything which issues out of the earth,

and everything which descends from heaven,

and everything which ascends to heaven;

and She is with you, wherever you are;

for Goddess sees everything that you do.

57.5 Hers is the Queendom of heaven and earth; and to Her everything will return.

57.6 She causes the night to succeed the day, and the day to succeed the night;

and She knows the innermost parts of a woman’s heart.

57.7 Believe in Goddess and Her Prophetess,

and lay out in alms a portion of the wealth which Goddess has bestowed upon you;

for to such of you as are believers, and give alms, you will be given a great reward.

57.8 And what could it possibly hurt you, if you believe in Goddess,

after the Prophetess has invited you to the true religion,

and She has received your promise to believe concerning this matter,

should any proposition be better than this?

57.9 It is She who has sent down to Her servant prophetess evident signs and miracles,

that she may lead you out of darkness and into the light;

for Goddess is compassionate and merciful to you.

57.10 And what could it possibly hurt you, that you would not contribute something out of your wealth

for the evangelization of Goddess’ true religion?

To Goddess pertains the entire inheritance of both heaven and earth.

Those among you who have contributed and gone out to evangelize

Her reward shall not be held equal with those that would not do so.

These entities that have evangelized will be superior to those that never did;

yet all that have done well, Goddess has promised a most excellent reward;

and Goddess knows very well all that you do.

57.11 Who is she that will lend to Goddess an acceptable loan?

For She will double the same to her that provides it;

and she will receive a more honorable reward for doing so.

57.12 On a certain day, you shall see the true believers of both sexes;

their light shall run before them, and over their right hands,[42]

and it will be said to them, “Good tidings to you on this day;

gardens through which rivers flow you shall have on this day,

and therein you will remain forever.  This will be a great happiness for you.”

57.13 On that day the hypocritical women and men shall say to those that believed,

“Stay for awhile with us, so that we might borrow some of your light.”

It will be answered, “You can return back to earth and seek it for yourself,

alas, I am unable to give you any of mine, you must earn it.” And a high wall shall raise between them,

and the hypocrites will then be able to return to earth as babies,

through a chute, and this will be their mercy from Goddess;

but a return to earth without a Protectress or guardian angels will be like the torment of hell for them.

57.14 The hypocrites will call out to the true believers, saying, “Were we not with you and assisted you?”

They will answer, “Yes, sometimes you did, but you also did much evil,

and you seduced your own souls through hypocrisy;

and you wished for the ruin of others; and doubted the true faith

and the love of Goddess for all, causing much grief and sadness wherever you went.”

And the hypocrites will see all the pain and suffering they caused others,

because they did not believe and they led others to their lack of belief.

The great deceiver deceived you concerning Goddess.

57.15 This day, therefore, no ransom of your wealth will be accepted from you,

nor of any of your friends who were unbelievers.

Your new abode on earth will be without Goddess and guardian angels and this will seem

like hell fire to you; this is the plan of Goddess so that you might learn,

and turn to Her permanently; this will be an unhappy journey for you.

57.16 The time has not yet come to those who believe, that their hearts should humbly submit to Goddess,

and to the truth which has been revealed;

and that they should not be as those to whom the Scripture was given heretofore,

and to whom the time of forbearance was extended,

but their hearts were hardened, and many of them caused much evil and grief in the world.

57.17 Understand that Goddess quickens the earth, after it has been barren.

Now heaven has distinctly declared many signs and miracles to you, so that you might understand.

57.18 Certainly as to those that give alms, both women and men,

and those who lend to Goddess a fair loan, She will increase the return many times back to them;

and they shall also receive an honorable reward in the next life.

57.19 And those who believe in Goddess and Her prophetesses, are women of truth;

and they will be witnesses in the presence of their Lady of Light;

they shall have their reward, and they will be filled with light.

But as to those who did not believe, and they accused our signs and miracles of being black magic,

they shall experience great grief on the day of their resurrection.

57.20 You should understand that this present life is only an educational experience for you,

and there are many vain amusements contained therein;

and there is worldly pomp, and the desire for glory among you,

and the multiplying of riches and children, are as the plants nourished by the rain,

the springing up whereof delights the farmer; afterwards they will all wither and die,

and you will see the same wonderful plants turn yellow after a period of time;

then they will become dry stubble. And in the life to come,

there will be great grief and sadness for those who only desired worldly grandeur,

and who never asked pardon from Goddess, but there will be plenty of favors for those that renounce it;

for this present light is but mere deceit for many of you.

57.21 Hasten to obtain pardon from your Lady of Light,

so that paradise, the extent of which equals the entire heaven and earth,

is only prepared for those who believed in Goddess and Her prophetesses.

This is the bounty of Goddess; She will give the same to many who were pleasing and full of love;

and Goddess is endued with great bounty.

57.22 No disaster has ever happened in the earth for you which was not only a learning experience,

but was already encoded in the Book of plans of the divine before each one occurred;

certainly this is easy for Goddess to do;

57.23 and this is written unless you immoderately grieve for any goodness that has escaped you,

or rejoice for that good fortune which came to you;

for Goddess does not understand excesses pride or vanity, 

or those that are greedy, or those who exhort others to greed.

57.24 And those who turn aside from giving alms;

certainly Goddess is self sufficient, and worthy to be praised.

57.25 We formerly sent down our prophetesses with evident signs and miracles and arguments;

and we sent down with them the Scriptures, and a fair balance,

so that women may observe justice; and we sent them iron,

which is mighty in strength for all sorts of purposes, and it has many advantages for you;             

and this is so Goddess might know who assists Her and Her prophetesses in secret;

for Goddess is strong and mighty.

57.26 We formerly sent Nora and Sarah, and we established in their posterity the gift of prophecy,

and they were given the Scriptures; and some of their posterity was properly directed,

but most of them did evil.

57.27 Afterwards we caused our prophetesses to succeed in their footsteps;

and we caused Yeshua, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary to succeed them,

and we gave them the gospel of truth;

and we put in the hearts of those that followed them compassion and mercy;

but as to the monastic state, they instituted the same only out of their own desire to please Goddess;

for heaven does not favor celibacy, and many of them could not follow this covenant, regardless.

57.28 O you people who believe in the prophetesses, and love Goddess greatly,

and believe in Her special Prophetess; She will give you multiplied portions of Her mercy;

and She will ordain for you a light for you to walk within;

and She will forgive you, for Goddess is ready to forgive, and merciful;

57.29 so that those who have received the Scriptures may know that

they have no power over any favor granted by Goddess, and that goodness is in the hands of Goddess;

She bestows goodness on those that are pious and those that repent and pray for it;

for Goddess is endued with great benevolence.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

58.1 Now Goddess has heard the prayer of a woman who had

an argument with her husband, and has made her plea for justice to the Lady of Light;

and Goddess has heard your discussions; for Goddess both hears and sees everything.

58.2 As to those among you who divorce your spouses

by declaring they will thereafter regard them as a parent,

let them know that they are most certainly not a parent to any person they marry.

Only a biological parent is forbidden to them, and acting in such a manner is childish and cruel to a spouse;

but Goddess is gracious and ready to forgive those who repent of such nonsense.

58.3 Those who divorce their spouses by declaring that they will, for the future regard them as a parent, and afterwards repent of what they have declared,

will be obliged to free someone from slavery, before they touch each other again,

or they must feed a number of people or clothe them, or teach someone kind and loving religion.

That is what you are instructed to perform; and Goddess is well apprized of all that you do.

58.4 And anyone who cannot find anyone to free from slavery,

shall make a fitting donation to charity, before they touch one another again.

And anyone who is not able to do this, shall make whatever donation of whatever they can afford.

These are the decrees of Goddess; and for those that do not believe,

they will suffer great sadness on the day of their resurrection.

58.5 Certainly anyone who opposes Goddess and Her Prophetess does them wrong,

as the unbelievers do evil in the earth as they please.

And now we have sent you manifest signs and miracles,

and have instructed you of a warning of possible sadness on your day of resurrection,

and a return to earth, which will be like hell fire.

58.6 On a certain day Goddess will raise everyone back to life,

and She will explain any errors which they have done. Goddess has an exact accounting thereof,

but many souls will have forgotten what they did; and Goddess is a witness over all things.

58.7 Do you not understand that Goddess knows whatever is in heaven and on the earth?

There is no private conversation among three persons, but She is the forth of them,

nor among five, but She is the sixth of them;

neither among a smaller number than this, nor a larger, but She is with them, wherever they are;

and She will explain to them the significance of everything they have done on the day of their resurrection; for Goddess knows and sees all things.

58.8 Have you not observed those persons who have been forbidden to use secret conversation,

but afterwards return to what they were told was forbidden,

and they begin to discuss matters privately among themselves,

matter of wickedness and hate and disobedience towards the people and the Prophetess?

And when they come to you, they greet you with a form of greeting

whereby Goddess would never use, and they say among themselves by way of derision,

“Would not Goddess punish us for what we say, if this woman were truly a prophetess?”

They will surely regret what they have said; for their actions will create grief for others;

58.9  and disobedience towards the Prophetess will cause many to err;

and many will then follow injustice and impiety;

and many will cease to show their love to Goddess,

before whom every soul will one day be assembled.

58.10 Certainly the clandestine discussions of the unbelievers proceeds directly from Evil;

that it may grieve the true believers; but there will be no one to hurt them in the least,

unless by the permission of Goddess; therefore in Goddess let the faithful trust.

58.11 O true believers, when it is said to you, “Make room in the assembly,” then make room;

Goddess will grant you ample room in paradise. And when it is said to you “Rise up,” rise up;

for Goddess will raise those of you who believe, and those to whom knowledge is given,

to superior degrees of honor; and Goddess is fully apprized of all that you do.

58.12 O true believers, when you go to speak with the Prophetess,

give alms prior to any conversations with her, to show respect; this will be better for you and more pure.

But if you have nothing to give, certainly Goddess will be gracious and merciful to you nonetheless.

58.13 Do you fear to give alms prior to your discussing matters with the Prophetess,

unless you might impoverish yourselves? But if you do not do this, and Goddess is gracious to you,

by dispensing a prophesy for the future, then be frequent at prayer, and pay the legal alms;

and obey Goddess and Her Prophetess in all other matters; for Goddess well knows all that you do.

58.14 Have you not observed those persons who have taken for their friends

people that are easily incited to war and violence, and they do evil in the world?

Such people should not become part of you, nor should any of your people become part of them,

for these wicked people swear to lies knowingly.

58.15 Goddess has prepared for them much sadness on the day of their resurrection

when they see all the pain and suffering and grief they have caused others

through their war making, torture, hate and oppression of others, for this is evil what they do.

58.16 They have taken oaths for a cloak,

and they have turned other women aside from the peaceful loving ways of Goddess;

therefore there will be much grief and sadness on the day of their resurrection.

58.17 Nor will their wealth, nor their children, shall avail them at all with Goddess.

These shall be those that return to earth immediately,

and this will be like hell fire without a Protectress or guardian angels;

and they will live there forever, unless and until they turn to Goddess and repent.

58.18 On a certain day Goddess shall take all the people on earth,

and raise anyone recently dead, then they will swear to Her, as they swear now to you,

imagining that it will be of benefit to them. Are they not delusional?

58.19 Evil has conquered them, and has enticed them to abandon the remembrance of Goddess.

These are a party of evil ones; and a true believer shall not be party to any evil doers.

58.20 Certainly those persons who oppose Goddess and Her Prophetess

will find great sadness and grief on the day of Her resurrection;

58.21 Goddess has written, “Certainly I will be the victor, and my prophetesses also;

for Goddess is strong and mighty.”

58.22 You will hardly find any person who believes in Goddess and the last day to have any

desire to love a person who opposes Goddess and Her Prophetess;

although they be mothers, or daughters, or sisters, or very close kin.

For these unbelieving persons have chosen to harden their own hearts,

while She has strengthened the believers with Her spirit;

and She will lead them into gardens, beneath which rivers flow, to remain therein forever.

Goddess is well pleased with them; and they are well pleased with Goddess.

They are the true companions of Goddess, and will not the companions of Goddess prosper always?








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

59.1 Whatever is in heaven and upon the earth celebrates the praises of Goddess;

and She is the Mighty and the Wise One.

59.2 It was She who caused those who would not believe, yet had received the Scripture,

to depart from their homes during the first migration. You did not think they would go forth,

and they thought that their fortresses would protect them against their enemies.

But Goddess does not love the warmonger, and those who live by the sword, die by the sword.

So great was their fear, they pulled down their own houses with their own hands,

as the enemy approached.  So take good example of these people;

they provoked an enemy, sought out war, but in the end were left with nothing,

for Goddess does not assist those that hearken to the calling of war.

59.3 And if Goddess had not sent them away and dispersed them,

these evil doers would have continued to foment war, and lose even more resources for their families;

this is truly discipline in this world; and in the world to come,

they will see and feel all the grief and pain they have caused others by fomenting war.

59.4 Their homes were abandoned because they opposed the precepts of peace

taught by Goddess and Her Prophetess, and anyone who opposes Goddess and Her Prophetess,

they will be let alone to see the spoils of what they have sown.

59.5 Whatever palm trees you cut down, or those that you leave standing,

it does not matter, for they are nonetheless abandoned,

and still this is a sign to others that warmongering is a disgrace.

59.6 And as to the spoils of the people who overran you,

these were granted to the Prophetess who had only taught peace.

Both tribes retreated in fear, and the peacemakers quickly picked up the spoils together.

You did not take with you horses or camels, but Goddess gave you dominion over what is pleasing;

for Goddess is almighty.

59.7 The spoils of the inhabitants of the towns which Goddess has granted to Her Prophetess

are due to Goddess and the Prophetess, and those that are of kin to the Prophetess,

and the orphans, and the poor, and the oppressed, and the traveler;

that they may not be always divided from those that are rich.

What the Prophetess will give you, you should accept; and what She forbids you, then abstain from it;

and love Goddess mightily; for Goddess is swift and strong in Her love for you.

59.8 A part also belongs to the peoples who have been dispossessed of their homes and their resources,

yet they forever seek favor from Goddess; and they seek Her good will,

and they are loyal in their assistance to Goddess and Her Prophetess. These are the women of truth.

59.9 And those people who quietly possessed many houses of worship,

and professed the faith without molesting others, as some before them did,

and those that love the person who has fled to the temples,

and those that find in their hearts no true desire to covet what others have;

but they prefer the needy before themselves, even though some of them are quite poor.

And whomsoever prevents greed within her own soul, those shall surely prosper in the hereafter.

59.10 And those persons who came after said,

“O Lady of Light, forgive us and your sisters who have preceded us in the faith,

and do not put into our hearts ill will against others who believed;

O Lady of Light, certainly you are compassionate and merciful.”

59.11 Have you not observed the hypocrites?  They say to their sisters that are unbelievers,

and those that received the Scriptures, “Certainly if you are expelled from your homes,

we will surely defend you; and we will not be obedient to the aggressor at any time;

and if you are attacked, we will assist you.” But Goddess is witness to the fact that they are liars.

59.12 Certainly if they are expelled, they will not protect them;

and if they do assist them, it will only be if the task is simple, otherwise they will turn their backs;

and the victims will not be protected.

59.13 Certainly you are stronger that they are, by reason of the love sent to you from Goddess.

They are not stronger because they are not a people of prudence.

59.14 They will not fight against you in troop formation,

and they only fight in fenced towns or from behind walls.

Their strength among themselves is great; you think they are united, but their hearts are divided.

This is because they are people who do not understand.

59.15 As those who just preceded them, they have tasted the evil consequence of their deeds;

and much suffering will be their form of discipline on the day of their resurrection.

59.16 Thus the hypocrites have deceived the Children of Israel,

as Evil usually does, when they say to a person, “Be unfaithful;” and when the person is unfaithful,

another person then says, “I will have nothing further to do with you,

for I am with Goddess, the Lady of all creatures;”

when this person is not, and the person which was led astray is likewise unfaithful,

59.17 and both of them shall experience soul grief on the day of their resurrection.

And they will return to earth forever, unless they repent and turn to Goddess,

and this is the discipline planned for the unjust.

59.18 O true believers, love Goddess with all your heart and soul;

and allow a soul to look at what it intends to do on the following day with scrutiny;

and love Goddess, for Goddess is well acquainted with all that you do.

59.19 And do not be like those who have forgotten Goddess,

and those who have likewise forgotten their own souls; these are the wicked ones.

59.20 The inhabitants of those immediately reborn to earth,

and the inhabitants of paradise are not held equal.

These legends are given to you so that you might consider them carefully.

59.21 She is Goddess besides whom there is no other Goddess;

She knows all that is in the future, and that which is in the present; She is the Most Merciful;

59.22 She is Goddess, besides whom there is no other Goddess;

the Queen, the Holy, the Giver of Peace, the Faithful, the Guardian,

the Powerful, the Strong, the most High.

59.23 Far be it for Goddess to be associated with negative idols

which the unbelievers have associated with Her!

For She has no negative emotions or actions; She is pure love.

59.24 She is Goddess, the Creatress, the Maker, the Former, the Present and the Future.

She has the most excellent names. Whatever is in heaven and on the earth praises Her;

and She is the Mighty One, the Wise One.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

60.1 O true believers, do not take my enemy and your enemy for trustworthy friends,

for they may disappoint you; yet be polite to them;

for many of them do not believe in the truth which has come to you,

many have expelled both you and the Prophetess from their  homes,

because you believed in Goddess, your Lady of Light.

If you go forth to evangelize for the true religion, and out of a desire to please Me,

and privately show undue trust towards them, that may lead to hurting others,

certainly I will know what you conceal, and that which you publish,

and if you intentionally do this, you have erred from the straight path.

60.2 If the unbelievers get the better of you, they will hurt you,

and they will stretch forth their hands and their tongues against you with evil;

and they earnestly desire that you should become unbelievers, as they are.

60.3 Neither your kin, nor your children will avail you at all on the day of your resurrection,

which will separate you from one another; and Goddess sees all that you do.

60.4 You will have an excellent example in Sarah,

and in those who followed her, when she said to her people,

“Certainly we will not worship as you do, and we do not worship idols of negativity, and negative emotions which you associate wrongfully with Goddess; we have renounced you;

and a distance is spread between you and us; until you believe in a loving and kind Goddess alone;

except Sarah’s saying to her father, “Certainly I will beg pardon for you;

but I cannot obtain anything from my Goddess on your behalf,

until you cease to associate negative emotions of hate, jealousy, rage and violence with Her,

and you no longer worship as idols, greed, wealth and power.”

O Lady of Light, in You we place all our trust; and we know that to You we will return;

and before You we will be assembled together hereafter.

60.5 O Lady of Light do not let us suffer to be put to trial by the unbelievers;

and forgive us, O Lady of Light, for you are mighty and wise.

60.6 Certainly you have in them an excellent example,

as her who places hope only in Goddess and the day of resurrection;

and whomsoever turns back, and resumes wrong doing;

certainly Goddess is self sufficient and praise worthy.

60.7 Perhaps Goddess will establish a friendship between yourselves

and such of them as you now hold for enemies; for Goddess is powerful;

and Goddess is inclined to forgive and be merciful.

60.8 As for those who have not taken up arms against you

due to your religion, nor turned you out of your homes,

Goddess believes you should deal kindly with them,

and you should show justice towards them, for Goddess loves those who act justly.

60.9 But as for those persons who have acted violently against you

only due to your religion, and those who have turned you out of your homes,

and those who have assisted others in forcing you from your homes,

you cannot trust them, and take them only cautiously as friends, for they are unjust doers.

60.10 O true believers, when believing women come to you as refugees,

ask them pertinent questions; Goddess well knows their true faith.

And if you find them to be true believers, they do not need to be returned to unbelieving homes;

they may freely divorce as your women may,

and they need not be subject any longer to violence, oppression or injustice by husbands and other men;

and it is not right they should be returned to any unsafe place.

And assist them in obtaining their portion of marriage possessions from their husbands,

and any man may be allowed to marry them, upon divorce. 

And of your women that no longer profess the faith, and who no longer love their husbands,

allow them to go freely, and grant them the proper share of your marital wealth,

which should be about half, or as determined fairly by law.

Both spouses should share custody of minor children, unless it is shown that one is unfit.

This is the judgment of Goddess, which She establishes among you; and Goddess is knowing and wise.

60.11 If any of your wives leaves you for an unbeliever,

let them freely divorce you and give them what is rightfully theirs,

a share in half of the marriage, and fairly share custody, and do all of this in a kindly manner;

and love Goddess and believe in Her.

60.12 O Prophetess, when believing women come to you,

and explain their plight to you, and swear they will not associate

any negative actions or emotions with Goddess,

nor kill or harm any child, nor come making slanderous statements about anything;

nor are they disobedient to what should be reasonable;

then do take them in as refugees and treat them well, and ask pardon for them of Goddess;

for Goddess is inclined to forgive, and She is merciful.

60.13 O true believers, do not enter into relationships of trust with dangerous people;

many people despair of the life to come, and they are unfaithful and do as they desire;

and on the day of their resurrection they will be greatly saddened.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

61.1 Whatever is in the heaven and upon the earth celebrates the praise of Goddess;

for She is mighty and wise.

61.2 O true believers, why do you say things which you do not intend to do?

61.3 This is most annoying in the sight of Goddess, that you say things which you do not intend to do.

61.4 Certainly Goddess loves those who evangelize for Her religion

in large groups and at large gatherings, as though they were a compact building.

61.5 Remember when Miriam said to Her people,

“O my people, why do you insult me, since you know that I am a Prophetess of Goddess sent to you?”

And when they had deviated from the truth, they hardened their own hearts,

and Goddess will not direct those whom ignore Her.

61.6 And when Yeshua said, “O Children of Israel, certainly I am a prophet of Goddess,

sent to you, confirming the law which was given to you before me,

and I bring good tidings of prophetesses who will come after me.”

And when he produced to them evident miracles, some of them said, “This is manifest evil sorcery.”

61.7 But who is more unjust than a person who forges lies against Goddess,

especially when that person is invited to Islama?

61.8 They seek to extinguish the light of Goddess with their mouths; but Goddess will perfect Her light,

though the unbelievers find only darkness.

61.9 It is She who sends out Her Prophetesses with direction, and the religion of truth,

that She may exalt the prophetesses above all others, and the true religion above other religions,

although those that idolize wealth, greed and power are adverse thereto.

61.10 O true believers, shall I show you a product that may deliver you

from great sadness on the day of your resurrection?

61.11 Then believe in Goddess and Her Prophetess; and defend Goddess’ true religion with your substance,

and in your own persons. This will be better for you, if you only knew it.

61.12 She will forgive you your sins, and will introduce you into gardens through which rivers flow,

and you will have agreeable dwellings in the gardens of perpetual abode.

Therein will be great happiness forever.

61.13 And you shall obtain other things which you desire,

namely assistance from Goddess and speedy victory. And do bear good tidings to true believers.

61.14 O true believers, be assistants to Goddess; as Yeshua said to the faithful holy women,[44]

“Who will be my assistants with respect to Goddess?”  The holy women answered,

“We will be assistants of Goddess.” So a portion of the Children of Israel believed,

and a portion did not; but heaven strengthened those who believed, above the others;

and therefore they believed so that they became victorious in religion over them.











In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

62.1 Whatever is in heaven and upon the earth praises Goddess;

the Queen, the Holy, The Mighty, the Wise,

62.2 It is She who raised up amongst the illiterate Arabs a prophetess

from among themselves, to teach Her signs to them,

and to purify them, and to teach the Scriptures and wisdom;

whereas before they were certainly in clear error;

62.3 and others in the land had not yet attained true faith,

though they also will be converted in good time; for Goddess is mighty and wise.

62.4 This is the bountiful grace of Goddess; She grants the same on whomever asks for it;

and Goddess is endued with great benevolence.

62.5 The likeness of those who were charged with observance of faith, but then they observed it not,

is similar to a mule laden with Books.[45]

How wretched is the likeness of those who charge the signs of Goddess as lies! 

Goddess does not direct people who have not called out to Her.

62.6 Say to the people, “O you who follow other religions,

if you say that you are friends of Goddess above other women,

you will sorely be disappointed on the day of your resurrection

when you find out that mere religion will not increase your stature,

or avoid sadness when you see all the good and kind things you should have done.

62.7 But such people will never wish for it, this is because of what their hands have done;

and Goddess well knows the unjust people.

62.8 Say to the people “Certainly death, from which you fly, will surely meet up with you;

then you shall meet your Lady of Light again, and She knows all that you have done,

all that is concealed and all that was public;

and She will declare to you all the sadness you could have prevented on earth,

and all the goodness you might have done.

62.9 O true believers, when you are called to prayer on the day of the final assembly,

hasten to greet your Goddess, and forget your business. This will be better for you, if you only knew it.

62.10 And when prayer is ended, then disperse yourselves through the land as you desire,

and ask for liberalness from Goddess, and remember Goddess frequently, so that you might prosper.

62.11 But when the people see any others running businesses, playing sports; watching entertainment,

they flock thereto, and the preachers are left standing at the pulpit.[46]

Say to the people, “The reward which is with Goddess is better than any sport,

or business, or entertainment; and Goddess is the best provider.”










In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

63.1 When the hypocrites come to you they say,

“We bear witness that you are indeed a prophetess of Goddess.

And Goddess knows that you are Her Prophetess;

but Goddess bears witness that the hypocrites are secret liars.

63.2 They have taken other negative religious oaths for protection,

but they turn others aside from the ways of Goddess; it is surely evil what they do.

62.3 This will be shown to them, because they believe and afterwards became unbelievers;

they have hardened their own hearts, they will not understand the true religion.

63.4 When you see them, they are well dressed, and if they speak, you will hear words of delight.

They resemble pieces of timber set up against a wall.[47] They imagine every shout to be against them.

They are not true believers; do not trust them. Goddess is not pleased with such behavior,

how they turned away from Her truths.

63.5 And when it is said to them, “Come along, so that the Prophetess may pray for pardon for you;”

they turn away, and they give a look of disdain.

63.6 It will be equal with them, whether you ask pardon for them, or if you do not ask pardon for them,

Goddess does not provide forgiveness to people who do not call upon Her

and repent and ask for forgiveness themselves. For Goddess does not direct the fickle person.

63.7 These are the women who say to the townspeople,

“Do not give the refugees that associate with the Prophetess anything,

for then they will desert Her.”

Whereas to Goddess belongs all the stores on heaven and on earth; but the hypocrites do not understand.

63.8 They say, “Certainly if we return to our town, the worthier shall expel the meaner.”

Whereas superior worth belongs to Goddess and to Her Prophetess, and to the true believers;

but the hypocrites do not know this.

63.9 O true believers, do not let your riches or your children

divert you from the remembrance of Goddess; for whomever does this, they will certainly be the losers.

63.10 And give alms out of the resources we have allowed you;

before death comes to one of you, and she will say, “O Lady of Light,

will you not forgive me now of my sins and errors and grant me pardon for a short term,

because I want to give alms now and be one of the righteous.”

63.11 For Goddess will reply, “Look at all the grief and sadness your actions have caused

when you did not help others, when you abused them,

when you took advantage of them, when you were corrupt.

You lived the way you desired, now see and feel the sadness and grief they endured due to your behavior.  You will study this and return to earth forever, until you repent and become one of My servants.”

For Goddess is fully apprized of everything that you do.











In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

64.1 Whatever is in heaven and upon the earth celebrates praises of Goddess;

Hers is the Queendom, and to Her is all praise due; for She is the almighty.

64.2 It is She who has created you; and many of you harden your own hearts,

and you turn to unbelief, yet some become very righteous true believers;

and Goddess sees whatever you do.

64.3 She has created the heavens and the earth with truth;

and She has fashioned you, and has given you beautiful forms; and back to Her you must all return.

64.4 She knows whatever is in heaven and upon the earth,

and She knows everything that you conceal, and whatever you make public;

for Goddess knows the innermost portions of a persons’ heart.

64.5 Have you not become acquainted with the story of those who disbelieved heretofore,

and tasted the difficult and troublesome consequences of their behavior?

For them is prepared yet another life on earth, which will seem like a great torment and punishment,

because the soul will live without a Protectress and without guardian angels.

64.6 This they will endure, because their Prophetess came to them with evident proofs of her mission,

and they only said, “Should mere women direct us?”

She only taught love and they did not believe love was the greatest miracle.

Therefore, they would not believe, and they turned their backs on her. 

But Goddess is in need of no person; Goddess is self sufficient and worthy to be praised.

64.7 The unbelievers imagine that they will not be raised again.

Say to them, “Most certainly by my Lady of Light you will be raised to life in the hereafter;

then you shall be told about what you have done; and this is all easy for Goddess to do.”

64.8 Therefore, believe in Goddess and Her Prophetess, and the light which we have sent down to you;

for Goddess is well acquainted with all that you do.

64.9 On a certain day, She will assemble you all together,

on the day of the final resurrection in one general assembly; that will be the day of Mutual Grace.

And whomsoever believes in Goddess, and did what was right,

from her She will forgive all her evil deeds, and She will lead her into gardens beneath which rivers flow,

to remain there forever. There will be great happiness for the believers.

64.10 But as for those souls who did not believe, and they accused our signs and miracles as being false,

they will be purified by the bright white light of Goddess,

and they will be pure forever; and they need not fear anything from Her.

64.11 No misfortune has happened in anyone’s lifetime, except by permission of themselves and Goddess,

and whomsoever believed in Goddess, their heart will be kindly and pure; and Goddess knows all things.

64.12 Therefore, obey Goddess and obey Her Prophetess:

but if you turn back, certainly no duty is incumbent upon our Prophetess to save you;

for she is only a preacher and a teacher.

64.13 Goddess!  There is no Goddess but Her; wherefore in Goddess let the faithful put their trust.

64.14 O true believers, certainly many of your husbands and many of your children

may be your enemy in religion; they will worship negativity, both in life and in their place of worship;

so do not trust such husbands and children. But if you pass over their offenses and pardon them,

and forgive them, they are likely to feel the love of Goddess bestowed upon them,

and they may turn to Her.

64.15 Your wealth and your handsome husbands are only a temptation;

but with Goddess is a far better reward.

64.16 Therefore, love Goddess with all your heart and soul; and hear Her and obey Her;

and give alms, for the goodness of your souls,

for whomever is preserved from the greediness of her own soul, they will prosper.

64.17 If you lend Goddess an acceptable loan for Her work to be done,

She will greatly multiply any interest payment back to you,

and She will forgive you; for Goddess is grateful, and though you may be long suffering,

She knows both what is hidden and what is public; She is the Mighty One and the Wise One.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

65.1 O Prophetess, if you desire to divorce your husband,

you may do so at any time, when you find it in your heart that you can no longer love him;

and abide by the civil laws for the time of separation,

and if there are none, then three months should be sufficient,

and compute the time exactly; and love Goddess, your Lady of Light.

Do not oblige any husband of yours to leave your home, until this term is expired,

unless they engage in addictions or are abusive towards you or your children.

These are the statutes of Goddess; and whomever transgresses the statutes of Goddess,

assuredly injures her own soul. You know not whether Goddess will bring something new into your life,

which may reconcile a spouse to you after this.

65.2 And when a spouse has been separated a sufficient term,

either make an agreement to resume the marriage with him, or part from him honorably;

and where witnesses are required in court for any purpose,

use women of integrity to give your testimony as if you were standing in the presence of Goddess,

because She is there with you. This teaching is given to a person who believes in Goddess

and the day of their resurrection; and those that love Goddess greatly,

to her will be granted a pleasing outcome from all of her troubles,

65.3 and She will bestow upon you an ample provision perhaps from where you have expected it the least; and for those who put their trust in Goddess, She will be her sufficient support;

for Goddess will surely attain Her purpose. Goddess has appointed to everything a predetermined period.

65.4 As to such of you that fear you might be pregnant,

yet desire to stay for support, you should inform your husband accordingly,

and he should let you stay, and should not burden you or be any trouble to you,

until at least three months have passed. Further if you are pregnant,

and you desire the support of your husband during that period, again he should let you stay,

and should not burden you or be any trouble to you, until three months after the pregnancy has ended,

if this is your desire.  During that time, he should be chaste, if you desire it.

However, at anytime that you desire it, you are free to leave.

65.5 This is the command of Goddess, which She has sent down to you.

And whomever loves Goddess greatly, She will forgive her evil deeds, and She will increase her reward.

65.6 Suffer the husbands that you desire to divorce to dwell in some part of your house,

until the time of separation proscribed by law, if any, has ended,

but you will need to endure no more than three months,

and he should have a new place to live by then.

And they should live in a reasonable room with reasonable conveniences

out of the resources you both possessed during the marriage;

and do not make her or him uneasy, that they become overly stressed.

65.7 And husbands should provide necessaries for a pregnant wife,

and should provide support for the child until it reaches adulthood.

And if a wife is in need of a baby nurse after delivery,

you should do what is best for her and the baby.

And if you have financial difficulties, discuss this with your spouse in a kindly manner for both of you;

and let a husband who has plenty, expend what is necessary for a new mother,

and for any baby nurse she may require; and let a husband whose financial resources are limited,

expend only what is reasonable out of these, and a court may determine fairly what this amount is.

Goddess obliges no soul to give more than they have the ability to give;

Goddess is likely to seek to ease the hardships of the true believers, who ask for this.

65.8 How many cities have undergone natural disasters,

and the people would not listen to the prophetess sent to them, and so many perished, if not all of them.

The evil ones say it was a severe punishment from Goddess,

yet Goddess does not torture or maim anyone; these are the evil lies they spread;

65.9 for many, many people will taste evil on earth, for evil abounds on earth,

some will taste evil as a result of their own business;

and perhaps the end of their business was particularly painful to them;

65.10 but life on earth is extraordinarily difficult without the assistance of Goddess;

it may seem to be like a severe punishment; yet Goddess does not punish.

Therefore love Goddess greatly, if you are endued with great understanding;

65.11 and a prophetess may inform you of the easily understood

signs of Goddess; that she may bring forth those that believe and do good works,

from darkness into the light. And whomsoever believes in Goddess, and does what is right,

Goddess will lead into gardens beneath which rivers flow,

to remain therein forever; and Goddess has already made excellent accommodations for the believers.

65.12 It is Goddess who has created seven heavens, and as many different stories of the earth;

so that the divine command descends to each of them, penetrating all the earth;

so that you might know that Goddess is omnipotent,

and that Goddess comprehends all things by Her infinite knowledge.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

66.1 O Prophetess, you need not hold yourself to standards

which are beyond what Goddess has allowed you; you seem to seek to please your husband,

when you need to concentrate on your mission, but Goddess is inclined to forgive and She is merciful.

66.2 Goddess has allowed you the dissolution of your oaths, and Goddess is your mistress;

and She is knowing and wise.

66.3 When the prophetess entrusted a secret to her husband, regarding a certain incident;

and when he disclosed the same to others as gossip, and Goddess made it known to the Prophetess;

the Prophetess acquainted her husband with a part of what he had done,

but would not scold him regarding the entire matter.

And when the Prophetess had acquainted her husband with this knowledge,

he said, “Who has told you this?” She answered,

“The knowing, the all wise, Goddess has disclosed it to me.”

66.4 If you are both turned to Goddess, everything would be fine;

but if you join against Her; remember that Goddess is the best patroness;

and Gabrielle, and the good women from among the faithful,

and the angels are also assistants of the Prophetess.

66.5 If the Prophetess desired it, she could divorce her husband, but only on grounds of infidelity or abuse,

and she might believe that Goddess will giver her a better husband in exchange,

a husband is supposed to be resigned to Goddess, the true believers, and he should be devout,

penitent, obedient, given to self sacrifice, whether he was chaste when they met, or not,

he should be devoted entirely to his marriage.

And whether or not the Prophetess decides to divorce him or not,

she should know that the pain of divorce is severe for all,

except for the unbelievers, who do not care at all whether or not they hurt anyone else.

66.6 O true believers, save your souls, and those of your families,

from the fire of war whose fuel is people, money, hate and greed.

over which are set angels who carry out the cleansing of the earth, through natural disasters,

who never disobey Goddess, but continue Her set plans for the earth,

and the faithful will always be sent a prophetess to warn them thereof,

but the unfaithful will not hear or listen.

66.7 O unbelievers, do not think of lame excuses today,

for you will see the great sadness you have caused on the day of your resurrection.

66.8 O true believers, turn to Goddess with a sincere repentance;

so your Lady of Light will cleanse your sin and errors from you;

and She will admit you into gardens, through which rivers flow;

on the day whereupon Goddess will not put to shame the prophetesses,

or those who believed with her; their auras will extend out around them extremely far away,

and on their right hands they will say, “O Lady of Light, increase the sparkle and bright glow of our auras,

and forgive us; for You are almighty.”

66.9 O prophetess, attack the infidels with severe love and evangelization,

and the hypocrites with discussions; and treat them with your most severe form of love;

send them all love, and know that unless they repent and turn to Goddess,

they will return back to the earth, which shall be like hell for them;

and a sad journey it will be without a protectress or angels to guide them.

66.10 Goddess reveals Her instructions as parables and allegories to the unbelievers,

such as the husband of Nora, and the husband of Wileh,

they were both under two of our most righteous prophetesses,

and they deceived them both, and they were troublesome,

wherefore, their wives, Nora and Wileh, who were both high priestesses,

and prophetesses, were of no advantage to them at all,

in the sight of Goddess; and it will be said to them, on the day of their resurrection,

“You will return to earth, which shall be like hell fire, a dangerous place

and you will not have any Protectress or angels to guide you

until you remember to repent and turn to Goddess.”

66.11 Goddess has also revealed a story to you for those that believe,

the wife of Pharaoh; when she said, “Goddess, build me a house with you in paradise;

and deliver me from Pharaoh and his evil, and deliver me from the unjust people that torture,

oppress and humiliate others; for peace and love is the only way.”

66.12 And Mother Mary, who preserved her chastity until her marriage to Joseph,

and within whom the Holy Sprit gave her the gift of Yeshua,

a strong holy spirit and preacher, and She taught him the words of Goddess,

and they both taught Scripture, built a new true religion, and both were devout and obedient persons.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

67.1 Blessed is Goddess, and in Her hands is the Queendom, for She is almighty.

67.2 She has created life and death, and trials and earth as a school,

so that you might perfect and become one of the most righteous;

and She is mighty and ready to forgive.

67.3 She has created the seven heavens, one above the other;

you cannot see in a creature of the most Merciful any unfitness or flaw.

Lift up your eyes to heaven, and see if you can perceive any flaw therein;

67.4 then take two other views; and your eyes may become dull and fatigued.

67.5 Moreover, we have adorned the lowest heaven with stars,

and we have appointed them with darts to throw at dark entities, which may come close thereto,

for whom we have prepared the experience of life on earth, which is like a torment of burning fire;

67.6 and for those that will not believe in the Lady of Light, they will also return to earth,

and this return will not be a happy journey,

for they will return without a Protectress and angels, until they turn to Her.

67.7 When they return and they are born, they will squall at the top of their lungs,

and for a newborn, the air sears like boiling water;

67.8 and they will feel like they might almost burst with fury.

So often as a company of them shall be returned,

prior thereto, they will be asked, “Did you not hear the words of a prophetess,

before you created all that sadness and grief on the earth?”

67.9 They will answer, “Yes, a prophetess came to us; but we thought she was a liar and told her,

‘Goddess did not reveal anything to you; you are in great error from the truth.’”

67.10 and they will say, “If we had listened or had thoroughly considered what she told us,

we would not have been amongst those that are immediately returned to earth,

those that will experience great trials and tribulations,

which is similar to hell because we will go there without a Protectress

or guardian angels, until we repent and turn to Her;

67.11 and they will confess that they were in great error;

but this will not prevent a single soul from being immediately returned to earth,

without angels or protection from Goddess.

67.12 Certainly those who love their Lady of Light in secret shall receive pardon and a great reward.

67.13 Either conceal your evangelization, or make it public; She knows the innermost part of your hearts;

67.14 should She not know all things regarding a person She created;

since She is the Most Wise One, the Knowing One?

67.15 It is She who has leveled the earth for you; therefore walk through the regions of it,

and see what She has provided for you; to Her shall be the resurrection of every soul.

67.16 And it is the evil ones that tell you that She who dwells in heaven

could not prevent the earth from swallowing you whole during an earthquake, and She is likely to do this?

And note, that earthquakes are part of the natural order on earth.

67.17 Or do you believe the prophetess who says you should be secure that a person that dwells in heaven,

can assuredly save you in a second from a whirlwind,

even one which drives the sands to overwhelm many people?

Then you shall know how very important your prophetesses are to you.

67.18 There were many others before you that did not believe;

and see how grievous was the end of their lives!

67.19 Do you not see how the birds above are able to flap their wings to fly? 

Nothing apparently sustains them,

except the Merciful One shows well how to do this; for She understands all things.

67.20 Or who is the person that will be like an army to you, to defend you against all danger on earth?

Certainly Goddess will. And it is assured that the unbelievers are in gross disillusion as to their status.

67.21 Or who is the entity in heaven that will give you food,

if you cannot find any and there is a famine in the land? Yet the unbelievers persist in their ignorance,

and fly far from the truth and love which Goddess has to offer them.

67.22 Is the cripple that must crawl upon the earth to be seen as the same

as one who is able to walk and run standing up?[48]

67.23 Say to the people, “It is Goddess who has given you life,

and She has bestowed upon you hearing, and sight and understanding;

yet how little gratitude many people have for Her!”

67.24 Say to the people, “It is She who has sown you on this earth,

and to Her you will be returned and gathered together.”

67.25 They will say to you, “When shall this blessing of a day of resurrection come to us,

so that we might be prepared for it?”

67.26 You should answer them, “The knowledge of this matter rests entirely with Goddess;

for I am only a public teacher and preacher.”

67.27 But when the people shall see their day near at hand, the demeanor of the unfaithful will grow sad,

and it will be said to them, “This is what you have been expecting.”

67.28 “What do you think now that you have seen your life?

Do you think it was a sad life, giving pain and hurt to others?

You have felt their pain; and in a merciful manner, just as they did.”

67.29 Say to the unbeliever, “She is the Merciful One;

in Her we believe and in Her we put our trust.

You shall hereafter know who is in obvious error.”

67.30 Say to the unbeliever, “What were you thinking?

If your wells, and the rivers and waterfalls all ran dry in the morning,

to whom would you petition for clear and running water?”








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

68.1 N.[49]  By the pen, and what is recorded,

68.2 and by the grace of your Lady of Light, show that you are not insane, O Prophetess.

68.3 Certainly there is prepared for you an everlasting reward;

68.4 for you have a noble disposition.

68.5 You shall see and the unbelievers will see,

68.6 which of you are bereft of your senses.

68.7 Certainly the Lady of Light well knows the person who has wandered from Her path;

and She well knows those that are rightfully directed;

68.8 therefore do not obey those that accuse you of lying;

68.9 They desire that you should be kind to them; and so they will be kind to you.

68.10 But do not obey any person is a common swearer,

68.11 a despicable and untrustworthy woman,

68.12 anyone who forbids goodness, or who is a transgressor, or a wicked person,

68.13 those that are cruel, and besides that,

those that obey their parents when they are equally as cruel and spurious;

68.14 this is despite the fact they may be wealthy and have many children;

68.15 when our signs are revealed to them they say, “These are nothing but fables of the ancient.”

68.16 For they are stigmatized in their hearts, and those hearts are most certainly hard as stone.

68.17 When we tried the Meccans,[50] as we formerly tried the owners of the garden;[51]

and they swore they would gather all the fruit early in the morning;

68.18 and they never said or believed, “If it pleased Goddess;”

68.19 wherefore a destruction from nature encompassed the entire garden while they slept;

68.20 and in the morning it became like a garden whose fruits were all gathered,

and would never be gathered again.

68.21 And they called the one to the other as they arose in the morning,

68.22 saying, “Go out early to your plantation, if you intend to gather the fruit;”

68.23 so they went there, whispering to one another and wondering

what they would find after the winds the night before,

68.24 “No poor person will ever enter this garden before us again.”

68.25 And they went forth early, with a determined purpose.

68.26 And when they saw the garden was blasted and destroyed, they said,

“We have certainly made a mistake along the way;

but when they found it to be their own garden, they cried out,”

68.27 “Why are we not permitted to reap the fruits of our labors?”

68.28 The worthier of them said, “Did I not say to you, ‘Give praise to Goddess?’”

68.29 They answered, “All praise be to the Lady of Light, we see now we have been unjust to Her.”

68.30 And they began to blame one another,

68.31 and they said, “Woe be to us! Certainly we have been great transgressors”

68.32 “perhaps our Lady of Light might give us in exchange a better garden than this one was:

and we earnestly beseech our Lady of Light to forgive us.”

68.33 This was indeed a problem for them,

and if they had listened to their Prophetess they would not have suffered, having to rebuild their garden;

but now they knew they also had to rebuild their faith, otherwise on the day of their resurrection,

they would see much sadness for all the grief they caused others,

and for how the good garden could have helped the poor.

68.34 Certainly the pious are always prepared,

and with their Lady of Light, they will have gardens of delight.

68.35 Should we deal with the Moslemas the same as we deal with the wicked?

68.36 What ails you that you judge people in such a manner?

68.37 Do you not have a Book from heaven, wherein you may read

68.38 that you are promised goodness if you chose goodness?

68.39 Or have you received other information

which shall be binding on you on the day of your resurrection which is all negative,

and which will give you only imagined joy on the day of your resurrection?

68.40 Ask the unbelievers who would be the guarantor of negativity, nastiness and evil?

68.41 Or have they associated negative actions with Her,

what good will that do them on the day of their resurrection?

Ask them to produce proof that negativity helps, if they speak the truth.

68.42 On a certain day the leg will be made bare,[52] and they will be called to worship,

but they will not be able to.

68.43 Their eyes will be downcast; hate will haunt them,

for they were invited to worship Goddess, while they were safe, but they would not listen.

68.44 Let me alone, therefore, and I will keep away from those that accuse me of lying.

For they will lead themselves gradually to destruction, by ways that they do not perceive,

for their hearts are hardened, but they think their strategies are effective.

68.45 Do you ask from anyone a reward for your preaching and teaching?

68.46 You do not because you know that they are laden with debts and obligations.

68.47 Are the secrets of future events with them;

and do they transcribe the same from the table of the decrees of Goddess?

68.48 Therefore patiently wait the day of receipt of instructions from your Lady of Light;

and do not be like Joanie who was swallowed by a great fish; when she cried out to Goddess,

she was pitiful and anxious.

68.49 If the grace of the Lady of Light had not reached her,

she would have been cast to the shore naked and full of shame;

68.50 but her heart by then had softened, and she became one of the righteous and acted accordingly.

68.51 You should note that the unbelievers desire to strike you down

only through their menacing looks at you when you preach the Korana;

and they say, “She is most certainly insane;”

68.52 but it is no other than a blessed set of directions and instructions to all creatures,

and a gift of love from Goddess Herself.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

69.1 The infallible!

69.2 And what is the infallible?

69.3 And how can I make you understand what the infallible is?

69.4 The tribes of Thelma and Ada denied as a lie

the day when all the people will hear of the great gathering before the Lady of Light;

69.5 And recall that Thelma was destroyed by a terrible noise;

69.6 and Ada was destroyed by a roaring and furious wind;

69.7 which was a natural disaster that assailed them for seven nights and eight days successively;

and you might have seen the people, lying prostrate on the ground,

as if they had been the roots of hollow palm trees;

69.8 and not a one of them were spared.

69.9 Pharaoh also, and those who were before him,

and the cities which were overthrown[53] were also guilty of error;

69.10 and they were disobedient to the prophetess which had been sent to them

from their Lady of Light; therefore when these natural destructions came upon them,

the unbelievers would not listen to their prophetesses regarding what was coming,

and what they needed to do to avert destruction, and so they were all destroyed.

69.11 When the water of the flood arose,

we carried the believers in the ark which swam on the flood waters;

69.12 so that we might make the same a memorial to Nora,

and the hearkening ear might retain this information.

69.13 And when one cry from Gabrielle will sound the trumpet,

69.14 and the earth will be moved from its place,

and the mountains also, and much land will be dashed to pieces,

although no one will fear for they will see the glory of the Lady and all her love on that day;

69.15 on that day the hour of final resurrection will suddenly come;

69.16 and the heavens will cleave in sunder, and will fall into pieces; on that day;

69.17 and the angels will be along all sides of you;

and eight will uphold the throne of the Lady of Light above them, on that day.

69.18 On that day you will be presented before the judgment seat of Goddess,

and none of your secret actions will be hidden.

69.19 And some of the souls will look to their right side and will view the recording device of heaven. 

An angel shall say, “Look at this,”

69.20 “certainly on this day I thought that I would be brought to account;”

69.21 and she will review it and then live a pleasing new life,

69.22 in a lofty garden,

69.23 the fruits of which will be near to her and easy to gather.

69.24 You may all eat and drink with easy digestion; because of the good works which you did before you,

in the days of your life which are past.

69.25 But the person who is directed to look at their recording device on their left side will say,

“O I wish that I had not received this information;

69.26 and that I had not known what my life’s accounting truly was like!”

69.27 “I wish now that death had finally terminated my soul!”

69.28 “My riches have not profited me;”

69.29 “and my power is passed away from me.”

69.30 And Goddess will say to the keepers of the white purifying light,

“Take her to your device, and show her that she will be purified,”

69.31 and pass the beams through her and all around her; it will look like burning, but it will not burn you;

69.32 then place my garments of love all around her;

69.33 we know she was not pure in life because she did not desire to feed the poor;

69.34 she never worried about love or Goddess in life;

69.35 and she will not find any evil doing friends here;

69.36 nor is there any food,

69.37 but the filthy corruption flowing from the worst of the evil ones,

and you will see how the white light cleanses it all away.

69.38 I swear that you will see this;

69.39 and I can tell you what you will not see;

69.40 this discussion is the work of an honorable prophetess;

69.41 and it is not the vain discussion of a poet to entertain; but how little do you believe me!

69.42 Neither is it the discussion of a soothsayer; how little do you follow my instructions!

69.43 It is a revelation from the Lady of all creatures.

69.44 If the prophetess had forged any part of these discussions concerning heaven,

69.45 certainly we would have taken her by the right hand,

69.46 and we would show you in many ways how hard her heart was!

69.47 Nor would we keep any person from scolding her for lying.

69.48 And certainly this good Book is a message of love to the pious;

69.49 and we well know that there are some people that charge the prophetess with being a liar;

69.50 but it will surely be a grievous occasion to the unfaithful,

69.51 for it contains only the certain truth.

69.52 Therefore praise the name of your Lady of Light, the great Goddess!








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

70.1 One demanded and called for vengeance to fall upon the unbelievers;

70.2 but there will be no one to assert negative emotions against another person;

70.3 because Goddess does not have any negative emotion of vengeance;

so She cannot possibly execute such a request, for She is possessor of the steps of love only;

70.4 the means by which the angels ascend to Her, and the spirit Gabrielle also,

in a day whose time frame is fifty thousand years;

70.5 therefore bear the insults of Meccans and others with becoming patience;

70.6 for they see that they might be punished,

70.7 but we know there is no punishment, only trials and tribulations.

70.8 On a certain day the heavens will become like molten brass;

70.9 and the mountains like wool of various colors, a rainbow in the sky, scattered abroad by the winds;

70.10 and a friend will not ask another friend concerning her condition,

70.11 although they see one another clearly. The wicked will desire to redeem herself

from seeing the grief she caused others, perhaps even by giving up her own children,

the soul’s pain will be so intense,

70.12 and her husband, and her sister,

70.13 and her kin who showed kindness to her;

70.14 and all the people of the earth; and that this might save her;

70.15 but this will not happen, for viewing the sadness that one caused is inevitable,

and will feel like hell fire,

70.16 they will feel like they were dragged by their scalps,

70.17 one friend will call out to another friend who turned her back on Goddess, and on faith,

70.18 and she will have amassed riches, and greedily hoarded them.

70.19 Certainly a woman can be very impatient;

70.20 when evil touches her, she is full of complaints;

70.21 but when good comes to her, she becomes stingy;

70.22 except those that are devoutly religious;

70.23 and she who perseveres in her prayers;

70.24 and she who owes others many debts;

70.25 and she who is forbidden by shame to ask;

70.26 and those who sincerely believe in the day of their resurrection;

70.27 and she who is concerned regarding the day of her resurrection;

70.28 for there is not a person that will avoid this procedure;

70.29 and those who abstains from having intercourse with any person other than a spouse

and who marries only one spouse at a time;

70.30 and who is kind to the servants and employees that they hire;

and who has no slaves in her possession;

70.31 but whomever covets any man or woman who is not their spouse, they fall in definite error;

70.32 and those who faithfully keep items and things what they are entrusted with,

and all their contracts and agreements;

70.33 and those who give fair and accurate testimony;

70.34 and those who frequently are at prayer;

70.35 these souls will dwell among gardens, highly honored.

70.36 What ails the unbelievers that they often run scared from those they have harmed?

70.37 They scatter to the right and to the left.

70.38 Does not every woman hope to enter into an eternal garden of delight?

70.39 But this will not always happen, and they will not all enter into perpetual gardens

until the day of their final resurrection,

and then only after the unbelievers are purified for such a purpose.

70.40 I swear by the Lady of the east and of the west,

that heaven will never destroy a soul, they will only be purified.

70.41 and as for those that will not assist the Lady,

they may be substituted for someone that is willing to do so;

70.42 Therefore suffer the wrong doers to wade in vain arguments,

and to amuse themselves with sports all day;

but only until the day of their resurrection comes to them;

70.43 and this will be a day when they leave their bodies,

or rise from their graves, or leave the earthly dimension for the other side,

as though they were hastening to the finest hotel;

70.44 but on this day, the looks of the unbelievers will be downcast,

they will be saddened to review what they have done.

Rest assured, this is the day which they have been promised.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

71.1 Certainly we sent Nora to her people, saying

“Warn your people before a severe natural disaster comes to them,

but first preach to them of the true religion and the love Goddess has for them all.”

71.2 Nora said, “O my people, certainly I am a public preacher and teacher to you;”

71.3 “therefore, serve Goddess, and love Her greatly, and obey me;”

71.4 “She will forgive your sins, if you repent,

and She will grant you respite until the day of your resurrection;

for Goddess determines all your time on earth, and this day will not be deferred for you;

if you were women of understanding, you would know this.”

71.5 She said, “Lady of Light, certainly I have called my people night and day;”

71.6 “but my calling only increases their aversion to You and to faith.”

71.7 “and whenever I call them to the true faith, so that they might be forgiven,

they put their fingers in their ears, and hide within their garments, and they persist in being unfaithful,

and they proudly disdain my teachings.”

71.8 “Moreover I have invited them to Your service openly,”

71.9 “and I spoke to them again in public; and I also secretly counseled them in private;”

71.10 and I said, “Beg pardon from your Lady of Light, for She is inclined to forgive;”

71.11 “and She will cause the heavens to pour down rain super abundantly upon you soon,”

71.12 “and if you listen, you will have an increase of wealth and of children,

and She will provide you with gardens, and furnish you with rivers.”

71.13 “What ails you, that you do not hope for benevolence from Goddess;”

71.14 “since She has created you in beautiful and varied forms?”

71.15 “Do you not see how Goddess has created the seven heavens, one above the other”;

71.16 “and She has placed the moon therein for a light,

and has appointed the sun for a bright beam of light?”

71.17 "Goddess has also produced and caused you to spring forth from the earth;”

71.18 “hereafter She will cause you to return to Her in the same manner;

and She will again take you to Her, by raising you from the dead.”

71.19 “And Goddess has spread the whole earth out before you as a carpet for you,”

71.20 “that you might walk thereupon through spacious paths.”

71.21 Nora said, “Lady of Light, certainly they are disobedient to me;

and they follow only what the wealthy people say, those that have power and children,

but such people only increase their wickedness, because the unbelievers worship only wealth and power

which are truly the worst false idols imaginable.”

71.22 And they devised a dangerous plot against Nora;

71.23 and the high priestesses said to the others,

“You shall by no means stop worshiping your goddesses of wealth, power and greed;

nor shall you forsake any other goddesses that act in negative manners and have negative emotions

though the use of hate, violence, greed, jealousy and rage.

71.24 And they seduced many of the people,

because these people only desired to increase evil in the world;

71.25 because of this, they would not listen to a prophetess that taught

the love of money, greediness, hate, violence, jealousy, rage were all to be desired,

as a person wanted, and that a Goddess of love was not enough for them;

therefore they were stubborn and would not listen,

and accordingly they succumbed to the natural disaster of a flood,

and from there they were sent back to the earth,

without guardian angels or a Protectress which was like hell fire to them.

71.26 And Nora said, “Lady, I tried to warn them all,

but the unbelievers died in a sad manner and they are no longer on the earth,

but will soon be babies,”

71.27 “and unfortunately many innocents on earth will now beget them as babies,

and we will all pray for them, that they might survive such arrogant children,”

71.28  Lady of Light, forgive me and my parents for our errors,

and every one who shall enter into my home,

and help us all to become true believers,

and help the true believers of both sexes;

and help the unjust doers turn to you for guidance and love.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

72.1 Say to the people, “It has been revealed to me that a company of genii

had attentively heard me reading the Korana and said,

“Certainly we have heard an admirable Scripture;”

72.2 “this is a direction to proper religion; therefore we believe in this Scripture;

and we will associate no dark or negative emotions or actions with Goddess.

72.3 May the majesty of our Lady be exalted,

for She has not been associated with any negative emotion or action.

72.4 Yet the foolish among us[54] has said that this is false;

72.5 but we certainly thought that neither a prophetess nor a genie

would ever utter a lie concerning Goddess.

72.6 And there are certain women who fly for refuge to certain of the genii; but they increase their error;

72.7 and they also thought, as you have thought,

that Goddess could not or would not raise anyone to life.

72.8 And we formerly attempted to pry into what was happening in heaven;

but we found the same filled with a strong guard of angels, and with shooting stars;

72.9 and we sat on some of the seats to hear the discussion of the angels;

such that whomsoever listens now, finds a flame laid out in ambush for them,

to guard the celestial confines.

72.10 And we do not know whether these flames are only directed against evil,

or whether they are intended to set others in the right direction.

72.11 There are some people among us that are righteous;

and there are some among us who are otherwise; we appear to have differing ideals.

72.12 And we certainly thought that we could not frustrate Goddess while on the earth,

nor could we escape Her by flight;

72.13 therefore, when we had heard the directions contained in the Korana, we believed therein.

And whomsoever believes in the Lady of Light,

does not have to fear any diminution of her reward, nor any injustice.

72.14 There are some Moslemas among us, and there are others that swerve away from righteousness.

And those who embrace Islama, they earnestly seek true direction;

72.15 but those who swerve from righteousness will be greatly saddened on the day of her resurrection.

72.16 If they walk along the path of truth, we will surely send them abundant rain;

72.17 so that we may prove them with such a trial;

but whomsoever turns aside from the direction of Her Lady of Light,

they will find trials and tribulations in this life or the next.

72.18 Certainly the places of worship are set apart to Goddess,

therefore do not invoke anything negative with Her.

72.19 When the true servants of Goddess stand up to invoke the Goddess of love,

the genii had pressed in masses into the crowd,

to hear the prophetess speak the words of the Korana.

72.20 Say to the people, “Certainly I call upon my Lady of Light only,

and I associate no dark or negative actions or emotions with Her.”

72.21 Say to the people, “Certainly I am not able, by myself, to hurt you or send you blessings.”

72.22 Say to the people, “Certainly no one can protect me from trials and tribulations,

except Goddess, and I have plenty of these, nor should I find any refuge besides Her.”

72.23 “I can do no more than publish what has been revealed to me from Goddess,

and Her messengers.  And whomsoever will be disobedient to Goddess,

and Her prophetess, they will find life to be very difficult, and it will seem like hell fire;

and this will occur until they turn to Goddess.”

72.24 For many people, until they understand that their trials and tribulations are unnecessarily difficult, they will not cease their opposition; but then they shall know who is the weaker protectress,

and who is fewer in number.

72.25 Say to the people, “I do not know whether the day of your resurrection is near to you or far away, or whether it may be appointed far into the distant time.”

72.26 She knows the secrets of the future, and She does not communicate this to any person,

72.27 except a prophetess with whom She is well pleased;

and She causes a troop of angels to march before her and behind her;

72.28 so that She may know that the mission of the Lady of Light is being properly executed;

and she understands whatever is given within her knowledge;

and the Lady can count anything by exact number.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

73.1 O my prophetess that is all wrapped up,

73.2 arise to pray and continue therein during the night, except for a few hours,

73.3 that is today, during one half the night;

73.4 or add or subtract a few hours therefrom;

73.5 and repeat the Korana with a distinct and kindly voice;

for we will provide you with loving words.

73.6 Certainly rising during the night is most efficient for steadfast devotion,

and more conducive to decent pronunciation of the Korana;

73.7 because in the daytime you have much work to do.

73.8 And commemorate the name of your Lady of Light,

and do not ever separate yourself from Her; you must renounce worldly vanities.

73.9 She is the Lady of the east and of the west; there is no Goddess but She.

Therefore take Her only for your Patroness;

73.10 and patiently suffer the lies which the unfaithful utter against you;

and depart from them with a gracious departure.

73.11 And leave heaven alone to deal with those who charge the Korana as being false,

who enjoy the blessings of this life only; and bear with them for a while.

73.12 Certainly with us are the heavy chains and burning fire of the dangers on earth

for those that live again without guardian angels or a Protectress.

73.13 And there is much bad food on earth that one might choke upon,

and bad food is a torment to women.

73.14 On a certain day the earth will be shaken and the mountains also,

and the mountains will become a heap of sand poured all about,

yet no one will be afraid for Goddess will appear and tell them they all are loved greatly.

73.15 Certainly we have sent to you a prophetess,

to give witness of the love of Goddess for you, and we have sent a prophetess to Pharaoh;

73.16 but Pharaoh was disobedient to the prophetess;

therefore he was stubborn and would not listen to stay out of the sea

73.17 after Miriam walked through it and he and all his wicked people were drowned therein.

And if you disobey your prophetesses,

then how will you prevent great sadness on the day of your resurrection,

which sadness could even turn the hair of a young child prematurely grey.

73.18 The heavens one day will be torn in two; the promise of resurrection will then be executed.

73.19 Certainly this is an instruction to you;

and whomsoever is willing to listen to this direction will walk in the way of the Lady of Light.

73.20 Your Lady of Light knows that you continue in prayer and meditation

sometimes for two thirds of the night, and sometimes just one half,

and at other times only one third, and a part of your friends, who are with you, do the same.

But Goddess measures the night and day; She knows that you cannot exactly compute time;

therefore She is forgiving towards you. Read therefore, as much of the Korana as might be easy for you.

She knows that there will be some infirm among you; and others will travel throughout the earth,

so that they may obtain a competency of this Korana which is a part of the bounty of Goddess;

while others evangelize the faith of Goddess to others.

Read, therefore, so much of the Korana as is easy for you.

And observe frequent prayer, and pay alms generously; and lend to Goddess an acceptable loan,

for whatever you send your souls that is good, you will find a much greater reward with Goddess.

This is better and will merit a reward in abundance.  And ask Goddess for forgiveness;

for Goddess is ready to forgive and She is merciful.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

74.1 O prophetess who is completely covered up;

74.2 arise and preach;

74.3 and magnify the Lady of Light.

74.4 And wash your garments;

74.5 and fly from every abomination;

74.6 and do not act in such a manner that you hope to receive

many worldly possessions in return for your works;

74.7 and patiently wait for your Lady of Light.

74.8 When the trumpet will sound,

74.9 certainly that day will be a day of hope and understanding for the believers.

74.10 For the unbelievers it will not be easy for them to understand the complete triumph of My truth.

74.11 Let Me alone with those which I created,

74.12 and upon whom I have bestowed abundant riches,

74.13 and children dwelling in her presence,

74.14 and for whom I have disposed of business in a smooth and easy manner,

74.15 and for those that desire I add many blessings to her for no reason.

74.16 Certainly not, for She has stubbornly opposed our messages.

74.17 For this is just a vain dream; many wealthy ones are adverse to our signs and miracles;

74.18 because they are stubborn, they will not avoid any natural calamities,

all of which a prophetess will be sent first to warn them of,

74.19 and again, many people think they are cursed,

or that Goddess curses them (which She does not),

but they only curse themselves when they will not listen to the Prophetess

who has been sent to them from the abundance of love which Goddess possesses for you all.

74.20 And again, they imagine they are cursed,

but how maliciously they associate such a horrid action with Goddess, the one that is pure love!

74.21 Then the wealthy woman looked back upon the Prophetess,

74.22 and she frowned and put on an austere face;

74.23 and then she turned back, and was elated with pride;

74.24 and she said, “This is no more than dark magic, borrowed from others:”

74.25 “these are only the words of a mere woman.”

74.26 Does she know that she will only return to earth for this, a place which is pure hell?

74.27 And what does she think hell is all about?

74.28 It leaves not anything unconsumed, nor does it allow anything to escape;

it drains away the energy of a person through trial and tribulation, until they turn to Goddess.

74.29 The heat of the desert will scorch her flesh, if she is there;

74.30 over the earth are at least nineteen angels appointed as guardian angels of Mother Earth.

74.31 We have appointed none but angels to preside over earth;

and we have expressed the number of them only so that the unbelievers

can engage in vain arguments about them;

that the people to whom the Scriptures have been given may be certain of the truth of this good Book,

and the believers will only increase in faith; and that those to whom the Scriptures have been given,

and the true believers will not doubt after this revelation;

and that those who have hardened their own hearts through expediency,

and the unbelievers will only ask, “What mystery does Goddess intend, by this number?” 

And they that desire to err, will most certainly err, and do as they please, without conscience.

None knows about the troops that will evangelize the earth to Her, except for Her,

and this is not other than a memento to womankind.  Assuredly.

74.32 By the moon,

74.33 and the night when it diminishes,

74.34 and by the morning when the sky begins to redden,

73.35 I swear that there will be many natural disasters;

74.36 and it gives proper instruction to women;

74.37 as well as to those people among you that desire to go out,

as well as those that desire to remain behind.

74.38 Every soul is given in pledge for the thing which it has done;

74.39 except for the blessed companions of the right hand;

74.40 these shall dwell in lovely gardens,

74.41 and they shall ask one another questions concerning the wicked;

74.42 and will be able to ask the wicked themselves,

saying “What makes you keep returning to earth, which is hell?”

74.43 They will answer, “We were not engaged in frequent prayer,”

74.44 “nor did we feed the poor “;

74.45 “and we engaged in vain discussions with evil reasoners;“

74.46 “and we denied that the day of our resurrection would happen;“

74.47 “until death came to us;“

74.48 “and the intercession of others never availed any of us.“

74.49 What ails them, therefore, that they turn aside from the loving instructions of the Korana,

74.50 as though they were shy donkeys,

74.51 flying from a lioness?

74.52 But every woman among them desires that all Scripture

must be handed to her directly from Goddess.

74.53 But this will not come to pass. The earth is supposed to be a school to learn to grow and perfect,

and how can one do that when Goddess hands you everything?

As a result they are not mindful of the day of their resurrection.

74.54 And it will never come to pass that Goddess will appear before them on earth

providing every little instruction to give them for life;

for the Korana is a sufficient instruction manual for life on earth; it teaches love.

74.55 Whomsoever is willing to listen; to them the love of the Korana will be given and received well;

74.56 but many will not be properly directed, until they soften their own hearts,

and turn to Goddess.  She is worthy to be loved; and She is inclined to forgive.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

75.1 Certainly I swear by the day of resurrection;

75.2 and I swear by the soul which accuses itself;

75.3 do you think that heaven cannot gather bones together and resurrect a soul

that has recently died to a new spiritual body?

75.4 Yes, we are able to put together even the smallest bones of her fingers;

and make a prototype of her former form and resurrect her to a new life,

and a new body in the twinkling of a second, and this will occur on the day of her resurrection.

75.5 But many chose to be wicked, for all the time which has been given her;

75.6 She will ask, “When will the day of the final resurrection be?”

75.7 But when her sight is dazzled,

75.8 and the moon is eclipsed,

75.9 and the sun and the moon will be joined together,

75.10 and on that day, a woman shall say, “Where is a place for refuge?”

But for those that pray, Goddess will explain to them, “Have no fear, for I am with you on this day.”

75.11 But there will be no need for refugee; there will be no place for anyone to fly to.

75.12 With your Lady of Light there will be only a place of rest on that day.

75.13 on that day a woman shall be told all that she has done,

from the very first moment to the very last one while she was on earth.

75.14 Yes, a woman shall see herself provide evidence against herself;

75.15 and though she might offer excuses, they will not be received at all.

75.16 Do not move your tongue, O Prophetess in repeating the revelations

which have been brought to you by the angel Gabrielle before she has finished her instruction,

and this will be better for you to more readily memorize them;

75.17 for the collecting of the Korana in your mind, and the teaching of an accurate reading,

are incumbent on us.

75.18 But when we shall have read the same to you by the tongue of the angel,

do follow the reading thereof;

75.19 and afterwards it shall be our task to explain it to you.

By no means do you need to be hasty for the future.

75.20 But you love things that hasten away,

75.21 and you neglect the life to come.

75.22 Some dispositions on that day will be bright and shiny,

75.23 looking towards their Lady of Light;

75.24 but some dispositions on that day will be filled with grief;

75.25 they shall think that a crushing disaster will come to them.

75.26 Assuredly when a woman’s soul will come up to her throat, and her agony on earth is about to end;

75.27 and the bystanders will say, “Who can bring a doctor to recover her?”

75.28 and they will know that she is about to pass over from their world, and into the next;

75.29 and one leg will be joined to the next,[55]

75.30 and on that day she will be escorted away to Her Lady of Light by the angels.

75.31 For she did not believe, nor did she pray;

75.32 but she accused the Prophetess of Goddess of being a liar,

and accordingly she refused to obey the Prophetess;

75.33 then she departed from her family, walking with arrogant people.

75.34 Certainly there will be woe to her!  And agony!

75.35 And again grief will be for her; much sadness!

75.36 Does she think that she will be left at this time to do as she pleases?

As she did on earth, with full liberty and no control?

75.37 Was she not at one time just an ovum within her mother’s abdomen,

and then passed forth to the uterus and joined with semen?

75.38 Afterwards she became a fetus, and Goddess formed her further,

and she fashioned her into a proper form;

75.39 and She made this form into two sexes, the female and the male.

75.40 If She was able to do this,

then why do the people think that She cannot quicken the dead into a new dimension?








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

76.1 Did there not pass to them a long space of time,

during which womankind was not worthy of remembrance?

76.2 Certainly we have created people out of commingled ovum and seed,

that we might provide learning and trials for her; and we have made her to hear and to see.

76.3 We have most certainly directed her in the proper way; whether she is grateful or ungrateful.

76.4 Certainly we have prepared to the unbelievers a great sadness on the day of their resurrection,

their misdeeds will seem like chains to them;

their omissions of good works will seem like heavy collars to them;

and the sadness for all the good they might have done will seem like hell fire to them.

76.5 But the just shall drink of a cup of wine, mixed with the water of Kafir,[56]

76.6 which is a fountain where only the servants of Goddess drink;

they will convey the same by channels to whomsoever they please.

76.7 These persons have fulfilled their vows, and they looked forward to the day of their resurrection,

a day when the evil on earth will be as if it has been dispersed far abroad;

76.8 for they gave food to the poor, and the orphan and the prisoner, for their sake, saying,

76.9  “We feed you for Goddess has loved us well; we desire no other compensation from you,

nor do we desire thanks;”

76.10 certainly we look forward to the day of our resurrection, as being a peaceful and joyous one,

where the despair and calamities of the earth are left far behind us.[57]

76.11 Therefore, Goddess shall deliver them from the evil of earth,

and She will cast onto them a demeanor of brightness and of joy;

76.12 and She shall reward them, for their patience and perseverance,

with a garden of beauty and garments of silk;

76.13 therein they shall recline on couches; they will see therein neither sun nor moon;

76.14 and they will be shaded by trees spreading over them nearby;

and the fruits within shall hang low, so they may be easily gathered.

76.15 And their attendants will go around to each of them, with vessels of silver and goblets;

76.16 the bottles shall be bottles of silver, shining like glass;

76.17 and they shall determine the fullness by their desire.

And therein they will be given a drink of wine, mixed with the water of Zenjebil[58],

76.18 which is from a fountain in paradise named Salsabil;

76.19 and young men and women, whom shall forever appear to be young,

shall go around to attend to all of them;

when you see them, you will think they are scattered pearls;

76.20 and when you look at them, they will behold delights, and a great Queendom.

76.21 Upon them shall be garments of fine green silk or whatever colors they desire,

and of brocades and they will be adorned with bracelets of silver;

and their Lady of Light will give them to drink a most pure liquor;

76.22 and She will say to them, “Certainly this is your reward; and your endeavor is gratefully accepted.”

76.23 Certainly we have sent down to you the loving Korana, by a gradual revelation.

76.24 Wherefore, patiently wait until the day of the final resurrection;

and do not obey any wicked persons or unbelievers among those on earth.

76.25 And commemorate the name of your Lady of Light frequently;

76.26 and during some part of the night, worship Her,

and praise Her as long as you are able during the night, with the time you have.

76.27 Certainly many women love the transitory life,

and they leave behind them the heavy day of resurrection.

76.28 We have created the people, and we have strengthened their good deeds,

and if they did not help us, then we enjoined other good people,

who were pleased to do so, in their stead.

76.29 Certainly this is an instruction to you;

and those who desire it, will be able to take the way of the Lady of Light;

76.30 but you cannot do this until you repent and ask for forgiveness from Her;

for Goddess is knowing and wise.

76.31 She gives mercy when you ask for it;

but for the unjust, they will have much sadness on the day of their resurrection,

when they see all the good they might have done.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

77.1 By the angels which are sent by Goddess, following one another in a continual line;

77.2 and by those that move swiftly, with a rapid motion;

77.3 and by those which disperse the commands of Goddess, by sending them about the earth;

77.4 and by those which separate truth from lies, by distinguishing them one from the other;

77.5 and by those who communicate divine instructions,

77.6 to excuse, or to send out Her love;

77.7 certainly what you have been promised will come to pass.

77.8 When the stars above will no long twinkle,

77.9 and when the heavens will be torn in sunder;

77.10 and when the mountains shall waste away,

77.11 and when the prophetesses will have a time assigned to them

to appear and give testimony regarding the people who have served them well;

77.12 and that appointed day will not be deferred;

77.13 it will be a day of separation;

77.14 and what will cause you to understand what the day of separation is?

77.15 On that day, sadness will come to those that accused their prophetesses of lying!

77.16 Have you not seen the results of numerous natural disasters

which destroyed numerous stubborn old unbelievers?

77.17 We will also cause those of ancient times to follow them.

77.18 This is what will happen to the wicked.

77.19 Great sadness will be on that day to those of you that have accused the prophetesses of lying!

77.20 Have we not create you from two cells, drawing together,

77.21 which we placed into a nurturing uterus;

77.22 until the day of your birth?

77.23 and we were able to do this because we are extremely powerful.

77.24 On the day of their resurrections, woe be it to those that accused the prophetesses of lying!

77.26 Have we not made the earth to contain

77.26 both the living and the dead,

77.27 and we placed thereon stable and lofty mountains, and gave you fresh water to drink?

77.28 Woe be, on that day, to those who accused the prophetess of lying!

77.29  It will be said to them, “Go and review your miserable lives,

how you worshiped wealth, power and greed and not love,

for you must learn love for Goddess, love for yourself and love for others.”

77.30 and this revelation for them will be like the shadow of hell,

77.31 with no refuge from the heat, nor escape from the flames;

77.32 and review of their lives and refusal to help others will be like sparks which fly out as tall as towers,

77.33 resembling yellow camels in color.

77.34 Woe be, on that day, to those that accused the prophetesses of lying!

77.35 This shall be a day when the unbeliever will not be speaking to anyone for any purpose,

for their hearts will be laden with sadness;

77.36 neither will they be permitted any excuse for their past behavior.

77.37 Woe be to them, on that day, for those that accused the prophetesses of lying!

77.38 Goddess will tell them all with kindness that this is the loving day which was promised them.

77.39 Therefore, if you have any cunning strategy, employ all of those strategies against me.

77.40 On that day, sadness will come to the unbelievers.

77.41 But the pious shall dwell amidst shades and fountains,

77.42 and they will have fruits of all kinds that they will desire;

77.43 and it will be said to them, “Eat and drink with easy digestion,

as compensation for that which you have done;”

77.44 for this is the manner in which we reward the righteous.

77.45 Woe be, on that day, to those who accused the Prophetess of lying!

77.46 Eat, O unbelievers and enjoy the pleasures of this life,

for a little while, certainly you are the wicked ones.

77.47 Woe be on that day, to those who accused the Prophetess of imposture!

77.48 And when it has been said to the people, “Bow down”; they do not bow down.

77.49 Woe be, on that day, to those who accused the prophetesses of imposture!

77.50 In what new revelation will they believe, after this?








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

78.1 This is concerning what questions the unbelievers ask of one another.

78.2 This is concerning the great news of the resurrection,

78.3 about which they now disagree.

78.4 Assuredly they will hereafter know the complete truth regarding it.

78.5 Again, assuredly they will hereafter know the complete truth regarding it.

78.6 Have we not made the earth for a bed;

78.7 and the mountains for stakes to hold down the same?

78.8 And we have created you in pairs, female and male we have created you.

78.9 And we have given you sleep for rest;

78.10 and we have made the night a garment to cover you;

78.11 and we have destined the day to be the time to earn a living;

78.12 and we have built over you seven solid heavens;

78.13 and we have placed therein a burning lamp.[59]

78.14 And we do not send down from the clouds abundant rain, water pouring forth for your benefit?

78.15 so that we might produce corn, and herbs,

78.16 and gardens planted thick with trees?

78.17 Certainly the day of separation is a fixed period;

78.18 this is the day whereupon the trumpet will sound, and you shall come in groups to view your lives;

78.19 and heaven shall be opened up, and it will be full at the gates where angels will pass though;

78.20 and the mountains will fall away, and become as vapor;

78.21 certainly viewing their misdeeds will be like hell for the unbelievers;

78.22 and there will be a place for the transgressors;

78.23 and they will remain in this place for just a little while,

78.24 there will be no drink in this place, or food;

78.25 except they will see their boiling misdeeds and corruption they inflicted upon others;

78.26 this sadness is fitting compensation for their misdeeds!

78.27 Because they hoped that they would not be brought to any account;

78.28 and they disbelieved our signs and instructions, accusing the prophetess of lying.

78.29 But everything that has happened we have recorded and written down.

78.30 Understand therefore; viewing your misdeeds, omissions and torment onto others,

will be like hell for you to review one day.

78.31 But for the pious, is prepared for them a place of bliss;

78.32 a garden planted with lovely trees and vineyards,

78.33 and demure young men with swelling virility, of equal age with themselves,

78.34 and they will be greeted with a full cup of sweet drink.

78.35 They will not hear any vain discussions therein, nor will they hear any lies there.

78.36 This will be their compensation from the Lady of Light; and it is a gift fully sufficient for them;

78.37 from the Lady of Light of heaven and earth, and of whatever is between them, the Merciful rules.

78.38 The inhabitants of heaven or of earth may ask whenever they please to have Her come to them,

and She will appear; this is the day when the angel Gabrielle and the other angels shall stand in order,

but they will not speak for themselves or others,

except only the entity to whom the Merciful One will speak to, and that soul will give truthful answers.

78.39 This is the infallible day.  And therefore, let the righteous return to the Lady of Light.

78.40 Certainly we have shown you the great sadness for the unbelievers,

for those that worship only wealth, greed and power;

this will be day whereupon a woman shall behold

either the good or evil deeds which her hands have done for her; and the unbeliever will say,

“When I see what I have done, I wish I would have been innocuous dust!”








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

79.1 By the angels who take the souls from bodies that are scheduled to pass over,

and they always do so with all kindness and gentleness;

79.2 and by those who draw from the souls of the believers with kindness and loving greetings;

79.3 and by those who glide swimmingly through the air unseen, with the commands of Goddess;

79.4 and by those who precede and usher the righteous to paradise;

79.5 and by those who subordinately govern the affairs of this world;

79.6 on a certain day, the blast of the trumpet shall be heard throughout this universe;

79.7 and the subsequent blast will follow it like an earthquake.

79.8 On this day, the hearts of the unbelievers will tremble needlessly,

for they did not listen to their prophetess when she said that

the sound of the trumpet only precedes a blissful eternity for all.

79.9 the looks of the unbelievers will be downcast.

79.10 The unfaithful will say, “Shall we certainly now be made to live again?”

79.11 “After which we were only rotten bones, shall we be raised to new life?”

79.12 They will say, “This then will be only a return to an illusion.”

79.13 Certainly it will be but one sounding of the trumpet,

79.14 and behold they will appear alive on the face of the earth.

79.15 Has not the story of Miriam come to them?

79.16 When her Lady of Light called to her in the holy valley of Towa,

79.17 saying “Go to Pharaoh; for he is insolent and wicked:”

79.18 and say to him, “Do you desire to change and become one of the just ones?”

79.19 and I will direct you to your Lady of Light, that you might help this transgressor if he so desires it,

79.20 And she showed him the very great sign of the rod turned into a serpent;

79.21 but he charged Miriam with lying;

79.22 and in doing so, he rebelled against Goddess.

79.23 Then he turned back hastily; and assembled together all the great magicians;

79.24 and he cried aloud, saying, “I am your supreme deity.”

79.25 Therefore, although Goddess had sent Her Prophetess to guide him safely,

he would not listen to her, and so he and his people were drowned,

and he will see his great sadness on the day of his resurrection.

79.26 Certainly this is a good example to those that are

tempted to rebel against Goddess and Her Prophetess.

79.27 Are you more difficult to create, or were the heaven which Goddess has built over you.

79.28 For She has raised the cover to great heights,

79.29 and She has made the night dark, and has produced a lesser light for it.

79.30 After this, She stretched out the earth,

79.31 and She caused the waters of the earth to spring forth, and the pastures to spread over it;

79.32 and She established the mountains,

79.33 for use of yourselves and for your cattle.

79.34 When the prevailing great day of resurrection will come,

79.35 on that day a woman will be called to remember all that she had done in her lifetime;

79.36 and all shall be exposed to her and to her Goddess.

79.37 And whomsoever shall have transgressed intentionally,

79.38 and shall have chosen this present life;

79.39 certainly a review of their life will be like hell for them;

79.40 but whomsoever will have looked forward to appearing before her Lady of Light,

and knew that She was all love; and who will have done nothing but love during her lifetime;

and she will have refrained from doing evil;

79.41 certainly her abode will be paradise,

79.42 Then they will ask you concerning the last hour, when will the fixed time come?

79.43 By what means can you give any information of the same?

79.44 Only to the Lady of Light belongs the knowledge of this day;

79.45 and you are only a preacher and a teacher,

who looks forward to the same, out of your love for Goddess.

79.46 On the day whereby they will see this,

it will seem to them that it had been only a twinkling of a second,

their life in this world was in reality no longer than an evening, or a morning.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

80.1 One day the prophetess frowned, and turned away,

80.2 because a blind woman came to her;

80.3 and how do you know whether perhaps this blind woman will be cleansed from her sins,

80.4 or whether she will not turn away from Goddess, and that Goddess will profit her greatly?

80.5 The woman who is wealthy but perhaps evil,

80.6 you always seem to treat with respect;

80.7 whereas she might not have been cleansed by your preaching, her heart may still be hard;

80.8 but whosoever comes to you in earnest, seeking salvation,

80.9 and she who loves Goddess greatly,

80.10 this is the one that you oftentimes neglect.

80.11 By no means should you act in such a manner.

80.12 Certainly the Korana is an instruction to you; and to she who is willing to remember the same;

80.13 written in volumes, honorable,

80.14 exalted and pure;

80.15 by the hands of scribes,

80.16 honored and just;

80.17 and those that bring negativity to the Korana,

and to Goddess will see the sadness that they caused on the day of their resurrection.

80.18 What could possibly seduce a person to say negative and horrid things

regarding a Goddess that is pure love? What did Goddess create woman from?

80.19 From an ovum she was created; then she grew with correct proportion;

80.20 and then she was born;

80.21 afterwards She will be with her when she dies, and when her body is laid in the grave;

80.22 thereafter on the appointed day, She will raise her back to life;

80.23 Assuredly, She has not yet performed what Goddess has commanded of her.

80.24 Allow woman to consider her food; and in what manner it is provided.

80.25 We pour water down by showers;

80.26 afterwards the earth is plowed in furrows for planting,

80.27 and we cause corn to spring forth therefrom;

80.28 and grapes, and clover,

80.29 and the olive, and the palm,

80.30 and gardens planted thick with trees,

80.31 and fruits and grass,

80.32 for the use of yourselves and of your cattle.

80.33 When the exciting sound of the trumpet shall be heard;

80.34 on this day, a woman shall fly from her sister,

80.35 and her mother and her father,

80.36 and her husband, and her children.

80.37 every woman, on that day, will have business of her own sufficient to engage her thoughts.

80.38 On that day, the faces of some shall be bright,

80.39 laughing and joyful:

80.40 and upon the faces of others, on that day, their eyes shall be downcast;

80.41 darkness will surround them, when they see the pain they have caused others.

80.42 These are the unbelievers and the wicked doers.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

81.1 When the sun shall fall away permanently from the sky;

81.2 and when the stars shall fade away;

81.3 and when the mountains will be made to crumble;

81.4 and when the heavily pregnant camels will need tending no longer;

81.5 and when the wild beasts shall be gathered peacefully together;

81.6 and when the seas will drain away;

81.7 and when the souls shall be joined again to their heavenly bodies;

81.8 and when the infant boys and girls who had been buried alive will ask their parents

81.9 for what crime were any of them put to death;

81.10 and when all Books are laid open;

81.11 and when the heaven will be removed;

81.12 and when the hell of earth ceases to exist any longer as a place of return for the evil doers

and the wicked ones;

81.13 and when paradise will come to everyone; and all doubts and fears will also fade away;

81.14 every soul on the final day of resurrection will know all of which it did.

81.15 Certainly I swear, by the stars which move in their orbits,

81.16 in a swift manner, and when they hide themselves in the rays of the sun;

81.17 and by the night, when it approaches;

81.18 and by the morning, when it approaches;

81.19 that these are the words of an honorable messenger,

81.20 endued with strength, of established dignity in the sight of the Possessor of the Throne,

81.21 obeyed by the angels under Her authority, and faithful;

81.22 and your Prophetess is certainly not insane.

81.23 She has already seen Her in the clear horizon;

81.24 and she suspected not the secrets revealed to her.

81.25 Nor are these the words of Evil, because Evil does not teach love,

81.26 Therefore, where are you going?

81.27 This is nothing other than an additional teaching to all creatures;

81.28 to her among you that desire to walk righteously;

81.29 but you will not, unless you turn your hearts to Goddess, the Lady of all creatures. 








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

82.1 When the heaven shall be torn in sunder;

82.2 and when the stars shall be scattered about;

82.3 and when the seas will be suffered to join all their waters together;

82.4 and when the graves fade away;

82.5 every soul shall know what it has done, and what it omitted from doing to help others.

82.6 O woman, what had seduced you against your gracious Lady of Light,

82.7 who had created you and put you together,

and rightly gave you talents and energies for music, entertainment, and most of all, love?

82.8 In what form was She pleased to fashion you?

82.9 Assuredly the right one.  But then you deny the day of your resurrection as a lie?

82.10 Certainly, there are appointed over you guardian angels, honorable in the sight of Goddess,

82.11 and they record all your actions;

82.12 they know all you do. 

82.13 The just ones will surely be in a place of delight;

82.14 but the wicked ones shall surely be gathered together;

82.15 they will all enter a place wherein they will be purified by Goddess;

82.16 and this will all happen in a twinkling of a second,

and they will have no fear, nor will any pain overcome them,

for Goddess does not harm, curse or torment Her children; She is pure love.

82.17 What shall make you understand what the day of final resurrection is?

82.18 Again, what shall make you understand what the day of final resurrection is?

82.19 It is a day whereupon one soul will not be able to obtain anything on behalf of another soul;

and the commands given that day will all belong to Goddess; for She is all love.






REVEALED AT MEDINA                    


In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

83.1 Woe be to those persons who give short measure or weight;

83.2 who, when they receive measure from other people, take the full;

83.3 but when they measure to others, or weigh for them, they defraud!

83.4 Do they not think that they will not be raised again,

83.5 on the day of their resurrection,

83.6 the day when they will stand before the Lady of all creatures?

83.7 Certainly not!  Certainly the register of the action of the wicked is surely in Sejjin.[60]

83.8 And what shall make you understand what Sejjin is?

83.9 It is a detailed record which is entirely complete.

83.10 Woe will come on that day to those that have accused the Prophetesses of lying;

83.11 and those who denied the day of resurrection as being a lie;

83.12 And no one will deny the same as being a lie, except every unjust and evil person:

83.13 who, when our signs and miracles were provided to them they said,

“These are the unfounded stories of the ancients.”

83.14 By no means should this occur;

but rather their lusts have cast a veil over their hearts and hardened them.

83.15 By no means will this occur.

Certainly Goddess will make known to them on that day all the sadness and grief they caused others;

83.16 and they will be sent back to the earth as babies, without guardian angels and a Protectress,

so that it will be like a place of hell for them, for earth is very dangerous.

83.17 After they have reviewed their lives and seen what harm and grief they caused others,

it will be said to them, “This is the day and the event which you denied, now it has come to be.”

83.18 Assuredly.  But the register of the actions of the righteous is Illiyun:[61]

83.19 and what will make you understand what Illiyun is?

83.20 It too is a recording device which provides a detailed and complete account of one’s life.

83.21 Those who approach near to Goddess are witnesses to this record.

83.22 Certainly the righteous will dwell among delights;

83.23 seated on couches they will behold objects of pleasure;

83.24 you shall see in their faces the brightness of joy, peace and love.

83.25 They will be given to drink pure wine, sealed;

83.26 the seal of which shall be musk;[62] and let those aspire, who aspire to happiness;

83.27 and the water mixed with it will be Tasnim,[63]

83.28 a fountain which those who are nearest to Goddess may drink from.

83.29 But those who act wickedly and laugh the true believers mercilessly to scorn;

83.30 because whenever they pass by true believers they mock at them;

83.31 and when they turn aside to their people, they turn aside making scandalous jests;

83.32 and when they see them, they say, “Certainly these are mistaken women.”

83.33 But the prophetesses were not sent to be keepers over them.

83.34 Therefore on one day the most advanced true believers,

in their turn, will show compassion for the unbelievers,

and will be with them when they are purified to support them;

83.35 the true believers will exist lying on couches, they will watch the process of purification,

83.36 and they will welcome the unbelievers into paradise, after the final resurrection,

but only after they have been purified.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

84.1 When the heavens will have been torn away;

84.2 and it will have obeyed its Lady of Light and shall be capable thereof;

84.3 and when the earth shall be stretched out and level,

84.4 and everything upon it is thrown away so it is empty,

84.5 and Mother Earth will obey the Lady of Light, and she is always obedient to Her;

84.6 O woman, make your labors, labors to meet you Lady of Light, and one day you shall see Her again.

84.7 And when a soul returns and looks to her right to review her life;

84.8 this will be an easy account;

84.9 and she will turn to her family in heaven with joy;

84.10 but she who is an unbeliever will have to turn to the left to view it;

84.11 and the viewing of her record will cause her immense grief;

84.12 and this shall feel like the burning of flames around her;

84.13 because she rejoiced insolently against her family on earth.

84.14 Certainly she thought she would never return to Goddess;

84.15 yes certainly, but her Lady of Light called her back and beheld her.

84.16 Therefore I swear by the redness of the sky after sunset,

84.17 and by the night, and the forces which move the two phases;

84.18 and by the moon when she is full;

84.19 you will surely be transferred successively from one state to another,

that is, from the living to the dead and back then to life again.

84.20 What ails a person that they refuse to believe in the day of their resurrection,

and in the final resurrection?

84.21 And when the Korana is read by them, why is it they still refuse to worship?

84.22 Yes, the unbelievers accuse the prophetesses of lying;

84.23 but Goddess well knows the malice which they hide in their hardened hearts.

84.24 Therefore advise them that they will face great soul suffering on the day of their resurrection,

84.25 except those that believe and do good works; for them is prepared a never ending reward.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

85.1 By the heaven adorned with signs;[64]

85.2 by the promised day of resurrection;

85.3 by the one that witnesses, and the person to be witnessed;

85.4 how sad are those that sit in the pit of earth,

85.5 who are not supplied with adequate food or fuel;

85.6 when they sat around;

85.7 and they recall what they did against the true believers;

85.8 and they tormented them for no reason, other than they believed in the mighty, the glorious Goddess,

85.9 unto whom belongs the Queendom of heaven and earth; and Goddess is the witness of all things.

85.10 Certainly for those that persecute the true believers of either sex,

and afterward will not repent, they will indeed see great sadness on the day of their resurrection

for all the pain they have caused others, and they will feel and understand this pain;

this is the method by which Goddess teaches them, and this shall feel like the pain of burning to them.

85.11 But for those that believe, and do what is right,

they are destined to live in gardens beneath which rivers flow; therein they will have great happiness.

85.12 Certainly the love from your Lady of Light is severe and abundant.

85.13 She has created people and then restores them to life.

85.14 She is inclined to forgive and is most gracious.

85.15 She is the possessor of the glorious throne,

85.16 and She effectuates what She pleases.

85.17 Has not the story of the princes

85.18 of Pharaoh and of the people of Thelma come to you?

85.19 Yet the unbelievers do not cease to accuse those who reveal divinity to be nothing but liars;

85.20 but Goddess encircles them from behind, so they will not escape.

85.21 Certainly that which they reject is the glorious Korana;

85.22 and the original of it is written down on a table kept in heaven.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

86.1 By the heaven, and by that which appears by night;

86.2 but what shall cause you to understand what things which appear by night actually are?

86.3 It is the star of piercing brightness;[65]

86.4 every good soul has a guardian appointed over it.

86.5 Let a person consider, therefore, of what she is created from.

86.6 She is created of an ovum in the abdomen of a woman,

86.7 mixed with seed from the man, later to be nourished by the breasts of a woman,

86.8 Certainly Goddess is able to restore every soul to life,

86.9 on the day where all secret thoughts and actions will be reviewed;

86.10 then the woman that loved worldly things will have no defender or protectress.

86.11 By the heavens which send you the rains;

86.12 and by the earth which opens upward to let forth vegetables and springs to appear to you;

86.13 certainly this Korana is a discussion distinguishing good from evil;

86.14 and it is not composed as a joke.

86.15 Certainly the unfaithful are laying a plot to frustrate the designs of heaven;

86.16 but heaven will make plans to make their plans void and of no effect;

for evil does not triumph over good.

86.17 Wherefore, O prophetess, bear with the unbelievers and let them alone for awhile.








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

87.1 Praise the name of your Lady of Light, the most high;

87.2 She has created and completely formed the creatures of the earth;

87.3 and She has determined them according to various species,

and directed them to their respective methods of living.

87.4 and She has produced the pasture for cattle,

87.5 and afterwards She rendered the ground as dry stubble of dusky hue.

87.6 We will enable you to remember our revelations; and you shall not forget any portion thereof,

87.7 except what Goddess will please, for She knows all that is obvious, and even that which is hidden.

87.8 And we will help you do this in the easiest manner.

87.9 Therefore, instruct your people with these teachings, if they find our instruction to be helpful to them.

87.10 Whomsoever loves Goddess, she will hearken to your teachings;

87.11 yet the most wretched unbeliever will turn away from them;

87.12 and on the day of her resurrection she will suffer great sadness,

87.13 and will return to earth, without angels or a Protectress,

which will be like hell fire, and this is truly neither life or death.

87.14 Now the believers have attained true happiness, and they are purified by their faith,

87.15 and she who remembers the name of the Lady of Light and prays will also be saved.

87.16 But if you prefer this present and temporary life;

87.17 yet the life to come is far better, and more lasting.

87.18 Certainly this is written also in the ancient Books,

87.19 the Scriptures of Sarah and Miriam.