REVEALED AT MECCA                                 


In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.


10.1 These are the signs of this wise Book.                                                                                                          

10.2 Is it a strange thing to the women of Mecca, that heaven reveals its will

to a woman that is among you all, saying, “Bring tidings of good news,

even to those women who will not believe;

and bear good tidings to those that will believe,”

and on the merits of their sincerity they have an interest in their Lady of Light?

The unbelievers will say, “This is manifest sorcery.”                                                                                           

10.3 But certainly your Lady is Goddess, who has created the heavens and the earth in six long days;[2]

and then ascended Her throne, to take on the government of all things.

There is no intercessor[3], but only by Her permission.  You should carefully consider this.                                

10.4 To Her, you shall all return, according to the promise of Goddess,

for She produces a creature, and then causes it to return again, to either heaven or earth,

so that She may reward those who believe and those that do right, with equity. 

But as for the unbelievers, they shall continue to wander the earth without protection,

hot and thirsty for Her love and without a protectress, for they have disbelieved.                                           

10.5 It is She who has ordained the sun to shine by day,

and the moon shines as a light by night, and She has appointed Her stations[4],

that you might know the number of years and the computation of time.

Goddess has created this only with the truth for you.

For She explains Her signs and miracles to people who understand.                                                                 

10.6 Moreover. in the changing of night and day,

and whatever Goddess has created in heaven and on earth,

there are certainly many signs to women who love Her greatly.                                                                       

10.7 Certainly many unbelievers do not care if they meet us at the last day,

and delight only in the present life, and they rely securely in the same,

and those who are negligent of signs and miracles from heaven are lost.                                                          

10.8 For their dwelling is disorder, and their life is confusion,

and they wander, for they have no protectress.                                                                                                 

10.9 But as to those who believe, and work righteousness,

the Lady of Light will direct them because of their faith;

they shall have rivers flowing through gardens of pleasure.                                                                               

10.10 Their prayer shall be, “Praise be to You, O Goddess!”


And their greeting to you shall be “Peace!”

And at the end of their prayers shall be, “Praise be to Goddess, the Lady of all creatures.”                               

10.11 If other people should cause evil to hasten to women;

according to their desire to quickly enrich themselves, certainly they will not be rewarded.

But we suffer those who hope not to meet at the resurrection, to wander in a maze of error.                         

10.12 When evil befalls anyone, she prays lying on her side,

or sitting or standing; but when heaven delivers her from her affliction,

she continues upon her former course of life, as though she had not called upon Goddess to help her out. This was what the transgressors do.                                                                                                                                   

10.13 Natural disasters have come and have destroyed many generations who were before you,

O women of Mecca, when they acted wickedly with violence and hatred toward one another,

despite the fact that prophetesses had come to them before with evident miracles,

and she had warned them of the disaster which was to come and told them what to do,

but because she preached only love and tolerance no one would believe

and hence many were destroyed out of their own stubbornness and hardness of their hearts.                          

10.14 We have caused many people to succeed in life,

so when natural disasters came, their prophetess warned them and instructed them as to what to do,

yet the unbelievers did not listen and obey, and so they suffered, and many lost their lives,

this is so that heaven might see how you would act with wealth and authority.  Did you use it wisely?          

10.15 When our evident signs and miracles are told to some people,

those who hope not to meet the angels at the resurrection say,

“Bring a different Korana from this so we may justify our actions of hate, violence and war;

or make some changes so we may oppress others without guilt.”

You should answer, “It is not fitting for me that I should change this good Book at my pleasure;

for I follow only what has been revealed to me, and only peace and love have been revealed to me.

Certainly I fear, that if I am disobedient to my Goddess,

that I should be forgotten and alone on the day of my resurrection.”                                                               

10.16 Say to the people, “If Goddess had not cared about you, you would not have received the Korana,

and I your prophetess would not have taught it to you.

I have already dwelt among you all to the age of 45 before I received it. Do you not understand this?”        

10.17 And who is more unjust than one who devises lies, inspires oppression,

or teaches war, hate and violence, for all are against the teachings of Goddess,

or they accuse Her signs and miracles of being false. Certainly the wicked do not prosper in the end.             

10.18 For they worship power, wealth and greed besides Goddess,

which will not profit them in the end, and they say, “These are good intercessors with Goddess,

they help us gain much that we desire in life.” But you should answer them,

“Can you tell Goddess something which She does not already know,

whether it is in heaven or on the earth? Praise be to Her!

And far be it from Her those negative emotions and actions which the dark entities associate with Her.”       

10.19 Women were once professors of one religion only,

but they dissented therefrom; and if a decree had not previously issued

from the Lady of Light deferring discipline, certainly the matter would have been decided between them,

that which they had disagreed upon.                                                                                                                 

10.20 They say, “Unless a sign or miracle is sent down to the prophetess from the Lady of Light,

we will not believe.” Answer them, “Certainly that which is hidden is known only to Goddess;

wait therefore, to see the instructions of Goddess, and I will wait patiently with you.”                                   

10.21 And when we caused the people of Mecca to taste divine mercy,

after an affliction had befallen them, behold, some of them devised plans against the signs of heaven.[5]

10.22 Say to the people, “Goddess is more swift in making plans than any person.”

Certainly our messengers write down all the good you do, but the wicked deeds are all forgotten.”              

10.23 For it is She that has given you conveniences for traveling by land and sea;

so that you are in ships, which sail with favorable winds, and people rejoice therein. 

And when a tempestuous wind overtakes the ship, and waves come crashing down from every side,

and some people think they are encompassed with danger, then they call upon Goddess,

exhibiting the pure religion to Her, and saying, “Certainly, if you deliver us from this peril,

we will be one of those persons who gives thanks.”                                                                                          

10.24 But when She delivers them, behold, they behave themselves insolently in the earth, without justice.

O women, certainly the nastiness which you commit is only against your own souls,

this is a temporary enjoyment for the present life only; afterwards you shall return to heaven,

and we shall show you what you have done clearly.                                                                                         

10.25 Certainly the likeness of this present life is not other than as water,

which we send down from heaven, and wherewith the products of the earth are mixed,

of which women eat, and cattle also, until the earth receives its adornments,

and it is provided with various plants; and the inhabitants there imagine that

they have power over the same; but heaven’s commands come down by night or by day,

and heaven may render it as though it had been mowed down,

even though just yesterday it had been abundant with fruits.

Thus heaven explains signs and miracles to people who will consider them.                                                    

10.26 Goddess invites you all into the dwelling place of peace,

and She directs those who desire only the right way of peace and love.                                                           

Those people who do right shall receive a most excellent reward,

and a superabundant addition; and neither blackness nor shame shall cover their faces. 

These people shall be the inhabitants of paradise, and therein they shall live forever.                                       

10.27 But those who commit evil shall receive the discipline of evil,

and they will see clearly on the day of their resurrection exactly what they have done,

and they will feel shame as though their faces were covered with the profound darkness of night,

and they shall have no Protectress like Goddess;

These shall be the inhabitants of earth over and over;

they shall remain there until heaven calls for them at the end of days.                                                              

10.28 On the day of their final resurrection, they will come together;

then heaven will say to those people that idolized wealth, greed and power,

“Look into the viewer, you and your dark souled companions, and see the pain you have caused,”

and we will separate them one from the other,

and we will lovingly show them their mistakes, and their false negative companions will say to them,

10.29 “You could never truly worship us because we were never real–negativity is only an illusion.”[6] 

And Goddess is a sufficient witness between heaven and the people;

yet, heaven did not mind that some worshiped angels, because angels are pure love.                                      

10.30 Every soul shall experience this final day of resurrection,

even those sent before you, and all shall be brought to their true Goddess, the Lady of Light,

and the false deities of greed, power and self centeredness shall vanish before their very eyes.                        

10.31 Say to the people, “Who provided you with food from heaven and earth?

Or, who has the absolute power over your hearing and sight?

And who brings forth the living from the dead,

or the dead from the living?[7] And who governs all things?”

Everyone will surely answer, “Goddess.”

But then ask, “then will you not love Her?”                                                                                                       

10.32 This is therefore Goddess, your true Lady of Light;

and what remains after love, except error?

How therefore, is it you can be turned away from the truth?                                                                            

10.33 This is the word of the Lady of Light verified upon those that live wickedly;

and they do not believe.                                                                                                                                     

10.34 Say to the people, “Are there any of your companions of greed, power

and self centeredness who can produce a creature

and then cause it to return to that person upon death?”

Say to the people, “Goddess can produce creatures and then cause them to come back to Her.”

How then can some people be turned away from worship of Her?                                                                  

10.35 Say to the people, “Are there any of your companions of greed, power

and self centeredness that can direct you to the truth?

Which is best, one who is directed to the truth more worthy to be followed;

or one that directs you away from truth?

What ails you therefore, that you judge your prophetess harshly as you do?”                                                  

10.36 And the greater part of the people follow an uncertain opinion only;

but a mere opinion does not attain any truth.  Certainly Goddess knows that what they do.                          

10.37 This Korana could not have been composed by any person, except Goddess;

it is a confirmation of many stories which were revealed before it,

and it is an explanation of the Scripture before it, and an expansion upon it;

and in it there is no doubt thereof; it has been sent down from the Lady of all creatures.                                

10.38 Will they say, “Your prophetess has forged it?”

Answer the people, “Bring therefore a chapter like it;

and call whomever you desire to assist you in this matter, besides Goddess, if you speak truth.”                    

10.39 But they have charged those precepts as lies,

the knowledge of which they do not comprehend,

nor do they have the proper interpretation of what has come to them.                                                           

10.40 In the same manner, certain people living before them accused their prophetesses of lying;

but behold, what was the end of the unjust, except toil and trouble?                                                               

10.41 If some people accuse you of being an imposter, tell them,

“I have my work and you have your work, you should stay away from my work,

and I will stay away from your work.”                                                                                                              

10.42 There are some people who will hearken to you, but can one make the deaf hear,

even if they do not actually want to understand?                                                                                              

10.43 And there are some people who desire to look at you, but can you direct the blind,

even if they do not actually want to see?                                                                                                           

10.44 Certainly Goddess will not deal unjustly with any person in any respect;

but people deal unjustly with their own souls.                                                                                                   

10.45 On the day of their resurrection, Goddess will gather them together,

as though they had not tarried more than a second in a day; and they shall know one another.

Then they shall lovingly be put back on earth as babies, which is a most dangerous place,

without direction, assistance or protection, so they might learn from this and grow;

all because they were not rightfully directed.  Yet they still might turn to Goddess.                                         

10.46 Whether heaven causes some people to see part of the discipline

which many will encounter at their resurrection,

or whether they will die before they see it; unto heaven all will return,

and Goddess shall always be a witness to what they have done.                                                                       

10.47 To every nation a prophetess has been sent;

and when the prophetess arrived, disputes were settled between them with equity;

and no person was treated unjustly.                                                                                                                   

10.48 The unbelievers will say, “When will these events occur, if you speak the truth?”                                   

10.49 Tell the people, “I do not know because I am able neither to procure any advantage for myself,

nor can I avert any misfortune that might befall me, except only as Goddess allows.”                                     

10.50 For every nation has a fixed term decreed; when the term has expired,

there shall not be respite for even an hour, nor shall the end be anticipated by most people,

yet there will be some signs.  Still, because you have a loving Goddess, there will be nothing to fear.             

10.51 Many people ask, “Tell me if the blessed events pertaining to resurrection

will overtake people by night or by day, and when will the unbelievers be destroyed by Goddess.”              

10.52 But when it happens to you, then will you believe? 

You were never told Goddess destroys any souls.

Now you believe and wish all misfortune far from you,

but before did you wish that it should be hastened?                                                                                          

10.53 Then it shall be said to the wicked,

“Taste the discipline of eternity on earth where things are difficult and dangerous

and for which you have no protectress, unless you call upon Her.”

Would you expect anything else other than what you have created?                                                                

10.54 Many people will desire to know whether all of this is true.

Answer them, “Yes, by the Lady of Light, it is certainly true;

no person is so strong as to weaken the power of Goddess,

nor will they be able to escape the plans already made by Her will

for you all have many things yet to learn.”                                                                                                        

10.55 Is it not true that whatever is in heaven and on earth, it all belongs to Goddess?

Are not the promises of Goddess true? But the greater part of the people do not know this.                          

10.56 Goddess gives life and She plans your death; and unto Her you shall all return.                                     

10.57 O women, now you have been given instructions from your Lady of Light,

and a remedy for any doubts which are in your hearts;

and you have a direction and mercy which is given only to the true believers.                                                 

10.58 Tell the people, “Through the grace of Goddess, and Her mercy;

you should rejoice; this is better than desiring only to heap up worldly riches.”                                               

10.59 Tell the people, “Answer me, if that which Goddess has sent to you for food,

have you declared one part to be unlawful and another part to be lawful?

Did Goddess allow you to make this distinction?

Or have you fabricated lies concerning Goddess?[8]                                                                                             

10.60 But what will be the opinion of those that have devised lies concerning Goddess 

on the day of their resurrection, when they taught war, hate and violence during their lives?

Certainly Goddess is imbued with benevolence towards all;”

but the greater part of the people do not give thanks.                                                                                      

10.61 You should be involved in no business, nor should you be employed

in meditating on any passage of the Korana for dark or evil purposes;

nor shall you take any action, but heaven will watch over you, when you do all of these things.

Not even so much as the weight of an ant is hidden from your Lady of Light, on the earth or in heaven;

nor is there anything lesser than, or greater than that which is written in this easily understood Book.[9]           

10.62 Are not the friends of Goddess the persons upon whom no fear shall come,

and who shall not be grieved?                                                                                                                            

10.63 Those who believe and love Goddess

10.64 shall receive good tidings in this life, and in the life which is to come.

There is no change in the words of Goddess. There shall be great happiness and joy.                                       

10.65 Let not the discussions of the unbelievers grieve you; for all power belongs to Goddess;

She both hears and knows all.                                                                                                                             

10.66 Is not whomever dwells on heaven and earth subject to Goddess?

What then shall they follow, those who invoke wicked idols of wealth,

greed, power and self centeredness, besides Goddess?

They follow nothing but vain opinion; and they talk nonsense and lies for the most part.                              

10.67 It is She who has ordained the night for you, so that you can rest at that time,

and then She provides the day which is brightly illuminated for your work;

certainly herein are signs and miracles for the people that hearken to believe.                                                  

10.68 They say, “Goddess has children,” Goddess is happy about that!–for you are all Her children.

Yet, She does not bear children as a woman does, nor does She incarnate on earth as a spirit does;

Goddess is self sufficient and She provides for Her children.

Unto Her belongs whatsoever is in heaven and on earth. 

There is simply no proof that Goddess has ever born a baby. 

Why speak things of Goddess that are clearly unknown?                                                                                  

10.69 Say to the people, “Certainly there are some people who lie concerning Goddess,

but it does not matter and you should not cause them harm or anxiety,

for they must find their own path to the Divine One; so let them alone.”                                                        

10.70 These people may enjoy a provision in this world, but afterwards it is to heaven they shall return,

and it is not for you to judge what, if any discipline, they should receive,

merely because you thought they were unbelievers.                                                                                          

10.71 Tell them the herstory of Nora, when she said to her people,

“O my people, if my standing forth among you, and warning you of what is to happen

is grievous to you, in Goddess I do put my trust.

Therefore devise your plans against me and what I do,

and assemble together your false gods of wealth, power, greed and self centeredness,

but do not carry out your plans against me in secret, but come directly to me and do not delay.”                  

10.72 “And if you turn aside from my instructions to love one another,

you should be certain that you will not be awarded for this, but I expect my reward from Goddess alone,

and I have been commanded to be one of those that are dedicated to Her.”                                                   

10.73 But some people accused Nora of being an imposter,

but heaven nonetheless delivered her and those that were with her in the ark;

and they survived the flood, but the others who would not listen,

who charged this miracle with being false, those persons were drowned,

for they would not believe a prophetess that preached only love.

Behold therefore, what was the end of those who did not listen to their prophetess that was sent to them; and all people who face disaster will be warned first by a prophetess.                                                                          

10.74 Then heaven did send after her, prophetesses to the respective peoples on the earth,

and they came to the people with evident demonstrations of signs and miracles from heaven;

yet many people were not disposed to believe in what they had already rejected prior to this

as being false.  For they have hardened hearts, which they themselves have sealed up.                                     

10.75 Then heaven sent after them, Miriam to Pharaoh and his princes with our signs,

but they behaved proudly and would not listen, for they were a wicked people.                                            

10.76 And when the truth from heaven had come to them, they said, certainly this is manifest sorcery.         

10.77 Miriam said to them, “Do you speak as though this was the truth,

after the truth has already come to you?  Is this sorcery? But evil sorcerers will not prosper.”                          

10.78 They said, “Did you come to have us abandon the religion and dark gods and goddesses

which our mothers worshiped, so you would have command over this land? 

But we do not believe you, because we love wealth, greed and power, which our mothers allowed us–

you only allow us love.”                                                                                                                                    

10.79 And Pharaoh said, “Bring me every type of experienced magician.”

10.80 When the magicians came, Miriam said to them, “Show us what you have to show us,

so throw down your rods.”

10.81 So they threw down their rods, and Miriam said, “These are nothing but magic tricks;

Goddess will make it of no effect for She does not allow mischief to prosper.”

10.82 “And Goddess further establishes by Her words the truth in all matters,

even thought the wicked ones are adverse to it.”                                                                                               

10.83 And there were almost no people at the time that believed Miriam,

except for a generation of her own people,[10] for fear of Pharaoh and of his princes,

unless he harmed them.  And Pharaoh was lifted up with pride in the earth,

and he surely was one amazing and cruel transgressor.                                                                                      

10.84 And Miriam said, “O my people, if you believe in Goddess, put your trust

in Her, if you are resigned to Her will.”                                                                                                             

10.85 They answered, “We put our trust in Goddess, O Lady of Light,

suffer us not to be afflicted by unjust people;”                                                                                                  

10.86 “but deliver us, through your mercy, from unbelieving and evil people

that do not believe in love and light.”                                                                                                               

10.87 And heaven spoke by inspiration to Miriam and Alana saying,

“provide housing for your people in Egypt, and make your own homes a place of worship,

 pray frequently, and bring good news to the true believers.                                                                             

10.88 And Miriam said, “O Lady of Light, certainly you have given Pharaoh

many pompous ornaments[11] and riches in the present life,

O Lady of Light, that these people may be seduced from your ways;

O Lady of Light, I know that these riches mean nothing,[12]

for their hearts are hardened, and they refuse to believe,

for this is their grievous punishment; not to have the companionship of Goddess while on earth.”                

10.89 Goddess replied, “Your petition has been heard, you should live righteously therefore,

and do not follow the ways of the ignorant.”                                                                                                   

10.90 And heaven caused the children of Israel to pass through the sea;

but Pharaoh and his army followed them in a violent and hostile manner;

they did this even though Miriam warned them not to follow;

until, when he was drowning, he said, “I believe that there is no Goddess but She,

the same as the children of Israel believe; and I am so resigned.”[13]                                                                    

10.91 Now do you all believe, when many of you have been rebellious,

and many have been among the evil doers?                                                                                                       

10.92 On the day of their death, it was a most simple matter to raise the dead,

even though they all laid at the very bottom of the sea,[14]

that this may be a sign to those who come after you;

and certainly a great number of women are ignorant of our signs.                                                                    

10.93 And we prepared for the children of Israel an established dwelling place in the land of Canaan,

and we provided good things for their sustenance;

and they differed not in points of religion, until knowledge had come to them;

certainly the Lady of Light will instruct everyone properly on the day of their resurrection,

concerning all issues which they used to disagree upon.                                                                                     

10.94 If you are in doubt concerning any part of this Book which we have sent down to you,

ask those scholars who have studied the laws of Goddess before you.

Now the truth has come down from your Lady of Light;

therefore do not be one of those persons who doubt.                                                                                       

10.95 Neither should you be one of those persons who charge the signs and miracles

of Goddess with falsehood, so this will not be an issue on the day of your resurrection.                                  

10.96 Certainly those against whom the word of the Lady of Light is decreed,

those that practice hate, violence, despair and self centeredness,

they shall not believe out of the hardness of their own hearts.                                                                          

10.97 Although there has been shown to them all types of signs and miracles,

they still stubbornly refused to believe, such that Goddess shall make plans for them

so they will be drawn closer to Her, for toil and troubles bring amazing faith.

10.98 And if it were not so, many cities would not have been destroyed,

except for the hate and violence the people showed to one another,

and for failure to believe in the prophetesses sent to them;

and the faith of the inhabitants of these cities would have been of great advantage to them;

but none of them believed.  One exception was the people of Joanie.[15]                                                          

As they came to believe Joanie, they were spared death and destruction

and shame in the world for not believing in Goddess,

thus they were allowed to enjoy their lives and possessions in this world.                                                        


But if they had decided differently and continued in their disbelief

and had not listened to Joanie, they would have all been destroyed.

For there were natural disasters planned for the area,

but Joanie told all the believers what to do and where to go, to protect themselves.

10.99 But you have all been given free will; and had you not,

then Goddess could simply cause the entire world to believe in Her, but She does not,

She wants you all to grow and perfect in your own right.                                                                                 

10.100 But no soul can believe, except by the softening of her own heart,

and a sincere desire to love Goddess and others;

for this is best accomplished through prayer and meditation;

and She shall pour out Her love on those that will understand.                                                                         

10.101 Say to the people, “Consider whatever is in heaven and on earth;

but signs and miracles are of no avail, nor are preachers, to a person that will not believe

and who has hardened her own heart.  The only antidote is prayer.”                                                               

10.102 Do the people on earth therefore expect anything other than

some terrible judgment, like the judgments they receive from their fellow

human beings who have no sympathy, no compassion, no understanding?

Say to the people, “Wait until the issues are determined, and I will also wait patiently with you,

and you will clearly see that a loving Goddess does not do such things.”                                                         

10.103 Then we will deliver our prophetesses and those that believe.

This is justice due to us, that the true believers shall be easily delivered.                                                            

10.104 Tell the people of Mecca, “If you are in doubt concerning any religion,

certainly I do not worship the idols of greed, hate, violence, and self centeredness that you worship,

besides Goddess, for I worship Goddess, and you will have a time set for you to die;

and I desire to be one of the true believers.”                                                                                                      

10.105 And it was said, “You should face the direction of true religion, when you pray, and be sincere,

and you should  not believe that Goddess has any dark emotions,

nor does She take any negative actions as the people of the earth do,

for these are the lies of the dark entities, they enjoy nothing more

than to put fear into everyone here so they can work their dark magic of war,

jealousy, avarice and destruction.

10.106 Nor should you invoke, besides Goddess, companions of darkness and negativity,

nor are there any demons on the other side that can neither hurt or profit you;

for if you do practice evil, violence and hate; you will certainly become one of the unjust.                             

10.107 If you become afflicted with hurt, only Goddess can relieve you of it;

and if She sends you good, there is none that can keep back your bounty;

She will confer it on such of Her servants as She pleases; and She is gracious and merciful.                               

10.108 Say to the people, “O women, now that the truth has come to you from your Lady of Light,

you may now be correctly directed, and this direction shall be to the advantage of your own soul;

but she who intentionally makes mistakes, only errs against her own soul.

A prophetess is no guardian over everyone.                                                                                                       

10.109 The prophetess will only do what is revealed to her; and she will persevere with patience,

until Goddess shall decide these issues and inform you clearly of what you have done,

for She is the Best Instructor and Adviser.














In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.


11.1 A.L.R. [16] These are the verses that are guarded against corruption,

and are also distinctly explained; it is a revelation to the wise, from the knowing Goddess of all.                  

11.2 You may call Her by any name, even the name of a male deity,

but you should serve only Her, and your prophetess is only an instructor of guidelines and advice,

and a bearer of good tidings to you from Her;                                                                                                 

11.3 And you should ask pardon from your Lady of Light when you make mistakes;

and your heart should be always turned to Her.

She will cause you to enjoy plentiful provisions, until a prefixed time,

and to everyone that gains merit by good works, She will give Her abundant reward.

11.4  But if you turn back to evil and violence, certainly you shall experience great sadness

on the day of your resurrection; for back to Goddess you shall return; and She is almighty,

and She will show you clearly what you have done.                                                                                          

11.5 Do some people doubt or hide within their hearts wicked plots?

When they cover themselves with their clothes, and double that portion over their breasts,

do they not know that they cannot conceal what is in their hearts, and what they declare publicly:

For Goddess knows the innermost parts of the hearts of the people.                                                                

11.6 There is no creature which creeps upon the earth, but Goddess provides it with food;

and She knows the place where it roams, and She knows where it sleeps.

The whole plan is written clearly in the easily understood Book of heaven’s decrees.                                      

11.7 For it is She who is the One that created the heavens and the earth in six celestial days,

and Her throne was above the waters before this creation[17],

so that She might prove everything to you, and see which of you would excel in works.

If you say, “You shall surely be raised again after death,”

the unbelievers will say, “this is nothing but evil sorcery or a tale.”

11.8 And certainly if we defer the day of resurrection to a predetermined season,

they will say, “What prevented this event from happening to us?”

Will it not come to them on day when it may be not averted,

and those things that they scoffed at should fail to happen?                                                                             

11.9 Certainly, if we cause some people to taste mercy, and then afterwards take it away,

those people will certainly become desperate and ungrateful.                                                                           

11.10 And if heaven causes some people to taste goodness, after an affliction had befallen them,

they will surely say, “The evils which I suffered have passed from me,”

and they will once again be joyful and insolent;                                                                                                

11.11 Only those people that persevere with patience, and do what is right;

they shall receive pardon, and a great reward.                                                                                                   

11.12 Consider those people that desire to publish part of the revelations of heaven,

so your heart will become stronger, less they say, “Until a treasure is sent to her,

or until an angel comes with her to bear witness to her, we will not believe.”

Certainly a prophetess is but a preacher only, and Goddess is the governess of all things.

11.13 Will they say, “She has created the Korana by herself?”

Answer them, “Bring therefore ten chapters like it,

created by yourselves, and call upon whomever you like to assist you,

except Goddess, if you speak the truth.”                                                                                                            

11.14 But if your false companions of wealth, greed and power do not hear you,

know that this Book has been revealed by the knowledge of Goddess only,

and that there is no Goddess but Her. Will you now therefore become Moslemas?                                         

11.15 Whoever chooses the present life, and the pomp that is with it,

to those persons will be given the due compensation of the works performed in their life,

and this shall not be diminished to them.                                                                                                           

11.16 These persons shall have no other reward in the next life, and Goddess shall make plans for them,

for what they have missed in this life; for their past life has been in vain.                                                         

11.17 Shall your prophetess be compared to such people,

who follow evident declarations from the Lady of Light,

and to whom a witness from heaven attends to her,

preceded by the Books and teachings of Miriam, which were revealed as guides for women,

and out of mercy to womankind?  Many good people believe in the Korana;

but those dark entities with hard hearts will not believe;

so Goddess will make plans and trials for them, which will be executed,

not as a threat, but as loving plans; do not be in doubt concerning this;

for this is the truth from your Lady of Light;

but the better part of womankind will not believe it or understand it.

11.18 There is little more unjust than a person that imagines a lie concerning Goddess

and preaches hate and violence against others and teaches war.

For they shall be set before the Lady of Light, on the day of their resurrection,

and the witnesses will say, “These are those that lied against their Lady of Light,”

but they will not be cursed, but Goddess shall make special plans for them,

so that they might see that violence and hate is a grievous mistake that will only fail you in the end;             

11.19 There are those that turn women aside from the ways of Goddess,

they seek to render it crooked, and they do not believe in the life to come.                                                    

11.20 These people were not able to prevail against Goddess on earth,

and they desired to escape punishment, neither did they have any protectress besides Goddess;

and so they will have greatly increased toils and tribulations on earth,

to learn the way of enlightenment. They could not hear, nor could they see.                                                   

11.21 These people lost their precious souls on earth; and the idols of wealth and greed and self centeredness which they falsely believed in have abandoned them.                                                                                                  

11.22 There is no doubt that in the life to come,

they will have much hard work to do to overcome this.                                                                                   

11.23 But as for those people who believe and do good works,

and those who have humbled themselves before their Lady of Light,

they will be the favored inhabitants of paradise; they shall remain there forever.                                             

11.24 The sameness of the two groups, the light and dark entities;

are like the blind and the deaf.  With regards to comparing she who sees with she who hears;

are they indeed equal to one another?  Will you all not consider this carefully?                                               

11.25 We formerly sent Nora to her people, and she said,

“Certainly I am a public preacher sent for you,”                                                                                                 

11.26 “you should worship Goddess alone;

certainly I fear for you, that you might have a long road of learning, and of enlightenment.”

11.27 But the governesses of the people, who did not believe, answered,

“We see that you are the same as any other woman, just like us,

and we do not see that other people follow you,

except those who are the most abject and pitiful among us,

or those that believe by rash judgment;

nor do we perceive any excellence in you above any of us;

but we have determined that you are a liar.”                                                                                                     

11.28 Nora said, “O my people, tell me, if I have received proper declarations from my Lady of Light,

and She has bestowed on me mercy from Herself,

which is hidden from you, do I compel you to receive the same, in case you are adverse to this?                    

11.29 O my people, I do not ask riches from you for my preaching;

my reward is with Goddess alone. I will not drive away those who have believed,

certainly they shall meet their Lady of Light, on the day of their resurrection;

but I fear that you are a stubborn and disbelieving people.”                                                                              

11.30 “O my people, who shall assist me for Goddess, if I drive them away?  Can you not reconsider?”        

11.31 “I do not tell you, ‘the treasures of Goddess are in my power,’

nor do I say, ‘I know all the secrets of Goddess,’

nor do I say, ‘Certainly I am an angel,’

nor do I say, ‘if you despise a person, then Goddess will do harm to them,’

Goddess will by no means automatically bestow good on anyone;

For Goddess best knows all that is in their souls; for then I should certainly be one of the unjust.”                  

11.32 They answered, “O Nora, you have already argued with us,

and you have made multiple arguments to us, now therefore bring punishment upon us,

the same as many other preachers have told us with, if you speak the truth.

11.33 Nora said, “Certainly Goddess alone will one day make clear to you

everything you have done in your life; yet she does not punish, for She is pure love;

and you cannot prevail against the plans of Goddess,

nor escape whatever is to happen to you on earth.”                                                                                          

11.34 “Nor shall my counsel profit you in and of itself, although I will counsel you properly,

if you turn from Goddess, then you lead yourself into error.

For She is your Lady of Light, and to Her we shall all return.”                                                                           

11.35 Will the Meccans say, “Your prophetess just made up the Korana?”

Answer, “If I have forged it, then let the guilt be on me,

and also let me be clear of anything you are guilty of.”                                                                                     

11.36 And it was revealed to Nora, saying, “Certainly none of the people shall believe,

except those that already believe in Goddess; therefore, do not be grieved for what they are doing.”            

11.37 But have an ark made in our presence, according to the form and dimensions

which we have revealed to you, and do not speak to me on behalf of those that have acted unjustly,

for they are doomed to be lost wandering in the earth,

and they will not know of certain natural disasters which are to come to you.                                                 

11.38 And she caused the ark to be built, and as the townspeople passed by,

they scoffed at it and derided her.[18] But she said, “Though you scoff at us now,

we will wait patiently and you will see that all this will all come true.”                                                            

11.39 “And you shall surely know upon whom the blessings of Goddess shall fall,

because She does not inflict anyone with shame,

nor does She desire to harm anyone, including physical punishment,

but She does make effective plans for the wicked ones.”                                                                                   

11.40 Therefore, they were busily employed until the plan was put into execution,

and an oven brought forth water to cover the land.[19]

And heaven said to Nora, carry into the ark every species of animal, two by two, and your family also;[20]

except those that would not believe the prophecies of Nora,

and therefore they drowned, due to their own stubbornness.

And all those who believed entered the ark also, but most did not believe, except for a few.

11.41 And Nora said, “Embark upon the ark[21], in the name of Goddess,

while it moves forward, and while it stands still;

for the Lady of Light is gracious and merciful to us all.”                                                                                    

11.42 And the ark sailed with them between waves like mountains,

and Nora called to one of her sons, that would not believe,

and who was separated from her saying,

“Embark with us, my dear child, and do not stay with the unbelievers.”                                                          

11.43 He answered, “I will climb up high on the mountain,

which will keep me safe from the water.”

Nora  replied, “There is no security this day, from the forces of nature,

except those that believe in Goddess and my premonitions as a prophetess,

and for those that have Her mercy.”  

And a wave passed between them, and he drowned.[22]

11.44 And it was said, “O earth, swallow up these waters, and you,

O heaven, withhold your rain from us, and the decree was fulfilled,

and the ark rested on the mountain of Al Judi;

and it was said, “Away with the pious ones  to safety!”                                                                                    

11.45 And Nora called upon the Lady of Light and said,

“O Lady, certainly my son was one of my family,

and yet I know that he is at peace with you, still I grieve and pray for him.”                                                    

11.46 Goddess answered, “O Nora, he is of your family,

and your prayers for him are heard, for prayers for the dead are a righteous thing to do.

You already have knowledge of righteousness in praying for the dead;

I tell you that you are certainly not one of the ignorant.”                                                                                  

11.47 Nora said, “O Lady of Light, I may call upon you for the assistance of grace,

and I do not ask you for things of this world;

or things which I have no knowledge and need not know;

and unless you forgive me and be merciful to me, I am afraid I will perish.”                                                    

11.48 It was said to her, “O Nora, disembark the ark,[23] and with peace from heaven,

and blessings upon you, and those that are with you,

yet some of those persons with you still will not enter paradise,

and plans will be made for them,

but for a period of time, you shall all enjoy the provisions of this lifetime.”                                                    

11.49 This is a secret herstory, which heaven has revealed to you all,

you did not know it before, nor did any of your people.

Wherefore, persevere with patience; for the prosperous people will one day be attendants to the pious.

11.50 And later we sent Hue[24]  to the people of Ada.

She said, “O my people, worship Goddess; you should have no Goddess besides Her;

you only imagine deception when you set up false idols of wealth, greed

and  self centeredness besides Her, which are only of your own making.”                                                        

11.51 “O my people, I do not ask anything of you for my preaching,

my compensation for this is only expected from She who created me. Will you not understand this?”           

11.52 “O my people, ask pardon of your Lady of Light and be turned only to Her;

for She will send the heaven to pour forth rain plentifully upon you

and She will increase your strength by giving you additional strength”[25]                                                          

11.53 They answered, “O prophetess, you have not given us any proof

of what you have said; therefore we will not leave our ancient ways

of hate and violence which are easy for us for your strange ways of peace and love,

and we do not believe you. 

Peace and love also require patience and tolerance, which we do not have,

nor do we want these qualities because they are useless to us.”                                                                         

11.54 “We say nothing else other than some of our deities have sent you hate and violence

and have afflicted you with evil.” She replied, “I will call Goddess to witness,

and you may call whomever you desire to be a witness on the day of your resurrection,

and you will not prevail for you associate negativity with Goddess.”                                                               

11.55 “If you desire to devise evil plots and plans against me, then do not tarry,”                                           

11.56 “for I put my confidence in Goddess, my Lady of Light, and your Lady also.

There is not a beast, but She can hold it by the hair on its forehead,[26]

certainly the Lady of Light directs you into the right way.”                                                                               

11.57 “But if you turn back, I have already declared to you

that which I have sent to you, because if you believe,

the Lady of Light could send you to a better land,

and others less fortunate could come to your peaceful land instead.

And you shall not hurt the prophetess at all;

for the Lady of Light is guardian over all things.”                                                                                              

11.58 And when our sentence came to be put into execution,

we delivered our prophetess,  and those who had believed with her through our mercy;

and we delivered them from a severe natural disaster.                                                                                       

11.59 And the people of Ada willingly rejected the signs of their Lady of Light,

and they were disobedient to Her messengers,

and they followed the command of every rebellious perverse person.                                                             

11.60 Wherefore, they were followed in this world by troubles,

which were very severe to them, for they had no Protectress;

they were stubborn and would not turn to Goddess and Her prophetess,

and they will all, except for a few, experience great sadness on the day of their resurrection.

Did not the people of Ada fail to believe in the Lady of Light?

Was it not said away with Ada and the people of Hue,

for their disbelief and stubbornness and refusal to adhere to principles of love for one another?                     

11.61 And to the tribe of Thelma we sent them a prophetess also.

She said to them, “O my people, worship Goddess; you shall have no other Goddess besides Her.

It is She who has produced you out of the earth with water, minerals and a divine spark,

and She has given you lovely homes upon the earth. Ask pardon of Her therefore, and be turned to Her, for the Lady of Light is near, and She is ready to Answer.”                                                                                                     

11.62 They answered “O prophetess,

you were a person upon whom we placed great hope upon before this. 

Did not She forbid us to worship the negative goddesses we worshiped before? 

We had many different names for them all.

But we are certainly in doubt concerning the religion to which you have invited us to,

it is just as suspect.”                                                                                                                                             

11.63 And the prophetess said, “O my people, tell me if I have received

a proper declaration from my Lady of Light, and she has bestowed on me

mercy from Herself, who will protect me from the

vengeance of others, if I do not believe in Her? For you cannot help me other than loss.”                               

11.64 And she said, “O my people, this female camel of Goddess

is a miracle to you; therefore let her wander freely,

that she may feed and drink upon Goddess’ earth as she pleases, and do her no harm,

unless you come to understand that the female camel was sent to you by Goddess.                                        

11.65 Yet some dark and negative people killed her;

and the prophetess said, “The people who killed the female camel,

and who did not believe in Goddess or the angels,

they shall enjoy themselves in their dwellings for three days, and we will preach peace and love to them,

and after that, there will be a disaster and many will die,

because they will not listen to the prophetess, and

they do not believe the prophetess was sent to save them,

and they will ignore her warnings and they will therefore die of natural disasters.

The warnings were sent as a miracle to them.  These were infallible predictions.”                                             

11.66 And when the premonition of the angels came to be executed,

the prophetess and her believers were saved, through the mercy of heaven,

for they were told what to do and where to go to save themselves

from the turmoil of that sad day; for the Lady of Light is the strong, the mighty Goddess.                             

11.67 This happened because a terrible noise from the earth assailed the unbelievers;

and in the morning they were found in their houses, lying dead and prostrate;                                               

11.68 It was as though they had never dwelt therein. Did the prophetess disbelieve in the Lady of Light?

Were not the unbelievers cast into the normal chaos of the earth,

to wander without the protection of Goddess?                                                                                                 

11.69 The messengers from heaven also came to Sarah with good tidings;

saying, “Peace be upon you all” and She answered and said, “and upon you be Peace!”

And she tarried not, but brought a fattened roasted calf for the visitors.                                                           

11.70 But when she saw that their hands did not touch the meat, she became suspicious,

and a bit fearful of them. But they said, “Fear not, for we are sent to help you and your people,

for there are many among you that are peaceful,

but others are not and they oppress the weaker ones, for they beat them, and torture them.”                         

11.71 And Sarah heard this, and she laughed[27] for she wondered how such beautiful

and exquisitely dressed young women could ever oppose the nasty, angry mob of townsmen;

and then the angels then also promised her Iris, and after this daughter, Jacklyn,

both of which were to grow up to become great prophetesses of their people.                                               

11.72 She said, “Heavens!  How shall I bear a daughter when I am quite old,

and my husband is very advanced in years?[28] But certainly this would be a wonderful thing.”                         

11.73 The angels answered, “Why do you wonder at any command of Goddess? 

The mercy of Goddess and Her blessings are upon you,

for you have a peaceful and kind family;[29] for She is praise worthy and to be glorified.”                                

11.74 And when all apprehension had departed from Sarah,

and the good tidings of Iris’s birth had come to her,

she then disputed with the angels concerning the people of Wileh.[30]                                                                

11.75 For Sarah was a compassionate, sympathetic and devout person.                                                            

11.76 The angels said to her, “O Sarah, do not be worried because before this many had been sent

to save these unbelieving people that are violent and hateful to innocent people;

for they persecute and torment some of their own people, and therefore they are unbelievers;[31]

and it has already been revealed to you that a natural disaster will come to them,

and they will not listen to your predictions for they say that your prophecies are nothing but lies;

Heaven does not interfere with people that will not turn to Her,

and for their stubbornness, they will surely all be destroyed.”                                                                           

11.77 When the angels came to Wileh, she was troubled for these people,

and her arm was extended to them out of concern, and she said, “This is indeed a grievous day.”                  

11.78 And her people came to her, rushing at her,

and they had been formerly guilty of violence, hate and persecution against innocent people,

Wileh said to them, “You should listen to my daughters that will tell you of the love and kindness

of Goddess; their teachings are more lawful for you than townspeople

who teach violence and hate against homosexuals,

and other innocents that you fear for no reason. Is there not a person of peace among you?”                         

11.79 They answered, “You know that we have no need to listen to

any of your daughters that teach peace, love and kindness,

you know that we desire war, hate, torture and oppression more than anything else,

and we worship a goddess of hate, violence and rage that agrees with us.”                                                      

11.80 She said, “If I had sufficient strength to oppose you,

If I could have recourse to someone you have respect for, to teach you of love and kindness,

I would certainly do it for you.”                                                                                                                        

11.81 The angels said to her, “O Wileh, certainly we are the messengers of the Lady of Light,

they shall by no means harm us. Leave therefore, with your family in the late hours of the night,

and do not turn back, but as for your husband, he is not one of the believers in peace and love,

he is hateful and full of anger and will not heed you Wileh, as a prophetess, and he will remain behind,

to suffer the natural disaster which will fall by morning. 

Certainly, your prediction is near and it shall be fulfilled in the morning, and is not the morning near?”         

11.82 And when the disaster occurred, the earthquake appeared to turn the city upside down,[32]

and lava poured down from the adjacent volcano like stones of baked clay,[33] one following the other;        

11.83 and they were marked[34] by the Lady of Light;

and they were not far from those who acted unjustly and violently in the earth.                                             

11.84 And to the people of Marian, we send a prophetess named Sally, and she said,

“O my people, worship Goddess: you have no Goddess but Her;”

11.85 “and do not cheat anyone in business and give your customers a just measurement and full weight; nor should you commit injustice in the earth or act corruptly,

for I fear you will be greatly saddened on the day of your resurrection.”                                                         

11.86 “The residue which shall remain is a gift from Goddess to you;

and after you have done justice and have been honest with others,

this will better for you than wealth obtained by fraud, deceit and unfair dealing if you are true believers.

Your prophetess is not a guardian over you.”                                                                                                    

11.87 They answered, “O prophetess, do your prayers require that we cease to worship

all the negative and dark goddesses that our mothers worshiped before us?

Because they allowed us hate, torture, violence, vengeance and wealth as idols,

and why cannot we do what we please with our own wealth?

Are you the only person that is fit to direct us? It will be hard and unpleasant to love one another.”              

11.88 She said, “O my people, tell me that I have received a proper declaration from my Lady of Light

and She has given me an excellent provision, and I will not allow you to have whatever you want;

nor do I seek anything other than your reformation and what is good for your souls,

to the utmost of my power.  You must stop worshiping idols with negative emotions

and those that condone negative actions of hate, violence, greed, jealousy, rage and intolerance.

My support is from Goddess alone; in Her do I trust and to Her I shall return.”                                               

11.89 “O my people, do not let your opposition of me create any difficulties for you

when you will not listen to my warnings of natural disasters,

as befell the people of Nora, Hue or Sally, neither are the people of Wileh far from you.”                             

11.90 “Ask pardon therefore, from your Lady of Light; and be turned toward Her;

for my Lady of Light is merciful and loving.”                                                                                                    

11.91 The people answered, “O prophetess, we do not understand much of what you say,

and we see you to be a woman of no power, stature or wealth[35] among us;

if it had not been for the sake of your family, we would have stoned you,

and you could not have prevailed against us.”                                                                                                   

11.92 The prophetess said, “O my people, is my family worth more in your

opinion than Goddess is to you, and do you cast her away with neglect?

Certainly my Lady of Light comprehends all that you do.                                                                              

11.93 ”O my people, do you work according to your condition, for I will work according to my duty.

And you shall certainly know upon whom will fall dismay on the day of their resurrection,

and who is a liar. Wait patiently for the event; for I also will wait for it with you.                                        

11.94 Wherefore, when the decree of the angels came to fruition,

the prophetess was delivered and those who believed with her,

through the mercy of the Lady of Light; and a natural disaster occurred and sadly, most perished.                 

And in the morning many people were found lying in their homes,

11.95 dead and prostrate, as though they had never lived before.                                                                     

Have not many people perished from earth,

due to stubbornness wherein they failed to believe the prophetesses that the angels had sent them?               

11.96 And we formerly sent Miriam with our signs and manifest power                                                           

11.97 to Pharaoh and his princes, but they followed the commands of Pharaoh

and were unjust and violent in the earth; thus the commands of Pharaoh did not set them right.                    

11.98 Pharaoh shall precede his people on the day of their resurrection,

and he shall be the one to show them that their violence and hate was wrong;

and they shall be dismayed and endure great sadness on the day of their resurrection

when they see and feel all the grief and pain they had caused others.                                                               

11.99 For the people of Pharaoh only followed their own hard hearts,

and on the day of their resurrection, they shall endure significant grief,

and this is actually a gift given to them.                                                                                                             

11.100 This is a part of the hertories of the cities, which we relate to all of you.

Of the ancient cities, some still stand, but many others have been destroyed,

and the only persons living thereafter, were those that listened to their

prophetesses and believed in Goddess.                                                                                                              

11.101 But they were not treated unjustly, but their own souls learned of propriety;

and the negative goddesses of wealth, power, greed, violence, hate, rage, and fear

they had invoked besides Goddess were of no advantage to them,

when the decree of the Lady of Light came to them,

none of this was of any assistance to them, for She taught only peace and love.                                               

11.102 And thus were the lessons of the Lady of Light shown to the world,

when natural disaster struck, only those that listened to the prophetess were

saved; for Her love is great and unending.                                                                                                         

11.103 Certainly here is a sign and miracle for each person that looks

forward to the day of her resurrection; that shall be a day when all women that died and have previously passed over are assembled together, and there will be witnesses to what each soul has done,                                      

11.104 and it is never delayed, but will occur at a predetermined time for each person.                                   

11.105 When that day comes, the soul need not speak to excuse itself,

nor will it need to intercede for another soul, but Goddess will be there for all.

11.106 Of them, one shall review her life and be pleased, but another might be very sad and anxious,

and know that she has much work to do yet to perfect in love and joy,                                                          

11.107 and the unbeliever will be shown all their mistakes and will then be reborn,

to experience life anew and be given another chance, but nonetheless, they will wander in confusion,

and this will be like hell fire to her to live on earth, for earth is a very dangerous place,

and until she turns to her Protectress; this plan shall remain so long as the heavens will endure;[36]

except what the angels and Goddess may find proper to change;                                                                     

for the Lady of Light does what is best in her estimation for each soul.                                                             

11.108 But the persons that shall be happy, shall be admitted into paradise,

and there they shall remain there so long as the heavens and the earth endure,

besides what the Lady of Light shall add to their bliss,

for they will have a bounty which shall not be interrupted.                                                                               

11.109 Therefore, do not be in doubt concerning what some good women have worshiped;

they worshiped no other than She, the same Goddess that their mothers worshiped before them,

deities of love, happiness, empathy, understanding, compassion, wisdom and joy,

and heaven will surely give them their full portion, not the least bit diminished.                                             

11.110 We formerly gave to Miriam the Book of the law;

but disputes arose among her people concerning it;

and unless and until a previous decree has issued from the Lady of Light, to have with you during this life,

all matters have now been decided between them.

And the people of the earth are jealous and in doubt concerning this Korana.                                                  

11.111 But to everyone shall the Lady of Light give Her love;

which is the reward of good works; for She well knows all that they do;

further the message of love is one of hope to even the unbelievers so that one day they might turn to Her.   

11.112 Be steadfast as you have been commanded by Her,

and let her also be steadfast who has been converted with you;

and avoid error, for She sees all that you do.

11.113 And do not incline yourself to those that act unjustly,

unless you are forced to return to earth without help, because you will have no protectress,

except Goddess; and earth is assuredly a dangerous place,

furthermore you shall never be assisted against Her,  for such a plan simply does not exist.                             

11.114 Pray regularly morning and evening, and in the early part of the night,

but no one should force you to do this, for good works and prayers drive away evils.

This is a blessing for those that will consider it.                                                                                                  

11.115 Therefore, persevere with patience, for Goddess does not allow the reward of the righteous to perish.

11.116 The generations before you, were they not endued with understanding and virtue,

and they did they not forbid people from acting corruptly in the earth,

and were there not just a few that were delivered?                                                                                            

But those people who only follow the delights of the world, and are selfish, are only wicked doers.             

11.117 Your Lady of Light was not of such a disposition to destroy any cities;

this occurred only due to natural causes and necessary changes in the earth,

many inhabitants that were believers, knew and left the cities beforehand;


based upon information received from their prophetesses.                                                                               

11.118 If the Lady of Light pleased, then all people would have been made of one religion, one community;

but people do not cease to discover differences amongst themselves,

and there are many different paths to the Divine, and this Korana is but one of them.                                     

11.119 There are those that the Lady of Light has bestowed mercy upon,

and those people will be used for merciful purposes;

but for the life upon earth, which is like hell to the unbeliever, the Lady of Light uses them,

and they dwell upon earth with genii[37] and women.                                                                                         

11.120 The angels have related the herstory of our prophetesses and ascended mistresses and apostles,

so that your hearts may be confirmed thereby,

and this is the truth which comes to you, and it brings love to the true believers.                                             

11.121 You can say to the unbelievers, “Act as you will, according to your immediate desires

and we will act according to our duty,”                                                                                                             

11.122 “and we will wait for the determination of this issue,

for we are certainly patient, and you should wait also.”

11.123 For Goddess knows all that is secret in heaven and upon earth;

and to Her shall the whole matter be entrusted. Therefore, worship Her, and put your trust in Her;

for your Lady of Light is not regardless of what you do.                                                                                   








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

12.1 A.L.R. These are the signs of the easily understood Book before you;

it has been sent down in the English tongue, an universal tongue that anyone might understand,

wherever anyone lives in the world.

12.2 We relate to you a most excellent herstory, by revealing to you this Korana,

12.3 so that you will not be negligent of what is, and what shall come.

12.4 When Jacklyn said to her mother, “O my mother, I saw in my dream last night eleven stars,[38]

and the sun and the moon; I saw them being obedient to me.”

12.5 Josie said, “O my child, do not tell this dream to your siblings,

for they are jealous and they might devise a plot against you;

for their hearts are hard and they are an enemy to you,”

12.6 and thus according to your dream, the Lady of Light will choose you,

and teach you to be the interpreter of dreams,

and She shall show Her favor upon you and upon the family of Jacklyn,

as She has formerly shown favors upon the families of Wileh and Sarah,

for the Lady of Light is knowing and wise.

12.7 Certainly in the herstory of Jacklyn and her siblings there are signs

of the Queendom of Goddess to the inquisitive.

12.8 When they said to one another, Jacklyn and her sister[39]

are dearer to our mother than we are, but we are more in number;

our mother has certainly made a wrong decision.                                                                                              

12.9 When they said to one another, kill Jacklyn or drive her into some distant

or deserted part of the earth, and the face of your mother will shine favorably upon you;

and afterwards your people will have integrity.                                                                                                

12.10 One of them spoke[40] and said, do not slay Jacklyn,

but throw her into the bottom of a well[41] and some travelers will rescue her, if you do this.                           

12.11  They said to Jacklyn’s mother, “O Mother, why do you not entrust Jacklyn with us,

since we are sincere and want only the best for her?                                                                                           

12.12 Send her with us into the field so that we can play games with her[42] and we will watch over her.”        

12.13 Josie answered, “It grieves me that you take her away,

and I am worried that a wolf will devour her, when you are not watching her.”                                              

12.14 They replied, “Surely if a wolf attacks her, there are many of us

and we would certainly be the weak ones if we could not defend her from a wolf.”                                       

12.15 And when they had carried her with them, and agreed to set her at the bottom of the well,

they carried out their plan, and heaven spoke to her saying, “You shall hereafter declare a plan to them,

and afterwards your siblings will not know that you are really their long lost sister Jacklyn.”                          

12.16 And they came to their mother in the evening, weeping,                                                                         

12.17  and they said, “Mother we went and played field games with one another,

and we left Jacklyn with our bags, and the wolf attacked her. 

We know you will not believe us, although we speak the truth.”                                                                     

12.18 And they produced her inner garment stained with false blood.

Josie answered, “No, I think you have falsified this story to your own benefit;[43]

however, patience is a blessing, and Goddess’ assistance will help me through my grief.”                                

12.19 And certain travelers came, and they sent someone to the well to draw water for them;


and he let down his bucket, and said, “Good news, there is a young girl down here.”

And they hid her, that they might sell her as a piece of merchandise; but Goddess knew what they did.[44]

12.20 And they sold her for a very small price, for just a few pennies, and they valued her little.

12.21 And the Egyptian who bought her said to his wife,

“Use her honorably, perhaps she will be of service to us, or we may adopt her for a daughter.”

In such a manner, Jacklyn was given provisions in this world,

and the angels taught her the interpretation of dreams and prophetic sayings,

for Goddess invokes such attributes in many, but few people are willing to understand them.

12.22 And when she had attained the age of maturity, she was given wisdom and knowledge,

for those attributes are given to the righteous.

12.23 And the man where Jacklyn was living desired her for himself,

and he shut the doors and said, “Come hither.”

She answered, “Goddess forbid!  Certainly my lord has made living here easy;

and generally the ungrateful do not prosper.”

12.24 But he resolved further still to enjoy her, and he would have resolved to enjoy her,

had he not saw evident demonstration to the contrary from the Lady of Light.[45]

But it is only the good people who turn away from evil and filthiness, and she was a sincere servant.

12.25 And she then ran to get out through the door, and he tore at the back of her garment,

and they met the mistress of the house at the door.

The mistress said, “What should be the reward of anyone who desires to commit evil in this family,

but it should be only imprisonment and dishonor?”

12.26  But Jacklyn said to her, “Mistress, he asked me to sleep with him.”

And a witness in the family confirmed this matter saying,

12.27 “If the garment is torn in front, he speaks the truth and she is a liar;

but if her garment is torn in the back, then she is telling the truth and he is a liar.”

12.28 And when his wife saw that her garment was torn in the back,

she said, “This is a cunning contrivance of your sex, for certainly your cunning is great.”

12.29 “O Jacklyn, take no further notice of this affair:

and my husband, what will you do for pardon for your crime, for you are clearly guilty.”

12.30 And certain women in the city said publicly,[46] “The nobleman asked his servant to lie with him;

she inflamed his breast with her love; so we perceive her to be the one in obvious error.”

12.31 And when Jacklyn’s mistress, Zoe[47], heard of their gossip, she invited them all to a banquet,[48]

she gave each one of them a knife and said to Jacklyn, “Come here.”  And when Jacklyn came to them,

they praised Jacklyn greatly, and they cut their own hands[49], and said, “O Goddess!  This is not a mortal;

she is no other than an angel deserving of the highest respect.”

12.32 And the mistress said, “This is her, for whom you blame of the evils in my household,

he asked her to lie with him, but she consistently refused.

But if she solicited my husband to be her lover, surely she should go to prison because she inflamed his lust,

and she should be made one of the dishonored ones.”

12.33 Jacklyn said, “O Lady of Light, a prison is more desirable to me

than the crime I have been invited to commit against you;

for You hear and know all.  But unless You turn away their snares,

I will youthfully succumb to them, and become one of the foolish ones.”

12.34 But Goddess heard her, and turned aside the snare, for She hears and knows everything.

12.35 And it seemed a good idea to those that were present,

even though they had seen the signs that Jacklyn was innocent,

that Jacklyn should be imprisoned for a time,

for it is certain that a nobleman would never be tempted to err.

12.36 And so Jacklyn entered the prison[50] with two of the Queen’s servants.

One of them said, “It seemed to me in my dream that I pressed wine out of grapes.”

And the other said, “It seemed to me in my dream that I carried bread

on my head, and the birds came and ate it.

Please declare the interpretation of our dreams, for we believe that you are a caring person.”

12.37 Jacklyn answered, “No food with which you might be nourished will come to you,

but I will provide you with the interpretation, before this happens to you,

this knowledge is part of what the Lady of Light has shown me,

for I have left the religion of people who believe in a mean, angry goddess,

and those who deny the life to come.”

12.38 “It is because I follow the religion of my foremothers, Sara, Deborah, Nora and Wileh,

I am able to do this.  It is not lawful for us to associate anything nasty or negative with our Goddess,

for She is all loving, all kind and all caring.”

This knowledge of the divine unity of goodness has been given out of the bounty of Goddess towards us, and toward womankind, yet the greater part of the people are not thankful.”                                                       

12.39 “O, my fellow prisoners, are the mean and evil goddesses better,

or is the One better that is mighty in Her love, kindness and compassion?”

12.40 “You should not worship any negative deities besides Her.

None of the names you have named, you and your foremothers, were loving goddesses,

so you worshiped negative deities without authoritative proof from Her;

judgment belongs to Goddess alone, for She commands that you worship none besides Her.

This is the right religion, but the better portion of people do not know this.”

12.41 “O, my fellow prisoners, certainly the one of you shall serve wine to her mistress,

as she had done formerly, but the other shall be crucified, and the bird shall eat from off her head.

This is the matter which was sent down which you wanted to know about.”

12.42 And Jacklyn said to her who was to escape punishment, remember me in the presence of your Lady. 

But the devil caused her to forget to make mention of Jacklyn to her Lady;

wherefore she remained in the prison some years longer.[51]

12.43 And the Queen of Egypt said, “Certainly, I saw in my dream, seven fat cows,

which seven lean cows devoured, and seven green ears of corn, and another seven withered ears,

O my noble princes tell me what my vision means, if you are able to interpret this vision.”

12.44 They answered, “These are confused dreams,

we are not skilled in the art of interpreting confused dreams.”

12.45 And Jacklyn’s fellow prisoner who had been delivered said,

(for this event caused her to remember Jacklyn after a period of time),

“I can tell you the interpretation of this dream, if you will allow me to

go to the person who can interpret it for me.”

12.46 And she went to the prison, and said,

“O Jacklyn, your are a woman of truth, tell me the interpretation of seven fat cattle,

which seven lean cattle devour; and of seven green ears of corn with seven withered ears,

all of which the Queen saw in her dreams.

I desire to return to court, so that we can understand what this means.”

12.47 Jacklyn answered, “You shall sow seven years as usual:

and the corn which is reaped, should be left in the ear[52], and you should eat just a little.

12.48 Then there will come after this, seven grievous years of famine,

whereupon you shall eat what you have laid up as a provision for the upcoming famine,

except a little which you shall have kept.

12.49 Then there shall come after this, a year where there will be plenty of rain,

and you shall be able to press wine and oil.

12.50 And when the chief butler had reported this, the Queen said,

“Bring her to me.” And when the messenger came to Jacklyn, he said,

“Return to your Lady and ask of her, what is the intent of the women who cut their hands,

for my Lady knows the snare which was laid for you.”[53]                                                                              

12.51 And when the women were assembled before the Queen,

she said to them, “What was your design when you asked Jacklyn about her unlawful love?”

They answered, “Goddess be praised!  We found nothing evil in her.”

The nobleman said, “Now that the truth has come out, it was I who solicited her to lie with me;

and she is one of those that speak the truth.”

12.52 And when Jacklyn became acquainted with all that had happened, she said,

“This discovery has been made known so that my mistress understands

that I was not unfaithful to her in her absence, and that Goddess does not direct the plots of evil doers.”

12.53 “Neither can I absolutely justify all my actions, since every soul is given opportunities to do evil,

and opportunities to do good, for we are all blessed with freewill; for Goddess is gracious and merciful.”

12.54 And the Queen said, “bring her to me; I will make her one of my own special servants.”[54]

And when Jacklyn was brought to the Queen, and had spoken with her, the Queen said,

“You are this day firmly established in my service, and you will be entrusted with my affairs.”[55]


12.55 Jacklyn replied, “Place me in charge of the warehouses for this country;

for I will be a skillful keeper of these goods.”

12.56 Thus, Jacklyn was established in the land, that she might provide herself a dwelling therein,

where she pleased. Heaven bestows mercy on those that it will,

and it does not suffer the reward of the righteous to perish.

12.57 And certainly the reward of the next life is better, for those who believe and love Goddess.

12.58  Also, Jacklyn’s siblings came to her, and she saw them and knew them at once,

but they did not recognize her.[56]

12.59 And when she had furnished them with provisions,

she said “Bring to me your sister, the daughter of your mother;

see that I have given you all provisions due you, and I am the most hospitable of hostesses.”

12.60 “But if you do not bring her to me, I will not provide you with any additional corn,

nor may you ever return to see me.”

12.61 They answered, “We will endeavor to bring her to you, by permission of her mother,

and we will do whatever you require.”

12.62 And Jacklyn said to her servants, “Take the money they have brought to pay for corn

and put it into each of their sacks with the corn, so they will know this only after they return home;

and I believe that they will return to us.”

12.63 And when they returned home to their mother, they said,

“O mother, we have been told we may not receive additional corn until we bring back our

youngest sister Barbara with us, so please let her  return to Egypt with us,

and we will obtain more corn, and we will guard her from any mischief.”


12.64 Josie answered, “Why should I entrust you with her and expect any better success

than when I entrusted your sister Jacklyn with you before this? But Goddess is the best guardian,

and She is most merciful to those that show mercy to others.”

12.65  And when they opened up the sacks of corn,

they found that all their money had been returned to them,

and they said, “O mother, what do we desire in addition?

It appears that our money has been returned to us,

we may therefore return and provide corn for our family;

we can care for our sister; and we can receive a camel’s burden more than we did the last time.

This is a small quantity that we have now.”

12.66 Josie said, “I will by no means send her with you, until you give me a solemn promise,

and swear by Goddess that you will assuredly bring her back to me, unless a terrible disaster befalls you.”

When they gave her their solemn promise, she said, “Goddess is witness of all we say.”

12.67 And she said, “My children, do not enter into the city through the same gate;

but enter by different gates. But this precaution will be of no advantage to you

against any decrees of Goddess; for judgment belongs to Goddess alone;

in Her I put my trust, and in Her let those who confide in Goddess, to put their trust in Her.”

12.68 And when they entered the city, as their mother had commanded them,

it was no advantage to them against the decrees of Goddess;

and the same served only to satisfy the desire of Jacklyn’s soul, which she directed them to perform,

for she was endued with knowledge of that which came from heaven;

but the greater part of people do not understand this.

12.69 And when they came again into the presence of Jacklyn,

she received her sister Barbara as her guest, and said,

“Certainly I am your sister; do not be saddened for what they have done to us.”[57]

12.70 And when she had furnished them with provisions, she put her cup in her sister Barbara’s sack.

Then a guard ran after them yelling, “The company of travelers, you are all thieves.”

12.71 They said, “Do you miss anything? What is it that you miss?”

12.72 They answered, “We miss the princess’ cup;[58]

and if anyone can locate it, she will be given a camel’s load of corn,

and I will personally assure you of this reward.”

12.73 Jacklyn’s siblings replied, “By Goddess, as you well know,

we have not come here to do anything evil in this land, we are not thieves.”

12.74 The Egyptians said, “What shall the punishment be then,

to the person that has stolen the cup, if you are found to be liars?”

12.75  Jacklyn’s siblings answered, “As to that person’s reward,

if it is found in any of our sacks, then that person may be held hostage for the taking of the cup,[59]


and that is an appropriate punishment for a thief.”

12.76 Then they began to search all the sacks, and found the cup in the sacks of a sister,

and it was taken from the sister’s sack. But it was not lawful for this person to be taken as a hostage

by the Queen of Egypt, had Goddess not allowed it, despite what the siblings had avowed to do.

Heaven raises to high degrees of knowledge and honor those that are in need of this;

and there is one who is more knowing above all those endued with learning and knowledge.

12.77 The siblings replied, “If Barbara is guilty of theft,

then so is Jacklyn guilty for what she had done before.”[60]

But Jacklyn had concealed these things in her mind,

and she did not tell them of her plan, and so she said to herself,

You are in a worse condition that myself and Barbara;

and Goddess knows best what you have discussed amongst yourselves.

12.78 They said to Jacklyn, “Noble Lady, certainly this young lady has an aged mother,   

therefore take one of us in her place, for we believe that you are a merciful person.”

12.79 Jacklyn answered, “Goddess forbid that we should take

Barbara with us as a hostage, for then we would be unjust.”

12.80 And when they despaired of taking Barbara back with them,

they discussed the matter privately amongst themselves.

And the eldest said, “Do you not know that you had made a solemn promise to everyone

in the presence of Goddess, and how wickedly you behaved here towards Jacklyn? 

Therefore, I will not leave here, until mother gives us permission to return home,

or Goddess makes Her will known to me; for She is the Best Instructor and Adviser.”

12.81 “Go ahead and return to your mother and say, ‘O mother,

certainly your child has committed theft; we bear witness to the extent that we have knowledge,

and we could not have guarded against this;’”

12.82 “And inquire in the city as to where we have been, and of the company of merchants,

with whom we arrived, and you will find that we have spoken the truth.”

12.83 And when they returned and talked with their mother,

she said, “I do not believe you and I think you have contrived this entire matter for your own sakes;

but I am very patient and I hope that Goddess will bring back all of my children to me;

for She is all knowing and wise.”

12.84 And she turned away from them and said,

“O how I am grieved for Jacklyn!  And now I grieve likewise for Barbara, I am afraid for her,

that she might never return to me.”  Her eyes then became white from weeping,[61]

and she fell into deep sorrow for her two missing daughters.

12.85 Her children said, “By Goddess, you will not cease to remember Jacklyn,

until you are at death’s door, and you surely might die from such deep sorrow.”

12.86 She answered, “I only felt my intense grief, which I am not able to control,

and my sorrow is sent to Goddess in prayer;

but I know by prior revelation from Goddess things which you do not know.”[62]

12.87 “O my children, go and make inquiry of Jacklyn and her sister;

and do not despair that you will not find the mercy of Goddess,

for none despair of Goddess’ mercy, except for unbelievers.”

12.88 Therefore, the siblings returned to Egypt, and when they saw her, they said,

“Noble Lady, the famine has been disastrous to us and our family,

and we have come with only a small amount of money,

yet we beg that we might be provided a full allotment, and we also beg corn as alms,

for Goddess rewards the charitable.”

12.89 Jacklyn said to them, “Do you know what happened to Jacklyn and her sister,

and how you have pretended to be ignorant of all this?”[63]

12.90 They answered, “Aren’t you really Jacklyn?”

She replied, “I am Jacklyn, and Barbara is my sister. Goddess has been gracious to us both.

For those that love Goddess, and persevere with patience,

they will find relief; for Goddess will not suffer the reward of the righteous to perish.”

12.91 They said, “By Goddess, She has chosen you above us,

and we have certainly erred in what we have done.”[64]

12.92 Jacklyn answered, “I do not want there to be any vengeance upon you today,

for Goddess forgives you all, for She is the most merciful of those that show mercy.”

12.93 “Therefore leave here with my inner garment, and throw it upon our mother’s face,

and she will regain her sight, and then come back to me with all our family.”

12.94 And when the siblings left from Egypt on their journey towards Canaan,

their mother said to those nearby, “I believe that I smell Jacklyn,

though you probably all think that I am just doting and grief struck.”[65]

12.95 Those around her thought, “By Goddess, you are old and mistaken.”

12.96 But when the messenger of good tidings came to her with Jacklyn’s

inner garment, she threw it over her face, and her mother recovered her eyesight.

And Josie said, “Didn’t I tell you that I knew from Goddess Herself,

many things which you all did not know?”

12.97 They answered, “O mother, pardon our errors, for certainly we have been in error.”                       

12.98 She replied, “I will certainly ask pardon for you from my Lady of Light,

for She is gracious and merciful.”

12.99 And when Josie and her family arrived in Egypt,

and were introduced to Jacklyn, Jacklyn received them and said,

“Enter into Egypt, by the favor of Goddess, in full security.”[66]

12.100 And she raised her parents to the seat of state,

and they together with her siblings, did fall down and did obeisance to her, and she said,

“O my mother this is the interpretation of my vision, which I saw long ago,

and now the Lady of Light has brought this to fruition, and She has surely been gracious to me,

since She took me forth from prison, and She has brought you here from the desert;

after Evil has created discord between myself and my siblings;

for my Lady of Light is gracious to whomever She pleases; and She is the knowing, the wise Goddess.”

12.101 “O Lady of Light, you have given me a part of your Queendom,

and you have taught me the interpretation of dreams. The Creatress of heaven and earth!

You are my protectress in this world, and in that which is to come;

please cause me to die a Moslema, and join me with in the righteous in paradise.”[67]

12.102 This was a secret herstory which we have revealed to our prophetess,

although you were not present with the siblings of Jacklyn,

when they contrived their plans, and plotted against her.

12.103 But the greater part of women, although they desire it, will not come to believe.

12.104 You shall not demand any reward for publishing the Korana,

this is only a guideline for all of womankind.

12.105 And how many signs are there to show the being, unity and providence

of Goddess in the heavens and upon the earth,

so many people will pass them nearby, and yet they all will live far from Her heart.

12.106 But the greater part of them will not believe in Goddess,

and they will believe in the idols of wealth, power and self centeredness.

12.107 Do they not believe that some severe natural disaster will not come to them,

as a trial from Goddess, when She sends them a beloved prophetess?

Or, that the hour of resurrection will never take them suddenly, when they have not expected it?

12.108 Tell the women of Mecca, “This is my way: I invite you to Goddess,

by Her evident demonstrations; both I and she who follows me are welcomed by Her,

and praise be to Goddess! I am not one that idolizes wealth, power and money.”

12.109 The people have been sent many apostles and prophetesses before,

those that heaven has revealed their will to; and those that were chosen dwelled in the cities.[68]

Will they not travel the earth and see what has been the end of those that proceeded them?

But the dwelling of the next life shall be so much better for those that love Goddess.

Will they not understand?

12.110 Their predecessors were born for only a time until,

when our prophetesses despaired of their nasty conversations,

and thought they were liars, the help of heaven came to them,

and those that were delivered were those that listened;

but the natural disasters of life were not avoided by the wicked,

because they were stubborn and would not listen to their prophetesses.

12.111 Certainly in the herstories of the prophetesses and their peoples,

there is an instructive example to those that are endued with understanding.

This Korana is not a new invented fiction;

but it is a confirmation of the Scriptures of many prophetesses which have

been revealed before it, and it is a distinct explanation of everything necessary,

with respect to either faith or practice, and it is a direction and mercy to

the many people that want to believe and turn to Her.










In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

13.1 A.L.R.[69]  These are the signs of the Book of the Korana,

and that which has been sent down to you from your Lady of Light is the clear truth;

but the greater part of the people will not believe.

13.2 It is Goddess who has raised the heavens without visible pillars; and then She ascended to Her throne,

and She compels the sun and the moon to move in their respective orbits for you;

all of the heavenly bodies move within a predetermined orbit. She has determined all things.

She shows Her signs vividly, so you will know that you will return once again to Her.

13.3 It is She who has laid out the earth and placed thereupon steadfast mountains and rivers,

and has created every fruit of opposite kinds.[70]

She causes the night to turn into the day. These are the signs for you to contemplate.

13.4 And upon the earth there are tracts of land with differing geographic features;

even though they border one another,

and there are vineyards, seeds and palm trees springing up differently, yet all from a root structure,

and many plants have different types of roots. They are watered with the same water,

yet some of these plants yield a fruit which is more excellent than others to eat.

These surely are signs for people that use understanding in their thinking.

13.5 If you wonder at the unbelievers who deny the resurrection,

is it not strange that you still hear, “After we have been reduced to dust,

then how will we become a new creature?”

These people do not believe in the Lady of Light, at the end of their time they will return to earth

without a Protectress and guardian angels, it will seem like they have heavy collars on their necks,

and their new lives shall be like hell fire;[71] and they shall wander there forever until they turn to Goddess.

13.6 You will note that they ask you to do evil rather than good,

although there have already been examples of divine love shown to them.

The Lady of Light is endued with indulgence towards people, despite their iniquity;

for the Lady of Light is severe in providing Her love to all.

13.7 The unbelievers will say, “Unless a sign is sent down from the Lady of Light,

then we will not believe; for you are a prophetess only, you do not work miracles.” 

For every people there has been appointed a protectress and a prophetess.

13.8 Goddess knows what every woman bears in her uterus;

and whether the child will be born early, on time or late, and the number of young she carries. 

With Her, everything has been predetermined.

13.9  She knows that which is held in secret, and that which is made public.

She is the great, the most high.

13.10 She knows from among you who conceals Her words, and she who proclaims them in public,

she who seeks to hide herself in the night, and she who travels openly during the day,

this is all equal knowledge to Goddess.

13.11 Each person has angels with her, before her and behind her;

they watch every person by the command of Goddess.

Certainly Goddess does not change the bounty of her grace given to each person,

until they change their disposition by creating error on earth, nor do they have any Protectress besides Her.

13.12 It is She who causes the lightening to appear to you,

to strike fear and to raise hope,[72] and to form clouds pregnant with rain water.

13.13 Even the thunder celebrates Her praise, and the angels also, for their love of Her. 

She sends down thunderbolts, and some will be stricken, but this is not the intentional work of Goddess,

it is merely life on earth, so you see it is dangerous, for She is mighty and powerful.

13.14 It is She who you should all invoke for help;

and the false negative idols of wealth, power and self centeredness will be of no help to you at all;

but She will hear you, for She stretches out Her hands to rain water down upon you,

but it will not descend without Her; the pleading of the unbelievers is all in vain.

13.15 Whatsoever is in heaven and upon earth may freely worship Goddess,

this should be done voluntarily, and not by force, and in the manner of the person’s own choosing;

and the shadows also worship Goddess by lying prostrate before Her in the morning and evening.[73]

13.16 Say to the people, “Who is the Queen of heaven and earth?” Answer them, “Goddess!”

Say to the people, “Why do you associate Her with vain idols of wealth, power and self centeredness,

because they cannot protect you from hurt and they indeed only create hurt?”

Say to the people, “Shall the blind and the seeing be held equally esteemed?[74]

Or shall the darkness and light be treated the same?

Or shall the forces of wealth and power be treated equally with Goddess,

so that your creation of these should bear any resemblance to the creations of Goddess?”

Say to the people, “Goddess is the Creatress of all good things;

She brings love to everyone and She is the one, the victorious Goddess.”

13.17 She causes water to descend from heaven,

and the brooks to flow according to the volumes appointed them,

and the floods that bear floating froth, and even the metals which people melt in fire,

seeking to create ornaments or vessels for use, but there arises a scum similar to this.

Thus, Goddess creates and propagates truth, while some people propagate vanity.

But the scum of molten metal may be thrown off and that which remains

may be made useful to people on earth. In this manner, Goddess sets forth Her parables.

13.18 For those that love the Lady of Light shall be given a most excellent reward;

but those that do not obey Her, although they may be possessed of what is in the entire earth,

and maybe even much more than that, when they see what they have done,

they would give it all up for their own ransom.

These people will be brought to a very sad reckoning, they will live on earth life after life,

and it is like hell fire here, and what an unhappy couch this shall be!

13.19 If you knew what has been sent down to you is the truth,

then why do some of you treat it as if you were blind?

It would appear that only the prudent and wise will consider this.

13.20 For those who fulfil the covenants of Goddess to love one another,

and those that do not break their contract with Her,[75]

13.21 and those that keep joined which Goddess has commanded to be joined,[76]

and those who love Goddess greatly, and do not seek eternal life on earth;

13.22 and those who persevere out of a sincere desire to love and please their Lady of Light,

and pray frequently, and give alms out of what has been bestowed upon them,

both in secret and openly, and who turn away evil with good;

the reward of these shall be paradise and gardens of eternal abode,

13.23 which they shall enter, and among those that have acted

in an upright fashion, of their mothers, and their husbands,

and their posterity; the angels shall go by them, through every gate saying,

13.24 “Peace be upon you, because you have endured with patience;

and because you have loved and cared for many, how excellent a reward is paradise!”

13.25 But as for those who violate the covenants of Goddess,

after they have been told of the establishment of them,

and those who cut asunder things which Goddess has joined together,

and those that act corruptly on the earth, those people will have great sadness and woe,

and they shall remain on earth, which is like a miserable dwelling in hell.

13.26 But Goddess gives provisions of abundance to those whom She pleases, and She is sparing to none.

Some people rejoice in the present life; but rest assured that the present life,

compared to your future life, is but a fleeting and precarious provision.

13.27 The unfaithful will say, “Unless a sign is sent down[77]

to her who is allegedly from the Lady of Light, we will not believe.”

Answer them, “Certainly Goddess will not lead you to Her, until you pray for it and repent.”

13.28 And for those who believe, and those whose hearts rest securely in the meditation of Goddess,

paradise is assured, so should not every woman’s heart rest securely in meditation of Goddess?

13.29 Those people who believe and do that which is right shall enjoy blessedness,

and they shall partake of a happy resurrection.

13.30 Thus heaven has sent to your nation a prophetess, as has been done for nations preceding you,

and likewise prophetesses have been sent, that you might reveal to all what heaven has given to you,

even while the people did not believe in a merciful and loving Goddess. Say to the people,

“She is my Lady of Light, there is no Goddess but Her, in Her I do trust, and to Her I must return.”

13.31 Though a Korana could have been revealed by which mountains could be moved,

or the earth cleaved asunder, or the dead be caused to speak, this would all be in vain.


These matters belong entirely to Goddess.

Do not the believers know that if Goddess had pleased, She would direct all people in an obvious manner?

Adversity shall not cease to afflict the unbelievers for what they have done,

nor will it cause them to stay within their dwellings, until the promises of Goddess have been revealed;

for Goddess is not contrary to Her promises.

13.32 Prophetesses, before this you have been laughed at and scorned,

and the unfaithful have had long lives despite this, and yet the unbelievers were unhappy,

and continue to be tied to the earth,[78] and what a horrid situation that is!

13.33 Who is it then, that stands above every soul, to observe what that soul has done?

The unfaithful attribute dark emotions and actions of hate, jealousy, rage and injustice to Goddess.

Say to these people, “Name these emotions you attribute to Goddess;

why do you speak about things which Goddess has not commanded on earth?”

But the deceitful procedures of the unfaithful are already well known to Goddess;

they are turned aside from the right path; for only Goddess knows who will err on this subject,

and without Goddess, they will have no true direction.

13.34 They shall suffer the punishment of staying on earth

and being reborn after this life, and such a punishment is very grievous,

and without Goddess and Her angels, they will have no Protectress,

and life on earth is indeed a dangerous proposition.

13.35 This is the description of paradise which has been promised to the pious:

it is watered by rivers; its food is perpetual, and its shade is also;

this is the reward of those that love Goddess,

But the reward of the unfaithful it that they shall be tied to this earth plane;

they shall be reborn without protection from angels and Goddess, and this shall be like hell fire to them;

for upon the earth there is bad food, bad water, extreme heat and cold, and you must support yourselves.

13.36 For those that have been given the Scriptures,

they should rejoice at what has been now revealed to them.[79]

Yet there are some dissidents who deny part of the Korana.

Say to these people, “I am commanded to worship Goddess alone;

and not to associate dark emotions or actions with Her;

upon Her I call for assistance and guidance, and to Her I shall return.”

13.37 To effectuate this purpose, heaven has sent down the Korana,

a rule of hope, love and guidance in the English language which is easily translatable

into all other languages on earth. Certainly, if you follow your own selfish desires,

after receiving this knowledge which has been given to you,

there will be none to defend or protect you, except Goddess.

13.38 Heaven has formerly send down prophetesses before you,

and has given them handsome husbands and children,[80] and no prophetess needs to come with a sign,

except by permission of Goddess. Every time and place is given a Book of revelations from heaven.

13.39 For Goddess confirms or abolishes what She believes is best for you.


The original of this Book is found both with Goddess and in heaven.

13.40 Moreover, whether the people on earth know of the travails that will befall them,

or if they die prematurely, the only duty of a prophetess is to preach and teach them,

for judgment is left to heaven alone, and even that is accomplished based upon what the soul has done.

13.41 Do not the people understand that angels from heaven are in their land

and have already straightened out the borders[81] by the conquests of the true believers?

When Goddess has made a determination, there is no one to reverse Her judgment;

for She is swift in taking an account and in dispensing love for Her people.

13.42 Many predecessors have devised subtle plots against their

prophetesses, but Goddess is mistress of every subtle device.

She knows everything a soul conjures up, and the unfaithful will certainly know

who will receive the reward of paradise, for they have been instructed accordingly.

13.43 The unbelievers say, “You are not sent from Goddess.”

You should answer them, “Goddess will be a sufficient witness between you and I,

and She understands the Scriptures.”











In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.


14.1 A.L.R.[82]  This Book we have sent down to you,

that you may lead women forth from darkness into light, by the permission of the Lady of Light,

in a glorious and laudable way.

14.2 Goddess is She to whom belongs everything that is in heaven and upon earth,

and sadness is the state of the unbelievers, for they wander in confusion and darkness,

without a protectress.

14.3 For those that love the present life above what is to come,

and for those who turn women away from Goddess,

and those who seek to make life difficult, these people are mistaken and far from Truth.

14.4 Heaven has sent a prophetess with only the best language of her people,

so that she might declare the love of Goddess plainly to them.

For people err as they please, and Goddess will attempt to direct them,

if they will listen and pray to Her, for She is the mighty and the Wise One.

14.5 We formerly sent Miriam with our signs, and commanded her saying,

“Lead forth the people from darkness into light.”

14.6 And recall when Miriam said to Her people, “Remember the favor of Goddess towards you,

when She delivered you from the people of Pharaoh:

they grievously oppressed you, and they slew your female children,[83]

but let your males live, and this was a great trial.”

14.7 And when you Lady of Light said, through Miriam, “If you are grateful,

I will surely increase my favor towards you; but if you are ungrateful,

certainly you will be like those that wander in confusion.”

14.8 And Miriam said, “If you are ungrateful, many people in the earth are surely ungrateful;

certainly Goddess does not need your thanks, though She deserves your highest praise.

14.9 Have you not heard of the herstory of your predecessors, namely, the people of Wileh,

and of Ada or Thelma, and of those prophetesses that succeeded them,

whose number no one knows except Goddess. Their prophetesses came to them with evident miracles;

but they clapped their hands to their mouths out of indignation,

and they said, “We do not believe the message with which you pretend to be sent,

and we are in doubt concerning the religion to which

you invite us to join; we have just reasons to be suspicious.”

14.10 Their prophetesses answered,  “Is there any doubt concerning Goddess,

the Creatress of heaven and earth? She invited you to the true faith that She might forgive your sins,

and may respite harm, by granting you a time to repent until the appointed hour.

They answered, “You are just like other women, and like us,

you seek to turn us aside from the negative goddesses[84] which our mothers worshiped;

therefore bring us an evident demonstration by some miracle if you speak the truth.

14.11 The prophetesses replied to them, “We are no different than women like you;

but Goddess is bountiful to Her servants as She pleases;

and it is not in our power to give you a miraculous demonstration of our mission,

unless with the permission of Goddess; therefore, in Goddess let the faithful put their trust.”

14.12 “And what excuse do you have to allege that we should not put our trust in Goddess;

since She has directed each of our paths? Certainly we will suffer with patience the persecution we will

encounter while we walk this earth; in Goddess therefore let us put our confidence

and only in people that seek the trust of Goddess.”

14.13 And those who believed did not say to their prophetesses,

“We will expel you from our land until you return to our religion.”

And Goddess spoke to them by revelation, saying “We will love the unbelievers, nonetheless.”

14.14 But they will be tied to the earth long after you, without guardians or My protection.”

They will not have a joyous day of resurrection,

but instead will come back to this earth plane, and they will not have My love, until they seek it.”

14.15 And many people have asked for the assistance of Goddess,

but every rebellious spirit found no success in this.

14.16 For the earth is the permanent abode of the rebellious,

and it has filthy water, which many must drink;

14.17 many people will dip it up little by little, and it often cannot pass down their throat

due to nauseousness, and when death comes, it is not death,

for no soul ever truly dies, and to be born again to earth is indeed a grievous torment.

14.18  This is what will happen to those that do not believe in Goddess.

Their misdeeds and erroneous works are like ashes, which the wind violently scatters on a stormy day;

they will not be able to obtain any advantage from what they have done on earth;

theirs is error from the most distant truth.

14.19 Do you not see that Goddess has created the heavens and earth in all Her wisdom?

If She were pleased with you, She could move you to a new and better and richer land,

and put another poorer nation in your place, this is how She shows you She is all Love.

14.20 Such a task would not be at all difficult for Goddess.

14.21  And all spirits shall come into the presence of Goddess at their last day,

and many weak entities will be able to tell those that behaved arrogantly,

“Certainly we were your followers on earth, why did you not avert us from a troubled cycle of rebirth?”

They shall answer, “If Goddess had directed us properly, then we would have directed you properly.

It was the same thing for us to bear our torments impatiently, or whether we endured them with patience,

for we all had no way to escape the continued rebirth process.”

14.22 And Evil shall say, after judgment will have been shown to you all,

“Certainly Goddess promised you the promise of truth, and I made you a promise also, but I deceived you.

But I did not have any power to compel you to behave in this manner,

I only called out and you answered to me,

therefore do not say I was the source of your problems, for you convicted only yourselves.

I cannot assist you now; nor can you assist me.

Certainly I will renounce you now for having associated with me with Goddess before this.

A grievous torment of continued life on earth was always prepared for the unjust.”

14.23 But those people who have believed and have only done righteousness

shall be introduced into gardens where rivers flow and they shall remain there forever,

which is by the permission of Goddess, and their salutation there shall be “Peace!”

14.24 Do you not understand how Goddess has rendered a parable, representing a good word,

as a good tree, whose roots are firmly fixed in the earth, and whose branches reach to heaven;

14.25 who brings forth its fruit in all seasons, by the will of Goddess?

For Goddess propounds parables to women, that they may be properly instructed.

14.26  And the likeness of an evil word is like an evil tree,

which must be torn up from the face of the earth, for it has no stability.

14.27 Goddess shall confirm those who believe, with the steadfast Words of faith,

both in this life and that which is to come;

but Goddess suffers the wicked to err because they never call upon Her for direction;

for they all have free will and Goddess does what she deems best for you all, for She is wise.

14.28 Have you not considered those persons who have changed the grace of Goddess to unfaithfulness, and they have caused     many people to descend into a house of perdition,

namely, they are bound to this earth, which is like hell?[85]

14.29 For life on earth is like being left to burn up in a house set on fire,

and what an unhappy dwelling it is.

14.30 These people also set up the idols of wealth, power and self centeredness as copartners with Goddess, that they might cause people to stray from the path of Goddess.

But say to the people, “You can only enjoy the pleasures of this life for a short time,

but when you are here again, this will be like hell fire.”

14.31 Speak to the servants of heaven who have believed, note that they have been assiduous at prayer, and they gave alms from what heaven bestowed upon them, both privately and in public;

and this all occurred before the day when there will no longer be any buying, selling or friendship.

14.32 It is Goddess who has created the heavens and the earth;

and She causes the water to descend from heaven,

and by this means She produces fruits for your sustenance;

and by Her command She obliges ships to sail in the sea for your service,

and She also forces the rivers to supply you with many uses;

14.33 She also compels the sun and the moon to diligently follow their predetermined orbits to serve you,

and She has subjected the day and the nighttime to your service.

14.34 She has given you everything which you could ever ask for;

and if you attempted to tally all the favors of Goddess, in comparison to the favors you have done,

there would be no comparison. For many people are unjust and ungrateful.

14.35 Remember when Sarah said, “O Lady of Light, make this land a place of security;

and grant that I and my children may avoid the worship

of idols of greed, wealth, power and self centeredness;”

14.36 “for they, O Lady of Light, have seduced a great number of people. 

Therefore, whomever follows me, shall be for me;

and whomever shall disobey, I pray you will be gracious and merciful.”

14.37 “O Lady of Light, I have directed some of my children to settle in an unfruitful valley,

nearby your holy house, O Lady of Light,[86] that they might be frequently at prayer.

Grant, therefore, that the hearts of some women may be affected with kindness towards them,

and bestow on them all sorts of fruits, that they might give thanks.”

14.38 “O Lady of Light, you know whatever we conceal,

and whatever we declare openly, for nothing is hidden from Goddess, either on earth or in heaven.”

14.39 “Praise be to Goddess, who has given me in my old age Isabell and Iris;

for the Lady of Light listens to all prayers.”

14.40 “O Lady of Light, grant that I may be one that observes prayer, and a most of my posterity also,

O Lady of light, and receive my supplication.”

14.41 “O Lady of Light, forgive me, and my parents, and my children,

and the faithful, on the day of our resurrection and accounting.”

14.42 For the prophetess should not think that the Lady of Light is regardless of what the unbelievers do. She only defers Her judgment of love till the day when a person’s eyes shall be fixed, as they stare in awe

14.43 at the voice of the angels calling everyone to judgment, and they shall lift up their heads,

and they will not be able to avert their sight from seeing truly what they have done,

and their hearts will be filled with remorse, for what they have done.

14.44 Therefore tell the people about the last day, where they shall see what they have done,

and where those who have acted unjustly shall say,

“O Lady of Light, give us respite from what we have done,

and we will obey your call, and follow your prophetess.”

But it shall be answered to them, “Did you not swear before this, that no adversities will befall you?”

14.45 “Yet you dwelt in the dwelling of those who had treated their own souls unjustly,

and you knew how heaven had dealt with them,

and we propounded difficulties to them as examples to you.”[87]

14.46 Many people employed their utmost abilities to oppose the truth;

but their efforts were entirely apparent to Goddess, and She is able to frustrate their designs;

although their designs were so great, one would think that mountains could be moved thereby.

14.47 A prophetess should not think that Goddess will ever be contrary to Her promises of assistance,

for Goddess is mighty and able to quickly love.

14.48  The day will come, when the earth shall be changed into another earth,

and the heavens into other heavens[88] and many recently dead shall come out from their graves

to appear before the only, the mighty Goddess.

14.49 And you shall see the unbelievers that day bound together,

14.50 their inner garments will be like bright sun, and fire will cover their faces, yet it will not burn them,

14.51 and they shall be purified; for Goddess will be swift in granting Her love to all.

14.52 This is a sufficient explanation to the people,

that they will understand and know there is but one Goddess;

and those who have understanding will consider this carefully.









In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

A.L.R.[90]  15.1 These are the miracles of this easily understood Korana.

15.2 The time will come when many unbelievers may wish that they had become Moslemas.                    

15.3 Suffer them to eat and enjoy themselves in this world;

let hope entertain them, but soon they will learn of their folly in this life.

15.4 Neither heaven nor Goddess destroys any city, but during a fixed term their prophetesses warn them,

so they can avoid upcoming natural disasters.

15.5 No nation shall receive any disaster before the planned time, nor is there respite during the disaster.

15.6 The Meccans say, “O the people who lived where the disaster occurred,

they were possessed of Evil.  And Goddess destroys Evil in that manner.” 

But Goddess does not destroy souls or people, for She is pure love.

15.7 “Heaven would have sent angels to warn us, if they had spoken the truth.”

15.8 You should answer them, “Heaven does not send down angels,

unless it is a just occasion, and there is no respite for a period of time.”

15.9 Heaven has sent down the Korana, and it will be preserved from corruption.

15.10 Heaven has prior to this, sent down prophetesses among you, and to the ancient peoples,

15.11 and no prophetess ever came to a people wherein they did not laugh at her with scorn.

15.12 In the same manner will the hearts of the wicked turn, for the Meccans will scoff at their prophetess.

15.13 They will not believe in her, and this has happened before.

15.14 If heaven would today open a gate for them, and they went to and from heaven all the day long,

15.15 they would only say, “Our eyes are only dazzled, or we are deluded by enchantments.”

15.16 We have place twelve signs in heaven,[91] and we have set them out in various figures,

for the observance of spectators,

15.17 and we guard them from all evil,[92]

15.18 driven away with stones, except those entities that listen by stealth,

against whom a visible flame is darted.[93]

15.19 We have spread forth the earth, and thrown upon it stable mountains,

and we have caused every kind of vegetable to spring forth on the earth,

according to a predetermined weight.

15.20 Heaven has provided on the earth all necessaries of life for you,

and for those people you do not provide for.

15.21 There is not one thing upon earth but the storehouses thereof

are in the hands of heaven and the angels; and each thing is distributed according to a predetermined plan.

15.22 Heaven also sends the winds driving the pregnant clouds,

and we send water down from heaven, which you are given to drink, and which you do not store up.

15.23 Certainly heaven gives all life, and your time to die is according to a predetermined plan,

and heaven’s angels will be the heirs of everything on earth.

15.24 Heaven knows those among you who came before, and they know all who stay behind.[94]

15.25 And your Lady of Light shall gather you all together at the last day, for She is knowing and wise.

15.26 For humanity was created from a divine spark, water and minerals of the earth, formed into shape,

15.27 and evil was created from fire and hate,

15.28 and remember when the Lady of Light said to the angels,

“Certainly I am about to create a woman out of a divine spark, earthly minerals and water,

and I will fashion her into shape,

15.29 and when I have completely formed her, and I shall have breathed my spirit into her,

you must fall down and worship her.”

15.30 And all the angels worshiped Eve together,

15.31 except Eblis, who refused to be with those that worshiped woman.

15.32 And then Goddess said to him, “O Eblis, what has hindered you from worshiping Eve

with the others?”

15.33 He answered, “It is not fitting that I should worship a woman,

whom you have created of earthly minerals and water that was fashioned into shape.”

15.34 Goddess said, “Then leave Heaven, or you will be driven out with stones.”

15.35 “And a curse will be on you, until the day of judgment.”[95]

15.36 Eblis answered, “O Lady of light, give me respite until the day of final resurrection.”

15.37 And Goddess answered, “Certainly you will be one of those that are respited,

15.38 until the final judgment day.”

15.39 Eblis replied, “O Lady of Light, because you have seduced me,

I will tempt your people to disobedience in the earth;

15.40  and I will seduce those that desire to be my servants.”

15.41 Goddess said, “The people will have free will to decide whether or not to follow you.”

15.42 “But as to my faithful servants, you will have no power over them;

but only over those that desire to be seduced, and who want to follow you.

15.43 And eternal rebirth on earth, which is like hell, will be assigned to each of the dark entities.

15.44 For hell will have seven gates, and for each gate a distinct type of soul will be assigned to it,

15.45 but as for those that love Goddess, these people shall dwell in gardens amidst fountains.

15.46 The angels will say to them, ‘Enter in peace and security,

15.47 and we will remove all grudges from your hearts;’

all people shall be as sisters, facing one another, on couches;

15.48 weariness shall not affect them, nor shall they be thrown out from Paradise.”

15.49 “Declare to my servants that I am the gracious, the Merciful Goddess,

15.50 and I do not punish my beloved children, I only discipline them.”

15.51 And tell them the herstory of Sarah’s guests.

15.52 When they went into her and she said, “Peace be with you,”

she answered, “Certainly, we are afraid of you,”[96]

15.53 And they replied, “Fear not; we bring you the promise of a wise daughter.”

15.54 She said, “Why do you bring me the promise of a great daughter when I am so very old?

What are you telling me?”

15.55 They said, “We have told you the truth, do not be among those that despair.”

15.56 She answered, “And who would ever despair of the mercy of Goddess,

except those that are in error?”

15.57 And she said, “What is your errand, therefore, O messengers of Goddess?”

15.58 They answered, “Certainly we have been sent

to warn the believers of a natural disaster which is to come,

15.59 but as for the family of Wileh, we will save them all,

15.60  except the husband, Lot; he will remain with those that are to be destroyed;

with the infidels and those that persecute and hate others.”

15.61 And when the messengers came to the family of Wileh,

15.62 she said to them, “You appear to be good people that are unknown to me.”

15.63 They answered, “But we come to you, to warn you of a coming natural disaster,

one that your fellow citizens have doubted.”

15.64 “We will tell you the truth of what will happen, we are messengers of veracity.”

15.65 “Therefore you must lead your family, during the night, out of this place,

and do not let anyone lag behind, nor let anyone turn back,

but go where you have been commanded.”

15.66 And the angels gave her this command, because the other people were left behind,

and there would be a disaster in the morning whereby many would perish.

15.67 And some inhabitants of the city came to Wileh, rejoicing at the arrival of some strangers.

15.68 And she said to them, “These are my guests, do not treat them rudely or with abuse.”


15.69 “Love your Goddess and do not put me to shame.”

15.70 They answered, “Have we not forbidden you to protect the innocent? 

We will deal with them as we see fit.”

15.71 Wileh replied, “These are my daughters, they will teach you the ways of peace and love

and you will forget your violent, abusive and oppressive ways.”

15.72 “As you have been living, you have wandered in folly.”

15.73 Wherefore a terrible storm came from Heaven and assailed them all at dawn,

15.74 and the city was turned upside down; and upon it rained stones of baked clay.

15.75 Certainly these are signs for the wise person to contemplate.

15.76 And of those cities experienced natural disasters, there was none that did not have

a prophetess who was sent first, to warn the inhabitants of the upcoming calamity.

The lack of faith and stubbornness of the unbelievers was to demonstrate to the believers

what Goddess can do for the faithful, and to point out a right way for women to walk in.

15.77 Certainly this is a miracle for the true believers to understand.

15.78  The inhabitants of the woods near Marian were also violent and mean and ungoddessly.

15.79 Therefore they also were not warned of an upcoming disaster because

they would not listen to their prophetess that tried to warn them. And two cities were destroyed,

and they were shown as an example of how not to be.[97]

15.80 And the inhabitants of Al Hejr likewise accused their prophetess of being false;

15.81 and they likewise experienced a natural disaster without warning,

because they were violent and mean and had no relationship with Goddess,

for She would have warned them by Her prophetess.           

15.82 And they had made houses out the mountainsides, for security.

15.83  But then a terrible noise from heaven which assailed them in the morning,

15.84  and even those secure homes in the mountainside were of no advantage to them.

15.85 We did not create the heavens and the earth, and all which is contained in between them,

other than to serve justice; and the hour of each person’s judgment will assuredly come.

Therefore, O prophetess, forgive your people with gracious forgiveness.

15.86 Certainly the Lady of Light is the Creatress of you and of them,

and She knows what is most expedient for all.

15.87 We have already brought to you seven verses which are to be repeated frequently,[98]

together with this glorious Korana.

15.88 Do not look at the good things that some unbeliever may possess;

and do not covet these goods, nor should you grieve for them.

Behave yourself with meekness towards the true believers;

15.89 and say, “I am but a public preacher.”

15.90 If they do not believe, then plans will be made for them to be drawn closer to Goddess;

but heaven does not punish anyone that you might understand it,

this is the same for the dividers,[99]

15.91 who distinguished the Korana into different parts,

15.92 for by the Lady of Light, they will be asked to account for

such actions and remedy what they have done,

15.93 for all of which they have miswrought.

15.94 Therefore publish what you have been commanded to publish,

and do not bother much with the unbelievers.

15.95 Heaven will protect you from the scoffers,

15.96 and those who would associate Goddess with wealth, power, self centeredness and greed.

15.97 And now we well know that you are very concerned regarding what those people say.       

15.98 But you should celebrate the praise of your Lady of Light, and be one of those who worship;

and serve your Lady of Light until death comes to you.







In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.


16.1 The sentence of Goddess will certainly come to be executed, and you cannot hasten it. 

Praises be to Her! And do not associate any evil or nastiness with Her.

16.2 For She shall cause the angels to descend with revelations,

by Her commands, to such of Her servants as She pleases,

saying “Preach that there is no Goddess, except myself; therefore, love Me with all your heart.”

16.3 For She has created the heavens and the earth,

to manifest Her justice, and do not associate any evil with Her.

16.4 She has created woman from ova and a divine spark; and yet some dispute this and the resurrection.[101]

16.5 She has created cattle for you; and they will keep you warm,

and She has given you other advantages from them, and you also use them for food.

16.6 And they will be a credit for you, when you drive them home in the evening,

and when you lead them out in the morning.

16.7 And they will carry your burdens to a distant country, that you could not travel to,

without great difficulty,

for your Lady of Light is compassionate and merciful.

16.8 And She also created horses, and mules and donkeys, that you may ride upon,

and they are an ornament to you,

and She also created many other things which you do not even know about.

16.9 It is the work of Goddess to instruct women in living properly;

and many may turn aside from such teaching; for She teaches everyone, but only some will listen.

16.10 It is She who sends rain water down from heaven, which is provided for you to drink,

and for the plants which feed your cattle.

16.11 And She has also caused corn, olives, palm trees, grapes and all types of fruit to spring forth for you.

Certainly this is a sign of the divine power and wisdom, for the wise person to consider.

16.12 And She has given you day and night, for your service; and the sun, and the moon and the stars,

which are compelled to serve you by Her command.

16.13 And She also has given you dominion over what She has created for you in the earth,

and you can see things by their different colors. Certainly this is a sign for the wise person to consider.

16.14 It is She who has subjected the sea to you, so that you might eat fish,[102]

and take from it ornaments to wear, and she has given you the gifts of music, art and entertainment,

so that you might be joyous before Her and in your homes and public places,

because She does not want you to be dour or unhappy.

When you see ships sailing the waves, so that you might enrich yourselves of

the abundance of Goddess by your commerce; at that time you should give Her thanks.

16.15 And She has thrown upon the earth great mountains that are firmly rooted,

so that they do not move you,[103] and also rivers and paths for your direction;

16.16 and She has created landmarks, so that you will know your way, and also stars to direct you.

16.17 Should Goddess, therefore, be the same as you, that whom She has created?

Do you ever consider these things?

16.18 If you ever attempted to tally all the favors of Goddess,

you would never be able to tabulate them all. For Goddess is gracious and merciful;

16.19 and Goddess knows all that you conceal, and all that you have openly published.

16.20 But the idols of wealth, greed and power, which you invoke and seek, besides Goddess,

create no goodness for you, but you create imagined goodness from them.

16.21 For wealth, greed and power are like the dead, and they are not for the living,

and they will likely be a hindrance at your resurrection.

16.22 Your Goddess is one Goddess.  As for those that do not believe in the life to come,

their hearts deny the plainest evidence, and they proudly reject the truth.

16.23 There is no doubt regarding that Goddess knows all they conceal, and all they openly declare.

Certainly, She does not love pride.

16.24 And when it is said to the unbelievers, “What did your Lady send down to the prophetess?”

They will answer, “Nothing but fables from ancient times.”

16.25 Therefore, they are given to error, and they will have to bear their own burdens without mitigation,

up to the day of their resurrection, when they will also see and grieve for the others that

they have caused to lead astray.

16.26 Their predecessors devised plots before this; but natural forces came upon their building,

and it was overthrown from the foundations,[104] and the roof fell, and disaster came to them,

and they did not expect it, for they did not listen to their prophetesses.

16.27 Also, on the day of their resurrection, they will cover themselves with shame,

and they will ask, “What good did they do me, my earthly companions of wealth, greed and power?”

But those who are wise will answer them saying that

the day of resurrection is a day of sadness for the unbelievers, when they see what they have done.

16.28 There are those whose souls the angels will take on the day of death,

who have acted unjustly, for they shall offer to make peace with death saying, “We have done no evil.”

But the angels shall reply, “Yes but heaven already knows all the pain you have caused others.”

16.29 And they shall be tied to the earth, which is like the gates of hell,

where they will remain and be born over again, through water and the spirit, but without guardian angels,

and they will come back again and again to this miserable earth,

which is the everlasting abode of the proud.

16.30 But for those that love Goddess, they will be asked,

“What was sent down to you?”, they shall answer,

“The best Good Book,” and for many of those that fail to do right may be given rewards in this world;

but the dwelling of the next life shall be better; and happy will be the dwelling of the pious!

16.31 Namely, the Garden of Eternal Love is the place which they shall enter,

rivers shall flow beneath the it; therein they will enjoy whatever they wish.

Thus will Goddess recompense the pious.

16.32 To the righteous, when they shall die at their time, the angels will take their souls and say to them,

“Peace be upon you; and enter into Paradise, as a reward for what you have done.”

16.33 Do the unbelievers expect anything other than

the angels will lovingly take their souls from their bodies,

or that they will not review what they have done in their lives?

Many acted likewise that came before them, and it was not injustice, and Goddess did not destroy them,

but they ignored the angels and Goddess and turned away from them

when there were warnings of difficulties to come, so they dealt unjustly with their own souls.

16.34 The sadness of what they had done came back to them,

and they reviewed their lives and saw divine judgment;

and the event which they had previously scoffed at then came true for them.

16.35 The unbelievers say, “If Goddess had decreed it,

then we would not have worshiped the earthly idols of greed,

power and wealth, nor would have our ancestors done so,

nor would we have forbidden things without Her direction.”

But they have free will and they actually chose this to be. So did those women who came before them.

But it is the duty of the prophetess to do nothing other than public preaching.

16.36 We have raised up in every nation a prophetess to warn and teach them with love,

saying “Worship Goddess and avoid those that preach evil.”

And some of the people were those that Goddess directed, and some of them decided to go astray.

So walk the earth and see what happens to those that ignore the prophetesses.

16.37 If you, O prophetess, earnestly wish for them to be directed by Goddess,

certainly Goddess will not direct anyone who does not wish to be directed,

because everyone has free will, but they will not have guardian angels to help them on earth.

16.38 And they swear most solemnly by Goddess saying, “Goddess will not raise the dead.”

Be assured that the promise to raise the dead is true,

but the better part of women and men do not know this.

16.39 Goddess will raise the dead so that She can show the

unbelievers that they were liars in saying such things and to show Her great love for Her children.

16.40 Certainly when heaven speaks to any person,

what is said is always the same, and we only need to say, “Be!” And it is.

16.41 As for those that have fled their country for the sake of Goddess,

after they had been unjustly persecuted,

we will surely provide them an excellent habitation in this world,

but the reward of the next life shall be greater; if only they knew it.


16.42 Those who persevere patiently, and put their trust in their Lady of Light,

shall not fail to find happiness in this life, and in the world which is to come.

16.43 We have not sent anyone before you prophetess, as a prophetess,

other than mortal women that were given revelations.

Inquire therefore, of those who have custody of Scriptures, so you know this will be the truth.

16.44 We have sent from heaven evident miracles, and written revelations;

and we have sent you this great Korana,

and you may declare unto womankind this love that which was sent down for them, so they may reflect.

16.45 Are those who have plotted evil again prophetesses secure

that Mother Nature will not cause the earth to cleave under them,

or that trials and tribulations will not come upon them, from a situation they did not expect?

Should not they desire to have a warning first?

16.46 Or that She will not allow a disaster to come to them during travel from place to place, and in traffic?

16.47 For no one may elude the kind and loving power of Goddess,

or that She will not discipline them with trials and tribulations, yet love them greatly at the same time.

For your Lady of Light is truly gracious and merciful in granting you respite.

16.48 Do people not consider the wondrous things which Goddess has created? 

Whose shadows She may cast on the right hand and on the left,

and which is contracted while worshiping Goddess?[105]

16.49 Whatever moves, both in heaven and on earth, must worship Goddess, and the angels do also,

and they are not elated with pride, so as to distract from Her service;

16.50 They love their Lady of Light, who is exalted above them,

and they perform all that they are commanded.

16.51 Goddess said, “Do not take other negative goddesses besides Me,

for there is but one Goddess, and revere Me.”

16.52 To Her belongs whatsoever is in heaven and upon the earth,

and to Her your obedience is eternally due.

Would you therefor love any entity more greatly than Goddess?

16.53 Whatever favors you have received certainly come from Goddess;

and when evil afflicts you, only to Her do you make your supplications.

16.54 But when She takes a portion of the troubles from you,

behold that a portion of you take on the former idols of wealth, greed and power.

16.55 This is how many people show ingratitude for the favors and respite heaven has granted them.

Delight yourselves in the enjoyments of this life;

but hereafter you shall know that you cannot escape the review of your life.

16.56 And yet many of you give your food and sustenance to the greedy and the wealthy,

in order to gain favors and corruption,

this is part of the good that heaven has provided to you, the innocent.

By Goddess, you shall surely be amazed at your review of what you have unjustly devised.

16.57 Some attribute sons to Goddess,

but this is not a concern of yours, for there is only One True Goddess.

But then they prefer children of one certain gender over another.[106]

16.58 And when any of them is told the news of the birth of a male,

her face becomes saddened, and she is deeply afflicted;

she hides herself from the people, because of the ill tidings which she has been part of.

16.59 She considers whether she shall keep it with disgrace, or whether she could bury it in the dust.

Do they not make an ill judgment?[107]

16.60 But for those who do not believe in the next life, this allegory of evil should be applied,

and unto Goddess are possessed the most sublime allegories.

16.61 If Goddess punished people for iniquity, there would not be a single living person on the earth;

but She gives them all a time of respite, until their time of judgment;

and when their time shall come, they shall not be respited an hour,

nor shall a painful review of their life be anticipated.

16.62 They attribute to Goddess what they dislike in themselves–hate, violence, jealousy

self centeredness and judgment, but their tongues utter a lie, namely,

that the reward of paradise is for them and for those that practice such negative actions and emotions.

There is no doubt that those that worship these nasty companions, will be eternally on earth,

and this is like hell fire for them, and they shall be born again to earth immediately after death

and a review of their last lifetime.

16.63 By Goddess, we have sent messengers to the nations before you: but Evil prepared works for them,

Evil was their patron in the earth world, and in that which is to come they will suffer

additional trials and tribulations.

16.64 We have not sent down the Book of the Korana to you,

for any other purpose, than you should declare the truth

over the many disagreements which currently exist; 

and it should be a direction and mercy for those who believe.

16.65 Goddess sends down water from heaven and causes the earth

to revive after it has appeared to have died. Certainly this is a sign of the resurrection to people who listen.

16.66 You have also in cattle an example of instruction,

we have given you to drink what is in their bellies; a liquor between digested crumbs and blood,

namely pure milk, which is swallowed with pleasure by those who would drink it.

16.67 And of the fruits of palm trees, and of grapes, you may drink an inebriating liquor,

and find good nourishment. Certainly this is a sign to good people of understanding.

16.68 Your Lady of Light spoke by inspiration to the bee saying,

“Provide houses in the mountains, and in the trees, and wherever women may build hives for you.”

16.69 “Then eat of every kind of fruit, and walk along the beaten paths of your Lady of Light.”

There came from their bellies a liquor of various colors,[108] which was good medicine for womankind.[109]

Certainly this is a sign for the wise person to contemplate.

16.70 Goddess has created you, and She will hereafter allow you to die at your appointed time,

and She will be with you at your death; and some of you shall have your life prolonged to a decrepit age,

and you may forget what you once knew; for Goddess is wise and powerful.

16.71 Goddess provides for some of you to excel over others in worldly possessions;

yet those who excel often do not give to the needy what their right hand possesses,

that others may become equal sharers thereby.[110] Do they then deny the generosity of Goddess?

16.72 Goddess has ordained you husbands from your own nations and tribes,

and you have produced children and grandchildren;

and She has bestowed on you good things for nourishment.

Will they therefore believe in that which is in vain,

and ungratefully deny the goodness and greatness of Goddess?

16.73 They worship, besides Goddess, vain idols of wealth,

power, greed and self centeredness, of which possess nothing to sustain them,

either in heaven or on earth, and these idols have no power but to bring unhappiness.

16.74 Therefore do not liken anything unto Goddess, for Goddess knows, even though you do not.

16.75 Goddess propounds as a parable a slave,

who had power over nothing, but the mistress was one upon whom heaven bestowed a good provision, and who gave alms frequently, yet both secretly and openly, gave her slave nothing. 

Shall these two be held equal? Goddess forbid!  But the greater part of people do not know this.[111]

16.76 Goddess also propounds as a parable two women;

one of them was born dumb, unable to do or understand anything, she was a burden to her mistress;

wherever her mistress would send her, she never returned with any success.

Shall this woman and her mistress who has her speech and understanding,

and who may command what is just, and may follow the right way, be held equal?[112]

16.77 Unto Goddess alone are the secrets of heaven and earth known.

And the business of the last hour shall only last as long as the twinkling of an eye,

or even more quick, for Goddess is almighty.

16.78 Goddess has brought you forth from the abdomens of your mothers; you appeared to know nothing,

and so She gave you the senses of hearing and seeing and understanding, that you might give Her thanks.

16.79 Do they not behold the fowls which are enabled to fly in the open firmament of heaven? 

Nothing supports them, except Goddess. 

Certainly these are signs and miracles to the people who desire to believe.

16.80 Goddess has also provided houses for habitations for you;

and She has also provided you tents of the skins of cattle,

which you find light to be removed on the day of your departure to new places,

and easy to be pitched on the day of your arrival, and of their wood, and their fur, and their hair,

She has supplied you with furniture and household supplies for at least a season.

16.81 And Goddess has provided for you, of that which She has created,

conveniences to shade you from the sun, and She has also provided you places of retreat in the mountains,

and She has given you garments to protect you from the heat,

and coats of mail to protect you in dangerous situations.[113]

Thus She accomplishes Her favors towards you, that you might resign yourselves unto Her.

16.82 But if the people turn back, certainly your duty is public preaching and teaching only.

16.83 They acknowledge the goodness of Goddess, but afterwards they deny the same,

but the greater part of them are unbelievers.

16.84 On a certain day we will raise a witness out of every nation;

those who shall have been unbelievers shall not be suffered to excuse themselves,

neither shall they be received into Her favor.

16.85 And when they who shall have acted unjustly shall see their soul’s despair presented to them,

this shall not be mitigated or respited for them;

16.86 and when those who shall have been guilty of worshiping

their false goddesses of wealth, power and greed, they shall say,

“O Lady of Light, these are our idols which we worshiped besides You.” 

But their false idols will answer them back saying, “Certainly we are liars.”

16.87 And on that day the wicked shall offer their submission to Goddess,

and the false deities which they imagined to worship will abandon them.

16.88 As for those who shall have been infidels,

and shall have turned aside others from the ways of Goddess,

their sadness will be greatly increased, because they will see how their negative influence corrupted others,

and caused them to do evil and to turn away from goodness.

16.89 On a certain day we will raise up in every nation those persons who have suffered in such a manner, and we will bring the prophetesses as witnesses and to explain what the souls will experience.

We have sent down to you a Book of the Korana,

for an explanation of everything necessary both as to faith,

and as to living, and as a direction and mercy, with good tidings to true Moslemas.

16.90 Certainly Goddess commands justice, and the doing of good,

and the giving to your kin what is necessary; and She forbids wickedness, and iniquity and oppression;

She admonishes you that you may remember.

16.91 Perform your covenant with Goddess, and when you enter into a covenant with Her,

do not violate your oaths, after the ratification of them,

since you have made Goddess a witness over you. Certainly Goddess knows all that you do.

16.92 And do not be like those women that undo what she has spun,[114]

untwisting it after she has twisted it strongly, taking your oaths between yourselves deceitfully,

because one party is more numerous than another party.

Certainly Goddess only tempts you by this situation, and She will make that obvious to you

on the day of your resurrection, concerning all about which you now disagree.

16.93 If Goddess had pleased, She would have certainly made you one people,

but She suffered those that desired evil to be led to evil,

and She will direct those to goodness only those that desire goodness,

and you shall certainly see an account of what you have done, at the appointed time.

16.94 Therefore, do not take your oaths between yourselves deceitfully,

unless your foot slips, after it has been steadfastly planted, and you taste evil in this life,

for then you will have turned aside from the ways of Goddess;

and you will suffer grievous sadness at your resurrection.

16.95 And sell not the covenants of Goddess for a small price,

for with Goddess is a better compensation given to you, if you are women of understanding.

16.96 That which is with you will fail; but that which is with Goddess is eternal;

and we will surely reward those who shall have persevered, according to the utmost merit of their actions.

16.97 Whoever works righteousness, whether they are female or male,

and whoever is a true believer, we will surely raise her to a happy life;

and we will give them reward, according to the utmost merit of their actions.

16.98 When you read the Korana, have recourse unto Goddess,[115]

that She may preserve you from Evil driven away with stones;

16.99 for Evil has no power over those who believe,

and those who put their confidence in their Lady of Light,

16.100 but the power of Evil is over those only who take Evil for their patroness,

and who take idols of greed, wealth and power as their goddess.

16.101 When heaven substitutes in the Korana a changed verse

(and only Goddess best knows the fitness of that which She revealed),

the unbelievers say, “You are only a forger of these verses,” [116]

but the greater part of them cannot discern truth from falsehood.

16.102 Say, “The Holy Spirit has brought this good Book down from your Lady of Light with truth;

that She may confirm those who desire to believe,

and it is a direction and it brings good tidings to the Moslemas.”

16.103 Heaven also knows that such people say,

“Certainly a certain woman teaches the prophetess to compose the Korana.”

The tongue of the person that espouses such an idea is a foreign tongue,

but the tongue which the Korana is written in, is the easily tranlatable English tongue.

16.104 Moreover, as for those who will not believe in the signs of Goddess,

Goddess will not direct them, and they will suffer sadness and grief

at the time of their resurrection for all the good they might have accomplished with their lifetime.

16.105 Certainly they imagine only lies when they do not believe in the signs of Goddess,

and they really are liars.

16.106 Whoever denies Goddess, after She has believed,

except a person who was compelled to do so against her will,

but whose heart continued steadfast in the true faith,

will be saddened to learn the truth on the day of her resurrection.[117]

16.107 This shall be their sentence, because they have loved the present life above that which is to come,

and for that Goddess will not force the unbelieving people to believe.

16.108 There are those whose hearts, hearing and sight they have themselves decided not to use,

and then there are the negligent ones,

16.109 but there is no doubt that they will see that they were in error on the day of their resurrection.

16.110 Moreover, your Lady of Light will be favorable to those who have fled their country,

after having suffered persecution, and had been compelled to deny their faith by violence,

(for compulsion of faith of anyone under threat of violence to person or property is grave error),

and those who have since fought in defense of the true religion, and have persevered with patience;

certainly the Lady of Light will be gracious and merciful to these faithful believers,

because they have shown their immense sincerity.

16.111 On a certain day, every soul shall see what it has done during its life,

and every soul shall be repaid that which it shall have wrought,

and they shall not be treated unjustly.

16.112 Goddess propounds as a parable a city which was secure and quiet,

to which Her provisions came in abundance from every place,

but the people ungratefully denied the favors of Goddess bestowed unto them;

wherefore, when the natural disasters of famine, fear and distress came to them,

there was no warning, and no preparations were made

and the inhabitants suffered terribly for what they had ignored

and for the prophetess they had refused to believe.

16.113 And now your prophetess has come to the women of the world,

from among themselves, and some people accuse her of imposture,

therefore, those that do this, when the natural disasters come,

they will suffer terribly, and will not listen to their prophetess out of the hardness of their own hearts.

6.114 Eat of what Goddess has given you for food, that which is lawful, good, and healthy;

and be thankful for the favors of Goddess, if you will serve only Her.

16.115 She only forbids you to eat anything thing which has died by itself,

anything that which is toxic, or anything unhealthy.   It does not matter that an animal was sacrificed

in the name of another deity; for Goddess is one deity, and when one calls the name of another deity,

they are actually calling Her, and you need not be concerned with what other religions do,

because you have so many other good things to do. 

But as for those who have been compelled by necessity to eat things which are unhealthy,

not lusting or wilfully transgressing, Goddess will surely be grateful and merciful.

Be more concerned about your fellow woman and what you say and do, rather than what you eat.

16.116 And do not allow your tongues to utter a lie saying,

“This is lawful, and this is unlawful,” when it is not and you were not told by Her to say this,

and you would be devising lies concerning Goddess;

for those that devise lies concerning Goddess will not prosper.

16.117 They will have little enjoyment in this world,

and in that world which is to come, there they will be saddened as for what they have done.

16.118 As for certain religions, they forbid themselves things which were not necessarily unlawful,

and yet Goddess never injured them, they injured only themselves.

16.119 Moreover your Lady of Light will be favorable to those who do evil only through ignorance,

but afterwards repent and amend,

certainly to these people will the Lady of Light be gracious and merciful, after their repentance.

16.120 Sarah was a model of true religion, obedient to her Goddess, liberal in loving others,

and she never idolized wealth, power or greed, and she cared greatly for her people.

16.121 She was also grateful for the benefits she received from Goddess,

wherefore Goddess chose her, and directed Her in the right way.

16.122 And heaven bestowed upon her much good in this world;

and in the next she will surely be one of the righteous.

16.123 We have also spoken to you, O prophetess by revelation, saying, “The religion of Sarah,

who was liberal in loving others, and who never idolized greed, wealth or self centeredness

certainly exhibited a good and true religion.”

16.124 The Sabbath was only appointed to those persons who differed with their prophetess concerning it, and the Lady of Light will not judge between them on it,

either now or on the day of their resurrection, concerning what they differed to,

because the Sabbath of love should be practiced each day.

16.125 Invite women to the way of your Lady of Light, by wisdom,

and by mild exhortation; and dispute with them in the most gentle of manners,

for the Lady of Light well knows who is rightly directed.

16.126 If you take vengeance on any, take vengeance with those that would hate and be violent,

yet do so in a kind and loving way, using words only, never violence or nastiness,

but if you suffer insubstantial wrongs patiently, certainly this would be best for you.

16.127 Therefore, bear oppression with patience and non violent resistance;

but your patience will never be practicable, unless without the assistance of Goddess.

16.128 And do not be grieved on account of the unbelievers;

nor should you be troubled for that which they subtly devise;

16.129 for Goddess is with those who love Her and are upright in loving.              









In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

17.1 Praises be to Her who transported Her servant by night,

from the sacred temple of Mecca to the far temple of Jerusalem, the circuit of which heaven has blessed,

that we might show some of our signs and miracles, for Goddess is She who hears and sees all.

17.2 And we gave to Miriam the Book of the law,

and we appointed the same to be a direction to the children of Israel,

we commanded them, saying, “Beware that you do not take any negative patroness besides Me.”

17.3 O posterity of those whom we carried in the ark with Wileh, certainly she was a grateful servant.

17.4 And we expressly declared revelations to certain people in the Book of the law,

saying, “You will surely commit evil in the earth twice, and you will be elated with great insolence.”[118]

17.5 And when the natural disaster loomed for the first of the unbelievers came to pass,

we sent to you our prophetess, who advised you to stay away from your homes on a certain day,

that an earthquake was to come, but many did not believe her,

or her message that Goddess was a loving Goddess,

therefore after the quake, when your neighbors searched the inner apartments of your houses,

and found you all dead, everyone then knew the believers from the unbelievers

and this was a sign and a miracle, to those who would believe.

17.6 Afterwards, the new believers became your companions so that you could evangelize others

in your turn, and we granted you increase in wealth and children,

and we made you a more numerous people,

17.7 saying, “If you do well, you will do well to your own soul,

but if you do evil, you will injure only your own soul.” 

And when you were sent yet another natural disaster,

and it came to pass, you were all in the temple, and it was utterly destroyed,

because you would not listen to your prophetess,

and she had warned you that this calamity was to come, but out of the hardness of your hearts,

and your own stubbornness, you entered the temple to hear someone preach hate and war,

although you were warned never to do this.[119]

17.8 Consider that your Lady of Light will have mercy on you hereafter;

but if you return to transgress for a third time, we will return to love you,

and we have appointed the resurrection and a sad life review to be the destination of the unbeliever.

17.9 Certainly this Korana directs you to the way which is most right,

and it is a declaration to the faithful who do good works, that they shall receive a great reward,

17.10 and as for those who do not believe in the life to come,

we have prepared a method of understanding for them, you need not be overly concerned with it.

17.11 Many people pray for evil, as well as pray for good, for people can be very hasty.

17.12 We have ordained the night and the day for two signs of our power;

afterwards we blot out the signs of the night, and we cause the sign of the day to shine forth,

that you may endeavor to obtain plenty from your Lady of Light by doing your business therein,

and that you may know numbers of years, and the computation of time,

and everything necessary to you we have explained properly.

17.13 The fate of every evil person we have bound about their neck,

and we will produce to them, on the day of their resurrection,

a device by which their actions were recorded, which they may look upon,                                    

17.14  and the angels will say to her, “Look into the device to see clearly what you have done.”

17.15 The believers are only directed to the advantages of their own souls;

and she who shall err shall err only against the same;

neither shall any ladened soul be charged with the burden of another.

We do not punish any people, as you understand this term,

and then we always send every people a prophetess to warn them before hand.

17.16 And when we know the plan that a natural disaster will strike and will destroy a city,

we command the inhabitants thereof, who live in affluence, to obey their prophetess, but few will listen;

most continue to act corruptly therein, and when the disaster occurs,

and the city is destroyed with utter destruction,

you then understand that few ever listened to the prophetess who warned them to leave.

17.17 And how many generations have been destroyed since Nora?

For the Lady of Light sufficiently knows and sees the errors of Her servants.

17.18  Whoever chooses this transitory life, we will bestow on her what has been predetermined;

but to those that have acted with evil and malice, we appoint this hell on earth for her abode;

she will continue to live therein, and it will be like being scorched, covered with ignominy,

and she will be utterly rejected from mercy.

17.19  But whosoever chooses the life to come, and directs her endeavors primarily towards the same,

being also a true believer; the endeavors of such people are acceptable to Goddess.

17.20 On all people will heaven bestow the blessings of this life,

both on these and on those, of the gifts of the Lady of Light;

for the gifts of your Lady shall not be denied to any.

17.21 Behold, how heaven has caused some people to surpass others in wealth and in dignity;

but the next life shall be more considerable in degrees of honor, and greater in excellence.

17.22 Do not set up other idols of wealth, greed and power

or your negative emotions as companions with the one true loving Goddess,

less you sit down in disgrace, and destitute.

17.23 Your Lady of Light has commanded that you worship no dark entities besides Her; 

and that you associate no negative emotions with Her, and that you show kindness to your parents,

whether the one of them, or both of them attain old age with you.[120]

17.24 And you must submit to behave humbly towards them, out of tender affection, and say,

“O Lady of Light, have mercy on them both, as they nursed me when I was little.”

17.25 Your Lady of Light well knows that which is in your souls,

whether you are women of integrity, and She will be gracious to those

who sincerely desire to return to Her.

17.26 And give to your kin their due, and also to the poor,

and to the traveler.  And do not waste your substance profusely.

17.27 for the profuse are siblings to Evil; and Evil is hateful to the Lady of Light.

17.28 But if you turn from them, in expectation of the mercy which you hope from your Lady of Light,

at least speak kindly to them.

17.29 And do not let your hand be tied up to your neck out of greed,

nor open it with vain unbounded expansion, lest you become worthy of

reprehension and reduced to poverty.

17.30 Certainly the Lady of Light will enlarge the bounty of whom She pleases,

and will be sparing to whom She pleases, for She knows and regards Her servants as appropriate.

17.31 Do not kill your newborn infants for fear of being left in poverty;

heaven will provide for them and for you;

the killing of newborn infants because you fear poverty is indeed great error;

yet Goddess will excuse those who suffer from mental illness, and also should you.

17.32 Do not betray your beloved, for it is wickedness, and an evil way. 

If you are promised to someone in heart, by engagement,

or marriage, do not stray from that person.

17.33 Nor should you kill any person, for Goddess absolutely forbids it,

except out of self defense or innocent mistake, and whosoever has been slain unjustly,

their heirs will have the right to demand compensation from you,

and that you be tried and be sent to prison for a fair and reasonable period;

but do not put any murderer to death, and do not seek revenge by another’s blood,

the victims should be assisted by the law in a fair manner in court.

17.34 Do not treat an orphan, or someone entrusted to your care unfairly,

unless it is to clearly improve it, until she reaches the age of majority,

and perform your covenants, for an accounting is fair and just.

17.35 And give full measure, when you measure anything, and weigh with a just balance.

This is better and easier for understanding.

17.36 And do not follow rumor and innuendos,

where facts have not been proven, or you do not truly know the facts,

for the hearing and the sight and the heart, everyone of these will be examined at the last day.

17.37 Do not walk proudly on the earth, because you cannot cleave the earth,

nor are you as tall as the mountains.  

17.38 All of this is error in the eyes of Goddess.

17.39 These precepts are a part of the wisdom which thy Lady of Light has revealed to you.

Set up no other idols of wealth, power and greed with Goddess,

nor associate hate, greed, jealousy or other negative emotions with Her, for she has no such companions,

for association with these may cause rejection and chastisements from others.

17.40 Has your Lady of Light granted you sons, and taken sons from among the angels?

This is despite the fact that many of you prefer daughters to sons.

Yet you may see many facets to the personality of Goddess, such that some see a trinity in Her.

But having children as a woman bears children is not something that Goddess does.

17.41 We have used various arguments and repetitions in the Korana,

that they may serve as advice and knowledge to you,

yet some remain greatly disposed to fly from the truth.

17.42 It is only the unbelievers that say “If there were other sons or powerful angels with Goddess,

then surely one would make an attempt against the throne of Goddess!”

Because the reality is that everyone on the other side works as one and is full of peace and love and joy;

they do not war against one another.

17.43 Goddess forbid!  You should not listen to such nonsense.


Goddess is One and has no such negative companions or sons.

But do not bother with those that believe differently;

it is much more important to respect the religions of others, than it is to create hate and negativity

with your neighbors, for life is difficult enough without additional adversity.

17.44 The seven heavens praise Her, and the earth, and all that are in them;

but you do not understand their celebration of this; for She is gracious and merciful.

17.45 When you read the Korana, the dark and grey entities

filter this knowledge as if there were a veil between them and the knowledge of Goddess.

17.46 It is as if they have a covering over their hearts, so they will not understand it,

they do not desire love, there is a thickness they build up themselves in their own ears.

And when you make mention in repeating the Korana of the Lady of Light, they turn their backs to Her, they dispute the doctrine of Her absolute love.

17.47 Heaven very well knows with what design they hearken to, when they listen to Evil,

when they privately discuss issues together, when the ungoddessly says, “You follow only the insane.”

17.48 Behold all the negative epithets they bestow on their prophetesses.

But they are deceived; they cannot find any just occasion to reproach their prophetess.

17.49 Some people also say, “After we have been bones and dust,

how can we be raised to a new creature?”

17.50 You should answer them, “If you were stones, or iron, or even some other base creature,

more improbably is that your opinions will be raised to life.”

17.51 But they will say, “Who shall restore us to life?” Answer, “She who created you the first time”;

yet they will shake their heads at you saying, “When shall this be?” Answer, “Perhaps the time is near.”

17.52 On that day that you die, Goddess shall call you forth from where your corpse is,

and you shall obey, with celebration of Her praise,

and you shall think that your have tarried but only a little while.

17.53 Speak to my servants that they speak mildly to the unbelievers, less you exasperate them,

for Evil brings discord among them, and Evil is the declared enemy of woman.

17.54 Your Lady of Light knows you well, and She will have mercy on you all,

and She will never punish you in the manner that you on earth understand it,

but we do not send a prophetess to be a steward over the people.

17.55 Your Lady of Light knows all entities in heaven and on earth.

Heaven has bestowed particular favors on some of the prophetesses,

some preferably to others, and we gave Denise the psalms.

17.56 Say to the people, “Call upon those you imagine to be

your idols of wealth, power and greed, and those negative emotions

of hate, jealousy and envy you associate with Goddess.”

But none of this will enable you to have freedom from harm or to create any harm to others

through negative spells and enchantments and vain desires.

17.57 When you invoke such false concepts, you believe that this will allow you to be closer to Goddess,

you also hope for Her mercy, you dread fear from an imagined false angry goddess,

but Goddess has no anger, and does not create fear; you only create your own fears.

17.58 There is no city on earth that will not suffer some form of natural disaster,

from time to time, for the earth is a dangerous place, some will be destroyed or nearly destroyed,

some will appear to suffer grievous punishment, but this is not the case;

you all have guardian angels and have been given means to mitigate or avoid such actions.

All of this is written in our Book of eternal laws.

17.59 Nothing hinders us from sending you signs and miracles,

except that many people say such actions are false or imagined.

We gave certain people of Thelma a camel,

which was a miracle visible to their sight, yet they dealt unjustly with her.

We do not send a prophetess to strike terror, but to work miracles of love

and compassion wherever she is welcomed in.

17.60 Remember when heaven said to our prophetess,

“Certainly your Lady of Light surrounds women by Her knowledge and power.

We appointed a vision, which we showed you, and also the trees discussed in the Korana[121],

only for a occasion of dispute to women, and not to strike them with terror,

yet some of them were caused to make mistakes only more frequently.

17.61 Remember when the angels were told “Worship Eve,”

and they all worshiped her except Eblis, who said,

“Shall I worship her whom You have created of dirt?”

17.62 And he added to this, “What are You thinking that humans must be worshiped above me?

Certainly if You grant me respite until the last day of resurrection,

I will destroy her offspring, except for a very few.”

17.63 Goddess answered, “Begone from here, you evil angel,[122] but I will grant you respite;

but whomever shall follow you will be greatly saddened on their day of resurrection,

and I will also have an ample reward for you.”

17.64 And Eblis will entice to vanity as many people as he can, by his voice, he will do it,

and he will assault them on all sides with horsemen and footmen,

and he will share with them in their riches, and their children, and he will make them promises,

but they will be no more than deceitful promises.

17.65 As to my servants, you will have no power over them,

for your Lady of Light is a good protectress of those who trust in Her.

17.66 It is your Lady of Light who drives forward the ships for you in the sea,

that you may enrich yourselves of the abundance of Her mercy with commerce,

for She is merciful towards you.

17.67 When a misfortune comes to you at sea, the false deities of wealth, power and greed

are forgotten by you for a period of time, except Evil remembers them;

yet when Goddess brings you to dry land, and you seem far from Her,

most of you return to these idols, for people can be very ungrateful.

17.68 Are you really secure in your knowledge that you will not be

swallowed up by even the dry land, or that there will not be great

whirlwinds driving the sands that will overwhelm you? These false negative goddesses will not protect you.

17.69 Or are you secure that you will not be sent out to sea again

where you will find tempestuous winds where you might drown,

and you will not call on Her because you are truly ungrateful?

There you will find no entity to defend you against Evil, in your distress.

17.70 Now we honor the children of Eve with various privileges and endowments,

and we have given them conveniences of carriage by land and by sea,

and we have provided food for them of good things;

and we have preferred them before many of our creatures,

created by us, by granting you great prerogatives.

17.71 On a certain day we will call all women to judgment together with their prophetesses,

and when they are called to look at their lives,

they will look with great joy and happiness, and they will not have wronged anyone.

17.72 And whomever was blind in this life, will likely be blind in the next life,[123]

and will pass thereto quickly, and continue to wander from the path of salvation,

although heaven and Goddess calls clearly to them.

17.73 The unbelievers always have tempted their prophetess

to wander from the instructions that heaven has given to her,[124]

as if she might change her instructions to something different,

and only then they would like to have her as their friend.

17.74 And unless we had made you resolute, you might have inclined to them a bit.

17.75 Then we would have certainly have caused you to find

disappointment on the day of your resurrection,

and there would not have been any protection against this.

17.76 The unbelievers had likewise almost caused you to leave this land,

that they might have expelled you by force, but then they should not have tarried,

except a little while until all became safe for you again.

17.77 This is the method of dealing we prescribe to care for our prophetesses,

as we have done for those which were sent before you,

and you will not find any change in our particular methods.

17.78 It is good to perform prayers during the setting of the sun,

at first darkness of night, and the prayers at sunrise,

for the angels pay particular attention to your prayers at sunrise.

17.79 And watch some part of the night while engaged in prayer,

as a work of submission and your Lady of Light will raise you to an honorable station.

17.80 And say, “O Lady of Light, have me enter Your realm with a favorable entry,

and make me come to You with favor, and grant me power to assist You.”

17.81 And say “Truth has come, and falsehood has vanished,[125]

for falsehood is only of a short duration.”

17.82 Heaven has sent down the Korana which is a medicine and a mercy to the true believers,

but it will mean nothing to the unbelievers,

it will serve as something hateful, or a source of love and peace they do not desire,

and they find love and peace and joy and compassion to be a very difficult thing,

or they may pretend to be able to do it, but you will find out where they stand.

17.83 Oftentimes when we bestow favors on a person,

then they draw away from us in an ungrateful manner,

but when evil comes to them, they despair of our mercy.

17.84 Say to the people, “Everyone acts in their own way,

but your Lady of Light best knows who is truly directed towards Her.”

17.85  The people will ask you concerning the Spirit. 

Answer them, “The Spirit was created at the command of the Lady of Light,

and you may call upon Her to fill you with love and peace,

but woman has no knowledge, except for very little.”[126]

17.86 If heaven pleased, you would not have received this information,

in which case you would not have any assistance to find your way.

17.87 But the mercy from your Lady of Light is immense towards you.

17.88 Say, “Certainly if women and genii were assembled together,

for the purpose of producing a Book like this Korana, they could not produce one like it,

even though they might strive hard together to do so.”

17.89 And we have given to women in this Korana every type of wonderful argument and discussion,

but the greater part of the people will refuse to believe it, out of stubbornness.

17.90 And the people will say, “We will not believe this,

until you cause a spring of water to gush out of dry earth,

17.91 or you must have a garden of palm trees and vines spring up and

create abundance where there was none before,

17.92 or cause heaven to fall down upon us, and give it out in pieces to us,

or bring down Goddess and the angels to vouch for you,

17.93 or create a house of gold, or ascend a ladder to heaven,

neither will we believe by your ascending there alone, until you cause a Book to descend to us,

bearing a witness you are a true prophetess, only then will we believe.

Answer them, “I am only a mortal woman as you all are, but I was sent as your prophetess,

because I can understand you and teach you best.”

17.94 But nothing hinders women from believing, when direction has come to them,

other than they say, “Has Goddess sent us a mere woman for a prophetess?”

17.95 Answer them, “If the angels had walked on earth, familiar as any inhabitants here,

then you would have been sent an angel for a prophetess.”

17.96 Say to them, “Goddess is a sufficient witness between you and I,

for She knows and regards highly each one of Her servants.”

17.97 Whomever desires to be directed by Goddess, she shall be rightly directed,

and whomever does not desire to be directed by Goddess,

they will not be directed by Her, for each person has free will.

And that person will fall into error, because they have no one to assist them, besides Her.

17.98 This will be their destiny, because they do not want to believe

in the goodness of heaven’s signs and miracles, and they say, “When we are reduced to dust and bones,

how could we ever be raised up as new creatures?”

17.99 Do they not perceive that Goddess, who created the heavens and the earth,

is able to create new bodies, which are the same as their present body?

17.100 Say to them, “If you possessed all the treasures of the mercy of the Lady of Light,

you would certainly refrain from using them for goodness,

for fear of spending them, for many people are unnecessarily greedy.”

17.101 We have before this gave to Miriam the power of working nine evident signs.

Ask the children of Israel, as to the story of Miriam, when she came to Pharaoh,

and Pharaoh said to her, “Certainly I believe that you, Miriam, have been deluded by evil sorcery.”

17.102 Miriam answered, “You well know that no one has sent down these miracles,

except the Lady of heaven and earth, and I believe that you, Pharaoh, are indeed a lost soul.”

17.103 Therefore, Pharaoh sought to kill all the Children of Israel,

but he was drowned instead, and all that were with him,

when the miracle of the receding waters were not meant for any person

who did not have Goddess as a protectress.

17.104 And we said to the children of Israel, after his destruction, “Dwell in the land we promised you,

and on the day of the resurrection each of you will each see what you have done during this life.”

17.105 We have sent down this Korana with love and truth, and it has descended with truth,

and we have not sent you this other than to be a bearer of good tidings,

and that you should denounce those that say Goddess threatens anyone.

17.106 We have divided the Korana, revealing it in parcels,

that you might read it to women with deliberation,

and we have sent it down, causing it to be sent, as the occasion required.

17.107 Say to the people, “Whether you believe what is written in this Book,

or you chose not to believe, certainly those who have been favored

with knowledge of the Scriptures which were revealed before it,

when the same is shown to them, they fall down with their faces to the floor,

17.108 worshiping, and they will say, ‘Our Lady be praised, for the promise of our

Lady of Light has now been fulfilled.’”

17.109 And they fall, with their faces to the ground, weeping,

and the hearing of this increases their humility.

17.110 Say to them, “Call upon Goddess, or call upon the Merciful One,

by whichsoever of the two names you invoke Her, it is equal, for She has the most excellent names.

Do not pray loudly, nor do it in too low a voice, but follow the middle way between these.”

17.111 You should say, “Praise be to Goddess, who is pure love and

who has no negative emotions, nor does She take any negative actions,

She admonishes you not to worship any false idols of greed, power or wealth,

and She needs no one to protect Her from contempt,

and magnify Her by proclaiming Her greatness.”








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

18.1 All praise be to Goddess, Who has sent down to Her servants

this Book of the Korana, and has not filled it with corruption,

18.2  but has made it correct in knowledge and wisdom.

Tell the unbelievers that they should love Her presence, as She bears good tidings to all

especially to those that are faithful and work righteousness,

so that they should receive an excellent reward, namely paradise.

18.3 In this place they shall remain forever,

18.4 and in this Book She admonishes those that would associate with Her any

negative emotions of hate, jealousy, rage and envy,

or negative actions such as violence or threats to persons or property,

18.5 of which matter they have no knowledge, nor did most of their parents.

A grievous matter it is that they say such things: they speak only lies.

18.6 Perhaps you will kill yourself with grief after them, out of zeal for their conversion,

if they do not believe in the revelation of the Korana.

18.7 Certainly we have ordained whatsoever is on the earth belongs to Her,

and She has given you many things for your ornamentation, that women might have trials and tribulations

and learn and perfect, and we shall see which of them excel in their works.

18.8 And we will certainly reduce what was formerly on the earth to dust, at the appointed time,

yet none will be afraid and they will be filled with love, peace and joy.

18.9 Do you not consider carefully the companions of the cave and of the persons

sleeping in the cave were truly one of our miracles?[128]

18.10 When the young women took refuge in the cave, they said,

“O Lady of Light, grant us mercy, and cause your justice to mitigate our troubles.”

18.11 Therefore heaven struck their ears with a deafness,

so they slept without disturbance in the cave for a great number of years.

18.12 Then we awakened them, to see which of them could compute the time which was spent sleeping.

18.13 We relate this tale to you as herstorical truth.

Certainly they were young women who had believed in their Lady of Light,

and we had abundantly shown them the right way.

18.14 And we fortified their hearts with firmness when they stood before the tyrant,

and they said, “Our Lady of Light is creatress of heaven and earth,

we will not call on any other deity besides Her, unless we become impious.”

18.15 Despite this, our fellow people have taken the false gods of wealth, power and greed besides Her,

although they bring no valid argument for this,

and who is more unjust than to devise such a lie concerning Goddess?

18.16 And the angels instructed them,

“When you separate yourselves from the unbelievers, and from their false idols,

which they worship, except Goddess, then escape to the cave,

your Goddess will pour Her mercy on you abundantly, and She will care for you there to your advantage.”

18.17 And you might have seen the sun, when it arose, to descend from the cave towards the right hand,

and then when it set, to leave them on the left hand,

and then they were in the spacious portion of the cave.  This was one of the signs of Goddess.

Whomsoever Goddess shall direct, she will be rightly directed,

and whoever seeks Evil will err, and will not find any entity to defend or direct her.

18.18  And if you had seen them, you would have thought them to have been awake,

although they were actually sleeping, and we caused them to turn themselves to the right, and to the left.

And their dog stretched out his front legs into the mouth of the cave,

if you would have seen such a sight, you would have turned and fled,

filled with fear at the sight of this dog.[129]

18.19 And so we awakened them from their sleep, that they might question one another.

One spoke and asked, “How long have we tarried here?”

They answered, “We have tarried only a day, or part of a day.”

The others said, “Your Lady of Light best knows the time you have spent here,

and now send one of you with some money into the city,

and see which of its inhabitants has the best and purest food,

and you should purchase some food from him,

and let him behave discretely, and not tell your tale to anyone.”

18.20 “Certainly if they come to assault you, they will stone you,

or force you to return to your prior negative religion, and then you will not prosper, ever again.”

18.21 And so we acquainted their people with what had happened to them,

so they might know that the promise of Goddess is true,

and there is no doubt of the resurrection and the last hour, which they had disputed among themselves.

18.22 Some people say, “The sleepers were three;

and their dog was the fourth,” and others say, “They were five,”

and the dog was the sixth,” only guessing at a secret matter:

and others say, “They were seven, and their dog was the eighth.”

You should say, “My Lady of Light best knows their number; none shall know this number, except a few.

Therefore, you should not dispute with anyone over the number of sleepers,

according to what has been revealed to you,

and you need not ask other religions concerning this matter.”

18.23 Do not say of any matter, “I will certainly do this tomorrow”,

18.24 unless you add, “If Goddess pleases.”  And remember your Lady of Light, when you forget something, and say, “My Lady is able to direct me so that I may come closer to the truth of a matter.”

18.25 And the sleepers remained in the cave 300 years, and nine years additional.

18.26 Say to the people, “Goddess knows best how long they continued in the cave,

for She knows all the secrets of heaven and earth,

you are not the one that directs Goddess to see for you.” No one has any protectress besides Her,

nor does anyone share in what She does or intends to do here on earth.

18.27 You should read what has been revealed to you, out of the Book of your Lady of Light,

and without making any changes therein.

There is no one who has the power to change the words of Goddess,

and you cannot escape to anyone else, should you even attempt it.

18.28 Behave yourself with firmness towards those who call upon

the Lady of Light morning and evening, and those who seek Her favor;

and do not let your eyes turn away from them, seeking the pomp of this life,

nor should you obey those who neglect the remembrance of us.

18.29 And say to the people, “The truth is from you Lady of Light,

therefore let any person that desires to believe, believe,

and whoever does not, leave them alone. A plan is prepared for the unbelievers which is not punishment,

in the manner you understand it to be, but they will be tied to the earth,

which is like hell, flame and smoke, and it will be all around them, like a pavilion,

for many regions of the earth have foul air and are either too hot or too cold,

and if they beg relief, they will not be helped, till they turn to Her, and after they call upon Her,

then they will receive paradise with water scented with roses; O how wonderful a portion,

and how happy a bed they will make.

18.30 As to those that believe and do good works,

we will not suffer the reward of her who works righteousness to perish,

18.31 for them are prepared gardens of eternal abode, which shall be watered by rivers;

they shall be adorned therein with bracelets of gold,

and they will be clothed in green garments of fine silk and brocades; sitting on thrones.

O how happy a reward they shall have, and how happy a bed they will have made!

18.32 And propound to them, as a parable two women,

one of whom was given two vineyards, surrounded by palm trees, and corn grew between them.

18.33 Each of the gardens brought forth fruit every season,

never failing, and we caused a river to flow in the midst of the garden.

18.34 And the owner had great abundance.  And she said to her friend by way of debate,

“I am superior to you in wealth, and I have a more beautiful family.”

18.35 And she went into her garden, being guilty of injustice against her own soul,

and she declared, “I believe this garden will never decay.”

18.36 “Nor do I think the last hour will ever come, and if I ever return to my Lady of Light,

She will give me an ever better garden in exchange for it!”

18.37 And her friend said to her, by way of debate,

“Do you not believe in your Goddess, who created you from a divine spark,

and then by an ovum, and then shaped you into a perfect woman?”

18.38 “But for me, Goddess is my Lady; and I will not associate

any other false idols of wealth, power and greed with Her.”

18.39 And when you enter your garden, will you not say, ‘What Goddess pleases shall come to pass,

there is no power but from Goddess alone?’

Although you see me to be inferior to you in wealth, number of children and beauty,

18.40 my Lady of Light is well able to bestow on me even better gifts than this garden,

and without your asking for Her protection,

stars may naturally shoot from Heaven, destroying it completely.”

18.41 “Or, its water may sink back deep into the earth so that you will no longer be able to draw it out.”

18.42 And one day, her possessions were destroyed by the forces of nature, as her friend had warned her,

and she began to turn down her hands with grief and regret, for what she had done,

for the vines fell down on the trails, and she said “I am sorry to Goddess that I associated

the false idols of pride, greed and wealth with Her, above my love for everyone.”

18.43 And she had no entity to assist her besides Goddess,

neither was she able to defend herself against this loss,

but she had to build up a new garden by herself again.

18.44 In such a case, the absolute right of protection belongs to Goddess alone,

She is the best provider of rewards, and the best one to give success to anyone.

18.45 And we also propound to the people an analogy of the present life.

It is like water which we send down from heaven, and the herbs of the earth are mixed with it,

and after it has become green and it flourishes, in the morning it may become dry stubble,

which the winds may scatter abroad, if Goddess is not present therewith,

for Goddess is able to do all things.

18.46 Wealth and children are like ornaments in this world, but good works, which are eternal,

are better in the sight of the Lady of Light, with respect to receiving a reward,

and they are also better with respect to hope.

18.47 On a certain day we will cause the mountains to pass away,

and you shall see the earth plain and even;

we will gather the people together, and we will leave no one behind.

18.48 And they shall be set in front of the Lady of Light in distinct order,

and She shall say to them, “You have come before Me in simple white garments,

so you might appreciate the beauty which I have bestowed upon you,

although some of you might have forgotten the promise of unending love that I had made to you,

as if I would not perform that promise.”

18.49 And the device which records everyone’s actions has been reviewed by you,

yet some were quite saddened because their life primarily caused pain to others,

and that is shown therein, and they shall say, “Alas for us! But what is meant by this review?

It has omitted neither a small action nor a great one, but it clearly shows all,

and they shall peruse all that they have done in their last lifetime, shown before their eyes,”

and Goddess will not be unjust, but will be loving and kind.

18.50 Remember when we said to the angels, “Worship Eve,” and they all worshiped her, except Eblis,

who was one of the genii, and he departed from the commands of his Lady of Light.

Will you then take him and his friends for your patrons besides Goddess,

not understanding they are not your friends? Miserable will be such a charge to the ungoddessly!

18.51 I did not call them to be present at the creation of the heavens and of the earth,

nor even at their own creation, nor did I take any seducer for an assistant.

18.52 On a certain day, Goddess shall say to those that worship

wealth, power and greed, “Call upon your experiences

with wealth, power and greed, and see if any of these have ever helped you,

or did they protect you?”  And they will see an entire valley of wisdom in this.

18.53 And the wicked shall be tied to the earth, and it will be like hell fire,

and they will know that they come back time after time there,

and they will find no way to avoid this, unless they turn to Goddess.

18.54 And we have told may tales to you in the Korana, a parable of every kind,

but many people object on such trivial grounds.

18.55 Yet nothing presented in this Book should prevent any person from believing,

now a true direction has come to them, and they should ask pardon from their Lady of Light,

except that many wait until they see some disaster come to them,

or to someone they knew or did not know.

18.56 Heaven does not send out messengers, but to bear good tidings,

and they only denounce people who say Goddess is mean, jealous or demanding.

Those who do not believe, always dispute with vain arguments,

they attempt to render the truth to no effect;

and they hold the signs of Goddess and the announcement of Love,

which is given therewith, in derision.

18.57 And who is more unjust, than a person who has become acquainted

with the signs and miracles of the Lady of Light, and retires from them,

and forgets what her soul has formerly required her to do?

Certainly they have cast veils over their own hearts,

unless they should understand the Korana,

and they put into their own ears, a thickness to thwart their own hearing,

even if you invite them to the true direction, they will not desire to be directed forever.

18.58 The Lady of Light is gracious, endued with mercy, as if She punishes, but she does not,

it makes no difference to provide a hasty punishment,

nor a slow one, the soul does not learn anything by such base methods,

there is only refuge in learning with Her.

18.59 You will observe that some former cities were destroyed,

but only because they would not listen to us or our prophetesses.

18.60 And remember when Miriam said to her servant, Josana, daughter of Nan,

“I will not move forward one more inch, until I come to the place where the two seas meet,

and I will travel for a long, long time to do this.”

18.61 But when they arrived at the meeting of the two seas,

they forgot their fish which they had taken with them,

and the fish jumped out from their control freely into the sea.

18.62 And when they had passed beyond that place, Miriam said to her servant, “Bring us our dinner,

for we are famished by our long journey.”

18.63 Her servant answered, “Do you know what has happened to me?

When we went to our lodgings near the rock, I forgot the fish, but no one made me forget the fish,

except Evil, so that I would not remind you of it. Then the fish jumped from me by themselves into the sea,

of their own accord, in a most wondrous manner.”

18.64 Miriam replied, “But that is what we originally were seeking.”[130]

And then they both went back, returning the same way they came.

18.65 And coming to the rock, they found one of our servants

to whom we had granted mercy, and whom we had taught wisdom before.

18.66 And Miriam said to her, “May I follow you, that I might be taught

part of the wisdom that you have been taught, as a direction to me?”

18.67 She answered, “Certainly you could never be sufficiently patient to quietly assist me in my work.”

18.68 “For how can you patiently suffer these things,

because without complete knowledge, you could not possibly understand

what I am doing and why I am doing it.”

18.69 Miriam replied, “You will find me very patient, if Goddess pleases,

nor will I be ever disobedient to you, Goddess willing.”

18.70 She said, “If you will follow along with me,

then do not ask me concerning any of my tasks,

until I declare the true meaning thereof to you.”

18.71 So they both went to the seashore,

and they went into a ship, and the Light Being made a hole in the ship, thereby scuttling it.

Miriam said to her, “Why have you made a hole in this ship

so that people might drown?   This is very strange.”

18.72 She answered, “Did I not tell you, that you could not bear what I might do?”

18.73 Miriam said, “Please do not chide me, because I forgot,

and please do not impose upon me such an extreme difficulty

as I was never told exactly what you would do.”

18.74 Then they left the ship and went forth until they found a certain young boy,

and they watched as lightening struck him dead. 

Miriam said, “How could you allow an innocent child to die,

without him having done anything wrong, and your powers are so great?

Certainly now you have done something very unjust.”

18.75 She answered, “Did I not tell you that you could not bear with me?”

18.76 Miriam replied, “You are right concerning that.

Therefore, if I ask you one more question regarding something that I can no longer bear,

then I will depart from your company.”

18.77 They went out, therefore, until they came to the inhabitants of a certain city,

and they asked some people there for food, but these people refused them food.

But in the city, they found a wall, which was ready to fall down,

and the Light Being repaired it, and set it straight. Whereupon, Miriam said to her,

“If you wanted, you could have been paid well to do such a thing.”

18.78  The Light Being answered, “Now it is time for us to go our separate ways,

but first I will explain the significance of all this which you could not bear with patience.”

18.79 “The vessel belonged to certain poor women who did their business in the sea,

but I was requested by them to render it unserviceable,

because there was an evil king that ruled over them,

and he repeatedly took their ship by force,

though they begged him not to, and he made war continually,

though his intended victims were to be soldiers that desired to fight,

but he also regularly killed the elderly, women and children, ignoring the pain he caused the innocent.”

18.80 “As to the boy, he and his parents were true believers,

however, he was destined to suffer one of two deaths so they might learn separation,

loss of a beloved and grief. In the first death, he was to suffer for a long period of time,

becoming sicker and sicker each day. In the second death, he was to be found dead by lightening

such that the parents would never know what it was he actually died from, or if he was murdered.

Because of duties in paradise, he has now elected the shorter and quicker of the two,

and it is written that if he so elected, I was to put him in the right place and watch him die.

In such a manner his parents would also learn patience and forgiveness.”

18.81 “However, his parents will, in a few more years, have a new child in exchange for him,

one that is very affectionate and kind towards them. So do not grieve for any of them,

or believe that any injustice has occurred.”

18.82 “As to the wall, it belonged to two orphan children in the city.

Beneath it was a treasure hidden which belonged to them, and their mother was a righteous person,

and their Lady of Light was pleased that they had attained their age of majority,                                            

and they might now take their treasure, for they can see the hole in the wall,

which I built for them so that only they can see it and take out the treasure,

through the mercy of the Lady of Light,

and all I did was commanded of me, not of my own will, but by the direction of Goddess.

This is the interpretation of all that which you could not bear with patience.”

18.83 Certain people may ask you about a particular ruler.[131] Answer, “I will give you an account of her.”

18.84 She was made powerful in the earth,

and we gave her means to accomplish everything she pleased,

18.85 and she followed her way until she came to the place of the setting sun;

18.86 where she found that it had set that evening in a spring of black mud,

and she found near the black mud spring a tribe of people.

We said to the ruler, treat all people with kindness and understanding.

18.87 This ruler answered, “Whosoever I determine shall commit injustice,

I will punish them cruelly and with torture for Goddess in this world,

then I believe they will return to the next world, where Goddess will punish them again,

a severe punishment, and eternal torment in hell fire.” This is because the ruler did not know

this was not permitted by Goddess, for she was not properly directly at this time.

So we covered her eyes, and she found no one to harm.

18.88 “I believe that only those that do what is right, shall receive the most excellent reward,

and they will receive thereafter only the simplest of duties.”

18.89 Then she continued on her way,

18.90 until she came to the place where she saw the sun rise,

and at that place she found a different tribe of people,

and this tribe had not been given by heaven anything where they could shelter themselves from the sun.[132]

18.91 Thus it was, and we understood with our knowledge that there were great military forces with her.

18.92 And she continued her journey from south to north, until she came between two sets of mountains,

18.93 and she found yet a third tribe, one that could barely understand her language.

18.94 And they said, “O great ruler, Gog and Magog[133] have wasted our land,

might we pay a tribute to you so that you could build a great barrier between us and them?

18.95 She answered, “The power which my Lady of Light has strengthened me with

is better than your payment, but help me vigorously, and I will set a strong wall between you and them.”

18.96 “Bring me iron in large pieces, until it fills up the spaces between the two sides of the mountains.”

And she said to the workers, “Blow with your bellows, until it makes the iron red hot.” 

And she said further, “Bring me molten brass, that we may pour this over all of the iron.”

18.97 Wherefore, when this wall was complete, Gog and Magog could not scale it,

nor could they dig under it or through it.[134]

18.98 The ruler then said to them, “This is a mercy from my Lady of Light,

but when the prediction of my Lady of Light shall come to be fulfilled,

the wall will be reduced to dust, the people will war no longer,

and the prediction of my Lady of Light is true.”

18.99 On that day, the people will rise up and rejoice, like waves on an ocean,

and the trumpet shall sound, and all the people will gather in one body together in love.

18.100 And as to those who believed in hell and punishment,

18.101 their eyes will be opened and they will see the love of Goddess,

for their eyes were veiled from remembering this, and they could not hear Her words.

18.102 Do the unbelievers think that Goddess will not love them and care for them,

because they will take Evil for a protectress besides Me?

Although many would like to believe it,

there is no hell prepared as an abode for the infidels or the unfaithful,

for we have more sophisticated plans for them,

to cleanse their souls, provide them with experience and draw them closer to Goddess.

18.103 Say to the people, “Does heaven need to declare outright to you

those whose works are in vain,

18.104 those whose endeavors in the present life have been wrongly directed,

and those who think they do the work of what is right, so you will know plainly?”

18.105 There are many who do not believe in the signs and miracles of the Lady of Light,

and when they appear before Her, they will know that works of evil are in vain,

and evil works will not be accorded any weight on the day of their resurrection.

18.106 This is not a reward, it is an assistance to the development of the soul.

And while life on earth is like hell, there is no other hell,

for those that have disbelieved and did not understand Her miracles

and Her prophetesses will come to understand all this later,

but they will all pass through many trials and tribulations along the way.

18.107 But as for those who believe and do good works,

they shall have the gardens of paradise for their eternal abode.

18.108 They shall remain there forever, they will never desire any change therefrom.

18.109 Say to the people, “If the sea became as ink to write down all the words of the Lady of Light,

it would run out, and this would happen, even if heaven were to provide

an equal amount of sea as ink for a writing supply to Goddess.”

18.110 Say to the people, “Certainly I am only a woman, as you are.

It has been revealed to me that your Goddess is only one Goddess,

let her who hopes to meet her Lady of Light do righteous works,

and let her not make any other person who does not desire it, worship the Lady of Light.             








In the name of the most Merciful Goddess.

19.1 K.H.Y.A.S.[135]

Goddess is Sufficient, the True Guide, the Bestower of Mercy to all.

19.2 This is a commemoration of the mercy of the Lady of Light toward Anna and  Zacharias.

19.3 When Anna called upon the Lady of Light, invoking Her in secret,

19.4 she said, “O Lady of Light, certainly my bones are weak, my head has become white,

but I have never been unsuccessful in my prayers to You, O Lady of Light.”

19.5 “But now I fear my nieces, who will succeed me, for my husband is impotent,

wherefore, give me a successor of my own body out of Your Love.”

19.6 “That She might be my heir, and She may be an heir to the family of Jacklyn,

and grant me O Lady of Light, that she will be acceptable to You.”

19.7 And an angel answered her, “O Anna, certainly we bring you good tidings of the birth of a daughter,

whose name shall be Jane, and there has lived no one with this name before.”

19.8 And Anna said to the Lady of Light, “How shall I have a daughter,

seeing that my husband is impotent,

and I am now very old, and I am also frail.”

19.9 The angel said, “So it shall be: your Lady of Light has spoken and said,

‘this is easy for me, since I created you before, when you were just a divine spark.’”

19.10 Anna said, “O Lady of Light, please grant me a sign.”

The angel replied, “Your husband will not be able to speak for three nights,

although he is in perfect health.”

19.11 And she went to her husband and her people, telling them this,

and her husband had already quit being able to speak, for no apparent reason.

But her husband, being a believer, went forth making signs to the people,

as if he should say, “Praise Goddess,” in the morning and in the evening.

19.12 And we said to her daughter, “O Jane, receive the Book of the law,

to study it and to observe it.

And we bestowed on her great wisdom, while she was still a child.”

19.13 And she received mercy from us, and purity of life, and she was a devout person,

19.14 and she was dutiful toward her parents, and she was not proud or rebellious.

19.15 Peace was upon her the day she was born, and the day whereupon she would die,

and the day that she would be raised to eternal life.

19.16 And remember in the Book of the Korana,

the story of Mother Mary, when she left her family to a place in the east,

19.17 she took a veil to conceal her and her husband from the people, so they might be in peace,

and we sent our spirit Gabrielle to her, and she appeared to her in the shape of a perfect woman,

so as not to make her afraid.

19.18 But she was afraid of the strange Light Being and said,

“I desire to fly for refuge to the Merciful Goddess, that She may defend me from you;

if you love Goddess, you will not approach nearer to me.”

19.19 She answered, “Certainly I am a messenger of the Lady of Light

and I am sent here to give you a holy child.”

19.20 She replied, “How could that be that I should have a son,

since I have not been with a man and I am chaste.”

19.21 Gabrielle replied, “It shall be.  For everything is simple and easy for the Lady of Light,

and heaven shall do it, and this will be a sign to the people, and a mercy from us,

for it is an event miracle which has been decreed.”

19.22 Therefore she conceived a son, and she went away with him in her womb to a distant place,

19.23 and the pains of childbirth came upon her near the trunk of a palm tree.

She said, in her great pain, “I wish to Goddess that I had died before this,

and had become a thing forgotten, and lost in oblivion,”.

19.24 And she heard from beneath her, a voice saying,

“Do not be grieved, for Goddess has given you a river under you.”

19.25 and you should shake the body of the palm tree,

and it will let fall ripe dates for you, easy to gather.

19.26 You should eat and drink and calm your mind. Also, if you see any person, and they ask you,

reply that you have vowed silence to honor the Merciful Lady,

and that you will speak to no one today.

19.27 So she brought the child to her people, carrying him in her arms.

They said to her, “O Mary, how have you done this strange thing?”

19.28 “Understand that your father was a faithful and chaste husband, and so was your mother.”

19.29 But she made signs to the child to answer them,

but they said, “How could we speak to a child who is but an infant in the cradle?”

19.30 Whereupon, the child said, “Certainly I am a servant of Goddess,

She has given me the Book of the gospel, and She has appointed me as Her Prophet.”

19.31 “And She has made me blessed, wherever I am, and She has commanded me to observe prayer,

and to give alms, so long as I should live,”

19.32 “and I will be dutiful towards my mother, and I will not be proud or unhappy.”

19.33 “And peace shall be upon me the day when I was born, and on the day that I will die,

and on the day when I am raised to new life.”

19.34 This was Yeshua, the son of Mother Mary, the Word of Truth,

yet many will have great doubts concerning him.

19.35 It is not for you to debate whether Goddess has a son, Goddess forbid you should hurt another!

When Goddess decrees a thing, She need only say, “Be!” and it is.

19.36 And certainly Goddess is my Lady of Light and your Lady;

therefore, serve Her, this is the right way.

19.37 Yet the religious sects differ among themselves concerning Yeshua,

but woe shall come to those that are unbelievers, because of their appearance at the last day.

19.38 Do you cause them to hear, or do you cause them to see?

You will not on the day where they will come to review their own lives;

but the ungoddessly will see their obvious error on this day.

19.39 But you should warn them of the day of sighing, when the matter will be shown to them,

although now they are sunk in negligence, and do not believe.

19.40 Certainly we will inherit the earth, and whatever creatures are therein, and to us shall all return.

19.41 And remember Sarah in the Book of the Korana, for she was one of great veracity, and a prophetess.

19.42 When she said to her father, “O my dear father,

why do you worship greed, wealth and power, how does it help you see or hear better? 

How does it profit your soul in the end?”

19.43 “O my dear father, a degree of knowledge has been given to me,

which has not been given to you, therefore follow me, and I will lead you to the right way.”

19.44 “O my father, serve not Evil, for Evil is not loved by Goddess.”

19.45 “O my father, certainly I fear that you will suffer great trials

and tribulations from the Merciful Lady because you find Evil to be a good companion.”

19.46 Her father answered, “Why do you reject my love of wealth and power,

why do you reject them, Sarah?  If you do not refrain from continually chastising me,

I will surely stone you to death, therefore leave me alone for a long, long while regarding this.”

19.47 Sarah replied, “Peace be upon you, I will ask pardon for you from my Lady of Light,

for She is most gracious to me.”

19.48 “And I will separate myself from you, at your request,

and I will not love wealth and power as you do, and I will call upon my Lady of Light;

however, it may be that I will not be as unsuccessful in calling upon my Lady,

as you are successful at putting your trust in what you desire.”

19.49 And when she separated herself from her father, and from his worship of wealth and power,

she was given Iris and Jacklyn, each of them we made prophetesses.

19.50 And we bestowed upon them, through our mercy,

the gift of prophecy, and children and wealth;

and we caused them to deserve the highest commendations, and they did this all very well.

19.51 And remember Miriam in the Book of the Korana,

for she was sincerely upright,[136] and was an apostle and a prophetess.

19.52 And we called to her from the right side of Mt. Sinai,

and caused her to draw near, and to speak with us privately.

19.53 And we gave her through our mercy, a sister Alana, a prophetess, for her assistant.

19.54 Remember also Emma in the same Books, for she was true to her promise

and was an apostle and a prophetess.

19.55 And she showed her family that to observe prayer and to give alms is good,

and she was acceptable to her Lady of Light.

19.56 And remember Edna,[137] in the same Book, for she was a just person, and a prophetess,

19.57 And we exalted her to a high place.[138]

19.58 There are those to whom Goddess has been bounteous,

some of the prophetesses of the posterity of Eve,

and there are some born of the prophetesses of those carried in the ark with Nora,

and of the posterity of Sarah, and of Isabell, and those that heaven directs and has chosen.

When the signs of the Lady of Light were read to them,

they fell down and began to worship Her, and they wept for joy,

19.59 But succeeding generations came after them, and their people neglected prayer,

they followed lust and false idols, and they fell into evil.

19.60 Except she who repents, believes and does what is right, those persons shall enter paradise,

and they shall not in the least be wronged.

19.61 Gardens of perpetual abode will be their reward,

which the Lady of Light has promised to Her servants, as an object of faith,

for Her promise will surely come to be fulfilled.

19.62 At that time there will be no more vain arguments,

only peace, and their provision will be prepared for them both morning and evening.

19.63  This is paradise, which heaven provides for an inheritance,

for such of Her servants which are pious.

19.64 We do not descend from heaven, unless by command of your Lady of Light,

to Her belongs whatsoever is before us, and whatsoever is behind us,

and whatsoever is in the intermediate space, nor is your Lady of Light ever forgetful of you.

19.65 She is the Lady of heaven and of earth, and whatever is between them;

therefore worship Her and be frequent in prayer.

19.66 Do you know any creature named as well as She with so many wonderful names?

19.67 Some people say, “After I have died, shall I really be brought back alive from the grave?

19.68 Do not the people remember that Goddess created them before,

out of nothing and surely She may easily do this again?

19.69 But the Lady of Light will assemble all the people together at the end of time,

and She will cleanse and purify the evil ones,

19.70 After which, we will draw from every sect or kind, one representative which was the best of them,

a kind and caring person, one that was firmest in her love for Goddess;

19.71 And heaven knows best which are more worthy of glory;

and all the true believers will be with her[139];

this is an established decree with your Lady of Light.

19.72 Afterwards, all will be delivered that have been pious,

but the ungoddessly will be gathered together and left on their knees for Goddess to come by them,

and purify them with Her bright white light of holiness.  And they will not suffer at all.

19.73 When our obvious signs are read to them, the unbelievers say,

“Which of the two types has more wealth and a better appearance?

19.74 But how many generations will it take before every person understands that excelling in wealth,

or excelling in outward appearance is completely in vain?

19.75 Say to the people, “Even those that live in error,

may very well be granted a long life by the Lady of Light

so that they can see how the Lady of Light is a wonderful protectress,

that She will bring them new life after death, that Her love is unending. 

This is so they will see who is in a stronger position, and who is in a weaker one.”

19.76 Goddess only directs those that ask for Her direction,

and the good works which they do will remain forever in the sight of the Lady of Light,

whereas worldly possessions will not,            and with respect to a final reward, this is a far better compensation.

19.77 Have you seen a person that does not believe in

the signs and miracles of heaven, yet says that she will have riches and many children, regardless?

19.78 Is she well acquainted with the secrets of the future,

or has she received a covenant with the Lady of Light that it will be this way?

19.79 By no means. Such words will not be recorded, but will be forgotten,

and the person will continue to suffer trials and tribulations on earth without a protectress.

19.80 The angels are heirs to everything on earth, and they write down all the good works

that are done on this earth, and those that fail to do good works,

will have nothing good to review on the day of their resurrection,

and they will appear humble and in simple garments.[140]

19.81 Such people take other negative goddesses of wealth, power and greed, besides Goddess,

and they glorify these empty things only, which will do them no good in the end.

19.82 By no means is this the right way.  Once they have risen again,

they will understand that such a lifetime was not any good,

and they will return to earth and hopefully exhort others to live in the right way after this.

19.83 Evil is always present around the infidels, because they call upon it frequently,

they incite themselves to sin by what they worship.

19.84 Therefore do not be hasty to call Evil and destruction upon yourselves,

for every person has only a finite number of days of respite.

19.85 On a certain day, all the pious will be assembled together before Mother Goddess,

in an honorable manner, as ambassadors called into the presence of their Queen;

19.86 and the wicked will be purified, as thirsty cattle are driven to drink water,

19.87 the time of intercession will be over and will no longer be needed,

and those that have received further covenants from the Merciful Lady, will receive them at that time.

19.88 Some say that the Merciful Lady has begotten a child,

19.89 but She does not bear children as a woman does,

nor is She ever born to earth as souls are,

although She does send her Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost if you pray for them, these are sent to the faithful.

And yet some of you dispute over this, but it is not right to dispute to hatred,

it is far more important to love one another than to prove who is right.

19.90 For the heavens will never be truly be torn asunder, nor will the earth truly cleave in half,

nor will the mountains ever be overthrown and fall such that you will be afraid and worried,

but you will find that what you see now really was an illusion and unreal;

for the Lady of Light does not intend to destroy any of you, nor frighten you,

for you are all Her beloved children.

19.91 The destruction of the earth will never occur because

someone says that Goddess has created a child that walked the earth.

19.92 Why is it all that you need to fight over whether or not She had a child,

when your lives are in such a disarray over hate, violence, rage, jealousy, confusion

and misunderstandings?

19.93 Certainly, there is no entity in heaven or upon the earth,

that does not approach Goddess as a servant and assistant.

19.94 Goddess encompasses all things by Her infinite knowledge and power,

and She numbers everything with exact computation,

19.95 and every one shall come to Her on the day of her resurrection,

without any of their helpers and followers they worshiped as negative idols.

19.96 But as for those who believe and do good works,

the Merciful Lady will bestow upon them love.

19.97 We have made the Korana easy for the tongue,

that you may readily declare the promises of heaven to the pious,

and you may denounce the beliefs among the people

that Goddess is mean, jealous, demanding and nasty; for She is not; She is pure love.

19.98 And how many generations have we loved greatly

that did not return the love to Goddess and heaven? 

Yet She perseveres in perfect love.

Although you see them no more, She did not destroy even a single soul, for She does not destroy souls. 

You may not see the good ones any longer, but if you listen closely and become alert to love,

you may be able to sense them around you still as your guardian angels.                            




[1]See Table B, Introduction, page x.

[2]Note that in the Old Testament, Goddess had to rest after Her creation.

[3]This is referring to some Arabs that believed that demigods and demigoddesses and angels and the like could intercede on the day of their resurrection for them.

[4]These are points in orbits or relative positions to the horizon.

[5]For it is said that the Meccans went through a time of famine, and they were near perishing, so they turned to religion.  However, when abundance was given back to them, they went back to their old ways and continued to ridicule the prophetess and her revelations.

[6]It is said by some that on the last day that the negative idol worshipers will all be gathered together before Goddess and that Goddess will cause the idols to speak to them and the idols will then reproach the worshipers instead of interceding for them because they only represented the worst of human beings: greed, nastiness, unhappiness, etc..  Others have claimed that the angels, who were also worshiped by many are meant here, or will also be included.

[7]To bring forth the living from the dead is the resurrection to paradise, and to bring forth the dead from the living is one’s death on earth.

[8]Some people would draw lines in their orchards and where the fruit fell, they would then declare accordingly what would belong to Goddess or the poor, while the other belonged to the owner.  Not only did the prophetess notice that many people kept all the good fruit anyway, but she found it to be a silly superstition that would not always reflect a fair amount for both the owner and the charitable recipient.

[9]Referring to the  “preserved table” where all divine decrees are recorded.

[10]This may refer to just some of the younger Israelites, or it may refer to some of the younger Egyptians, including Asa, the wife of Pharaoh, who believed in Miriam and her teachings of love and kindness.  Most likely it referred to some of the Egyptians because Miriam was a great high priestess among the Israelites.

[11]Such as fine chariots, homes, libraries, fancy clothes, etc.

[12]Some say at this comment all the treasures of the Egyptians were turned into stone.

[13]Some say at this point, Gabrielle stopped up Pharaoh’s mouth with mud so he could obtain no further mercy from Goddess, but of course archangels do not do such things, for they are all peace and love.

[14]Some of the Israelite doubted that Pharaoh really drowned, so heaven caused his body to float back to shore, with a coat of mail spun from fine gold still on it to prove he had really drowned.  Others say he was naked.

[15]As related in the story, the people of Ninevah (at the same or a location close to al Mawsel is today), were extremely wicked and unfaithful.  They were hostile and violent to one another.  Joanie was sent by Goddess to preach love and faith to them, but she had to leave the city because they were so hostile to her.  When she left, she warned them that their city would be destroyed in 3 days, or as others relate, 40 days, and this would occur due to a volcano or earthquake.  But when the time came near, the Ninevites saw the sky shoot forth fire and fill the air with smoke, which hung directly over their city.  They then went to the fields with their families and cattle, and put on sack cloth and humbled themselves, calling aloud for pardon, and sincerely repented to Goddess.  Whereupon, the land became calm.

[16]Some possible interpretations for these initials are given in Table B, introduction, page x

[17]For the Ancient Arabs believe there is a throne which is held up by a spirit or wind, with waters surrounding it, and this was created before the heavens and earth.  The Jews have also said that the throne of glory then stood in the air, and was borne on the face of the waters, by the breath of Goddess.

[18]For building an ark so far from water; and for becoming a carpenter and a general contractor to the trades when she was formerly a prophetess and high priestess.

[19]Some Arab legends tell of how a huge oven produced a flood of  boiling water over all  the land, and some say the waters that rose were boiling hot.  Some say the water was from Cufa in a spot where a Mosque now stands; other say it came form India or Mesopotamia, and others say it was from an oven that Eve used to bake her bread in and the oven was passed down from generation to generation until it came to Nora, specifically for that purpose.  It is also told that the Persian Magi said the waters came from the oven of a certain old woman named Zala Cufa.  But the world tannur, which was translated as oven, may also signify a spring or pool of water.

[20]Meaning the daughters of Nora, their husbands and children.

[21]It is said that it took 2 years to build the ark, which was framed of Indian plane tree, it was divided into three stories, the lower was for the animals, the middle one for people and the upper for the birds and the body of Eve was taken on board.  This seems to be a tradition of Eastern Christians, who believe that spousal relations were suspended during the trip, though it is said by some that a child was born upon the ark during the two years it sailed.

[22]It is believed that only 8 people survived in the ark, just a few daughters and their husbands and some children.

[23]It is said that the Chaldeans have the oldest stories regarding the remainder of the ark, that it was last seen in the Gordyaean mountains.  The inhabitants there scraped the pitch off the planks and carried it about as an amulet.  Some say they used the wood of the vessel against many diseases with great success.  The relics of the arks were also said to be found in Epiphanius, and the emperor Heraclius took a journey and saw the place of the ark.  The Nestorians used to celebrate a feast day on the spot were the ark came to rest, but in 776 CE, the monastery was destroyed by lightening together with the church and many of the congregation in it.  After this, it was said the ark rested on Mt. Masis in Armenia.

Further, the Ancient Arabs say the ark sailed on the tenth of Fajeb and came out of it 6 months later on the tenth of al Moharram, which became a feast day.

[24]Meaning “lily.”

[25]By giving you additional children.

[26]Believed to be the best way to hold an animal, rendering it helpless.

[27]One commentator had said that Sarah laugh at the angels discovering themselves and the removing all fears from their thoughts; others say she laughed at the approaching destruction of the wicked townspeople; others say her menstruation, which had stopped for many years, came upon her suddenly and that caused her to laugh, which is quite strange.

[28]At this time it was reported that Sarah was 90 or 99 years old, and her husband was 120 years old.

[29]When Asians meet, after having made the ordinary salutation, “Peace be with you,” they move the hand to the left side and mutually shake hands.  When they are very intimate they repeat this ceremony, and wish good wishes to one another.  If they do not know someone very well, they merely give her the salutation, and if it is an unbeliever, they content themselves by saying “good day.”  Sarah, seeing that the two angels did not touch her hand, concluded they were strangers.

[30]Note that Sarah and Wileh are contemporaries in the Korana.

[31]Because only unbelievers do such things.

[32]Some say that Nora’s husband was killed when he turned back due to his infidelity in not listening to his prophetess wife.  Others say that Gabrielle lifted her wing and picked up the offending cities and dropped them back to earth, destroying everything and everyone.  They were said to have been lifted so high that the inhabitants of the lower heaven heard the barking of the dogs and the crowing of the roosters.  Of course this is a mere tale or allegory because angels are all peace and love and do not do such things.

[33]Said by some to have been baked in hell.  Of course, hell is simply an allegory. Earth is hell.

[34]Said by some to have marking of white and red or some other marking to distinguish them from other stones; others still say that the stones were marked with the names of the people they were meant to kill.  But Goddess does not kill or maim anyone so this is clear allegory.

[35]The original word was “daif” which meant blind, and some believed that this prophetess was blind and therefore disqualified from being holy and/or a priestess.

[36]Some believe this means that the punishment of the damned will never end, or others think at sometime in the future the configuration of the earth and heaven will change.

[37]Arab legend is that the genii are the haughty or arrogant ones made from “smokeless fire.”  However, they may have just been a larger people or were more advanced in culture and education, making them the “arrogant ones.”

[38]It is said that the prophetess related the names of each of the eleven stars, when she was questioned by a rabbi, who tried to entrap her as being disgenuine.

[39]Barbara, a sister by the same mother.

[40]This was said by some to be Judy, the most prudent and noble minded of them, and some say that Miriam was the one that in fact told Judy to advise her siblings not to kill Jacklyn, but to throw her into a pit privately, intending to release her later.  But then Judy persuaded the siblings to take her out of the pit and sell her as a slave.

[41]Some say that the well was near Jerusalem, or was not far from the river Jordan; but others call it the well of Egypt or Marain.  It is also said that when the siblings of Jacklyn brought her into the field, they began to abuse and beat her unmercifully.  When she was thrown into the well, she held onto some stones on the side.  The siblings had prior to this taken off her inner garment at that time to show to their mother later.  Jacklyn begged to have her garment returned to her, but her siblings said in a sneer that she should call upon the eleven stars and the sun and the moon to rescue her or at least keep her company.  Then they threw her further down the well, whereupon she got up on a stone and the angel Gabrielle came to her.  It is said Jacklyn was 17 years old at the time. Some say that Gabrielle clothed her in the well.  They say that the garment at first belonged to Sarah, then when she was thrown into fire by Nimrod, she was stripped, and then Gabrielle brought up the garment and gave it to Jacklyn’s mother who had worn it as an amulet about her neck, and Gabrielle was able to draw it out to give it to Josie in the well.

[42]Originally a racing game for exercise to show dexterity in throwing darts, which is still done in the East today.

[43]Apparently Josie thought this because while the garment was bloody, it was not torn.

[44]Some say that Judy carried food to Jacklyn every day while she was in the well, but on the fourth day she sold her to get her out of the well and just told the other siblings that she was gone.  Some say that Jacklyn was sold twice.  It is also said the name of the person that found Jacklyn was Malec Ebn Dhor of the tribe Khozaab.  Some say the person that eventually bought Jacklyn was Kitfir, and he was superintendent of the royal treasury, an important position.

[45]Some say that Jacklyn never seriously considered sleeping with her master, while others say that she was enticed with his being very handsome, she even went to far as to sit on his lap, and even began to undress herself, when a voice called to her and said to beware of him; but she took no notice until at length the angel Gabrielle called to her, or the figure of the mistress of the home appeared, or her mother Jacklyn appeared to her and bit her finger’s ends, whereupon her lust passed out via her fingertips.

[46]The woman’s name was Zoleikha.  The women in the city referred to were 5 in number and wives of the king’s chief officers, chamberlain, butler, baker, jailor and herdsman.  The women invited to the banquet were 40 in number.

[47]Meaning “life.”

[48]Holding banquets was common among Egyptian women.  Learned women, or those that knew poetry, or that could act and sing, were favorite entertainment.

[49]The cutting of hands is said to be done between lovers, so show faith and passion.

[50]Perhaps this was to cool the passion of Zoleikha’s husband, or to keep Jacklyn away from her husband, or it was contrived by the husband to attempt to force Jacklyn to surrender to his desires.

[51]The number of years longer in prison may have been 7, 9, 10 or 12 years, depending upon the commentator.

[52]To protect it from weevils.

[53]At this point, Jacklyn does not mention her former master, out of gratitude for the favors received while in his house.

[54]It is related that once Jacklyn left prison, she was taken to the Queen, whom she saluted in Hebrew, and the Queen asked what language that was, she answered it was the language of her mothers.  This Queen knew no less than 70 languages, and spoke with Jacklyn in each language, and Jacklyn was able to answer her well in each language.  The Queen marveled greatly, telling her of her dream, whereupon Jacklyn answered all questions in the most minute detail.  At that point, the Queen made Jacklyn her Wazir or chief minister.  At about the same time, Jacklyn’s old master died, and one of his handsome young sons married her, as he was a virgin and was young and pure to her.  She was, therefore, the same woman who was called Asenath by Miriam.

[55]It is reported that Jacklyn, being made Wazir, governed with great wisdom.  She caused justice to be impartially administered, and encouraged her people in industry and agriculture during the seven years of plenty.  The natives to this day ascribe the matriarch Jacklyn with almost all works of public utility, and in particular, taking Feyyum from a standing pool or marsh to the most fertile and best cultivated land in all of Egypt.  In Syria and the neighboring countries, the people were required to sell much of their possessions and land, and many even became slaves to the Egyptians during the 7 years of drought, in order to survive.  But after a period of time, Jacklyn released much of that back to the depressed lands.  During this time, her siblings came to her to buy corn and said there were 11 of them, but only 10 were present, whereupon Jacklyn asked where the 11th child was.  But they had no one to vouch for them, so Jacklyn sent them away with cattle and with food and they drew lots to leave one sister, as a hostage for payment.  Barbara was the sister left behind.

[56]Because she was now a beautiful grown woman, finely dressed and made up.

[57]In one legend it is said, that after Jacklyn had invited her siblings to entertainment, she ordered them to be placed in pairs at a table for a meal; upon which, upon having been placed to sit alone, Barbara burst into tears, saying that if her sister were alive, she would have sat with her.  Later, the siblings were lodged in pairs again for the night, but Barbara slept in the same room as Jacklyn.  Upon arising, Jacklyn asked her whom she would have for a sister, if she could have anyone in Jacklyn’s place, and Barbara replied that Jacklyn would have made her an excellent sister, whereupon Jacklyn revealed her true identity.

[58]Some relate this was a saa, or about a gallon measure.  Others believe it to have been a precious gold or silver cup.

[59]The person convicted of theft did not become a slave, but instead was reduced to servitude for double the price of the item stolen.

[60]This may be referring to Jacklyn either stealing a garment that once belonged to Sarah, or she destroyed a negative idol of wealth made from gold that belonged to her father.

[61]It is said by some commentators that her pupils became white from weeping and she lost part of her vision, but more likely this would have been caused by cataracts because weeping alone does not cause blindness.

[62]Here it is said that an angel told her that Jacklyn was still alive, perhaps this occurred in a dream; others suppose it was based upon the prior prediction that the siblings would bow down to Jacklyn during their lives.

[63]Referring to the fact that the mother had sent a letter to Egypt begging for Barbara’s release.  The siblings, however did nothing about the fact that both Jacklyn and Barbara were gone missing.

[64]Apparently the siblings recognized her either from her face and behavior, or from her front teeth, or by taking off her crown, and discovering a mole on her forehead.

[65]Supposedly this scent was carried on the wind a distance of 3 to 8 days.

[66]It is said that while only 72 women came into Egypt originally, by the time Miriam left Egypt with the Jewish families, there were by then 600,500 men and women, besides the elderly and children.

[67]It is told that Jacklyn lived in Egypt twenty four years, and at her death, she was to be buried in Palestine next to her mother.  Jacklyn returned to Palestine and died twenty three years after that.  But disputes arose among the Egyptians concerning her burial and they even came to blows.  At length they agreed to put her body into a marble coffin, and sink it into the Nile, to increase the flow of the river, thereby preventing famine.  But when Miriam led her people out of Egypt, she exhumed the coffin and carried Jacklyn’s bones to Canaan where they were buried with their foremothers.

[68]Here a distinction is made between those that live in the cities as being generally more compassionate, more educated, while those that lived in the desert were more ignorant and hard hearted.

[69]May mean “I am the most wise and knowing Goddess” and is often interpreted as this.

[70]As in sweet and sour, black and white, smooth and rough, etc.

[71]This has been changed from the original.  Old Arab stories relate that an unbeliever goes to hell with a heavy collar or neck weights around their necks, which consist of all their evil deeds on earth.  Of course this does not happen; the dark souls are merely recycled back to earth.

[72]Rain in a desert land raises hope for crops and drinking water.

[73]This is believed to be a reference to the fact that shadows are so long in the morning and evening that they appear to prostrate themselves before Goddess.

[74]This does not mean that the blind or deaf are lesser people or should be mistreated.  This is clearly an allegory.

[75]By committing suicide, engaging in drug or alcohol additions or other extreme negative behaviors.

[76]As Goddess is joined to God, and as all the prophetesses are joined together, as husband and wife are joined together, etc. To refer to God is the same as referring to Goddess and vice versa.  For “God” is within “Goddess” and “man” is within “woman.”

[77]Some Koreish wanted the prophetess  to prove her divinity by doing the following: move the mountains from Mecca and put in gardens instead, have the wind transport them with their goods to Syria, or have the earth cleaved in two, raise to life dead prophetesses.

[78]This is referring to the point that some evil people and their followers constantly annoyed and harassed the evil idolaters by plundering their caravans and driving off their cattle.  A true prophetess would never teach hate or violence against others.

[79]This would be referring to the ancient pagans, Arabs, Jews and Christians that the prophetess was preaching to.

[80]This was in response to some Jews that thought that a prophetess should not have a spouse or children to distract her from her religious duties.  Also, some felt that sexual pleasures were incompatible with piousness and purity.

[81]Thus, made their paths in life easier for them to follow, rather than wandering about like the unbelievers.

[82]See Table B, Introduction, page x for some possible meanings of these initials.

[83]At that time, the Jewish population in Egypt was said to be very large, so baby girls were killed at the time of birth, to prevent further population growth.  The males were not generally allowed to marry Egyptian women, and were used for heavy slave work only.

[84]Although goddesses of peace and love were allowed as facets of the One True Goddess named Allat, this was not what the dark entities wanted; they wanted greed, war, hate and violence.  They wanted to murder whomever they wanted and charge for goods and services what they wanted in times of scarcity.  They did not believe in alms or charitable acts, and they excluded others from their lands that they deemed to be different from them, and also they would warmonger with others, inciting hate and violence in the land.  They were nasty and violent and did not want a prophetess that preached of a Goddess that was pure love.

[85]This is probably referring to the Meccans, who felt they were blessed because they had been given the Caaba and the control of it, and they also had been given the mission of the prophetess, yet despite all of this, they eventually became obstinate unbelievers, for which they were punished by a famine of 7 years, but also by the loss and disgrace by losing at Bedr.

[86]This is referring to the fact that Sarah had a husband, Abraham, and a slave, Hagar.  While her first daughter Isabel was that of her husband, the second, Iris was that of her slave.  Because her husband could not be faithful to her, Sarah divorced Abraham and he left with Hagar and Iris to live in the desert.  They settled in a poorer valley for awhile, but Abraham eventually returned to Sarah and found a second husband for Hagar.  He was faithful after that.

[87]Referring to the people of Ada and Thelma, where their towns had been destroyed, and the only ones that were saved were the believers that understood the warning signs of the impending disaster.

[88]Some believe that the earth will turn white and the heavens will turn gold at the end of the earth time.

[89]Al Hejr is a place, between Medina and Syria where the people of Thelma lived and is mentioned near the end of the chapter.

[90]See Table B, Introduction, page x.

[91]Constellations representing signs of the Zodiac.

[92]Some Arabs believed that devils inhabited the constellations in order to pry into the actions and conversations of the inhabitants of heaven in order to tempt them.  They also believed that the evil spirits could enter into any of the seven heavens up until the birth of Yeshua, and at that time, they could enter only three of them, but were forbidden the other four.

[93]Some Arabs believe that when a star seems to fall or shoot, this is actually the angels shooting away at evil spirits to keep them away from heaven.

[94]This could be referring to soldiers that stay behind in battle, or it could refer to when people are born and when they die, or it may be referring to a certain story when a beautiful woman came to prayer, some men would come early and then stay late.

[95]Note this is a parable because Goddess does not curse anyone or anything, She is pure love.

[96]It is not know whether they were fearful due to their strange appearance, or coming at an unreasonable time, or else their not eating with her.

[97]Violent and hateful.

[98]Believed by most to be the first seven verses, or Chapter 1, of the Korana; believed by some to be the first full seven full chapters of the Korana.

[99]Some interpret this as the “obstructors” or those that would prevent people from entering the temple at Mecca, that they would be prevented from embracing Islama.

[100]A bee is mention approximately mid-chapter.

[101]The person intended in this section was Obba Ebn Khalf who came to the prophetess  with a rotten bone and asked if it were possible for Goddess to resurrect that.

[102]The creation of fresh edible fish from salt water was considered a miracle.

[103]Ancient Arabs believed that the earth, when first created, was smooth and equal and therefore liable to a circular motion like the celestial orbs they studied, and when the angels asked who could stand on such a tottering frame, Goddess fixed it the next morning by throwing the mountains upon it.

[104]Some believe that this passage is referring to the Tower of Babel, which was built for the purpose of ascending to heaven and waging war on the occupants. It is said to have been built by Nimrod, the grandson of Caanan, the son of Ham.  The tower was subsequently destroyed by a violent wind and earthquake.

[105]That is, the shadow is contracted while prostrate during worship.

[106]It is said that the ancient Arabs often buried baby daughters, but this is a fairly absurd claim considering the fact the Arabs were polygynistic and so many girls would have been required for every man–a difficult task considering the maternal mortality rate.  Only during periods of war were there generally more women than men However, many anthropologists now believe that it was a common occurrence in times past to gain converts to a new religion by claiming that other or old religions practiced devil worship, or infanticide, or temple sex–claims that could often be discounted by historical evidence to the contrary.  Unfounded rumors, it seems, were often the fastest traveling news and they did in fact effectively result in converting ancient peoples to various religions.

[107]It is argued that it is ironic that the people were so willing to worship many male deities, when they themselves found the birth of a baby boy to be shameful and desired to bury it because they were so difficult and so very hard to raise.  Further, they might bring shame on the family if they engaged in acts of violence, or raped a young girl or made one pregnant.  Accordingly, this preacher is arguing should be the same for the “sons of God,” as it is for their own sons.  However, the better argument is that Goddess does not bear children as human women do.

[108]Honey can be of various colors–red, black, yellow, white, according to the plants the bee feeds upon.  It should be considered a miracle that a bitter plant can produce a sweet nectar in its flower, and an ever sweet substance of honey.

[109]There is told a legend wherein a woman came to the prophetess with a stomach ache and the prophetess told her to go and eat honey, which she did.  But the woman’s  stomach ache did not get better, so she went back to the prophetess and she said to take more honey.  After the woman did this, she did recover right away.

[110]Changed from the original where it said that the wealthy do not share with their slaves when they could make them equals.

[111]The prophetess was admonishing the wealthy who would give freely to others, but neglect their own slaves.

[112]Some liken this parable to Goddess and other minor deities, or the faithful versus the unfaithful.

[113]Originally “in war,” but since war mongering is no longer permitted, the more appropriate term is “dangerous situations.

[114]Apparently the prophetess knew a woman who was a perfectionist and she would knit or weave a garment during the day and then undo it at night believing it was not good enough, only to start over the next day.

[115]One story is told that, after reading the Korana, the prophetess uttered something blasphemous, after which, she declared that Evil made her do it.  After this, prior to reading or reciting the Korana many Muslimas repeat these words, “I have recourse unto Goddess for assistance against Satan driven away with stones.”

[116]At the time, there was much speculation and rumor that the Korana was not actually channeled by the prophetess from the angel Gabrielle, but it was forged by a number of suspects, too many to mention here.  The accusations of forgery and the denouncement of this in the Korana is readily found at length on the internet and need not be dealt with in this Book which is being presented as a Book of faith, peace and love.

[117]The stories that are told regarding these passages are based upon the Koreish that would abduct the Moslemas and torment them until they renounced their faith.  In one particular instance, numerous people were abducted, and in particular one woman was tied between two camels and she was speared through her private parts.  Many of the others who watched this display immediately renounced their faith, but later returned to the prophetess weeping, whereupon she forgave them and published these verses.

            Even so, it was considered better to be severely tortured than to renounce one’s faith.  In one instance a Khoaib Ebn Ada was sold to the Koreish and was then mutilated by the cutting off of pieces of his flesh.  He was asked in the middle of his torture, whether he wished that the prophetess was in his place and he answered “I would not wish to be with my family, my substance, my children, on condition that the prophetess was only to be pricked with a thorn.”

[118]May be some or all of the following: putting Isaiah to death, imprisoning of Jeremiah, slaying of Zachariah and John the Baptist and/or imaging the death of Yeshua.

[119]Referring to the destruction of the Jewish Temple.

[120]This was to scold those Arabs that squandered away one’s substance in folly or luxury, considered to be a very great sin.  Often they would kill camels and distribute the food out of vanity and ostentation.  The prophetess forbid them to do this and to take care of their poorer relations.

[121]Two types of trees determine good from evil.  The Zakkum tree indicates evil because it is ugly,  produces little shade and bears bitter small fruits in scarcity, and this is distinguished from the shade trees of paradise which form beautiful large canopies and produce abundant sweet fruits.

[122]This is pure allegory; angels are not evil for they are pure love, just as Goddess is.

[123]Not blind literally, but blind as to faith.

[124]This supposedly is when a certain tribe came to the prophetess and asked if they could join her religion on the condition that certain obligations be waived, such as the giving of alms, frequent prayer, to keep Allat, etc.

[125]It is said that when the prophetess entered the temple at Mecca that there were 360 statutes, most of them negative male deities, and all she had to say was “Truth has come, and falsehood has vanished” and the statutes appear to topple over with just the touch of a stick.  Although these false negative deities were a problem circa 625 CE, the use of images and statutes should not present a problem now, as long as they are positive ones and not predominately males ones either.

[126]One Rabbi asked the prophetess to tell the details of the story of the cave together with information about the human spirit, and the prophetess had to admit she did not know this.

[127]The legend of the cave is explained in the first few verses.

[128]In the story of the cave, a certain number of persecuted Christians hid in a cave and fell asleep for a number of years, until the reign of persecution passed.  The number of years of sleep varies from legend to legend.

[129]Some Moslemas hold this dog in very high esteem and it is said there is a special place in heaven for him.

[130]That is, they were looking for a miracle such as this one.

[131]Some people believe that the ruler referred to was Dhu’lkarnein or Alexander the Great who was also referred to as the “two-horned.”  Perhaps this is because he was king of the East and the West, or because he made excursions to both parts of the world, or because he had two horns on his diadem, or two curls of hair, like horns on his forehead.

[132]It is told these people had neither clothes nor houses, their country did not have any buildings, but the people lived in holes under ground, where they retreated from the heat of the sun.  They may have been the Zenj, a black nation lying southwest of Ethiopia.  Or they may have been the troglodytes of the ancients.

[133]According to, Gog and Magog are two nations led by Satan in a climactic battle at Armageddon against the Queendom of Goddess.  Revelations  20.8

[134]It is further related that the wall was built in this manner.  It was dug until they found water, and having laid the foundation of stone and melted brass, they build the super structure of large pieces of iron, between which they laid wood and coals, until they equaled the height of the mountains; then they set fire to the combustibles, by the help of large bellows, they made the iron red hot and over it poured melted brass, which filled up the spaces between the pieces of iron, rendering the work as firm as a rock.  Others say the entire structure was built of stone joined by pieces of iron upon which was poured melted brass to fasten them together.

[135]Some possible meanings for these initials is given in Table C, Introduction, page x.

[136]It is said by some that she was so elevated that she could hear Goddess’ pen creaking as it wrote down decrees in heaven.

[137]She was so blessed, she wrote down 30 Books of divine inspiration, and it is said that she was the first who wrote with a pen, and who studied the sciences of astronomy and arithmetic, etc.

[138]Tales are told that she was taken up directly by Goddess into heaven at the age of 350, after having suffered death and been resurrected, and that she is alive in one of the 7 heavens.

[139]Some say that the believers will have to walk through hell, but they will not come near it, perhaps by passing over a narrow bridge over it, or by having the flames dampened as they near it.

[140]Changed from the original where the unbelievers will appear alone and naked on the day of the resurrection.