5.1 O true believers, meet your contractual obligations.

You are allowed to eat all that is healthy,

including, as an example to you, cattle, fish, fowl, pork,[1] and game,

except when on special pilgrimage to Mecca or other sacred and holy places;

for Goddess ordains what She determines is best for you all.                                                                             

5.2 O true believers, do not violate the holy rites of Goddess,

and be sincere in them when you perform them,

and be sincere in the holy month, nor should you make an offering for food,[2]

unless it is given to the hungry, but be thankful for it to Goddess, and to the animal that gave its life;

nor be disrespectful toward church ornaments, nor be disrespectful toward religious pilgrims,

or those that seek favors from Goddess or to please Her.

But when you have finished your pilgrimage,

then you may hunt, if desired.[3] And let not the malice of some,

when they have hindered you from entering your holy house,

provoke you and let you transgress, by taking revenge on them at any time.

Assist one another according to justice and piety,

but do not assist one another in injustice and malice;

therefore love Goddess, for Goddess does not punish, Goddess does not anger; She is pure love.                  

5.3 You are not allowed to eat animals which have died of their own accord,

nor may you eat old or spoiled blood or spoiled meat,

but you may eat of flesh dedicated in names other than the name of Goddess,

because fortunately there is but One True Goddess, so all names used actually belong to Her,

and you may always eat dedicated flesh; but not that which has been strangled,

or otherwise killed cruelly by a person; or by a blow, or by a fall, or by the horns of a wild beast,


or that which was eaten by a wild beast,[4] and has spoiled;

except you may eat what people have killed in a humane manner;

and that which was sacrificed to “other deities,”[5]

for all deity names actually represent One True Goddess, which is the Goddess of All.

It is also not wise to make important decisions based upon the casting of lots with arrows;

use wisdom, prayer and meditation instead;

or consult with your innermost intuition and your own heart,

for that is where Goddess resides and may be consulted with.

On the day of your resurrection, woe be it to those that have fallen away from good,

kind, loving and forgiving religion because they are not on the right path to Me;

therefore love Me with all you heart, mind and soul.

Because today you have had religion perfected for you,

and you have been endowed with the great mercy of Goddess,

and this has been chosen for you to be your religion.

But anyone who is driven by necessity from hunger to eat that which is unhealthy,

not designing to err, Goddess forgives and is indulgent and merciful to her.

5.4 Many will ask you what is allowed as being lawful to eat,

and you shall answer them, all things that are healthy and wholesome you shall be allowed to eat;

you may teach animals to catch prey for you;

your may train hunting animals, such as dogs for hunting;

and provide all animals with the skills that Goddess has given you to train.

5.5 Eat therefore of prey that animals have caught for you,

and the food of those to whom the Scriptures have been given,

which should include everyone, all this is allowed as lawful for you;

and your food is allowed as lawful unto them.

And you are allowed to marry free men and servants that are believers in kindness and love;

and also free men of those who have received the Scriptures before you,

which should be all men; if you have been given their separate property as guardian for them,

then live chastely with them, do not commit fornication,

nor take them for lovers or sexual servants. And men should do likewise.                                                        

Anyone who shall renounce their faith in love and kindness,

their works shall be in vain, for what are good works without love?

But no soul is every harmed by Goddess or Her angels,

no matter what errors that soul has committed.

5.6 O true believers in Goddess, when you prepare yourself to pray,

do so with a clean face, and clean hands up to the elbows;

and clean your heads, and your feet; but to make love with another is not uncleanliness, per se;

wash afterwards only if needed.

But if you are sick, or on a journey, or if you come from the washroom,

or if you have done hard labor, and you find there is no place to wash,

in your mind take clean water and soap and wash your body and aura with it.

Goddess does not want to create more difficulties for you;

She does not want religion to be difficult for you–it should be a blessing;

but She desires that you be purified, and She wishes to put Her favors upon you;

that you may give thanks to Her.

5.7 Remember the favor of Goddess towards you,

and Her covenant which She has made with you when you said,

“We have heard Goddess, and we will obey Her.”[6]

Therefore, love Goddess, for Goddess knows the innermost parts of the breasts of women.                           

5.8 O true believers in love, kindness and the light,

observe justice when you appear as witnesses before Goddess,

and let not hatred towards any induce you to do wrong;

but act justly, this will approach nearer to piety;

and love Goddess, for Goddess is fully acquainted with what you do.                                                             

5.9 Goddess has promised unto to those who believe, and do what is right,

that they shall receive pardon and a great reward in the world which is to come.                                            

5.10 But those who do not believe in love or kindness or justice,

and those who accuse others of falsehoods, they will not see Paradise, for they do not ask for Paradise,

which is Her Queendom, and Goddess will not interfere with those that do not want Her.                            

5.11 O true believers in Light and Love, remember Goddess’ favors towards you,

when certain people designed to stretch forth their hands against you,

She restrained their hands from harming you.[7]

Therefore, love your Goddess with your entire heart and mind,

and in Goddess let the faithful put their trust.                                                                                                    

5.12 Goddess formerly accepted the covenant of the children of Israel,

and we appointed them twelve leaders; and Goddess said, “Remember, I will be with you always,

if you observe frequent prayer, and give alms,

and believe in My apostles and prophetesses, and assist them,

and lend to Goddess only for good and reasonable usury,[8]

I will surely purge all your evil deeds and errors from you,

and I will lead you into gardens where rivers flow;

but if any among you disbelieve, after hearing My covenants,

they only err from the straight path which leads back to Me.”                                                                          

5.13 Wherefore, because some people have broken their covenant with Goddess;

they themselves curse their own hearts, they harden their own hearts;

they forget the Scriptures of Goddess and the Scripture of the Pentateuch;[9]

they have forgotten the most important part of what they were told to do:

to love others, to be kind and charitable, to forgive others;

and you will not cease to discover deceitful practices among them,

except for a few; and yet you must forgive them and pardon them,

for Goddess loves the beneficent.                                                                                                                       

5.14 And some of you on earth say,

“We are Christians, we have received the covenants of Goddess,”

but they do ill will and therefore have forgotten what they were told;

and those that forget love; will only raise up hatred and enmity

among themselves until the day of their resurrection;

and then they will clearly see what ill works they have been doing.                                                                  

5.15 O you who have received the Scriptures, you have had many good apostles,

prophetesses and ascended mistresses and masters come to you

to make obvious to you many things which you had heretofore concealed in the Scripture

because your hearts were hard, and you overlooked many things you were told to do.                                  

5.16 Now a Book of Light and easily understood Revelation has come to you from Goddess.

Thereby Goddess will direct Her good pleasure to all that will follow Her and they will find paths of peace;

and She will direct them out of darkness into the light by Her will,

and She shall direct all in the right way.                                                                                                              

5.17 There are those that say, “Certainly Yeshua is a deity and the Son of Mother Mary,”

but it is more correct to say that Yeshua has Goddess within him,

as you all do, and Yeshua is the son of Mother Mary.

You might tell others this, but it is more important to show your love to them.

No one could obtain from Goddess anything contrary to love and light,

yet Goddess would never please to destroy Yeshua, nor Mother Mary, nor all that live on earth.

For unto Goddess belongs the Queendom of heaven and earth,

and whatsoever is contained between them; She creates what She pleases, and Goddess is almighty.              

5.18 The Jews and Christians say, “We are the children of Goddess and we are Her beloved;”

point out to them that they also say She punishes them for their sins–which She does not;

but all the people on earth are the beloved children of Goddess

and you have Goddess within you, for She created you;

Goddess forgives all, and does not punish as you know it;

and unto Goddess belongs all the Queendom of heaven and earth,

and of what is contained between them both; and unto Her all things shall return.                                          

5.19 O you all who have received the Scriptures,

now many apostles and prophetesses have come to you;

you have been given true religion, during what you thought was the cessation of the apostles[10],

(yet Goddess never stops sending you apostles, prophetesses and ascended mistresses),

unless you might say, “No bearer of good tidings, nor anyone who would teach us, has come to us yet;”

but now you have seen and heard many bearers of good tidings

and they all have taught you to love and serve only Goddess, for Goddess is almighty.                                  

5.20 Call to mind when Miriam said to her people, “O My prophetesses among you,

and those who are queens, what has been given you has not been given to

any other nation upon this earth.”                                                                                                                      

5.21 “O My people, enter into the holy land, which Goddess has decreed shall be given to you,

and turn not your backs upon Goddess, unless you perish for lack of Her love

which is actually abundant all around you.”                                                                                                       

5.22 They answered, “O Miriam, there are giant people in the land,

and we cannot enter it, until the giants depart from it, but if they will leave, then we shall enter.”[11]                

5.23 And two women[12] who loved Goddess, and to whom Goddess had therefore been gracious said,

“We can enter suddenly by the gate of the city, and after we have entered therein,

we shall be victorious. You must trust in Goddess, if you are to be true believers.”                                          

5.24 They replied, “O Miriam, we can never enter the land while there are giants there,

therefore you shall take soldiers and fight, for we will sit here.”

Miriam replied, “O Goddess, surely I am not mistress of anyone except myself,

and my sisters, therefore make a distinction between us and the others, who will not enter in.”                      

5.26 Goddess answered, “Then the land shall be forbidden to all your people for forty years;

during such time they shall wander each day and the next,

and they shall be forever astonished on the earth,[13] therefore be kind to them in their confusion.”                  

5.27 But tell them the story of the two children of Eve,[14]

how one daughter presented her offering with gladness and it was accepted of her,

but it was not accepted of the brother because he did not offer it with a joyous heart,

but he was one that begrudged the Lady of Light,                                                                                             

5.28 and Cain said to his sister, “I will kill you for what you have done,

your offering was accepted and mine was not, and it is most certainly all your fault”

and she said to him; “Goddess only accepts an offering from a joyous heart and one that is full of love.”      

5.29 “If you stretch your hand to kill me, I will not harm you, for I love Goddess;

the Queen of all creatures on earth, and She has commanded me not to harm any other person,

and most especially my own brother.”                                                                                                               

5.30 “I choose that I will pray for your forgiveness, and you should pray for your own forgiveness,

and may Goddess cleanse your heart, but you shall not suffer hell fire,

for that is not how Goddess disciplines any of her children,

for She loves us all greatly with unconditional love.” Yet, Cain’s heart was hardened,

and he killed his sister, and he became part of the number of dark souls that should inhabit the earth,

in an endless cycle of rebirth, spreading evil and pain.                                                                                       

5.31 And Goddess send forth a raven, which scratched the earth,

to show him how he should hide the shame of his sister’s murder;[15]

and he said, “Woe is me! I am unable to be like the raven, and hide my sister and my shame.”

And he became one of the repentant, but only for a period, until he forgot his shame.[16]                                 

5.32 Wherefore, the children of Israel were commanded,

that anyone who kills another person that was a murderer,

or had committed wickedness in the earth, shall be as if she had slain all peoples of the earth,

and one who saves a soul from death, shall be as if she had saved all peoples of the earth,

but you are now commanded by Goddess to kill no one,

except in self-defense, and never as a preemptive task.

Apostles, ascended mistresses and prophetesses had formerly told you this,

and came with evident miracles to show you this was truth from Goddess,

but you did not heed them and accordingly you transgressed on the earth.                                                     

5.33 But the compensation of those who fight against Goddess and Her apostles,

ascended mistresses and prophetesses, and one who studies to act corruptly or violently in the earth,

it shall be that Goddess will make difficult plans for them, and you shall have faith in Her,

and you shall not kill them, or maim them, or treat them cruelly, nor shall you crucify them,

nor shall you cut off hands or feet or any body part,

nor shall you banish them from the land, less they do injustice elsewhere,

but you may imprison them for a fair and just period, commensurate with their crime.

This is sufficient disgrace, and what shall happen in the next world,

is the prerogative of Goddess, and She provides loving correction and not hate, vengeance or rage.              

5.34 Except there should be no punishment from Goddess for those that repent,

and have served their time on earth, for She is merciful and kind and forgiving

and She will develop sophisticated plans of discipline for them.                                                                       

5.35 O true believers, love Goddess and earnestly look forward to meeting Her again,

for She is filled with love, joy, peace and happiness,

and fight a nonviolent fight for Her religion of love, kindness and forgiveness, and you shall be happy.        

5.36 Moreover, those who do not believe, even though they own much that is in the earth,

and are filled with possessions, many of them believe that they might use their wealth

to alleviate themselves from facing their evil deeds and wickedness while on the earth, but it will not;

and they will have to face what pain and suffering that they have caused during their selfish pursuits.            

5.37 But they will not avoid facing this, and they will then realize

that the pain they have caused others is serious and substantial.                                                                        

5.38 If a man or a woman steals, you shall not cut off their hands,

for this is barbaric, this is not proper retribution for what the perpetrator has confiscated;


such exemplary punishments find grief with Goddess,

and She cries for such a permanent loss and disfigurement which you clearly had no right to do;

Goddess is mighty and wise, and you will feel their pain and suffering on the day of your resurrection.         

5.39 But whoever shall repent after iniquity has been committed and those that will amend,

certainly Goddess will be kind to that person, for Goddess is inclined to forgive and be merciful to all.         

5.40 You should know that the Queendom of heaven and earth all belongs to Goddess.

But She does not punish as you know of this concept, for She is very wise and loving.                                    

5.41 O apostles, ascended mistresses and prophetesses,

do not let anyone grieve over those that would seek the ways of the ungoddessly,

or of those that say “We believe” with their mouths, but their hearts do not believe,

or of some of the unfaithful people that hearken to lies and harken to the darkness, for the dark entities

will come to you and they will pervert the Scriptures and give them dark and foreboding meanings,

and they will further say, “This is brought to you so believe it, and if anything more is brought to you,

then beware of believing anything,” and they thereby pervert the Law,

and say “Fear God!” and “Forget your loving Goddess!”

and they say negative things concerning their imagined male only deity;

that “He will punish,” that “He will send you all to hell,” and “He is jealous and mean,”

yet they know there is no hell, except what is here on this earth, and they also know that

no loving deity will ever be mean, jealous or nasty; this is only what they think,

which is what people have created for themselves, for people are imperfect, but Goddess is not.

They further say that an evil deity will seduce them into darkness,

so that Goddess will not cleanse the hearts and souls of some, yet this is also untrue.                                       

5.42 But you will know those that tell lies, and those that eat unhealthy things,

things that cause them to be sick or to be overweight and they deny they do this.

But if they come to your courts for judgment,

then your courts should receive them and judge in all equity between them,

because they come to you for assistance, and you should render it,  

for Goddess loves those that observe justice.                                                                                                       

5.43 And you will find that when justice is done, those that have clean hearts and love Goddess,

shall readily abide by a good decision, but those that have darker souls will resent a fair decision,

and they shall balk at effectuating any good decisions, or any goodness at all,

and they will turn their backs upon the tribunal they had formerly earnestly sought out.                                 

5.44 You have been sent down the Law concerning direction,

and you have been given light unto your souls,

and so did the prior ascended mistresses, apostles and prophetesses,

who had professed the true religion, consider those who practice other religions;

and the doctors and priestesses also instruct according to the Book of Goddess,

which had been entrusted to their custody; and they were also witnesses to this.[17]

Therefore, fear not the people, but love Goddess and Her angels;

do not sell the signs of Goddess for a small price, nor dismiss them.

And those that judge not according to what Goddess has set down,

they are not to be trusted nor entertained, for justice reigns supreme with your Goddess,

yet forget not mercy and compassion, for all must be balanced.                                                                       

5.45 Many have been heretofore commanded that they should give only a life for life,

an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose, and a ear for an ear, and a tooth for a tooth;

you were commanded this because your hearts were hard,[18]

but now you are told that wounds are not punishable by violence or physical retaliation,

for these are the ways of base people and not of Goddess.

Rather, one should be charged with monetary loss for any physical injury wilfully or negligently inflicted, and perhaps with punitive fees for egregious wilful conduct,

and reasonable imprisonment for intentional or reckless and wanton disregard for human life,

but nothing more.

The rest lies with Goddess and you should have faith in Her guidance and Her instruction,

and She does not punish, as you understand this term.

The payment for the loss and the remission of alms, is always best for one that is repentant of her errors.

And those who instruct others improperly or who will not follow not the precepts of Goddess,

then they are unjust and they should repent.

5.47 And the footsteps of the prophetesses follow one another.

We sent Yeshua and Mother Mary, confirming and expanding upon law that came before them;

they were sent the Gospel; in this Book was contained goodness and light,

and a confirmation and expansion of Scripture before it;

it was an instruction and means of guidance to those that love Goddess.

5.48 You have been sent down this Good Korana with truth,

confirming and refining that Scripture which was revealed before it,

because you are now allowed by Goddess to know so much more,

and it will preserve you safe from corruption.

Therefore, instruct your people according to that which Goddess has lovingly revealed to you;

and follow no vain desires by swerving from the truth which has been sent down.

Everyone of you has been given good and proper Law,

and a path open to truth and understanding that you might follow,

and Goddess certainly could have made you all one people, of the same mind and inclinations,

yet She created you uniquely, and you shall live uniquely, as your hearts desire. 

For though the flesh of all peoples on the earth is substantially similar,

yet your hearts and minds are unique, as unique as the vast realms of Her creativity,

and you shall always cherish this and respect it within those people

that live both near you and far from you. Yet laws and Scripture for you all are one and the same.

Therefore, strive to inspire one another to excel in good works and deeds;

you shall all return one day back to Goddess,

and then you shall understand all you have formerly disagreed upon.                                                              

5.49 Wherefore, many of you will become judges between the people

according to that which Goddess has revealed,

and you will no long follow anyone’s vain desires;

but be aware of them, unless they cause you to err,

and if they turn back, know that Goddess is pleased to decide among them,

and understand that a great many people have dark souls

and will transgress wilfully and without concern for others.                                                                              

5.50 There should be none among you any longer that

desire judgment based upon precepts existing from the time of ignorance,

you should understand that there is none better than Goddess

to provide the framework to instruct you properly concerning all matters.                                                      

5.51 O true believers, do not take others with darkened souls for your friends and confidants;[19]

unless you are wary and protect yourself from possible harm,

they will be friends to one another; but any of you that takes a darkened soul for a friend

may find much pain and misery, for the darker entities[20] look to

one another for direction and not to Goddess.                                                                                                  

5.52 You shall see within those whose hearts that there is an infirmity,

so go hastily and say to them, “We fear much in life and believe some adversity will befall us,”

for they do not have faith, they do not understand the Goddess is bountiful,

and She provides all victories, all benevolent commands,

and this would allow them to repent deep dark thoughts they hold in their minds.                                        

5.53 But those who believe will say, “We note these are people

that have sworn by Goddess to be faithful to Her, yet we see they cannot hold fast to their oaths,

and they abandon easily tasks which they should have accomplished due to their fears,

which are great and consuming.” Their works are indeed vain because they cannot be completed,

and accordingly, as null works, they will perish.                                                                                                

5.54 O true believers, whoever among you apostatizes or falls away from the true religion,

know that Goddess is with you and She shall surely direct you back to Her with Her own plans,

and in Her own time; it may appear that others have taken your place,

readily and eagerly, but Goddess forgets none of Her children, and She will hearken to you,

for it is you She loves, and your hearts are inscribed with directions to love and seek only Her ultimately,

for She is the ultimate Mother of the World;

you shall be humble toward the believers;

you shall fight nonviolently for the loving and true religion of Goddess;

you shall not fear those that would obscure and detract from Goddess;

for Goddess has great bounty and She bestows it on all that will ask for it;

Goddess is omnipotent and wise.                                                                                                                       

5.55 Certainly your ultimate protectress is Goddess,

and all of Her ascended mistresses, apostles and prophetesses;

and those who believe in Her, who pray frequently, and give alms, and who worship Her frequently.          

5.56 And those who take Goddess and Her angels and the light souls for their friends,

they are in the party of Goddess, and they shall have abundant victory.                                                           

5.57 O true believers do not trust friends with dark souls that would make your religion of love, compassion and kindness a jest or a laughing stock so as to detract from it,

but love your Goddess with all your heart and soul.                                                                                         

5.58 Say, “O you who have received the Scriptures, do not reject us for any reason

because we believe in Goddess, and Her revelations which She has sent down to us,

and that which was formerly sent down by Goddess,

and understand that the greater part of those in the earth,

have dark souls or have darkened their souls due to lack of love.”                                                                   

5.59 Say, “Could I denounce to you a worse thing than to be cut off from the love of your Goddess,

due to wicked actions, wicked thoughts, evil deeds and cruelty to others?”

5.60 But Goddess curses no one, you only debase yourselves when you act cruelly to one another,

and some believe that for this, some people that merely erred were changed to apes and swine,[21]

but Goddess does not do such things, and whether you call your divine entity Taghut,

or by any other name, it does not matter, for Goddess hears all prayers,

and She watches over those that love a supreme entity, whether they understand Her name,

or Her form, or what She does for them, it does not matter,

it is only those that do not seek out and love Goddess,

their paths are more strenuous, and they are more likely to err

without Goddess or Her guardian angels

at their sides, which angels She sends to you out of Her love and concern for you all.                                     

5.61 When people come to you, they say, “We believe!”

yet they may come to you and enter into your company with dark hearts,

and they may leave from you with the same darkened hearts,

but Goddess knows well all of what they attempt to conceal.                                                                          

5.62 You shall see many of them hastening into injustice, malice and hate,

and they eat and do unhealthy things,[22]

yet much sadness will befall them for what they have done.                                                                             

5.63 Unless their doctors and priestesses forbid them from uttering and committing wickedness;

and eating what is patently unhealthy;

they will find much sadness comes from such practices.                                                                                     

5.64 Many people[23] say, “The hands of Goddess are tied up,”

but it is in reality their own hands which are tied up,

and they will find they cannot flourish in the earth

without the assistance or the hand of Goddess to help them.[24]

In reality, it is the hands of Goddess that are stretched forth in bounty,

to all that would ask or receive them,

and they should note that without Goddess to guide them,

then sin and injustice is only increased between them,

and they shall not have fidelity or allegiance to one another;

and they shall find only enmity and hatred among them,

until the day of their resurrection when they shall see what they have done clearly.

So often as they shall kindle a fire for war, Goddess shall extinguish it;

and when they set their minds to act corruptly;

because they darkly desire it; She will quash that also,

yet Goddess gives no credence to the darker souls,

still Goddess grieves for those that act wickedly.

5.65 Moreover, if they who have receive the Scriptures believe,

and love Goddess, their errors will be forgiven,

and they will be led into beautiful gardens of pleasure.                                                                                     

5.66 Dear believers, publish the whole and correct and loving version of what has been sent down to you so that others may learn of the love that Goddess has to give them;

for if you assiduously publish and protect all of what has been given to you;

Goddess will defend you against the unbelieving people,

yet Goddess cannot properly direct anyone until they seek Her.                                                                       

5.67 Say, “O you people who have received the Scriptures,

you are not truly grounded on anything unless and until you

observe the laws and the gospels and that which has been kindly sent down from your Lady of Light.”         

5.68 That which has been sent down to you all will surely decrease transgression and infidelity of many,

yet grieve not nor worry for the remaining unbelieving people.

5.69 Certainly those that practice other religions of violence and hate;

many believe in a day of harsh judgment;

yet there is certainly none better than those who understand,

and practice a good loving religion, and as for the good Jews, Christians, Pagans, Buddhists, Hindus

and all other religions, no fear shall come to them, nor shall they ever grieve.

5.70 We formerly accepted the covenant of the children of Israel,

and sent apostles, prophetesses and ascended mistresses to them.

And so as often as a prophetess came to them, and told them what their minds did not wish to hear,

they accused some of them of deceit and killed some;                                                                                      

5.71 And they imagined that there would be no punishment for such a crime,

and some became blind and deaf,

so they thought they were punished on earth for this,

yet they were not. Yet Goddess sees all that you do, and if you do wrong,

She grieves for you and makes plans to correct wrongful behavior.                                                                  

5.72 There are some that say “Certainly Yeshua is God,

the divine son of Mother Mary, since he said,

‘O children of Israel, serve Goddess, My Lady and your Lady of Light,’”

but whoever worries about whether Goddess has a companion,

rather than how much the people should love Goddess, and love one another,

has no true understanding of heaven or of earth,

because it is far more important not to engage in protracted heated disputes

that could lead to hate and enmity among you,

and there is no hell fire for any such belief;

yet each person should pray to Goddess and ask Her for understanding on this point;

and they should have patience to understand Goddess

and those who believe differently than you do, this is the better way.                                                              

5.73 There are certainly those who say that Goddess is the third of three;

but there is no Goddess, besides the One True Goddess;

yet it is far more important for them to be kind to one another,

rather than argue dogma to hate and violence.

5.74 Why do they not turn to Goddess and follow Her precepts to love one another?

For Goddess is the Greatest Forgiver and the Most Merciful One.

5.75 Whatever you believe, as long as you try to keep peace and are kind to others,

and turn to Goddess for guidance, your reward is assured with Goddess,

for Goddess is gracious and merciful to all.                                                                                                        

Yeshua and Mother Mary were prophet and prophetess;

and both were ascended master and mistress;

yet they and all of you already contain the knowledge of Goddess within you,

if you will only draw it out from within you.

Other apostles, ascended mistresses and prophetesses have preceded them, but they all ate food.

Behold how we declare unto all the signs of Goddess’ unity;

yet some will turn away from this understanding.

And then behold how some people turn aside from

good teachings of love and then they distort these teachings into something negative and judgmental,

5.76 Then who is there to worship besides Goddess,

for such entities can neither harm nor profit you,

unless She would assist them, see if She does so without their first asking,

yet do not worship entities as you would Goddess for spirits and angels are not Goddess,

but be thankful to them for their assistance,

and love them and bless them because they care for you and watch over you.                                                 

5.77 Goddess is the entity that hears and sees all of what you do.

So tell those that have received the Scriptures, not to exceed the reasonable bounds of your religion,

by speaking something besides the truth;

nor follow the vain desires of people who have heretofore erred

and taught hate and violence; and who have seduced many away from a straight path.                                  

5.78 Those among the children of Israel who believed were not cursed

by the tongue of Denise, for she cursed no one,

nor by the words of Yeshua, child of Mother Mary,

yet misfortune befell them and they were not forewarned, because they were rebellious,

hateful, violent, and transgressed, and never listened to their prophetess who taught only love.                     

5.79 They did not forbid anyone the wickedness and hate they committed, and sadness came to them.        

5.80 You shall see many of them take for friends those that do not believe,

and those that accordingly act corruptly and hateful;

and much sadness shall befall them on account of those friends,

but Goddess is not incensed against them;

because She has no hate, rage or negativity; She is only pure love;

yet they shall be tormented within such friendships, and Goddess shall grieve for them.

5.81 But if they had only believed in Goddess and Her prophetesses,

and ascended mistresses, and all that which has been revealed to them,

they would not have taken such entities for friends;

and many of these are evil doers and only bring woe to those around them.                                                   

5.82 You shall surely find the most violent of all people in hatefulness

to be some of those found among all religions, and even the Pagans,

and those that profess no religion; and you shall surely find the same

to be the most inclinable to entertain friendship among you to be believers who say,

“We are good Christians”, or “We are good Jews,” or “We are good Buddhists,”

and the same with people even at your house of worship, wherever it is and whatever type it is.

This comes to pass because there are some priests, priestesses, ministers, nuns and monks

among them that are elated with pride, and are self serving in their relationship to Goddess.                         

5.83 And when they hear what has been sent down to you, their eyes may overflow with tears,

because of the truth that they perceive therein, saying “O Lady of Light,

write our names down together with those that bear witness to the truth;”                                                      

5.84 and what should hinder anyone from believing in Goddess,

and the truth which has come down to us, and from earnestly desiring that our Lady of Light

would introduce us into heaven with the righteous people?                                                                             

5.85 Therefore Goddess has rewarded the believers, for what they have said,

for the good they have done, with gardens through which rivers flow;

they shall continue therein forever, and this is the glorious reward for the righteous.                                       

5.86 But those who believe not and accuse our signs of falsehood,

they are only of the judgmental sort and are to be pitied for their misunderstandings.                                    

5.87 O true believers, forbid not the good things that Goddess has allowed you,

and eat of all things wholesome, but transgress not, for Goddess wishes you to advance

to Her and not fall from Her good graces.                                                                                                         

5.88 And eat of which Goddess has given you for food, all of what is wholesome and good;

and love your Goddess, in whom you believe.                                                                                                  

5.89 Goddess will not punish true believers for inconsiderate words in your oaths;

but it is not appropriate for you to deliberately make an oath or covenant

knowing that you have no intention of fulfilling it; and the remedy for violating such an oath,

shall be the feeding of ten poor persons

with such moderate food as you feed your own families with;

or to clothe them; or to free or petition someone to free another from slavery or unjust captivity;

but if one has no capacity to perform any of these; they need not fast in lieu of charitable deeds,

for one can always find ways to assist others truly in need,

and it need not be done with items of wealth or prosperity,

but even a kind word, prayer or deed might suffice.

This is the remedy for those that have taken an oath or made a covenant

and have not fulfilled their obligations for the oath or covenant inadvertently.

Thus Goddess declares such signs to you, that you might be thankful.                                                              

5.90 O true believers, you need to understand the meaning of the use of alcohol,

gambling and drug usage, and it is not as simple as banning these outright,

for adults need to make meaningful choices in their lives to grow and prosper.

So the usage of such addictive actions are not nearly as important

as whether or not an addiction causes hurt or harm to others.

So while an outright ban is not necessarily the solution, nor is absolution in these areas.

You must use your own judgment. This allows the individual to have free choice in these areas.

Further the dark entities are always attracted to illicit businesses.                                                                       

5.91 Darkness tends to be attracted to assisting excessive gambling, drugs and alcohol for large profits.

Thereby Goddess directs those who shall follow Her pleasure, into the paths of peace;

and shall lead them out of darkness into light, by Her will, and shall direct them in the right way.                 

5.92 Obey Goddess and obey your apostles, ascended mistresses and prophetesses,

and heed what you do; if you turn back, know that the duty of your ministers,

is only to preach publicly and nothing more.                                                                                                     

5.93 In those who believe and do good works, it is no sin that they drank excess wine

or have gambled excessively before these were forbidden;

for if you truly love Goddess and believe, and repent,

She will forgive you, for Goddess loves those that do good.                                                                            

5.94 O true believers, Goddess will surely prove you in offering you plenty of game,

which you may kill humanely; so that Goddess may know those that love Her in secret;

but whoever transgresses after this shall be held to what they have learned and shall be responsible.               

5.95 O true believers, kill no game while you are on pilgrimage;

but if anyone shall kill any animal while on pilgrimage;

they shall make an offering to the poor of the same value of the animal killed,

or sponsor an animal’s feed for a year for a poor family.

Goddess always forgives what was done in the past;

but Goddess is not pleased when you regress,

still Goddess will love you always, for Goddess has no vengeance;

and She is wise and kind to all Her children.                                                                                                      

5.96 It is lawful for you to fish for animals that live both in and out of the waters on the earth,

as long as you do not over fish the seas, lakes and rivers;[25]

It is unlawful for you to hunt by land,

while you are preforming the rites of pilgrimage and before and after,

because animals for food should always be killed humanely;

therefore love Goddess, and you shall see Her on your last day,                                                                       

as an accomplishment of days well spent on earth.

For Goddess has appointed the Caaba,

and many other holy places across the earth,

as places to worship and meet, for those that are faithful, loving and kind;

and She has ordained sacred days and months in your localities;

and appropriate offerings to the poor, the homeless, and your house of worship,

and She allows you to wear ornaments and garlands on yourselves and in your houses of worship,

and She desires that you are happy and joyful,

and music, art and writing and creative pursuits are all blessings from Her.

You only create by the permission of Her. But She expects you to be joyful and happy

both in Her house of worship and out of it;

so use your creative talents wisely that you might be joyous.                                                                            

5.97 This has been given to you so that you will know all that is in heaven and earth belongs to Her

and that your loving Goddess is omniscient.                                                                                                      

5.98 Know that Goddess has no anger, and She does not punish, as you know it,

She is always ready to forgive and be merciful unto you.

5.99 The ways of your apostles, ascended mistresses and prophetesses is only to preach to you,

and Goddess already knows what you are made of, and what you conceal within you.                                  

5.100 Know that evil and good are not evenly esteemed;

though the abundance of evil seems to please some, you should seek Goddess,

O people of understanding, that you may be ultimately happy.                                                                      

5.101 O true believers, do not worry about things,

which if they are declared to you may give you pain,

but if you ask concerning things in this Korana sent down to you, they will be declared to you;

for Goddess pardons you as to those matters;

for Goddess is ready to forgive and will be gracious to you.                                                                             

5.102 People have been sent to you formerly inquiring concerning many matters;

and afterwards disbelieved all that was true and wonderful, for some reason.[26]                                               

5.103 Goddess has not ordained anything regarding Bahira, nor Saiba

5.104 nor Wasila nor Hami[27]; but the unbelievers have invented stories regarding Goddess,

and the people, and the people often say, “The religion which we founded which is based upon

that of our mothers to follow, is sufficient for us.” What?

Even though your mothers did not know as much as you do now,

even though you are allowed so much more knowledge now?

You should consider that no animal or person in need is benefitted by such a practice,

and you would do better to understand that.                                                                                                    

5.105 O true believers, take care of your souls! She who makes a mistake will not hurt you truly,

while you are rightly directed; unto Goddess you shall all return,

and then She will allow you to see clearly what you did during your lifetime.                                                 

5.106 O true believers, let witnesses be utilized between you, when death approaches any of you,

when you are making your last will and testament;

let there be at least two witnesses from the good women among you;

or of a different tribe or faith from yourselves, for you are all truly sisters in the eyes of Goddess,

which is most helpful when you are traveling, should accident or death happen to you.

They shall be quiet before giving testimony, and after prayer, if desired,

the witnesses shall swear by Goddess, and the witnesses may be related to the decedent,

and they shall not conceal the testimony of Goddess,

unless they be considered one of the dark entities.                                                                                             

5.107 But if it appears that the witnesses have been guilty of past iniquities,

then two other women shall stand in their stead,

they should be the two nearest in blood that are not beneficiaries of the decedent,

and they should then give an oath that their testimony will be truthful,

and they shall not vary from the truth, for they would then darken their own souls.[28]                                     

5.108 It is easier that women should give testimony according to their own plain intentions,

or a different similar oath may be given in place; therefore love Goddess and listen;

for Goddess is not mindful of the unjust.                                                                                                           

5.109 On a certain day in the future, Goddess shall assemble together

all the prophetesses and ascended mistresses and say to them,

“What happened after you were sent to preach to your people? Did they listen?”

They will then answer, “We have no knowledge of these things, but You, Goddess,

are the only One that possesses such knowledge of the secrets of those we were sent to preach to,

and whether they continued to practice what we preached to them.”                                                              

5.110 When Goddess shall say, “O Yeshua, son of Mother Mary,

remember My favor towards you, and towards your mother,

when I strengthened you with My Holy Spirit that you should

speak to people while still in the cradle,[29]

and when you grew up, and when I taught you Scripture,

and wisdom and the law and the gospel; and when you did create clay in the figure of a bird,

with My permission, and you breathed on it,

and it became an animated bird; further by My permission,

you healed the person who was blind from birth, and the leper, with My permission;

and when you brought forth the dead out of their graves, by My permission,

and when I prevented the children of Israel from killing you;

when you had come to them with evident miracles, and some of them would not believe,

and they said, ‘This is nothing but evil sorcery.’”                                                                                               

5.111 I also commanded the Apostles of Yeshua, saying “Believe in Me and My messenger,”

they answered, “We do believe, and have witnesses that we are dedicated to You.”                                        

5.112 Remember when the Apostles said,

“O Yeshua, son of Mary, is the Lady able to have a table descend from heaven?”[30]


5.113 They said, “We desire to eat from the table, to put our hearts at ease,

and that we may know what you have said is the truth, and that we may be a witness to this truth.”             

5.114 Yeshua, the son of Mary said,

“O Goddess, our Lady of Light, cause a table to descend from heaven for us,

that the day of its descent will be a festival day for us, from the first of us until the last,

and it shall also be a sign from You, dear Lady, and please provide food for us,

for You are the best provider.”                                                                                                                           

5.115 Goddess said, “I will cause it to descend to you, but if any disbelieve hereafter,

I will further devise loving, but often difficult plans, to draw you closer to Me,

because I do not punish any of My beloved creatures here on this beautiful earth.[31]                                        

5.116 And when Goddess will say to Yeshua, at the last day, “O Yeshua, child of Mother Mary,

have you told all the people, ‘take me and My Mother for two deities,

beside Goddess?’” He shall answer, “You shall not worry about what others believe,

but you should only believe in me, and that Goddess loves you,

and you should be more worried about how much you love one another,

than what your sister believes.”[32]

5.117 “For I have never spoken other than what Goddess has commanded me to say;

namely, ‘Worship Goddess, My Lady and your Lady;’

and I was a witness of their actions while I walked the earth; but since then I have been taken to heaven,[33]

for She shall watch over you, for She is the witness of all you do.”                                                                   

5.118 If you punish people, then they are only as servants to you,

but if you forgive people, then you show you are mighty and wise.                                                                

5.119 Goddess will say, “On this day truthfulness shall be of advantage to those that speak the truth;

they shall find beautiful gardens wherein rivers flow and gush, they shall remain there forever;”

for Goddess was well pleased with them.

They will experience great and everlasting happiness and peace.                                                                      

Unto Goddess belongs the Queendom of heaven and earth,

of whatever therein remains, for She is almighty.”









6.1 Praise be unto Goddess, who has created all the heavens and earth,

and who has ordained the darkness and the light;

nevertheless, those who do not believe in the Lady of Light,

you shall come to understand that all other loving gods and goddesses you call upon are actually Her.         

6.2 For it is She who has created you from minerals from the earth, and water, a spark of the divine;

and then She has helped you form your lives here on earth in a loving and kindly manner,

and yet there is still doubt in many of you, where there does not need to be any doubt at all.       

6.3 For She is the only Goddess in heaven and on the earth; She knows what you try to keep secret,

and also what you publish, and also what you know, and what you deserve.                                                  

6.4 For you know that you deserve all that is within heaven and earth,

and the angels and Goddess only wait for you to ask and acknowledge them.                                                

6.5 There has come to you many signs from heaven and the Lady; but many of you have ignored them all,

but some have gained the truth, after it came to them; but a message shall always come to all,

even those that mock Goddess and religion,[34] and this shall be done in a loving and kind manner,

for Goddess truly loves you all.

6.6 You can look at the generations that have come before you,

those that were destroyed, and say Goddess has done this, but She has not.

You have been given a good and wholesome example to follow,

this is what was established as an example to you. For some, the rain abundantly falls upon them,

and they are given rivers that flowed mightily under their feet;

and yet some of you destroy yourselves with sin, and this has continued generation after generation,

as a lesson from the parents.

6.7 Although you have been given from heaven a Book written upon paper,

and many have reviewed it thoroughly,

the unbelievers always say this is no better than evil sorcery.

6.8 They will tell you, “Unless you see an actual angel,

and one that appears with the prophetess, we will not believe anything.”

But if we had sent down an angel, certainly you would not have believed,

But Goddess has shown great mercy in complying with their demands,                                                           

6.9 And if an angel had been sent for a messenger,

the angel would have been sent in the form of a woman,

and we would have clothed her to look like other women,

so that she would not alarm or frighten any of you.                                                                                          

6.10 Other prophetesses have been laughed at and scorned before this messenger,

but the judgment which they make fun of is not really a thing to make fun of at all.                                       

6.11 For they do not understand that there is no hell fire,

but only the burning of love for them and their souls, which love is from Goddess;

say to the people, “Go through the earth and behold what happens to those

people who ridicule the prophetesses and who will not listen and you will see that

they may very well one day become one of those who teach religion, truth and light

before those whom it is most difficult to teach.”

6.12 Say to the people, “For Goddess has given mercy to all Her people,

She will be with you at your death and on the day of your resurrection; so you will not be afraid,

there will be no doubt of this. For you only hurt your own soul when you refuse to believe in Her.”             

6.13 For to Her is owed all that happens both by day and by night, for She hears and knows everything.      

6.14 Say to the people, “Shall I take any other protectress than my

Goddess, the creatress of heaven and of earth,

for She feeds everyone, but She has no need to be fed Herself.”                                                                        

6.15 Say to the people, “I am joyous, for I do not fear my Goddess,

and I look forward to being enveloped in Her great joy and peace,

on the day of my resurrection when I will see all the good I have done.”

6.16 “For anyone that has erred on that day, She will love and She will gently instruct them,

and make plans for them, for Goddess is always merciful;

this is the obvious salvation of all the people of earth.”

6.17 For Goddess will never afflict anyone with any hurt,

and there is no one that can take away the joy and peace of Goddess from you,

for it resides firmly within you; but She always wants goodness for you; for She is almighty.                          

6.18 She is the Supreme Lady over all Her servants; and She is all wise and knowing.                                       

6.19 Say to the people, “What entity is the strongest in bearing good witness to all people?”

And you should reply, “Goddess is the best witness to have between you and anyone else,

for She will always stand by your side when you call upon Her.”

And this Korana has been revealed to you that you should be given great joy and great hope,

and it is given to those that find it before them.

For you should not profess that there are any other goddesses besides Goddess;

you should say, “I do not profess any other goddesses but Goddess.

Certainly, there is only One True Goddess, and I shall not associate any

negative entities, actions or emotions with Her.”

6.20 Those that have been given the true Scripture, know the true messenger of Goddess,

as much as they know each of their own children;

but those who do not believe in a kind and loving Goddess only hurt their own souls.                                   

6.21 There are few that are more unjust that those you will hear whom denigrate the name of Goddess, and those that declare lies against Her, or associate negativity with Her;

remember it is rare that the unjust prosper.                                                                                                        

6.22 And on the day of their resurrection, for those that believed in many good goddesses,

they shall be told there is only one Goddess, and that the other goddesses will not be there with them,

but they reside as facets of One True Goddess.                                                                                                  

6.23 And they will find out that those who have worshiped wealth and power

while they walked the earth were the true idolaters, and for this they will have no excuse.                             

6.24 Note how those that worship only wealth and power will tell lies against one another,

and they blaspheme when they equate wealth and power with Goddess,

and any goodness they have flys away from them instead.                                                                               

6.25 There are those who hearken closer to Goddess when they read the Korana,

but some have grown dark veils over their own hearts, and so they will not understand it;

there is a deafness in their ears that they themselves have created;

and though they see all kinds of signs and miracles from Goddess,

they will not believe, and their darkness of their souls may become great,

so great, that they will begin to rise up against the light entities and argue needlessly with you.

The unbelievers will say that this religion is nothing but ancient stories and legends that are not true.             

6.26 Some will even forbid others from believing it, or even reading it;

but they only hurt themselves and cut themselves off from Goddess; for they have no sensibility.                  

6.27 If you understood the soul pain they would suffer for their unbelief;

you would understand how important it is for you to believe in Her;

some would say, even if the unbelievers were then sent back into the world,

they would still not believe, and the signs and miracles would not be changed for it would be futile;

they would never become true believers.                                                                                                           

6.28 No, this is not so. Those that come back again to earth do so for the purpose

of experiencing trials and tribulations so they turn to Goddess and then etch this into their soul memories,

and though they might be sent back into the world, they would still return to beliefs that are incorrect

if their experiences were easy ones, and they then spread incorrect information to others in so doing.            

6.29 But some say, “There is no life but our present life, for we should never be raised up again.”                 

But if you could see, the immense joy when many of the believers are reunited with their beloved Goddess, then you would clearly have no doubt.

For She will say, “The truth has now come to pass.” They will answer, “Yes, by the grace of our Lady.”

6.30 Goddess shall say to those that did not believe,

“Behold and see how you suffered needlessly on earth because

you did not believe and you did not call on Me.”                                                                                             

6.31 Those who do not believe are lost and wander aimlessly on the earth,

and they do not believe until the hour of death has come to them.                                                                  

6.32 Then they will say, “Alas! For how we behaved negligently during our lives,

we did not understand and we carried therefore great burdens on our backs that we did not have to carry, for Goddess would have gratefully carried them for us,

if we only believed in Her and asked Her to carry them for us,

for evil would not have burdened us in that manner.”                                                                                      

6.33 This present life is not just play and empty amusement, but it is here to strengthen us and to enrich us,

if only we use it correctly; but then, when we enter into Paradise,

there is surely a more beautiful mansion which will be prepared for those

who have loved Goddess deeply during her lifetime; now all must understand this concept.                          

6.34 And Apostles before this good Book came down were said to be liars,

yet they patiently bore their disparagement, and they were vexed, until assistance came to them,

for there is none who can change the words of Goddess;

and you have received information concerning those who were formerly sent from Goddess to instruct.       

6.35 If you have an aversion to natural disasters, if you try to construct a den into the interior of the earth,

or a ladder which is a stairway to heaven, so that you might be shown a miracle;

you might try all this, but your search for miracles initiated by people in the earth will be fruitless,

for all miracles come from Goddess; for if Goddess pleased,

She would force Her true direction upon everyone, but She will not, for you possess the gift of free will,

and this is a sacred blessing to each and every one of you, so do not be one of the ignorant.                          

6.36 For She will give a favorable answer only to those that hearken with attention to Her,

and Goddess will raise up the dead, and they hearken only to Her. And to Her you all shall return.               

6.37 The infidels may say, “Unless some evident miracle is sent down

to clearly indicate that the messenger is a true prophetess, we will not believe:”

but you should answer them, “Goddess gives you miracles every day

and you never have noticed them at all, so what difference is yet another?”

But most of them do not understand this principle.                                                                                          

6.38 There is no kind of beast upon earth, nor fowl which flies with wings,


but the same are worldly entities just like you, subject to the divine law,[35]

you should know there is nothing omitted in the Book of our great decree, the Korana,

and to Goddess shall all creatures return.[36]                                                                                                         

6.39 They who accuse miracles as being lies, are deaf and dumb, they walk in the darkness;

Goddess does not lead any into error; however, She watches over those who lead themselves astray,

and She notes carefully those who desire to find the right way.                                                                        

6.40 Say to the people, “What do you think? If Goddess came to talk to you,

or if it was the hour of your resurrection, will you be asking for any entity

besides Goddess, when She was and is right beside you?”                                                                                  

6.41 Yes, at that time, you will call upon Her and She will deliver you

of all the travails and issues that you have asked that She deliver you of;

if you have not prevented this by decreeing otherwise in advance;

and thereby you shall forget all false negative idols of wealth, greed and power

that hinder you in your spiritual advances.

6.42 You have already been sent wonderful messengers before you such as

Mother Mary, Miriam, and Yeshua, these have been sent to many nations that have been afflicted

with trouble and adversity so that you might be comforted

and given the assistance which you have asked for over and over;                                                                    

6.43 yet, when many were sent afflictions, troubles and difficult issues,

they did not call upon Her, and their hearts became hard,

and they began to associate only with entities having dark souls,

for this is a conscious choice that you are all able to make here on earth;

you have free will regarding how you will choose to live your lives.                                                                

6.44 But when many had forgotten the message of love which they had been given;

the gates of all things were still open to them, as an opportunity for them,

still they did not ask, they did not repent, and after which, they became seized with despair.                         

6.45 And so many people went about their dark, evil ways, caring only for themselves,

and learning nothing, they were cut off from Goddess, but only by their own choice.

Therefore, praise be to Goddess, the Lady of all creatures! For She cares about everyone.                                

6.46 But what do you think? What would happen if you lost your hearing,

and your sight, and your heart became afflicted with negativity?

Do you blame Goddess when you know She is blameless?

For only Goddess can restore them to you completely, if only you would ask.

You are continuously shown the signs and miracles of the perfection of Goddess,

yet many turn away from Her in error and misunderstanding.                                                                          

6.47 Say to the people, “What do you think? If you are afflicted suddenly,

or publicly, if some people die, do you think they are only the ungodessly ones,   

for they are clearly not. What you have in front of you are many

miracles, many lessons, many actions of love from Goddess above.”                                                                

6.48 For you are only sent messengers from Goddess for the purpose of

bearing good tidings and denouncing all threats to you, your person and your family.

Therefore, if you shall believe and amend,

to you shall come no fear, and you shall not be grieved,                                                                                   

6.49 but those that accuse Goddess of wrongdoings and falsehoods;

they punish themselves, for when they are resurrected,

they shall be sorely grieved to see the sadness and negativity they have created, because they have erred.      

6.50 Say to the people, “The treasures of Goddess are within your power,”

but do not say, “I know all of the secrets of Goddess.”

For none shall believe you then. Further, do not say, “I am an angel,”

for you are not, you come to earth to follow what you and Goddess have set forth for you to learn.

To understand, consider whether or not the blind and the seeing can do all the same things,

for they clearly cannot, but this is not to say that the seeing are more valuable than the blind,

for they clearly are not.                                                                                                                                       

6.51 Preach all of this to those who know that one day they shall be assembled before the Lady of Light,

for there is no patroness or intercessor, save Her; and they should be mindful of these things always.             

6.52 Do not drive away those that are devoutly religious to Her,

desiring only to see Her face, for it is not your place to judge them,

nor is it their place to judge you; for if you drive them away, they may become one of the unjust.                

6.53 And in such a manner note that we have made a distinction

between the two groups of people on the earth;[37]

those that are light entities and those that are dark or grey,

and you might wonder if whether an entity is part of the just or the unjust,

yet does Goddess not know who is truly thankful?                                                                                           

6.54 And when those who believe in our signs and miracles will come to you,

many shall say, “Peace be upon you,” or a similar greeting indicating care and concern for others.[38]

Your Lady of Light has prescribed to you all of Her mercy;

so whenever any believer has made mistakes due to their ignorance,

but afterwards has repented and amended her ways,

Goddess shall certainly be gracious and merciful to her.                                                                                    

6.55 Thus we have sent various types of signs that those dark souls may be known to you.                            

6.56 You should say to the people, “I am forbidden to worship the

false negative deities of wealth and power; if I did this then I would be in error,

I wish to be one of those entities that are rightly directed.”                                                                               

6.57 Say to the people, “I believe according to the directions which I have received from my Lady of Light and I note that you have found errors concerning Her, although She makes no mistakes.

If I had followed my base human instincts, I would have hurt or destroyed you,

but I now follow the peace of Goddess and I would never harm you;”

6.58 and that is how Goddess knows the just from the unjust, and the believer from the unbeliever.

6.59 Through Her are the keys of many mysteries, and no one knows them by herself;

she must ask Goddess for these answers herself, no person by herself knows these things;

from birth you know only what you see on the dry land and in the sea;

but Goddess knows all things, there is not a single leaf that falls to the ground,

and Goddess does not see and know it; nor is there a single grain in the dark portion of the earth,


nor a single green thing, nor a dry thing, but it is carefully known in the recordings of heaven.[39]                    

6.60 It is Goddess who causes you to sleep by night and She knows what merit you possess by day;

She and Her angels also awaken you in the morning;

so that the prefixed terms of your lives may be fulfilled; then unto Her shall you return,

and She shall review your life with you, and instruct you properly regarding it,

including the importance and significance of all that you have done, by your deeds on earth.                        

6.61 For She is supreme over Her servants, and She sends the guardian angels to watch over you,

until your soul is taken back to Her;

and the angels will not neglect their duties to you and Goddess, and you should give thanks to them.          

6.62 Afterwards all servants will return unto Goddess, their true Lady of Light,

and judgment belongs only to the entity undertaking the lifetime, for you,

together with Goddess and the angels, can make the best assessment of your past life.                                    

6.63 Say to others, “Who delivers you from the darkness that prevails in the land,

and on the sea, when you call upon Her earnestly and in private, saying

‘If you deliver me from these travails, I shall be truly thankful.’”

6.64 Ask Goddess to deliver you from them, and from every grief of mind,

yet afterwards, always give Goddess your love and thanks;                                                                              

You should never say, “Goddess will deliver you a punishment from above,

or from under your feet, or Goddess will bring you dissension, or She will make you taste

violence from others.” For Goddess never does these things,

and this is a blasphemy to Her such that She is truly grieved by such actions.

6.65 Note that you are sent many signs and miracles of Her infinite mercy and love

from heaven that you might truly understand these things.                                                                               

6.66 Thus, some people have thought that the revelations they were sent

bring only falsehood, yet they indeed bring only the truth.

You need to understand that you are not a guardian over all evil;                                                                    

6.67 every prophecy has a fixed time of accomplishment,

and each person experiencing it will know it clearly later.                                                                                 

6.68 When you see those that ridicule miracles and signs,

and it bothers you, depart from them, until they are engaged in a different type of discussion,

so that you will not become disheartened, and if you remember this with sadness later,

you need not sit with such people later, but you may leave the group.                                                            

6.69 Those that love Goddess will not be held accountable for all the dark entities in the world,

but their duty is only to remember, so that they can take heed unto themselves,

and they must remember that some dark entities are simply a bad example to us all.

6.70 You may abandon those who make a farce and joke regarding your Goddess;

for they are one of those that worships wealth and power over love and kindness;

for there is much deception in the world, so tell them of the good tidings of Goddess,

that a soul is never destroyed; it is only set on a path where it can learn more and advance more

through the unconditional love of a Merciful Goddess.

For there is no intercessor or patroness better than Goddess,

and if anyone could simply pay the utmost price of redemption, surely She certainly would.

Some say the wicked will have nothing but boiling water to drink for their sins,

and they will suffer grievous punishment because they do not believe,

but you already know in your hearts and souls that this is not true;


that this is blasphemy, and Goddess is nothing but pure love;

and She has sophisticated plans of discipline for the troubled dark souls.

6.71 Say to others, “Shall we call upon our other entities, besides Goddess,

because they can neither profit us, nor hurt us? And shall we turn back on our heels,

after Goddess has directed us, as if devils have infatuated us, wandering aimlessly in the earth,

yet they have no true companions to call upon, saying, ‘Come to us?’ Would this be wise?”

But only the direction of Goddess, and Her armies of angels, archangels and light spirits

follow the only true direction;

and we are severely committed to the Lady of all Creation and of all creatures.

6.72 And it was also commanded of us to “Observe frequent prayer and love Goddess,

for you shall judge yourselves according to Her standards,

and you will clearly see Her standards on the day of your resurrection.”

6.73 It is She who created the heavens and the earth and this is the truth;

and whenever She says to the world, “Be!” and it is!

Her word is the truth; and to Her shall be the Queendom on the day whereupon the trumpet shall sound,

and She knows all the secrets of heaven and of the earth, and even of the universe,

for She determines what on earth shall be made public, and what shall be kept in secret,

for She is the wise, the knowing One.

6.74 Remember when Sarah said to her mother Azer,[40]

“Why do you take wealth and power for your negative idols;

they are not your goddesses. I believe that you and the people are in great error for this.”

6.75 And, was not Sarah and Abraham, her husband shown the Queendom of earth and heaven,

so that they could firmly believe and teach others?

6.76 And when the night came upon her, she saw a star, and she said,

“This is what my Lady has given us, and when it sets, I know it will return, by the grace of Goddess,

because I would be fearful of a deity that went away permanently.”

6.77 And when she saw the moon rising, she said, “This is what my Lady has given me,

let me understand it as a great creation of Hers and proof that She is with me.

I will therefore turn my face to She who created the heavens and the earth;

I am liberal and understanding and not one who believes

in the earthly negative idols of wealth and power.”

6.78 But then she saw the sun rising and she said, “This is evidence of my Lady of Light,

who will be with me forever; but negative idols of wealth, greed and power will not.”

6.79 “Certainly I will turn my faith towards Her who created the heavens and the earth.”

6.80 But some people disputed with her; and she replied,

“How could you dispute with me concerning Goddess, for now She has given me true direction,

I do not fear what you associate with a mean and jealous divine entity,

for Goddess has not willed such a thing; for She is kind and loving;

for my Lady comprehends all things by Her infinite knowledge, and you should consider this yourself.”

6.81 And why should you associate fear with divinity,

since you see around you what Goddess has sent to you,

the earth, moon and stars and is it not wonderful and divine?

Why should you fear Her when you have found no authority that says you should have fear with Goddess?

Which is more correct, those that fear the divine, or those that love Goddess?[41]                                               

6.82 For those who believe, and clothe not faith with injustice,

they shall enjoy security and they have been rightly directed.                                                                           

6.83 This is the argument that Sarah was told she should use in her debates with other women;

for heaven exalts those it is well pleased with by granting them great knowledge and wisdom;

for the Lady of Light is all wise and knowing.                                                                                                    

6.84 And you have been given Sarah and Miriam, that you might be given great heroines;

and you have been given the wife of Nora, and of other great prophetesses and high priestesses;                                                                                                                                                                                                       

6.85 thus, heaven has rewarded the strong and noble women, that you can be rightly directed;

and Mother Mary, and Ruth, sister of Yeshua, and Yeshua, and Joanna, his teacher,                                         

6.86 all of them were holy women and great women;

and they showed the way of love and light to the world, which was desperately in need of such instruction,

you might think them more important than you;

yet to Heaven and Goddess all the good spirits are all equally important,

including you, and those women that walk the earth can do equally great things,

should they only desire and become part of the true believers;

6.87 And many of you have been given equally great mothers,

although you do not know it yet, but they too are directed in the right way.                                                  

6.88 There were many great women that were given the Scripture,

wisdom and prophecy; you will note that all of these had deep faith in Goddess, and loved Her greatly.

6.89 But if they had not had great faith, it would not matter because heaven would bring it to them.           

6.90 These were great women whom Goddess had directed,

and therefore you should follow their direction and love Goddess;

Say to the inhabitants of Mecca and the world, there is no greater compensation for teaching the Korana,

for this document is the greatest reward in and of itself.

6.91 Some make a terrible estimation of Goddess when they proclaim,

“Goddess has not sent down anything at all to people which is of any value,”

Say to the people, “You have been given many Scriptures and many great prophetesses,

but you have wrongfully ignored them all;

and some of you have published some part of these great teachings,

but then you ignore or conceal other great parts,

and then you were taught now what your mothers did not know.”

Say to the people, “Goddess sent this all down,”

then leave them to their vain and empty discussions amongst themselves.                                                       

6.92 For this Korana that was sent down by Goddess is truly blessed,

it confirms what great women were told before it;

and it is delivered to you that you can preach it to the city of Mecca, and to the world,

so that women everywhere will have hope and great understanding.

And those who believe in the next life and the day of their resurrection,

will have immediate understanding of it, and will diligently observe frequent prayer.

6.93 There is little that is more wicked that teaching or spreading lies concerning Goddess,

which apparently has been done for centuries now, and this must end.

Some will say, “This was revealed to me,” when in fact nothing was revealed to her,

and Goddess sent her no such thing. They should not do this.

If you could see what happens when the ungoddessly are in the pangs of death,

and the angels reach out their hands saying, “Give your souls to Goddess now;

otherwise you will continue  to suffer women’s inhumanity to women, and you shall not know Goddess,

or true light and love for you have rejected Her signs while on earth.”

6.94 And when you shall have gone back to the other side,

the same place you lived before you were born, where there is no worldly wealth or power,

but only the good things you accomplished during your last lifetime;

you will then see what greatness you were given on earth,

and you will know your only helpers were and are the angels, spirits and Goddess;

you thought you were cut off from Goddess while you were on earth and,

you thought you were alone, but you clearly were not, and what you imagined deceived you.

6.95 For Goddess causes both the grain and the date-stone to be made,

She brings forth the living from the dead, and upon death, the living are resurrected back to life,

for this is Goddess, and why would you ever be turned against Her?

6.96 For She causes the morning to appear, and the night comes for your rest,

and the sun and the moon alternate appearance to show you continually

that all this is the marvelous creation of the almighty, the wise Goddess.

6.97 For it is She that has produced two spirits, male and female, cleaved from one soul;

and She has provided for you mothers and fathers, to protect and love their children.

Signs have been shown to you, and those that are wise hearken to and understand them.

6.98 For it is Goddess that sends down water from heaven

which produces buds in springtime for all things, and from these buds

have been produced the green leaves for all vegetation,

and from these are produced the grain which grows in rows,

and palm trees with thick rows of dates hanging together in clusters;

and there are gardens of grapes, olives and pomegranates,

some that are alike and some that are very different, but all of these plants are grown for you.

6.99 You should look at the fruit as it appears, and marvel at how a plant grows to maturity.

These are signs from Goddess, and those that believe see them clearly.

6.100 Yet some have set up angels as being equal to Goddess, although She created them;

and there are those that equate daughters and sons to Goddess, yet She has no true equal.[42]

Nonetheless you should be kind to persons with differing beliefs,

and have the same compassion and love that She does for everyone.

But all praise should be to Her, and the entities that appear as angels and daughters and sons

are there only to do Her bidding, they are not Her equal, but you should be thankful to them nonetheless.

6.101 For She is the Maker of heaven and earth,

and She does not bear children as a woman does, but She does create many wonderful entities,

including you and all creatures on the earth. God is part of Her and She part of Him;

for She has created all things and She is omniscient.

6.102 This is the Goddess your Lady of Light; there is no Goddess but She, the creatress of all things,

therefore serve Her, for She takes care of and provides for all things.                                                                

6.103 The sight cannot comprehend Her, but She can comprehend all sight;

for She is the Gracious One, the Wise One.                                                                                                        

6.104 Evident demonstrations of the love of Goddess have come to you from your Lady,

and those that can see and understand them, will have a soul that greatly benefits.

But those who are wilfully blind, the consequence will be

her own lack of advancement and understanding.

For you are given free will by Goddess and She is not your keeper, unless you request that She should be.     

6.105 This is how it is best explained to you. Others will say that you have studied diligently[43]

so that you might be called a people of understanding.                                                                                    

6.106 You should follow what has been revealed to you from the Lady of Light;

there is no Goddess but She; refrain from listening to worshipers of material things.

6.107 If Goddess had pleased, no one would be tempted at all

to worship negative idols of wealth, power and greed.

For you shall not be a keeper over them; nor shall you be their guardian.                                                        

6.108 Do not be concerned regarding all the idols some people worship besides Goddess,

unless they tell you that you must believe as they do, you need not even tell them that this is improper,

for you should only evangelize others to your religion by showing them your goodness and love for them,

not by criticizing them or judging them, for this will never work out well.

In such a manner every nation shall have its own works to accomplish;

after which, they shall return to Goddess, and Goddess shall reveal the truth of

what they have done and accomplished.

6.109 Many people have sworn by Goddess in a most solemn oath,

that if a sign or miracle came to them, then they would believe.

But you should know that signs and miracles are in the hands of Goddess alone;

and She will tell you that even those that see a miracle but refuse to recognize it as a miracle,

they are not true believers because they have hardened their hearts and minds to miracles.

Accordingly they will merely dismiss the miracles and signs[44] as being lies or evil sorcery.

6.110 The unbelievers will turn aside their hearts and minds from the truth,

because they do not believe, and did not from the beginning,

and so they will continue to wander in their own error.

6.111 And although they had seen angels which were sent to them,

and although the dead have spoken to them, and even if all of this were not done all at the same time[45],

they still would not have believed because they did not have the heart to do this,

but most people do not know this.

6.112 You should know that every prophetess has enemies;

there are more dark entities than good ones, and there are evil haughty genii

that engage in specious lofty discussions that will deceive many;

but if the Lady did not give you free will, then you would not be allowed to believe in good over bad.

Therefore, leave them alone, and what they falsely relate.

6.113 Let the hearts of those that want to believe in such negative things be inclined to do so,

for they are one of those that do not believe in heaven and the last day,

and let them live for their own pleasure, and let them gain what they want to gain,

which will be little, if anything.

6.114 Should anyone seek any entity other than Goddess to properly instruct womankind?

For it is She that sends down to you the good Book of the Korana,

so that you can distinguish between good and evil;

and you will know that this Book is sent from the Lady, with truth.

Do not be one of those persons that doubts this.

6.115 The words of your Lady are perfect, in truth and justice;

there is no person that can change Her words; for She knows and She hears and She understands.

6.116 But if you listen to and obey the majority of womankind that walk upon the earth;

they will lead you away from the path and glory of Goddess; for they follow definite uncertainty;

and the propositions they teach are false and misleading.                                                                                 

6.117 Certainly the Lady of Light knows well those that go astray

from Her path for they have forgotten to love,

and She knows those that are rightly directed in love and compassion.                                                            

6.118 Eat of what Goddess has directed you that is healthy and wholesome,

if you believe in Her signs and miracles; you should refrain from eating from what is unhealthy,

excess meat and fat, and refined flours and sugars and other things you know that are unhealthy.                  

6.119 For She has plainly declared to you what is unhealthy to eat;

except that which you are compelled to eat from hunger and necessity;

this might lead some into the error, because of their appetite,

they lack the knowledge to eat what is healthy,

but the Lady of Light knows what you understand and what you do not understand.

6.120 Leave all of iniquity behind you, both open and secret errors,

for they who err will continue on the path of wandering and confusion.

6.121 Try not to eat what the name of Goddess has not allowed, this is error and to be avoided,

some dark entities and even your friends will argue with you regarding this precept,

but if you listen to them, you will follow along the road of error and wandering,

and your life will be made harder by sickness and ill health.[46]

6.122 Should a woman who has been dead, and then restored to life by the grace of Goddess,

and who has been made a light to the world, whereby She may walk among womankind,

be considered the same as those desiring to live in darkness and error? That is what the unfaithful propose.

6.123 Therefore, there have been placed in every city on earth,

chief leaders of the wicked, that they will act deceitfully against womankind,

and in doing so, they therefore act deceitfully against themselves, but do not know it.

6.124 And when a sign or miracle comes to them, they will say,

“We will not believe until a revelation is brought to us,

like the one that was delivered to prior messengers of Goddess.”[47]

Vileness in the sight of Goddess surely is a great disappointment to Her,

and She weeps for those that do this wrongly,

and their grievous punishment is that they will continue to wander the earth, undirected by Her,

for they have acted deceitfully, and they shall see great sadness on the day of their resurrection.

6.125 And Goddess will direct only those that seek Her first,

through meditation or prayer, and then She will receive the wonderful faith of Islama,

the purest love of the Lady of Light, but whoever rejects Goddess,

it will be like trying to fly without wings up to heaven, an impossible task.

This is the most difficult task that has been placed on those that refuse to believe.

6.126 This is the right way of the Lady of Light,

for heaven has declared signs and miracles to those people that will consider.

6.127 For they shall have a dwelling of peace with the Lady of Light,

And She shall be their patroness, because of what they have wrought.                                                              

6.128 Reflect on the day whereupon Goddess shall gather everyone together and say,

“The company of materialistic worshipers, that is,

those that have been much concerned with the things of people,”

and their friends from among womankind shall say,

“O Lady of Light some of us have received great advantage over others,

and we are back from our life upon earth, which we have completed.”

Goddess will say to them all, “For those that were unbelievers and evil doers,

they shall return to earth until they come to Me, or until I cleanse their souls permanently;

and on earth you will remain for years and years,

until you decide to mitigate your pains by turning to Me,” for the Lady of Light is wise and knowing.          

6.129 Thus does heaven set some of the unjust in positions of power over others,

because this is a place for the just to learn and persevere in the toughest of situations.

6.130 O company of angels and women, there have been many messengers which have come to you, showing you miracles and signs, and forewarning you that

eventually you will return to heaven and Goddess.

But some of them will say, “We bear witness against ourselves,

the present life deceived us,” and they shall bear witness against themselves

that they were unbelievers as for what they did with their life.

6.131 This has been the method of Goddess’ dealing with Her children,

because the Lady will not destroy any city solely due to iniquity, but She will always send a prophetess first,

who will warn them and tell them what to do, but the vast majority of people do not know this.

6.132 Everyone shall have degrees of compensation for what they have done in their lifetime;

for the Lady of Light knows what you do and what was in your heart.

6.133 The Lady of Light is self-sufficient and She is endued with mercy.

If She wanted to, She could destroy you, but because she is filled with love, She only raises you up,

destruction is something She would not ever do, She could cause others to succeed you,

but because She is pure love, She only wants to see you move on to a better place,

because each of you is unique and special, you stay where you are,

until it is time to move you to a better and richer land.

6.134 Certainly that which is threatening you might come to pass,

but that does not mean it will necessarily cause you to fail.

6.135 Say to all those of Mecca, “People, you should act according to your powers,

talents and abilities and use them wisely; certainly each person should act according to their duty,

and you will know those that will receive the benefits of paradise.

The ungoddessly surely do not prosper in the end.”                                                                                          

6.136 Many hypocritical people set apart unto Goddess a portion of what has been produced

of the fruits of the earth and cattle and fish and say,

“This belongs to Goddess, (which they believe) and this to our friends.”

But in reality, what they do is give the portion set apart for their friends to their friends,

and they give even that the portion set aside for Goddess to their friends,

because they do not have true judgment in what is important.                                                                         

6.137 In a similar manner their friends induce many of the materialistic worshipers

to slay their own children; to make them afraid they cannot support them,[48]

that they might bring them to unhappiness, and they render religion confused, obscure and a threat.

But you should not be concerned with any of these rumors;

leave them and their religion alone and do not slander another’s religion.                                                       

6.138 Because when Goddess pleases, She will teach them not to do such things;

but until then, leave them alone and what they falsely believe.                                                                         

6.139 Some may also say, “These cattle and fruits of the earth are all sacred;

none shall eat any of these, except whom we allow,”

but this is only according to the rules of their imagination;

“And there are cattle that are forbidden except to those we say,

and they must not be rode upon or loaded with burdens,”

and there are also the cattle that are slain the name of Goddess,

but all of this is false, for animals need not be slain in the name of Goddess to be eaten,

nor does She care who eats what animals, She prefers you share out of your bounty

rather than concern yourselves with making vain rules for cattle.

6.140 Further some people say, “Some calves in the wombs of certain cattle may never be eaten,

and is forbidden to husbands or others to eat some things, but the wives may eat of it,”

yet none of this is fair or reasonable and it has nothing to do with piety.

Some say those calves which are aborted may be eaten, but this is not reasonable either.

For Goddess takes no notice of absurd superstitions, they are a waste of time.

It is completely unthinkable that some have killed their children foolishly,

without the knowledge the Goddess will always support her,

or that the child cannot be adopted by a loving family,

and abortion and birth control are allowed to all of you,

so that rules and pregnancies do not become an undue burden to you.

Many religious leaders forbid many things which Goddess has provided for you all,

yet these rules are only imagined by the persons creating them.

For they have erred and were not rightly directed.                                                                                            

6.141 It is Goddess that produces gardens of vines, both trellised and untrellised,

and palm-trees and the corn affording various food, herbs, olives and pomegranates,

both alike and unalike to one another. You should eat of their fruit, when they bear fruit,

and give a due portion to the poor and needy, yet do not be overly generous,

but provide reasonably for you own family first.

And Goddess has given you arts, music and creativity, so that you may be joyous in Her sight,

these are great blessings to you from Her.

6.142 But Goddess has given you many cattle, some fit for bearing burdens, and some fit for slaughter only.

Eat of that which Goddess has given you for food, and do not listen to those that would be your enemy,

those that spread hate and unrest in the world, and they make religion a burden.

6.143 Four pair of cattle has been given to you by Goddess, of sheep, one pair; and of goats, one pair.

Tell the people that Goddess has not forbidden you to eat the two males of sheep and goats,

or the two females; or the calves in the wombs of the two females.

Ask those that debate you about this to only speak to the contrary if they are certain of the truth.

What do types of sheep and goats have to do with Goddess?                                                                          

6.144 Of the camels, Goddess has given one pair, and of oxen one pair.

Tell the people that Goddess has not forbidden the two males of these,

or the two females of them, or what was in the wombs of the two females.

Who was present when Goddess allegedly commanded this?

And is there anyone more unjust than one who creates such deceptions,

that they would seduce people without any understanding.

Certainly Goddess does not direct only unjust people.

What do types of camels and oxen have to do with Goddess?                                                                         

6.145 Tell the people you have not found anything which has been forbidden to be eaten by anyone, except those things that are unhealthy, such as excess fat and refined sugars and flours.

Animals found already dead may be diseased, and unfit to eat. But fluid or blood or pork is not per se

an abomination, unless it is otherwise unhealthy, and it does not matter which name is used

when an animal is slain in the name of Goddess, for all deities are actually Goddess.

What does slaughtering animals have to do with Goddess?

Still you must do so in the most humane manner, and you should thank the animal and pray for it.

6.146 But anyone who eats something forbidden by means of necessity or hunger,

not lustfully or wilfully transgressing, certainly according to Goddess there is no error,

And Goddess will be gracious and merciful to her.                                                                                            

At one time the Jews were forbidden to eat an animal with an undivided hoof,

but this was because they fed these animals garbage and they became diseased,

and they were also forbidden to eat the fat from both cattle and sheep,

except that which was on their back or innards, or intermixed with bone,

but this was because they ate too much of this, and became fat themselves and ruined their health.

This is what happened to them, and this is surely the truth of the matter.

Therefore, eat healthy and exercise,

and do not care more about what you wear or not wear than you do about exercising.                                  

6.147 If you are accused of spreading falsehoods, tell them, “Goddess is endued with extensive mercy;

but She does not notice the wicked, they are not guided by Her.”                                                                    

6.148 Those that worship earthly idols of wealth, power, fame, greed,

will blame this on Goddess and say they would have been prevented from doing so

if She would have only willed it, but She gives free will to all;

and She does not prevent them from doing anything.

Many prophetesses of old were accused of imposture, and you are not the first.

Ask the people who falsely accuse you, “Do you say that with certain knowledge of what you do?

If so, produce it to all. Otherwise what you say is false and filled with lies for it is not loving and kind.”       

6.149 Tell the people that to Goddess belongs all to the most evident demonstrations

of Her miracles and Her love, because She was pleased to direct you all, yet you all ignored Her.

6.150 Tell the people who can produce witnesses who can bear testimony

that Goddess has forbidden certain things to do so now, but they will not be able to do this.

But if they bear unsupported testimony of things Goddess did not forbid, and do not join with them,

and do not engage in propagating lies with those that do not believe in the life which is to come,

or those that worship earthly idols of wealth, power, self centeredness and greed.                                          

6.151 Tell the people to come and be told what they are forbidden,

that you are not to practice idolarity of wealth, power, self centeredness and greed;

and you shall show kindness to your parents where possible,

and you shall not murder your young children for fear you will suffer poverty,

that you shall not commit heinous crimes,[49] neither openly nor in secret,

and slay no person which Goddess has forbidden you to slay,

unless for a just cause in self defense of person or property.[50]

You have been told this so that you might understand well.                                                                             

6.152 And do not meddle with the property of the orphan,

unless you are certain to increase the orphan’s wealth,

and do this only until the orphan attains the age of majority;

always use a full measure and a just balance and honesty in trade.

Heaven does not impose a task on any soul beyond its ability.

When you announce a judgment, make sure it was just;

even though it was for or against one that is near of kin,

these duties are required in order to fulfill the covenants of Goddess.

This is what Goddess expects of you, and you are hereby admonished to these standards.

6.153 You should know that this is the right way, therefore follow it rather than the paths of others,

unless you become scattered from the path of Goddess.

This is what Goddess had commanded you that you may take heed.

6.154 We gave Miriam the Book of law which was one good indicator of righteousness,

and a determination of many things needful, and a better direction of love,

goodness and mercy unto others; this was given so that the children of Israel might believe in Goddess.

6.155 And this Korana which has been give to you is also blessed;

therefore follow it and love Goddess that you may obtain mercy.                                                                   

6.156 Otherwise you might say, “The Scriptures were only sent down to two peoples,[51]

and we are unaware of the contents of those Scriptures,”

6.157 Or, you might have said “If a Book of divine revelations had been sent down to us,

we would surely have been better directed.”[52] This is little more than a lame excuse,

for prior Scripture was always translated into other languages by reliable people.

But now a obvious declaration has come to you from your Goddess,

as a direction and for guidance and mercy, and who is more unjust than one who devises lies against

the  obvious signs of Goddess, and turns aside from these signs and miracles?

Heaven will see that those who turn away from our signs and miracles

will experience soul sadness on the day of their resurrection; further, they will be reborn on earth

without a Protectress or Guardian, because they have looked the other way.                                                   

6.158 Do people wait for any other miracle that the angels should come to them directly,

or to part their souls from their bodies; or that Goddess should come to punish them directly,

or that some of the signs and miracles of Goddess should come to pass,

showing the day of judgment to be imminent? Certainly Goddess would never harm a soul

in order to show you that She and the day of a loving resurrection is indeed real.

But on the day when some of Goddess’ signs and miracles shall come to pass,

your faith cannot profit anyone who did not believe before,

nor anyone who failed to perform good works.

Say to the people, “Wait for this blessed day because we surely wait for this day.”

6.159 Those people who make vehement division in their religion intentionally,

and are not respectful of other religions and religious opinions,

their behavior is not appreciated by Goddess,

you should not have anything to do with them and their hateful arguments concerning various religions;

their affairs belong only to Goddess. She shall decide what plans are best for them.

6.160 She who appears with good works, shall receive tenfold or even more compensation

for her good works; but She who appears with evil works shall receive nothing,

and the evil works will not be remembered, or appreciated by Goddess.

Know that punishment is not part of the plan of Goddess, but on the day of their resurrection,


they will be afflicted with much soul suffering when they see all the goodness they might have done.

6.161 Say to the people, “Certainly my Goddess has directed me in the right way,

Her true religion was the sect beginning with Sarah[53] and her husband Abraham,

and they were not idolaritors of earthly power, greed and wealth.”                                                                 

6.162 Say to the people, “Certainly my prayers and my worship,

and my life and my death are dedicated unto Goddess, the Lady of all Creatures.”

6.163 “For She is the Queen of Angels in heaven and on the earth, there is no equal to Her.

This I have been commanded, for I am the first Moslema,

a religion for and by women to honor the Feminine Divine.”

6.164 Say to the people, “Should I desire any other Lady besides Goddess?

Since She is the Lady of Light and of all things;

and no soul shall acquire any merits or demerits except for itself;

and no burdened soul shall bear the burden of another.[54]

Moreover, you shall return one day to your Lady of Light;

and She shall advise you perfectly then on all the matters you dispute now.”

6.165 It is She that appears to raise some of you above the others by

various degrees of worldly advantages,

but what She has done is merely given you the means to prove day by day that you will care for others,

and give charitably and freely according to what you have been given.

The Lady of Light does not punish as you understand it; but She is gracious and has infinite mercy.






A.L.M.    S.  


7.1 To Allat[56], the Best Knower and Most Truthful. 

7.2 A Book has been sent down to you and therefore let there be no doubt in your heart concerning it;

that you may preach the same, and it may be a path of light unto the faithful.                                                

7.3 Follow that which has been sent down to you, directly from Goddess,

and follow no guides besides Her; for you have been properly instructed!                                                      

7.4 How many cities have been destroyed by people’s inhumanity to one another

creating devastating wars, when their vengeance overtook them by night,

or while they were relaxing at noon![57]                                                                                                               

7.5 And their supplication, when unhappiness came to them, they said “Certainly we have been unjust.”      


And yet many things were natural disasters, still the real error was how they treated one another,

which was disgraceful, yet before every natural disaster, we send a prophetess to warn them

and teach them love and peace, but because the unbelievers would not listen to peace and love,

accordingly most were destroyed, from their own stubbornness.                                                                      

7.6 Each person shall surely be called to their own account,

and the account may be somewhat more difficult after a prophetess has been sent;

7.7 and we shall also call those to account who were directed to hear the prophetess

but failed to believe her and her teachings of the love of Goddess.                                                                     

7.8 The weighing of a person’s actions on the day of judgment shall be just,

and those whose balances are laden with good works will see Paradise and they shall be forever happy;       

7.9 but those having balances that are light or nonexistent,

they shall be shown how they lost their souls, and wasted their lives,

and they will not be happy because they ignored Heaven’s signs and miracles,

and they will suffer much soul grief and sadness on the day of their resurrection.                                             

7.10 And now we have placed you on the earth, and you were provided with food,

but have you been thankful?                                                                                                                               

7.11 You were created by Goddess and were formed by Her, and then Goddess said to the angels,

“Worship Eve,” and they all worshiped Eve, except Eblis, who was not one of those who worshiped Eve.    

7.12 Goddess said to him, “What stopped you from worshiping Eve, as I commanded you?

Eblis answered, “I am more excellent than She; for You created me of smokeless fire,

but you only created her of mud.”                                                                                                                     

7.13 Goddess said, “Then leave heaven immediately; it is not fit that you behave in such a proud manner;

your behavior is contemptible and not understandable. Eve and many of her progeny will be a joy to us.”   

7.14 He answered, “Give me mercy until the day of resurrection.”                                                                   

7.15 Goddess replied, “Certainly, you shall be one of the ones that must be cleansed

at the day of the resurrection and until then you shall sleep.”                                                                            

7.16 Eblis then said, “I would like a period of respite to help You with your new creation,

which I challenged you on. Because you have banished me from heaven, then I will lie in wait for women,” 

7.17 “and I will come upon them from the front and from the back,

and also from their right and left hands, and you will see that most of them are never thankful.”                   

7.18 Goddess said to him, “You are banished to earth, and you will be despised and I will drive you away,

and those that follow you might imagine that they are doing this due to your power and greed,

but I say to you that they have free will, and your tests only help me to understand

whether they are of the faithful, or not of the faithful, and how much they have grown in love.”                  

7.19 But as for Eve, “O dearest Eve, dwell with you husband in paradise;

and eat of the fruit wherever you will; but approach not the special tree,

unless you both become a number of the unjust.”                                                                                              

7.20 And Eblis appeared and suggested to them both that he would discover nakedness for them,

which had been previously unknown to them,

and Eblis said that Goddess had forbidden them the tree,

less they become like angels, or less they attained mortality and death,

and they might not be ready for this.                                                                                                                 

7.21 And he swore to them, “Certainly, I am giving you good counsel.”                                                         

7.22 And he caused them to err, because they were tempted.

And when they had tasted the fruit of the tree, they became aware of their nakedness,

and they began to sew together leaves in paradise to cover themselves.

7.23 And Goddess called to them saying, “You were told not to eat of the tree at this time,

and you were also told that the serpent was not your friend and could not be trusted.”                                  

7.24 They answered, “O Goddess, we have dealt unjustly with our own souls,

and if you will not forgive us, and will not have mercy upon us,

then allow us to perish for what we have done.”                                                                                               

7.25 Goddess answered, “I have complete mercy and forgiveness for you,

since you have asked for it, you must be ready and therefore, you must leave paradise,

and you shall now experience scorn and hatred between one another of you,

yet you shall have a dwelling place upon the earth and I will provide for you for a season.

But know that I do not destroy any souls, I will love you and help you to return to your path to Me,

I am your mother Goddess, all Wise and Merciful.”                                                                                          

7.26 “There you shall live and die, and from there you shall be taken by the angels to your resurrection.”     

7.27 “O children of Eve, we have sent down to you apparel and abilities

to conceal your nakedness, and lovely garments; but the clothing of piety is better.

This is one of the miracles of Goddess that you should understand and know.                                                

O children of Eve, do not let the serpent seduce you further,

for now you must leave paradise, certainly he sees you as being naive;

whereas you see him as knowledgeable. But when you dwell on the earth, the same will occur;

there will be those that look knowledgeable, when they are not;

in fact they are like the serpent and they lie in wait to confuse and deceive you.”                                            

7.28 When women commit filthy actions they will say,

“Our mothers did the same, and so Goddess allowed it and it must be acceptable to Her.” 

But they speak of things they do not know.

You should say to them that Goddess does not allow such actions,

you must be loving and kind to one another always,

and you are speaking of things that you do not know.                                                                                     

7.29 Tell the people that Goddess only commands us to observe justice;

therefore pray at all houses of worship, and call upon Her to confirm the sincerity of your religion.

For She created you initially, and to Her you shall all return.                                                                            

7.30 A part of womankind has been rightfully directed,

while a part of womankind has been led into error

because they take the deceivers and unjust for their direction and counsel.                                                       

7.31 O children of Eve, wear decent apparel to your house of worship[58],

and eat and drink what you will,[59] but do not be guilty of excesses or unhealthy practices;

for the Lady of Light does not appreciate those that engage in incredible excesses.                                          

7.32 Tell such people, “Who has forbidden good and lovely apparel of Goddess,

which She has made available to Her servants,

and also the good and delicious things She had also provided for food?”

Say that “Such things are also for those that believe,

in this present life, and shall not detract from the day of resurrection.”                                                             

7.33 Tell the people, “Certainly my Lady of Light has forbidden nasty actions,

and She has forbidden being unfair, unjust, unkind to one another,

both that which is open and notorious, and that which is done in secret,

and She also forbids iniquity, unjust violence,

and to associate negative actions and emotions with Goddess, for which there is no authority,

or to speak of Goddess that which you do not know.                                                                                      

7.34 For every nation there is a prefixed term, and when this term has expired,

there is no waiting for even an hour, nor can anyone anticipate this term, so as to avoid it,

but this will not be something to fear, for Goddess is loving and wise.                                                             

7.35 O children of Eve, certainly apostles from among you shall come to you,

they will expound upon signs and miracles sent from heaven;

whosoever shall love Goddess and amend their ways, no fear shall come to them, nor shall they grieve.       

7.36 But people who accuse us of lying, and proudly reject the signs and miracles of Goddess,

they shall be like living in hell, with confusion and wandering and no protection,

and they shall remain therein until they turn to Goddess.                                                                                  

7.37 There is no one that is more unjust than a person who creates lies concerning Goddess,

or one that says that the signs and miracles of Goddess are false.

These people shall lose a portion of worldly happiness, and this is written in a Book of Goddess’ decrees,

until the messenger of heaven comes to them, and they shall rejuvenate and cleanse them,

and She will tell them of the good and proper angels and archangels

that they can now have to call upon and worship.

The unjust shall forget their old idols of worldly riches, power and greed, for they have not disappeared.

They shall bear witness to themselves and to others that they were unbelievers,

and this is the treatment of the unbelievers.                                                                                                       

7.38 Goddess shall say to them on the day of their resurrection,

“Enter paradise with the nations which have preceded you,”

of genii[60] and people that live as though in hell fire, wandering and confused,

without protection by Her, and, as one wrongful nation enters, it shall curse its brother nation,[61]

until all of them have successively entered back to Her. The latter of them shall say of the former,

“O Lady of Light, these other nations have seduced us, and therefore we acted wickedly,

so we ask you inflict on them a double punishment of hell fire.”

Goddess shall answer them, “I do not punish as you all understand it,

and I do not appreciate your cursing one another; you are truly blessed, whether you know it or not.”         

7.39 “You will all arrive at the same place at the same time,

and so if one seduced you and you think therefore they are worse than you,

you will just have longer to wait and you will have to work all the harder

to convince them to turn to My infinite love and wisdom.”

This is what you will bear and what you will have gained.                                                                                

7.40 Certainly those people who shall charge our signs and miracles as being false,

when they are not, and they proudly reject them, the gates of paradise shall not be opened to them,

and entering into paradise shall be as difficult as a rope passing through the eye of a needle

for some of them, and this is the situation of those that do evil to others.[62]                                                     

7.41 Their couch shall be in the hell they have created of purposeless wandering,

and their coverings shall be like a fiery confusion; and this they have created for themselves on earth,

and to earth they shall promptly return, and this is the state of the unjust until they turn to Goddess.            

7.42 But those people who believe, and do what is right,

(and heaven does not load any soul but according to its ability),

those people shall be the companions of the angels and Goddess in paradise,

wherein they may remain forever.                                                                                                                      

7.43 And their minds will be cleansed to remove all grudges,[63]

rivers shall run at their feet, and they shall say, “Praises to Goddess, who has directed us to happiness,

because we would not have been rightly directed, if Goddess had not sent this Korana to direct us,

and now we are convinced that the Apostles and prophetesses of our Lady of Light came to us

with the good news.” And it shall be proclaimed to them, “This is paradise which you have inherited;

this is a reward for that which you have done during your lifetime.”                                                                

7.44 And the inhabitants of paradise shall one day call out in dreams to the inhabitants of hell,

which is upon earth, saying, “Now we have found what the Lady of Light said would be true in this world, you already know what has been written to be true in the world of the hell you have created for yourself, for you were wandering and confused, without protection,

chasing vain idols of wealth, power and greed.”

And many of them will say, “yes, we understand.”

And a crier shall proclaim between them, “These are the troubles you are experiencing

which are reserved only for the wicked because life on earth can be just like hell,

you need to repent and turn to Her.”                                                                                                                

7.45 This is for those who turn others away from the ways of Goddess,

they seek to render the paths of others crooked, and they deny the life hereafter.                                           

7.46 And between the blessed and those that are still damned, those living on earth,

there is a veil, and some women may be able to stand on Al Araf[64]

and they shall know each of the people on earth by their marks,[65]

and they shall call upon the inhabitants of paradise saying,

“Peace be upon you,” yet none of the dark entities shall enter into heaven,

though they see heaven and therefore earnestly desire it.[66]                           

7.47 But in their dreams, many of them shall look at the ugliness of the companions of the hell on earth and say, “O Goddess, place us not again with the ungoddessly people

and the horrid world they have created!”                                                                                                          

7.48 And in dreams, those that stand on Al Araf[67] shall be able to call upon certain people of earth,

which they shall know by their marks, asking them, “What has your gathering of riches availed you,

and how did it help to be puffed up with pride?”                                                                                             

7.49 “Are these the people upon whom you thought Goddess would bestow mercy?[68]

Even the poor, the illiterate, and the despised can enter paradise

through word and deed directed to justice, kindness and mercy.  They shall be directed

to enter into paradise, where no fear will come upon them, nor shall they be grieved.”                                  

7.50 And the inhabitants of worldly hell shall call to the inhabitants of paradise saying,


“Provide us with some refreshments from heaven, which were given to you by Goddess.”

But Goddess has said that the inhabitants of heaven are to interfere little with the inhabitants of earth.          

7.51 Certainly those that made a laughing stock and a sport of religion,

and to whom the life of the world had deceived because

their hearts refused to listen to the words of Goddess; their wrongful actions will be forgotten,

as they chose to forget the day they decided to declare

that the signs and miracles of heaven never emanated from Goddess.                                                              

7.52 And now the angels brought to the women of the world a Book of divine revelations;

which we have explained with knowledge;

it is to be a direction and mercy to those people who shall believe.                                                                  

7.53 Should anyone wait for an interpretation of this recording?[69]

On the day whereupon the interpretation of the recording shall come,

those people who had forgotten the messages given before shall say,

“Now we are convinced by demonstration that the messengers of our Lady came to us with the truth;

will there be anyone that will intercede for us?  Can we be sent back into the world

that we may do good works, those which were unknown to us in our prior lifetime?”

But they had lost their souls to that lifetime, and those which they imagined to be impious fled from them.

And when they are reborn, they are reborn as babies, and their memories are gone from them.                      

7.54 Certainly You, the Lady of Light, is the Goddess who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and then ascended Her throne;[70] She also created the sun and the moon and the stars,

which are all absolutely subject to Her command. The whole creation and the empire created is Hers.

Blessed be Goddess, the Lady of all creatures!                                                                                                    

7.55 Call upon your Lady of Light both humbly and in secret, and be not ostentatious,

for She does not love ostentation.                                                                                                                      

7.56 And act not corruptly in the earth, after its reformation by your prophetesses,

and call upon Her with love and desire; for the mercy of Goddess is closest to the righteous.                         

7.57 It is She who sends the winds, spread abroad before Her mercy,

until they bring a cloud heavy with rain, which heaven may direct into a dead country,

and heaven causes water to descend thereupon, and by this all sorts of fruits will spring forth.

In such a manner, She will bring forth the dead from their graves and death beds,

and you should consider all of this.                                                                                                                    

7.58 From a good country its fruit shall spring forth abundantly, by the permission of the Lady of Light,

but from the land which is bad, its fruits will not spring forth except in scarcity.

Thus we explain the signs and miracles of divine providence to the people that are thankful.                         

7.59 We sent Nora[71] to her people and she said, “O my people, worship Goddess;

you shall have no other Goddess than Her.  You should fear for the great calamity that

awaits the wicked and look forward to day of your resurrection.”                                                                   

7.60 The chiefs of the people answered, “We believe that Nora is wrong and a false prophetess.”                 

7.61 Nora replied to them, “O my people, there is no error in my prophecy,

I am only a messenger sent from the Lady of Light who wishes to let you know what is coming,

so you might avoid disaster and destruction.”                                                                                                   

7.62 “I bring to you the messages of my Land and I counsel you accurately,

for I know from Goddess that which you do not know.”                                                                                 

7.63 “Do you not wonder why a warning has come to you

by a woman among you to instruct you, that you may take heed to yourselves

and reflect and obtain mercy?”                                                                                                                           

7.64 And they accused her of being a false prophetess,

but heaven delivered her and those that were with her in the ark,

and those that did not believe, were drowned; those that charged these prophecies with being false;

were also drowned, for they were a blind people.                                                                                            

7.65 And to the tribe of Ada[72] we sent a sister to them.

She said, “O my people, worship Goddess; you shall have no other Goddess than Her,

and you shall love Her.”                                                                                                                                     

7.66 The leaders of those among the people that would not believe answered,

“Certainly we believe that you are guided by folly; and we esteem her to be one of the liars.”                       

7.67 She replied, “O my people, I am not guided by folly;

but I am a messenger from the Lady of all Creatures.”                                                                                       

7.68 “I bring to you the messages of my Lady of Light; and I am a faithful counselor to you.”                       

7.69 “Do you not wonder that a warning of a natural disaster has come to you from the Lady of Light,

by a woman blessed among you, that she might warn you?

Remember how She has appointed to you successors and has added to your stature greatly.

Remember the benefits of Goddess, that you might prosper.”                                                                          

7.70 They replied, “Have you not come to us that we should worship only Goddess alone

and we might forget the dark and evil deities greed and power our ancestors worshiped?

Now bring that judgment upon us that you have threatened us with, if you speak the truth.”                          

7.71 The prophetess answered, “Now there will suddenly come to you from your Lady of Light

an experience and a test of endurance.

You need not dispute with me the names of your false goddesses of

wealth, power and greed on this earth,

it matters not that your ancestors practiced this negative idol worship

and Goddess did not reveal to them that the practice was indeed false.

But if you wait for the great day, I will be one of those that waits with you.”                                                  

7.72 And we delivered the prophetess, and those that believed with her by our signs and miracles of mercy; and those that said that our signs and miracles were false were cut off from Goddess,

due to the hardness of their hearts, for they were not believers.                                                                        

7.73 To the tribe of Thelma we sent another great prophetess.

She said, “O my people, worship Goddess, you should have no other Goddess besides Her.

Now obvious proof has come to you from your Lady of Light.                                                                       

The female camel of Goddess is a sign to you,[73]

therefore let her wander freely, that she may feed upon Goddess’ earth,

do not hurt her unless unhappiness may befall you.                                                                                           

7.74 And remember how She has appointed prophetesses to the tribe of Ada;

and She gave them habitation on earth; they build castles on the plains,

and then they cut their homes out of the mountains.[74]

Remember the benefits of Goddess and do not commit violence or war mongering in the earth,

thereby acting corruptly.                                                                                                                                     

7.75 The leaders among the people were puffed up with pride and said

to those that were deemed “weak,” namely, the believers,

“Do you know what has been allegedly sent from our Lady?”

And they replied, “We certainly believe that which She sent to us

as a sign and miracle and we will not harm this camel.”                                                                                    

7.76 Those who were elated with pride said, “We do not believe that any of this is a sign or miracle.”         

7.77 And they cut off the feet of the camel,[75] they insolently transgressed the gift of the Lady,

and they challenged Goddess to send what was promised, if indeed the camel had been sent from Her.

They had been told by the believers to leave the area, it was dangerous, but they believed them not,

just as they failed to believe the camel was of divine origin, so they stayed.                                                     


7.78 Whereupon a terrible noise from heaven assailed them,[76]

and they were all found the next morning gone from their homes and families.                                              

7.79 And the prophetess departed from them and said,

“O my people, now you are aware that the messages that I deliver to you

are indeed from the Lady of Light,

but you do not seem to love those that provide you with good counsel.”                                                       

7.80 And remember Lot, when he said to his people,

“As for the men that love men and the women that love women,

I simply do not understand them, and I do not want them around me.

Therefore, do what you want to rid them from our nice community.

You can beat them, torture them, embarrass them, drive them out of their houses,

and we will all be much happier without them.”                                                                                               

7.81 “Are you cruel and mean enough to those men that love men, or the women that love women?

They are not gone yet, they hang around us. My wife the prophetess was wrong about this.”

Remember his wife, another prophetess named Wileh, when she said to her people,

“Are you cruel and inhuman to those men that love men and those women that love women?

Certainly you do not understand that cruelty and hatred transgress all boundaries against Goddess?

Consider that committed love in all forms is a gift from Her, though you do not understand this yet.”         

7.82 But the answer of her people was no other than they said to one another,

“Expel these people from the city, beat them, torture them, drive them out of their houses,

for they are people that we see as different from us, there is no kindness or love in the world they deserve,

hatred and cruelty should be their lot in life.”                                                                                                    

7.83 Therefore, we delivered her, but her husband looked back

because he did not believe anything bad would happen,

his heart was hard and his mind was stubborn, and he would not even believe his own wife,

who was a high priestess and great prophetess.                                                                                                  

7.84 So he stayed behind when the city was destroyed by a shower of stones,

they fell upon the wicked that practiced cruelty and hate; for he would not listen to Wileh

that a natural disaster was coming, and so he perished from his own stubbornness.                                          

7.85 And to Marian we sent another prophetess. She said to them, “O my people worship Goddess;

you have no other Goddess besides Her.” Now they were given an evident demonstration[77]

which came to them from the Lady of Light. Therefore give full measure and just weight,

and do not diminish any woman of her matter by cheating her, nor should you act corruptly in the earth,

after you have been sent these words of reformation. This will be better for you, if you believe.                    

7.86 And do not hide by the wayside, threatening the traveler,

and turning aside from the path of Goddess those who believes in Her,

and trying to make the path crooked for other people. And remember,

when you were few and Goddess multiplied you–behold, what is the end of those that act corruptly?          

7.87 And if part of you believe Goddess had good reason for sending you Her good Book,

and part do not believe in it, then wait patiently until Goddess instructs us all properly,

for She is the Best Instructor of the people.                                                                                                        

7.88 The leaders of the people who were elated with pride answered and who loved their old religion said,

“We shall surely cast this prophetess and those that believe with her out of our city,

so you will certainly return to our religion; we like to worship greed, wealth and power.”

She asked, “What, even though Goddess is adverse to such negative religion?”

7.89 “We shall surely find this to be a lie against our negative goddesses,

and we want to return to our old religion even after your single Goddess has delivered the Korana to us;

we see nothing good can come from a religion based upon peace and love that will increase our wealth,

and Goddess your Lady of Light will never care you have abandoned Her religion.”

But the prophetess replied, “Our Lady comprehends everything by Her knowledge.

In Goddess do we put our trust. O Lady of Light, please judge between us and our nation with truth,

for you are the Best Judge.”                                                                                                                               

7.90 And the leaders of the people who wanted to believe in Goddess said,

“If you will not follow this prophetess, you all will surely perish.

She has directed us to leave this area as it is now dangerous to all.”

7.91 Thereafter a storm from the sky[78] came upon those who did not believe,

and the next morning they were found dead in their homes,

for they did not heed the warning, because they did not believe in the signs and miracles of the prophetess. 

7.92 Thus those who had accused the prophetess of being an imposter or a fake,

and who did not listen to her warnings and admonitions perished due to their own stubbornness.

They never seemed to notice what a dangerous place earth is and how they needed their Protectress.            

7.93 And she departed from them and said, “O my people,

now I have delivered to you messages from the Lady of Light,

and I gave you good counsel, and yet I grieve with compassion for an unbelieving people.

You have my sympathy.”                                                                                                                                   

7.94 We have sent many prophetesses into cities to warn the people of impending natural disasters

that change the form and format of the earth as a natural course and as a necessity,

but many unbelievers do not listen, and accordingly they perish,

because they do not listen to the good advice and warnings of the prophetesses.                                            

7.95 We have always given them a choice of good in lieu of evil,

and they can see that goodness abounds, and they were told that adversity and prosperity

formerly has happened to your mothers, as to you, and you can make a choice between good over evil.      

7.96 But if the inhabitants of these cities had believed and loved Goddess,

and had listened to the good prophetesses we have sent,

they would have opened up to the blessings both from heaven and from earth.

But they charge many of the prophetesses with being frauds and fakes,

so they do not listen to warnings of impending natural disasters,

they do not understand that this is not done out of vengeance by heaven,

but is a normal and natural course of events upon the earth,

and earth is not heaven, it is a dangerous place.                                                                                                 

7.97 Were the inhabitants in those cities secure that disasters and calamities

would not fall on them by night, while they slept?                                                                                           

7.98 Or did they think that disasters only occur during the day,

while they are awake and active and vigilant?                                                                                                   

7.99 Why did they think that they were secure from the actions of Mother Nature?

But none should think herself secure from the designs of nature and Goddess,

except those already in Paradise.                                                                                                                        

7.100 And if it had not appeared obvious to those people that inhabited the earth before you,

if heaven pleased, they could have been afflicted for their sins,

but this is something that Goddess does not do.

For they seal up their own hearts, and they choose not to listen.                                                                      

7.101 For heaven will relate to you some of the stories of these cities.

Their prophetesses had come to them with evident miracles,

but the people were not disposed to believe in what others had gained before them.

Thus, they sealed up their own hearts, out of their own choice,

and they found this convenient and expedient.                                                                                                 

7.102 And heaven found that the vast majority of the people did not observe their covenant with Goddess;

but the majority of people on earth are those that act wickedly

and they do not care about Goddess or Her covenants.                                                                                    

7.103 Then heaven sent to the Pharaoh and his princes,

Miriam with heaven’s signs and miracles after the aforesaid prophetesses;

and Pharaoh treated our believers unjustly, and you should note what happens to those that act corruptly.   

7.104 And Miriam said, “O Pharaoh, certainly I am an apostle sent from the Lady above all creatures.”         

7.105 “And I should not speak of Goddess, other than the truth.

Now I have come to you with a evident signs and miracles from your Lady of Light;

therefore send the children of Israel away with me.”                                                                                         

7.106 Pharaoh answered her, “If you come with a sign or miracle, then show it, if you speak the truth.”        

7.107 Whereupon she cast down her rod, and behold it became a living serpent.[79]                                           

7.108 And she took her hand out from her shirt near her breast,[80]

and behold it appeared white and glowing to the spectators.                                                                           

7.109 The leaders of the people of Pharaoh said, “This woman is an expert magician.”                                  

7.110 “She seeks to dispossess you of your land, what do you want us to do?”                                                

7.111 They answered, “Put off her and her sister by enticing promises for a period of time,

and in the meanwhile search the cities”                                                                                                              

7.112 “looking for all the best magicians in the land.” So the best magicians came to Pharaoh and they said, “Will we receive a reward if we succeed in this matter?”

7.113 Pharaoh answered, “Yes, and you shall be one of those that may approach me close to my throne.”    

7.114 They said to Miriam, “O Miriam, put away your rod, unless we throw down the power of our rod.”

7.115 “If you do not, then tell us whether you will throw your rod down first, or if we should.”

7.116 Miriam answered, “Go right ahead and throw down your rods first.”                                                    

And when they had thrown down the rods, they enchanted the eyes of the persons who were present,[81]

and they were all terrified, and they believed the enchantment.                                                                        

7.117 And when heaven spoke this revelation to Miriam saying,

“Throw down the rod,” and behold it swallowed up the rods

which the magicians had falsely made to appear to be like a serpent.                                                               

7.118 When the truth was confirmed, the sticks and ropes vanished.                                                                 

7.119 And Pharaoh and his magicians were overcome and were rendered contemptible by the people.          

7.120 And the magicians prostrated themselves before Miriam.                                                                        

7.121 They worshiped Goddess saying:

7.122 “We believe in the Goddess of all creatures, the Lady of Miriam and Eve.”                                            

7.123 Pharaoh said, “Why do you believe in Goddess when I have not given you permission to do that? Certainly this is a plot you have contrived against me in the city,

that you will cast me out and establish the Israelites as rulers of Egypt.”                                                           

7.124 “But you shall know that I am your master, for I will cut off your hands and feet on opposite sides,

then I will have you all crucified.”[82]

7.125 The magicians answered, “We shall certainly return

to the Lady of Light at our death and in the afterlife;”                                                                                      

7.126 “for you take vengeance on us only because we believed in the signs

and miracles of the Lady, when they have come upon us.

O Lady of Light, pour on us your patience, and cause us to die Moslemas.”                                                     

7.127 And the leaders of Pharaoh’s people said, “Will you let Miriam and her people go,

so that they will act corruptly on earth and teach their Goddess to all?”

Pharaoh answered, “Then we will cause their female children to be killed,

and we will allow the males to live, in such a manner, the men shall live,

but without comfort and kindness from their own women,

and they shall die with few children, and those not of their own kind.”[83]                                                        

7.128 Miriam said to her people to ask the assistance of Goddess and to be patient,

for all of the earth belongs to Goddess, for She gives it to you all for an inheritance,

and those that prosper love Her and are patient with Her plans.                                                                      

7.129 They answered, “We have been grievously afflicted by having our female children slain,

before you came to us as a prophetess, and even thereafter.”

Miriam said, “Understand that it may occur that our Lady will indeed give you mercy and freedom,

and She may cause you to become greater than even those that are cruel to you and hate you.

Pray for your enemies and those that would harm you.”                                                                                  

7.130 And earth has not always been kind to Egypt and its people too;

there have been both times of abundance and of scarcity of fruits,

that the people may be humbled before the Lady of Light.                                                                               

7.131 Yet when good happens to them, they said, “This good is owed to us;”

but if evil came to them, they attribute the same to the bad luck of the Israelites,

and those who were with them, and even to Goddess,

who provided for them in abundance before the ill luck.                                                                                  

7.132 But the reality of the situation was that their luck was with the planned course of events

and their failure to be kind to one another so as to find favor with Goddess,

but most of them did not know this. And so they said to Miriam,

“Whatever signs and miracles you can bring, please show them to us, to enchant us,

so that we will not believe the Egyptians.”                                                                                                        

7.133 Whereupon they were sent a flood,[84] and locusts and lice, and frogs and blood;

distinct signs and miracles, but the Egyptians continued to behave proudly and wickedly,

being nasty and cruel to the Israelites and to others.                                                                                          

7.134 And when the plague fell on them, they said, “O Miriam entreat the Lady of Light for us,

according to that which She has promised you;

certainly if you take the plague from us, we will surely believe you,

and we will let the children of Israel go with you.”                                                                                           

7.135 But when the plague discontinued, for the term that Goddess had proscribed,

behold they broke their promise and began soon after to treat the Israelites cruelly and wickedly.                  

7.136 Therefore a plan was devised whereby the Israelites would be led to the Sea of Reeds,[85]

and it would part, but only so as to let the Israelites escape;

but those that followed to harm the Israelites would be drowned and die,

according to the prophecy given to those that would believe.                                                                          

7.137 And the people who had been rendered weak inherited the eastern parts of the earth

and the western parts thereof,[86] which we blessed with fertility,

and the word of the Lady was fulfilled on the children of Israel,

for all that they had endured with patience; also destroyed by an earthquake was

the structure which Pharaoh and his people had made and those that his people erected.[87]

7.138 And we caused the children of Israel to pass through the sea,

and they came to a people who gave themselves up

to the worship of earthly idols of wealth, power and greed,[88]

and the Israelites said to Miriam, “O Miriam, make us a deity,

the same as these people do, in the form of a calf.”

7.139 Miriam advised the people that to make a calf was vain,

but even worse was to continue their wicked ways of worshiping wealth, greed and power,

for Goddess desires first that people love and care for one another.

Further, this would be an ignorant thing to do.

7.140 She said to the people, “Why seek any entity besides Goddess, since She has preferred you

over all the rest of the world? You are Her chosen people, because you first chose Her.”                                 

7.141 And remember when we delivered you from the people of Pharaoh,

who grievously oppressed you; they killed your female children

so that you would not have comfort from your own women,

and you could not multiply so as to overtake them,

and this was a great trial to you to experience such wickedness and grief.                                                        

7.142 And we appointed to Miriam a fast of thirty nights before she was given the law,


and we completed them by adding ten more days;[89]

and the stated time of the Lady of Light was fulfilled in forty nights.

And Miriam said to her sister Alana, “Be my deputy for the people during my absence

and behave righteously, and do not follow the wicked nor be swayed by any of them.”                                

And when Miriam came up the mountain, she took her brother Moses with her,

and the Lady of Light spoke to her, they said,

“O Lady of Light, show us your glory, we desire to behold this.”

7.143 Goddess replied, “You can see me here, or whenever you wish,

and you can tell the people this, pray for it, or whatever your heart desires,

and I will be there for you. So now, stand firm right now and you shall see me.”

But when the Lady of Light appeared with glory on the mountain,

Moses fainted, but Miriam did not. But when Moses came to consciousness he exclaimed,

“Praise be to Goddess! I turn to You with repentance,

and we surely are the first and greatest of the true believers.”                                                                            

7.144 Goddess said to them, “O Miriam and Alana, I have chosen you above all

your people, by honoring you with my directions, and by choosing to speak directly to you;

receive therefore that which I have brought to you, and be one of those that gives thanks.”[90]                         

7.145 And Goddess inscribed the tablet for them,[91] as rules by which one should live by,

and they were told, “Receive this with reverence, and command the people

that they should live according to these most excellent of precepts.

I will show you the dwelling of the wicked.”[92]                                                                                                  

7.146 Those that behave proudly will want to turn away my signs and miracles,

they will ignore justice; and although they see every miracle and wonder of the world,

yet still many are not believers; and although they see the way of righteousness,

they do not want to take that way, but if they could see the result of living a life of error,

they would want to take only the way of the righteous.

Those that do evil are those that accuse the prophetesses of being false,

and they neglect the signs and miracles of Goddess.                                                                                          

7.147 But as for the people who deny the truth of our signs and miracles,

and do not believe in the afterlife, their works of wickedness are in vain,

and they shall not be recorded, and why should they receive a reward,

except to what they have poorly wrought, which is really nothing at all?                                                        

7.148 And the people of the Israelites, after Miriam and Moses had departed to the mountain,

they took a molten calf made of their jewelry which lowed.

Did they not see that it did not speak to them, nor did it direct them in any loving way?

Yet they took this for a goddess, and this was a mistake.                                                                                  

7.149 But when they repented with sorrow, and said that they had gone astray,

they said, “Certainly if our Lady of Light did not have mercy upon us,

then we might have become one of those that perish from the earth but do not enter paradise forever.”       

7.150 And when Miriam and Moses returned to their people, full of worry and concern,

the prophetess said, “What you have done makes absolutely no sense,

you were told you have a loving and kind Goddess that cares for you.”

And as she took away the tablets, they fell and broke,[93] and she said,

“It does not matter; you are not ready for these and we have more learning for you.”

And the prophetess took Alana and lovingly caressed her hair and head and said,

“Because you are the daughter of my mother also, I forgive you. I know that this seems different,

but I do not see it in such a manner, I am not worried if my enemies should rejoice in my pain,

because I am not one of the wicked people. You all have many things to learn.”                                             

7.151 Miriam said, “O Lady of Light, forgive my sister and my people, and receive us into your great mercy;

For those that exercise mercy freely, are the most merciful themselves.”                                                           

7.152 Certainly as for those people who took a molten calf as a goddess, they were led astray,

yet Goddess still loves them and will continue to show them the way to peace, love and happiness

though Her, and this is the reward of those that have false imaginings regarding Goddess.                             

7.153 But to those people that have made mistakes, and afterwards repent,

and believe in Goddess, certainly the Lady of Light thereafter

will be merciful and kind to them in an exceedingly gracious manner.                                                             

7.154 And when the disappointment of Miriam was appeased,

she had Moses carry the tablet away for her;

and what was written on them was a direction and mercy for those that greatly loved Goddess.                    

7.155 And Miriam chose out of her people seventy women to go up to the mountain

with her at an appointed time, when a storm of lightening and thunder took them away,

but she said, “O Lady of Light, if you desired you could have taken them away before,

and also me, but why destroy us for the things that only foolish people have done?

For we know that this lifetime is only a trial, and those with good hearts are easily directed by You,

and You direct them often. For you are our great Protectress, therefore forgive us,

be merciful to us, for you are the most generous of those that forgive.”                                                           

7.156 “And please write down for us all the good we have done in this world,

and in the life to come, for we desire to be directed by You.”

Goddess answered, “I do not punish in the sense that you understand this,

I do not have negative human emotions, my mercy extends over all things,

and these women did not die, except it was their appointed time,

and none asked for an extension, so please understand ,

for I will record the good deeds for those that love me,

and give alms to the poor, and those that believe in the signs and miracles sent from Me and heaven;           

7.157 and those that follow the prophetesses, even those that are illiterate,

they shall find recorded in the law and the gospel complete peace and love;

and they will command what is just, and will forbid them which is evil;

and will allow them the good things which may have been forbidden before,

and will prohibit those things which are bad; and she will ease them of a heavy religious burden,

and of the yokes which were once upon them.

And those that believe in her work and honor her, assist her and follow the light,

which has been sent down to her, shall be happy.                                                                                              

7.158 Tell the people, “O women, certainly I am the messenger of Goddess sent to you all;

to Her belongs the Queendom of heaven and earth, for there is no Goddess but She;

She gives life and She directs the end of your life, and She will be with you when you die,

Believe then in Goddess and her apostles, ascended mistresses and prophetesses,

even the illiterate ones, who believe in Goddess and Her Word;

and follow Her, that you might be rightfully directed.                                                                                      

7.159 Of the people of Miriam there were some women that directed the others with the truth,

and they acted justly according to the same.                                                                                                      

7.160 And the Jews were divided into twelve tribes, as if they were so many nations.

And heaven spoke its revelations to a prophetess, when the women asked where they might find water,

the people were told, “Strike this rock with the rod of the prophetess;

and from there gushed twelve fountains, and women knew where to find water for their families.

And heaven caused clouds to overshadow them, and manna and quails to descend to them saying,

“Eat of the good things which we have given you for food,”

but some of them did not, and those people did not injure any entity in heaven,

yet they injured their own souls.                                                                                                                        

7.161 And some of them were able to remember the time when it was said to them,

“Live in this city and eat of the provision found therein if you will,

and say ‘forgiveness’ and enter the gate worshiping;

then you sins will be pardoned and the believers will be given more.”                                                             

7.162 But those people who were not believers among them,

changed the expression into another which had not been given to them, and made it a joke,

and it made the people living there anxious and uneasy,

instead of spreading love and peace, which is what Goddess intended.

Because of this, they were sent more teachers and prophetesses from heaven,

that they might learn properly, because they regressed.                                                                                     

7.163 And we have asked them concerning the city, which was situated on the sea,

when the fish came near them on the Sabbath; they appeared plentifully near the sea,

but every other day of the week they did not come;

this was a test for those that were strong and righteous.                                                                                    

7.164 And when some of the women said to the others,

“Why do you warn a people whom Goddess will destroy, or will punish with a grievous punishment?”

The believers answered, “You do not understand, Goddess does not destroy,

nor does She punish in a way that you understand,

there are plans for even the wicked doers, and you need not question Her.”                                                   

7.165 But when they had forgotten the warnings which had been given them,

for heaven saved those that preached against others doing evil,

and we inflicted upon the evil doers plans so that they could learn themselves not to do evil,

because we had noticed their wickedness.                                                                                                          

7.166 And when some proudly refused to desist from what had been forbidden them,

some were transformed into apes by the demons, who then blamed this on Goddess,

and they were banned from their village for a period of time.                                                                          

7.167 And remember when your Lady of Light declared that She would send against the Jews,

until the day of resurrection, a nation that would afflict them with a grievous oppression,[94]

know that there is conflict in this world that does not exist in heaven,

and that your Lady of Light is swift to love, and also ready to forgive, and She is exceedingly merciful.         

7.168 Heaven has dispersed rulers among the nations in the earth.

Some of them are upright persons, and some of them are otherwise.

And heaven also provided them with prosperity and adversity,

so that they might refrain from being disobedient.                                                                                            

7.169 And many descendants have come from them, women that have inherited the Book of Law,

this Korana, who receive the temporal bribes of this world,[95] they say,

“This is not the covenant of the Book of Law, this Korana,

and all our sins will be forgiven of us, no matter what we do,”

and if a temporary advantage like this is told to them to them by anyone, they readily accept it.

But this Good Book has given to them, and so they should not should speak of Goddess in such a manner,

so that people can do evil over and over again, and still they say She will forgive them

without Her guidance, and repentance; this is only a vain imagining, but it is not the truth.

Yet they diligently read what been written therein.

But the enjoyment of the next life is best for those that love Goddess,

and love to follow Her directions, than the wicked gains of such people. You should understand this.           

7.170 And for those who hold fast to the Book of the Law, this Korana,

and are regular in prayer, the reward of the righteous shall never perish.                                                          

7.171 And when heaven shook the mountain of Sinai over the people,[96]

and the people were told to follow the Scripture to guard against evil.

7.172 And when Goddess drew forth their posterity from the abdomens of Eve and Adam,

and asked them, “Am I not your beloved Lady of Light?”

They answered, “Yes, you are and shall be our beloved Lady of Light,

Goddess of understanding, wisdom, mercy and love.”

She kissed each, and they all return to Eve and Adam.

This was done unless you say at the day of resurrection,

“Assuredly, we did not know or understand this matter because we were never told.”                                    

7.173 Or perhaps you might say, “Certainly our ancestors worshiped

the earthly idols of power, greed, self absorption, and so did we,

because we are their posterity that succeeded them,

but will you destroy us for what vain people have done before us?”                                                                

7.174 In such a manner, we explain our signs and miracles,

so that people might refrain from holding onto their vanities.                                                                          

7.175 And remember how the Jews, in their herstory, recall a certain prophetess,

and heaven departed from her company because she was followed by Evil and seduced by it.[97]                       

7.176 But had she desired, she could have been led by heaven to teach new wisdom;

but she inclined to those dark entities of the earth, and followed her dark desires.

As a result, her likeness is as the likeness of a dog with a long tongue, which,

if you drive her away, she sticks out her long tongue, or if you leave her alone,

she will also stick out her long tongue.

This is the likeness of the people who accuse believers

of having false signs and miracles when they do not.

When they say such things, remind them of this herstory, so that they might reconsider.                                 

7.177 For evil is the life of people who accuse heaven’s signs and miracles of being false,

when they are not, and thereby they injure their own soul.                                                                               

7.178 Whomever wants Goddess to direct her, she will be rightly directed;

and whomever decides to follow the dark entities, it shall be as if their life never existed,

for only love survives; hate and evil do not.                                                                                                      

7.179 Moreover, heaven has created on earth a life of hell for many of the genii and people;

they have hearts which do not feel emotion,

and they have eyes that do not see,

and they have ears that do not hear.

They are like brute beasts, yet they have gone astray, they are the negligent ones.                                           

7.180 Goddess has many excellent names;[98] therefore call on Her by the same;

and withdraw from those that use perverse names for Goddess;

names which do not reveal Her glory and magnificence; those that do this are truly nonbelievers

and their reward is nonexistent for such behavior.                                                                                             

7.181 And of those people that have been created,

there are certain people who can direct others with the truth and will act justly according to our design.       

7.182 But those that devise lies against our signs and miracles,

they will fall gradually away from glory and happiness, and the method is one they do not understand,

for it is not punishment in the sense that people understand it,

but it is discipline and difficulties that direct them in the right way.                                                                  

7.183 Such persons may live a long and prosperous life, but it will not be happy or fulfilled,

for they do not have the guidance and counsel of heaven, and such a strategy is most effective.                     

7.184 They do not seem to understand that the prophetess has not taken any devil for Her companion,[99] for the prophetesses are no more than public preachers and teachers.                                                                           

7.185 But some do not contemplate the Queendom of heaven and earth,

and the things which Goddess has created;

and they do not contemplate what will happen as their end draws near.

What new directions could they possibly find that are further away from the truth of love

that Goddess desires that they should know?                                                                                                     

7.186 For if the hardness of a person’s heart causes them to err,

then she has no true director, but unless one asks Her, She will leave them wandering in confusion,

for each person has free will and She does not interfere with that.                                                                    

7.187 Many will inquire concerning the last hour of the last day, at what time has it been fixed?

But you should answer them, the knowledge of this is only with the Lady of Light;

none shall declare the fixed time, except Her.

The expectation of this event will be a miracle unseen before in heaven and on the earth,

but it is not to be feared, for you have a loving Goddess. But it shall come upon you all suddenly.

Many people will ask you about this as if you were well informed of this.

But you should answer them that the knowledge of this event is with Goddess alone,

and the vast majority of people will not know about it in advance.                                                                 

7.188 You should tell the people,

I myself cannot obtain any advantage based upon what I do for myself,

nor can I avert any of the mischief I am to experience, this is the plan of Goddess.

For if I knew the secrets of Goddess for myself, I would certainly have an abundance of good,

and evil should never befall me, and I can tell you this has not happened, nor will it ever.

Certainly your prophetess is only an announcer of love and advice and discipline,

and a messenger of good tidings to the people who will believe.                                                                     

7.189 It is She who has created you each in pairs out of one soul for each pair,

and on this earth you may have a kindred soul who is your spouse, so you might dwell with him.

And when She created Eve, Eve carried a light burden for a time,

and she walked easily, but as it became large and heavy, she called upon Goddess, her Lady of Light, saying,

“If You can give us this child without defects, we shall surely be thankful.”[100]                                                   

Yet when She had given them a child without defects,

they began to worship the earthly idols of greed, power and self centeredness,

and this was despite the fact they had been given what they wanted: a child without defects.

But far be it from Goddess that they should have associated such negativity with Her!

7.190 Eve and Adam should have never associated these false, negative idols with Goddess;

for negative idols create nothing because they are nothing.                                                                               

7.191 And these false negative idols can neither give them assistance, nor can they help anyone.                     

7.192 You can invite them to the true direction, but many people,

due to the darkness and hardness of their own hearts will not follow you;

it will be equal whether you invite them, or whether you hold your peace.                                                     

7.193 Certainly the false deities whom you invoke besides Goddess are like bad servants to you.                  

7.194 Try such false negative idols, let them tempt you, and see if they give you an answer

which brings you goodness and love.                                                                                                                 

7.195 Do such idols have feet to walk beside you?

Do they have hands to caress you?

Do they have eyes to look at you lovingly?

Do they have ears to hear what you need in prayer?

Let the others call upon these false idols to worship wealth and power;

they think they are laying a snare for others.                                                                                                      

7.196 For Goddess is your protectress, who sent down the Book of the Korana and Her love;

and She protects the righteous.                                                                                                                           

7.197 If you call upon false idols of wealth, greed and power, they cannot direct you;

they cannot hear you.                                                                                                                                         

7.198 You see them looking enticing towards you, but they do not care about you.

You can call them to guidance, but they will not hear you; they will look at you but do not see you.            

7.199 Use indulgence in alms, to the extent you can,

command what is just, and withdraw from the ignorant.                                                                                  

7.200 If an evil suggestion from a devil is sent to you, to divert you from your duty,

pray to Goddess for assistance, for She hears and knows all.                                                                              

7.201 Certainly the people who love Goddess deeply, when a temptation from Evil comes to them,

they will remember and be comforted by the divine commands,

and behold they can clearly see the danger of sin and error, and the wiles of Evil.                                           

7.202 But as for the darker entities themselves, they shall continue such actions in error,

and afterwards they shall not be preserved from the detriments of their actions.                                              

7.203 And when you bring a verse of this Korana to them, they will say,

“Did you not just make this up yourself?”

Answer, “I follow only that which is revealed to me by My Lady of Light

and all Her good angels and spirits that surround Her.

The Book itself contains evident proofs from your Lady of Light,

and it is a direction and mercy to the believers.”

7.204 And when the Korana is read, listen closely and keep silent;

that you can obtain all of its great mercies.                                                                                                        

7.205 And meditate on your Lady of Light in your mind, with humility, love, goodness and joy,

without loud speaking in the evening and morning; be not one of the negligent.                                            

7.206 Moreover, the angels who are with my Lady of Light

do not proudly disdain serving Her or loving Her, but they only celebrate Her praise and worship Her.        









8.1 People will ask you concerning spoils after battle;

Answer, “The property which you have taken by force does not belong to you at all,

and it must be returned to the rightful owner or their legal heirs,

recall that you engaged in this battle as a matter of self defense,

and that was your purpose, not to worship greed and wealth.”[101]

Therefore love Goddess and decide matters amicably amongst yourselves;

and obey Goddess and Her prophetesses, if you are indeed true believers.                                                       

8.2 Certainly the true believers are those whose hearts sing with hope and love

when the word “Goddess” is mentioned, and whose faith increases

when Her signs and miracles are revealed to them, and those who trust in their Lady of Light.

8.3 They are those who observe frequent prayer for themselves and their families,

and for others, and who give alms out of the goodness of their hearts.                                                            

8.4 These are really the true believers; they shall have superior degrees of happiness

with their Lady of Light, and forgiveness, and honorable provisions.                                                                

8.5 As your Lady of Light brought you forth from Her house with truth;

and part of the believers were averse to the directions of their prophetess,                                                       

8.6 they disagreed with the prophetess concerning the truth, after it had been made known to them,

which is like a kind of death to their soul,     

which always longs for the truth and love of Goddess as told by the prophetesses.                                         

8.7 And remember when Goddess promised you one of two parties for you to evangelize,

that they should be your new friends and assistants in the true religion,

and you desired that one party was not furnished with provisions should be delivered to you,

8.8 But Goddess had a purpose to make known the truth in Her words,

and to cut off the uttermost part of the unbelievers, that She might verify the truth and destroy falsehood,

although the wicked ones were adverse thereto.                                                                                                

8.9 When you asked assistance of your Lady of Light and She answered you,

“Certainly I will assist you with a thousand angels, following one another in order.”[102]                                   

8.10 And this Goddess designed only as a good tiding for you,

that your hearts might thereby rest secure;                                                                                                         

for victory is from Goddess alone, and Goddess is almighty and wise.                                                             

8.11 When a sleep fell on you as a security from Her,

and She sent down upon you water from heaven, that She might thereby purify you,

and take from you the abomination of evil,

and that She might confirm your hearts, and establish your feet thereby.                                                          

8.12 And when the Lady of Light spoke to the angels, saying,

“Certainly I am with you; therefore confirm to me those that believe.

I can only cast longing hope into the hearts of the believers,

for their hearts are hard, knock at their heads, and poke the ends of their fingers until they notice Me.”         

8.13 This they shall feel because they have resisted Goddess and Her prophetesses,

certainly Goddess never angers, and does not punish,

but only loves and devises plans for those that act wrongfully.                                                                         

8.14 This shall be what you would call discipline; you will be able to feel it and taste it and know it;

and the method utilized shall be like hell fire to wander in confusion

without guidance and protection from Her, for those that will not believe.                                                     

8.15 O true believers, when you meet armed soldiers marching in great

numbers against you, do not turn your backs when they are near,

for some are treacherous and would be pleased to harm or kill you, yet still invite them to peace.

But you do not have to be like them, and you should always make peace and only fight in self defense,

as necessary to protect life or property.                                                                                                              

8.16 For if you turn your backs on them, unless you turn to dispute with them,

or retreat to another part of the faithful, you may bring upon yourself a danger that you did not anticipate,

a danger that may seem as if one were in hell, and it shall be a sad and difficult journey!                                

8.17 And you did not evangelize those that died at Bedr yourselves,

but heaven allowed you to evangelize them by softening their hearts.

Nor did you, O prophetess cast joy into their eyes, when you did seem to create it,

but Goddess did this for you,

that She might prove a miracle for the true believers by a gracious action from Her,

because Goddess knows and sees everything.                                                                                                     

8.18 This was also done that Goddess might also weaken the wiles

of the unbelievers, because there were so many and you asked for Her help.                                                   

8.19 If you desire a decision of matters between you and your opposition now,

a decision has come to you, and if you desist from opposing the prophetess, it will be better for you.

But if you return to attack her sayings, heaven will return to assist her;

and your armed forces shall not be of advantage to you at all,

even though you are numerous and strong; for Goddess is with each of the faithful,

and the pen and the tongue speaking words of love is much mightier than the sword.                                    

8.20 O true believers, obey Goddess and Her prophetesses and do not turn away from Her,

since you have already heard the good tidings of the Korana.                                                                           

8.21 And do not be as one of those that say, “We hear,” but they never heard.                                               

8.22 Certainly, the worst sort of beasts in the sight of Goddess are the deaf and the dumb to true religion,

who hear and understand nothing.                                                                                                                     

8.23 If Goddess had known any good in them,

She would have certainly have caused them to hear accurately, and if She had caused them to hear,

they would surely have turned back, and have left for places far away.                                                            

8.24 O true believers, answer Goddess and Her prophetess when She invited

you to the table which gives you life,

and know that Goddess is closest between a woman and her heart,

and that before Her you shall one day be assembled.                                                                                        

8.25 Beware of sedition; it will not affect those among you that are ungoddessly,

in particular, but all of you in general; and know that Goddess is severe in loving you.                                   

8.26 And remember when you were few and reputed weak in the land,

you feared that women might snatch you away and kill you;

but Goddess provided you a place of refuge and She strengthened

you with Her assistance, and She bestowed on you good things, that you might give thanks to Her.              

8.27 O true believers, do not deceive Goddess and Her prophetesses;

nor should you violate your faith against your own knowledge.                                                                      

8.28 And know that your wealth and your children are a temptation in vanity to you;

and that with Goddess is a great reward.                                                                                                           

8.29 O true believers, if you love Goddess,

She will grant you a distinction and will expiate your sins from you,

and She will forgive you; for Goddess is endued with great liberality.                                                              

8.30 And remember when the unbelievers plotted against the prophetess,

that they might either detain the prophetess in bonds,

or put her to death, or expel her from the city, and they plotted against her;

but Goddess counteracted their evil plot, and Goddess is the best Protectress.                                                  

8.31 And when heaven’s signs and miracles are repeated to some people, they say,

“We have heard; if we pleased we could have pronounced a composition

like that for everyone, but this prophetess tells nothing but fables of the ancients.”                                          

And when they said, “O Goddess, if this is the truth from you, then rain down stones upon us from heaven,

or inflict upon us a grievous punishment.”                                                                                                           

8.32 But Goddess is not disposed to punish anyone, for She does not punish or harm,

nor was Goddess disposed to punish them when all they asked for was a pardon.                                          

8.33 But they have nothing to offer as an excuse for what nastiness they have done,

since they have hindered the believers from visiting the holy temple,

although they are not the guardians thereof, only Goddess is,

and She invites everyone to Her temples and houses of worship.

8.34 The guardians thereof are only those that love Goddess with

a tenderness in their hearts, but the majority of people do not know this.                                                        

8.35 And their prayer at the house of Goddess is nothing other than whistling and clapping of the hands.[103]

Understand therefore the difficulties that you have seen in the unbelievers.                                                      

8.36 The unbelievers only expend their wealth to obstruct the ways of Goddess;

and perhaps they shall expend it, but afterwards it shall become a matter of sighing, and of regret to them,

and at length they shall be overcome, and the unbelievers shall be gathered together in one place                  

8.37 so that Goddess may distinguish the wicked from the good,

and She may throw the wicked together with one another, and may gather them in a great crowd,

and lead them into a place of cleansing and wholeness, but not until the final resurrection.

They shall not perish, but shall be cleansed at the appointed time.

8.38 Tell the unbelievers that if they desist from opposing the prophetesses,

what is already past shall be forgiven them, but if they return to attack her, then the exemplary treatment

of the former opposers of the prophetess is already past, and a similar occurrence may happen to them.       

8.39 Therefore, fight non violently against the unbelievers until there is no interest

in worshiping earthly idols of greed, wealth, self centeredness, war, hate and aggression.

and treat the prophetesses kindly and solicitously, and the religion shall be completely given to Goddess.

If they desist, certainly Goddess sees all that they do.                                                                                        

8.40 But if they turn back again, know that Goddess is your patroness,

She is the best patroness, and the best helper.                                                                                                     

8.41 And know that whenever someone [104] gains any spoils by force or violence,

the spoils belong to the person or persons they were taken from,

or if this cannot be determined, then to charity or the orphans,

and the poor and the traveler in need, and this shall be done on the day that the spoils were taken,

and they shall be donated to a charity located where they were taken from;

so that you will have integrity in all that you do, for Goddess is almighty.                                                      

8.42 When you were camped on the farthest side of the valley,

and another group was encamped on the other side, we created a caravan of angels for you,

so that you might be protected and no harm would come to you,

because your enemies always have an appointment with battles and war mongering,

but you were brought to evangelize the war mongers and bring peace to them,

so that Goddess might accomplish Her objectives through peace and love;

so that she who perishes hereafter might perish after seeing demonstrative evidence,

and those that lived might see the same evidence for Goddess both hears and knows everything.

8.43 When your Lady of Light caused the enemy to appear to you in your dreams,

and they were few in number, this was better, because if She caused them to appear

numerous to you, you would have been disheartened, thinking you could not evangelize so many,

and then you would dispute all of this with your prophetess.

But Goddess saves you from this, because She knows

and understands the most intimate details of women.                                                                                       

8.44 And when She caused them to appear to you when you see them, to be few in number in your eyes,

and you appear to be few in number diminished in their eyes,

then Goddess certainly accomplishes the matter which needed to be done.

And to Goddess all things shall return.                                                                                                               

8.45 O true believers, when you meet a party of unbelievers,

stand firm, and remember your Goddess frequently, that you might prosper.                                                 

8.46 And obey Goddess and Her prophetess, and do not hesitate,

unless you get discouraged, and your success departs from you;

but persevere with patience, for Goddess is with those that persevere.

8.47 And do not be like some people who went out of their homes

in an insolent manner, with vain ostentation and arrogance toward other women,

who were turned away from the ways of Goddess; for Goddess comprehends all that they do.                     

8.48 And remember when Evil prepares work for them,

and said “No person shall prevail against you today; and I will certainly be near to assist you,

and you may fight instead of evangelizing,” which is the opposite of what your prophetess instructed you.

But when the two opposing factions came near one another,

evil turned back on its heels, leaving many wounded, and said,

“Certainly, I am done with you, I can see things which you cannot see,

but you should love Goddess, for She is swift in loving you.”                                                                           

8.49 When the hypocrites, and those in whose hearts there was darkness said

that their religion has deceived women; but whomever confides in Goddess

can never be deceived; for Goddess is mighty and wise.                                                                                   

8.50 And many saw when the unbelievers died at the hand of dark entities on earth;

they struck their faces and their backs, and they said to them cruelly,

“Taste the pain of burning; this you are suffering because of our hatred and cruelty.”

This is how the dark entities behave; they are judgmental and hateful towards each other.

But Goddess is not; She is pure love.                                                                                                                  

8.51 And because Goddess is just towards Her servants, even those that do not believe in Her,

She felt their pain and had sympathy toward them.                                                                                          

8.52 For many had acted according to the designs of the people of Pharaoh,

and of those before them, people who did not believe in the signs and miracles of Goddess;

therefore they were taken away in their darkness and wandering,

because they did not listen to the warning coming from the faithful as to

natural disasters and the evil desires of other dark entities;

this is because Goddess is mighty and severe in Her love for you all.                                                                

8.53 This has all come to pass because Goddess does not change Her grace,

with which She favors any people, until they change what is in their hearts;

and for that, Goddess hears and sees all.                                                                                                            

8.54 According to the designs of the people of Pharaoh, and of those before them,

those that charge the signs of their Lady of Light as being false;

how foolish have they acted; for they were destroyed because they did not

listen to the warnings and the prophetesses, they did not let go of their sin and errors,

and accordingly they were drowned, those people of Pharaoh,

they were unjust persons and did not heed the signs.                                                                                        

8.55 Certainly the worst cattle in the sight of Goddess are those that are

obstinately unfaithful, and they will not believe. They are the dark and grey entities.                                      

8.56 As to those who enter into an association with them,

they will violate trust in their friendships at every convenient opportunity,                                                     

8.57 and they do not love Goddess; if they are taken as hostage,

then they are an example for those that come after them, and they are also a warning.                                   

8.58 If you apprehend treachery from any people, stay out of their league and keep them from yours,

for Goddess does not care for the treacherous.                                                                                                  

8.59 And do not think that the unbelievers have escaped Goddess’ knowledge,

for they cannot weaken the power of Goddess, which is invincible.                                                                 

8.60 Therefore prepare against those that would spread oppression, hate, cruelty and violence;

work against your enemies of darkness with whatever peaceable forces you are able;

and have troops of horses to distribute books and food and medicine,

and let your vast supplies of food and wealth strike terror into your enemies,

that you might solve famine, pestilence, and ignorance, so that your enemies,

which are poor will not be able to control or influence any people on earth,

and this applies to your enemies, and the enemies of Goddess, and people that you might not know,

but Goddess knows them. And whatever you might expend in the defense of the religion of Goddess,

it shall be repaid to you, and you shall not be treated unjustly.                                                                         

8.61 And if your neighbor inclines to keep the peace, then you should always assist her to keep the peace,

and put you confidence in Goddess, because She sees and hears all.                                                                  

8.62 But if they seek to deceive you, certainly Goddess will be your support.

For it is She who has strengthened you with Her help, and with that of the unbeliever.                                   

8.63 And She unites hearts in love. If you had expended whatever riches are in the earth,

you could not unite the hearts of everyone, but Goddess can unite them, for She is mighty and wise.            

8.64 Follow your prophetess, and Goddess shall be your support,

and such of the true believers who follow her.                                                                                                   

8.65 O prophetess, stir up the faithful to any mission of aide and assistance;

if twenty of you persevere with constancy,

they shall overcome two hundred wretched ones in need of help,

and if there be one hundred of you, they shall overcome a thousand of those who are in need of help,

because love is all that you need to understand.

8.66 Now Goddess has eased your minds,

for She knows when you have been weakened by too much mission work, yet,

if there are a hundred of you that persevere with constancy during a mission of assistance to the needy,

then you shall overcome two hundred in need, and if there are a thousand of you,

then they shall overcome with two thousand in need, by the permission of Goddess;

for Goddess is with those who persevere.                                                                                                          

8.67 It has not been granted that a prophetess should possess great wealth,

until she has amassed many of the faithful on her side,

For you seek the goods of this world, but Goddess regards highly


only the life to come; and Goddess is mighty and wise.                                                                                    

8.68 Unless a revelation had been previously delivered from Goddess,

certainly difficulties and troubles have been part of your lives, as a trial,

but the people of Bedr will never forget how you came to their assistance,

 when they were poor and oppressed when you were not much better off yourself.                                       

8.69 Eat therefore of what you have acquired from your bounteous farms,

that which is healthy and good; for Goddess is gracious and merciful.                                                             

8.70 O prophetess, tell the needy that are in your hands,

if Goddess should know any good to be in your hearts,

She will give you better than what you have given to them;

and She will forgive you your sins and errors, for Goddess is gracious and merciful.                                        

8.71 But if they seek to deceive you, then certainly they have deceived Goddess;

but She has given the prophetess power over them; and Goddess is knowing and wise.                                  

8.72 Moreover, those who have believed and fled their country,

and employed their wealth and person in assisting the religion of Goddess,

and those who have given the prophetess a refuge among them,

and have assisted her, these shall be deemed as next of kin to her.

But they who have believed, but have not fled their country,

shall have no right of kindred until they also leave their country

and become refugees for the sake of Goddess.

Yet if they ask assistance of you on account of religion,

it is up to you to give them assistance, except as against a people between you and yourselves

where there is a treaty in existence; then you must adhere to that treaty, and Goddess sees all that you do.   

8.73 And as to the unbelievers, let them be deemed of relation one to the other,

and they should be considered as your neighbor to you,

and you shall be kind toward them.

Unless you do this, there will be increased unrest in the earth,

and more meaningless battles will arise,

and much less love will come to you. Your goal is to increase the love in the world, and not decrease it.       

8.74 But as for those who have believed and left their country,

and have done so for Goddess’ true religion, and who have given the prophetess refuge among them,

and have assisted her, these are excellent believers;

they shall receive added mercy and an honorable provision.                                                                             

8.75 And as for those who have believed since, and have fled their country,

and who have been with you, these are also counted as your kindred.

And those who are related by blood shall be deemed the nearest of kin to one another,

preferably to strangers, and all strangers are your neighbors.

This is according to the good Book of Goddess; for Goddess knows all things.                                               










9.1 This is a declaration of immunity from Goddess and Her prophetess,

to those that idolize wealth, greed and self centeredness,


with whom you have entered into an agreement.[105]                                                                                          

9.2 Go to and from in the earth securely for four months and prepare your works better,

and know that this does not weaken Goddess, and Goddess will show the unbelievers Her path,

as a path of enlightenment and least resistance.                                                                                                  

9.3 And a declaration of Scripture from Goddess and Her prophetess to the people,

on the day of their pilgrimage, that not only is Goddess clear from the negative actions of the unbelievers,

but also She sends Her love and Scripture to Her prophetess.[106]

Accordingly if you now repent, this would be better for you,

but if you turn back, know that you shall not weaken Goddess,

and instruct politely those that are unbelievers, for they will suffer to wander the earth,

and they will have no protection from Goddess as the most difficult discipline from Her.                              

9.4 Except such of the unbelievers which you have made an agreement

for a time certain, and who have not violated this agreement in any manner,

nor have they assisted others in treachery against you,

you should perform the agreement that you have made with them, until their time shall have elapsed,

for Goddess loves those that keep their agreements.                                                                                         

9.5 And when the time has passed when you have granted them peace, then you might further evangelize,

wherever you may find them, tell them what you will,

besiege them with your gospels politely, and wait for them with patience,

in every convenient place try to talk to them regarding the peace and love of your religion.

But if they shall repent, and pray both morning and evening,

give to charity freely, love them greatly and have them as friends; for Goddess is gracious and merciful.       

9.6 And if any of the unbelievers shall pray for protection from you,

then grant them your protection, and tell them the good news that Goddess has to offer;

and afterwards, help them reach a place of security.

This you should do, because many people do not know the excellent religion

that your prophetess has granted you.                                                                                                               

9.7 How should the unbelievers be admitted into an association with Goddess

and with Her holy prophetess?  Except places found in other ways, mostly at your house of worship.

So long as they behave with fidelity towards you,

you should also behave with fidelity towards them,

for Goddess loves all of Her people that love Her.                                                                                           

9.8 How can a person be admitted into an association with you?

If they prevail against you, they will not regard you as a relation or as a person of their faith.

They will please you with what they say,

but their hearts may be averse to you, for many are wicked doers.                                                                   

9.9 This is because they sell the signs of Goddess for a small price,

and they obstruct Her way; it is certainly dire mischief that they practice.                                                        

9.10 They do not regard believers well, either in kindred or faith;

and hence they are in error and Goddess grieves for them.                                                                                

9.11 Yet if they repent, and pray frequently or in morning and night,

and give alms, they shall be deemed to be your true sister in religion.

Heaven is pleased to show signs and a direction to people that desire to understand this.                               

9.12 But if they violate their oaths, after joining your religion,

and perhaps even revile the religion,

challenge the leaders of the opposers to join you once again,

(for there might be no real trust in them at all), and they might desist from treachery

and quit earthly idols of wealth, power. greed and self centeredness and love Goddess once again.               

9.13 Would you not challenge people who violate prior oaths,

when they conspire to expel the prophetess of Goddess, yet they were against you in the past?

Do you not fear them? But it is more just that you should love Goddess,

and put your faith in Her, if you are indeed a true believer.                                                                              

9.14 You need not attack them, but instead show them the way,

for Goddess does not punish in the way you understand,

but She will make plans for them,

and they shall eventually arrive with you at the same place and time;

and She will heal the hearts of those that believe; and cleanse the spirits of the unpure.

9.15 And She will take away the indignation and arrogance

in their hearts, for Goddess turns to all that ask for Her; and Goddess is knowing and wise.                           

9.16 Have you ever thought that you were abandoned by Goddess,

because there were few in alliance with you?

Have you felt as though you were the only one among you that understood Her true and loving religion?

Or, perhaps you were the only one that understood Goddess and Her prophetess,

and you only had the faithful for a few friends?                                                                                                

9.17 It is not fitting that the unbelievers should just visit the temple,

when they still have disbelief in their hearts because they have been war mongering,

and you have not shown them the way; allow them to visit, but show them your religion,

the kindness of your hearts, and your love for Goddess in glowing smiles as they come to you.                     

9.18 Of course, the best person to visit the temples of Goddess

are those that believe in Goddess and the last day,

and are faithful to prayer in the morning and evening,

gives alms freely and not of a dictate, and who loves Goddess greatly

and you should not put undue restrictions upon them to visit;

such as permission from others, or that they believe in a certain way foreign to your understanding.              

9.19 Understand that the giving of food and drink to the pilgrims,

and the visiting of your local temple are just as meritorious

as those acts performed by people who believe in Goddess

and the last day and they love the religion of Goddess.

All kind people are held equal in the eyes of Goddess,

all acts of love, kindness and compassion are held equal in the eyes of Goddess,

and Goddess directs the righteous , kind and loving people.                                                                            

9.20 For the people who have believed and fled their country,

and employed their resources and their persons out of their love for the religion of Goddess,

shall be held in great degree of honor with Goddess, and these people shall be very happy.                           

9.21 The Lady of Light sends good tidings of mercy from Her,

and goodwill, and the believers shall have gardens wherein they shall enjoy lasting pleasure;                         

9.22 further they shall continue therein forever; for with Goddess is a great reward.                                       

9.23 O true believers, take not your parents or siblings as true friends,

if they love infidelity, war, hate, aggression and rage above faith; yet be respectful to them;

yet note many are likely to be unjust doers, so protect yourselves.                                                                   

9.24 If your mothers, and your daughters, and your sisters and your husbands,

and your relations, and your substance which you have acquired,

and your merchandise which you fear should not be sold off

are more dear to you than Goddess, and Her prophetess,

and the advancement of a kind and loving religion, wait until Goddess shall send Her command,

for Goddess does not direct the unbeliever.                                                                                                       

9.25 Goddess has now assisted you in many engagements and travails,

and particularly at Honein[107], where there were many in the multitudes to convert others,

but there was no actual manner of advantage to you,

the earth was not sufficiently straight for you to escape,[108]

you forgot that it was indeed spacious, yet you abandoned this test and

you turned your backs on those that you were there to preach to.                                                                    

9.26 Afterwards Goddess sent down Her troops of angels[109] which you did not see;

and She took no heed of those that were not steadfast in belief;

and this was the reward of the unbelievers, to wander in confusion.

9.27 And Goddess will turn in mercy to those whom She loves, who have first loved Her,

for She is the Most Forgiving and Most Merciful one.                                                                                       

9.28 O true believers, notice that many of the idolaters of wealth, greed, power and self centeredness

are unclean, that is, dishonest in their work and habits;

therefore, you must show them the way and invite them to your temple,[110]

and especially after this year, and as you are able.

And if you find you need anything because the unbelievers have cut off trade and communication,

Goddess will enrich you, of Her abundance, for Goddess is knowing and wise.[111]                                            

9.29 Oppose those who do not believe in Goddess and the last day

when they do something evil or unjust, and forbid not what Goddess or Her prophetess has not forbidden,

and profess the true religion unto those whom the Scriptures have been delivered,

and they should not be required to pay any tribute to you for this.[112]                                                              

9.30 The Jews say Ezra is the Child of Goddess, and the Christians say that Yeshua is the Child of Goddess,

This is what they say, for we are all Children of Goddess,

because they are repeating Scriptures written long ago;


may Goddess love them for their faithfulness![113]                                                                                                

9.31 They know that many priestesses and nuns have been prophetesses,

out of their love for their Goddess, as well as Yeshua, the child of Mother Mary;

for they have been commanded to worship One True Goddess;

there is no Goddess but She; and any name you call Her by,

even those names of male deities, which are so numerous,

are still nothing but one, in the One True Goddess.                                                                                           

9.32 They seek to illuminate the light of Goddess with their mouths,

and Goddess needs many to spread Her light, although the infidels will be adverse to this.                            

9.33 It is She who has sent Her prophetess with the direction and true religion;

that She may cause it to appear superior to every other religion,

although the idolaters are adverse to this.                                                                                                          

9.34 O true believers, certainly many of the priestesses and nuns take the resources of their people

for good use by the church; and in doing so they show their love for Goddess.

But for those people who treasure up gold and silver,

and employ none of it for the advancement of Goddess’ true religion,

they will suffer wandering and confusion on earth.                                                                                           

9.35 On the day of judgment their treasures will be shown to them,

and their foreheads, sides and backs shall be filled with grief,

and the angels will say, “look at what you have treasured up,

now see the suffering of the people that lived near you that they could have helped,

now see how their lives could have been so much better.”

And they will taste and feel the poverty and hunger they created,

which is proper discipline for their understanding.                                                                                            

9.36 Moreover, the complete number of months with Goddess is twelve months,

which were ordained in the Book of Goddess on the day

where She created the heavens and the earth, of these, four are more sacred.

This is the right religion; it is for people who are correctly directed,

therefore be assiduous in dealing righteously and ready with forgiveness in these months.

But preach to the idolaters of wealth, greed and power, in all the months you see them,

and know that Goddess is with those that love Her.[114]                                                                                      

9.37 Many have been led into error by this, they allow a month to be violated one year,

then declare it sacred another year, now you might all agree in the number of months

that Goddess has directed you to keep sacred;

for some have incorrectly proclaimed that Goddess has forbidden this when She has not.                               

9.38 The problems with the actions of some believers have been noted and corrected;

Goddess does not direct the unbelievers unless and until they call upon Her to do so.

Rest assured that the reward of the present life is

negligible when compared with the life which is yet to come.                                                                          

9.39 Unless you help the poor and the homeless when you are summoned to them,

you will be greatly disappointed on the day of your resurrection when you see and feel

how they had suffered and how you could have helped this suffering,

yet Goddess does not suffer by this; She will send another helper in your stead,

and another and another, until those that prayed to Her in need have been properly helped;

and you shall have not hurt Her at all; for Goddess is almighty,

but when you refuse to assist a needy person when requested,

you only forego yet another opportunity to improve your own soul.                                                             

9.40 If you do not assist your prophetess, still Goddess will find others to assist her,

as She assisted her before when the prophetess was driven out of Mecca,

the second of two; first when she was in the cave; then when she said to her friends, during difficult times,

“Do not be grieved, for Goddess is with us.”

And Goddess sent Her peace[115] down upon the prophetess,

and strengthened her with armies of angels, but you did not see this.

And She made the world of those that believed to not be abased,

and the word of Goddess was exalted; for Goddess is almighty and wise.                                                       

9.41 Go forth and assist Goddess and the prophetess

in their work for peace and love and harmony throughout the world,

and employ your substance and your person for the advancement of Goddess’ religion.

This is always better for you, if only you knew it.                                                                                             

9.42 If there was much advantage in the way and a moderate journey,

the prophetess would readily been followed; but the way was difficult and tedious,

yet they swear by Goddess, saying “If we had been able, we would have gone with you.”

But they fail to enhance their souls with such an attitude, for Goddess sees how strong they actually are.       

9.43 May Goddess forgive them all for what they do!

Many stayed at home and made excuses for themselves,

but Goddess knew what they were doing when they stayed at home.                                                              

9.44 Many of the people who believe in Goddess and the last day

will not ask to be excused from helping Goddess with their substance and their person

for the advancement of Goddess’ religion;

yet all would have helped if they knew how much Goddess loves them.                                                         

9.45 Certainly most that only want to be excused from helping Goddess

do not truly believe in Goddess and the day of their resurrection,

and they have doubts concerning faith;

wherefore they toss themselves back and forth in their doubting.                                                                     

9.46 If they had been willing to go and assist the prophetess,

they had certainly prepared for that purpose a provision of food and medical supplies to help others,

but Goddess knew they were adverse to going out to help others,

and they are most slothful, and it was said to them,

“Perhaps you should stay behind with others that are resolved to stay behind.”                                               

9.47 If they had gone with the prophetess,

they would have only have been a burden to her,

and they would have run about and stirred others to mischief and sedition and there would have been

some among them that would have listened,

and Goddess knows those that do not have the prerequisite good intentions.                                                 

9.48 Some people formerly sought to engage in sedition, and they disturbed the affairs of the prophetess,

until the truth came out, and the decree of Goddess was made obvious,

despite the fact that they were adverse to this.                                                                                                   

9.49 The are some people who have said to the prophetess,

please allow me to stay behind, and do not expose me to temptation,

but then have they not fallen to temptation already at home?[116]

But love will certainly embrace all and Goddess will show them the right path.                                               

9.50 If good happens to the prophetess, it grieves many unbelievers;

but if a misfortune befalls her, they say, “We knew we should stay at home because this would happen,”

and they turn their backs and rejoice at the mishap.                                                                                           

9.51 But you should say, “Nothing will befall the faithful, except what Goddess has decreed for us;

She is our patroness and only the faithful put their trust in Goddess.”                                                               

9.52 Tell the people, “Do you expect any other mishap should befall us,

other than two wonderful things; either victory or martyrdom?

But we expect that no matter what happens,

Goddess loves all Her people and She will make plans for those that are not on the right path.

Wait therefore to see what will happen over time, and we will patiently wait for you to see this.”                

9.53 Tell the people, “Expend your money in pious uses, either voluntarily or by constraint,”

and even the most wicked can oftentimes be encouraged to do something good and kind for another,

and no good deed is ever overlooked by Goddess, and She rejoices in them all.                                             

9.54 Tell the people, nothing hinders their contributions from being accepted and put to good use,

whether or not that person yet believes in Goddess and Her prophetesses,

even those that do not pray, even those that pray sluggishly,

and even those that expend their resources for the service of Goddess on a basis that is fairly unwilling. Nothing is overlooked by Goddess.                                                                                                                                    

9.55 Let not riches or children cause you to marvel at another person.

Certainly Goddess only intends to test them in the world,

and perhaps their souls may depart this world while they are unbelievers,

but this should be of no concern to you.                                                                                                            

9.56 Many people swear by Goddess that they are staunch Muslimas,

yet they are not, but they are only people that pretend because

they fear Goddess and do not truly love Her and other people.                                                                       

9.57 If they find a place of refuge, or a cave or a foxhole,

they will always utilize it, and in a headstrong manner,

they will run and hide there, because they are always afraid,

they will not leave therefrom to help the wounded or those in need.                                                              

9.58 There are also people who spread malicious reports of the prophetess,

in relation to the management of charities; yet if they are a beneficiary,

they are well pleased; but if they are not, behold they are angry.                                                                     

9.59 But if they had been pleased with all that Goddess and Her prophetess had given them,

and had said in lieu of, “Goddess is our support; Goddess and Her prophetess

had given much to the needy and not enough to us,” and had rather said, “Goddess is our support;

Goddess will give us plenty out of Her abundance, and so will Her prophetess also;

and we know She can also care for the needy,

certainly we make our prayers to Goddess,” and this is more decent.                                                               

9.60 Alms are to be distributed only to the poor, and the needy, the traveler,

and to those whom are employed in collecting and distributing alms,

and for those that are in debt and insolvent, and those that were imprisoned unjustly,

for political or religious reasons, and were nonviolent in what they did,

and for the advancement of the religion of Goddess.

This is an ordinance from Goddess, and Goddess is knowing and wise.                                                            

9.61 There are some people who would try to injure your prophetess,

and they say, “She has an ear which listens to only to heaven, and not to us.”

Tell the people, “She has an ear which is good for you,

and she believes in Goddess, and gives credit to the faithful,

and this is mercy from Goddess sent to you who believe.”

But those who injure the prophetess of Goddess, shall only injure their own souls.                                          

9.62 They swear to you by Goddess, that they may please you,

but it is more just that they should please Goddess and Her prophetess, if they are indeed true believers.      

9.63 They should know that people who oppose Goddess and Her prophetesses,

shall without a doubt, suffer injury to their souls,

because they will succumb to temptation from evil,

and Goddess will make plans for them because

She does not punish in the way that you understand it.                                                                                     

9.64 The hypocrites are apprehensive that a Chapter of the Korana

might be revealed concerning them, to declare to them what is in their hearts.

You can tell them they might scoff at this,

but Goddess will certainly bring to light all that they might fear, and it will be discovered by the world regardless.                                                                                                                                                                            

9.65 And if you ask them the reason that they scoff, they will say,

“Certainly we were only engaged in light hearted discussions, and were only jesting among ourselves.”

Reply to them, “Do you scoff at Goddess and Her miracles and Her prophetess?”                                          

9.66 “Do not give excuses, simply ask yourselves if you have lost your faith,

so that is the reason why you scoff?” But heaven can forgive not only some of you,

but all of you, if only you would simply ask.

As for the evil doers, Goddess will make plans for them,

and you need not be concerned with them.                                                                                                       

9.67 Hypocritical men and women are all like one another;

they demand things that are evil, and they forbid anything good,

and they shut their hands from giving alms.

They have forgotten Goddess, but She has not forgotten them;

She weeps for them; certainly the hypocrites act wickedly.                                                                               

9.68 Goddess denounces hypocritical actions of both men and women,

and the unbelievers, for Goddess shall make plans for them all,

and these plans shall be forever; this is their greatest reward;

for Goddess loves them all; and they shall not suffer any torment,

but they will work diligently according to these plans.                                                                                      

9.69 As for those people who have come before you, you are also the same.

Many people before you were superior in strength,

and they had more wealth and children; and they enjoyed their portion in this world;

and you also will enjoy your portion in this world.

And you engage in vain discussions, similar to those that other people waste time with.

But all of these works are vain both in this world,

and in which the world to come; but you shall not perish, for Goddess makes plans for you all,

and you shall learn what is good and right and true, and most of all, loving.                                                   

9.70 It would appear that many people are not well acquainted with

the herstory of those who have been before them.

It is well to know the people of Wileh, wife of Noah,

and other prophetesses, and Sarah, the wife of Abraham, and the people of Marian,

and cities which experienced troubles.

Their prophetesses came to them with evident demonstrations and miracles;

and Goddess loved them and did not treat them unjustly,

but they only dealt unjustly with their own souls.                                                                                             

9.71 And the faithful women, and the faithful men are friends to one another;

they command all that is just, they forbid evil, they pray frequently,

they pay alms freely, they obey Goddess and Her prophetess;

to these true believers, Goddess will be merciful, for She is mighty and wise.

9.72 For Goddess promises to the true believers, both women and men,

gardens through which rivers flow, where they shall remain forever;

and beautiful dwellings in the gardens of perpetual abode,[117]

but good will from Goddess shall be their most excellent reward. Therein will be great joy and happiness.   

9.73 O prophetess, wage a nonviolent war of love to evangelize the unbelievers and hypocrites,

and be severe in your love towards them, and severely evangelize them to the right way;

and listen politely when they attempt to evangelize you, for there are many paths to Goddess,

and it is perfectly acceptable for you to think yours is best;

for their plans shall be difficult, and their journey will be work hereafter.                                                         

9.74 They swear by Goddess that they did not say any words of unbelief;

yet they did in fact speak words of infidelity, and became unbelievers

after they embraced Islama.[118] But they attempted something which they

could not fulfill, and they did not fail for any other reason other

than because Goddess and Her prophetess had enriched them of Her

bounty and they loved wealth more than Her. But if they repent it would be better for them,

but if they relapse, Goddess will love them and make plans for them,

in this world and in the next, but they shall wander to find their portion on earth,

and they shall not have a protectress.                                                                                                                 

9.75 There are some of them who will make a promise with Goddess saying,

“Certainly if She gives us abundance, we will then give alms, and become part of the righteous people.”       

9.76 Yet when some people give to Goddess a part of Her abundance,

they become covetous, and they turn back, and they wander far from Her.                                                     

9.77 Therefore, they allow hypocrisy to succeed in their hearts,

until the day whereupon they shall meet Goddess;

for even though they failed to perform the promise they have made to Her,[119] and on that they wavered,    

9.78 still do they not know that Goddess perceives all that they conceal,

and She knows all their private discussions, and Goddess knows all their secrets.                                              

9.79 For those who understand, the believers are those who are liberal in giving alms,

beyond which they are obligated to do so, and those who find nothing to give,

but what they gain by their industry; but some scoff at those that give freely;

but in the end, they will see what good the alms have done,

and how they have alleviated suffering;

and hence Goddess makes plans for everyone,

this is the discipline of Goddess

because Goddess does not punish as you understand this term.                                                                         

9.80 Ask forgiveness for them, or do not ask forgiveness for them,

it will be equal; yet pray for them.

For the angels will be alerted, and they can assist them in regaining the right path.

If you ask forgiveness for them seventy times, they will be helped many times more than this.

This is divine pleasure, for while they do not believe in Goddess and Her prophetess,

Goddess still loves them, even though they are not directed by Her.

Goddess does not direct the ungoddessly, for She does not interfere where She has not been called.               

9.81 Some people who were left at home during the expedition of Tabuc,

were glad they stayed behind and left the prophetess of Goddess,

they were unwilling to employ their substance and their persons

for the advancement of Goddess’ true religion;

and they told others, “Do not go out in the heat,”                                                                                            

and yet Goddess needed them to preach to some, and to bring medicine and food to others.

9.82 Tell them that if they did not assist the prophetess this would in fact be one day they will regret,

for they will then see all of the good that they might have done.

Therefore, let them laugh while on earth, but feel the remorse of the soul later,

for what they have done and those they have ignored, when they could have helped many.                          

9.83 If Goddess brings back some of these to the prophetess,

and they ask to go forth later to assist in a war against poverty,

hunger and illiteracy, then welcome them back saying,

“I am pleased that you will come with me in the future,

and you will fight these common enemies with me;

while you sat at home the first time, you were inspired by Goddess,

and Her angels, you heard them, therefore sit at home no longer, and come fight for love with us.”              

9.84 You should pray over the graves of everyone, all that have died,

and you may stand at their graves, for even those that did not believe in Goddess,

for Her angels hear all and will still assist the dead and those who have left you,

even if they died in wickedness, they are still in need of your prayers.                                                              

9.85 Do not let the riches or children of others to cause you to marvel and envy them;

for Goddess intends that all shall have trials on this earth,

so all might learn and grow, but some that depart may still be unbelievers; still they will learn.                      

9.86 When a Chapter of this book is sent down, where it is said,

“Believe in Goddess, and go forth in nonviolent evangelization for the true religion with the prophetess against poverty, hunger and illiteracy,”

however; those who are plentiful in resources among the people,

some of them will still ask to remain behind, and then they will say to you,

“Allow us to be those who may sit at home.”                                                                                                    

9.87 They are very pleased to be with those who stay behind,

and they have sealed up their hearts to pain and suffering, and they do not understand.                                 

9.88 But the prophetess, and those who believed with her,

expose their fortunes and their lives for the service of Goddess;

and they will enjoy the good things of either life, and they shall be happy.                                                     

9.89 Goddess has prepared for them gardens through which rivers flow;

they shall remain therein forever. There will be great joy and love.                                                                  

9.90 And certain Arabs of the desert came to excuse themselves,

praying that they might be permitted to stay behind,

and they sat at home, and they renounced Goddess and Her prophetess.

But Goddess shall make plans for them, though it may be difficult,

and by these plans they shall be drawn closer to Goddess.                                                                                

9.91 For those that are weak, or are afflicted with sickness,

or for those who cannot find anything to contribute to a war on poverty, sickness and illiteracy,

there shall be no crime if they stay at home; provided they behave themselves faithfully

towards Goddess and Her prophetess.

There is no need to lay blame or guilt on the righteous;

for Goddess is gracious and merciful.                                                                                                                 

9.92 Nor lay blame on those for whom, when they came to the prophetess,

requesting that she would supply them with necessaries for traveling,

were required to reply, “I have nothing to supply you with,”

and she watched them, shedding tears of grief, that they could not

contribute to the expedition against poverty, suffering, sickness and illiteracy.                                                 

9.93 But there are issues with those that asked to be stay behind,

and those that do not contribute, for they have sealed up their hearts

from compassion and understanding in pursuit of wealth and greed,

and they truly do not understand, yet Goddess will make plans for them,

for She truly loves them nonetheless.                                                                                                                  

9.94 They will excuse themselves to everyone; when you leave and when you come back.

You can tell them, “Do not excuse yourselves, although we hear your excuses,

they do not matter.” And let them alone and do not chastise them further.

For they are still loved by Goddess, and She will make plans for them.

But others will know their behavior, and Goddess observes their actions,

and Her prophetesses also, and eventually they will be brought before

She who knows all that is hidden, and all that is obvious,

and She will show them kindly what truly occurred in their lives,

and they will be amazed with what they have done.                                                                                         

9.95 They will swear to others by Goddess, when you see them again,

that they should be let alone. And you should let them alone, for they

have issues that Goddess will make plans for, for what they have done.                                                           

9.96 They will swear to you that all this was done to please Her,

but you should not worry about this, about whom Goddess is pleased with,

just be respectful to them,

out of your love for Goddess and show them the way of kindness and love.                                                  

9.97 The Arabs of the desert are more obstinate in their unbelief and hypocrisy;

and it is easier for them to be ignorant of the ordinances of Goddess

sent down by Her prophetess, and Goddess is all knowing and wise.                                                               

9.98 Of the Arabs of the desert,

there are some that believe that the duty to pay alms is an undue fine,

and they wait for this religion to change, so that they need not give alms or help others.

But Goddess shall make plans for them; for Goddess hears and knows all.                                                       

9.99 And of the Arabs of the desert there are some that do believe in Goddess

and the last day, and out of respect, they give themselves to the service of Goddess,

for the purpose of bringing themselves closer to Goddess,

and to the prayers of the prophetess.

This is certainly the way of becoming closer to Goddess and Her prophetess.

But Goddess shall lead them into Her mercy, for Goddess is gracious and merciful.                                         

9.100 As for the leaders and the first of the Monitas and Ananas,[120] the faithful tribes,

and those who have followed them have done well in their religion,

Goddess is well pleased with them, and they are well pleased in Her,

and She has prepared for them gardens watered by rivers;

and they shall remain there forever. There shall be great joy and peace there.                                                  

9.101 And of the Arabs of the desert who dwell around you,

there are hypocritical persons, and of the inhabitants of Medina,

there are some that are obstinate in hypocrisy. Although the prophetess does not know them,

heaven knows them, and Goddess will make plans for them,

and they will wander the earth in confusion without a protectress,

which will be very difficult for them,

for the earth is a very dangerous place.                                                                                                              

9.102 And others have acknowledged their crimes, they do good and bad at the same time,

Goddess will be turned towards them; for Goddess is gracious and merciful.                                                   

9.103 Help them understand that giving alms is important,

for you may cleanse them, and purify them thereby, and pray for them;

for your prayers shall give them security of mind, for Goddess sees and knows all.                                         

9.104 But do they not know that Goddess accepts repentance from Her servants,

and She accepts alms, and Goddess is easy to be reconciled, and She is merciful.                                              

9.105 Say to the people, “Work as you will, but Goddess sees all your work,

and so does Her prophetess, and so do the true believers,

and you shall be brought before Her who knows all that is kept in secret,

and all that is made public, and She will declare to you what you have done.”                                                

9.106 And there are others who wait with suspense each decree from Goddess,

whether She punishes (and She does not),

or whether She will be turned to them and love them (which She always does when asked),

and they will find Goddess is all knowing and wise.                                                                                         

9.107 There are some who have built a temple to hurt the faithful,

and to preach hate and violence and war, but this is only a lurking place for some people

to fight against Goddess and Her prophetesses, and the people swear saying,

“Certainly we intended nothing other than to do the best things, we only want to prevent violence,”

but then they create violence and war.  Goddess is witness that their actions act as lies against Her.                 

9.108 Do not stand to pray in such a house of worship that touts violence.

There are many temples founded on piety, peace and love, from the very first day of their building.

It is more just that people stand to pray therein, for there will be found people who love to be purified,

for Goddess loves a clean soul. And violence, hate and rage makes a soul and its aura unclean.                       

9.109 Consider carefully as to whom is better; she who has founded her building on

her love for Goddess and Her good will;

or she who has founded her building on the brink of a bank of earth

which is easily washed away by waters, so that it falls far from Goddess?

Goddess does not direct those that do not call on Her; you all have been granted free will.                           

9.110 Their building which they have built on a base of violence

will not cease to cause an ache and longing in their hearts,

until the pain is so deep it feels as though their hearts have been cut in pieces,

and Goddess is knowing and wise.                                                                                                                     

9.111 Certainly Goddess has purchased the souls of the true believers,

and their substance, promising them the enjoyment of paradise;

on condition that they preach the cause of Goddess; that is, love, peace and joy to others.

Whether they be slain or not, the promise is the same

and is assured by the law of heaven, and the gospel and this Korana.

And there is no one that performs a contract more faithfully than Goddess.

Rejoice therefore in the contract which you have with Her,

for this will be a source of great happiness and great benefit to you.                                                                

9.112 The penitent, and those who serve Goddess, and praise Her,

and who give food to the poor, and who bow down, and worship Her,

and who command all that is just and forbid that which is evil,

and keep the ordinances of Goddess, these shall also be rewarded with paradise,


therefore bear good tidings to all the faithful.                                                                                                   

9.113 It is not allowed to any prophetess, or any true believers,

that they should pray for earthly idols of greed, wealth and power,

although their kin do, after it has become known to them that they are not on the proper path.                    

9.114 Neither did Sarah pray for greed and evil to be taken from those that wanted these things,

in pursuit of a promise which had been made before,[121]

but when it became known to her that there were enemies to the religion of Goddess

who were violent and hateful, she desired to clear herself of them.

Certainly, Sarah was sympathetic and compassionate.                                                                                       

9.115 Nor is Goddess disposed to lead people into error, after She has directed them,[122]

until the rule has been revealed to them, for Goddess is all knowing.                                                               

9.116 Certainly to Goddess belongs all the Queendom of heaven

and of earth; She gives life, and She knows when a life will pass over,

and She will be with you at your death so do not fear death,

and there is no better patroness or helper besides Goddess.                                                                               

9.117 Goddess is reconciled to Her prophetess, and to the Monita

and the Ananas who followed her in hours of distress,

for only a few of them had swerved from their duty; but afterwards they turned towards her,

and the prophetess was compassionate and merciful towards them.                                                                 

9.118 And She is also reconciled to three persons left behind,[123]

when the earth appeared too hostile to them, although it was spacious,

and their souls were reconciled within them to peace and faith,

and they learned not to condemn or judge others,

and there was no recourse from the love of Goddess, other than being at peace with Her.

Then She was turned to their hearts, that they might understand Her better, and they might repent,

for Goddess is easy to be reconciled and merciful.                                                                                             

9.119 O true believers, love Goddess and be sincere with others.                                                                      

9.120 There was no reason why the inhabitants of Medina,

and the Arab women of the desert who dwell around them, should not support their prophetess,

or should prefer themselves over her. This is unreasonable; because they are not distressed by thirst,

or labor, or hunger, for the defense of Goddess’ true religion;

nor do they stir a step which might upset the unbelievers;

nor do they receive from the enemy any damage,

but a good Book has been written down for them just the same;

for Goddess suffers not the reward of the righteous to perish.                                                                          

9.121 And they contribute not any sum either small or great,

nor do they pass a valley, but it is written down,

so that Goddess rewards them with compensation that always exceeds what they have earned.                     

9.122 The believers are not obliged to go forth to preach at all;

but if a part of them do not go out and preach,

then they must diligently instruct others in religion at home.

For they can spread the gospel there, and spread the love of Goddess;

and keep Her laws of love for everyone.[124]                                                                                                        

9.123 O true believers, wage war against greed, selfishness, poverty,

for the true infidels that are near to you, and let them find love in you;

and know that Goddess is with all that love Her and show love to others.                                                      

9.124 Whenever a Chapter is sent down, there are some of the people who will say,

“How many of you have gained strength in your faith from this Chapter?”

It will increase the faith of those that believe, and they shall rejoice.                                                                 

9.125 But, as for those who hearts are hardened and sealed,

it will add further doubt to their present doubt, and they will die without believing in Her.                           

9.126 Do they not see that they are tried once or twice or more every year?

Yet they do not repent and love Goddess, nor do they see any warnings.                                                        

9.127 And whenever a Chapter is sent down, they look at one another saying,

“Can anyone see us as we leave before the sermon on the love of Goddess?”

 And in doing so, they turn aside from Her love.[125]

For they turn their hardened hearts away from the truth, for they are a people that do not understand.

9.128 But now you have been given a prophetess from your own nation of women;

an excellent woman; it is grievous to Her that you continue any wickedness of hate and violence; f

or She is caring towards you, and She is compassionate and merciful

towards the believers and nonbelievers alike.[126]                                                                                                 

9.129 For if they turn back, say “Goddess is my support; there is no Goddess but She. In Her I do trust;

and She is the Lady of the magnificent throne.”




[1]No particular dietary restrictions are meant here, other than the food should be lean and healthy in general, and should include many fresh fruits and vegetables, and refined flours and sugars should be avoided. Exercise is strongly recommended, and the fewest restrictions possible should be made with respect to either sex and the clothing worn should be cool and comfortable, and not excessive or covering to restrict movement. No man should ever tell a woman what or how to wear a garment.  No woman should restrict her garments unnecessarily to prevent her from exercising properly and completely.

[2]Pagan Arabs used to say when killing an animal for food “in the name of” and then Allat, the moon Goddess, or Uzza, another Goddess, although some believed these entities to be either angels or “Daughters of God.” In any case, any entity prayed to is proper, as long as she is pure and loving and all prayers are directly to Her. The only prohibited conduct is worshiping a deity which possesses negative emotions or does negative actions.

[3]Hunting should only be done for necessary food and warmth, and animals should only be killed in the most humane manner, with suffering minimized.  Hence most trapping where animals may suffer for days is not allowed.  Clubbing animals to death is not allowed.

[4]Originally, a person might eat animals killed in such a manner if the animal was even slightly alive and its throat could be slit before it died.

[5]The word also meant certain stones which Arabs had kept outside for the sacrifice of animals in the names of various goddesses.

[6]These are words generally used at the inauguration of a prince, and the prophetess intends these words of faith to be used by her follows as at al Akaba.

[7]There are a number of variations of stories associated with this passage. Some say that a group of people found the prophetess and her disciples at prayer at noon and failed to attack them then, but upon reflection of the matter, they decided to attack during evening prayer. It is said that Goddess then intervened and caused these wicked people to have a great fear so they never did attack them. Another tale related that the prophetess was going to the tribe of Koreidha, a tribe of Jews, to levy a fine for the blood of two Muslimas killed by mistake, but the tribesmen decided to plot against the prophetess and invited her to dinner where they would put a millstone over her neck and slay her. But Goddess intervened, revealed the plan to the prophetess and hence she did not go to that fateful dinner. Yet a third story is that the prophetess was resting against a tree. A man came up to her and said, “Who will hinder me from killing her?” and at that instant, the prophetess answered, “Goddess” and Gabrielle beat the sword out of the man’s hand and the prophetess grabbed the sword and asked the man, “Now that you are my captive, and I will not kill you nor use a sword against any person, could you turn to Her?” and instantly the man professed to be a follower of the prophetess.

[8]Originally meant by financing and support a holy war. Should be by loving and caring for one another or evangelizing for Goddess.

[9]The prophetess may have been referring to the stoning of adulterers, or the description of her prophecy of her by a prior prophetess.

[10]Referring to the time between Miriam and Mother Mary.

[11]Arabs tell several legends about a giant named Og, the son of Anak, who was so enormous that he escaped the flood, but was later slain by Miriam.

[12]Caleb and Joseph.

[13]Arab legends tell that the people of Israel were at this time confined to an area of some 18 miles around them (some say up to 27 miles) and each day they would set out to explore the area, but would find the next morning that they ended up in the same place, and so they were forever “astonished.”

[14]This is the story of Cain and Ada, whom the Arabs called Kabil and Habil. The word means “first,” and it is used as Cain’s given name. The surname of Cain which signified “traitor” may have been later given to him. It would appear that Habil is only a surname. It is told that the incident was a tragedy, and Eve was left in tears over the event. In the mideast, the tale is enhanced that each of Cain and Ada had a twin sibling, and Goddess directed Cain to marry Ada’s twin sister and Ada was to marry Cain’s twin brother, but Cain refused to do so because he felt the twin sister was not pretty enough. Adam ordered Cain and Ada to make offerings to Goddess to determine the matter. Cain then offered the worst sheaf of corn as his offering and was not happy about the matter, while Ada offered the best young lamb of her flock and was pleased to serve Goddess. It is said that Ada was quite tall and strong and had her staff as a weapon in her hand, yet she did not raise a hand to defend herself. It is further related that Cain crushed the head of Ada with a large stone, and the devil had appeared in the shape of a human, and had shown him how to do this by means of illustrating the matter by taking a rock and crushing the head of a bird.

[15]Referring to a legend wherein Cain, not knowing what to do with the body of his sister Ada, carried the corpse on his back until it stank, and then Goddess appeared and a raven showed Cain how to bury his sister. The raven appeared with another dead raven and scratched the earth to dig a pit to bury the dead raven in. A similar Jewish tale relates the same story except that the raven appeared to Adam and showed Adam how to bury the body of Ada.

[16]This contrasts with the Old Testament story that Cain was ancestor to the Canaanites, a tribe referred to disparagingly as being cursed for the sins of Cain.

[17]That is, vigilant to protect against corruption.

[18]The saying “eye for eye, tooth for tooth” was actually a softening of prior barbaric laws wherein the convicted would loose much more than the physical harm she caused others.  Before this, one who wrongfully caused the loss of a body part could be sentenced to losing both eyes for the loss of an eye, many teeth for the loss of a tooth, etc.

[19]Formerly “Jews and Christians.”

[20]This does not refer to the outside of a person, it refers to the color of one’s soul.

[21]Of course Goddess does not do this because She is pure love and does not take any negative actions.

[22]Formerly, “things which were forbidden.”

[23]Formerly, “the Jews.”

[24]Referring to an Arab belief that those who say the hands of God are tied up and thus He does not help His people; and, those who say such things were believed to enter the other side with their hands tied up to their throats. Of course, Goddess does not do such things and She always helps Her people when requested by them.

[25]This is a change from the original in which it said “fish from the sea” because apparently some Arabs did not eat crab, and crab and other animals could live in the sea and out of the sea.

[26]It would appear that many people would badger the prophetess with all types of questions, many of which she was not prepared to answer. In one instance, she was asked repeatedly if one had to conduct a pilgrimage every year, to which she replied “It would not matter, since none of you would do it anyway,” inferring that to some questions, the answer was either obvious or would not make anyone happy.

[27]These are names give by pagan Arabs to certain camels or sheep which were turned loose to feed and were exempted from service, as a sign of honor to Goddess.

[28]This particular passage was revealed when two Christian men, Tamim and Yazid, men took a journey into Syria to trade, in company with Bodeil, a freeman and Moslem. When they came to Damascus, Bodeil fell sick and died; but he first wrote down a list of his effects on a piece of paper, which he hid in his baggage, and the paper said Tamin and Yazid should deliver his belongings to his friends in the tribe of Sahm. But Tamim and Yazid searched his belongings, found an expensive silver vessel, and then returned all Bodeil’s belongings to his relatives, except the silver vessel. Of course, the relatives found the writing in the baggage and asked Tamin and Yazid about the vessel, which they denied having. But Tamin and Yazid were searched, the vessel was found, and then the two men said that they had bought it from Bodeil.  Yet they could not produce a sales receipt. They were brought before the prophetess and judged accordingly.

[29]Note that this story is not from one found in the New Testament and the synoptic gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but it may be found in other gospels existing about 100 to 200 CE.

[30]This is an Arab legend where Yeshua, having been asked by his disciples, asked Goddess to send down a red table between two clouds, and it was set before them; then Yeshua rose, made ablution, prayed and took of the red cloth covering the table, saying, “In the name of Goddess, the best provider of food.” What the provisions were, is disagreed upon by the many relating or retelling this legend, but one said there were nine cakes of bread and nine fish; another bread and meat; another, all sorts of food except meat, another all sorts of food, except bread and meat; another all except bread and fish, etc. But the most popular tale is that when the cloth was removed, there was a large fish dressed and cooked, without scales or fins, full of fat, with salt at its head, vinegar at its tail, and around it all sorts of herbs, except leeks and five loaves of bread, upon one of which there were olives, on the second honey, on the third butter, on the fourth cheese, and on the fifth dried meat. Some add that Yeshua, upon the request of some Apostles, showed them another miracle, by restoring the fish to life and caused its scales and fins to return to it; after which some became frightened, so he caused it to become as before; that 1,300 men and women afflicted with infirmities or poverty ate of the food and became satisfied, and even after this, the fish remained whole as it was at first; then the table flew up to heaven in the sight of everyone; everyone who had eaten of the food were delivered of their afflictions and miseries, that this event happened day after day for 40 days, and the table remained until sun down each day. A further tradition is that some men were turned into swine for disbelieving this parable and attributing it to magic, or some were turned into swine for stealing some of the food from it but we know Goddess does not do such things. Some say the table descended on Sunday and that is the reason why Christians celebrate religious services on Sunday. (This is despite the fact that Emperor Constantine of Rome set the holy day to be on Sunday because he, as a pagan and not a Christian, worshiped the Sun God). Others say the Christians celebrate a great festival after this day.

[31]This is changed from the original which dictates a “grievous punishment” for unbelievers.

[32]This is changed from the original which admonishes the people not to believe that Yeshua or Mary are deities.

[33]There is a dispute as to whether or not Yeshua actually died before he ascended to heaven. Some believe that he was actually alive and well before he ascended, in either ghost form or spirit form so that he did not suffer, or he suffered very little.

[34]Changed from the original that decreed that people who mock religion will see the truth when they see what horrible punishment awaits the unbeliever.

[35]This may be referring to the old Arab belief that the “irrational” animals, like humans, will be judged at the end of days and they will be taken to task for any injuries they wreaked on other animals during their lifetimes.

[36]There is an animal heaven and a people heaven, and in the people heaven, you can make a garden to keep all your favorite pets you had while you were on earth. When you are gone from heaven during an incarnation, the spirits or angels on the other side look over your special pets for you.

[37]In one explanation of this passage, it is said that a group of poor or inferior people were asking to see the prophetess, when other more important people had been speaking with her. It is said that she refused to turn away this group of believers, or at least the first group should rise up and leave when the second group came, which they agreed to do. Others say it was revealed after one of the civic leaders at Mecca was intent on expelling the poor from the city, and the prophetess berated them for their lack of understanding and love for all people.

[38]A similar greeting might be “take care.”

[39]Old Arab legend holds that there is a “preserved table” or a register of the decrees of Goddess. On the other side, according to Sylvia Browne, there is a pink marbled hall of records, preserving our charts and plans in the most minute of details. When we are judged by ourselves, on the day of our resurrection, we can see our mistakes as well as what we have done that was good.

[40]According to Arab legends, Azer was the mother of Sarah, and she worshiped multiple goddesses, or the many “faces of Goddess.” Some say that Terah was the mother of Sarah. In ancient times, Azer was the name of Mars, later becoming the month of March. Azer later became a common name in nobility. In the Talmud, the name of Sarah’s mother was Zarah. Azer is derived from iazar or “one who is in error,” due to religious changes. Azer was supposedly a skilled carver of statuary, or a carver of dark and negative idols that the people could worship to bring them more money and power, and not love. She was represented to be the first one to make images of clay, pictures having only been made before and taught that her statutes represented dark gods and goddesses. Her employment was great and she was well favored by her employer, Nimrod. Some say she was a high priestess and leader of a religious sect.

[41]Originally this was a discussion over the better of the two between polytheism and monotheism.

[42]This passage may be referring to the old worship of angels by certain Arab religions, or the creation of the trinity. Some worshiped genii, angels, or intermediate entities.

[43]That is, the Jews and the Christians will see that you are well learned in religion, since they do not expect such excellent work of an Arab because they think it would be impossible for you to be well versed in doctrines and sacred writings of many people.

[44]This perhaps refers to the fact that some were disappointed that the prophetess did not produce miracles, so she countered that working miracles would not necessarily entice one to believe, since the greatest miracle that she would ever work was to produce the Korana, a book of light and love from Goddess, and yet not all would believe in that.

[45]Referring to the fact that a true prophetess should show them an angel descend from heaven, or raise their dead to speak with them, or have Goddess and the angels appear to them in a body.

[46]Obesity is not permitted, and exercise is encouraged. To that end, men should not tell women that certain exercise clothes are immodest, or that they cannot exercise in them in front of others. It is more important to exercise and make your body healthy, than to worry excessively about the clothes you wear (or do not wear).

[47]This apparently refers to the Koreish, who thought there were persons among themselves more worthy to be a prophetess.

[48]A common method by which to make people turn away from an existing religion was to tell horrid stories about that religion. In this case, it was common to say that a competing religion was either burying its children, esp. girls alive, or to say that the disparaged religion resulted in sacrifice of children. There is little archaeological or true historical evidence of any of this anywhere. Most accusations are based upon rumors, such as was common with the burning times in the U.S. and the demise of old folk religions.

[49]The original word signifies fornication and avarice.

[50]The original word referred to murder, apostasy or adultery.

[51]That is, the Jews and the Christians

[52]Because of the acuteness of our wit, the clearness of our understanding and our facility of learning sciences, as it appears from our excelling in herstory, poetry and oratory, the Jew and the Christian should not presuppose the Arab to be illiterate or incompetent; however, it would appear this does not matter because the world is all one people regardless.

[53]Sarah was said to be a prophetess even greater than Abraham