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In Days To Come, by Ashtar (Ethel P. Hill), [1957], at

p. 62



—from One in Authority

My word this day pertains to a subject of major importance: namely, the mission of what ye have erroneously called "Flying Saucers" and their occupants.

Our desire is to have them recognized as speedily as possible as direct emissaries from more advanced planets, coming at the behest of an Hierarchy governing this entire Universe; therefore, responsible for the continued existence of the more worthy specimens of the human race living on the planet Shan. (The Earth)

By reason of gross stupidity and ignorance of their superior powers, men have cast a pall of doubt and distrust about this entire controversy over the reality and purpose of these Men from Outer Space.

Since they be not subject to the whims of any who would capture, imprison and condemn them to torture in a vain attempt to force them to divulge their secret source of power, they cannot and will not be balked in their mission.

p. 63

Ashtar will reveal further details of their heaven-appointed mission to mankind at his discretion. I Have Spoken!

AMEN!          SO BE IT!


Before writing a short resume of what we have to accomplish within a very short time, I wish to make doubly sure that everyone reading my statements shall thoroughly understand and accept my sworn affidavit that we "Space Men" have nothing—ABSOLUTELY NOTHING—to gain personally by this tedious and difficult task to which we have dedicated ourselves for as long as it may take to bring it to a successful conclusion.

Our only reward will be the satisfaction anyone feels in achieving a praiseworthy goal. Perhaps I Should add, the supreme pleasure of knowing we have played honorably our role in the forthcoming illumination of this entire globe, that your Master may assume His Sovereignship over a world completely renovated and restored to its original beauty, and even more than that, as men comprehend their privileges in the New Regime we shall assist in bringing into operation.

p. 64

Is it not to YOUR ADVANTAGE to accept our aid? To augment and amplify our efforts some very fine, brilliant men are doing this very thing! This gives us the incentive we need to continue our attempts to gain the confidence and cooperation of all persons of intelligence and integrity.

The method I am employing at the moment may merely arouse your curiosity. But we feel it will take the widest possible variety of manifestations to converge and provide proof sufficiently convincing to permit us to carry out our plans without devastating interference. Devastating not to us but to the very ones we are sent to rescue.

Much as we would like to tell you otherwise, Truth compels us to warn you the situation is serious!

BE LOGICAL! BE COURAGEOUS! Above all, obey one of Nature's most insistent laws—the Law of Self-Preservation!

WE ARE HERE TO HELP! Give us a hand, won't you?

My Love,  


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