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In Days To Come, by Ashtar (Ethel P. Hill), [1957], at

p. 55


Ere we proceed with other aspects of New Age Progress, we will spend a little time considering the necessary changes to be made in the habits of a majority of mortals, so that they may make the best possible use of new forces released for their benefit.

We will liken the physical body of Man to a plant which doth draw to itself and absorb into its growing organism the precise elements vital to its expanding life principle. If it doth fail to contact what it needeth in its quest for self-expression, it doth soon sicken and die.

As of the time of this writing ( January, 1955) earth's atmospheric envelope be impregnated with many deleterious elements inimical to the health and development of any human body, particularly one delicately attuned to high vibrational frequencies. Such an one must be constantly safe-guarded against these infringing constituents of the very air they must breathe to sustain life. Not alone the air but the seldom recognized subversive thought streams, betimes well-nigh flood the mental atmosphere and drown out the more sensitive upward-reaching ten-drills of hope and faith.

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To counteract these and other dangerous deterrents to Man's wholesome life both physical and spiritual, certain purifying processes be constantly employed by the Invisible Guardians of the planet, else would ye perish. Ye have observed what ye call an "electric storm" with its pyrotechnical display of lightning, and have noted the ensuing freshening of the atmosphere, making it a pleasure to draw in deep draughts of purified air. This be but one of countless artifices contrived to lessen the dangers lurking in the ether about thee. Other threats to thy health of body and mind (for they be woven together like the woof and warp of a fabric) be not so easily apprehended.

But this we would indelibly impress upon thy minds! A perfect provision hath been made for thine every need under any and ail circumstances. Even in this transition period when ye do encounter many unaccustomed difficulties, ye have but to ask for Divine assistance to do the will of the Heavenly Father and, often in strange and unexpected ways, help will come.

Refuse to accept the ultimatum of Discouragement and defeat urged upon thee by evil forces rampant at this time. Pin thy faith to the redemptive forces sent of thy Heavenly Father to rescue thee from thy perilous position. As an airplane doth utilize the "fuel" provided to furnish the power it

p. 57

must have, that it may soar far above the sordid environment of a material world, so do thou avail thyself of the means provided for thy flight into the pure atmosphere of Divine replenishment.

Once thou hast contacted these currents of Cosmic Energy penetrating with ever increasing potency the finer, etheric Life Force all about thee, no heavy, clogging earth vibrations can hold thee in thralldom to disease of body, mind or spirit.

Until the Day of the Great Illumination, there will unavoidably be a struggle to attain and maintain at all times content and perfect attunement with this Divine Source of Life and Love Triumphant! Yet, herein doth lie thy freedom from the fretting exigencies arising from incessant friction twixt the fast receding customs and systems of a decadent and expiring age and that glorious New Age of unexplored marvels along every line of constructive and progressive effort.

Entirely new and fascinating possibilities beckon the dauntless explorer qualified to be the recipient of astounding new inspirations and powers ready and waiting to be bestowed upon him, after the necessary cleansing of thy planet be concluded, permitting the full influx of marvelous dynamics hitherto undreamed-of by the most imaginative of scientists.

p. 58


A further word of information for those eager to hear of a state of development not yet reached by your most venturesome and fearless explorers into the vast universe of inexhaustible possibilities along every line of progressive evolution.

We would make it clear at the outset that we are not seeking to "convert" you to any formula of religious concept, other than the simplest precepts laid down by the Divine Master, the Christ of God. Many of these same principles were enunciated by inspired men, saints and seers, sent of God down through the ages. When the people of Shan refused to accept their teachings and put them into practice, they left your earth and transferred their efforts to more receptive minds and hearts on other planes and planets.

Whether you choose to accept my statement or not, it is a fact that there are no "closed doors" between those who temporarily reside on any plane or planet, unless through sheer stupidity, ignorance or absurd and unfounded fear you yourselves close and lock the door. Quite true, the "open doorway" must always be guarded by strong forces to prevent the

p. 59

entrance of unwelcome visitors. As you know, these guards are provided on request.

But to return to the more "practical" aspects of progressed living conditions as enjoyed by the citizens of Venus, and similarly enlightened planets:

As the entire environment and the atmosphere itself has become saturated with thoughts and emotional vibrations conducive to clear mental concepts and high ideals, you can easily understand that our problems of behavior are practically non-existent or, at least, reduced to a minimum. No one on any level of mortal existence (and we are mortals in a very real sense) enjoys being looked down upon by his fellows. Even a criminal aspires to be a sort of "super-criminal."

Thus it is that having established certain "codes of honor" in our everyday living and finding it a definitely enjoyable way of life, it seldom occurs to the youth of our planet to look for their pleasure in unprofitable pursuits. Actually they are too busy seeking to excel in their own chosen profession or avocation! Frequent "tests" are held . . . you would, perhaps, call them "Fairs" . . . where many exhibits are on display and trophies awarded for unusual skill, originality and dexterity gas demonstrated mechanically, artistically, mentally or along any line of constructive effort to reach a high and ever higher

p. 60

goal of perfection, with suitable recognition of each evidence of progress made, often works wonders with those inclined to lag behind. We keep a personal televised record of the progress of every student enrolled in our schools. Thus, they compete with their own past achievements, as well as with others in approximately the same category.

With what you term "The younger generation" reared in this manner, you will readily comprehend the way in which they are enabled to apply the principles and utilize the essential etheric properties contained in the super-charged magnetic orbit which surrounds our home planet. An absurd theory exists in the minds of some earth people we have observed that the type of existence we have attained must be slightly insipid and monotonous. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Our lives are fairly teeming with ever-expanding interest and activities! You have a trifling example of my meaning in the constant improvements made in your automobiles and household appliances. Even their method of propulsion is constantly subject to revision. Then, why doubt or wonder that, on a planet where war has long since been abolished and all diabolically destructive practices are unknown, we have evolved a system of Self-government which fosters individual initiative contributing to an Over-all Plan whereby each community forms a perfectly coordinating unit in an

p. 61

ever progressing planet of magnificent achievement and surpassing beauty. Our knowledge, our skill, our equipment and power to use it, all are at your service as you prove yourselves willing to learn and abide by Cosmic Laws which we obey.

In the Name of our beloved Commander-in-Chief, Jesus Christ, we bless you and give you our love!


And His Men of Might!

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