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In Days To Come, by Ashtar (Ethel P. Hill), [1957], at

p. 52



—to all who have accepted my friendship,
offered in a true spirit of fellowship!

While in a sense each morning marks the beginning of "a new day" . . . yet, as this last year has sounded the death knell of an era disastrous to the welfare and happiness of mankind in many ways, so the New Year just dawning promises an epoch of unparalleled enlightenment and opportunity for mankind to recoup his losses suffered through ignorance, or willful and deliberate substitution of man's base desires and destructive will for the Divine Will and Perfect Plan of God, his Creator!

Wearily have the days dragged by, while plots and counter plots complicated and multiplied man's unsolvable problems. We have watched with a horror impossible to repress, man's ineffectual attempts to extricate himself from the treacherous quicksands of deceptive "agreements" accepted in apparent good faith, only to be ruthlessly trampled under foot when their evil purpose has been achieved.

p. 53

Why do we say the tide has now turned? Because all mankind . . . enslaved or still capable of recovering their lost heritage of freedom . . . begin to see for themselves the enormity of their folly in transgressing laws all-powerful to promote their personal progress and consequent possession of all they most earnestly need and desire!

When will Man cease his ridiculous attempts to obstruct the orderly processes of progressive development as set in motion at the commencement of his sojourn on the planet Shan? The answer is absurdly simple! When he acknowledges to himself that his puny brain and unruly impulses constitute no reliable guide to the acquisition of those tangible and intangible assets without which he cannot hope to escape a most terrifying fate! Might we, whom you have named "Space Men," share with you the actual, provable facts we have been able to discover by experiment and experience in taking precisely the opposite course of action to that followed by the majority of earth dwellers?

Not but what there have been numerous rash attempts made by incautious believers in Divine Intelligence, Wisdom and Creative Ingenuity to align their lives with this supreme triumvirate . . . but to what avail? Mankind in general would have none of them! Their fate is all too well known to you! Shall we share that fate? NO!

p. 54

It is our avowed intention to acquaint you with the results obtained through the consistent and persistent use in a constructive way of the very forces you have used to destroy everything good and beautiful . . . and now insanely plan to employ to commit suicide on a global scale!

Our homes are built to provide comforts quite beyond your dreams of luxury unattainable! Their care is a delight, for there is no drudgery! Entertaining guests is robbed of all its problems save the pleasure of devising fresh plans for their enjoyment. (I might add they enter into all such plans with zest!)

All our educational facilities are entirely free, and so varied are the branches of study and practical application that no student has ever failed to find precisely the type of instruction best suited to his particular bent and ability.

Prisons, reform schools, institutes for the insane (yes, even hospitals) are unknown. They would be unoccupied.

Have these and innumerable other "wonders" come about through some sort of magic? By no means! We have worked them out! Where did we get our instructions? From the selfsame Source which is available to you.

I will tell you more should you care to know.

My Love!               A S H T A R.

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