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In Days To Come, by Ashtar (Ethel P. Hill), [1957], at

p. 46


Greetings to Our Friends on the Planet Shan from
Space Men Stationed at Headquarters on
Our Base Schare!

There are a few suggestions I would like to make, in part to answer many inquiries by those serious in their wish to be of service in establishing the incoming "Kingdom of Heaven on Earth" and, therefore, desirous of giving us assistance in our initial efforts to awaken your people to the present peril.

While the cleansing process is unavoidable, as you well know, before a more perfect system can be evolved, there are many ways by which the discomforts and inconveniences of such a clearance of offensive debris can be lessened.

Whereas, in certain sections of the globe, nothing but a complete sweeping away of every vestige of ancient abominations and their residue will serve the purpose . . . there are countless instances where a determined effort by individuals, groups and organizations to raise their standards in conformity with well known principles of New Age living would obviate the necessity for such drastic measures.

p. 47

Consider for a moment if you will, the reasons for this type of disastrous occurrences. Your own history furnishes any number of examples of corruption which led to the downfall of nations or their burial in the ocean depths. Has virtuous and humane conduct ever been known to wreck a civilization?

We are nearing the season when the people of this nation observe a day of Thanksgiving. It would appear to be an appropriate time to consider the blessings for which there is reason to be thankful. They consist of a vast array of material possessions which add to your comfort and pleasures in varying degrees. No country in the world has more abundant cause for gratitude to the Giver of all Good Gifts! And yet, observing the thought-streams ascending from the mass mind of humanity, we find a great preponderance of dissatisfaction discoloring even the prayers of the people! True gratitude, where may it be found?

You rise up in protest saying, "How can we give thanks for all the terrible things which are being brought to light . . . the treachery, dishonesty, deceit and disloyalty to all which is right and just? Tell us that!" Why ask so inane a question? No one is asking you to say you are thankful for things of that sort! But have you thought to thank your Heavenly Father that they are being brought

p. 48

to light? To thank Him you are being shown so clearly the evils which must be abolished?

Do you recall learning the multiplication table? What has that to do with world conditions? I will tell you! It has never been denied that five and five make ten. Or that five times ten equals fifty! These are facts accepted in every country under the sun. On other planets also. You start with one, then you build up by addition or multiplication to a hundred, a thousand, a million! And on up. My suggestion is that you start with "one" . . . yourself! Four of our Space Men will join you in thanking God for your freedom to think and act honorably, truthfully, justly, loyally. Other mortals will join you . . . and with each one there comes the added force from our side . . . fourfold! No doubt, you and many others have done this, not realizing quite how much it meant in the conflict now going on.

We have traversed the length and breadth of this and other lands. We have found multitudes of fine, upright, generous-minded people. We have taken account of every one of them. We have watched them at home, in business, at work, at play, in fortune, in misfortune, in peaceful times, when disaster strikes! At all times they are calm, resourceful, lending courage and strength to the weak and fearful! We know thousands upon thousands of such men, women and children. We thank God for them!

p. 49

[paragraph continues] Were your whole world peopled with persons like them, what a Thanksgiving Day there would be!

Some think of us as "Destroyers!" Just sit down quietly for a few moments and think of all the things that make you anxious, afraid, unhappy, sorrowful! THESE ARE THE THINGS WE HAVE COME TO DESTROY! They have thrown everything out of balance, off their proper orbit! Yes, I mean physical things! The weather, the ocean tides, the air you breathe, the food you eat, the very earth on which you walk! They have affected all human relationships, business, government, commerce, society in general. They are the "intangibles" which permeate all existence and either destroy or create according to their character. (You know their names quite well! )

This coming Thanksgiving Day we from out of space join you in praising a beneficent Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son for every true, every beautiful creation of His which has not been distorted and rendered vicious by Man's misuse.

We join you in thanking Him that where you are caught in a trap and are not able to put into practice those good impulses and purposes you feel so strongly, He is sending mighty Forces to your rescue!

We join you in thanking Him that when this sad and distressful season of cleansing is over, we may

p. 50

confidently anticipate a joyous time of re-building, re-modeling, re-creating all things on this earth in perfect harmony and accord with the design and infinitely wise specifications of the Master Architect of the Universe!

To this glorious and sublime end we pledge our hearts, our minds and every power and skill we possess, till our sacred mission is completed!

We thank God our mutual success is assured and we shall see our Beloved Master, the Christ of God crowned King of Kings!

Unto Him be honor, praise and glory now and forevermore!

from Venus and neighboring planets in loving cooperation with all friends on the planet Shan.

A Simple Word of Warmest Greeting to All My Friends whom I Reach through this Contact Point: I join with you in honoring One who almost two millenniums ago, as you reckon time, humbled Himself and entered an earthly existence as an ordinary mortal. Needless to comment that I had known Him previous to this incarnation and had held Him in deepest reverence and adoration. How it was possible for any man, woman or child to become acquainted with Him and fail to give Him the warmest

p. 51

devotion of their hearts is a mystery too deep for me to fathom.

And so today, it is with joy in my own heart that I behold the ever widening array of those who truly worship Him, whatever their own particular form of religious observance may be.

Our Forces on Schare will join you with one accord as you endeavor to give expression to the honor due Him.

May you be granted a new and glorified vision of His majestic grandeur and absolute simplicity of speech and bearing and . . . Oh, that you might know the depth of His compassion for the erring children of the planet Shan!

To you who love Him, I can only say, "Did you but know Him as I do, you would love Him more . . . MUCH MORE!

To all my friends         
"A Merry and a Holy Christmas!"      
My Love!   
(Signed) A S H T A R.

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