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In Days To Come, by Ashtar (Ethel P. Hill), [1957], at

p. 41


By reason of the fast approaching climax in the age-old antipathy twixt two totally opposed basic Life Principles, it doth become necessary to provide more than human wisdom, strength and skill to overcome the heavy onslaught of misguided or purposely destructive forces.

Whether this assistance cometh in visible aircraft manned by powerful beings endowed with authority to use forces unknown to mortals, or whether the necessary aid be given in ways mysterious and intangible, of a surety men and women fulfilling the missions which brought them to earth at this time shall be given all they need to guarantee their success in carrying out their destined roles.

None may compute the wondrous patience and forbearance wherewith thy Heavenly Father hath borne with the frailties of human beings! None may even faintly surmise His disappointment at their refusal to accept His overtures of Forgiveness and Mercy! All which cometh to pass of a destructive nature be the result of men's free choice of the Pathway

p. 42

of Retrogression, which leadeth to oblivion as far as their residence on this planet be concerned.


A failure to bring about the establishing of this long-heralded "Kingdom of Heaven on earth" cannot be even remotely considered! Thy Master said, "My Kingdom is not of this world." Yea! But was it not also writ, "Behold, I make all things new?" "A new heaven and a new earth" wherein shall dwell righteousness! This be His promise! It be now in process of fulfillment!

Think ye the Creator, whom the most ignorant concede hath power to intelligently construct the globe ye now inhabit, be not able to re-construct it to conform with a program designed to give a regenerated human race the proper environment wherein to utilize newly apprehended forces requiring new conditions for their manifestation.

Ere the concluding contortions of terrestrial readjustments occur, ye may expect entirely unrelated, sporadic exhibitions by Nature, releasing long repressed accumulations of force sufficient to disrupt a mountain, flood a desert, sink a country or raise a continent. Not in a haphazard or irrational manner

p. 43

will these startling transpositions take place. They will follow a detailed plan of procedure whereby those areas best suited to the development of New Age projects will be spared or changed to render them fit for greater service to future inhabitants.

Any dissertation on future events must be received according to the knowledge and faith of the reader. A statement may be utter nonsense to thee today, yet a month hence appear in quite a different light. Let tolerance tincture thy criticism of aught which seemeth to verge on the fantastic. If ye are to be advised of miracles to be achieved during the coming months, then must ye admit to thy minds new concepts of Nature's part in this metamorphosis.

A plethora of cleverly concocted substitutes for Nature's originally perfect provision of foods containing all elements needful for man's sustenance have flooded thy markets. When correctly compounded by sincere scientists, we do not condemn their rightful use. Yet hath it deprived Nature of a responsibility she will again assume when changing conditions renew the impoverished soil upon which she hath been forced to depend for essential ingredients to instill life-giving and preserving elements into the matchless array of edibles she doth produce.

Be not fearful lest the earth be denuded of its fields of golden grain, its wealth of fruit-laden trees,

p. 44

its vineyards of luscious grapes, its expanses of greenest verdure producing all the vegetables one could desire. These and countless other bounteous provisions for the temporal needs of all God's little children of the earth shall thrive in the freshly vitalized ground which shall respond to Nature's alchemy.


Greetings From Your Friends of Station Share!

Would that I might personally greet each one of you openly avowed friends and express our appreciation of their kindly acceptance of the presence of those of us who come from "Outer Space" to aid the dwellers on the planet Shan!

However, since these friends now number so great a multitude and since "time" is of the essence of our present mission, we "Space Men" must confine our contacts to those occasions when something may be achieved which will in some way forward our objectives.

But I wish to make it clear to you that every new friend we acquire makes our mission a little easier and more effective.

It is not our purpose (as you have been advised) to "pounce down upon you" as it were, and intrude on your affairs in a thoroughly discourteous manner. Only in cases of unwarranted abuse of your newly

p. 45

discovered destructive powers will we feel justified in exercising our superior forces to circumvent their action, seeing it would jeopardize not only your own planet but many dwelling beyond the range of your vision. Other than this, our assistance will be supplementary.

When, through the dismissal of vagrant entities not entitled to the hospitality of your planet, we are able to mingle freely with you and give you our willing aid in re-vitalizing, beautifying and rendering your entire globe more tenable by progressive mortals . . . we can then express in practical and visible ways our respect and admiration for those willing and eager to lend a hand in the transformation which is surely coming to the planet Shan!

Our sincere interest, sympathy and love to our friends and those who soon will become our friends!

A S H T A R, Commandant
Vela quadra sector, Station Schare.

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