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In Days To Come, by Ashtar (Ethel P. Hill), [1957], at

p. 36


All honor to all those who, through divinely inspired intuition, have grasped the true meaning of our mission . . . who have not attributed our various manifestations to any base or selfish motives on our part.

Any attempt to acquire anything we find of value on the planet SHAN would be but the grossest act of robbery and utterly inexcusable, since your inhabitants as a whole possess at this time a supply pitifully inadequate to provide your population with the barest necessities for physical existence. We plan to add to your resources . . . not subtract!

It is not my purpose to call your attention to the causes for this ghastly reversal of all Universal Creative Laws designed to prevent any such dilemma. What very few of even your most advanced thinkers and philosophers appear to fully realize is the fact that innumerable purely material blessings naturally follow in the wake of a strict observance of these Universal Laws.

Even your own beloved Master, the Christ, did not formulate these Laws during his earthly tenure in a

p. 37

physical body. They had existed from the beginning of creation. They were a part of the creative process! They still are of the very essence of ALL creative process! Refuse to follow them and you invite destruction, as is self-evident in all we see of misery, want and degradation on your planet today.

The contrast between conditions prevailing on our own well-ordered planets and the chaotic disorder everywhere apparent as we observe life as now lived on the planet Shan, is painful in the extreme to contemplate.

On this account we do the more earnestly commend the heroic attempts by many enlightened mortals to rectify the blunders, as well as the purposely subversive activities of vast multitudes operating in direct opposition to the most obvious dictates of their own good judgment, did they but apply their mental machinery (however "rusty" it has become) to the discovery of the basic causes of your present difficulties.

Your planet was given a rare opportunity to learn the true and dependable Laws leading to progress along all lines of achievement . . . physical, mental and spiritual . . . when the One known to you as Jesus Christ was sent in human embodiment, not only to teach but to demonstrate in full sight of earth dwellers, the Beauty, the Efficacy and the Supreme

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[paragraph continues] Wisdom of compliance with those powerful Creative Laws enunciated by the Omnipotent Creator of All Things!

This advent of The Christ occurred at what seems to us a very short time ago and many of us watched with fascinated eyes and the most intense desire and hope, to see this Saviour of mankind accepted and acclaimed Ruler of the Planet Shan by unanimous consent!

Alas! The failure of all but a mere handful of people to catch even a fleeting glimpse of the sublime spiritual message He brought, which would have freed them from all bondage to material things . . . their complete BLINDNESS . . . filled our hearts with sorrowful despair of any possible chance for Shan to be saved from total destruction.

I say, we who watched from our posts of observation in space, lost all hope of ever seeing your planet rescued from the fate it had brought upon itself. And so our interest waned. Except for an occasional visit of compassionate scrutiny, we consigned your planet to oblivion as far as we, personally, were concerned.

Not so your Redeemer! He had made a sacred promise to those who believed and trusted Him implicitly. To them He said He would return in power and great glory, and this dark orb would be illumined in spite of all efforts of the Dark Ones to prevent it from happening.

p. 39

We come now in full confidence that this promise is to be kept. We have been summoned to assist in the fulfilling of this promise. Knowing from long experience the manifold joys and satisfactions which will be yours when you are released from all those who hold you captive to their evil wills, we come with an excess of enthusiasm to lend our support to this crusade. Yet we hold ourselves subject at all times to the All-wise supervision of our Supreme Commander.

May we all band together in a divinely blessed fellowship and lend our utmost effort to serve well and faithfully until the GLORIOUS VICTORY IS WON and the planet Shan is at last a Shining Orb in the firmament of the heavens.

My Love! A S H T A R

NOTE . . . At the present time there need be no special effort made to communicate with us except at our special request. We ourselves will choose the time, place and person we desire to contact. However, it will be of immense assistance if you will maintain a feeling of friendly interest and confidence in us and, in your mind, hold a thought of welcome. Our forces find such an atmosphere well adapted to their work, as they need these "Lighted Landing Fields" where they may pause for a moment or two and adapt themselves to the conditions and vibrations

p. 40

they must encounter in fulfilling their various assignments.

We know each one who is in sympathy with our mission and we would like you to know what a help it is to have these luminous avenues through which to reach the darker areas where much of our work must be carried on.

We are deeply grateful for your understanding and your welcome!

A s h t a r

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