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In Days To Come, by Ashtar (Ethel P. Hill), [1957], at

p. 32


My message concerns a number of erroneous claims being made by those who crave personal publicity. Any one who may attempt to invest us with powers of divination and announce themselves the recipients of information pertaining to the private affairs of individuals (unless they apply specifically to serious national or international matters) are guilty of falsification. Only insofar as they affect our plans (which must of necessity depend to a considerable extent on the understanding and cooperation of dwellers on your planet) will we pay any attention to your own purely personal problems by prying into the future for answers to your queries.

Our interest lies in two directions: Providing the facilities (unknown to your inhabitants) to prevent a wanton waste of life through the reckless employment of inconceivably powerful forces for destructive purposes . . . forces intended for constructive and creative purposes only! And, with our better comprehension of the principles involved both in producing and directing such intensive energies, to transmit (at the appointed time) to those proven trustworthy, the knowledge of a practical nature which we possess

p. 33

in regard to these forces. At present, anything we might add to the sum total of earthly achievement along scientific lines, would naturally be directed to warlike operations. We must first assist in the abolition of existing agencies bent on world domination BY FORCE! A planet populated by fear-driven slaves in the power of a mere handful of tyrannical (May I inquire what is the polite synonym for "bullies") rulers, would not even interest us!

Having held numerous consultations with the honorable gentlemen responsible for the founding of this country, our indignation has been aroused by the manner in which their noble visions of Freedom, Industry and Progress have lost the luster of their original inspiration and deteriorated into a dingy counterfeit of the original heroic model held before the eyes of the people. At that time much assistance of an amazing type was given at crucial moments. Inspiration and the courage and determination to follow these magnificent ideals, called forth overwhelming response from Watchers in Unseen Realms. Had they not been carrying forward God's Plan, depending on His guidance and His help, no such country as America would now exist!

I confine my remarks to this land for the obvious reason that it is here that a stand must be taken to rescue this precious and priceless IDEAL from extinction! Should this country succumb to the pressures

p. 34

now being brought to bear to submerge it in a World-wide flood of ANTI-GOD villainy, where might FREEDOM find a lodging place?

The combined forces of Space Men (assigned to canvass the entire global situation and submit a workable plan for the rescue of those being rapidly drawn into a tightening net of infamy) are united in what we believe to be the only means of handling this grave problem. Naturally, we do not propose to confine our efforts to this country, by any means. There are others in far greater need of immediate aid, being in many places, suffering hideous injustice and cruelty.

Before going further, I wish to make it crystal clear that we work at all times under the direct supervision of your future Ruler, the Christ.

NOW—What we ask you to do is to lend credence to our "reality" and our entirely impersonal desire to be of service! The sooner these two facts are accepted by people generally, the more quickly and easily shall we be able to achieve our goal and the fewer lives will be lost in the process. We are admonished to save every soul who will gladly adapt to the glorious transformation scheduled for the NEW AGE! Some may be removed from your planet to help for a time from planes invisible, as many thousands are now doing. I am referring to

p. 35

great many arrivals on the astral planes and a great many others, dating back to your beloved Washington, the immortal Lincoln and other men of their caliber.

We are submitting our plans to the HIGHEST COURT OF HEAVEN for approval and we look forward with confidence to your whole-hearted cooperation!

My Love! A S H T A R.

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