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In Days To Come, by Ashtar (Ethel P. Hill), [1957], at

p. 28


I salute You from Schare! A few further words of explanation regarding our presence and purpose. At the request of your Heavenly Father, we come to assist your Unseen Guardians who are greatly perturbed over the state of your planet Shan. We come ten million strong with a full complement of appliances and all necessary forces of an etheric nature to use in any manner deemed expedient to block the designs of destructive forces or render their weapons innocuous. We realize certain portions of earthly terrain are marked for destruction. In pursuance of this program, we withhold interference when so instructed by the Hierarchy in uninterrupted touch with the Father of us all. When certain prearranged signals are received, we send thousands of ventlas to places where dangerous conditions exist.

Perhaps, you will more readily comprehend our mission of merciful protection when I tell you countless instances of planned sabotage have gone awry owing to the vigilance and prompt action of our men. Destruction for destruction's sake is not our practice. A condition may be most distressing and

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call forth our earnest desire to render assistance, yet we are bound by the most sacred of vows to intervene only at the times and places indicated by our Master or His accredited lieutenants. Once given implicit instructions regarding a particular situation, we are then free to work out the minutiae of operations according to our best wisdom and skill. But there is never a moment when we may not confer with our Commander-in-Chief should we feel any doubt over some proposed step to be taken.

Our means of thought communication and visual observation of any person or place on the entire globe is beyond your present comprehension. It makes possible the fulfilling of a promise many times repeated, that all who put their trust in God will be Divinely protected under all circumstances. Your Heavenly Father uses His dedicated servants to carry out His will, choosing the ones best fitted to act in the various roles demanded in any crisis.

Our appearance in physical form or the materializing of the ships we use occur only on instructions from our Headquarters far above your bases in your stratosphere. They follow a predetermined schedule, not as your clocks and calendars but in conformity with carefully computed sequences of events depending largely on mortal reactions to each step in the program. Many factors enter into the decisions made, such as planetary influences of a magnetic

p. 30

type, astral conditions, the activity of forces concealed within the earth body, constantly changing vibratory rates in different sections of the globe owing to the people's awakening to their perils and desperate attempts to extricate themselves. This latter consideration is perhaps the most potent point in releasing our forces in their behalf. They must themselves instigate the attempt to gain their freedom before we can go to their rescue.

Of course, we fully sympathize with your interest in the mechanical construction and motive power used to achieve the feats of apparent wizardry which mark our arrival in your material world. Even though we may, for some specific purpose, invite you for a ride, it will be impossible for you to ferret out our secret of propulsion, since you have rejected opportunities afforded you to become acquainted with laws governing these higher forms of energy. Such knowledge has been prostituted for illicit purposes of destruction, in the past.

Not until your world has dispensed with all need for destructive weapons and all desire to misuse the finer forces of this God-governed Universe, will you be permitted to experiment with ever-existent etheric energies holding magic possibilities for those qualified to employ them as intended by the Creator to whom they owe their existence.

p. 31

We come now as Liberators but look forward to a more joyous mission, when we will mingle freely with you and gladly initiate you into many delights and privileges we possess. May we count on your cooperation in bringing that happy time very near? We hope so! My love and my blessings!


Commandant quadra sector, station Schare.


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