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In Days To Come, by Ashtar (Ethel P. Hill), [1957], at

p. 25


Before any appreciable gain can be made by earthly representatives of thy Master's coming kingdom, there must come the downfall of vast numbers of bombastic declaimers of their own inflated belief in their own importance and influence over the people. Assent gained through fear or force melts to nothingness when assailed by cold logic or intense loyalty to higher concepts!

A long and arduous warfare hath been waged against "the powers of darkness" impinging upon all earth's inhabitants from invisible citadels where Lucifer long reigned supreme over his vassals (invisible to mortals) assigning them to tasks of fiendish ingenuity to entrap and inveigle human beings into abject slavery to his demands.

By reason of the unremitting diligence of those to whom was relegated the apprehension and elimination of countless millions of demoniacs and demoniacally controlled entities, sworn to obey the edits of their overlord, Lucifer—I say, as a result of this uninterrupted campaign on the astral planes, it now be possible to transfer this battle to the physical

p. 26

plane and repeat the process where mortals may more effectively join in the conflict and observe greater tangible results.

As it doth rage on the physical plane, there be three types of weapons to be employed. First: the actual material armaments necessary for defense purposes. Second: the mental agility to recognize and combat delusive propaganda. Third: the spiritual awareness and moral stamina to move steadily forward, in defiance of all enemy resistance, to establish and maintain a rigorous regime of honest government in every phase of human affairs.

Ye may say the present deplorable condition of earthly affairs hath always existed and always will. I SAY NAY! Through man's willful disobedience it hath reached a point where his own most determined efforts to remove the accumulated incubus of overwhelming pressure from subversive forces be well-nigh futile.

Divine intervention (operating through chosen emissaries endowed with power and authority to abolish the hellish system in force when Lucifer and his minions held sway) hath prevailed upon invisible planes adjoining the earth and the roving hordes of diabolical perverters of unresisting mortals be either removed or under control.

Now cometh the final stage in this stupendous project. Not without physical discomfort and suffering

p. 27

may the victory be won. Mortals must prove their mettle. Ye may look upon this time of tribulation as a bitter and unwarranted trespass on thy right to lead a life of honor and dignity. Even so! Yet it doth afford thee a glorious opportunity to show thyselves (sic—JBH) worthy to participate in the responsibilities as well as the privileges of the "Golden Age." Privileges forever denied those now responsible for retarding its inauguration.

No matter how previous be the suffering of many mortals in this final phase in the transformation of thy world, all who will stand firm in their defense of the Right (on whatever battlefield they fight) will soon realize that they have rendered a priceless service to their Master and his conquering legions from outer space, now able to traverse the hitherto impenetrable density of earth's auric envelope and bring succor and strength to the Christ Forces in mortal flesh.

A change cometh swiftly over the face of the earth and the peoples residing thereon. Hour by hour the forces of evil themselves disclose their dire purposes. Close upon the heels of these disclosures come the rapidly maturing decisions of the Enlightened Ones now dwelling in fleshly bodies, to reverse the edicts of false leaders and substitute their own true concepts of constructive action to insure the survival of desperately beleaguered followers of One sent to teach men the Way of Life!

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