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In Days To Come, by Ashtar (Ethel P. Hill), [1957], at

p. 21


Beginning a series of revelations concerning what is going forward in the activities of those not at this time encased in mortal flesh and those who are, or will be, their associates on the earthplane. Thy friends in the Unseen be possessed of bodies more amenable to transposition from one phase of manifestation to another (as water may manifest as steam, as snow, as ice and so on, depending on atmospheric conditions, natural or artificial.) This doth greatly enhance their ability to aid mortals at this time.

Pardon the diversion! Be ye interested in concrete facts deduced from acute sensitivity to present conditions and their inevitable consequences. As hath been said, the precise moment of Divine Intervention doth depend absolutely upon Man's reaction to tests imposed, not by thy Heavenly Father or His obedient emissaries, but by the dupes of the Enemy.

As ye do at times forget, the warfare doth rage upon the astral planes simultaneously with its progress on the earthplane. The mere fact that so many thousands have been "killed" doth not conclude the matter in any wise. THEY STILL LIVE! Thus

p. 22

our problem is to segregate them, not as to earthly categories but in accord with our innate purposes and desires. Naturally, this doth greatly complicate the task of those whose responsibility it be to resolve the whole matter into its basic constituents.

With regard to thine own country, which be destined to act as a "spring-board" from which to extend real aid to other lands, the present distressing exhibition of preposterous antagonism to well-planned, inherently just and legally sanctioned procedures to rid the administrative branches of the government of utterly subversive and traitorous incumbents cannot be tolerated. As dastardly plots of the enemy are exposed to view, it be for the American people to choose whether to cast their lot with the Christ forces or the renegades. There be no middle ground . . . to remain neutral be the most despicable crime of all.

Ye do deplore the lapse of time, yet of what consequence be the amount of time consumed, compared with the self-exposure of criminals posing as benefactors of the human race? Presently many millions of souls will be following a pathway of ever progressive evolution, or doomed to tread the downward path of misery and degradation. Is it not worth the price of a few lagging months of desperate conflict twixt Darkness and Light, twixt vicious Hatred and superhuman Courage to make certain every mortal

p. 23

now living is in his or her rightful place? Not in accord with some arbitrary law or human decision but according to the unerring knowledge and wisdom of Him who doth see and judge the inmost secrets and hidden motives of man's hearts?

I say, it will be settled, not by any natural advantage of superior numbers or the use of weapons devised by scientists who have (or think they have) contacted and harnessed the secret powers of Universal Energy. I SAY, NOT SO! It will be brought to an abrupt and incontrovertible conclusion by "AN ACT OF GOD" comparable to none heretofore known to mortals. This planet be not caught in a net of inextricable difficulties but be emerging from its super-imposed domination by semi-demonic demagogues leading to its destruction. It be placing its trust in the only Power able to deliver it from its impending fate.

I say to thee in all sacred solemnity of pronouncement, THIS THY COUNTRY SHALL BE SAVED AS BY A MIRACLE! I say not it will be a peaceful deliverance but through the unfaltering loyalty of millions who place their faith in thy Master, the Christ of God, this land will be cleansed from the abominations now infesting it. It shall be the center from which shall issue those injunctions and powerful energies which shall lead the world into an intense,

p. 24

burning desire to know and to do the Will of the Lord God of All Creation, as revealed by their coming King, who shall reign over this regenerated world without hindrance from those who now harass and seek to destroy His faithful servants.

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