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In Days To Come, by Ashtar (Ethel P. Hill), [1957], at

p. 17


To Our Friends on the Planet Shan—Greetings!

Our presence and our purpose grow increasingly clear to all unbiased and unprejudiced people of your earth and thousands eagerly await our visible appearance. While there is ample ground for the belief that we are able to perform what to you appears as miracles, we wish it clearly understood we have nothing in common with charlatans performing legerdemain tricks, either for purposes of entertainment or to "prove" our reality. Every move we make is in pursuance of a well considered plan. I speak for all of us who have embarked upon this somewhat thankless task of rendering assistance to beleaguered dwellers on the planet Shan.

It would be quite a relief if we could make a simultaneous landing on all portions of your globe (which I might remark is entirely feasible at this very moment!) and, employing etheric forces in the use of which we are experts, put an end to the jangle of incongruous and irreconcilable factions now precluding all possibility of a united effort toward peace. Our instructions and our principles prevent our taking such a course.

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A predominance of resolution by the inhabitants themselves must precede our entrance on the scene en masse to use our superior powers in augmenting those possessed by mortals at this time. Yes, I most certainly do refer to the H-bomb (and other highly dangerous explosives.) It is one thing to compound and to explode such a hellish contrivance but where is the mortal who has solved the problem of preventing its explosion or nullifying its deadly effect? No such person exists on the planet Shan! How dare they release a force of such magnitude without the slightest idea how to control it? None but an infant intellect would conceive of such an insane procedure! Have they seriously considered the resulting phenomena in Nature's vast domain?

Many otherwise intelligent mortals view the eccentricities exhibited by the Nature forces as outside mortal jurisdiction, believing them to be dictated by Divinity Itself! They constantly set waves of destructive thoughts and feeling in motion. Joining like disturbing vibrations, they travel untold distances always creating much havoc in the ethers. Do you suppose these discords, generated by you and millions like you, have no effect on inanimate forces? What you term "disasters" seldom occur on our planets. We have eliminated the causes. When the preponderance of desire and action is heavily weighted in favor of constituents inevitably causing

p. 19

warfare in realms visible or invisible, how may those responsible hope to escape its horrors? If you feel you have escaped this pitfall and promoted peace in every way, I would ask you one question. In your quest for peace (at any price?) have you trodden under foot principles which are indispensable adjuncts of true Peace?

One thing I would make crystal clear! We Space Men, in whatever capacity we may temporarily serve, are irrevocably pledged by the most solemn of oaths to abide by those Universal Laws which alone can preserve life on every level of conscious existence. To accept or condone any variance from these fixed and unchangeable codes governing all honorable behavior, would be to forfeit privileges we have earned through eons of unremitting effort. We will have no part in any form of "synthetic peace!" It must be genuine, unalloyed, incapable of dissimulation.

Before discontinuing I feel impelled to add one word of counsel. Make your own life conform as nearly as possible with the matchless teachings of One who humbled Himself to contact mortals in a physical manifestation. Any likeness to Him will enable us to recognize your legitimate claim to our special attention and assistance.

As future friends and co-workers in the service of your coming King of Kings, we salute you and

p. 20

proffer our utmost devotion in your liberation from all who seek to ensnare you and bind you to their fearsome juggernaut of destructive domination.




(Signed) ASHTAR

Commander of ten million Space Men, now occupying bases established within range of your planet..



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