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In Days To Come, by Ashtar (Ethel P. Hill), [1957], at

p. 65


A definite change has come over the minds and hearts of many people in this and, to a lesser extent, other countries. Where, heretofore they viewed the appearance of ourselves in our Space Ships in the light of a curious phenomenon to be regarded with suspicion or shrugged off as irrelevant to current affairs, they are now seriously weighing our possible involvement in any coming conflict.

I am taking this means to advise you that most assuredly we shall intervene to protect this or any country on the planet Shan which places its trust in God Almighty and His Son who is His personal representative on this globe.

We have been asked to explain the type of cooperation we ask of you. The following suggestions may furnish a clue to our needs. Others will occur to you as you ponder upon the situation in your locality.

Acquire as much information as possible from all reliable sources, refusing to give credence to any doubts cast upon our sincerity and our ability to carry out orders we receive from our Commander-in-Chief.

p. 66

Without being obtrusively insistent, pass on such information through every channel open to you. It is imperative that the public be alerted to our presence and its purpose. We might remark that treating it as "news" rather than placing it in a religious category would avoid disapproval in some quarters.

Use the telephone, private correspondence and casual conversations with friends, or even strangers, to promote a wholesome interest in the subject . . . tactfully leaving the impression that to deny our existence or doubt our friendly purpose is out of date.

Encourage the forming of space clubs or small groups to meet at stated intervals for discussion of the latest news available.

Stress the fact that our first urgent objective must be the removal of the causes necessitating illegitimate use of newly apprehended forces capable of completely disintegrating this planet and doing irreparable damage to all forms of living substance in close proximity thereto. We know the extremity reached in the downward course of power-crazed potentates! Under no other circumstances would we have been entreated to undertake our present mission or empowered to intervene and prevent the extermination of the inhabitants of Shan.

As the opportunity occurs, let your friends know we do not come as adventurers seeking excitement, nor

p. 67

as scientists in quest of fresh knowledge! What could we learn in your laboratories with their passé equipment, or what satisfaction find in the hurly-burly of senseless clashes in mental or physical arenas of action?

Perhaps it would be well to again emphasize the fact that your inmost thoughts and desires, as well as your acts, create either a very real barrier, or point of contact, according as you reject our way of life (based on the true Christ Principles) or harmonize with our concept of constructive and progressive living. We have passed through a long and tedious process of re-appraisal and re-evaluation of all Life has to offer in the final analysis, since first we were favored with wise and patient Teachers from "Outer Space."

What they did for us ages ago, we now offer to do for you! It is against every tenet in our code of honor to attempt to force you to accept our services in the capacity of Teachers. Yet this I can promise in all sincerity! Should our offer of genuine, practical assistance be welcome and the necessary preliminary steps be taken, we can and will joyfully pass on to you the knowledge we possess. Not only will we do this, but we will "loan" you many of our most expert and experienced teachers in every branch of art and industry to initiate you into the secrets we have tried out and proven one hundred percent effective in

p. 68

creating a world of incredible beauty and endless delight.

Until you have attained some reasonable concept of such a planet and such a life, I fear it would be unwise to extend to you an invitation to visit us in my home on Venus!

My Love!           

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