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His Augustness Ohoke dwelt at the palace of Hirataka at Isono-kami, and ruled the Empire. The Heavenly Sovereign wedded Kasuga-no-oho-iratsume, the august daughter of the Heavenly Sovereign Oho-hatsuse-no-waka-take, and begot august children: Takaki-no-iratsume; next Takara-no-iratsume; next Kasubi-no-iratsume; next Tashiraka-no-iratsume; next His Grandeur Wo-hatsuse-no-waka-sazaki; next Prince Ma-waka. The child born to him by his next wife Naka-no-waku-go-no-iratsume, daughter of the Grandee Hitsuma (?) of [338] Wani, was: Kasuga-no-yamada-no-iratsume. The august children of this Heavenly Monarch numbered seven altogether. Of these His Augustness Wo-hatsuse-no-waka-sazaki [was he who afterwards] ruled the Empire.


422:1 p. 422 For the discontinuance of explanatory foot-notes in this concluding portion of the translation see Translator's Introduction, Sect. II. near the top of page xv.

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