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p. 409


His Augustness Shiraka-no-oho-yamato-ne-ko dwelt at the palace of Mikakuri at Ihare, 1a and ruled the Empire. This Heavenly Sovereign had no Empress, and likewise no august children. So the Shiraka-Clan 2 was established as his august proxy. So after the Heavenly Sovereign's decease, there was no King to rule the Empire. Thereupon, on enquiry [being made] for a King who should rule the sun's succession, Oshinumi-no-iratsume, 3 another name for whom was Princess Ihi-toyo, younger sister of Prince Ichinobe-oshiha-wake, 4 [was found to be] residing at the palace of Tsunusashi at Takaki in Oshinumi in Kadzuraki. 5


409:1a For Ihare see Sect. XLIII, Note 26. Mika-kuri signifies "jar-chestnut."

409:2 Shiraka-be.

409:3 In Sect. CXXXI (Note 7) this name appears as Awomi-no-iratsume. Both Awomi and Oshinumi are supposed to be names of places. The latter is the name of a district in Yamato. Its etymology is obscure. For Ihi-toyo see Sect. CXXXI, Note 8.

409:4 See Sect. CXXXI (Note 5), where however the title of wake ("Lord") is omitted.

409:5 For Kadzuraki see Sect. LV, Note 1, and for Oshinumi see Note 3 to the present Sect. Takaki seems to signify "high castle," while Tsunusashi is obscure. (See Motowori's remarks on these two names in Vol. XLIII, p. 3 of his Commentary.)

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