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p. 363


The Heavenly Sovereign thereupon first appointed the Suzerain of Achi to the office of Treasurer, 1 and likewise bestowed on him domains. 2 Again in this august reign the name of Waka-sakura Tribe 3 was granted to the Grandees of the Waka-sakura Tribe. 4 Again the gentile name 5 of Dukes of Himeda 6 was granted to the Dukes of Himeda. Again the Ihare Clan 7 was established.


363:1 p. 363 In Japanese the same word is used for a "store-house" and for the "treasury." But the appointment here mentioned would seem really to correspond to what we should call Lord of the Treasury or Minister of Finance. The characters in the original are .

363:2 Literally, "ration grounds."

363:3 Waka-sakura-be.

363:4 Waka-sakura-be no omi. Conf. Sect. CXXXI, Note 1.

363:5 All the editors agree in here reading as kabane ("gentile name," see Sect. XIV, Note 5) the character , which signifies properly "family name."

363:6 Himeda no kimi. Nothing is known of this family.

363:7 Ihare-be. For Ihare see Sect. XLIII, Note 6. It will be remembered that the Emperor of whose reign the present Section forms part held his court at Ihare.

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