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p. 312


In this august reign were graciously established the Fisher Tribe, 1 the Mountain Tribe, 2 the Mountain Warden Tribe, 3 and the Ise Tribe. 4 Again the Pool of Tsurugi was made. Again there came over [to Japan] some

p. 313

people from Shiragi. Therefore His Augustness the Noble Take-uchi, having taken them with him and set them to labour on pools and embankments, made the Pool of Kudara. 5a


312:1 p. 313 Ama-be (written and read Una-be in the Old Printed Edition and in the edition of 1687, and perhaps better rendered "Sea-Tribe.") The name of this guild or clan does not seem to have remained, like the two mentioned together with it, as a "gentile name."

312:2 Yama-be. Motowori thinks that this word has crept into the text erroneously through the influence of that next mentioned, as the functions of the tribes or guilds thus separately named were identical The differentiation may have taken place after the terms had come to be used as "gentile names."

312:3 Yama-moribe.

312:4 Ise-be. Nothing is known of this tribe or guild.

313:5a Doubtless so named after the Korean labourers employed upon it,—Kudara and Shiragi, as different parts of the same peninsula, being confounded in thought.

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