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p. 277


During all the time that this [Prince] His Augustness Yamato-take went about pacifying countries, Nana-tsuka-hagi, 1a ancestor of the Suzerains of Kuna, 2a always followed and respectfully served him as butler.


277:1a The name signifies "seven-grasp shins," implying that the worthy here mentioned was so big and strong as to have shins seven hand-breadths in length. For the use of the word "grasp "as a measure of length, see Sect. VIII, Note 1.

277:2a This family has already been mentioned at the end of Sect. XXXIV, as descended from Ama-tsu-kume no Mikoto, one of the companions of the Emperor Jim-mu's grandfather on the occasion of his descent from Heaven. But see Note 7 to that Sect. for the probable mistake with regard to the origin of the name.

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