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p. 254


In this august reign the Labourers' Tribe 1a was established; again, the port of Aha in the East was established; again, the Great Butlers' Tribe 2 was established; again, the granaries of Yamato were established; again, the Pool of Sakate was made, and bamboos planted on the bank. 3


254:1a p. 254 Such is the reasonable explanation of the original term tabe ( ) given by Motowori. It seems to have become a "gentile-name."

254:2 Kashikade no oho-tomo-be. This "gentile name" originally denoted one who was butler, steward, or cook, in the Emperor's household. The tradition of its origin is preserved in the "Chronicles."

254:3 Motowori supposes that the mention both in his history and in the "Chronicles of Japan" of the planting of bamboos on the banks of this pool or lake should be attributed to the rarity of such a proceeding in ancient times.

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