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Correspondence, by Benedict de Spinoza, [1883], at


SPINOZA TO * * * *. 1

[In this fragment of a letter Spinoza refers his friend to Ethics, I. x. and II. vii. note.]

Distinguished Sir,—. . . But in answer to your objection I say, that although each particular thing be expressed in infinite ways in the infinite understanding of God, yet those infinite ideas, whereby it is expressed, cannot constitute one and the same mind of a particular thing, but infinite minds; seeing that each of these infinite ideas has no connection with the rest, as I have explained in the same note to Ethics, II. vii., and as is also evident from I. x. If you will reflect on these passages a little, you will see that all difficulty vanishes, &c.

The Hague, 18 August, 1675.


401:1 Tschirnhausen.

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