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by Benedict de Spinoza

Translated from the Latin by R. H. M. Elwes


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Title Page
Letter I. From Henry Oldenburg
Letter II. To Oldenburg
Letter III. From Oldenburg
Letter IV. To Oldenburg
Letter V. From Oldenburg
Letter VI. (omitted)
Letter VII. From Oldenburg
Letter VIII. From Oldenburg
Letter IX. To Oldenburg
Letters X-XIV (omitted)
Letter XIII.A. From Oldenburg
Letter XV. To Oldenburg
Letter XVI. From Oldenburg
Letter XVII. From Oldenburg
Letter XVIII. From Oldenburg
Letter XIX. To Oldenburg
Letter LXXI. From Oldenburg
Letter XXI. To Oldenburg
Letter XXII. From Oldenburg
Letter XXIII. To Oldenburg
Letter XXIV. From Oldenburg
Letter XXV. To Oldenburg
Letter XXV.A. From Oldenburg
Letter XXVI. From Simon de Vries
Letter XXVII. To de Vries
Letter XXVIII. To de Vries
Letter XXIX. To Lewis Meyer
Letter XXIX.A. To Lewis Meyer
Letter XXX. To Peter Balling
Letter XXXI. From William de Blyenbergh
Letter XXXII. To Blyenburgh
Letter XXXII. From Blyenbergh
Letter XXXIV. To Blyenbergh
Letter XXXV. From Blyenbergh
Letter XXXVI. To Blyenbergh
Letter XXXVII. From Blyenbergh (Omitted)
Letter XXXVIII. To Blyenbergh
Letter XXXIX. To Christian Huyghens
Letter XL. To Huyghens
Letter XLI. To Huyghens
Letter XLI.A To Anon. [J. Bresser?]
Letter XLII. To I. B.
Letter XLIII. To I. v. M. (omitted)
Letters XLIV, XLV, XLV, XLVI. To I. I. (Omitted)
Letter XLVII. To I. I.
Letter XLIX. To Isaac Orobio
Letter L. To Jarig Jellis
Letter LI. From Leibnitz
Letter LII. To Leibnitz
Letter LIII. From Fabritius
Letter LIV To Fabritius
Letter LV. From Hugo Boxel
Letter LVI. To Boxel
Letter LVII. From Boxel
Letter LVIII. To Boxel
Letter LIX. From Boxel (Abstract)
Letter LX. To Boxel
Letter LXII. From Anon. [Van Vlouten] (Abstract)
Letter LXII. To Anon. [G.H. Schaller]
Letter LXIII. From Anon. [Tschirnhausen]
Letter LXIV. To Anon. [Tschirnhausen]
Letter LXV. From G. H. Schaller
Letter LXVI. To Anon [Tschirnhausen]
Letter LXVII. From Anon. [Tschirnhausen]
Letter LXVIII. To Anon. [Tschirnhausen]
Letter LXVIII.A. From G. H. Schaller
Letter LXVIII.B. To Schaller
Letter LXIX. From Anon [Tschirnhausen]
Letter LXX. To Anon. [Tschirnhausen]
Letter LXXI. From Anon. [Tschirnhausen]
Letter LXXII. To Anon. [Tschirnhausen]
Letter LXXIII. From Albert Burgh
Letter LXXIV. To Burgh
Letter LXXV. To Lambert Van Velthuysen