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Teach Us to Pray, by Charles Fillmore, [1941], at

I no longer accuse myself and others of sin and evil.
Forgiving, I am forgiven and healed.
I daily praise the invisible good that is bringing the
ships of prosperity to my harbor.

p. 177


FROM A STUDY of the foregoing lessons, you should be convinced that man and the universe are under the creative direction of a supreme being, name it what you will, and that man needs but to conform to the laws of creative Mind in order to be healthy, happy, and wise. It logically occurs to you that all healing methods, whether applied to self or to others, consists in establishing the unity of the individual and the universal consciousness. No man heals himself or another; the supreme Mind does the work. "The Father abiding in me does his works," said Jesus. This is the testimony of all the truly wise.

The first move in all healing is a recognition on the part of the healer and on the part of the patient that God is present as an all-powerful mind, equal to the healing of every disease, no matter how bad it may appear. "With God all things are possible." The best way to establish unity with the Father-Mind is by prayer. "God is Spirit," and He has a kingdom or ruling center in every soul. Do not look up or out for God, but "pray to thy Father who is in secret [silently within your own soul], and thy Father who seeth in secret shall recompense thee."

p. 178

Many healers use the Lord's Prayer at the beginning of every treatment. Talk to the Father as if He were an entity present within you. He is visible to your soul, and when you have attained the particular inner confidence called faith, you will realize His presence as clearly as you realize visible things. When you have stilled the outer senses and have become quiet, you are in the mental realm where thoughts are obedient to the word. Error thoughts must be told to go, and true thoughts must be called to take their proper place.

Mental causes are so complex that it is impossible to point out in all cases the specific thought that causes a certain disease; but twelve fundamental mind activities lie at the base of all existence, and when any one of these is contacted, all the others respond.

Nearly all sick people lack vital force, hence the life treatment is good for all. Hate, anger, jealousy, malice, and the like are almost universal in human consciousness, and a treatment for love will prove a healing balm for all.

Fear of poverty burdens most people, and the prosperity treatment will be effective. Do not be afraid to use the statements in healing as a whole or in part; they will always help and never hurt anyone. Remember that the object of all treatment is to raise the mind to the Christ consciousness, through which all true healing is accomplished.

p. 179


Fear, anxiety, worry, dread, and suspense--these thoughts cause the mind to become tense, thus shutting out the great helper, the Spirit of truth. Say silently:

I am now free from fear, anxiety, worry, dread, and
suspense. I have faith in Thy Holy Spirit, and I trust Thee
to protect me, to provide for me, and to bring all my
affairs into divine order.


The mind sends its messages along the nerves; the nerves, forming a network of communication with the brain, get into a chronic crosscurrented condition from the presence of repeated anxious, worried, fearful thoughts, and the many forms of nervousness result. This idea of nervousness must be specifically denied and the truth affirmed. Say silently:

I am not subject to any kind of nervousness. My nerves are
harmonized, peaceful, and poised in Spirit and in Truth.

Note: Deny the mental cause first; then the physical appearance. Nervousness is produced by worry, anxiety, and the like. These mental conditions should be healed first; then the secondary state which they have produced in the body must be denied and dissolved, and the perfect condition affirmed.

p. 180



Spirit is not subject to heat or cold. I am Spirit. I am
the positive force of Being, and I put out of my
consciousness all negative thoughts. I do not believe in
the thing called a cold, nor do I admit for a moment that
it has any power over me. I am Spirit, free-flowing life,
and my circulation is equalized in God.



My understanding is established in Spirit. I know the
relation between mind and body, between thought and
substance. I agree with what I eat, and what I eat agrees
with me. I am at peace with all men and all things. I do
not resist or antagonize anybody or anything. My stomach is
strong, wise, and energetic, and I always think and speak
of it as in every way capable of doing the work given it to
do. I do not impose upon my stomach by overloading it. I am
guided by divine wisdom in eating and drinking, and I
follow its dictates instead of the sense appetites. I am no
longer anxious about what I shall eat or what I shall
drink. I am not hurried or worried, but after each meal I
rest from all the cares of life, and I give my stomach
opportunity to do its perfect work under the divine law.

p. 181

All Liver Troubles


I am not misjudged, nor do I misjudge others. I do not
criticize or condemn. I do not hold bitter, revengeful
thoughts against others. I do not think that I have been
unjustly treated. God-Mind is my supreme arbiter, and I
rest all judgment in the divine law of justice. The swift
energy of Spirit now penetrates and permeates every atom of
my liver, and it is free to do its perfect work.

Kidney, Bladder, and Urinay Disorders


God is the strength of my life. I do not believe in
exhaustion of strength. Strength is always present in
supreme completeness, and I am eternally strong. Spirit is
the strength of my loins, and my back is free from all
thought of burdens. My life is divinely ordered, and I am
not afraid of weakness, old age, or death. All the issues
of my life are from God, and He is a well of living water
within me.
Lustful passions no longer separate me from the pure,
spiritual life. My life is lifted up by the Christ Mind,
and I am resurrected from the dead. My life is hid with
Christ in God.

p. 182

All Throat Affections


All power is given to me, in heaven (mind) and in earth
(body). Dominion, control, and mastery are mine by divine
right, and I refuse to believe in failure or discouragement.
I am free, and the inspiration of Spirit is poured into my
soul. I am quickened by Spirit, and the flesh is obedient.
I rejoice and am glad because the joy of Christ is mine. I
am filled with Spirit energy, and every cell in my organism
is alight with God. I am the resurrection and the life.


It is found that the mind establishes a permanent consciousness through six steps or stages, called in Genesis "days."

First, the mind perceives and affirms Truth to be a universal principle. Secondly, faith in the working power of Truth is born in consciousness. Thirdly, Truth takes definite form in mind. Fourthly, the will carries Truth into acts. Fifthly, discrimination is quickened and the difference between Truth and error is discerned. Sixthly, every thought and word is expressed in harmony with Truth.

The seventh "day" represents a peaceful confidence and rest in the fulfillment of the divine law.

By the use of these denials and affirmations for one week a new and more orderly basis of thought

p. 183

is established in mind, and the whole man is harmonized and vitalized. This process often heals obstinate cases, and the six-ray course is recommended in conjunction with the special prayers.

Make your denials as if you were gently sweeping away cobwebs, and make your affirmations in a strong, bold, vehement positive attitude of mind.

Each day's treatment, and the whole course of treatments if necessary, is to be repeated over and over until it manifests its living presence and potency in consciousness.

If you desire to help a patient who will not try or who cannot himself successfully bring his mind into harmonious relations with Principle, think of this person when you hold the daily thought, and Spirit will cause your word to be manifested both in you and in him.


To precede each day's treatment

I acknowledge Thy presence and power, O blessed Spirit; in
Thy divine wisdom now erase my mortal limitations, and from
Thy pure substance of love bring into manifestation my
world, according to Thy perfect law.



I am no longer foolish or ignorant, and the foolishness

p. 184

and the ignorance of ancestry can no longer be visited upon
I am free from the foolishness and the ignorance of the
race and of those with whom I associate. The foolishness
and the ignorance that may have been treasured up by my own
understanding are now erased.


I am wise with the wisdom of infinite Mind and I have
knowledge of all things. I know that I am pure intelligence
and I hereby claim my divine right to light, life, and
liberty in all goodness, wisdom, love, and purity. Let the
light of wisdom appear and the ignorance of human thought



I deny the belief that I have inherited disease, sickness,
ignorance, or any mental limitations whatsoever. I deny all
belief in evil; for God made all that really is and
pronounced it good. Therefore no such deception as belief
in evil can darken my clear understanding of Truth. Those
with whom I associate can no longer deceive me with their
words of consideration and sympathy. I can no longer
deceive myself with such weakness.
Perish from my world these silly beliefs of

p. 185

darkened ignorance. I am now free from them all, and by my
powerful word I hereby destroy them wholly.


God's life is my life, and I vibrate with harmony and
wholeness. I am free with the knowledge that all is good; I
am therefore perfectly whole and well.



I deny the belief that I am a child of the flesh and must
suffer for the sins of my forefathers "unto the third and
fourth generation." Perish all such ignorant beliefs.
I deny that I inherited from my ancestors lustful passions
and sensual appetites.
I deny the belief that the race can constrain me to yield
to lustful passions and sensual appetites. I deny the
belief that those with whom I associate can constrain me to
yield to lustful passions or sensual appetites. I deny my
own ignorant belief in such erroneous ideas.


God is Spirit and I, the divine image, am Spirit. I am born
of God. God is too pure to behold iniquity, and I am
therefore pure being, without a tinge of lust or passion.

p. 186



I deny that the sins and omissions of my ancestors can
influence me in any way. Selfishness, envy, malice,
jealousy, pride, avarice, arrogance, cruelty, hypocrisy,
obstinacy, and revenge are no part of my present
understanding, and I deny all such beliefs in the race, in
those with whom I associate, and in my own mind.


I am at peace with all mankind. I truly and unselfishly
love all men and women. I now acknowledge the perfect law
of justice and equality. I know that "God is no respecter
of persons," and that every man and woman is my equal in
the sight of the Father.
I do love my neighbor as myself and I will do to others as
I would have them do to me.



I deny that I have inherited the consequences of fear from
my ancestors, or that the race can constrain me to accept
its fears. The fears of those with whom I associate can no
longer hold me in sickness or in want, and my own
understanding is now fully rid of these illusions.
There is not and cannot hereafter be any fear in or about
my bold world.

p. 187


I am brave and bold with the knowledge that I am Spirit and
therefore not subject to any opposing power.
Plenty and prosperity are mine by inheritance from God, and
by my steady, persistent word I now bring them into



I deny that I inherit any belief that in any way limits me
in health, virtue, intelligence, or power to do good.
Those with whom I associate can no longer make me believe
that I am a poor worm of the dust. The race belief that
nature dominates man no longer holds me in bondage, and I
am now free from every belief that might in any way
interfere with my perfect expression of health, wealth,
peace, prosperity, and perfection in every department of
I now, in the sight of Almighty God, unformulate and
destroy by my all-powerful word every foolish and ignorant
assumption that might impede my march to perfection. My
word is the measure of my power. I have spoken, and it
shall be so.

p. 188

p. 189

p. 190


I am unlimited in my power and I have increasing health,
strength, life, love, wisdom, boldness, freedom, charity,
and meekness now and forever.
I am now in harmony with the Father and stronger than any
mortal law. I know my birthright in pure Being and I boldly
assert my perfect freedom. In this knowledge I am enduring,
pure, peaceful, and happy.
I am dignified and definite yet meek and lowly in all that
I think and do.
I am one with and I now fully manifest vigorous life,
wisdom, and spiritual understanding.
I am one with and I now fully manifest love, charity,
justice, kindness, and generosity.
I am one with and I now fully manifest infinite goodness
and mercy.
Peace flows like a river through my mind, and I thank Thee,
O God, that I am one with Thee!


"Be still, and know that I am God."

p. 191

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