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Jesus Christ heals, by Charles Fillmore, [1939], at

Much has been written and said about the healing methods that Jesus used in His very striking cures of physical ills. The generally accepted theory is that they were miracles, but to this there have been many objections, among them Jesus' promise "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also." So many millions have claimed that they believed on Jesus, yet not only have they failed to heal others but they have gloried in sickness and finally death under the assumption that it was the will of God.

Few have dared even to suggest that Jesus applied universal law in His restorative methods; for on the one hand it would annul the miracle theory and on the other it would be sacrilegious to inquire into the miracles of God. So it has been generally accepted that Jesus' great works were miracles and that the power to do miracles was delegated to His immediate followers only. But in recent years a considerable number of Jesus' followers have had the temerity to inquire into His healing methods, and they have found that they were based on universal mental and spiritual laws that anyone can utilize who will comply with the conditions involved in these laws. This inquiry has led to the conclusion that man and the universe are founded on mind and that all

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changes for good or ill are changes of mind.

Ages of thought upon the reality and solidarity of things have evolved a mental atmosphere that has produced the present material universe. These and millions of other concepts are the work of men and not God, as is popularly supposed. However they all rest on the original God-Mind and can be restored to the perfect law and order of that Mind by those who free themselves from their mental entanglements with materiality and identify their thinking with that of the Mind that is Spirit. "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

It is taught in the Bible that Jesus was born into the human family to save its people from extinction; that, according to Paul, as in Adam all died so in Christ shall all be made alive. A psychological study of the whole situation proves this to be virtually true. Millions have accepted Christianity on faith and have found peace of mind and spiritual satisfaction without understanding the fundamental mind principles on which the redemptive system rests. This is proof that there is more to Christianity than the surface acceptation of Jesus as mediator between God and man.

We are all in mind related to a great creative Spirit that infuses its very life into our minds and bodies when we turn our attention to it. We have mentally wandered away from this creative Spirit or Father-Mind and lost contact with its life-giving currents. Jesus made connection for us, and through Him we again begin to draw vitality from the great fountainhead.

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Ability to pick up the life current and through it perpetually to vitalize the body is based on the right relation of ideas, thoughts, and words. These mental impulses start currents of energy that form and also stimulate molecules and cells already formed, producing life, strength, and animation where inertia and impotence was the dominant appearance. This was and is the healing method of Jesus.

Although the Bible repeatedly refers to the creative power of the Word, men have not dared to think that the creative law is universal and could be taught to any man who would discipline his thoughts and words and center them on God-Mind. Jesus gave His whole attention to God, so much so that He claimed He did not even originate the words that He spoke: they came from the Father. By careful thinking and wholehearted concentration on God, Jesus made such complete union with creative Mind that His body was transformed in the presence of His disciples. He taught that men would eventually reap the reward of every word they uttered. "For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned."

Perfect health is natural, and the work of the spiritual healer is to restore this perfect health, which is innate and can be spoken into expression. Our ills are the result of our sins or failure to adjust our minds to Divine Mind. "Man hath authority on earth to forgive sins." When the sinning state of mind is forgiven and the right state of mind established, man is restored to his primal and natural wholeness. This is wholly a mental process, and so all conditions of

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man are the result of his thinking. "As he [man] thinketh in his heart, so is he."

No book, not even the Bible, covers all phases of human thought. Therefore the mental panacea for every ill is beyond the description of words, but Jesus Christ epitomized in His own consciousness all the thought processes necessary to man's complete restoration. So it is taught that Jesus Christ is the Word or Divine Logos in which is contained all the original creative essence.

The truth that divine man is manifest God is the great mystery hid for ages and generations and now revealed in Jesus Christ.

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