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(Healing of Financial and Social Ills)

The High Magic of Instant healing is accomplished through the aid of the High Self. This is also true of the healing of purse and circumstances.

Both of these arts use the same basic mechanisms.

In the Bible we read the story of Jacob, who saw in a dream a ladder reaching from earth to heaven, and angels ascending and descending on it. The Lord stood above it and spoke to Jacob.

Like so many of the tales to be found in religion, there can be drawn a comparative picture in the beliefs of Huna. In Huna the ladder is the connecting cord of shadowy body stuff connecting the low self and the High Self, who is the only "Lord" we can ever contact directly and know something about. The Lord spoke to Jacob. The High Self sends its mystical messages. The angels went up and down, perhaps as messengers. The THOUGHT FORMS of the prayers go up and down on the cord as a ladder, moving on the stream of vital force. The Lord promised Jacob that he would be prospered. The High Self stands ready to help us in the same way—provided we learn how to do our part.

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Case 29

Changing the Unwanted Future for the Wanted

Preliminary Notes:

I wish to make this mechanism of High Magic as plain as possible for it is vitally important. Most lives are a tangle, and to have those tangles removed would mean everything to us.

In selecting this case from my own experience, I am able to give first hand assurance that each step in the work is fully and correctly described. I can vouch for the results, as they were in my own life—and still are.

Contrary to my usual procedure, I shall stop to point out at each step the reason for the things done, instead of waiting for the end of the case to make comment.

The Case:

In the year 1932, in Honolulu, I owned a camera store which was hard hit by the depression and the lack of tourist trade. Threatened with loss of everything, I went to a kahuna for help.

The kahuna was a Hawaiian woman of about fifty. I had known her for some time and when I told her that I was in trouble, she set to work at once to see what could be done to right my affairs. We went into a small dining room and sat down at the table. While she smoked and listened, I told of my difficulties.

I was faced by the necessity of selling out my business, with the stock and fixtures, or facing bankruptcy. The only person in Honolulu who could buy my store to an advantage was my competitor. He owned a larger and older camera store.

I had gone to him three times to try to get him to

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buy me out at a very low figure, but could not interest him. I had paid a real estate man a round sum to try to make the sale, and he had failed. It began to look as if I would have to lose everything. My lease had but a few weeks longer to run, and to renew my lease for the five year period at an advance in rent was out of the question.

When I had explained everything and had answered a few questions, the healer asked me to think very hard for a little while and then tell her exactly what I wanted to have come to pass. I thought it all over again, then said that I wanted to sell my business and stock and fixtures to my competitor for eight thousand dollars, which would be a great bargain even in bad times. I wanted to help my competitor amalgamate my business and his own, and after that I wished to return to the Coast and to be able to do some writing. I was quite definite.

The healer asked more questions. She would say, "And if that happens that way, are you sure that it will not make a difference in your plans?" She explained that I must overlook no possible contingency and must weigh each step and consider its probable results. I had to consider all the small details and imagine how each thing would work out and react on some other part of the plan.

The idea was to prepare to make the "Prayer" to the High Self. The thought forms of the prayer had to be unmixed with doubts and uncertainties. They had to stand out clear and sharp and definite. Any overlooked angle of the affair might bob up later to upset the working out of the plan.

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The healer told me that in her experience most people sent to the High Self a continuous jumble of conflicting wishes, plans, fears and hopes. Each day and hour they changed their minds about what they wished to do or become or have happen. As the High Self makes for us our futures from our averaged thoughts which it contacts usually during our sleep, our futures become a hit-and-miss jumble of events and contrary events, of accidents and good and bad luck. Only the person who decides what he wants and holds to his decision doggedly, working always in that direction, can present to the High Self the proper thought forms from which to build the future as desired and planned and worked toward.

After an hour of discussion the healer was satisfied. She announced that the next step was to contact the High Self and ask whether or not the plan was such that it could be made to materialize.

Instead of using the crystal gazing arrangement of a black smooth stone swished with water in the bottom of a calabash bowl, she brought out a glass tumbler, filled it with water, grated half a teaspoonful of yellow ginger root into the water to cloud it and to act as a physical stimulus to ward off spirit influence of the poltergeist type, should such be near. The grating was done with a thumbnail from a small piece of fresh ginger root out of the garden that afternoon. It was then evening.

The healer then asked for a silver dollar as a preliminary part of her fee. This acted as a physical stimulus to her low self as it represented a reward for work and service—thus appearing as a good thing to

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the low self. The dollar was placed under the tumbler. She then shaded her eyes from the overhead light and sat for a short time looking down at the surface of the clouded water.

She soon began to see images and to get messages by some form of inner voice. She would remain in a trance-like state for a moment or two, rouse to speak to me to tell what she saw, or to ask a fresh question. This continued for perhaps seven or eight minutes.

The visions in the crystal were all symbolic, and if the symbols were things she had learned by experience to know as good, she counted the answer favorable to my plans. She said she saw a door being opened, then, a little later, a sheaf of wheat. She asked what these things might mean to me or if I had been thinking about them—wishing to be sure that she was not seeing them in my mind instead of from the High Self via the low self.

When she was satisfied that the answer was favorable, she said, "The god tells me that your prayer can be answered. The door is open. Your path is not badly blocked, even if the door was not open all the way. I will now ask what we must do for our part of the work."

Again she gazed into the water and entered the state in which she could see with psychic senses. She began to see my competitor, who was also a good friend of long standing. She described his appearance and checked with me as to whether she was seeing him accurately or not. She saw his office at the rear of his store and checked that with me. She also saw the man

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whom I had hired to sell my business and who had failed. When this psychic examination of the matter was finished it was growing late.

"Have you hurt anyone?" the healer asked. "Why is the door not wide open and why is your path a little blocked?"

I could think of no injury I had done anyone, and said so.

"Do you feel that you would cheat if you sold your store for eight thousand dollars?" was the next question.

I assured her that I would consider the deal most fair.

"Then it is the little sin ideas which eat you inside because of your Sunday School or Church training," she decided. "Most of the good people, especially if they are good church people, have things like that. To get rid of the feeling of guilt and clear your path to the god you must fast until one o'clock for three days, and while you fast, you must not smoke. After three days, give a gift to some person in need or to some charity. This gift must be large enough to hurt you a little—almost more than you can afford. This will make you feel deep inside you that you have done enough to balance all your little sins. After you have done these things, come to me again."

The healer was prescribing very excellent physical stimuli to impress the low self in me that it was making amends for such acts as it believed to be sins. I had no way of finding out what those small guilt complexes might be, but that made no difference.

I carried out the orders during the three days, finding

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them difficult enough to impress my low self not a little, as I have been blessed with a good appetite and at that time loved to smoke. My gift was made to the Salvation Army, this being to my mind a good charity organization.

Again arriving in the evening, I sat with the healer at the round table. She again made use of the tumbler mechanism in the same way, and after a few minutes saw the door again, this time wide open. Announcing that my path was now unblocked, she pushed the tumbler from her and reopened the question of my plans. Had I made any changes in my plans? Was I still sure that I wanted everything to happen just as I had stated?

When assured that my plans were clear and unchanged, she made ready to make the prayer for me to the High Self.

When a kahuna prayed to his or her High Self, asking aid for a client, the prayer automatically went to the High Self of the client as well. This involves a belief that all High Selves are linked together in some way we cannot understand and can hardly imagine. They are "many in one" and "one in many." They are Unity in Separation. They have bonds closer than those of bees in a hive. They have learned to work as a unit, but each does individual works. We cannot grasp this, but, from the results obtained through contact with the High Selves, this seems to be the nearest we can come to understanding the matter.

To make the prayer, the healer rose and walked slowly back and forth, breathing heavily. After a few minutes she paused beside the table, said quietly that

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she would now make the prayer to the god for me, and then—looking as into a distance—began to speak in Hawaiian, slowly and with great force. She voiced the prayer once, then repeated it, and then repeated it again.

This thrice-spoken prayer was offered word for word and idea for idea as nearly as possible, the full force of the suggestive will being mustered to cause the low self to carry to the High Self the thought forms which were being made by the carefully and firmly repeated prayer.

The High Self was contacted by the low self after a direct command from the middle self of the healer, the tumbler not being used, as at this time no return answer was expected or requested. When the prayer had been thrice spoken, the healer resumed her chair and took a cigarette. She smoked and rested after her effort. She had accumulated extra vital force and had presented the prayer as a set of thought forms on a flow of vital force.

Soon the tumbler was brought into action to see what message could be had from the High Self, and what instructions might be given.

In the water surface in the tumbler appeared (to her) a scene in which I did several things. It was an enactment of what the High Self had caused my future to be. The old future was torn down and a new one had been instantly constructed for me.

The old future had undoubtedly contained all the business failures which seemed inevitable to me and which I feared and so visualized as I worried. This probably would have been my future if I had not had

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the help of the High Self in changing the bad to the desired good.

We do not know the exact way in which the High Self makes the future for the low and middle selves over which it stands as "guardian, parental spirit." We can only guess that the thoughts we make into thought forms are used in some way in shaping the future. At least, the thought forms tell the High Self what we hope, fear, desire and plan. It seems that our futures are made from these thought forms with all care being taken not to intrude on our FREE WILL. We must be allowed to exert free will, and unless we ask for help, it must not be given lest the free will be cancelled. We cannot say why, but we can understand that such a condition of affairs can be.

Because of our mental limitations we cannot conceive of a future made of invisible material, but still containing all the events and conditions which will materialize from minute to minute and hour to hour and day to day for as far ahead as the invisible outline of the future is "crystallized." Perhaps the future is made like the shadowy bodies of the low and middle selves, and as are the thought forms. Perhaps thought forms are made to grow into events. The kahunas did not know. We cannot know. However, so long as we know that the future is made in some such way and that it can be seen ahead in so far as it has been made, and that IT CAN BE CHANGED, that is all we need to know.

The healer saw the new future in her tumbler of water and described to me the things she saw that I must do, also telling me why. She seemed to get the

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idea of why things were done in some psychic way connected with the psychic vision. The usual method of the High Self of giving symbols was not used here.

"The god tells me," she would say, or "The god shows me."

She saw me going to my competitor with a paper in my hand. She said that on the paper I had written out my proposition to sell, the price, and all details. She said that the god told her that this man was the kind who liked to see everything written out on paper, otherwise he would say "No" from force of habit.

"You write it all out," she instructed. "Then next Tuesday at a quarter after two you go to see him. He will be in his office sitting at his desk and doing nothing. You put the paper on his desk and say, 'Have a look at these figures, will you? I'll be back in about ten minutes.' Then you go off and in ten minutes you come back. He will be finished reading your paper and will say to you that he will buy your business."

To me this was unbelievably explicit and detailed. I asked how she knew, and she told me that she saw me doing it in my new future, and that the god made her understand why the proposition had to be written out.

I marveled at the instructions and promised to obey them to the letter.

At a quarter after two on the following Tuesday I went into my competitor's place of business with my proposal carefully typed out in full. I found him, as had been foreseen, idly sitting at his desk. I placed the paper before him and asked him to look it over, saying I would be back in ten minutes.

In ten minutes I returned, and he was waiting for me.

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[paragraph continues] "I'll take you up," he said. "I'll give you my check for a hundred dollars to bind the bargain and you can make out the bill of sale."

So, with the help of the healer and the High Self, the deal was closed. The price stipulated in the prayer was paid me. I stayed on to help get my business amalgamated with that of my friendly competitor.

With the deal completed, I reported back to the kahuna, paying her all she would allow, which was little enough considering the great service she had rendered me.

Some time later, when I was about to finish up my business affairs and leave for California, the healer ran a check on my future for me to see about the part of the plan I had made which included a desire to do some writing.

She made a fresh prayer asking that I be allowed to write, and then inspected the future with the aid of the High Self via the low self, to see what instructions were given for me. As she had done in the case of the sale of the business, she now did for the writing.

"You will write eight books," she said after a long look into her improvised gazing crystal. "That is as far ahead as the god shows me. Eight books." She sighed. "But you will have to be very patient. It will be a long time from the first book to the eighth. Many things will happen and it will not be easy, although the last four books will be easier than the first four and come faster."

That glimpse of the future which the healer got for me dates back to 1932. Now, in 1947, the first four books are water under the bridge.

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Additional Comment:

The psycho-religious system of the "Secret" (Huna) is, first, last and above all, a WORKABLE system. It makes no pretense of understanding or explaining those things which have to do with an Ultimate God which our lower mental ability will not allow us to understand.

This is common sense and practicality. It is the true scientific approach. It gives us a system free from the dogmatic and impractical.

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