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Ti leaves, from The Unwritten Literature of Hawaii

The Secret Science Behind Miracles

by Max Freedom Long


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Most New Thought proponents look to Western esoteric traditions, or possibly to second-hand Hindu or Buddhist concepts. Max Freedom Long, on the other hand, was fascinated with the shamans of Hawaii, the Kahuna. While this is not, by far, an ethnographic account of Hawaiian healing, it is informed by anecdote and personal experience in the islands. Long spent many years in Hawaii, and besides several books on 'Huna' he also apparently wrote several mystery novels in that setting. This book, one of the first he wrote on the subject of Huna, is typical of the others, and if you like this, you'll probably like his other writings.

Title Page
Chapter I. The Discovery That May Change The World
Chapter II. Fire-Walking as an Introduction to Magic
Chapter III. The Incredible Force used in Magic, Where it Comes from, and Some of its Uses
Chapter IV. The Two Souls of Man and the Proofs That There Are Two Instead of One
Chapter V. The Kahuna System and the Three “Souls” or Spirits of Man, Each Using Its Own Voltage of Vital Force. These Spirits in Union and in Separation
Chapter VI. Taking the Measure of the Third Element in Magic, That of the Invisible Substance Through Which Consciousness Acts by Means of Force
Chapter VII. Psychometry, Crystal Gazing, Visions of the Past, Visions of the Future, Etc., Explained by the Ancient Lore of the Kahunas
Chapter VII. Mind Reading, Clairvoyance, Vision, Prevision, Crystal Gazing, and All of the Psychometrically Related Phenomena, as Explained in Terms of the Ten Elements of the Ancient Huna System
Chapter IX. The Significance of Seeing into the Future in the Psychometric Phenomena and in Dreams
Chapter X. The Easy Way to Dream into the Future
Chapter XI. Instant Healing Through the High Self. The Proofs and Methods
Chapter XII. Raising the Dead, Permanently and Temporarily
Chapter XIII. The Life-Giving Secrets of Lomilomi and Laying on of Hands
Chapter XIV. Startling New and Different Ideas from the Kahunas Concerning the Nature of the Complex and Healing
Chapter XV. The Secret Kahuna Method of Treating the Complex
Chapter XVI. How the Kahunas Fought the Horrid Things of Darkness
Chapter XVII. The Secret Within the Secret
Chapter XVIII. The Secret which Enabled the Kahunas to Perform the Miracle of Instant Healing
Chapter XIX. The Magic of Rebuilding the Unwanted Future
Chapter XX. The High Self and the Healing in Psychic Science
Chapter XXI. How the Kahunas Controlled Winds, Weather and the Sharks by Magic
Chapter XXII. The Practical Use of the Magic of the Miracle