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An Eternal Career, by Frank and Lydia Hammer, [1947], at

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The purpose of this book is to acquaint readers with the fact that they are immortal souls embarked upon an eternal career. Also, to impress upon them that they are every day, yes, every moment, fashioning the bodies and creating the conditions of their future existence.

Unfortunately most people incorrectly suppose life to be only that brief interlude between birth and death; consequently they live as if this world were all and devote themselves to mundane affairs and material pursuits. Indeed, the appalling futility and the purposelessness of the lives of the vast majority can be traced to this delusion—that life is but a temporary affair ending forever at death.

If this were true, that earthly existence is all—there would be little purpose in learning to live; in fact there would be no sense at all to being born. If this fallacy prevailed justice would be a huge farce and life a hollow mockery; as for some the earthly sojourn is very brief, while others abide here for many years. Nature however, never suffers a wasteful arrangement; for unlike temporal careers life cannot be ended if one makes a failure of it, or because he is "tired of it all." This being

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the case, preparation for life should be the first concern of every man.

Inasmuch that mankind in general is still in bondage to the idea that it is exempt, and not subject like the rest of the universe to natural laws, it is not surprising that so many try to relinquish life in despair and desperation. Since men will never have surcease from their afflictions until they do understand and harmonize themselves with God's ever present laws, it is of paramount importance that everyone be educated to this end. Our hope is that this book will prove a help in this direction.

F. L. H.          
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San Francisco, California
101 Parnassus Avenue;
January 1947.

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